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  1. Ice wasn't entirely convinced that fire was okay, but it seemed that the ice was slowly fading from her. With her fire warming her she presumed that everythign would work itself out with that. It did reinforce the fact that she needed to get training with these things much sooner rather than later. She needed these under her control, not the other way around. Quickly though Fire went back to the topic of the hotel area and spoke of possibly having two towers for the hotel! "Oh! that's a great idea! and we could have the towers mimic what they are. The Ice could be a giant Iceberg, and the fire one could be a super active volcano with fake eruptions! We could do something to make a show with it as well!!" She said before looking back to her. "Are you sure you're okay?" she asked wanting to make absolutely sure that her wife was okay.
  2. Ice Storm nodded to the pony that was running the spa and followed as she instructed. She also nodded when she heard her say that if they needed anything, just holler. At that point, she went through a door, likely to get the materials needed for the soaks and the like. She knew that Aloe and Lotus generally required advanced notice for their super premium package that included the gold treatments, so it was likely that it was something that would have to be prepared a special way. It was then that she heard the earth pony speak up to her, calling her Miss Storm, or Ice if she would prefer. She giggled a bit before replying. "Most of my friends just call me Icy. That's good enough for me. As far as opening something up here... It might be something that I would consider in the future, but It will have to wait a little bit as I already have some arrangements about a possible Las Pegasus front if the price is right. If I'm able to get a hold of some land there, That store will be my priority before I work on getting anything else," she said addressing one of the statements from the Qilin as well. Of course the Yu got her full attention when she started talking about his occupation. To say that anything involving dream works was dull, well honestly she wasn't sure the kind of dreams that she dealt with, but it very much wasn't dull that Icy could think of. "Sounds like you share a profession with Princess Luna, though her dream therapy is more of a hooves on approach while the pony is still having the dream. It's quite fascinating how she can travel through the dreamworld the way that she does." She replied as she heard her talk about long and how there were some similarities between Long and Neighpon. Yet, they really were worlds apart despite being across a relatively small body of water. Of course, the same could be said for Equestria and Whitescar. They are only separated by a strait and the cultures are completely different, as well as the land and the terrain. "Understandable. I hope to be able to see it someday," she replied, hoping that when she did get to see it, it was on more legal terms than when she visited Neighpon for the first time. That was still an interesting night.
  3. Ice listened for a moment and shook her head when Fire mentioned it being inside a Hotel and Casino. She was right. If it was going to be inside of another hotel and casino it would have to match their theme. She would be extremely restricted on what she would be able to do there. "Na, it's not something that's gonna be going into another hotel Casino, it's one we're gonna have to build from the ground up. Now for the actual parlor part of the Hotel that would be amazing! really enjoy the atmosphere of the place. For the actual Restaurant, hotel, and casino, I like the ice palace design, and making everything look like ice, but I imagine ponies would get uncomfortable in something like that pretty quickly. Aside from the anomoly that is me, and maybe a few others, most ponies don't like cold. Hehe," she commented "Oh, if we're doing this together... maybe we should have it both fire and Ice themed!! Like the casino floor could be a frozen tundra over and ocean and transition into a flaming spewing volcano! Oh! and we could have two themes to the hotel to! An Ice side and a Fire Side! and aesthetically we could make the Fire side warm and the ice side cool, that way ponies can enjoy both!! Our heating and cooling bill will be atrocious, but eh, it's not like we can't really afford it at this point," she said as she watched Fire approach for a hug. She kinda recoiled when she winced a bit though, and was a bit fear stricken when she saw the small bit of ice form on her. "Holy Celestia!! I thought those were off! I guess controlling these are going to be a bit harder than I thought. I guess that makes sense though since I just got them... That being said, I'm okay, was just very happy, but my question is are you okay? I know that you have a high sensitivity to cold like I do with fire, and the absolute last thing I want is to have you hurt," she replied concerned.
  4. Opalus Symphony [Invite]

    The more that Ice Storm listened to Twilight and what she ha d to say about the orbs, the more concerned she grew about them. She knew that Swift had said that he had them made extremely durable and had subjected them to some heavy extremes, but the knowledge that they could, and probably still would break at some point worried her. Twilight brought up the fact that she would be hurt from the event. Ice Storm immediately shook her head in response. "It's not me that I'm worried about Twilight. I've basically accepted at this point that these things very well could kill me if they broke. My concern is everypony else. My magical energy, my aether, is ice. The Aether that flows through these devices, it's all ice. If these things break, and they are enhancing my levels to that extent, all of that Aether has to go somewhere..." Ice said pausing. "If these ever get to the state where breaking is a possibilty. I will have to leave Equestria Entirely... I fear that if they do break, they will do so explosively. and I fear that if I'm anywhere in Equestria when that happens, many will be caught in the blast radius... I can't have that many lives on my hooves when this happens." It was true that she had very little knowledge of how these things worked at the moment, and it was possible that when they broke, that they would just simply stopped working, and broke in this context wasn't meaning the literal context of the word. Perhaps it was though as something that is broke does not operate as intended. There were many avenues that could take and hopefully all of them were a long time off yet. She did listen intently though when she heard Twilight say that they could potentially kill two proverbial birds with one proverbial stone. She talked about altering her state of mind, or rather, puttering herself in a state of pure neutrality because any emotions could skew the locations or make it harder to do what was needed. Through this, Twilight said that she could possibly refortify these Aether connections, letting them be both stronger and restrictive at the same time. She then listened to Discord as he started talking to her. She started by rolling her eyes a bit as he commented on Twilight's comments with a small book labled "Twi's Rant". In Twilight's defense here, this was a good thing to rant about. She herself knew that these things were just as dangerous as they were powerful. She looked into his eyes as he was speaking to her and she could feel herself beginning to relax more and more as he spoke to her. He told her that she had to find the center of herself. The center of the gooey nougat that was in the middle of the crispy creamy chocolate. She wasn't completely sure what he was meaning by that, but she was sure that she was really wanting some nougat filled chocolate right now. When discord held a finger out and was seemingly awaiting her permission for something, Ice nodded. She needed to be able to control these. If not for her own sake, then everypony else's.
  5. Ice Storm was a bit shocked when Fire didn't know who the Red Jarl was. Ever since he had invaded the Crystal Empire and caused the destruction of the original Spire, she thought his name would be known by all. Granted, the fight was connected back to Sombra which was, at the time, the bigger threat, but knowing what they had now she wasn't so sure. She didn't ponysally fight Sombra to know what tech or magical nullifying artifacts he had, but the fact that they had forests of wood that could neutralize magic that hit it... That was dangerous. Still she looked back to her wife. "The Red Jarl is the Caribou that attacked the Crystal Faire while I was there several years ago. He is the reason that I joined the force that I did, so I could make sure that didn't happen again. unfortunately, I know of at least two occasions where we failed to do that," she said with a sigh. "No matter though, it's Hearth's Warming. There's no sense in letting the negative events of the past bring us down. We don't get anywhere near enough time together anymore," she said leaning in and giving Fire a small peck on her cheek. "So I don't wanna spend what time we do have being a negative nancy. And tell you what, I'm going to Las Pegasus in a week. Why don't you come with me? I was originally looking to purchase some land out there to put another shop, but apparently that was another thing that Swift Squall got me was some prime real estate. Hopefully he's not actually trying to make advances.... He was at our wedding for Celestia's sake so he knows I'm taken and won't reciprocate them. Like, I got him gifts as a co-worker... but nothing near anything like this. Maybe you could even help me design that store! It's Las Pegasus, so whatever we come up with, we'll have to make it stand out! and it will probably have to be a casino and have a hotel in it too..." she said, thinking a bit out loud.
  6. Opalus Symphony [Invite]

    Ice Storm was overjoyed when Twilight was able to make it. she didn't doubt that she would miss something like this, but at the same time, like herself Twilight was a very busy mare, and sometimes when you're a very busy mare, things pop up at the last minute and you don't always get a chance to RSVP about it. This was something that Ice Storm knew herself quite well. She heard her comment about her hoping that it wasn't attached too directly, as that would be unhealthy for her and the magic that she used. She was then met with a hug, which she eagerly returned to the mare, the orbs widening their orbit to make room for the other pony, sensing happiness and speeding up ever so slightly from it. She also had a note for Discord from Fluttershy about what to get for the next tea party before asking if these were the gifts. Discord chimed in from his miniature form that was now looking over Twilight's shoulder stating that they were from Squall no less, and added how she knew that he could be a bit of an eccentric case. "That's an understatement if I ever heard one. He means well, but he doesn't always think things through very well and the possible consequences his actions can have on both the missions and Equestria as a whole," she added. "That being said. Yes, these are the gifts that he presented to me at Hearth's Warming. From what I've seen from them so far, they are highly potent, and I'll be honest, I barely have control over them at the moment. I suppose that is to be expected until I learn how to use them to their fullest potential and understand how to harness what they provide. I can tell three things about them right off the get go, I know for a fact that they are connected to my emotions. I can feel the air temperature around me fluctuate as my mood changes. Unfortunately I can also say that they are in fact directly tied to my magic because Swift said that he they were made using aether from my aura. I don't think it's possible for them to be any more connected to me, and just the brief moment that Discord disrupted one stung," she admitted. "It is because of the potency that I can feel from them, the power that is within these, that I must learn how to control these. Otherwise well... I went on an expedition recently and without even trying I carved a path of frozen death as I walked and contemplated things. The air temperature had gotten so cold around me that I was freezing things as soon as it came within a few feet of me," she confessed turning to Twilight and Discord. "I really, really need your help... because if I can't control these... they will destroy me, because these aren't something I can just take off now."
  7. A Rainy Encounter (Ask To Join: Kahoot)

    "No matter what anypony says, winning a sword competition at any age isn't anything to slouch at! It's no wonder you got your cutie mark when you did if you were able to beat ponies well above your age group in it!. Clearly, it's a very special talent and you've been able to make a career out of it. It's not your fault that those you train have the retaining skills of an upside down, brainless monkey!" Ice Storm replied to Switches story. Truthfully, she didn't know if an animal liked that existed or not. She actually hoped not now so she wouldn't be accidentally insulting something that she had no knowledge of. Oh well, it wasn't like if they existed that any of them were around to hear her at the moment. there wasn't anything around them for a good distance that she could see. She then listened to Flower's story, and her story.... struck a chord with her. She was forced to grow up at a young age because of a lot of personal issues in her family. Something that Ice Storm knew herself all too well. She was at least able to make amends with her mother, and set things right with her, but her father blamed her for destroying their family when he was so blind that he couldn't see past the name of the family itself, and now her name held more weight than any other in her family. True, her mother was still an Equestrian Renown marine expert, which is why she was in Hoofington now to begin with, and her father was an expert Jeweler, but they still only had their stores. She was on the forefront of Equestrian Defenses, owned five stores, soon to be seven, and answered directly to Princess Luna and Princess Twilight themselves respectively and both were considered friends more than anything! She dare say that while her life had dealt her a poor starting hand, the hand that she drew and made following it was well work the rocky start. Flower continued to speak. She didn't get her cutie mark until she was late in her filly years, also similar to Ice. She was several years old before she had acquired her cutie mark. However, she chalked that up to the fact that it never really got all that cold in Fillydelphia to begin with. So there wasn't enough ice around her for her magic to really take off and set her free, in a way of sorts. However, she heard that Flower had to make a choice and decide that she wasn't able to be a filly anymore. That part made her a bit sad. She further continued by stating that her cutie mark represented a blooming flower, that at somepony everypony blooms into something special, and that she had bloomed too early. That it represented, Wisdom, Strength, and the obsticles that she had overcome. "From one mare who lived on the streets to another, I don't know if your situation ever got that bad, but never lose who you are. If you wish to be Playful and Happy, then make sure you can set aside some time for you, and make sure that you're able to do that. Being able to act responsibly from a very young age is impressive, and I know the feeling of being forced out of fillyhood very well. The biggest piece of advice I can give is simply that. While you have your responsibilities, don't forget to be you. If that means you need a break to be a filly for a bit, and relax, then do so," Ice spoke, realizing how silly she sounded at the moment, considering she was the one dressed like a small filly getting ready for bed at the moment. "I do believe it's your turn again? That was only question number three."
  8. Ice Storm listened as she heard her love talk about her work at the school. she told her that working at the school that she graduated from was a bit strange. She was always expecing to wake up one morning and be a student there again rather than a teacher like she now was. She further added that there really weren't many jobs that required Fire Magic, except maybe cooking, but she didn't know if she was that good with her cooking to be able to handle pressure like that. "Pleeeeease, you're a great cook! I might be able to make anything that's frozen, but anything that requires heat to make you just smoke me at," she giggled a bit. If there was one thing that wouldn't change with her, it was her intentionally bad puns. It was something that she could always fall back on to lighten a mood, or just make everypony sigh around her which is sometimes the only distraction she needs. Fire then made mention that she wished that she could know more about the missions and stuff that she went on. She understood that they were classified for the most part, but made the remark that she must get to see some really neat places. "Oh Definitely! I can't go into details as to why I was there, but I can definitly say that Neighpon is very nice, and I've been to Whitescar Several times. Although one of those times actually wasn't for a mission. I'm actually friends with Jarl Sigrin. Speaking of, I should probably get back up there at some point and make sure the Askr clan is still doing okay. The Red Jarl is know for quite the unsavory schemes. As far as staying safe goes. I'll stay as safe as I can, but injury is a constant occupational hazard. Except for my expeditions in the Frozen North. Those aren't a health hazard for me at least," Ice said smiling. She wondered if she could endure even colder elements with her new stones now. It was something that she would have to try next time that she was in the North. With that she smiled and slid the necklace that Fire had bought her around her neck, and the magical orbiting auras from the orbs gave the necklace a permanent sparkle.
  9. A Rainy Encounter (Ask To Join: Kahoot)

    "Storms like that, especially storms that don't coincide with anything that's been ordered from the weather factory, and are not in unpatrolled regions are immediately questioned. An Armada that size would not have been able to get through all of the uncontrolled airspace. Not without help and somepony telling them exactly where they are. Everything just lined up too perfectly... As you said, so many counter measures could have been taken, but none were. It's my job to find out why," she said as Flower commented that they were starting to get off course and that they should get back to the game. Ice Storm nodded. She wanted to talk more with Switch on the situation that was now at hoof. She did nod at the statement that Switch made though. They could no longer rely on the guards to be combat ready. They needed something more. They needed a group of ponies that could be ready at a moments notice. She knew that she was one of those ponies. When Flower turned to her and told her that it was her turn to ask a question, it got her out of thinking about the defenses and more about the topic at hoof, which was actually getting to know the ponies that she was traveling with. At the moment, they knew where each other was born, and why they were now traveling on this adventure. Some of the reasons were a bit more sound than others, but everypony was here now, so might as well make the best of what was around them. "Well, I suppose that we should continue with another classic. How did everypony get their cutie mark? The only thing I can honestly say about mine is the time frame of which I got it. It was when I was running away from Fillydelphia on my way to Canterlot. I got stuck in a blizzard on the path up the mountain, and I remember getting so tired that I couldn't move anymore. Suddenly I felt a massive surge of energy, and then blacked out. When I woke up, I was in an igloo, the storm outside was gone, and I had my cutie mark. I have no idea what really happened, or how long I was unconscious for, so that's as much as I know," she stated following the rules and answering her own question.
  10. A Royal Invitiation (Attn: StarSwirl)

    Ice Storm nodded when Celestia told her to just send a letter at any point that she wanted tutelage. It was something that she would definitely have to make time for. "Very well then! I know that I should be back from Las Pegasus in a couple weeks. I'm heading out there to inquire about some land, as I'm going to be expanding my business out there at some point once I have some real estate for it. Problem is, real estate is hard to come by there. I'm supposed to meet with a broker next week to see what is available in my price range," she smiled. She wasn't poor by any means, but this was Las Pegasus. Even Canterlot's cost of living was cheap compared to the living there. She could honestly get by on only a few hundred bits a month, not counting her pay for employees, but even then that was only about a thousand bits a week per store other than hears and so far, her stores were clearing almost fifteen thousand profit in each location every month. When she heard Celestia mention that she didn't mind the cold, and that she had become rather adept at keeping ponies warm over the course of her life, she couldn't help but giggle with her. "Fair enough, but I can assure you, unless we're sitting next to a fire, I'll be comfortable pretty much anywhere in the castle. As far as getting to go back into the Frozen North, there's still a lot I need to do to prepare for it. I would need to track down a team, and make sure the receivers are working correctly before I leave. Nothing like going into a land of frozen nothingness only to have your methods of communication fail. I could survive up there for a while, but I would question the survivability of anypony with me if we got stranded there for any length of time. Considering I'm already planning on spending at least a month in the frozen expanse though, it will be worth it. My main goal is to see what's actually there, and possibly see if I can find the caves were Sombra was hiding and make sure there's nothing there that can fall into enemy hooves. I don't know if he ever obtained any other artifacts other than the heart, but doesn't hurt to be sure," she added as Celestia motioned for her to follow and lead hear through the hallway. Upon reaching the gate to the Gardens, she extended a hoof. "We shall indeed!" Ice smiled before stepping back out into the frigid, yet comfortable air of the garden.
  11. A Rainy Encounter (Ask To Join: Kahoot)

    When Switch asked what had made them decide to take to the road today, Ice thought it her answer, and as he responded to the question starting that he couldn't remember where he was born, or that he was born nowhere. He said that he just keeps looking forward and doesn't settle in one area too long. She didn't buy it, but she didn't want to question him on it right now. It would sound interrogative. She wasn't in the mood for an interrogation. His question peaked her interest though, though mainly the second half of it when he was explaining his own answer. As she thought. There was more going on here than what met the surface. She had many questions now. Ones that would definitely make it apparent that she's being entirely open herself, and now questions the training that he had been given the guards. She held her tongue while Flower answered. She said that she didn't think that she was in her right mind when she agreed to come along. That she had been dealing with a lot of stress and just wanted to get out of working. That had she been thinking, she wouldn't have left her home and best friend behind. She added that while she had made friends she still wasn't happy with her decision to leave. She did as through that it was an opportunity to debut herself and follow her passion for singing. "It is true that sometimes the best opportunities come from a path that seems like a bad choice to begin with. While I can't say for your situation, when I made the choice I made as a foal... Many nights I thought it was the wrong choice. That maybe of I went home evening would be okay. Something stopped me every time though, and that thing will be shining upon us within the hour. The inspiration that came from the pony behind that silver disk in the sky is a constant reminder, that even in the darkest of times when everything seems hopeless, there is light at the end of tunnel. However, those who stop in the tunnel and give up, usually perish without seeing the light," she told them before turning back to Switch. "That being said, to answer your question. The reason that I took to the roads today was because of my mission in the mountains. I can't go into to many details into the mission itself, as it was top secret classified mission assigned only to the upper tier... investigators of my organization. I can't give the name of that organization either but I assure that we are, but aren't government affiliated. In a way, we answer directly to the Princesses," she said with a pause before continuing. "With that said, the answer to your own question intrigues me. The Storm King is something we are very interested in. I am particularly interested in this fallen wreckage myself, but was not intending on embarking on this expedition until a later point when all of my combat squad was available. However, I am very much eager to learn how they were able to get by everything we had with no effort, and look for any information inside the logs that might suspect my organization has a mole," she mentioned.
  12. A Rainy Encounter (Ask To Join: Kahoot)

    Ice Storm nodded to Switch as he commented that he would find a way to get the parts that he needed himself along the way. That he didn't like taking donations in anyway. She could understand that. She herself was the same way. She didn't like taking donations, and was usually the one now giving donations. She could see him kinda questioning a bit when she mentioned that she could help him. She knew that she wasn't much to look at right now, but she was in fact one of the wealthier mares in Canterlot at the moment. She put Upper Crust and her husband to shame. She was also smart with her investments and didn't needlessly throw money at anything that she couldn't rightly afford. A few grand to fix up a traveling cart was a drop in the bucket for her. She also listened when Switch also acknowledged Flower's question on the game and insisted that she went first. She did that by starting off by asking where everypony was born, and then telling herself where she was born. She also added that any question that you asked was also a question that you yourself had to answer, and the question could be directed at either one pony or both other ponies. Ice shifted a bit to get comfortable and nodded. "Well, I was born in Fillydelphia, but I was only there a few years. A mess of complicated family issues lead to me basically raising myself in Canterlot, putting myself through school, and The Canterlot Gardens was my home for many of nights. I didn't mind it that much, as I was, and still am comfortable in extreme cold, so winters never bothered me, and when it rained I just made a box of ice to sleep in," she admitted before looking to Switch for him to answer. She figured that he would probably have the next question, and then she would have the question after his. It was good cause it gave her time to think of something to ask.
  13. A Rainy Encounter (Ask To Join: Kahoot)

    Ice nodded when he told her to stop thinking about things that irritated her. It really was a simple concept but in reality it was much harder to do than anypony gave it credit for. It did help though that they slowly started moving away from the topic. Switch then stepped into the main part of the wagon and then returned with a bowl and some plants that he was heating and crushing in it. So, this pony knew at least some alchemy then. She wasn't well versed in it herself, but she knew at least a mortal and pestal was. She also listened to Switch comment on her little issue, which, she would need to address herself here in a moment, before they got too deep in conversation. That way if it went on for any length and they got tired she wouldn't accidentally fall asleep without it. At least he wasn't making fun of her for it. As he mentioned, that much natural power has to go somewhere. While he spoke he seemed to be under the cart doing something with the wheels, and spreading the mixture on the cracks. It was apparent that he had made an adhesive of some kind. He also mentioned about hoping to afford to get better parts for the wagon. "I might be able to help with that. We'd have to dock for a day in Seaddle though for me to gather the funds," she smiled. She also watched as he opened a compartment that had many swords in it and paid attention to his moves. He definitely wasn't a slouch. In fact, he very much knew what he was soing. He wasn't kidding when he said that he was one of the most practiced martial artists in the land. She couldn't boast the same martial prowess herself but you'd be hard pressed to find anypony that has a better mastery of ice then her. About this point, she heard Flower speak up, asking about a game of twenty questions or something of the like so that they could start to get to know each other more. Ice Storm smiled. "I think that would be a lovely idea! I'll just need to take care of something before we get started," she said before a small Ice wall blocked her from view for a few moments. It only lasted for a minute or two and when it dropped, she was wearing one of her nighttime protection pants. If anything it would make the puddle smaller and she already mentioned the issue. Naturally she'd have some precautions for it. She sat with a small crinkle, but just smiled. "Alright! Who should go first?"
  14. A Rainy Encounter (Ask To Join: Kahoot)

    It seemed that he took a bit offense to the Hero comment that Flower had mentioned. She didn't comment on the reaction. For those who didn't like the extra attention, they were adamant about it. She herself was like that to an extent. She didn't like to gloat, she didn't care about glory, she didn't care about fame, she didn't care about fortunes... the only thing she cared about was making sure everypony went home, in the same number of pieces they left in. He further added that he didn't think that going back and fixing what happened would result well for her. That a small change in the past could have drastic affects on the future. "Oh, I understand that. I didn't mean actually going back and fixing what happened, but if I had this ability then well, things would have been different. I mean, I suppose it is always possible that somewhere else in the spire when it collapsed there was other corruption that was weeded out, but that's not an idea that I'm overly fond of," she stated. She knew now that there were rebel agents and another organization that was Tartartus bent on destroying the regime of the two sisters. Thinking back, there probably were quite a few generals that fell when the Spire did. Stopping the Spire from falling would have let them escape as well. Perhaps the loss of a few.... in the end outweighed the possible loss of many, many more if those generals got out. Still, she didn't like that train of thought. That train of thought lead down a dangerous path. One that she didn't want to accidentally lead herself down. At the mentioning of forgiveness, she agreed for the most part, but there were certain things that... in her mind were unforgivable. The Red Jarl wasn't following orders. He was orchestrating the entire thing. She would see him fall if it was the last thing that she did. About that time, Switch hit one of the patches of ice that she had accidentally made from her brief fit of rage. When he did, he went tumbling and careened into a wall. She wasn't exactly sure herself where the wall came from. had she made that too by accident? No matter, he said that he was okay, which was the important thing. He mentioned something about Switch's Law though and the fact that there was now a couple cracks in pieces of the wagon and that they would have to stop for the evening. He also made a remark with a playful jab, stating that he hoped that she wouldn't freeze his tail while the slept. She blushed furiously. She in her headstrongess to help them, she completely forgot about her own... sensitive overnight issues. "Sorry about that. I'm still not used to these things, and while they've made some things better, they've made a few things worse as well." she said scratching her neck a bit. At the mention of stopping though, she also noticed that Flower moved up to the sky long enough to grab a cloud and pull it down. IT appeared that she was going to us it as a bed for the night. It was a good idea, once that she unfortunately couldn't replicate. she wised that she could though, would have made hiding things at least somewhat possible. As it was though, she figured she should address it before the morning. It would be less awkward to explain now than it would in the morning after she woke up in a puddle. She spoke up, a bit hesitantly at first. "I... I don't think you need to worry about that... to my knowledge I haven't frozen anything... but I still wouldn't sleep too close to me. My affinity to ice has some.... rather embarrassing side effects... and... sometimes I leak..." she blushed before looking in her saddle bag to check and see how many of her overnight pants she had left. Not that it mattered, since she got the orbs she still leaked every night.
  15. Opalus Symphony [Invite]

    Ice Storm could tell that this was already going to be an interesting day. Still trying to get a hoof on these new magical artifacts, Ice Storm had called the two ponies that she knew of that would likely know the most about the type of magic these harnessed. One of them, was the princess of magic herself, in Princess Twilight, and the other was the god of chaos magic, although he technically wasn't a pony. He had a pony hoof and a pegasus wing, but that was the only thing pony about him. IF anypony would have information about this artifiact, she knew it would be one of those to. She doubted Princess Celestia would know much about them. The sun and Celestial aspect usually dealt with fire, so she figured this would be something that was out of her Element, so she figured her knowledge on it would be limited. Luna might know about them, but depending on when the original artifacts were made that these were based off of, she might not have actually been in Equestria when they were made, so she may not even know of them at all. Both options were equally as possible. She thought back to them though, and then back to Twilight. Not too long ago, EPIC had suffered the worst, most embarrassing loss to the hooves of Tempest Shadow, and there wasn't even a fight. Some how she had managed to get by every defense they had, and managed in capturing all four of the princesses. She wanted to know how.... How did everypony happen to get assigned missions that had them out of the country, or no where near Canterlot to help with the invasion. What could they have done if they were there? The magic and weapons that they used were like nothing they had seen. These thoughts dwelled on her as she walked into the heavily fortified practice lab of the magic guild. As many masterful spell casters that were here in this location, this practice bunker had to be built essentially to with stand explosions that if not contained could level a city if they were to backfire. So far it's been able to contain everything quite well. Her trance was broken though as she felt something disrupt one of the orbs. The orbit was thrown astray and she looked up to see Discord grab it, causing her to wince a bit. The slight disruption sent a very brief sting of pain behind her eye before she caught a glimpse of the orb emitting a shocking burst of electricity making Discord recoil a bit and his mane afro up. This puzzled her. Swift Squall had told her that these were formed with her aether, and were manifested and harnessed ice based spellpower. How did they shock him? She supposed that maybe it was a bit of his magic that it had absorbed briefly. She could definitely feel that it was a bit irritated though and it orbited a bit faster than the others. When he made her an offer for them, she simply shook her head. "Even if I wanted to accept that offer, I couldn't. These are bound to my very mind and my aether. That brief moment when you stopped it actually hurt," she admitted. That would be a problem... if anypony with ill intentions figured that out, they could go after the orbs. Squall said they were durable, but when presented with an onslaught, just how durable. What happens if one shattered while it was linked to her? If simply stopping it hurt, what would be left of her? Still the fact that Discord wanted them spoke volumes about them. She wasn't sure exactly what she had, but she could easily presume now that they were important. Now all they had to do was wait for Twilight to get here so that she could try to start making sense of them, and what the consequences of these items entail, and more importantly, how to control them. She already knew that they were linked to her emotions. She found that out on her last trek through the wilderness when she carved a line of ice through a forest by accident.