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  1. The crate the two have discovered was part of "Fontaines smuggling ring" identified by the hand print. "Looks like that snakes fonaintes smuggling crate. They usually got goods in it. Mostly weapons, give it a look." They lifted the crate up and revealed a shiny as new revolver with 6 rounds.
  2. "They tried to make them hack proof, but that hasnt stopped people" Atlas laughed.
  3. "If its guns ya need lad, there's an ammo bandito in the hall opposite from where ya came." Atlas was unsure if it was hacked or not. "It might be hacked im not sure, but it's still operational." Atlas let them know about the machine.
  4. The building creeked, it looked as if it has been abandoned. An awful smell lingered through the tubes. Even though the ocean paints a beautiful glow in the tubes, the smell still lingered. A loud groan was heard through the building, a big daddy was near. But not close enough to worry about. A dim sign a head said "Stienmanes plastic surgery" This is where a good location of EVE needles could be found. When walking up to the door it opened up revealing a sight very unappealing. Bullet holes and blood was everywhere. Covering up once what was clean.
  5. The elevator rises to the 4th floor and as soon as the door opened the whirl-bot pointed its turret at them. "Dont worry lads, he's there to help ya both" Atlas reassured them. Atlas tried flicking through cams again. "Most of the cameras in there are out, I might not be much help. Becareful boys" Atlas said.
  6. "You dont have to inject it all the way lad, but you should inject a bit" Atlas took a breath, he felt sorry for Lucky. "When you do, prepare for a kick like a stubborn mule" Atlas had a bit of a sarcastic chuckle as he sat down the radio and activated the whirl bot. The whirl bot flew down the hallway by the elevator waiting for Lucky and Storm. Unlike the normal whirl bots this one was wired to assist atlas and his people. The whirl bot was mounted with a thompson style turret that took .25 caliber rounds. It just hovered waiting for the two.
  7. "Oh there is signal alright, these walls arent very thick lad" Atlas chuckled, he took a deep breath and said. "Okay, when you get up to the 4th floor you're going to see a 4 way of tunnel pipes, go to the one on the right, and you'll get to Stienmanes lab." Atlas flickered through the cams, in Stienmanes lab, only two worked. Atlas shook his head and took a breath, "Alright lad, Stienmans a crazy schmuck, i'll send a whirlbot from the security stache to assist you. Becareful in there... Oh, watch out for the BigDaddys too" Atlas said.
  8. "That's your plasmid alright! Now you gotta find a needle, you can probably find it in Dr.Stienmanes lab. Take the elevator up you two." Atlas than turned off the radio again.
  9. "Bloody he-, StormChaser! I remember this lad, I was helping escort him out of this place till we got separated." Atlas said. Atlas was relieved to know StormChaser was okay. "look, instead of killing each other, i'll help you both." Atlas said, he would need both to work together. "Listen, grab the plasmid and go to the elevator. Go ahead chit chat on the way there, it's right around the corner." Atlas than got off the radio to let the two work things out.
  10. "Wait lad! That's not a splicer! Hold up!" Atlas zoomed in with the security camera. "Stop fighting you two!" Atlas demanded. "Well blimey, StormChaser?!" Atlas shouted through the radio.
  11. (Gatherers garden is a machine not a store, the machine is in the store.) Storm slipped past ya to the machine, so now Lucky and storm should meet up at the gatherers garden where the light reflect on storm and now Lucky can tell that Storm wasnt the splicer he thought he was. "Alright boy-o there he is again!" Atlas shouted through the radio, this caught storms attention. "Give him the old wack lad! Before he takes the ADAM!" Atlas yelled again.
  12. (Im atlas I cant loot it?) "Watch out boy-o, he can be anywhere" Atlas flickered through the left over cams. "I cant find him anywhere" said atlas. "When you find the gatherers garden get yourself a shock plasmid" Atlas coughed in his chair and turned around. "But dont over dose, and become like them." Atlas said he got up and looked through his office window. The blue look of the ocean reflected in his office.
  13. "Loot the bloody fool" Atlas said while he laughed. "What a swing boy-o!" Atlas cheered." after that, search for a gatherers garden. Get yourself a plasmid" Atlas flickered through the cam, I see one glowing from the corner of the store. After that, go to the elevator to the next floor." Atlas wondered if the elevator was still operative.
  14. (( If stormchaser wants to be. I was just saying he's also in the stores as well.))
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