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  1. IceStorm

    Celestia's Grand Birthday (Open - see OOC)

    Ice Storm was a bit bummed to hear that the research on the crystals wasn't going to well. She wondered if there was a way that she could help while she was here. She could talk to Luna or Celestia later about possible getting access to the crystal caves that were under Canterlot Mountain. If they knew it was to help with some research on a potential break through in magic, as well as medical properties if they worked for what Raven was looking for, that they would give her permission to go down there. That would have to be something that they would have to discuss later though. Tonight wasn't a night for business talks. "I'll see if there's anything I can help with and send some ponies in that direction. I've got faith in what you can do," she smiled From there, she shifted her thoughts to the princess, and the other two guests. She had to admit, they way they spoke was interesting. It wasn't something that she would have expected that magic could be used for. She didn't see why it couldn't but it was just one of those things that she probably would have never thought of if she hadn't seen it. Listening to them talk though, it seemed like they had a bit of the... nobilistic attitude that she usually disliked. At least the one of them did. The other seemed a bit more down to Equestria. They mentioned they would be interested in attending Luna's party as well if she were to have one. "I believe that would make three of us. After all, if you had a party you know I would be present," she smiled as Sombra and Celestia walked back over, Sombra not wasting the opportunity to take a jab at her from their meeting. "I can honestly say that it wasn't something that I was expecting, but there are some things that I am perfectly happy being proven wrong on," she spoke to him. She hoped that this trend would continue. She wasn't going to voice that aloud however. Not with how the princess had reacted to his greeting. She was certain that she would at least understand the hesitation on him, but at the same time, it would likely raise the question of how they knew each other. She was thankful that she was wearing her new guard armor at the time because she could easily play it off as a meeting at the end of a watch. That way she wouldn't have to bring up STAR if she didn't have to. That and she couldn't help but notice the filly was with them and the arrival of another pony. It was yet another pony that she recognized. It was Thunderbuck from the meeting. She gave him a smile and a wave before beckoning him over. "Feel free to come over and join us! We don't bite I promise!" she giggled watching as Celestia lowered the sun. If her dress stood out in the sun though, it shimmered even more in the moonlight. After all, the dress was made specifically for evening events. the moonlight danced off of the sequins with every shift and movement that she made, accenting the dark colors in the dress even more. The fact that the event was taking place under the stars made her happy. It wasn't any offense to Celestia, but the moon and stars, for reasons that Luna well knew, always appealed to her more. AS the cake and all of the treats began to roll out, she knew that everypony was in for a good time.
  2. "A lot of caves can actually turn into mines fairly easily. In fact, a lot of mines start out as a cave that somepony discovered something in, and by looking for more, well, a mine is formed. Finding a cave with a plentiful source of crystals would be more beneficial than finding an abandoned mine because while the mine has been worked, all it really is, is a cave that is self navigating. A cave that hasn't been touched yet, who knows what we could find in it, possible even new crystals that haven't been found," Ice said in response to Raven saying that she was hoping to find a mine. Ice knew where one of those were too, but a cave that had natural formations in them that hadn't been touched yet could give many more answers. "As far as talking over tea, I think that would be lovely. I'm not sure of what places here would offer a private refuge in speaking about these things," she commented as Bluebelle started talking about some of the houses and how the power of the houses were usually kept classified. At least informally so. That it helped keep things straight in the Canterlot social scene. "They have not mentioned anything. Really though, I actually don't pay too much mind to the Canterlot Social Scene. Really I might go to a few events here or there, but between everything I have going on, both in and out of Canterlot, and in and out of Equestria for that matter, Going to social occurrences and listening to Upper Crust preach about how everypony else is beneath her or suck up to whatever pony she's made friends with that day," she replied and waited for Raven to speak on the information about the scholars and the secretaries that Bluebelle mentioned. That would be more of her thing because Ice was more of a front like action kind of mare. She didn't do well with book work even though she did have to do some of it for managing finances.
  3. IceStorm

    Meetup At Ponyville (Private)

    Ice Storm nodded to his response on the changlings. "They aren't, and hopefully they can ease some of your concerns about others. Still I like the honesty." she replied. Truth be told she wasn't sure how many she could get to follow her. To make a point on her own comments, changlings don't have a lot of reasons to help protect Equestria with out disrespectful ponies have been to them. It really wasn't fair. Of course, his experiences spoke for themselves just as hers did, and she couldn't deny that individuals could both save or ruin an image of the whole. "I'll be in Ponyville for a couple of weeks running the shop while the manager of this shop is on vacation," she smiled and replied as the conversations shifted from the changelings. "It is quite a fun little town. I lived here for a while until my other professions took me to Canterlot. I usually spend a lot of time in the observatory or on the training grounds. Something that even here I'll probably still do when I'm not working or catching up with the few friends that I have here," she smiled to him.
  4. IceStorm

    Celestia's Grand Birthday (Open - see OOC)

    "The pleasure is mine! It always helps that I live in Canterlot so I can actually attend unexpected events like this and have time to properly prepare for them even on short notice," Ice Storm smiled in response to Princess Celestia. When she started asking about the saddle bags and if she would like the staff to take them for her she shook her head. "That won't be necessary. I would rather them be within sight at all times. It has my Lunar Guard armor in them. I'm not expecting to need it, but I'd rather have it and not need to pull it out than the reverse be true," she smiled. It was a simple concept but an important one. She was expecting the event to be fun, but a guard was a guard. Even during the times of fun they always need to at least be prepared to the possibility that something could go wrong. Then Raven showed up to the party and things instantly got a lot more interesting as she waved back to her marefriend. She wasn't expecting Raven to be in the area, but she wasn't upset that she was here now. She smiled and also waved as Luna addressed her before beckoning her over to her. "Of course I would make it! After all, how could I possible say no to a friend! I'm just thankful I had time to stop and grab something. I know that the invite said that gifts weren't necessary, but I couldn't in good conscious show up with nothing. I just hope Princess Celestia likes chocolate," she spoke making doubly sure that she remembered to address Celestia as Princess. Their previous meeting when it was just the two of them she had gotten a bit loose with that and was just calling her Celestia by the end of the night. She knew that she couldn't make that mistake here. At least not without her permission first. Then her eyes fell to a.... rather odd pair of ponies. It appeared that they spoke with magic? It definitely wasn't a normal means of communication. they asked about the invitations and whether or not they were sent out by mistake cause there were no names on them, and apparently there was a typo on them as well. Odd.... definitely odd, but she wasn't going to say anything or react. After all, she couldn't really be a proper example of society if she constantly judged everything at a glance. Perhaps an opportunity would present itself for her to get to know these two before the end of the day or night. Only then would she be able to start formulating a proper assessment of them. Still, the guard in her made her want to keep alert. She then spotted a filly that Celestia had made her way over to deal with and she could see a sense of concern and sadness in the princess's eyes... She looked down to the foal and saw that she was fidgeting. She also noticed the lack of anypony with the foal... and it didn't take too much for Ice Storm to put two and two together having been a pony that had been in that position herself... Ice would have to try to figure something out now. She wasn't entirely sure if she could take care of everything that the foal needed with how busy her life had been recently, but she knew one thing was for certain. That foal was not leaving this party alone tonight. Even if for a few temporary nights while pones got things sorted out. She wasn't going to say anything though, in case Celestia didn't want to bring anything up. It wasn't her place to. Instead she smiled as she brushed up with Raven giving her a light bump. "Wasn't expecting to see you here, but I am very pleased by the surprise. How has the research been going?" Ice smiled. She wasn't sure if Raven wanted to let it known to the world yet that they were a thing or not and she would leave it up to her if she wanted to release that information. She didn't mind after all, and it's not like they were in the presence of anypony unsavory.... that was they weren't until she spotted Sombra come into the party. Still though, she couldn't in good conscious say that he was unsavory at this point. After hearing what had happened and hearing his side of things, she couldn't disagree that she would have attempted some of the things that he had done. Everypony has a snapping point at some point and even with all she had been through, she knew that if somepony had come up to her years ago, and told her that they enjoyed watching her suffer, she probably would have broke and hurt them. That was for naught though. None of that happened and she shook her head of the thoughts, only to be a bit surprised... okay a lot surprised when Sombra made his way by all of them and went straight to Celestia and placed a kiss on her lips. Ice was nearly frozen in place by the event. That certainly changes some things... If he's in a relationship with her, and Celestia trusts him... then we'll have to wait and see... she thought to herself. It appeared that Sombra was honest about a few things from their previous meetings in regards to today. That was a good thing. It gave the rest of his statements some validity and that he wasn't just trying to say what she'd want to hear. Even though she knew that he wasn't already. Neither one of them really sugar coated much in their discussions that day. Naturally she would greet him if he approached them, but for now she turned back to Luna and Raven. She wanted to inquire about how Luna's week had been, but she would wait for Raven's reply before also addressing the princess. It would be rude to constantly shift ones attention between multiple ponies.
  5. IceStorm

    From the Shadows to the Forge (Private)

    After taking a few moments to collect herself a bit more as she heard Luna talk to her. The praise was appreciated and a bit unexpected. She looked around the battlefield to survey the damage and she was, genuinely surprised. "Sorry about the weapons and armor. I wasn't expecting that much of a burst," she commented as she continued to look. There were wood splinters all over the ice and there was no part of the training grounds around where the targets were that wasn't ice now. She stepped onto the ice and started making her way down to the epicenter of the blast, her footing stable under her. She turned to the princess and she gave her a smile when she asked if she felt they could move onto the spar. "Hopefully I was able to give you a good enough sample size for you to prepare for. I might be able to go a bit more than that but if I can it shouldn't be much... I did hold back a little bit because I wanted to make sure that whatever I used stayed inside the training grounds. I didn't want to have a chance of possible hurting an innocent bystander that might be passing by or worse yet, damaging someponies house from a wayward beam," she commented. "That said, I'm ready when you are."
  6. IceStorm

    Ice and Shadows [Closed]

    "Actually, that's giving the Umbrum as a whole a lot of credit. You said yourself they stunted your power so that they could get you out of the prison, and if all of this," Ice said making an all encompassing gesture. "Is a result of that stunted power, and it took two of the most powerful beings in Equestria to deal with, then the power level of them... I have to say I'm actually surprised they haven't found a way out themselves. I'm well aware that things outside of Equestria aren't peaceful and safe and kind. I've fought in Whitescar where the land itself tries to kill you. I've fought in Neighpon where if you anger the spirits there, they will kill you, and then of course on the open seas where there absolutely no forgiveness. You make a mistake, you're on the bottom of the ocean. That was only one mission though and it was an escort mission. I'm not entirely sure that counts even if there was some combat involved," she continued. "At the same time, as you said, I have to respect that power. That is one of the primary reasons I want to talk to them before I make any decisions regarding anything," He seemed to be offended at the fact that she restated what he himself had told her. She wasn't entirely sure what she had said wrong but she filed it away for later. For now though, she really wasn't sure what more there was to talk about today. She couldn't think of anything else that she needed to ask. She did wonder if he had any questions for her. He did ask surprisingly little about her. she couldn't help but wonder what was going through his mind at the moment.
  7. Ice furled her brow when she read the article that Bluebelle had given her. While he wasn't wrong, and there were things that needed to be done to help secure the peace that everypony knew, you couldn't just question the leadership. Actually, they could but not the princesses directly. It was often times that the higher ups took a wait and see approach to things. This was especially true with the EPIC agency. And the focal point behind the article was something that she was directing, but again, they couldn't be open about it either. The princesses needed plausible deniability. Princess Luna knew about STAR, but that was about it. When Bluebelle spoke of IMAGINE, Ice gave pause. "Perhaps there is a way that we can work together with that. After all, It seems like IMAGINE, and a little something that I've been forming would work well together. A public library is hardly place to discuss covert operations though." she said nodding to Raven. "I hadn't heard about the exorcism on your summer home, but it sounds like it was quite a fright. Thankfully I've never had to deal with Fire or floods. I'm just waiting on the letter telling my that the casino in Las Pegasus is completed so I can go cut the ribbon. Then my real operations can begin and I can begin to change things. The article itself and the message behind it isn't wrong. As a heard, no. There are many that can't pick up the iron. Those who can would need to be trained or would just be fodder, and even then, there's a lot of things they would have to be able to do at once. It's up to the ponies like us that can make a difference to do so. Just like at the Faire, if something happens to the guards, it becomes the job of the populace to protect the princess. I'm a lot more potent now than I was then, and being a part of the Lunar Guard now, I have royal combat training. I can guarantee something like that won't happen again." "Onto lighter topics though, as we digress. Finding any research that has already been done on the properties of the crystals here is most pertinent. The more information we can find out that is already known about how they can harness or focus magic, the better. Raven's not the only one in methods of repairing a horn. In fact, my second in command is one such mare that could benefit from that and she's already scary without her horn. I would love to see what her full power is. I also know a few locations where we can get a good sample size of crystals, but would require a small endeavor into the Frozen North. I know exactly where though, so we don't have a risk of getting lost in the tundra." she said pausing to get input from the other two.
  8. IceStorm

    From the Shadows to the Forge (Private)

    "Actually you would be surprised. If you really want a challenge for unicorns, use some of the Askrwood from the forests of Whitescar. It naturally absorbs magic to a point. I actually don't know what happens when it reaches that point, but I presume it would splinter just like anything else," Ice Storm responded to the princess. It was true, they were only made out of wood, but wood could be surprisingly durable. When she told her to take her distance, and begin when she was ready, she made her way closer to the range. She wasn't too much closer, but she made it a point to get away from the princess. She knew her range hadn't gone down any and she was certain her accuracy hadn't changed. As she prepared herself, the orbs around her began to rotate a bit as they orbited her, causing their orbit to speed up a bit as well. She had to get herself into the proper mindset that she was facing an enemy. She closed her eyes and counted to ten. When she opened her eyes, her demeanor changed. No longer was she the carefree mare that was just conversing with the princess, but a warrior with a drive to fight and a will to protect. The targets in front of her where an invading force. What they were she couldn't make out, but she didn't need to. She just knew they were threats. A quick flash and the set of ice armor that she always wore into battle up to this point was on her. It wasn't anything fancy, nor was it as regal as the armor that she would be having made for her, but it was enough for today. Her horn lit up again, staying at range as some tendrils from the orbs shot to her horn as a glowing orb of frost formed above her that she lept up into the air and kicked the orb down to the ground. instantly most of the training field around the targets was turned into a sheet of ice. Terrain was often a deciding factor in fights and it was always better to be on a terrain that most had an issue with. However the magic on the targets made them immune to the surrounding ice. in face, there was no ice around the targets at all. it stopped a good bit around them on all sides. "Noted..." Ice said to herself, nearly forgetting that the princess was there at the moment before channeling more of her magic, and firing a thick sub-arctic beam of cold towards the enemies. When it cleared, a majority of the targets had been destroyed. The ones that were not destroyed appeared to be damaged and a couple outright frozen. There was one target though that looked like it had been untouched... At this point Ice took a deep breath. This exercise was meant to find out the scope of her ability. It wouldn't do her well to hold back here. The once thin tendrils of magic that had linked the spheres to here horn were now that of rivers. The amount of aetherical energy flowing around her had caused the moisture in the air around her to freeze, creating a a frozen mist that fell to the frozen grass beneath her. Her once icy blue coat was now almost pure white. With a lean back, and a push forward she fired... What left her horn was a glowing shard of super compressed ice that up hitting the target, exploded in a magical fury, freezing and hitting the shattering point of not just the targets, but the weapons and the armor on the stands in the surrounding area. Ice took a moment to catch her breath, her color starting to return to normal.
  9. IceStorm

    Celestia's Grand Birthday (Open - see OOC)

    It wasn't every day that a pony received an invitation to a party hosted by the Royal Sisters. Ice Storm was a bit surprised by the invitation, but the more she thought about it, the more she actually wasn't. Ever since Luna and herself had started training together, they had grown more into their friendship. It was something that only strengthened her resolve when it came to being a part of the Lunar Guard. Sure, protecting the princess was important, but it became much more of a personal feeling when the princess that you were helping protect was also your friend. That alone she felt gave her more of a fighting force. A pony will always fight harder to protect something that they hold close to them. It's not to say that she didn't hold Luna close before. After all, she was the mare that she looked up to before Luna even knew that she existed. At the same time, it did puzzle her a little bit as to why she was invited to Celestia's birthday and not Luna's. Sure she had met Princess Celestia a ways back but it was just a simple exchange with not too much to work from. She was definitely much closer to the princess of the night. Perhaps it was at Luna's request that she was invited. She was certain that Luna would be attending her own sister's party. Of course, with it being a party she felt that her armor would be less than appropriate for the occasion. Instead, she picked out her dress that she had worn for the Hearth's Warming Eve. It was a black sequin dress that faded through a gradient of blues before ending in white at the base of the runner. Her hooflets were on as well as the horseshoes that she bought to go with it. The only difference now was the necklace that she also wore now to keep the Opalus Spheres contained. She she wasn't foolish though, as she knew that somepony could easily use an invite to cause problems or catch wind of something and try to go after them when they were least suspecting anything. Being the ever cautious mare that she was, she packed her armor in a saddle bag and brought it with her just in case. Now came for the truly hard part of the night... This was a birthday party after all, and not just any party, one for a princess. One that other than she rose the sun every morning, she knew very little about. She couldn't rightfully show up to a birthday party with absolutely nothing to give. It just wasn't proper. If you were going to a birthday party, you brought a gift or you sent an RSVP that you were unable to attend. She wasn't going to turn down the invitation to the party, but on the same hoof, she had no idea what to buy Celestia. Anything she could buy Celestia likely already had ten of. She thought of an ice sculpture that she could make in her honor, but that could be seen as a cop out. Plus the Ice Sculpture would melt and ultimately leave the princess with nothing to show for it. It would be as if she hadn't gotten her anything to begin with. She couldn't just give bits in this situation either and let her buy something like she normally did when she didn't know what to buy. The princess well, was the princess. She literally had all the bits in Equestria. Again, meaningless. "Let's see... Well, I've yet to run into a pony that doesn't like chocolate. I'll just swing by one of the parlors and grab a box on the way there," she said to herself. It was a good, I don't know gift for the most part. Of course there was always a chance that the princess didn't like chocolate... she hoped that wasn't the case. After the quick stop she found herself at the castle and headed towards where the gardens were located. She had been through them enough that she knew exactly where they were. She could see that there were tables set up, and it looked as if things were still actually being set up as she approached. She could see Luna and Celestia still setting up some of the tables and she could see the hedge maze behind them. That could be fun, she never went into the hedge maze before. At the moment though, her thoughts drifted back to the scene in front of her as she descended to the entrance of the gardens. "Good afternoon, your highnesses. Hopefully I'm not too early, it seems like you're still setting up. Is there anything I can do to help?" she asked aloud. Just cause she was invited didn't mean she couldn't lend a hoof if they needed one. (Ice's dress for the event.)
  10. IceStorm

    Ice and Shadows [Closed]

    "I honestly don't know if she is or not, but I mean... it would make sense, and the connections are there. I mean her cutie mark is the crystal heart. That and the fact that her actual name is Princess Me Amore Cadenza, is too much of a connection for it to be a mere coincidence in my opinion. That's not to say that Cadence would have any direct knowledge over anything that happened, but she might know a bit more than most. I don't even know what Luna or Celestia would know, considering it doesn't seem like they started getting involved until you had already took over," Ice started. She nodded after his comments about the Umbrum, and his agreeance to guide her to the crystal, but if he didn't like what they said, he refused to free them. "Naturally. I'm not Princess Celestia or Princess Twilight. I'm not blinded to only see the good in things. After all, I feel like I'm the only pony in Equestria willing to kill to protect. I am very aware of how dangerous they can be. As you said yourself. You have a fraction of their power, and you were able to conquer an entire Empire with... relative ease all things considered." She hadn't really thought of the fact that the magic might have simply just housed them in a pocket dimension. In which case, the imprisonment wouldn't be a bad thing. After all, it... wouldn't be any less sinister, but whomever controlled this dimensional portal thing that they would be in could simply make it where the Umbrum were the supreme rulers over whatever else was inside of it. The fact that they forced Sombra out meant that they hadn't. Still, it was something worth looking into. If they couldn't be trusted enough to be freed, then that would be a good alternative. Perhaps shift it in a way where it felt like they were breaking free and went into what would be a dimensional copy of the Crystal Empire if that was even possible. They would stop thinking about freedom all together because they would believe that they were free. Was that any less evil though? To make something feel like it was free even though they remained a prisoner? Where was the line? Did she honestly care? Even she would have to admit, if they targeted Equestria for anything she would be the first pony going after them to stop them. It was quite a conundrum indeed.
  11. IceStorm

    Celestia's Birthday Party

    Ice would definitely accept an invitation if one were sent to her, and not just because she's technically a member of the Lunar Guard now. She also wouldn't mind the opportunity to get to know Celestia a bit more either, considering she's only had one meeting with any celestia on the site.
  12. The smirk on Bluebelle's face when she mentioned that herself and Raven had more grounds to visit cadence than she did made Ice both smile and blush. "Hehe, perhaps a bit. Kinda hard not to be happy though around an amazing mare like her," she giggled pushing some of the fun emotions onto Raven. Besides, Raven blushing was adorable. Bluebelle also addressed the research that Raven was wanting to do, adding that if she hadn't been here when the events happened... she may not have been as motivated to do something about it and put something better in the world. She also added that it was important to remember that right after the attack the other clans came in and helped with rebuilding. Ice nodded. "Oh, I'm very aware of that. In fact, I have a pretty solid relationship with Sigrin, jarl of clan Askr. We aren't as close as we were when I was actively doing missions in Whitescar, but I'm well aware of their assistance in the recovery of the Empire. I would have done more myself to assist in the recovery myself if I hadn't used the uncelestial amount of magic that I did just to get us out of the spire before it collapsed. Even then, it was thanks to Java's airship that we made it out... if we had to try to scale the entire building to get out, we would have never made it, and there's no way I could have cushioned that much force. Even with what magic I used, I spent three days in the hospital and was unable to use magic at all for about a month," she added. It was all worth it though and she'd do it again in a heartbeat. Although know she probably could prevent the collapse of the spire entirely or at least make sure that no one was hurt. She wasn't a slouch in magic before, now... she was quite prolific with it. If she had this level of magic then, she could have shifted the fall, into an unpopulated area of the empire. No pony under their floor would have been hurt, and no pony was on the upper floors at that point. Still though, was was then was then. When Raven mentioned her research, Ice nodded again. "Yeah, I was coming to help her. It was the least I could do for her for how good of a special pony she is," she giggled fully expecting Raven to have something to say in revenge, but still smiled. "I was also going to look for around the archives and see what properties were available. I figured I could help a bit up here but opening one of my parlors here. After all, everypony loves ice cream."
  13. IceStorm

    From the Shadows to the Forge (Private)

    "I think it would probably be best to start with the targets so that I can get a test for where my limit is. Also started with the targets would give you a sample size so that you would best know how to defend yourself and what kind of precautions you would need to take. After we figure that out, sparring would be a lot safer. Then I won't need to hold back... though you're right it is a bit exciting to finally see what I can do now," Ice Storm commented as she followed Luna through the castle once more. The path to the training grounds was different, and it looked a lot more frequented. there were guards a plenty on the way to the grounds but once they got there it was relatively empty. She presumed that the princess probably intended it to be so. After all, if they were going to be going near full force combat to test the limits of what she was capable of, there would be a lot of high powered magic flying around. It would be way too easy for a bystander to get hurt. The weather outside of the castle was, pretty close to perfect for Ice Storm as well. the temperature, while considered chilled to cold by most was perfect for her and the colorful leaves on the trees and bushes made everything look quite nice. She saw Luna squinting a bit waiting for her eyes to adjust. She figured that the princess actually didn't get outside much during the day unless there were diplomatic events taking place that required her presence. Still though, it felt nice to be at the training grounds with what was one of the most powerful mares in Equestria. She was certain that she could learn a lot under her as her pupil. With a smile, the orbs broke away from her necklace and began orbiting her. "I am ready when you are. Tell me where the targets are, and what I need to do."
  14. IceStorm

    Ice and Shadows [Closed]

    "I can understand your concern, and I agree. This might not be the actions of a mere few. However, like I said before if all a pony does to something that they don't understand is show hate. Especially to something that as you said, can be potentially very dangerous and feeds off of creating fear and despair, wouldn't it be better to try to work with them and giving them a way to seek out what they want without, treating them like complete trash? Giving them a reason to hate us, and what to turn and use their powers to spread fear and despair on the Empire as a whole, verses other ways that it could be done and still allowing harmony to flow. After all, those seem like perfect creatures to have an army built of and to be a guard of sorts," Ice Storm started in response. "And trust me, I'm well aware of how marching into something and just opening a few doors would just be foolish. It's foolish to blindly believe anything. That's why information is always so valuable in any circumstance. The more information you have on something, the better decisions you can make. That's exactly why I want to speak with them. I want to know what there desires are, what their intentions could be, and if somehow a truce between the Umbrum and ponies could be a thing at this point. I'l be honest I can totally understand them not wanted to work with anything and just simply trying to take over the entire planet. After all, if you're a being of shadow, why just stop at Equestria? Wherever there is light, there are shadows. Equestria is but a blip in a vast sea of darkness beyond out sky. You are correct. I don't know what I'm messing with, but as you said, neither do you completely. The fact of the matter is, if we do absolutely nothing about it, then we'll never know the answers that we seek," she commented. "As far as Amore being justified in protecting her ponies... if she was able to protect them through the crystal heart itself, and the magic from the artifact was enough to keep Umbrum at bay, then honestly they should have been released from the prison. If the magic from the heart was causing you that much pain from being in the empire around it, then them being trapped in the empire, with no way of getting away from the magic would certainly be agonizing. If they couldn't get through the barrier, then there's no point in keeping them there. However, I can sit here and speculate until I'm blue in the face. I'm sure Cadence, being a descendant of Amore would have some more information on them as a creature. Although I'll have to remember to take everything with a grain of salt, as her views will likely be biased as well as her descriptions. Rightfully so, but I'm looking for unbiased facts to formulate my own opinions on," Ice said as she sat back a bit. This was a lot of information to take in, and while it was true, she tried to see the good in everything, deep down she knew that some things just couldn't be changed. However, that didn't stop her from at least confirming or disproving anything. She wanted confirmation for herself. She wasn't going to be able to lead anything or set the tone for her organization if she wasn't willing to get her hooves dirty once in a while for it.
  15. The stroll to the library seemed to be endless, but at the same time, felt like it was over much too soon. The way they trotted and playfully bounced off of each other and nuzzled as they walked was probably either a sight that made others awe or gag around them, depending on how mushy the ponies that were watching them were. Of course, Ice didn't pay attention to the reactions, she was too fixated on the mare that was next to her. In fact, she didn't even realize that they had gotten to the library at all. She quickly followed Raven up the stairs and made her way inside. When she stepped inside, she was greeted by a familiar face. It was Princess Bluebelle! She seemed to have been in thought over something at first but she seemed to pick up a bit when she spotted them. She approached and addressed Icy first asking who was with her before recognizing Raven herself. "Hey Bluebelle! I was up here visiting the memorial, and while I was up here, I got to know this wonderful mare more," she said to Bluebelle. "I suppose you were up here visiting Cadence? I had meant to pay her a visit before I left myself and make sure everything was recovering okay. I still remember that dreadful day quite vividly," she added. She had no doubt that Bluebelle would remember that day as well. She wasn't Bluebelle then, after all, but regardless of which ponysona she was at that time, something like that would stick with you.