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  1. And So it Begins.{STAR Recrutment} (See OOC)

    After the small charade between herself and Storm, and Ice Storm announced for others to speak up. She looked around waiting for the first individual to speak up. This individual was Raven. She spoke a lot about her family lineage, and how throughout the ages there had always been somepony from Dupone representing the family in the REA until her. Having to completely relearn how to cast magic kept her out of the REA, but would not keep her out of this. She felt this was the chance to continue her family's legacy. Ice Storm nodded and let her continue. This was indeed going to change her family's legacy. Something that she was going to be able to look back on and be proud of. The fact that something like this needed to be built... showed how complacent and lazy the Equestrian Military had gotten. Stormstrider wasn't wrong. If she was, well.... this meeting wouldn't be happening. As the ponies continued, the next one to speak up was Yoru, who gave a simple greeting while Tongue Twister seemed a bit more open. Even Sombre seemed to open up a bit more. Tongue Twister spoke about knowing many languages, and archeological digs to recover artifacts. Most of the artifacts they recovered were indeed harmless, but even then, old tombs had dangers that most ponies wouldn't know what to look for. Just navigating them meant she'd have a keen eye. She also addressed how eventually... Equestria will fall. Every empire always did, and over time, this would likely be true. However, they can take the steps necessary to make sure it's not in this lifetime. There was one thing though, that she needed to address, and she needed to address now. "Let me proclaim now, absolutely nopony. Is ever meaningless or without title. Not in this organization," she said standing up tall. The air of confidence and conviction spreading from the Mare that had addressed her, to Ice herself, even moreso than she had before. "Do not, let anyone tell you that you are meaningless. Do not let anyone tell you you don't deserve what you've accomplished. Don't let anyone ever tell you that you can't aspire to anything that you believe. Life is filled with detours, road blocks, broken ledges. Obstacles that are meant to drag us down," she said looking through the room. She looked to the sleeping Stormstrider. It was probably good that she was asleep as she did not apparently share this same viewpoint of the world. "Life is full of them, and they always hit at the times that we can consider to be the worst possible at the time. None of these events make us happy. Events that have hurt us. Events that have broken us. Events that many ponies, Unicorns, pegasi, Qirin, Yokai, and griffon alike would go back and change if they could..." "Everyone has setbacks, and I'm fully expecting missions to end up unsuccessful in someway. That is the nature of war, my ponies. Even when we take in everything that we can, there is always a wild card, something unaccounted for. A linchpin that can go off on a moments notice and send everything tumbling in a downward spiral. These things happen, and in my organization you will not be looked down upon for failure. No, How you will be judged will be how you respond to adversity. Things happen that are beyond your control, so don't try to control them. It's true that most everypony here comes from a jaded past. And that is perfectly fine. Never forget those you hold dear to you, but always remember. What's done is done. Learn from it and move on. You," she said pointing to Raven, "You took a very dangerous situation with your horn that most ponies would have given up on and turned it into a new way of thinking. From the records I can determine the recovery was not easy. " "Storm and Thunderbuck were able to push through things that no pony should ever have to be forced to deal with. Something that I myself dealt with. A pit of loneliness and despair that only those that have encountered a similar past can know. The past is just that though, past. Our past does not define our future. Every single pony in this room, has the potential to one day take over this organization, and let it be a light for those who have no where else to go. Let it be the savior that Equestria needs to ensure more ponies don't have to suffer what we had to. What any of us had to, to get here. We are more than just flesh. We are more than just a beating heart. At our core, we are all ponies, one way or another, and together, as a unit, we will change Equestria for the better..." "Will it be dangerous, yes. Every time we leave, there's a chance we won't go home. But, that's the price to pay, to make sure what happens to Stormstrider and Buck, doesn't happen to anypony else. What happened to you Raven, doesn't happen to anyone else. Sombre, I don't even wanna know what began your decent into the darkness, but I know great evil usually comes from great loss. I know that something happened even if I can't place what... I won't imagine to know the pain you felt, but we can prevent from happening again. Together, we will build a future that you can be proud of. That everyone involved will be proud of. Everyone in this room, and everyone that joins us in the future, is our family. We may not always like each other, we might not always see eye to eye, but we will respect each other. At the end of the day, we are all ponies, and none of us are meaningless," she concluded. She hoped that at least some of the inspiration and conviction would spread to the others.
  2. Canterlot Checkers Challenge

    So, there was a way to get back into the game. They had to get through.... five boxes of pizza inn such a short span of time? Medo had no interest in making herself sick to get back in the game. However, the pizza was appetizing. Plus from here she could see the entire board. It was much better for her to watch than play. This is what she usually did anyway. She looked back to Discord. "Ya know what? I think I might just stay here and keep ya company. I've never been good at board games and honestly this seems like the best seat in the... house? world? Plantation? Whatever we're on? I can see everything and enjoy pizza while doing so. Honestly, I don't see how I lose," she said with a smile. "That being said, do you have any soda? Preferably in a glass and not raining from the sky?" Ice Storm was at a loss for what she could really do now. The layout of the board itself had plotted against her. She wasn't terribly upset, but by Luna she wanted to win. Alas, it probably wasn't meant to be. For the best as well. She looked up to the penalty box and she raised an eyebrow. They get pizza!!!! I want Pizza!!! she thought to herself as she started looking around for different commoners now that she could find a way to get in front of. IF she wasn't going to win the game, by golly she was going to get her pizza. There was only one problem though. She couldn't move backwards, and she was already past most of them. She would have to wait until somepony reached the castle and started moving backwards to get her. She sighed, defeated as she sat and waited. No point in moving now.
  3. And So it Begins.{STAR Recrutment} (See OOC)

    The rant that Storm went on... wasn't without merit. It was true. There were a lot of ponies that were snobs, and there were a many more that ignored what was going on as to not become the wrath of those they stood up against. She starting going on about how she had no love for anypony that breaths and that anyone that stood in the way was an enemy regardless of why they were there. She did say that she could follow orders, and the mission would get done though. As her rant came back around to her preaching, she raised an eyebrow. She commented how her brother was five when they tried to put him into a foster home. "THAT ALONE," Ice Storm started looking back to Storm. "Is more than I ever got. However, that is not important right now. Just know this. If you wish harm on a pony that you've never met because of what happened in the past, then you yourself are part of the exact problem you just described. The way of changing that, starts with you," she said, her words almost dripping in her venomous tone. She took a moment to peer around as a few more came into the room. A couple of enlistees that she had heard back from. Once was another unicorn, and like Tempest, she had a damaged horn. She wasn't sure if that was something that was keeping her out of the REA, but there wasn't ever any record of her looking for it. There were however plenty of records on her family and the merits that they had she knew that she would do well even if she wasn't much of a fighter type. She apologized for being late and that she was working on research. Ice nodded. "It is quite alright. We're just getting started so you haven't missed much," she said looking back to Yoru. "And to answer your question, yes. We have access to several libraries and databases. If there's information you're looking for, we have ways of finding it. All you have to do is tell us what to look for," she said with a smile before nodding to her. Finally the other mare that came in seemed to also look for an empty seat and seemed infatuated with the orbs around her. She looked to here when she asked about her identity and she nodded. "Indeed I am. This force, starting off small, will grow. This will be a force the like Equestria, and it's enemies have never seen. That said, Tongue Twister, Raven, you both are the new comers here. Tell us a little bit about yourselves. take a moment to get to know the agents that you will be working with.," she smiled sitting back in her chair.
  4. Accepted. Due to lack of combat experience, she will be an enlisted, however, coming from an REA background, even slight will grant her the Rank of Chief Petty Officer, (E-7)
  5. [STAR]Acquisition of Shadows

    Thread is up
  6. Everyone will be required to fight at some point if the scale of the enduring force is large enough to warrant a full scale response. However, there would be many logistic and supervisory prisons available both over the base of operations, and at the undisclosed shipyard. Of course, what threads you choose to participate in, and how would be up to you. If you prefer a more supportive roll in the thread, you could just specify what roll you want in the ooc of the roleplay.
  7. Northern Storm Industries... This was the place that was housing the thing that Ice needed. The thing that STAR had to have. The one thing that when it was finished, would be the staple point of not only the organization, but quite possibly the lynch pin of Equestria as well. The Shadow of Ice. A ship that will... forever change the skies, and she needed to have it. They were located just on the outskirts of Stalliongrad. It was cold. Stark contrast to most of Equestria at this point, as it was pretty far north, not too far from the coast. The air itself was moist, and Luna's moon was invisible behind the ominous clouds that threatened the skies. Rain was coming. She knew that rain was coming though. That's what they planned for. The rain would help muffle their hoofsteps both into the facility, and once they got in. The plan was simple. Get in, get what we need, and get out. She figured the place was probably going to be guarded, and heavily booby trapped. Thankfully, Ice knew exactly where the prints were at, however, she wasn't sure what security systems they had in place. She looked around to the others that were with her. She herself, was not in her usual attire, nor did she even look the same. her coat was inverted, a dark midnight blue was all that could be seen. A simple illusion spell. Her cutie mark was covered up by a coat-tight body suit that matched the coat. The spheres orbiting really close to her neck to not draw attention. At some point she planned on having a necklace made that she can rest them in when they weren't in orbit, but that was for another time. The only thing that was the same about her was her eyes as she looked to the group. "Alright, the prints we need, are in a file cabinet on the third floor in the Master's Quarters. Knowing how to get there is one thing, but we need to be mindful of security protocols. I don't know what kind of system they run here, but I imagine they will be guarded. When we find them, we book it. There's no reason to stay beyond that. Once we have these prints, our real work can begin." she told the others that were with her.
  8. [STAR]Acquisition of Shadows

    Alrighty, we have enough to get started. Opening post will be up tonight our tomorrow.
  9. [STAR]Acquisition of Shadows

    The blue prints that are being attained are for the flagship of the organization. "The Shadow of Ice" it will end up being a mobile base, and a massive air battleship. The blueprints are necessary for the organization to flourish. This is a main plot mission. It's required to be played but not required to join, hence the limited number of spots. However, we need at least three members, counting myself to start.
  10. First mission thread is up. Available to the first four players not counting myself
  11. Attention STAR agents: We have received information on a set of blueprints that are located in a remote location. These blueprints are vital to the foundation of the organization and they must be acquired. Failure of this mission is not an option. The Blueprints that you are seeking are that of a specialized airship. Larger than anything every seen. With these blueprints, we will secure the skies and make sure that Equestria will forever be protected. This will be a small force consisting of myself and four other agents. A quick in and out mission. Casualties are to be kept to a minimum. Disable only, do not kill. Once we retrieve the blueprints, we leave. We move under the cover of darkness, Stealth is a must. Reply soon. The sooner we get these prints, the sooner we can begin our real work. Agents on call: Ice Storm
  12. And So it Begins.{STAR Recrutment} (See OOC)

    The sarcasm that was dripping from Sombra's tone was... both relieving and infuriating at the same time. It seemed that he had no recollection of the events. Either he was a very good liar, or it was somepony that was probably emulating him to gain power and standing with WRAITH. Still, she would remain skeptical of him. He was an enemy of Equestria at some point, and she didn't have a built relationship with him like she had with Tempest. He was still an uncertainty. It was one of the main reasons she put him so high in the ranks. Keep your friends close, and enemies closer. If he proved well, then some additional standings, personnel, power, all might come his was. The same could be said about anypony else here as well. Another pony chimed in, not having much to say himself. A rather strange creature, but not one that she hadn't heard of. She fought a couple of them in Neighpon when she was on EPIC rescue missions. Getting agents out when negotiations went south. When he said that he had been looking for someone and this might just help him find them she felt she needed to speak up on that. "While I hope you the best in finding whomever it is that you are looking for, I must remind you that this is an army... not a matchmaking service. not to say you can't do some hunting in the down time," she commented to him before glancing around once more. Her eyes turned to Stormstride as she spoke about Equestrians being about as well trained as school fillies. That they couldn't even take care of their own orphans, let alone tend to the needs of a military. She continued by saying that she would do as asked as long as it wasn't any suicide missions. That she wasn't going to give her life for the same ponies that abandoned her and her brother so many years ago. She shot her a glare, one as cold as the ice that was on the table. "Last time I checked, no pony in this room was born with a silverspoon in their mouth, and I can guarantee you that you are not the only pony in this room that grew up as an orphan. I am well aware of how snobbish many ponies can be, but I've also seen the flip side. There are ponies that do care, that want to better others but have no means of doing so. However, that being said, our job is going to be making sure that those ponies can not only go home, but have a home to go home to. To prevent others from having to experience what I personally, or you personally have experienced. It sucks trying to survive on your own as a filly. By being a part of this, you will ensure that less have to go through that pain. If you seek vengeance against those whom have done nothing to you, then you are no better than the ones who scorned you before." she replied as her brother spoke up, almost to confirm what she just stated. She did need to clear one thing up though. "You may not be exiles, but anything done with this is going outside the law so requires a great deal of tactical planning. Things will not always be as they seem. Some of the missions will be cut and dry, and most of them, will be outside of Equestria. Anything in Equestria we will likely be going in hot, and engaging an already hostile environment. First priority in these events will be establishing a perimeter. Keep the civilians out. That's easy enough for me to do once I'm present. From there, we are to eliminate the thread through any means necessary. That being said, if you and your sister need a place to stay during down time, the base will be open for all at any time once it's finished. It should be finished within the year. Until then, feel free to take up lodging at some of the other hotels. I have massive discounts there and if you tell them that you're one of my operation managers for the hotel and casino that hides the base, well.... let's just said, you're not even gonna get rent cheaper in Ponyville, or any other small town." she responded to him Thunderbuck before looking over to Jijing. He asked about the capabilities of the Equestrian Military. She looked to the guard that had entered not too long before she had finished her first explanation on the organization and then back to the Qirin. "A vast majority of the Equestrian Military forces are defensive based. Which means they wait for a threat to engage. By that point, they already have numbers and are already upon us. It's usually too overwhelming for the military because they've already scouted everything out and know what they are getting into. Simply put, so far every invasion as been well beyond the scope of what the military planned for. This last one my entire unit just happened to get split up and sent to different regions right before the attack on Canterlot. With this organization, I can make sure that doesn't happen again," she said looking back to Midnight. "Well, I know that you walked it a little bit late, so you probably didn't hear any of the times I mentioned that we didn't have clearance from the royals to do this. In fact, The princesses don't even know we exist yet," she said as Loose Canon spoke, stating that she had no reason to leave or to do anything else.
  13. Accepted. Due to the lack of actual training, and having basic combat skills, you will be an enlisted.
  14. And So it Begins.{STAR Recrutment} (See OOC)

    Ice Storm gave Sombre a look when he spoke up about how a Life investment seemed to be a bit too binding for his liking. She looked him square in the eyes. "This isn't about how you feel. I don't care if you have the lifespan of an alicorn. This is an unauthorized combat strike force. If I die of old age, the next one in line picks up the pieces and continues to press the organization forward. That may be you, that may be somepony else. it all depends on how well you prove your loyalty to me, and what the situation is during my downfall. Everything that we will be doing will be under the radar and without any sort of government protection. That is the reason that this is a life investment. I need tough, strong willed individuals that cannot be swayed easily. I will not have any loose ends in my agency that can bring the whole organization down. If life is too binding for you, then I won't stop you from leaving. However, You will not get this chance again, and the rewards for staying will be lucrative," she spoke looking around the room as three more entered the room, one of them being far more brash than the others. She liked that. The file called her Stormstride. She was efficient and somewhat ruthless and didn't mess around. it was why she would be one of her commanders. Next to her was her brother, that while lacking true combat experience held a lot in the way of defensive magics. Something that was important for getting ponies out. She smiled. Before she could respond, the other one, a Qirin, entered the room right behind the first two and addressed her. She nodded again. "I am, please take a seat. We have a lot to go over. First off... everypony gets a thousand bits a month, just by being an agent. The more missions we run, and run successfully, the more we get paid Every mission pays a minimum of three hundred bits a day. This includes prep time. Starting off, these will mostly be gathering intel. I can help a lot with this because I still have my hooves in several very powerful doors. Because of that, if anyone is ever caught during a mission, I can pull strings to make sure the cases mysteriously disappear, or get you out myself. You will not remain imprisoned for long. If I can't either myself, or my second in command will be there to get you out." "The one thing I cannot stress enough is no direct combat on Equestrian soil if we can prevent it. Outside of Equestria, The job gets done through any means necessary, Civilians are never targets, period. We are not tied with the government at all, so we will be essentially acting as an organized mercenary group.... for now. Base Headquarters will be in Las Pegasus. Where at in Las Pegasus, well... that information is for those who last until the end of the meeting. Know this... if you walk out those doors before the end of this interview. you will not remember a thing about what's in here, or anything you heard at this meeting. To answer your question Stormstride, our targets, are anypony that directly threatens the safety of Equestria. Once we have enough information on them to establish a threat, we will come down hard, and we will come down fast." Ice said looking around the room before starting to hand out the files to every pony that's in the room. "This... is everything that I know about each and every one of you. If you accept everything that will be explained today, your ranks will also be listed. The reason you all even got an invite to be here was because I felt that you were trustworthy enough to know about us, thirsty enough to fight, and more than happy to get paid to do it. Many of you have already been in combat before. I know that I myself have, and I will be fighting along side of you on most missions. I have plenty of combat experience, stemming back to when the Crystal Spire fell from the invasion of the Red Jarl. I heard reports from other agents stating that you were there as well... as noted in the file," she said directing the final statement towards Sombre. "I'm going to presume that these reports are either false or misconstrued. Cause certainly if these were true, you would not be sitting here in front of me today, nor would you have been so easy to track down and get ahold of." "The reports were that you lead the invasion on the ground assault while the Red Jarl used his Airship to bombard the spire trying to open a vault that later exploded as well. The spire exploded.... It was drastically weakening and on the verge of collapse. I had an unconscious Twilight on my back channeling every ounce of my magic to create essentially a thousand foot slide of ice, fighting through brainwashed guards in the process, to get to our own airship with the Pinnacle building of the Crystal Empire collapsing down around us. I have witnessed first hoof front line combat and catastrophic loss of life... That is why I vowed to never let it happen again... We founded a defense team... one to help prevent large scale invasions like this. Similar to what I'm building now. However, they never acted... We always served as a response force to an invasion that was already happening. During my time as an agent of this organization, which, I still am. That's how I got all of these files on all of you... There have been three more large scale invasions that I am aware of.... The defense team was too defensive. They were always waiting, watching, waiting, and watching.... until it was too late to stop." she said feeling the anger well up on her as she was now back at the head of the table." "I am DONE!" she said rearing back and slamming her fore hooves into the table, her orbs instantly flaring up as her anger flowed through them, accentuating their power as the entire table froze instantly. "Sitting back and waiting for the next invasion to come. I am done spending weeks to months gathering intel confirming intel that confirms other intel. If we find information about a possible target, and we find confirmation on that information from a viable source, we strike that target. Anyone that's planning an invasion on Equestrian soil will think twice before crossing us... Now... if you'll notice... the ranks that are listed are different from standard. That's because by the time we're done building, this won't just be a mercenary group. No, this will be an entire fleet, supported with airships, and a flagship that will inspire dread, fear, and and loss. Why? because when the enemy sees it, they know they've lost. This airship will be built in the private shipyard. Untraceable by air." "We will use this fleet to take the fight to them. If they want to invade Equestria, they will have to go through us to do that. And I want us to be that unstoppable, immovable force, that no one else will even dare raise arms against us. Once we get to our full power, we won't need to worry about intervention... at least not too much. That's why this isn't an in and out thing. I want pones that are dedicated, willing to commit, and willing to do what is needed to make sure that others are able to go home at night to their families. The end result, an army, a fleet, of ponies that are unstoppable forces of determination. And Don't worry, the fleet won't just be reserved for me. My Second in command will be coordinating many of the strikes that we will be orchestrating, and she has quite a few of personal missions of her own that you will embark on. Many of them in lands that hold ancient power, and an armory.... several armories filled with plenty of goodies for everypony involved. And again, remember, none of this is authorized. We are flying solo. which is even more reason. We don't want new comers coming in once we've established everything, and then running to others and jeopardizing everything we've worked for." "Everypony in this room is a pony that I've put enough trust into, to personally invite and meet with, and tell you in person what you were getting into. This is going to be monumental, and worth every bit of the time that you put into it. The more that you do, the more that you help, the more you prove you're loyalty not only to me, but to my second in command, whom should be here within the next half hour. The more power you'll have within my ranks. The more power that you have in my ranks, the more you'll be able to help decide what are viable threats, and the actions that need to be taken." "HOWEVER, everyone in this agency must be ready to drop everything on a moments notice, to fight. If myself or anyone else finds a threat that is imminent and severely dangerous, we all respond, and we all respond with lethal force. This also applies if one our outposts are ever compromised. You are to send out a distress beacon immediately and I will be there as soon as I can. If it's after the Shadow of Ice is completed, you are to get into the shelters that will be built and marked on them. We will bombard it. Are there any questions so far? This is a lot to take in," Ice Storm said as she sit back and crossed her forehooves. The bulk of everything was on the table. Of course there were a few things that she didn't make open. But being up front with the bulk of the information meant that she could hit the concerns immediately, and weed out the ones that could be an issue.
  15. Ice Storm nodded when she heard Fire talk about the twin towers and possible having them meet somewhere at the bottom and merge into one. That was the original idea to begin with, but now they would need to think of a gimmick for the casino. All of the casinos around here had an outdoor show of some kind, and the gimmick that they had was.... kind of already taken by the casino that they were at now. Ice thought for a moment as to what they could do. "I think the two towers idea would be the way to go.... The Swirling Ice Storm idea would work I" she said pausing for a moment as she heard her wife giggled mentioning it would fit her name. Ice couldn't help but giggle to. "Yeah, I suppose it would, but we have to find a way to include you're element as well. Obviously the name of the Casino should be Frozen Delights and Molten Treats!" she said still drawing a blank for what they could do for the fire half of the gimmick that wouldn't redundant or dangerous. That thought left though as soon as Fire asked about the mysterious pony that they were going to be meeting. Ice Storm shrugged her shoulders. "I honestly don't know. I was told that she would be here at some point tonight and that she always made it a point to meet with new business owners. From what I'm told, she has a hoof in everything here and can be a very powerful backer here. Having somepony like that helping us here... might be a good thing. I don't think we'd have an issue with it ourselves, but having somepony else hoofing part of the bills never hurts," she replied. To be honest, she didn't even know what this other mare looked like. For all she knew she could be posing as one of the waitresses and watching them to see if they were even worth the time before making a move on them. They would have to wait and see.