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  1. ~~~Wind Dancer~~~ Wind Dancer smiled at Sunset, rushing in between the two and putting her wings across them. "Oh, you've never been to Las Pegasus before? That settles it! After dinner, we'll go on a tour and I can show you a good amount of the sights, sounds, and shows that go on here!" "As far as restaurants, there are a lot of amazing ones here. There are a couple that I personally avoid, as Ice caters to all races, but those that do partake in that kind of cuisine have high praise for them. My two favorites here are the Ice Cream parlor and the Long restaurant. Those noodles are a-ma-ziiiiiing," she said happily putting vibrato on the last syllable. When Tempest spoke of Ice, Wind nodded. "She's actually very nice. Definitely not the kind of pony that you'd imagine running a place like this. Most casino owners are very cut throat and will do anything that can to slander another casino. She's not like that at all, though she definitely has the vibe of a pony you wouldn't want to make angry. That amulet of hers gives me the heebee jeebees," she said before a loud growling sound came from her stomach, making the pegasus mare blush a bit and smile sheepishly... "Ehehe....he.... So... Who's hungry?"
  2. ~~~Wind Dancer~~~ Wind Dancer nodded in agreement with Sky Sailing when he commented on the nightmarish stuff. Everything else would come with experience, but anything like that, unless you were writing a horror play or something like that or a scene of which the music is needed for, there wasn't a point for morbid music. Whatever she was going to say though, she held as his strumming became more rhythmic and began with some lyrics. It was a song that she was familiar with, even danced to in a park a few times in her earlier days. She could probably spice up that routine a bit now that she had almost full use of her wing again. As it was, she found herself nodding along to the beat and doing her best to resist doing... What she did best, and that was dance to the music. "I served, and scratched a rainbow, So curved, I felt the pain go, Through my joints, and now I don't want to play. Swinging down, I sent the birdie, Downtown, at 7:30, And I'm convinced that I've got Tennis Elbow. We are lost, in the sound. Close your eyes, and I will twirl you around. We are lost, in the sound, Close your eyes, and I will spin your around." Her voice rang as she joined in on the singing. If she were better at tonal shifts and pitch hearing herself she'd try to harmonize the lyrics, but that was not her forte. She didn't make music. She just danced.
  3. ~~~Ice Storm~~~ Ice smiled a bit when Luna asked about what a gutter ball was. It was clear she'd never been bowling either, so the prospect of hitting anything was a maybe at this point. With it being bargain day though, if shouldn't be too outrageous. Of course, not like either of them couldn't afford it anyway. Luna was a former princess, and Ice was among the upper circle of wealth herself. At least in Canterlot. There were still a bit in Las Pegasus that were a good bit ahead of her in that department. That was because they had solidified themselves as early staples to the city, and had been there a lot longer that Ice has with her casino. When Luna went up to get the bits for the event, she started to make way for the door herself. Luna made it back down before she got out of the kitchen, starting that she was ready whenever. "Ready!!" Ice said enthusiastically with a smile.
  4. ~~~Ice Storm~~~ "Of course she's allowed to leave. No documents reflect your two being married, so she's completely innocent. The only reason you are being detained is because you could easily try to flee Canterlot. Then when I found anything, I'd have to..." Ice Started before hearing her communicator go off. A positive ID, in Manehatten? A bit unexpected, but only a minor setback. "Well, seems I've found my targets. If I were you, I'd pay very close attention to what's about to happen, and then determine if what they will have to answer to is worth you following in their hoofsteps. You both are free to go, however... I will send my guards back to you warehouse in a few months to investigate, and they will arrive unannounced. You and I both know there's more going through that warehouse than pottery. Don't throw away what you have, to follow a couple of ponies whose already proven they'll do anything they can to make that fail," she said turning to Jasmine. "I'm presuming his parents don't know about you either, and until I find them, it's probably best you keep it that way. Unless you want to be the next victim of their haneous actions." At that point she turned to Jasper and the other three. "So, what about you three? Care to do a bit of free sight seeing in Manehatten? Can see a little bit more about what it is I aim to change. Plus you'll get to see some interesting gadgets," she smiled to them. All and all, she liked Jasper. He was a good dragon. She respected the other two as well for being so quick to defend each other. Even if her and Iggy initially got off on the wrong hoof, everything seemed okay now.
  5. ~~~Ice Storm~~~ "Don't play me for a fool, Felix. I want born yesterday. You just told me that they still have contacts within the business, otherwise they wouldn't know when they need to come check up on you. You've been running the business long enough to know who those contacts are. You also never mentioned not contacting them. In fact, your statement was said as follows, 'unless they are right in front of my nose, I don't know where they are at.' I've been doing this long enough to know when somepony is bull****ing me. And since your so insistent, I will take you up on your offer. Oh, and tax evasion... Has no statute of limitations, it is a federal offense, and the government will get it's money regardless of how old the file is I find. And I only need to find one that you missed. So, I'm going to need you to come with me while I'm conducting the investigation. Oh, and I should say as well, any document record that you have that doesn't match the records in the Equestrian Treasury logs or that remain unsubmitted can and will be classified as tampering with evidence. As these logs were produced from the Treasury department here in Canterlot little over two hours ago. So these are the most current records on file. So you can cut the games, or I'm arresting you now for admitting that you've altered documents of an investigation," she said before smiling maliciously at him. "It's not as fun, when you're on the receiving end of your family's little escapade is it? The difference here, I have hard evidence. You and your family? A couple witness testimonies, with no evidence at all."
  6. ~~~Ice Storm~~~ "And still acting Captain of the guard," she said before setting Felix's binder down. As well as his parents. "You've done well to hide your tracks to try to appear as the innocent one, but you still have dirt on your hooves. Mainly being," she said turning to the first documents of the warehouse he'd taken over "Since you are the current owner and proprietor, and manger of operations of your parents warehouse, it falls upon you to make sure everything gets fired properly," she stated setting the initial documents down. "After having guards in your Warehouse, the amount of traffic that goes through the warehouse and the amount claimed on the annual tax reports are drastically different. Enough so that because of the nature of your parents and the potential flight risk you impose, I can detain you for the entire duration while my guards and I conduct a tax evasion investigation on the business. One that no doubt, knowing the nature of your parents, will bare fruit. Now, you having but only recently taken the business over, would have little involvement in what actually happened and how the taxes were filed, but since you are the current owner, well... You are the one legally responsible. With you're cooperation, I can forget what my guards saw and relayed to me and we can forgo tax evasion investigations. You'll never hear from me, or my guards again. That is unless of course, you follow in your parents hoofsteps. Then we'll be having this conversation again, except this time there won't be any talking your way out of it," She stated, setting all the documents right there for him to see.
  7. ~~~Frostbite~~~ "You're contacts do not frighten me. Please, go a head and call them forth so I can add you to the list of ponies that need to be held accountable for the destruction of lives," Frost told him. As he and Jasper both tried to push by, in an instant, her paw was in the door frame, hitting it hard enough that it left a sizeable dent before. "I don't think it's sank it to your pea-sized brain who I am and who I represent yet. The only reason you are still walking around is because the night would frown on resorting to suck an action. Should you bring your contacts in to try to make do on your threat," she continued a freezing aura once again surrounding her more located on her maw this time as light blue "steam" began flowing from her as she spoke. "Oh, and I may be with Harle, but she didn't send me. I came cause I grow tired of ponies like you who disgrace the Noble name by preying upon the less fortunate rather than helping them," she told him, clear as day she wasn't going to get anywhere here as Frost. It he didn't vote Friday as nobility that wouldn't hold any weight. One of the wealthiest and most influential ponies is Equestria though... She tapped her amulet and reverted back to her fully armored pony form. "Now you can cut the horse feathers, or you can take the fall with them for being an accomplice in the crimes of extortion, slander, conduct unbefitting of nobility, and fraud. If you want to remain free, you will arrange a meeting with them in the same way you would normally. I know what they look like, and the aliases they go by, so if you tell them to flee, I would like you to know that all exits to Canterlot are guarded, aerial and otherwise. I know where your Warehouse is, and I know where you live. You can cooperate, or lose everything like they are about to."
  8. ~~~Frostbite~~~ Frost however had no qualms about using the misunderstanding to her advantage when Felix asked her how much his protection was going to cast from them. She spoke up, almost with venom dripping from her voice. A tone that Jasper or the other three hadn't heard from her yet, clearly showing that one, she was now actually in intimidation mode, and had the demeanor of a dragon that was really, really, ticked off. "Bits? You think Bits will save you from this Felix? You and your parents have crossed lines that weren't meant to be crossed within their dealings. In doing so, you've started a war that you can't win against a very, very powerful entity. No Mr Felix, Gold and bits will not save you, but information will. All you have to do is simply tell us where your parents are, and you're free to live your life as you see fit so as long as you play by the rules... Failure to play by the rules... well... I cannot guarantee the safety of you or any of your loved ones," she said looking to the mare beside him. "Do note, I know exactly how, and where to find you, as well as possible escape points for you from Canterlot, so if you lie to me, it will be the last mistake you make." she finished, taking the mob-boss angle that she had been presented with.
  9. ~~~Frostbite~~~ Frost paid attention to the sounds coming from the room, and she has little guess as to what was causing them. It mattered not for her though. She needed information, and he was going to give it to her. She moved herself in front of the door and here her guise. If she had to drop it them she would, but for the time being remaining as Frost would be more advantageous to the later tracking of the parents once they got a location. As soon as the door opened, she smiled. "Felix," she said with an almost sinister smile. "We've been expecting you."
  10. @RainbowFoxxy I would like to request another whenever you get caught up on stuff!! I'd love to see how you could do Icy in her armor. I actually have a reference pic for that one!
  11. ~~~Frostbite~~~ "Yeah... these types of things do tend to be more fun when you're on the giving end of them. Thankfully, I've never been on the receiving end..." Frostbite commented as they made their way up to wait by the room. At this point over her communicator she heard that all guards were in place and she sighed. She looked over to Jasper and the others real quick as well. She couldn't really hear anything that was being said through the walls but she had a general idea of what was going on on the other side. "We don't need to interrupt them, as they aren't the primary targets of the sting, but they have information. Honestly, who this Felix chooses as his love interest doesn't affect me anywhere near as much as it affects Harle. I'm only here to put a stop to the slanderous accusations that are being made against my ranks. Judging by what I saw though," she said turning to Iggy. "Steer Clear of Blackclaw. I know she's not guilty of the things she's been accused of, but that doesn't mean she won't become unpredictable in the event that this goes the way I think it will. Once he comes out of the room, I'm going to activate my communicators, and everything that's said will be transmitted through the rest of my guards. Even if she didn't have any weapons with her, she's still a griffon and can do a lot of damage on her own just as we can. The rest of my guards will know how to intervene and the appropriate actions to take," she told them. "No matter what though, do not flee from here. They will be watching for any individuals running away from here to apprehend in questioning in regards of Felix, and the grittier parts of this investgation I'd rather not involve my new friends in unless I have to. At least not without being on the same side of the table," she smiled off-hoofedly extending them an offer to join in on the hunt without really getting caught up in too much.
  12. ~~~Frostbite~~~ Frost watched as the three did there stuff in the joint and paid attention as they did their proverbial damage control for the situation that had just transpired. She looked around and watched as Jasper spewed some fire onto the ham. She couldn't help but raise an eyebrow at the blue flame. It was indeed hot, which would have been the two possible outcomes. After all, blue flame was the second hottest flame in existence short of white, or it could have been similar to hers and that it froze. Of course, her breath wasn't fire at all, it was just more of a cone of intense, subarctic cold. When he offered to flame hers as well, she nodded. She was getting ready to take a bite when she noticed something out of the corner of her eye. Everything she was watching got put on hold though the moment she recognized felix walk into the room. He seemed to be with another mare, and they were both in quite happy spirits. The mare that he brought with him was definitely one that seemed out of place for the area that she was in, as Frost could easily pick up on the fancier wear that the mare had on under her plain robes. She gestured lightly to them as they made their way upstairs into the room. "One of my targets have arrived," she said softly to Jasper and any of the others that had made their way back over to them at this point. "The stallion that just walked into that room was the son of the ponies in question. Likely using it as a brief escape When they come out of the room, I will be making a move," she said before tapping the communicator. "Contact Felix Spotted with Mare Consort. Tavern, southern district. Keep watch from a reasonable distance and await further orders," she spoke in a low, but authoritative voice making it clear that the last statements were orders to her regiment.
  13. ~~~Wind Dancer~~~ Wind Dancer nodded when she heard Sky tell her that he could do accoustic music as well. He could also do guitar and piano in addition to what she had already heard. She couldn't help but a small laugh when he said that he couldn't fit a piano in here so he had to make do with a keyboard with a crystal soundboard. "Indeed, electric would make a lot of sense. There's a lot that can be done with electric music though. A lot of it can be very fast, upbeat, and dramatic, but it can also be soft and romantic, or slow, dredgy, and menacing. That's really true for any genre of music though. The key and the progressions go a long way into determining the feel of the music that's being written and whether or not they would provide for a good dancing music, or if it was something that is more for a background of a story or a play," she smiled as she heard him begin to strum at the guitar. She took the moment to sit and relax a bit from their little walk.
  14. ~~~Ice Storm~~~ "Dancing sounds like it would be fun. I have a couple places here that are specifically for that. A couple of ballrooms. One of them is for the more upbeat new age musting that ponies like nowadays. I believe their called Raves if I'm not mistaken... and I also have more of a Gala like ballroom for the ponies that enjoy the classical nuances of music and the slower paced waltzes with the occasional salsa or tango mixed in," Ice said with a smile as the elevator came to a stop and the door opened. From there she once again led Raven through the casino. She was taking in a bit of the sights and sounds herself right now, but moreso looking for ponies trying to bend the rules than anything else. "So, what do you think of the place that I put together for us? Everything here is just the tip of the Iceberg. You true surprise is when we start getting to the tour of some of the lower levels of the facility," she smiled as she took in a long sniff. She could already smell the delicious food from the Neighponese restaurante that was right in front of them. "You're going to love this place. The noodles and rice are amazing here," she finished with a smile.
  15. ~~~Frostbite~~~ Frost couldn't help but smile and giggle a bit as they turned their attention back to Iggy, starting to poke a bit of fun at her and making her blush quite a bit. "Alright. We don't need to embarrass the poor mare here. Even if that does sound like a fun time, this is not the place for that," Frost said with a smile as she began to head back out of the door. It was much like the others had said though... the place was empty now. And quiet... too quiet. She remembered what they had said about the aura. "That Aura isn't that strong... it only exists from the ambient magic in the spheres as they orbit. The faster they orbit, the colder it gets because they themselves are well below subzero temperatures..." she informed them, basically giving them the long version of, 'Don't touch them, they will destroy you' warning. She sat back down at the table that they had before and leaned back a bit, watching and waiting to see what else is going to happen now, as well has anything else that her new friends had to add.
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