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  1. ~~~Wind Dancer~~~ Wind Dancer nodded through her blush as Sky told her that they could save the flying toys for the music video for the track. Honestly that sounded like a lot of fun if not very dangerous. A hard plastic toy flying at seventy miles an hour would really hurt if she got smacked with it! Although she couldn't deny that her thoughts were more on what Kick beat had just said. She knew that the tabloids were running about them but she never really paid attention to it until now. Of course there would also be the rumors and thoughts of others that they would be intimate at this point. She admitted the thought had crossed her mind, but that was a conversation for later, and once she was certain that he was truly the one for her. Oh, who was she fooling, she'd already made her decision on that or they wouldn't be on their... fifth.... sixth.... seventh date after the bistro? More than that if you counted all the times she let him crash with her! Perhaps the next time, she'll suggest skipping the sleeping bags. Kick Beat then spoke up again with a small laugh. "Naw man, just cuz you a pacifist, don't mean you can't have passion. Look at me man. I've already made it big, yet I swing out here in da lobbies and da streets. It ain't my time to shine no more, that's for all the new ponies like you and Miss Windy here. I'm far beyond a pacifist anymore, but I still have that passion and drive for music. Don't tell me you ain't got the same passion for each otha, cause I can see it in your eyes. Shoot man, you two are so perfect for each other that even the tabs have noticed it. Everything they write talks about how much happier you been," he said more towards Wind at the end before looking back to Sky. "And she was already a pretty happy pony, let me tell ya. So for ponies to be able to tell that she's even happier, you must be doing somethin special and right by her. And I'm sure that you've been happier too. Not many ponies knew who you were until that Mareage performance a couple months ago when y'all set up your first date." "You were there for that?" Windy asked, her face still quite red from the line of conversation. As much as she admired the praise, sometimes Kick had a habit of laying it on her pretty hard. "I been to every single one. You're my girl man. I watched you grow and dance in the parks. Once Bit came out and started helping you, I knew something special was going to happen. I didn't know that that performance was going to become a weekly thing, or that you were gonna draw the monster crowds that you do. Ain't no way I was gonna miss what was probably the biggest show of your life to that point. But listen here man, I've held you two lovebirds long enough. When you produce ol Bonk's album Tell 'im ol' Kick Beat said what up. Sure he'll be happy to hear that," he said with a smile before excusing himself to return to his act, waiting for the temp to drop a bit to go back outside. Wind couldn't help but give a sheepish smile to Sky. "Well... I can't exactly say that I was expecting that kind of conversation to come from him. He's usually not so forward about things..." she said still quite a bit rosy cheeked. "What should we do now?"
  2. ~~~Wind Dancer~~~ "Golden will definitely be able to give you should pointers on what can work and what's been tried before that really didn't go over well. As you said, she's put on a lot of shows and tries to at least make a minor appearance at most of them. Still though, you look pretty amazing with what you got. We'll have to coordinate a few things though if we ever do a joint show. Although for the safety of everyone else, probably do a set up like your did at the bistro. I don't wanna accidental make a tornado of stage props," she giggled. Kick Beat tipped his glasses down and appeared to be eyeing over Sky as if to judge good character at a glance. Hearing the conversation, and of course, reading the tabloids it was easy for him to put two and two together. When he heard the praise and the question from him he laughed a bit. "You must mean ol' Bonk man! That dawg is fire man. Taught him most of what I know. Not everything tho. Didn't wanna put myself outta job, know what I'm sayin'," he started. "Course, all musicians are competitive at heart man.Whether the fightin' other bands to show them up, or fightin' themselves it's always a fight. That's what makes music better. It's that drive to be better that encourages ponies to try. Otherwise music will become stagnant and die out. I'm sure if Bonk stays on the right path, maaan shoot... That dawg could be the best drummers this world's seen... Course you gotta be pretty good yourself in order to smash that doll," Kick said with a laugh making Wind blush a bit and smile.
  3. ~~~Wind Dancer~~~ Wind smiled as they walked. "For now I think focusing on the sound is a good thing, but when you start getting a bit bigger, I'd probably look to dress for the act. As in, make sure that way you're going to wear for the performance accents it. You don't want to be too showy to distract ponies from the music that you're playing. I know that's a bit rich coming from me though when my entire performance is about how showy I can be," she giggled. "Of course, I think you look pretty dapper as you are. So not too much more to do," she finished with a smile as they finally made it into the casino. It was considerably cooler inside the lobby and she be was quick to spot a pony they was seeking refuge inside to escape the heat. At the moment Wind could see Kick playing on a dulcimer, but he had his standard array of bucket drums just outside the doors. They were likely way too loud to actually be allowed in the lobby, but he was doing a great job on the dulcimer. "She definitely would. Especially if I ask her to pull some of my pay to put in for additional marketing. With a little bit of luck, maybe we can get you that platinum," she said with a smile. "Yo Win-dee! How's my little ol' filly been!?" The pony playing the dulcimer spoke up recognizing her. "Dis gurl here," he said looking to Sky. "Lemme tell ya man. She's the real deal. Everything she does, she does from the heart man," he said pulling Windy into a brief, friendly hug. "What you been up to gurl? Stayin' outta trouble," he said before tilting down his sunglasses. "Cause ya know I ain't," he finished making both of them laugh. "I've been doing well. I have permanent performances lined up next door for the next several months and more that I've yet to fully commit to yet. I'm actually out on a date now with my coltfriend. Kick, this is Sky Sailing. Sky, this is Kick Beat. One of the best drummers in Las Pegasus." "Auh na, stop it now, I ain't that special. I just play my drums and make others happy man. I don't do it fo no money or anything like that fam,"
  4. ~~~Wind Dancer~~~ Wind Dancer nodded when Sky said that it was something that she wouldn't want to wear during a show. The chain being that light meant that it could easy snap under force. "Yeah, though I can easily see it going well with most of my flightsuits, so maybe something to wear on the way to the performances and then leave in the greenroom with the rest of my stuff," she smiled. When Sky then mentioned the heat, and talked about how he doubted that there would be many street performers out today because of it, she smiled. "It is a bit warm today, but for most of us that have been here in Las Pegasus for a while are more acclimated to the summers here. Honestly, when you start getting closer to the reservoir, the heat gets worse because you have the water evaporating into the air. Still, it does have the benefit of being a lake so if it ever gets too hot, can just cannonball straight down," she giggled. "That being said, to answer your question. Some of the lobbies do offer some relief to the heat for those that need it, and most of the street performers will rest in lobbies between performances. Naturally, Golden Bit is one of them that will let ponies use the lobby provided that they don't interfere too much with the operation of business. That is to say, the crowd that gathers to watch the performers isn't blocking off access from other patrons to get into the casino. Though if a street performer starts attracting that big of a crowd, she'll usually start recommending that they hire one of her performance halls. After all, with the way that she does her contracts, it's very easy for a performer to make a lot of bits. You'll experience that first hoof when you start doing some of your performances for her. Oh, and if you ever want to plan more performances and try your hoof at bigger stages, she does open interviews every Tuesday. You should check it once your album is finished. Between her marketing and Ice's marketing that she's already doing, I'm sure that you'll attract pretty decent crowds!" Wind said excitedly before pausing a bit and blushing. "Sorry, it was my turn to start rambling, but yeah! Let's head on over to the Mareage, or The Fire and Ice. They are the most lenient when it comes to that kind of stuff. I wonder if Kick Beat is performing today. He's usually around there somewhere," she said giving her suggestions to where to best find some performers if that was what he wanted to do. She herself was okay with anything. She had never really been a picky pony when it came to anything like that, and right now, this was a day for them to just be them.
  5. ~~~Wind Dancer~~~ Wind Dancer's ears folded back a bit when she saw Sky's reaction to what she had said. She wasn't entirely sure what she said wrong but apparently she had said something. He told her that the pain wasn't something that was caused by their music or their fans/ It was cause from their life in both of those to find some relief. He added that this would also go back to the blues, but most of that was about the outside world bringing a pony down. What he was talking about was the inside world bringing you down. She had a couple thoughts on the matter herself, but given her track record for misinterpretations today she decided that it was probably best to just remain silent. She'd gotten a glimpse of that after her accident, but still the inner demons were only there if a pony let the pressures of the outside world push on them too hard. She heard him continue as well, about most of his life being on the inside world. That is where he had found his music. On a somewhat basic level she could relate to that, as most of her dances, even her choreographed ones, were mostly done on instinct and feel rather than any real methodological equations or fancy lingo. Everything was performed based off of feeling. When she heard him talk about how some pains showed no scars, she nodded. She understood that one. She couldn't really say that she fit in that because when she was dealing with her initial bouts of depression right after the accident happened and she was told that she'd likely never be able to fully use her wing again... most definitely had a scar. She often wondered a bit more though, what would cause some of these emotional scars otherwise. She didn't think a pony would be born emotionally broken. "Being a pony that had a few of those scars at one point, I know that often times it is outer world problems that make inner world demons. But you are correct though, the return of Princess Luna really opened the eyes of a lot of ponies in that regard and there are quite a few ponies out there who's sole purpose is to help with those issues," she said. "A few years too late for some," she added in a gentle tone. She was more than sure that she probably said something wrong again though. When they made their way past the souvenir stand, Sky blinked a few times before apologizing for the rambling. She simply smiled and waved it off with her wing. Her wing that she prompted affixed the new winglet to that Sky had just bought her. One he had bought for him that was a golden record, and the other that she was now wearing was a pair of dancing socks. The thought of the socks once again made her blush a bit, but she smiled and let it hang loosely around the base of her right wing. "They are! It is nice and light weight too. most of the time things like this are too heavy for wings," she said with a smile. "Well, for my wings anyway." When Sky told her that he really didn't think of anything else for them to do in the in between. She paused for a moment. He likely had the same mind that she did and that the exhibit here at the museum was going to take longer than it did. When he said that he didn't really get out into the city itself a lot, he asked what she usually did in the city for entertainment. "Most of the time, it's honestly relaxing either at home or in one of the parks. On warmer days I'll usually go and visit the pools at the Mareage, and take in a few of the street acts along the strip and in the park. I was a street performer myself before I made it big, so always night to support those ponies as well and it always makes their day to see myself or ponies like me in attendance. Otherwise, there is some more attractions inside each of the different casinos. Some have bowling alleys, some have mini-golf, one of them has an entire amusement park inside of it! Still not entirely sure how they managed it, but it works! Honestly though, I tend to be easily entertained so we could always wonder around until something catches our interests," Wind said with a smile.
  6. ~~~Wind Dancer~~~ "If they aren't at peace with what they are making, then they should transition into a new genre that supports their feelings and beliefs better. The relationship between fans and performers is tricky like that some times. I personally haven't had to deal with that. Dancing is dancing. Sure some might not like every song that I dance to or the style of dance that goes with it, but at the end of the day it's just dancing. I can dance for anypony. But others, especially bands and singers can often fall into the trap of only every doing what their fans want them to do. When that happens, I think they lose their identity," Wind said in response as she walked down the left side of the exhibit. She would look over the successful side here in a bit, but she was currently in that particular part of the fame. Taking an opportunity to see some of the darker sides and looking at different events that cause some of these acts to fail. IF for nothing else she wouldn't eventually make the same mistakes. After all, those who did not learn from history were doomed to repeat it. "Performers should feel compelled to create whatever it is that will make them happy. It is the performers that have to put in all of the work for everything that they do, so they should be able to take pride in what they've made and show it off. At some point, somepony important will notice and help them take the next step to becoming known. From that point on it's all about how they handle the spotlight. Cause like I said, once you step into it, you can't ever really step out of it," she smiled as she made her way over and looked at all of the successful acts. Most of them were ones that she'd heard of, and all of them had earned their place here. When they got to the end of the exhibits, there was a clear case asking for donations to help expand the museum. Wind Dancer smiled and pulled a quill and a billfold from her neck pouch with a wing before filling it out and dropping it in the donation box. She smiled before putting everything away as the check landed face up and the amount of a hundred grand clearly visible. "I think they could have done more with a better location. Those brochures are always elevated to attract patrons I think they did the best they could do with what they had to work with though. Honestly I feel like the ones for my shows are elevated a bit too much, but I don't make them, the marketing team for the Mareage, The Fire and Ice, and here recently The Great Sphinx all take care of the marketing side of it," she commented as Sky mentioned the reservoir being relatively cheap. "Yeah... I'm not sure I should be around the reservoir... I might accidentally blow houses away with my dancing practices," she giggled playfully sticking her tongue out at him. "Well, what's next on the agenda? We still got plenty of day left and plenty of time until dinner and the concert, so that leaves us open for... pretty much anything really," Wind smiled.
  7. ~~~Wind Dancer~~~ Wind Dancer nodded to Sky's first statement. She personally had some experience with that considering how life started for her, but by meeting the right couple ponies... Everything managed to work themselves out in the end. Wind knew though that Sky hot the nail on the head. Many never get past that initial stage and turn to drugs and depression. That's true even among the world of dancers. It's why she doesn't associate with many of them. "Yeah, unfortunately more get hit by the dark side of fame than you would think. There are quite a few that can't handle the fact that their private lives aren't private anymore. I'm sure that even now there's probably a camera floating somewhere around here because we're here," she stated honestly. The next section of the museum though made Wind blush a tiny bit. Sock-hop was an interesting genre on its own, and a lot of their artists got a similar reputation as the showmares got here in LP. Still, it was always funny how something as simple as socks could turn into more adult thoughts with most. She admitted to herself silently though that there was some appeal in wearing the warm fuzzy hoof tubes. They continued through the bulk of the museum leading into the era where the guitars and amps really started to shine. Different guitars representing different bands along the way. Some of them were even bands that she'd danced to before. She personal never got into the headbanging parts of the genre because those songs were generally hard to dance to. They made for great workout songs though that she used during her therapy sessions. Metaillica, Shinehoof, and Ozzie being a few that she listened to through that process. Shinehoof wasn't here yet, but last she knew they were still relatively new the the mainstage. "Yeah, there certainly is a lot here. It's humbling to see how far music has come from composers of the past. As you said though, at least the change then was a bit more gradual. And there's always some that ponies aren't going to be able to acclimate to right away. You would have thought though, that they would have used different rooms for each exhibit and have the music if those who made the genre famous playing through the room. I understand why they didn't though. Unless you're a casino, space is a commodity that most aren't afforded, and the had to make do with what shade they could afford. I mean, look at me. I'm very financially stable, but even I'm only about to get an apartment here because the price of land, it cloud, for those of us who can live in them, is astronomically high. I have briefly considered buying one of the penthouses in the Mareage, but even those are technically apartments under a different name," she said with a smile. Though she knew if the top of them started getting more serious, they'd need that penthouse sooner rather than later.
  8. ~~~Wind Dancer~~~ Wind Dancer shook her head when she heard Sky say that it perhaps it was just him that had a problem. He said that when he first heard Electronica he thought that it was his own mind messing with him. Based on previous conversations with him she could see that but she could definitely say that there were some that had extreme prejudice against it. "I can't really say what that reaction would be, but I suppose it would depend on which genre you lean more towards. Naturally being a dancer, I lean more towards the soft melodic style that I can flow to, or the beat driven rhythmic style that I can really get into. Like Sandstorm for example. There's nothing really overly complex to the song itself, but the beat and the drive makes it a great dancing song. Personally, I don't think it would have been all that different. You probably would have felt inspired," she said with a smile. She followed him along, looking at the images that were on display of some of the first concerts that were put on for the singers. OF course, Neighlvis's guitar would be in this part, though she always though of him more of a light rock than an R&B pony, but hey, she couldn't argue with the historians here. They knew this stuff better than she did. All she did was dance. Of course, there was a small bit if history on that where they talked about the Veiled Garden and the Bohemian Club featuring new and upcoming music. Wind couldn't help but give Sky a light bump with a giggle. "That doesn't sound familiar at all," she said playfully. When he read over the testimonies that said many had met their special somepony at these dances. Some ponies said that they originated from back when they were still the three tribes. That ponies from different villages would meet and find mates, and that was still somewhat happening now. "I cannot say myself, but I do know that I always feel compelled to move when I'm listening to good music. Staying still while it's playing is actually very hard for me to do, as I'm sure you've noticed from your concerts that I've been to," she said with a smile. "And I can definitely say that they are true that many ponies meet their significant other at one of these dances and it sparks something that turns truly wonderful. Although I can say from experience... sometimes all it takes to meet a special somepony is for the right leaf to fall out of a tree at the right time," she said with a smile, while more than hinting where she felt they stood. Though she doubted that it was anywhere up for debate at this point with how freely their cheek pecks were coming.
  9. ~~~Wind Dancer~~~ Wind followed Sky into the museum, smiling as he said that he wished that he could have been here for her when she was just starting. That it was as the fillies had said. It was exciting to from the start to when they became big. Windy couldn't help but smile and nuzzle Sky in response. "Well, we are in a way. I'm here for your journey, and I doubt mines going to be over any time soon barring any unfortunate events. I'm actually glad you got to see now after things have gotten better than before I could even really fly again... I wasn't the happiest pony to be around that's for sure," she said smiling wider and giving him a soft peck as she passed him holding the door open for her, saying he can never resist being a gentlecolt. When they got to the first exhibit, it wasn't about rock as it was more about rhythm and blues. It showed some of the pioneer instruments for the genre, as well as some busts of the ponies that had long past that made it famous. Still, it was as he said, when it first started, many probably thought that it wasn't music. "Probably, there's a lot of modern genres that are like that now. Dubstep being one of them, and a lot of electronica gets flak that it doesn't really deserve. Anything can be music, when out together properly," she said looking at the busts. "Some pony has to be the first at everything. Everything that exists today, does so because one pony, or a select few thought of it," she smiled.
  10. ~~~Wind Dancer~~~ Wind Dancer couldn't help but give a small smile at the excited pair of fillies talking about getting an autograph. It was always fun to see the smiles on their faces. It was after all, why they did everything that they did. Or at least, why she did everything she did. She knew many performers wanted nothing more than to get famous and then forget about the fans and friends along the way that had helped them get to where they were and ultimately lost sight of what it meant to perform for others. A performer wasn't anything without their fans, because if it wasn't for them, they wouldn't have reason to perform. Both of the fillies squealed happily when Sky Sailing sighed their books. "Thank you Mr Sky Sailing!!! Oh this is so cool!!! We managed to get his autograph before he went platinum!!" "I know right!? I bet when we get older this is going to be worth bookoos of bits!!" the last one said before rushing off to catch back up to their parents where were trying to get their fillies to leave the two performers alone and let them relax. "It's perfectly fine I promise! It was no problem at all," Wind Dancer said with a smile and a wave before turning back to Sky. As they made their way over to the museum entrance, she couldn't help but giggle lightly at the question. "Well, all the time before I actually got my wing fixed, and even then once I became one of the forefront events of Las Pegasus, it was still a few months. Every once in a while I'll still get tourists that don't know my name, but they know my face. I've been called Wind Dancer, Gale Force... which... I won't lie is sometimes fitting... Windy Breeze, and many others. Most of the time you just have to roll with it because most of the time ponies aren't trying to be rude about it. They just legitimately don't know," she said with a smile as they entered the museum.
  11. ~~~Wind Dancer~~~ Wind Dancer nodded when Sky told him what his old disk jockey used to tell him, and that no matter what, musicians always had to respect the classics, and Wind Dancer shared that very same opinion. "I like that disk jockey already. A lot of ponies that are in the music world could do well to heed that advice. After all, ponies like me still need some of that stuff to dance to. We can't do electric and alternative dances all the time," she said with a smile as Sky told her the orchestra started around six thirty that evening. "Right, if it's starting at six thirty then we'll wanna be there by five. That way we have time to get to our seats, and get any snacks that we might want. I know we're eating before hoof, but theaters always make me want popcorn and hard candy," she said with a giggle. Wind Dancer then followed Sky along the winds as it took them towards the downtown away from the Strip. The strip was the liveliest parts of Pegasus, but honestly, downtown was always the more interesting part of the city to those who lived here. The flash of the neon lights were a constant thing for most of them so they weren't sights anymore. Not to them anyways. The streets here were also much less crowded and ponies could actually move and stretch their wings a little bit. They landed not too far away from the museum, though almost as soon as they landed Wind Dancer heard a small shriek and then was rushed by a couple of fillies. "Oh my gosh it's Wind Dancer! Can we have your autograph!?" they asked before noticing Sky Sailing next to her. "Oh! Aren't you that new singer? Sky Gleamer or something like that? Can We get your autograph to!!" they asked with a smile. Wind Dancer gave both the fillies and Sky a nice smile before turning and nodding, using her wing to grab the quill and sign an autograph book for the fillies moving over so that Sky could do the same.
  12. ~~~Wind Dancer~~~ Wind Dancer couldn't help but giggle a small bit from the blush that appeared on Sky's face when she gave him the small kiss before returning in kind when he made the same gesture to her. She nodded as he told her that it was okay, though added that he always thought she looked lovely; which made her blush deepen a bit. She made her way back into the washroom briefly to finish her preparations. She wasn't a mare that did overly much. She didn't even really have any makeup. She did, however, have a new pair of starburst cut topaz earrings that she'd been waiting to use the next time that she had worn the dress. The light dazzled off of them and the sparkle was every bit what she had hoped before turning and walking back out. "Okay, I'm ready" she said with a smile as she listened to the idea for the day. She smiled and nodded. "Oh I love me a good orchestra. I wish there were more that were still into that kind of music, but anymore music is really whatever anypony makes it to be. As long as it sounds good, there isn't really a wrong kind," she said still wearing her smile. "The museum of Rock and Roll sounds fun. I haven't really been in it myself so that will be new and exciting. What time does the concert start?" she asked him trying to get a gauge for timeframe. There was always a right time to show up for these things so that you could get the best seats. Most would say as soon as possible, but most venues anymore sell a specific seat. That makes when you show up, as long as it's before the show, somewhat irrelevant. Of course though, there would still be the line to get into the theater even if their tickets have already been bought. Thankfully she didn't have to worry too much about that.
  13. A gentle smile was drawn along Wind Dancer's face as she found herself in her washroom getting ready for the day ahead. Today was going to be a day of fun and relaxing. The life of a performer can get to be taxing at times, but it was always worth the time that she put into it to see everypony smile. However, with the way things were lining up a bit more recently, it was getting harder for her to find a day where she and Sky Sailing could spend the day together without the other having to prepare for a show. Those nights were always fun, and they always enjoyed each other's performances. Sky's live performances started becoming a hit with the local populace and Golden Bit and Ice Storm had done a bit of work because of the quality of his work to help push some of his album marketing. For the most part she was already good to go, she was just putting the final touches on her mane so that it would stay straight, but still be nice and wavy today. She already had on the black and blue nebula dress on for the day. It was the same dress that she bought and wore for Sky's first performance, and she hoped to make many more memories with that dress in the coming weeks. She couldn't help but let out a small gasp as she heard a knock from her balcony door. "Comiiing!" she yelled back with a smile before setting her manebrush down and came out, the trail of her dress flowing behind her, stopping just before hitting the ground. She quickly made her way over to the door, waving to Sky as she unlocked it and let him in. With a quick peck on the cheek, she welcomed him in. "Please come in! I was just finishing touching up a bit!, Shouldn't be more than a few minutes," she said with a smile.
  14. ~~~Ice Storm~~~ A small amount of rage built up in Ice Storm from Singelstone's comment. She most certainly did not cause this, and if Harle wasn't mentally prepared for what could have happened on this mission then that was her own fault. She didn't want anything bad to happen to the griffon, but at no point was any of this situation her fault. She would have commented to him about it but he left before she had a chance to. "If his loyalty to her was half of what he actually says it is, then we wouldn't be here dealing with this right now. The fact that not just him, but her entire crew allowed things to escalate to this level to begin with is asinine, but with the talents that those to possess it's easy to see where the problem starts. Without their magic being nullified, they can turn the entire populace against one another. I actually didn't know of this ability myself until they tried to use it on me..." She explained to Iggy as they asked what exactly was going on, as they only had bits and pieces of it. She once again pulled out the binders for her to look through. "I know you didn't get a good chance to look over everything in the tavern, but everything they did to Harle is in this binder. The most she's ever actually been guilty of is some bar fights from ponies that were just like you. Out for blood because they heard her name and how poisoned it had gotten from everything that was filled here. Every single one of those documents are public record. Every single one of them shows that every allegation made against Harle has come from the two ponies that we now have on board. This entire feud happened because Harle was dating their son. Now, on this mission, Felix admitted to her, albeit indirectly that he didn't care about Harle, at least not anymore and never bothered to tell his parents that she moved on because he didn't want them to feel like they won. You three were there for that part so you know that what I'm saying is true," she said pulling out more of the binders and hoofing them over to Cloudy and Jasper. "Harle is not the only one that they have done this to, and without a doubt if left uncheck, they would have done their best to bring you three down as well just by looking at you. This is why I was quick to agree with Jasper. A pony can be a decent individual. Ponies as a race, in all of their varieties are cruel vicious monsters that want nothing more than to better themselves at the cost of everyone around them. Jasper is every bit as right to be wary about every pony he meets as they are of him. After all," she said looking towards him. "A good number of ponies wouldn't bat an eye at beating the living tar out of another pony if a dragon is present to blame it on. Jasper's hooves could be clean and he'll still get arrested and convicted of the crime simply because he's a dragon. Because everypony else will have the mindset, 'there's no way those other ponies could have done that. they are too upstanded, and even if they did, it was likely cause the dragon said he'd eat them if they didn't'." "The only way to start fixing that, is to fix the corruption at the top. If we can't stop the racist corruption that's trickling down from the 'nobles' and make it to where they are actually helping others. Nothing in the bottom ranks will change. Being a pony that experienced first hoof nobility ripping her family apart and crawling back through the ashes to get where I am now, I'm sickened by it. These ponies will be held accountable for what they've done, and I'm putting the rest of the noble circle on alert. That way they know, that this kind of apples won't fly anymore," she finished letting them read over everything. "Oh, and because all of this is on public file, all pulled from archives located in the public dominion, they are all properly obtained legal evidence to support the case. It's all been right under their noses, and Twilight will be able to sense the corrupted power within them. I'm done playing nice with those who who are evil enough to hurt others for their own gain. There will be consequences, and I will see them through."
  15. ~~~Ice Storm~~~ It was about as expected when Singelstone came into the room to confront Ice Storm. He reminded her that Harle had turned in her headset and her weapon, which he further said could not be mistaken as it was the prototype that they were working on. From hearing the response from the guard, it corresponded with what Singelstone was telling her. She let out a small sigh before beginning. "No. It cannot be me to be the one that goes after her. If I don't hold the ones responsible for the destruction of her life and making her the way she is today, then everything she lost today would have been done in vain, including if she decides to take the avenue that you mention. However, judging by the fact that the encrypted message was for you, and you alone, then it stands to reason that you must be the one that has to reason with her. I have no doubt she's at the very least a bit bitter with me because I'm the one in charge of the entire operation. I won't deny that she needed to hear what Felix said straight from his mouth, but I also cannot imagine the pain that she is feeling. Among everypony on board, you are the closest one too her and probably the only one that can talk any sort of sense in her," she started. "So, with that in mind, you're going to need to go to her, and I'm not about to tell you that you can't. Talk to one of the guardsponies. They well get a vessel ready for you so that you can return to Manehatten. We aren't that far away yet, so it should take you but a few minutes to get back there. Once all the preparations are completed, which should only take a couple minutes, as since they don't have aether cores it's just a matter of letting the balloon go through it's rapid pressurization process. You'll be able to go to her, and once I've dealt with our two prisoners, I will be back to get the both of you. I cannot however, let these to sit for any longer than necessary before their trial. You know as well as I do if we turn our backs for a moment they'll be gone."
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