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  1. Sunsparkle smiled as they trotted closer and closer to the cafe. They would be off the street fairly soon and she was positively dying for a latte by this point. She was enjoying Drifty's company though, and she found herself nodding as he spoke. "So, do you ever go see a show at ze opera or one of ze theaters here in ze city? I haf only seen our current production zis far vhile zey were rehearsing.. I vas very involved wiz the local theater back home." Sunsparkle thought for a second. "Hmmm. I haven't been to the theater in quite a while! I do like the local productions in this city, but unfortunately with the work I do I don't get a lot of time to go out when I don't have time off." She breathed through her nose a little, noting her own inconsistency with her life story. She'd said not five minutes ago she was out and about all the time! Surely he'd catch on pretty soon. She then composed herself as she saw the cafe come into view. "Maybe you can tell me some more about your work. I know about Flashlight, the company you work with. I've heard good things about them too." She said, reaching for her pouch of bits again. She had to make a mental note to make sure they didn't actually end up seeing anyone she might have worked with before.
  2. Sunsparkle was completely oblivious to the stallion’s awkward reaction as she picked up her pouch of bits and set it on her back. She heard his agreement to coffee and smiled warmly as he continued. Her eyes drifted to the sky again, they were more than surely due rain. She made a mental note to buy a raincoat sometime soon. "So vere is ze cafe? Somevere close you said? I haf never been to zis part of ze city center, you vill haf to be my guide." “It’s not far from here,” Sunsparkle responded, snapping out of her thoughts. “About 3 blocks walk, I think.” She waved goodbye to the older mare as she trotted toward the door of the laundromat, pulling it open and holding it for Drifty, waiting for him to pass. She rustled her wings a little bit, starting to feel a bit more at ease with the whole situation.
  3. I have a Derbyshire accent, haha. o:
  4. Thank you Davvy :3 Thank you!! I will try my best I've been absent for so long, it feels a little weird. lol You too!! I will try my very best!! I love your icon, btw. I am indeed an artist. I drew my own icon haha. Feel free to drop me a message anytime! Us Brits are a rare breed indeed. Thank you for the warm welcome!!
  5. "You work at a bakery? Zat's nice. Daz zat mean you have to get up really early every day?" “O-Oh, um yes.” Sunsparkle stuttered. “It’s uh, difficult for sure.” She coughed a little, trying very hard to avoid eye contact with the stallion. Sunsparkle was really trying her best to maintain composure. It was obvious that Drifty knew nothing about her modelling career, and she hoped she could hide it from him long enough to make a friend rather than a fan. "Haf you been in Manehattan for long, Sunny?" Drifty asked, Sunsparkle relaxing at the change in topic. "Maybe you can recommend some zings I should see vhile I'm here..?" “I’ve been here just over a year,” Sunsparkle grinned. “I’m out and about quite often so I could show you around if you’re feeling at a loss for things to do.” Sunsparkle opened the door to the laundromat, a small bell chime dinging as the door swung. A plump, sweet looking older mare, who obviously owned the laundromat smiled kindly at the pair, and Sunsparkle pulled the hoody from her back and carried it over to one of the machines, pulling out the pouch of bits from earlier and setting them down at her hoof. She turned slightly to look at Drifty and jokingly remarked, “So… coffee. This is kinda like a blind date, huh?” She turned back to the machine, and after putting her hoody and detergent in, she pushed a coin into the slot and started it. “It should take just under an hour. Do you wanna go for coffee now?” She asked, offering another polite wave to somepony who was calling her name from across the room, while making no effort to respond.
  6. Sunsparkle smiled slightly at the note of pride in Drifting Veil’s voice. She knew about Flashlight, and she believed she’d worked with them before, so she understood why he felt so good about working with them. She made a mental note to purchase tickets to the show if all went well today, just to make a little effort to support the local theatre… and maybe see Drifting Veil again. "So, if you don't mind me asking, vat do you work as, Sunny?" Sunsparkle grimaced ever so slightly while stumbling a little, making a barely audible involuntary “Eeuagh!” noise under her breath. She cleared her throat and turned to look at the Germane pony, and said “I, uh… I work… I work in a bakery! Yes, I work in a bakery.” She pulled a semi-convincing smile. Really? She thought, Another bakery excuse? How bad are you at lying? She cleared her throat again, her eyes quickly moving away from Drifty’s. “So, um… when did you come to Manehattan?” She asked, her voice sounding a little strained.
  7. This is my third return to these forums. I haven't been back in maybe two or three years, but I miss being able to show off my art and interact with a lot of lovely people in this community. I used to frequent this site daily in like 2011, but one thing and another led to me vanishing. lol Anyway! Please feel free to call me Sunny. I mostly just doodle since I fell out of the RP scene a loooong time ago. I'm British, and my favourite pony is Fluttershy. I hope to talk to more wonderful people and make new friends! Feel free to shoot me a message etc.
  8. Net's horrendously sporadic! storm took out my power earlier last night so things are gunna be a bit sketchy (haha punny)
  9. Sorry I've been delaed, net went down due to storms )):
  10. I'm glad you like it! P.S 40% opacity ftw
  11. Completed requests, general doodles and other stuff. Requests thread here!Snively for Bellosh101 Hope it's up to standard!
  12. I'll start it as soon as a slot becomes free :3
  13. On it. I'll run off of the description, I hope I can make it up to standard! If I get anything wrong when it's done, let me know and I'll fix it up for ya :3 Oh! I love love love Daft Punk so this should be fun They'll all be finished by the 25th, any other requests will go in the queue
  14. I'm trying to get back into the art scene thing, so I'm going to give away some free art and things! Examples: I will do: Any of the examples listed above Ref. Sheets Black & White sketches More than one pony I will not do: Anthro NSFW Simple pimples. Slots: Raridash DaftPunkPony Lilia Queue: (Top 3 in the queue are rotated into the slots when they become free, no limit to how many people can be in the queue) LeCountryBrony - - Complete Requests Thread
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