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    Interests? Oh isn't this just always a blast! Well, First off I love MOST video games! I usually stick to the big titles, mostly due to the vast amounts of people on them, Such as, Call of Duty(Yea, This game isn't always the best, but the Hundreds of thousands of people playing it are interesting in the very least ^^) WoW, Assassin's Creed, GTA etc. I don't usually go for Sports or racing games though :(

    I love to interact with people, however its tough for me because I am very shy at the start ^^;;

    Television wise? Dunno, Hardly watch any TV nowadays... Well, besides MLP.

    I really like the Idea of RPing, and I feel I'm decently good at it, However I need a good amount of motivation to actually do any RPing ^^ ...

    I actually Draw from time to time, its not anything amazing, and I don't plan on trying to get any better, but its there :D I also use MS paint if thats of any importance :P

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