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  1. IceStorm

    Changeling Times[Private: ATTN: Blueblood]

    The fact that everything seemed to go a bit too easily was a bit of a red flag to Ice Storm. Usually when something was to easy there were ulterior motives involved. In honest, she was expecting this. She was hoping for a little bit more of a back and forth, but the deal that she proposed was solid. She was just a bit surprised that a conclusion was reached so quickly on the topic. She would need to make sure that Security details were stepped up. Thankfully she made sure that the security system in place was based off of a pony's magical aura, not their physical appearance. She knew that a changling could copy any physical appearance, but she was unsure if they could copy auras as well. It seemed unlikely so it would be the best way to set up security access to stricter locations. Not only did it have to be the pony physically but aetherically as well. She would cross that bridge when she came to it. As for now, only those whom have proven their unwavering loyalty to her and Equestria would know of the destructive weapon that she was currently producing. She didn't need anypony like Chrissy, or a leader of a foreign power finding out about that. As Luna told her before, if they found out about it, they would try to take it. Once it was finished.... and she had it fully powered... staffed and crewed.... she dared them to try.... If they were foolish and brazen enough to come after a weapon they've never seen in action before without knowing what it can do.... and the convoy that would be around it... They deserved whatever fate be-felled them. Besides... This wasn't her final form in of itself anymore, thanks to the help of Luna and Masquarate. That information wasn't up for discussion either. She hadn't even shown Raven what she could do with that yet, though she would in the near future. The sound of Chryssalis's hoof on the floor three times broke her thought, obviously signalling that the business part of the meeting had subsided. The drones started to come back into the room as she said that they could work over the details of everything a bit later. That right now however, the call for food had been made and she gave a nod in approval. Sure the Queen admitted that she was feeding off of their love, but that was kind of a given at this point. After all, that's what the purpose of this spa was for. It didn't take a rocket scientist to figure it out here. "I would love a fruit salad, and personally myself I would also like to learn more about changling physiology and ethnic backgrounds. I'm also sure that there's a lot of history within the hive as well Something that I would be much interested in hearing," she said echoing Raven's comment about hoping to learn more about the exceptionally elusive race. She herself didn't believe that the race was as barbaric as many in Equestria painted it out to be. Like she pointed out to Raven, something starved for long enough is going to lash out at the closest thing that has food. That's basic survival instinct. She couldn't fault anyone for that, and she'd probably do the same herself if it meant feeding Equestria. At this point she smiled with the official business out of the way as she trotted over to Raven and gave her a little love bump.
  2. IceStorm

    Changeling Times[Private: ATTN: Blueblood]

    Ice listened to the differences of what the queen thought of as a revolutionary and counted that Ice didn't seem to be the type that was trying to overthrow the current hierarchy. Quite the opposite. She said that from what she understood she was aiming to strengthen them. The term paramilitarist was more of an appropriate term for her. She added that she herself understood why she felt like she needed to do such a thing. That she herself had never had a problem with the offivial lines of defense that Equestria had. It was always somepony like her that she lost to. Somepony that she wasn't expecting. She noticed the change in demeanor and the hoof strike against the chitin. The time for idle chat was over, for now. Now came the time for the fruit of the meeting. The real reason why they were seeking to meet with each other. Ice listened as the Queen said that she knew that she was gathering resources and organizing them. She said that she also knew that she needed pony power to get off of the ground. She added that she herself had a good number of changelings that were having problems adapting to some of the new peaceful life styles that were presenting themselves now. She understood that greatly. It all somepony has done their whole life is fight, then it's hard for them to really know anything other than that. The Queen commented that having a place where they could put their talents to good use would be quite beneficial for her. "Well then, that makes this proposal that I was coming up with a lot easier. First order of business is to state that everything that I say is directly from me and Equestria itself has no sway at all in any decision that I make outside of it's ultimate protection. I, Ice Storm, Lunar Guardian and the Commander of the Severe Threat and Assault Response Force would like to extend our hooves into forging an alliance with the Changeling Hive. I would ask for any soldiers that that you are willing to spare to join our forces and assist in Equestrian defense. While doing so they would be able to feed off of the permeating love that is in Equestria. Therein-forth not losing on any of the nutrition that might be gained from the ponies inside the spa, and they won't have to worry about their lack of finesse or touch that is required for the delicacies that's required for running a spa resort. In return for these forces and this alliance, I personally will guarantee the permanent independence and freedom of the Changeling hive. Should any outside force try to lay claim to or attempt to invade changeling lands, we will do what we can to assist including sending forces and fortifying borders to ensure a first line of defense while we figure out how to press further. Presuming that I myself am not currently dealing with a mission myself, I will personally come to your aid with a force that has never been seen in Equestria before. I would also grant STAR base and outpost access to all Hive military personnel that would be in Equestria at the time for the same courtesy. Naturally, this alliance is on the withstanding that Equestria and the Changeling Hive is on amiable terms.I also do not speak for the Princesses of Equestria on this alliance. I speak for myself and the forces of STAR as we our own entity within Equestria. In fact, the only one that knows about my force, doesn't even know I'm here, but she will be the first to know of any alliance that we may come to today so that she knows and can make amiable negotiations to keep Equestria and the Hive within good standings so that the alliance forged can be at full strength at all times, especially in times when they are needed," Ice Spoke with clear authority and determination. She tried to think and make sure that there wasn't anything that she may have forgotten all while keeping the stoic militaristic look on her face while she was addressing the Queen. She felt like she had laid everything out the best she could and felt that the offer was fair. She got forces, she helped guarantee freedom in return. Seemed like win-win to her.
  3. IceStorm

    Changeling Times[Private: ATTN: Blueblood]

    When Chrysalis made the comment about asking for a list of names of ponies that might be interested in a long term stay. She would have to do some confirmations, and even then would likely be a winter retreat of sorts, but she knew that Rarity would likely take her up on it. A chance to live at a spa and get pampered all the time? She knew that she wouldn't let that slide. "I'll get a list to you in due time. I know that there are some from Neighpon that might have interest in that, and of course Miss Rarity is attracted to anything with the word spa in it. I don't know how many of them will have plus ones to bring with them though," she commented. Raven followed stating that she wouldn't mind coming back here more often, and not just for the spa portion of it. She wondered what else that she would want to do here, but a chance to learn more about the hive in general. It wasn't a bad thing to want to learn more about them herself. Then Chrysalis began speaking again, telling her that she liked to personally keep a pair of eyes on powerful ponies and that she herself had gain a lot of power very quickly. She wasn't just talking about the orbs that were orbiting her, and the way she dismissed them gave her pause, but at the same time, changeling magic was a lot different than their own. It was probably in her best interest to let her believe what she wanted to about the power level of the spheres. Her demeanor remained unchanged as she continued. She added that she had gained a lot on the social scene as well. Her business interests, forcing herself within the Canterlot Elite, and gaining power among the Royalty as well. That from experience, she knew a pony didn't amass that much power that quickly without the intent of using it. She also added that she knew that she had a history of empathy for her hive and that she was able to scope out an opportunity as well as sate some curiosity. "I wouldn't say that I'm not revolutionary just yet. Expanding my contacts and my businesses in the way that I have was merely the first steps in my grand master plan. One of my starting points is the social hierarchy and remind nobility what it's like to actually be a noble. That actions are worth more than any amount of wealth they can obtain, and that the entire point of being noble is to help those less fortunate than yourself. As you know, I've already made quite the name for myself as you've mentioned doing just that, among a few other things. I've also grown tired of being invaded and having little to no defenses prepared. EPIC, which is the organization that I'm sure you've infiltrated and know about is a joke. I know for a fact that not may ponies have witnessed the deaths of easily hundreds to thousands in and invasion. Shoot, even when you invaded Canterlot, you enslaved, but you didn't kill. You can't get love off of anypony if they're dead. I watched the entire Crystal Spire fall because of an invasion. I was in that spire, and I vowed to never let that happen again. The only way I can do that, is to personally do something about it. Naturally since EPIC wasn't getting it done, I had to move on to bigger aspirations. Shooting for the STARs so it seems," she said with a smile. She knew Raven would get it, and would test the true extent of the Queens knowledge.
  4. IceStorm

    Changeling Times[Private: ATTN: Blueblood]

    The fact that the queen seemed to be sizing them up didn't go unnoticed to Ice Storm. However, if she were in her hooves she would be doing the same and she was herself to an extent was doing exactly that. After all, she had to know exactly what she was dealing with here. Chrysalis began first addressing her and gave the general response that she was glad that her work here pleased her and that she tried to satisfy all of her customers desires. She also hinted at the fact that she knew more than what she was letting on. This didn't really surprise Ice Storm in the slightest. Changelings were still quite prevalent in Equestria, and even more so now. It wasn't shocking at all that some information had made it's way back to the Queen's ears. She had a good feeling that most of it was about her days at EPIC, and the possibility that she was doing something else. She knew for a fact though that STAR wasn't public knowledge. This would give her a good idea about her security detail as well. The queen also added that while her matters of business were important, there were by no means pressing. she was content with Ice setting the tempo of the conversations it seemed. That was good. It meant that she got to sample the waters herself. She wanted to know just what the Queen knew, and how she could turn that into her favor. She also couldn't pass up the opportunity to connect some dots in the process on her own. "It's not really that surprising of a conclusion to come to really. After all a spa resort would naturally cater to the every need of it's patrons. I can think of a certain pony or two that if they found out this place existed, would probably buy permanent rooms here," she smiled testing the waters. "Many ponies love spas, and all ponies love those that they consider family. Changlings need love to survive. It seems like a match made in heaven," she said taking a seat in one of the aforementioned chairs and relaxed a bit more. She was still alert and on guard, but she was not intimidated. Merely, she understood the gravity of the situation that she was in and she was prepared to take actions if necessary. "That being said, I would like to start of by figuring out just how much you know about me and what I'm planning. After all, you summoned me, and I was writing a request for appearance. There's already a mutual interest established. Starting from the beginning and myself giving you information that you already know about me would be a less than optimal decision. Instead, I would be willing to share a bit more depending on the information that you already know, as well as correct any false information you may have obtained," she spoke to the queen, not breaking eye contact all all during the course of her conversation. After finishing her last statement, a dull glow briefly came from the spheres in her amulet as they broke away, and slowly began orbiting her neck.
  5. A smile beamed across Ice Storm's face as the two cadets turned to her and saluted her. She gently raised a hoof and dismissed the formality. "I appreciate it, but when we aren't on the battlefield, there is little need for such formalities," she said with a bit of a jovial tone. One that was very much different from when she took on the persona of Black Ice when she was at the meeting the first time. It was obvious that she was much more laid back now that they weren't dealing with important issues themselves. In fact she relished the opportunity. When Tongue Twister mentioned that she had been caught in those sand storms a few too many times. "I'm sorry to hear that. I myself never got caught in a sandstorm, so I can't say that I know what that's like, but I have been caught in a blizzard. I remember very little of it though. I remember I was very young and traveling to Canterlot. I made it halfway up the mountain when it hit. next thing I knew I felt a surge of magic, and I blacked out. When I woke up the blizzard was over and I was in a small igloo. To this day I'm still not entirely sure what happened or how I survived. I just know when I woke up, I had my cutie mark," she said with a smile as she looked over to Loose Canon that seemed surprised to see her. Almost like she wasn't sure that she was supposed to be down here or the like. She figured that she would still be dealing with the important stuff. "Well the meeting I had planned for today didn't take as long as I was expecting it to, so I have a bit of time to kill while I'm here so I figured the best way to utilize that time is to get to know the ponies that I will be fighting with. As for the base itself, a lot of thought has to be put into something of this magnitude. It's really hard to keep something like this hidden in plane sight, so it took a lot of strategic planning and a lot of utilizing a lot of the natural resources in the area. Most of the rooms and corridors in the base are just extensions of the cave systems in the ravine, but reinforced and expanded for what we needed. This way all of the structural integrity remained intact above us. That being said, when we do finally decide on a color scheme for the organization, I will make sure to let you know," she said with a smile.
  6. IceStorm

    Changeling Times[Private: ATTN: Blueblood]

    Watching the halls transition from the well lit bamboo lined halls to the black chitinous walls lit with green phosphorsense served as a gentle reminder of just of whom that she would be dealing with here. There was no way that Queen Chrysalis wasn't still a dangerous pony in her own right. Even if she wasn't actively seeking anything hostile at the moment she couldn't deny that she was possibly playing with fire here. And being a pony of ice herself, playing with fire always ended up being a bit more dangerous. Still though, she wouldn't have made such meeting arrangements if she didn't believe that something mutually beneficial couldn't come from this. It would remain to be seen just how beneficial it would be for her and at what cost. On the flip side, there was no way that she could come here and not make some sort of deal with Chrysalis. She knew that would give her some leverage. Aftet all, wasting her time and walking away from this place empty hooved would be a grave mistake if they even walked away from it to begin with. She didn't have much more time to think on the matter though as they started to enter the throne room itself. Ice Storm had seen a few pictures of Chrysalis, so she had an idea of what to expect, but she had never actually met the Changeling Queen before. Truth be told, she was actually a lot sleeker and more filled out than what she had seen in some of the pictures. She figured that it was true that the camera did add about twenty pounds cause she definitely looked every bit of as powerful as she was expecting her to be. She beckoned them inside, her voice ringing through them. There was a low sultry tone in her voice, but Ice held her resolve... for now at least. If she was to be the commander of an armed force that were to be potentially allied with her forces, then she could not be seen as weak. She moved forward a bit more as Raven bowed and spoke to the Queen. She thanked her for allowing Icy to bring a guest. The queen herself seemed to be that they had received her invitation. Instead of bowing though, Ice brought a hoof up to her chest the way that Luna and Tempest had both taught her as a form of salute. While bowing would have also been appropriate, for what they were discussing she reasoned this was the best form of greeting. "Thank you for the invitation as well. I was actually hoping that I would be receiving one soon. I was actually in the process of writing up a request to meet with you myself when I received it. There is a lot that I wish to discuss..." she spoke with confidence and authority. Once again, it wouldn't do her well to speak weakly or without conviction. She had to prove that she was worthy. "That and it gave me the perfect excuse to get away from things and come back here for some business relaxation," she added with a bit of a smile. All and all, the last time she was here she had a really great time. Now that Raven was here as well she imagined that this time was only going to be even better. After all, last time she was here, she was alone and had no pony to share this wonderful experience with.
  7. The meeting that she had been apart of had taken a lot less time than she had envisioned it taking. Truth be told, Tempest, while a powerful mare was still very much a loose canon. Their pact was the only guarantee that she would remain loyal to her. The sooner that she was able to solidify her research on prosthetic horns and the method that she was envisioning... and making it work, the better. After all, if she could get a mare like Tempest unwaveringly loyal to her, that would make everything much easier for her later. The biggest problem was that it didn't seem like Tempest and Luna were going to get a long very well. As much as she was hopeful that both of them could look beyond the past, she wasn't surprised that the two didn't trust each other. However, if this was going to work, they would have to prove to each other that they could be trusted. Luna wasn't just going to openly trust her because of what she did, and Tempest wasn't going to trust Luna because she would feel like they have constant eyes on her. Waiting for her to mess up so that they could take advantage of that. It was a delicate situation. She would have to deal with that in time as it rose though. Right now, since she was on the base anyway, the most important thing for her to do right now was to mingle with the rest of the staff and soldiers on the base. After all, what reason would anypony here have to follow her if she didn't at least make an effort to prove to them that she was a mare with trusting. It was just as important that everypony here trusted her as much as she was trusting them. She figured the best place to start, would be the first place that most soldiers would go in a place like this. Either the gym, or the mess hall, and she went with the gym first. It was on the way to the mess hall from where she was so it made sense. She approached the door and as she did she could here some of the conversation that the ponies were having inside. It was muffled from the door and the walls but she started to open the door and make her way inside. Inside, were Tongue Twister and Loose Canon. Some of her more unique soldiers that were more to add to the list of ponies that current Equestrian Society had failed. Those who wish to help defend our land should never be denied the opportunity to at least try. If it ends up not being something they can do, at the very least Ice Storm would give them a chance to try. And if they couldn't fight, there were plenty of other uses that she could find for them to let them fell useful in what ways that they can. nopony was ever useless here. She heard them start talking about the paint and how cool it can get here at nights. Ice smiled a bit as she started to speak up. "I've done what I can to accommodate for the temperature loss at night. Keeping the base underground like I have allows it to stay at a more consistant temperature than it would be on the surface of the desert. It actually serves multiple purposes. Not only does being underground make it harder to detect, it also saves on maintenance by quite a bit actually. Not only that but it's also completely protected from the sandstorms that like to pop up out of nowhere. I do know that in some of the upper levels it can get a bit cool or warm depending on the time of year its in and I made sure that all of the climate controls were one-hundred percent functional before I even considered opening it," she said with a smile. "As far as the colors go, everything in the base right now is basically a primer. We haven't decided on a a color scheme for the organization yet, but it's a work in progress. Once we get that finished, we'll completely overhaul the colors here."
  8. IceStorm

    Changeling Times[Private: ATTN: Blueblood]

    Ice Storm smiled and kept close to Raven as they started to make their way towards where Chrysalis was going to be meeting them. She heard the guard echo her mentioning of how amazing the place was and that it was much better than the badlands. "I can see how they would get old after a while, but truthfully, the badlands really aren't as bad as the name implies. They are very good for laying low and building, and they are perfect training grounds because of how barren they are. There's less chances of hurting innocents if magic goes awry like it normally does in a training spar, but yeah... they wouldn't be a good place to live for long periods of time. There's just nothing to look at," she said as the set of doors leading into the palace opened up in front of them. One of the little benefits that she did like, was hearing that they were going to be given the VIP treatments when they were finished meeting with Chrissy. Ultimately it wasn't that far of a walk neither. It was just around a short bend that over-looked the beach-side resort that was on the island. The lagoon that they used for it was Crystal Clear and they could see clear to the bottom of it! Thankfully because of that, they could see that while the lagoon had fish in them, they were clear of sharks. Those things could be mean, and really had a way of ruining a pony's fun. She paused for a bit at the door as she waiting for Raven to catch up with her before walking in. The hallways weren't really that much unlike the once in the Palace in Canterlot, and she walked them enough at this point to know the general layout. She very much doubted that Chrysalis's Palace would be laid out like the Princesses, but she simply followed the doors that were open. After all Chrysalis knew that they were coming, and as the guard said she was expecting them. "You'd be surprised at some of the things these little things can come up with. After all, they had to make do with basically nothing for Celestia knows how long. To the point where I even understand the Queens dilemma when she attacked Canterlot during the wedding. If you're struggling to survive and the country next door has the very thing that you need to survive and they aren't sharing it, what would you do? Gotta make sure your kingdom survives somehow," she told Raven. She didn't agree with the actions that were taken at the time, but she understood them. Something that in Chrysalis's role, she might have done something similar. For now though, those thoughts would have to be put on hold as the started approaching the throne room. Naturally because they were expected, the doors were wide open waiting for them. She couldn't help but feel a tad bit nervous under the heir of confidence that she held. After all, what they were going to be discussing, was definitely a lot of grey area for both countries. However, she felt there was enough mutual benefit here for her to try.
  9. IceStorm

    Changeling Times[Private: ATTN: Blueblood]

    Ice Storm gave a small smile to the guards they had apparently recognized her from her previous visit here. She remembered the last time that she was here. It was quite a relaxing trip, and one that she spent mostly in the spa and sauna. It actually surprised everypony that she knew back home when she told them that she was in a sauna. It generally got her the reaction of, "You were in a hot place and you didn't melt?". She had to admit there was merit to their concerns. For all of her power and affinity with ice, she was equally as vulnerable to fire and heat. Shoot, an average summer day in some of the hotter parts of Equestria could hospitalize her if she wasn't careful. Of course she had ways of dealing with the heat to make sure it never affected her, but they were usually magical counter measures that wasn't always something that she could rely on. She heard the changling greet her and look everything over, noting that everything was in order. She gave a smile but noticed that his smile faded a bit when he asked if she wasn't bringing a plus one. That Chrysalis had been hoping that she would. Ice giggled and nodded. "I did! She's probably still getting off the train. She's a bit dazzled by the sights," she said with a smile as Raven walked up next to them. "Ah, here she is now," she answered as Raven confirmed what she had just said to the changling. When she asked if they were in the same plane, Ice shook her head. "Likely not. After all, Equestria only has one sun. However there's nothing to worry about too much here... other than eating too much... gotta worry about that. The food here is amazing..." she said with a giggle and totally wasn't speaking fro previous experiences with the buffets here...
  10. It hadn't been since she had been here on vacation way back when that she had a chance to come to the island paradise that the changelings were running now just off of the Equestrian Shoreline. IT wasn't that she didn't like the spa resort. On the contrary, she loved it. It had just been a series of events that had kept her quite busy within her own volition. She had deadlines that she had to meet after all. Granted, they were self-imposed deadlines, but they were deadlines never the less. She wasn't going to become Equestria's top defense force if she just let everything happen when it was going to happen. No, she needed to be ready to go as soon as possible. So far they have been right on schedule. She had to push a few things back because some of the deadlines that she was thinking about before hoof just wouldn't have been feasible. She was still new to this whole orchestrating defenses thing. And that was actually partly why she was here today. The twin green suns in the sky beat down onto the islands without a cloud in the sky and was a perfect day for lounging around for the tourists that had come to partake in such activities. Something that she had to admit she might part take in some while she was here. Not everything had to be business and sometimes a mare did have to step back and pamper herself every once in a while. First thing was first though. She was here to talk to a pony, or rather a changeling of great importance to her. None other than Queen Chrysalis herself. If she could get Chrysalis's support on her organization, and gain her alliance with STAR, then she could possibly gain access to the changeling army. The sheer numbers of that army would instantly bolster her efforts to help keep Equestria safe. She knew that Chrysalis would have a price for any alliance though, and she would have to be wary about what deals she could make. She still had her arcane pact with Luna that she had to uphold. So no matter what it couldn't be something that would cause a detriment to Equestria. At least not one that would end up negating the prospect that she was trying to achieve. As the train pulled into the station and she stepped off of it, she began to look around. Truth be told, she really didn't know where she was supposed to find the Queen on the islands. She had a vague idea from the letter, but this place was so massive it would be easy to get turned around in before a pony even batted an eye. Thankfully she managed to spot a couple of drones that looked to be drone guards and she started to approach them. "Excuse me sirs, I was wondering if you could help me. I have an invitation to meet with Queen Chrysalis," she said hooving over the parchment scroll with the seal on it for them to check. "If I could be pointed in her direction or escorted to her, I would be much appreciated, and would gladly compensate you for your troubles," she said with a smile.
  11. "And hey, sometimes it's good to be able to just lock yourself away in a pace where nopony else can disturb you. Trust me, there are plenty of days after dealing with everything that I need to do just that," she smiled as Blue commented herself on it never being too late to find some friends. Ice instantly nodded. "After all, you found us didn't ya?" she smiled back. Things always had a way of working themselves into a pony's favor. It was just naturally how Equestria ended up working out most of the time. Of course, the Crystal Empire itself and what transpired here was proof enough that not all was well in Equestria and the writings that have been published recently only showed how much the tensions in Equestria were actually growing. She wouldn't be surprised if before long there wasn't more WRAITH and anti-princess cults starting to form. She knew they were out there. They had to be. If there was a pony like her that was willing to do anything she needed to in order to help save Equestria, then there was a pony out there bent on doing the exact opposite. Those thoughts quickly left her though as she heard Raven ask when they would all be available for the sleep over. That she was actually starting to look forward to it now. She gave a soft laugh and smile. "I can make myself available any time. One of the many perks of being the franchise owner is I get to choose when I need time in order to accommodate other things. Plus I'm not expecting any shipments any time soon either. So I can simply head over there and we can get to know each other some more while we are waiting for Miss Bluey here, or Mr. Bluey, depending on what they had to drink that day," she smiled and bumped Raven a bit with her flank.
  12. "All the more important that the fleet is built as quickly as powerful. With the size of the ship itself, it will be slow. There's no way around that. It's why this ship will be protected with armed fast moving ships," Ice Storm commented when she heard Luna stated that they truly didn't know what was out there. She warned that there could be something out there that could overpower them and take control of the ship itself. "Believe me, that's not something that I'm going to let happen. I have plenty of fail-safes in place to prevent such a thing from happening," she continued. Tempest then started to speak up about how the army there grew to respect hr because she forced them to. They knew that she was in charge because she demanded it, and not just because she was put there by the Storm King. "Be that as it may, arrogance leads to self-destruction. There is no reason to risk sending anyone in alone. I would be willing to let you enter first as I said, but I will be behind you if not but a short distance. Besides, We are the most powerful in STAR. We need to know that we can work together and trust each other in any circumstances. This entire organization will not work if the three leaders are not compatible with each other. That is why regardless of whether or not we let you go into the armory first, we all need to go on this mission together. We must be on the same page or it will create dissidence within the ranks. I will not have that," she countered both to Tempests and Sombra's retorts. When the princess brought up that the design might be too easily pieced together, reciting something that Ice Storm had told the princess herself not that long ago, and she was surprised that she didn't think about that first. A lot of ponies think of the princess when they see the night sky so using a color pattern like that would be almost a dead giveaway. "Aye, That design won't work that well then. Considering I'm one of the ponies that told you that I should have made the connection myself. That said, it's something that will need to be done as soon as possible. I do not want to fly Equestrian Colors for any mission that we are on. The less they can connect us to Equestria, and the more that they thing that we are a rogue agency, the better," she finished as she looked out to the ship.
  13. Ice Storm nodded when Raven said that she could research the magic herself. That the l because of the way she casted magic, she could figure out the base principles of the spell. “I would like that greatly,” she smiled, though it faded when she sounded hesitant about the sleepover. She stated that she had many unused rooms and that she could host. Ice giggled while she heard Blue speak up. Blue told them that changling magic wasn't the only method of transformation magic that existed. Ice herself knew this to be true from her costume designer. When everything was done her second identity would in fact be all of its own and would still allow her to access her magic. The next task was to get the costume into her armor so that she could activate it on a whim so that she could increase her intimidation factor. When she mentioned the party and how any event that ponies got together for to provide entertainment was a party. Not all of them needed a certain point present and Ice immediately nodded. “I have to agree. While I've only met Pinkie once, and she's not a bad pony, but she can really go a bit over the top. Not every party needs to be fast paced and exotic. Simple sleepovers are fine with makeovers, some games, stories and just talking about whatever, and the mandatory pillow fight, but different ponies have fun in different ways. Not to mention as blue said, we can discuss some more private things that came really be discussed in public,” Ice spoke leaving back a bit and sipping at her tea.
  14. "Perhaps trying something like that in public wouldn't be the wisest of ideas. It would definitely lead to an awkward experience. However, you have heard correctly. I would like to host a sleepover between the three of us. We can talk about a number of things there that we can't necessarily," Ice smiled as she heard what Blue had said about how it was discovered. She shook her head and let out a soft laugh. "Of course, Trust it to be princess Twilight to make a mistake that would result in something silly but amazing like that at the same time. Something like that would be amazing for a relationship between a couple of mares like myself and Raven," she smiled at Raven and the implications behind them "It is really fascinating though. I can't say that I've heard of magic like that myself either. I mean, I had heard rumors that there were some gender spells that existed and I was planning on doing some research on them myself. After all, I'm not going to be young forever and at some point I do want to start a family. I can say though that I don't think that this is similar to the changling magic. It's only the gender that changes, otherwise there's no other physical alterations. Knowing a couple changlings I can attest to that. I may have to inquire Twilight about her knowledge of the spell and see if she knows anything that would work for what we're looking for," she said with a smile. "That said, we should start planning events for the slumber party!"
  15. "Indeed Tempest. I am neither foolish enough nor naive enough to ask the princess to accompany us on this mission, but like it or not, until we get to a point where we can sustain ourselves by our own forces and everypony is adequately trained, we need all the help we can get. Right now, we need any airships that she can provide for us. All of my resources otherwise is going on that ship for the time being. I only have the one casino to generate the income for this entire organization and while I'm certain that it could easily fund it, it's still going to take time for it to raise the funds needed. During that time until we can get some contracts with other ship yards to help build smaller ships for us to use on missions like this, then we'll need to take what we can get," Ice started. "I would also like to point out that not a single ship that we would have though, would look anything like an equestrian ship with exception of the design of the hull. Not only would we repaint them, but STAR itself will never fly Equestrian colors, or harbor any Equestrian insignias on them. The sisters can't possible claim any sort of deniability for anything if a ship flying their flag is in a spot that it's not supposed to be," she said turning to the princess as she voiced her concerns. "To be frank, that's exactly what this ship is supposed to represent," she said looking out over the balcony. "The entire reason for this ship, and the power that it wields, is meant to be the ultimate deterrent. An impenetrable defense in it's own right, and enough fire power that it can send a very absolute reminder that Equestria will not be pushed around anymore. That we aren't going to sit back and wait for them to hurt us. No, when this is finished those days are over. That being said, I unfortunately do not have the liberty of waiting until the first signs of danger for this ship to leave dock. This is a first of it's kind ship, and as such will require a lot of testing to make sure everything on it is fully functional and working property. It does absolutely no good for an Equestrian Defense ship or anything else for that matter, if something isn't working as the schematics say. With something like this, it's better to find out what doesn't work and fix it, before we actually need to use it." "With that in mind, Tempest and I have been discussing possible ways to keep the ship completely stealthed while it's in service. That was actually one of the first things that we discussed when we spoke the first time. She was able to find a way to stealth an entire fleet. One ship should be easy. No pony will know that we have this ship, until we're ready for them to know that we have it. By then, they've probably done something stupid and will immediate wish that they still hadn't found out. " "As far as it falling into the wrong hooves, I can assure you that they would have to go through some elite forces once it's completed. I'm planning the ship itself to be the primary headquarters for STAR. Which means whenever I'm not training with you, or making the necessary appearances that I need to make in my shops and the casino, I personally will be on the ship, and whenever I'm not there, Tempest or Sombra would be. I know you have reason to have doubts, but you also know what they both can do in a fight. On top of that, once it's completely, I plan on having another small fleet of fast moving interceptor ships guarding it. Four to be exact. Two off the bow and two off the stern. Be sure that I'm taking every possible precaution to ensure that a ship of this magnitude does not fall into the wrong hooves," she finished with the princess before turning back to Sombra and Tempest once more. "I agree that letting Tempest go in first and alone could be beneficial to get them to stand down. However, to your own statements, If you go in there, and they still believe that the storm king is alive, and you move in there and tell them that your working with Equestria now, what would stop them from trying to kill you? Hoof-picked by you or not, we don't know where their true loyalty lies. They could have only been loyal to you because you were commanding the armies for the Storm King. To them, you could have just simply been another boss, and now that your out of the picture to them, they might feel like they no longer owe you anything. I'll use our own alliance as an example, if something happened to me, would you still feel any Loyalty to Equestria at all from how it's society had wronged you in the past?" "If you were to go in first and alone, they could ambush you and catch you by surprise, and you would have absolutely no back up. Therefore I view it from a tactical standpoint as being unwise. Despite how much you might trust them, I don't yet. Not to mention, I wouldn't trust them not to attack me on sight either. In their eyes until they hear otherwise from you, provided they are still actually in allegiance with you, they would still likely consider me an enemy." "If we all three went in together though... I feel that would lessen the chance of a disastrous outcome. They would be hard pressed to try to ambush you if they are no longer loyal to you because now they'd have to combat four ships instead of one. They would be more likely to believe that the Storm King had fallen, and once again, we'd be there for back up if they took this news negatively, and if they didn't then they would know of the alliances that we have and react accordingly. Of course, if it's not safe from the get go, we power our way in, take what we need, and destroy what's left. The last part happens regardless but I would like to avoid bloodshed on this mission at all costs. It would send the wrong messages entirely. That being said, I feel these ships should take on the appearance that would be befitting of not only everypony on this balcony, but the organization of STAR as a whole. a mixture of blacks, blues and purples with a galactic scheme. Something that would set them apart from every Equestrian ship, and really every other ship in the skies. They'd never be able to track them down if we played it right," she finished and waited for input.