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    When it comes to films and literature I tend to go for SF and fantasy. I like new ideas and twists on things, new ideas about civilisations and how people and societies respond to things. Some examples, I really enjoy Shadowrun due to the backstory, build up and responses to magic and fantastical creatures as well as integration of them and advancing technology. I liked the way magic and interestingly money is handled in the novel 'Name of the Wind', it just seemed such a natural evolution of currency...

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  1. Hi! I seem to have caused massive confusion with my post, resulting in this. Quote:- 'Now, this was some wise words. For the first time, Squall focused on Scrollwork. A middle aged pony didn't seemed fit,the contents of his skull made up for it. "Good suggestion but we don't have neither containers nor the tents themselves. And I doubt either would fall from the sky straight into over hoooooves...?" unicorns jaw dropped a little when the archivist uncovered just that. Tents that is. "That's.....very convenient. Can I have some answers please?" Squall said upon recovery, glancing to the sky, but outside forces wasn't apparently generous enough.' I entirely blame my poor wording as I meant to say something along the lines of 'images of tents', i.e. I was drawing in the sand to get some ideas for things we could make... Option A, Ciraxis alters his post to reflect my meaning and I alter my old post to make it more clear that I'm drawing Option B, play it as it stands with my next post being precisely as surprised as Squall is at the appearance of camping gear.
  2. So, aren't you gonna banish me? Or throw me in a dungeon? Or banish me then throw me in a dungeon in the place you banish me to? Of course not, my little pony. Where on Earth would you get such an idea?
  3. As the group gathered together and began offering suggestions, Scrollwork took the time to listen to them. All good, sound ideas and while he found the suggestion of splitting up a little disconcerting he could see the wisdom in it, especially as they had a definite, easy to find meeting point. "If I may volunteer to assist with the beach search? I feel I wouldn't be very much use if something untoward did happen in the jungle and I would like to see if there are any river-mouths that might be accessible. If we can find a river our fresh water concerns are gone and we may even consider following it towards the source to find an existing settlement?" His hooves were animated as he put his own suggestions forward, indicating along the beach then snaking left and right as he spoke about the river. "While I am neither military nor ancient I might also suggest that we keep our first shelter disposable or nomadic until we do have a definite supply of fresh water then make a long term decision." He sighed heavily as that last statement sank in, then continued, "it might be dangerous to invest a lot of energy and resources in settling down and then have to move it all in a week." Seeing the attention he had, he tapped his front hooves together, "The disclaimer I must add of course, is that these suggestions are all 'book-learning'. If there is a more efficient, and up-to-date method for building a camp I will of course follow that." Scrollwork nodded his head toward Fire Walker and Swift, giving a visual accompaniment to his words. As others in the group began to speak and put forward their ideas, Scrollwork began crudely sketching in the sand. Buffalo tents and lower, rounder versions, presumably from other points in pony history appeared at his hooves.
  4. Fire walker has called us together so I'm going to wait til we're gathered a bit before posting.
  5. Curiosity licked his lips again, nervousness creeping across him relentlessly. How was he going to do this? There was no way he could match the kiss Trixie gave her! He felt himself blushing as the bits came out of the bag and he levitated them toward the stand. As he tried to control his racing thoughts he was saved by the return of the red bowed filly. The poor thing collapsed behind her sister after dragging a heavy box forward, Applejack turned to help with it and as she turned to face him again Curiosity darted his head forward delivering a quick peck on her cheek. Without waiting, and with a reddening face, he trotted off as quickly as possible toward the back of the queue. After a few steps he screeched to a halt, kicking up tiny clouds of dust then turned and slinked back toward Applejack. Standing in front of her again he squeaked, "I for...", then louder, "I forgot my apples."
  6. Long live the Queen (because I am best princess!)
  7. As Fire Walker has asked the question shall I edit in some of Scrollwork's ideas or wait and put them in another post?
  8. Scrollwork gave a friendly wave of the hoof to Muggo as he offered his thanks before returning to the white unicorn filling out the letters on the beach. The lettering was coming along nicely and he was sure it was of sufficient size and colour that it could be seen from the air. As he began helping with the layout he could not stop wondering how they would be seen from the sea, perhaps it was a natural thought being earthbound as he was... As that thought played in his head he looked up to tree-line, thinking that perhaps some greenery on the fire would make smoke, provided they kept the fire of sufficient size of course. His thoughts were distracted as he noticed Fire Walker examining Honey Smiles. The red pegasus seemed satisfied that her fellow pegasus was well, although she did seem to spend extra time on one of his back legs. Scrollwork realised that he was actually wandering toward the pair again as he trod several of the smaller rocks into the sand. Shaking his head and glancing around to check if anypony had noticed he bought them to the surface again, re-laying them into the correct shape. Just in time it seemed as Fire Walker called the group together, speaking as they gathered. "Right. We need to plan everything. Should we break into teams? Should we send a group to explore the island? Who should set up our temporary shelter? Lets all put our heads together and come up with something before it's too late."
  9. Curiosity was glad that his tapping had attracted the right type of attention but as the little filly's magic showed more of the scene he began to lose control of his breathing. There were a number of ponies inside the barn and one tiny pegasus filly in particular looked to be in a very bad way. "Is-is she okay?", Curiosity whispered, nodding his head toward the youngster just as she blinked. Sighing in relief that she was at least conscious, he addressed the older stallion speaking to him. "Of course, yes", looking at the bars his tone changed, "but... there is nothing to unbar! There are just... BARS!" Knowing that it would be useless, he tried to lift and then bend the bars anyway, blue magic coalescing around them before flickering away. The bars did not move an inch. Sighing again he tried a last resort and pushed a small amount of electricity through the metal, feeling with his magic that there was nothing to power as sparks almost instantly grounded out of the base of the bars. "Calm, calm, calm", he muttered to himself as he looked up at the now quieter roof, "I-I really do not know what to do mister, um, sir.... Can you see any mechanisms or such inside? Is there, perhaps, some kind of big... farm... rake that you are aware of that I could fetch or-or...." Curiosity waved his forehooves vaguely as he tried to both think and seek advice.
  10. The first instinct of the young stallion was to flee. Flee from this slice of nightmare that had come to what he thought was a peaceful Backwood town. Then the cries of ponies and a flash of magic from the barn made him pause, there was an unmistakable pitch to at least one... There were youngsters in there! He was not too far from the barn and luckily the thing had not heard his stupid attempt at singing. He took a couple of quick steps toward the barn, glancing toward the roof before making a mad dash toward the wall and mashing his costume as he pressed himself up against it. A scuffle and indistinct words from the roof showed that this changeling at least was occupied so Curiosity used his magic to remove his costume as he crept along the wall toward a barred door from where an ominous looking glow spilled across the dust. 'Sweet Luna, at least let me get the little ones out of here', he thought as he struggled with the costume struts. 'Anything else would be nice too. Also, if your magic does let you hear us when we honour your name at night, there are changelings attacking Ponyville so some Royal guards would be very helpful. Um, Your Royal Highness.' Having reached one entrance to the building Curiosity risked sticking his cotton wool clad head into the light. It seemed his fears were confirmed as, by the glow of a young unicorn's magic, he saw a number of distressed ponies, several of whom looked injured. He tapped the bars a few times in an effort to get someponies attention just as it occurred to him.... What could he actually do now?
  11. Curiosity approached the dark barn, taking in the barred windows, the darkness and a mournful looking Applejack conversing sadly with a young colt who looked trapped within. This was amazing! Canterlot was always so bright on nightmare night and while that was great for the youngsters it really took away from the spookiness and frights. It would have to be Applejack that was the first pony he saw though. He sighed. Despite choosing to come here first he was still a little nervous about speaking to someone as pretty famous as she was. Maybe his disguise would work and he would not be recognised under his cloud costume. Taking a deep breath as he approached, he started to sing, "Nightmare night! What a fr....", and just then his impeccable timing was illustrated by the realisation that the ponies inside the barn may not be acting and a terrible sight rising toward the roof of the barn. An image and sound that bought back horrifying memories of the Royal wedding in Canterlot...
  12. Curiosity stepped off the train at Ponyville station, cussing as one of the struts got caught in the doorway. Tonight was turning into a real problem; he had snuck away from Canterlot in plenty of time to get here but now a train delay had meant it was already dark. With a tug the strut came free, leaving some cotton wool trapped on the latch. He pulled it off and shut the door in time for the train to pull away then spent further minutes readjusting the struts, replacing cotton wool and fluffing up his cloud costume before turning round to enter Ponyville. They certainly had the ambience down! It was pitch black in most areas, with some strange green flashes elsewhere and there was absolutely nopony visible in the station or on the street as he trotted toward the outskirts. Where was everypony? Where were the ponies from the train? A few lanterns and lights were visible on the path to Sweet Apple Acres but it was a great deal more ominous looking in the dark, the friendly trees he remembered from his last visit now looked as if they housed any number of ghosts, timber-wolves and other creatures and his mind was not put to rest as he approached the advertised 'Hay ride'.
  13. Alicorn of music! Or anti-parasprite Alicorn?
  14. Hmm, looks to me like a corrupted pegasus, with some kind of mind control going on. Has what looks like crystal deposits on the outside of her (?) limbs, including wings although interestingly small pieces that also look as if they are coming from within higher up on her limbs and her forehead. Dark magic seems apparent in the Sombra-esque mist coming from her eyes but an unwilling, and still aware likely, mind remains because of her tears. So physical control bought about by the crystals or mental control and then bad memories when the control is relaxed? Of course, entirely speculation.
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