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  7. Roleplay Type: World of Equestria Name: Pretty Bit Sex: Female Age: Filly Species: Unicorn Eye colour: Bubble Gum Pink Coat: Light Purple with white freckles on her back and cheeks. Mane/Tail: Her mane and tail are slightly curled at the ends, the front of her mane parted by her horn. The colors of her mane and tail are a swirl of pink, blue, yellow, and light orange Physique: Smaller than most fillies her age and her ears are rather large, so large that the flop forward making it hard for her to hear sometimes. Don't worry she'll grow into them one day Residence: Ponyville Occupation: Full time student Cutie Mark: Three Salt Water Taffies Unique Traits: Able to make small amounts of taffy with help from her magic, when she pulls the taffy something about her magic gives the taffy a unique taste. She loves to read more about other candies she could try her hoof at when she's older. Always carries around taffy, you know just in case somepony is in need of it! History: Throughout her life Jazz Keys and Lovely Rhyme, her two doting mothers, have always supported Pretty Bit and her endeavors. Pretty Bit had tried many a new things just to see what it's like and her room shows it. She loves reading and singing tunes, compliments to her mothers for those traits, and getting a little hoovesies with making all sorts of crafts. She enjoys building popsicle stick sculptures, or building towers out of books for her imaginary quests for the tastiest treat! The thing she enjoys the most though is candy all sorts of em. Hard candy, soft candy, gummy candy, but her favorite to see made was Taffy. It was always her favorite and when she saw a demonstration on how it was made she was hooked on trying to figure out how to do it at home. She told Jazz and Rhyme about it and they leaped into action buying her a small hoof cranked taffy pulling machine and a little board to pull the taffy with her hooves. Although doing it with the machine was a little too. . . how could she put it impersonal? With her hooves though it was a little too personal. So one day while at home with her mothers making supper in the kitchen Pretty Bit decided to play with her taffy ingredients once more but this time with magic and something about it just seemed to click into place. It was the perfect balance between the two techniques she tried before just personal enough to give it her special touch but not so personal that you can taste what type of dirt she trotted in just before. It was mind boggling how amazing it was to pull the taffy with her magic and when she felt like ti was done she couldn't help but sneak a taste in. It was . . . it was. . . SO GOOD! She whooped and hollered at her success after many trials and errors. She shared her success with her parents and they also enjoyed the lovely flavor of the taffy it was sweet and the right amount of chewy. So pleased with herself and excited Bitty smiled wide and felt so accomplished. Heck she could even make making candies her job it was so fun. With that vision in mind Jazzy Key and Lovely Rhyme gasped in unison and pointed at her flank. Pretty Bit looked and was so happy to see she earned her cutie mark of three taffies. After all the excitement and cutie mark achievement died down for the night Bitty went to bed with a broad smile on her muzzle. Character Personality: A little pony who loves to love life and all the things that come with it. She enjoys being around family and friends as well as making new friends! She doesn't quite have a best friend yet but she hopes to make one soon! She's rambunctious, silly, and little hard headed but she always means well in the end. Pretty Bit can usually be found helping out around town or studying for school. She loves school and all the knowledge it holds. She hopes to learn more about candy making for the future with her specialty being saltwater taffy. Character Summary: Overall Pretty Bit or as she likes to be called, Bitty or PB, is a very hyperactive little pony who loves to live each day to the fullest with a side of candy to help make it a little sweeter. Although occasionally known to be a trouble maker her heart is always in the right place, her parents Jazzy Keys and Lovely Rhyme both support her and try to let Bitty be the independent filly she always wants to be. Hopes to be a well known candy maker in the future and can't wait to unfold whatever destiny has in store for her. (Will post pic later)
  8. Cherry took the mug gratefully from her nephew and smiled at him. "I think I'll drink mine without ice cream and have it as a treat later. You're always prepared with whatever the customer needs. Such a smart business pony you are." she then took a swig of the drink Sassy gave her and was awed by it's taste. You could taste the individual flavors separately and together all at once. The spice of cinnamon, the fragrance of the sassafras, and the sweetness of the molasses with the allspice berries they all blended together well to make a cool refreshing drink. She took another sip of her plastic mug and sighed happily. "Tastes wonderful Sassy that's for sure! You always seem to come up with the best blends for your drinks." After placing the mug on the wooden table with a small *thunk* sound she looked to see what hazel thought of her float. Cherry noticed that the poor filly's face froze and eye twitched from what she guessed was a brain freeze, she couldn't help but to silently giggle raising a hoof to her muzzle to conceal her smile. Brain freezes were all too common with floats and Cherry wasn't too surprised that Hazel got one. "You doin' alright there dear?" she said to Hazel after regaining her composure "If it's too bad stick your tongue to the roof of your mouth and that should help ease it a bit" She turned her attention back to Sassy "So how do you come up with these blends for you drinks? They are always so delightful and refreshin', I hope when you're older you'd like to come work with Aunty and make some more drinks up for the saloon!" the corners of her eyes crinkled when she smiled at Sassy then Hazel "But enough about the saloon you must tell me what you've been up to Sassy! I'm sure you've done more than just forage for ingredients. How is school and your folks doin'?" she tapped her hoof to her muzzle with thought of how her family was doing since she doesn't get to see them much this is her once in a while opportunity to see how things were going for them. She looked between Hazel and Sassy once more feeling so overjoyed at her two munchkins doing so well and hoped once more that they'd become good friends once they had time to chat between themselves. "Hmm. . . I should try and find a opportune time to let these two tykes get to know each other without me blabbing on and on." she thought to herself and nodded as to confirm her idea. "Maybe after we all chat for a little while longer I'll excuse myself and see how the two do without me 'cramping their style' I think that's what the foals are saying now a days."
  9. With her nephew incoming and Hazel with a half day off Cherry decided to leave the saloon in capable hooves for a while so she could be home. She was in her study in the basement, writing up lists of things for multiple reasons. One list was for what needs to be restocked at the saloon, another list for things she needs in the household, one list for Hazel's treatment supplies. Hazel has been taking well to the treatments her mane and tail were more glossy than before, she was more feminine looking and her outfits fit just right nowadays. Yes Hazel is becoming quite the pretty filly and Cherry can't wait to introduce her to her nephew Sassy. She looked up at the clock remembering the approximate time that she told Sassy to be there and waited to hear for the door. Time ticked by and Cherry lost herself in her lists of to dos soon enough that the voices at the front door barely registered to her. Cherry's ears flicked once recognition hit her. "Ah Sassy is here! I best go greet my nephew." she said to herself as she hopped out of her chair and stretched a moment. Then she heard the front door open and Hazel's voice and she headed upstairs with haste so she could introduce them to each other properly. Once she reached the front door she saw the two all adorably dressed, possibly for the meet and greet she thought. "Well hello Sassy! It's so nice to see my favorite nephew!" she came up from behind Hazel. "I see you've met Hazel." she said with a wide grin and stood between the two. "Hazel this is Sassy he's my beloved nephew. And Sassy as I just mentioned this is Hazel Blossom she'll be staying with me for a good while." Cherry had to admit she was a little giddy from having the two meet. They were both very important to her so she hoped they would get along real well. Cherry noticed that Sassy had come with a wagon that had an icebox in it. "Oh is that for me, sweetie? You shouldn't have! Come come let's get inside before what you have in that icebox melts." She ushered the two back inside and led them towards the kitchen with a little pep in her trot. "It's so nice to have you here Sassy it's been such a long time since I've seen you. You've grown quite a lot since last we've seen each other." She pulled out a chair for each foal and then for herself "What did you bring us today?" She smiled warmly at the colt. You could say, even if Sassy isn't her own foal, that's he's her pride and joy especially since he likes to make new drinks. She hopes she can put them in her saloon sometime, when he's ready that for that of course."We can all have a nice chat over it, I would love for you and Hazel to get to know each other." Her eyes darted between two expectantly hoping they'd hit it off with each other and become friends.
  10. Captain Blue Tide eh? That's a lovely name for her it matches the waves in her mane that's for sure. Crystal thought in a dreamily state but shook her head abruptly. What was she thinking? Calling a sailor pretty or even beautiful was not something she thought she'd find herself saying or rather thinking. They were all the same! Mean to the wildlife beneath their ships and boats what makes this one any different? Blue Tide's voice was very charming though Crystal will give her that much it's not as ragged as most other sailors are. Usually their talking voice is the same as their yelling voice, but not this mare. Hers was loud and commanding yet while she talked to Crystal it was sweet and friendly. This was a rather weird feeling for Crystal she . . . thought the mare was nice? Thought a Sailor was nice? No of course not she could never be friends with one who disrupts the sea with their large ship and anchors. But maybe this one could be different? Maybe she shouldn't be so. . . biased about who she's friends with depending on their job. She sighed and thought she would regret what she's about to do but it was the only way to be sure that this pony was different from others. "I accept your invitation and I shall be up there as soon as possible. It will be hard to climb a ladder with two hooves and a tail." She dived off the side of the rock and into the water. Swimming up to the ladder she grasped it as best she could with her wet hooves. Clumsily she climbed the ladder but was able to make it onto the deck finally. Panting slightly from the effort of climbing which she's done very rarely in her lifetime. Between each pant Crystal glow managed to get out "I'm *huff* Crystal Glow *huff* by the way" after catching her breath she added "Freelance researcher of Sea, Lakes, River, and all sorts of underwater creatures."
  11. Crystal Glow marveled at the large Naval ship as it passed by her perch on the rock, she couldn't help but to be impressed by it. It was the largest boat she's ever seen and she's seen a lot of boats in her day. A loud boisterous voice came from the ship and instantly Crystal's wonder was lost as she realized it was what she disliked most. Sailors. It was hard to see on the ship but she noticed that the voice was coming from a blue maned unicorn . . . mare? Surely not, that voice couldn't come from a mare it was loud and demanding yet the mare was cute and unassuming looking. That's what she gathered at least, maybe the mare was a passenger? No no that couldn't be right that Captain's hat told all Crystal needed to know about the mare. She was a sailor alright and she was the boat's leader. The voice rubbed Crystal Glow the wrong way and she was about ready to bolt until the teal mare moved closer and Crystal got a really good look at her. She was definitely cute alright well more like beautiful the way her mane was styled and how her colors contrasted so nicely with each other. She couldn't help but to feel a little smitten by her especially when she spoke in a more kind and friendly manner. "O-oh me? I'm just fine I just um... hurt myself a little on this rock here" she patted the rock with her hoof. "I should be fine though it just stung a bit." she was yelling a bit so the mare could hear her over the roaring waves of the ocean. She felt silly asking this but she just had to confirm that this was actually the captain she was speaking too. "Are you the captain of this Naval ship?" her tail slapped repeatedly against the rock she was laying on lightly out of slight annoyance. This sailor, as cute as she may be, was just like all the others loud and Crystal hated loud it made her ears ring and her head hurt from the noise they caused. She wasn't even sure why she was talking to the sailor, something just seemed to draw her to her and she had to stay. For now at least. Crystal got into a more comfortable position her forehooves crossed in front of her and her tail curled slightly around the rock but still out of the eye sight of the mare. If she was going to talk to this mare she might as well get comfortable right?
  12. It was a bright, sunny and hot day in the Zherbenok Bay near Seaddle and Crystal Glow was enjoying her day off from researching the local wildlife. She's been in staying in a hotel in Seaddle for about a week now doing sea wildlife research for a facility located there. It has been tough week for her adjusting to the waters of the bay and ocean since she is more used to freshwater swimming. Following fish, documenting what they do, where they live, how they interact with the environment, so on and so forth. Crystal loved her job really but sometimes it gets monotonous and frustrating, why just the other day she was documenting a rare breed and a ship came sailing right over her! Scared off the fish and nearly gave Crystal a heart attack herself! Although honestly she should of detected it a while before it came but she was so entranced in her research that she didn't notice. "Hmph Sailors" she thought to herself as she swam towards a rock outcrop in the near the ocean's shore. She was used to sailors due to her parents constant contact with them but she never really liked how they disturbed the waters with their giant ships and loud voices. She understood that ponies needed to get around in the water but couldn't they have done it in a less disruptive way? She shook her head gently and climbed onto the rocks. Crystal glow laid on the rocks for a few moments thinking of the past few days and the days to come. She was here in Seaddle for at least another week or two and the loneliness of not having her friends around was taking a toll on her. It was almost affecting her work with how lonely she was, the fish were nice and all but nothing beat the company of a real pony or creature. Seaponies were usually farther out than she was told to go for research so she couldn't converse with them in her spare time. She sighed heavily as she let the hot sun beam it's rays on her maybe talking to a sailor who comes by wouldn't be so bad. They were ponies too and I'm sure being out in the ocean for long periods of time was just as monotonous as having to do research alone. . . nah she couldn't bring herself to talk to one of them she decided with a firm slap of her tail against the rocks."Ow" she said aloud maybe she shouldn't slam her only means of water transportation hard against a solid rock. It was almost noon and the sun was high above her head, now might be the time to head back to the shores but she wanted to stay out in the middle of the bay for just a little while longer. Even though she craved companionship this was rather peaceful to her after a long week's work.
  13. A older colt came up to Candy and introduced himself, this put her into less of a panic as she focused her slit eyes on him. "Oh. . . hello there. My name is Candy Shimmer and it's a pleasure to meet you Pyro Blaze. As for not seeing me around before that's rather normal as I just moved here into ponyville a little under a month ago." She gave the colt what she thought was a friendly smile but only revealed her sharp shark like teeth. "I hope I don't scare him off . . ." she thought to herself. She examined the colt thoroughly he was taller than most his age she could see that much. She walked around him for a moment inspecting him almost. "Is this pony real?" She thought since she's never been approached before. Usually ponies are in such a rush to do their chores around here that they don't pay attention to her. Either way she was happy for the attention. "You don't seem like you live around here yourself, where are you from? Better yet why not tell me a bit about yourself?" That's what ponies do in order to be friends right? Tell each other things about them? Curses why was she so bad at making friends! How would she become a singer with friendship skills like these, well she plans on fixing that with this colt and hopefully she just made her first friend.
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