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  1. ~~~Ice Storm~~~ Ice watched as the griffon pulled out the weapon in question. The design seemed a bit... Simplistic yet complex. She watched as the first shot was fired. Then a second, then a third. There wasn't much except from smoke from the first few shots but the forth shot... The forth shot was the one that sold her. "I'll need to know more about what exactly the first couple shots can do. If we can use it to disable components of the enemy ship without taking it out, causing collateral casualties on the ground this would be the perfect weapon for the ship. Three warning shots is more than enough to get the point across. If they pursue beyond that well... They bear all responsibility for what happens afterwards. My question is, what is it using to make the shots, and how long, and how much would it take to convert these to that kind of system?" Ice asked. "If nothing else, we'll have to produce those separately and install them after launch once they've been tested. Can put an untested weapon on something of this magnitude."
  2. ~~~Ice Storm~~~ The revelation seemed to come at a shock to Harle and when she asked about it she couldn't deny the logic in Singelstone's response. When she started talking about the weapons on the shop much to her expectations, Singelstone reacted liked he'd just walked into a candy store. Him and Harle started talking about something like a death ray and it piqued her interests. To the same extent though, if they had something like that... She wonder if it could be adjusted as well. Ice nodded to Harle's comment about possibly being able to deal with the artillery problem. "If you have information on using aether or some other form of ammunition that won't leave devastating craters in the event they miss their intended targets, I'm all ears. As I said, I'm wanting to protect Equestria. An aether cannon would be much more preferable than what I currently have," she stated leading them into the ship. "While we're here I can show you the inner workings of the systems and see if there's anything you can add to make them more efficient that won't add a lot of cost or production time."
  3. ~~~Ice Storm~~~ Ice once again raised her eyebrow when she mentioned Celestia again. It would seem that the news hadn't made it to her yet. "Actually Celestia isn't the one in charge of or behind this. In fact Celestia never even knew. The only Alicorn that knows this place even exists is my close friend Luna. and even then I was hesitant on informing her, but I needed a rock for this organization to look to that I could trust myself. My own loyalty is bound by Aether to the moon. Everypony else thinks I'm a business mare and a powerful leader in the Lunar guard. That's how I prefer to keep it right now because if we need to do something preemptively, all Equestrian forces have plausible deniability. When dealing with potential war time politics, plausible deniability is the best thing this country can ask for. That being said, the Royal and Lunar Guards were all reformed under Twilight's ascension. I remained with Luna. She's my friend and they've made plenty of enemies while on the throne, Luna Especially because of her time as the nightmare. Of course she insists that she'd be fine, but i still keep an eye out for suspicious activity around her. She may not be a princess anymore but I'm not going to let someone hurt a friend either," Ice started. "Of course, that simple fact alone makes Equestria more vulnerable than ever. A shift in power is the most opportune moment for an enemy of Equestria to strike and I am saddened to say that while the Shadow of Ice is technically operational, she won't be finished for another month or so yet. My other ships will be ready to go, but we won't be able to stave off a powerful invasion force without that ship. Tempest and the storm king showed us that. I was a member of EPIC when they bypassed every single defensive unit that we had set up. Naturally that was the first mare that I acquired for my little project here. We've tweaked the original design of the ship a bit to make the aether flow better around it," Ice Started as the started making their way towards the ship. She could also see the analytics going on in the scientist's mind. She herself was no mind reader, but she had a general guess. "I can see the wheels turning in your head and I am quite aware of her weak-points and her general weaknesses as well. That is why she won't be unguarded and she'll never be flown directly over a city. A ship this size could easily do catastrophic damage to any city it hits in every sense of the word. If everything goes the way that I'm hoping it would, the mere sight of it will be enough to detour combat. The cannons cannot be fire haphazardly, less they accidentally hit a civilian entity, and missing a target with projectile cannons from this altitude is not only unacceptable, but a dangerous war crime. I would love nothing more to replace them with magic focusing canons but I don't have the technology capable of doing that yet. Shoot the very core that we're using in it was a prototype design that I used my connections in EPIC to lift from the navy. They've never been tested, but to see that the ship is powering itself means that it's working. Until I know exactly how much power that ship is going to need, then I don't want to put excess drain on the cores." "Otherwise I've taken precautions to ensure that the ship itself leaves as little of an environmental hoofprint as I can. Aside from the metals and woods that I've had to use to construct her, she's very efficient. It doesn't do me any good to protect Equestria if in doing so, I'm killing her from all the byproducts this thing creates. By using Aether as fuel, theoretically it should dissipate it back into the environment, thus allowing it to be an endless perpetual cycle. I will have to do some tests to make sure that the Aether isn't giving off some unknown radiation in the process. I'm having some of my workers run preliminary tests on it now while it's idling to see if that's something that we need to be concerned about going forward. I'm really trying to make sure all bases are covered before we launch her. Again, I don't want the thing that I'm building to protect Equestria lead to it's demise," she finished.
  4. ~~~Ice Storm~~~ Ice just kinda smirked at the reaction that Harle had to the walk asking once again just how big the base is. As they came up on a set of double steel reinforced doors Ice smiled and answered. "We pretty much take up the entire southern third of the underground part of the painted pinto desert. I think... They might have excavated more at this point. We've had to reinforce the top of the base with steel to prevent possible collapses. As to why we're that big, well..." she said opening the doors with her magic. As soon as she did and stepped through the doors the officer in the area announced commander on deck. Ice waved her hoof and returned them to their duties. Of course whether they noticed that little transgression over the very large piece of eye candy in the center of the massive underground ravine. The Shadow of Ice was nearing completion. To the point to where most of her internals were completely operational. In fact if they looked closely they could see that the ship was hovering under it's pretty power. This was good for Ice to see. It meant the prototype core was working. "This, once she's fully airborne, will be base headquarters. Her name is the Shadow of Ice, and she will become a symbol of dread for the enemies of Equestria. Of course, she is an airborne dreadnaught. She consists of two top mounted turrets with three 400mm, 360° of turning radius and 45° of incline. She's got four more of those cannons bottom mounted with full range of firing motion and numerous secondary defense weapons on her side from other aerial fighters." "Her hull consists of plated steel three inches thick with a thin lining of whitescars magic absorbing wood with we've turned into a way of harnessing fuel for the ship. She herself has hanger bays to let smaller fighters out and will not go anywhere without a fleet of six aeronautical destroyers by her side. Her biggest strength is also her biggest weakness, and you'll never find her over an Equestrian City," she finished. Further down they could see other much smaller ships being built using the aether core technology instead of balloons, and plenty of hangars, shops, barracks, entertainment areas, even education districts for fillies and colts.
  5. ~~~Ice Storm~~~ Ice Storm was somewhat expecting the kind of answer that she had gotten, but at the same time, she was also expecting Harle to jump at the option to have her name cleared. However, when she worded it the way that she did, Ice understood where she was coming from. She also noted that the griffin and the pony seemed to be conversing with each other in a whispering tone. She could see the scientist looking at her amulet during the conversation she she could only presume what it was about. "Actually, I would never force you to do anything that wasn't for the benefit of Equestria. I'm really not even asking you to change what it is that you do now," Ice responded as they stepped onto the elevator and it began descending. "I mean, I suppose that would be acceptable in that regards, although I don't see how they wouldn't want to get paid to basically sail all over Equestria, do what ever you already do, and watch for anything that looks out of place, or if any unsettling rumors perk up. With where you would be within the ranks of my system, there would be very little risk for you and a lot of reward. You supply me with extra border security when I need it, and I supply you with a hangar, bits, and a clean record. I would say that given your reputation that you've wrongfully gained I'm taking the bigger risk here," she said as the elevator opened up. If any of yours wish for an extended leave at all and don't have a place of their own that they can relax at, this is the housing district of the base. Plenty of eateries from all walks of life here so I'm sure we could find something that they would enjoy. All of it is freshly prepared. No rations here," she concluded dropping some bits on the counter of one of them and pulling three drinks over for them. "We'll need these. We've got a twenty minute walk to get to the next, and most important part of the base," Ice Storm concluded pushing open a set of double doors and started to lead them down the slightly less than natural caverns.
  6. ~~~Nira~~~ "That is entirely true as well. If they don't like the way that I run things then they are more then welcome to go to a clinic that's going to charge them out the flank for a cough drop," Nira said. Try as she might though she still couldn't quite take herself out of guard mode yet. She just wasn't used to it, and would likely take her a few minutes to get used to them actually being in a relationship now rather than just her being his body guard. She slurped more of her fizzy drink and followed Ishi's direction, walking wherever he lead the two of them. "The next thought though is how big of a place I'm going to need and whether I should have it serve as an over night reprieve for some of the more severe patients or just be a daily visit kind of thing," she finished. She really didn't know what to expect honestly so she wasn't for sure on what she would need.
  7. ~~~Ice Storm~~~ Ice Storm raised an eyebrow to Harle's reaction and statement about soul stealing magic. She'd used arcane contracts before but those were to secure loyalty between some very powerful creatures. Mainly from herself to Luna and for Tempest to her. Tempest's was also a show of power to show that she could easily withstand anything the mare threw at her. "I'm the leader of a classified military organization a not a death tyrant. What use do I have for souls? The only thing I expect is loyalty to me and the nation of Equestria," she started before setting the files before the both of them. In them would have documentation of their recent activities from her trailing forces. "I've been watching you for a while. Long before the incident that brought us together today. I was looking for an easy way to get in contact with you without arousing suspicion," she continued "What I want is simple. I want you to join my ranks. You'll keep your ship, your jobs your classifications, heck even you pirate status of your choose to keep it. The only thing I want in return is for when the situation calls for it, to fly my colors and and if you notice anything suspicious to notify me immediately. Should you accepted, you and every ship within your control will gain one of these communication devices so that you can either contact me or your other crew mates. If you can do this for me, I have some very powerful connections. Connections that could go a long way to clearing your name. I can even have all crimes that you just confessed to stricken from the record as if they never happened," she smiled walking to the other elevator in the room. The one that was heavily guarded. "If these conditions are acceptable them please come with me. I'll be happy to show you just how big my base actually is."
  8. ~~~Ice Storm~~~ Ice Storm waited for the group to finish their 'goodbyes' if you could call them that. She left Rainbow and Scootallo to work on repairing some damaged trust it appeared as she nodded to Harle when she said it would just be her and her Co-pilot coming to the discussion. That was probably for the best anyway. An entire crew coming into the office would draw attention. More than what's already been drawn but she'd could still talk her way out of that. A miscommunication between somepony in her casino and the pirate would be easy to fix. She held a hoof up as they started to walk through the casino and cut off Harle as she started to mention the base. "Not down here. The first rule is we never bring the 'b-word' into the casino," she said before the elevator opened and she stepped inside. When the door closed she started to speak more. "All the questions will be answered to the best of my ability. Of course I know every detail that goes on here, casino operations non withstanding. I can't say I was expecting any of this on my front door so to say. But naturally there will be some questions that I cannot answer without certain requirements behind meet beforehoof," she said before walking back into her office. Only then did she get a good look at the second in command. He was an older stallion and looked to be quite knowledgeable himself. She couldn't really see his cutie mark from the pan coat but she had to presume that he was a scientist of sorts. Hopefully he was better behaved than the last scientist she dealt with today. "Before we get started with our dealings and proclamations, I all required to make your aware that nothing, and I mean nothing, that we discuss leaves this room. If this is acceptable them we can move on," she said pulling a few manila envelopes out of her desk.
  9. ~~~Ice Storm~~~ Ice listened intently to the filly as she spoke. If they're was one thing she knew about fillies and colts was they had a tendency one to exaggerate a bit but the also had no filter. If something was truly amiss this would tell her. However seeing the filly instantly run up to Harle instead of Rainbow told her everything that she needed to know. It appeared that the Neighponese guard was actually spot on the money with her assessment. She made a mental note to contact her as some point and see if a possible alliance could be in order. Having allies, and one with a communicator like hers on the other side of the planet would go a long way for response time and fortifications here. Of course that was something that she would need to get permission to do first. Regardless she listened to the back and forth between Scootallo and Rainbow Dash and arched her eyebrow. Autographs? Storytelling? Heartless mean ol casino owner? Every word made Ice's glare at Rainbow even more squinty eyed. With the final words she face hoofed. "Rainbow believe me, I am the first to recommend security and a constant eye on a filly in an environment such as this... Casinos aren't a place for children, but Ponies do come here for vacations and they have a right to have fun to. That's why there's an arcade for them at the back of the casino past a security check point. It's ten bits per child to get in, but everything inside is free. Today after everything that's gone on, Scootallo can enter for free..." She said before turning back to Harle. "Now, if you and your crew could follow me back to my office we have business to discuss."
  10. ~~~Nira~~~ "That would be poetic wouldn't it? The former bodyguard hiring bodyguards. Though that is probably what would be needed should we take up a more centralized location. Everypony deserves to receive treatment for injuries and illnesses. There is no way to put a value on pony life, so why do we insist on putting a value on saving it?" Nira said as their walk continued. "It would take some finagling though to make the two tiers of ponies and long to not be irate with one another, as well as making them understand that their nobility status won't give them priority treatment," she said before setting some bits on the counter of a stall and taking a couple of the fizzy drinks they already had prepared. She hoofed one to Ishi and then held one for her sipping lightly. "Looks like the cherry fizzy drink today," she stated sipping again.
  11. ~~~Ice Storm~~~ It really didn't surprise Ice that after everyone she had heard that Dunes has something planned for an escape. She hadn't been given much of a reason to trust him at this point and honestly, had he just cooperated with her, she would have told him not to do it again and that her casino wasn't a recruitment station... Even though... It was every bit of that... That was neither here nor there. As soon as he teleported out, she started barking orders. "I want all the information that we can pull on this Dunes from all sources. Send a courier to the university her worked at, I believe he said Phoenix University, and let them know what transpired here. If he used a filly as leverage to get what he wants he'll use college grades to force hooves as well. I want Dunes found and all artifacts obtained. Lieutenant, send a dispatch to Luna immediately. Show may not be a princess anymore but I'm sure she would still want to be aware of any threats we find," she said turning back to Harle and Rainbow. "We can argue over trustworthiness later. We have more pressing matters at the moment. We know the..." Ice started as the explosion of smoke happened, and she spotted the filly in question, returned holding a dagger or sword in her mouth waiting to storm the casino with the pirates. Ice Storm sighed and facehoofed. "Well... That made that part easy... Since they're here we might as well go pay them a visit and reunite your with your sister." "As far as you go Harle, before I let you go, we need to talk compensation," she said to the griffon hoping that she hasn't over estimated her ability to understand code speak. Surely she had to know there was more meaning behind the words than what was implied but she didn't want to go into full detail with Rainbow present. "Now, things might get a little cold," she said before attempting to teleport herself and the others in front of the band of pirates. Should they teleport with her a three mounds of snow would be left where they were.
  12. ~~~Ice Storm~~~ Ice Storm listened to Harle begin to speak, and when she did, she noticed three things. The first thing she noticed was the griffon leave her scent behind. She wasn't entirely sure about everything else she said about her record, but she noticed that the story she told matched the one that the longma had told. Don't to the fact of even not wanting to get involved. She highly doubted that the to would have collaborated this. When she said that she used a device to hypnotize the Wonderbolt and the filly she was skeptical. She knew he was an archeologist and that there were likely other artifacts like hers of great power. Shoot, he himself was looking for one. However he played the abscence of the filly to his advantage. "If the filly is safe, them you wouldn't mind telling me what route they took to have them picked up? The surrounding area isn't exactly safe in of itself you know," she said to Harle. "As for you," she said turning to Dunes, and then looking and pointing to to of her guards. "Search him. Anything he's carrying goes on my desk. I'd ask you if you had it myself but I already know the answer that you're going to give me to keep any roose you have going up. I am a bit skeptical of the claim, but considering you're currently hunting for an artifact of great power makes entirely plausible that you have one now. This gives potential validity to the claim on top of the fact that it confirms the story of the Royal guard of Neighpon that's currently with us. That, and from my surveillance had already come to the "rescue" of the filly once. I do not believe that there is any collaboration between these to prior to the events that transpired."
  13. ~~~Ice Storm~~~ "That is exactly my point. This mare has faced am unusually high amount of extremely dangerous situations unscathed, and sooner or later, that luck is going to run out and she's going to end up in a mission that she's not going to come home from. I have personally seen what happens to those whose luck have run out. Less anyone here forget what happened in the Chrystal empire five years ago," she finished. "I myself don't doubt Rainbow's skills. There's a reason she's one of Equestria's elite. But even the elite can fall, and can you imagine the effect it would have on Equestria as a whole if she fell on a mission you blackmailed her into doing? You'd be lucky if my forces got to you first. Celestia forbid Twilight or her family find you first," she said. Her spheres once again unsocketed from her amulet and began orbiting quickly. The aether could be felt radiating off of them at this point making the room down right cold. At this point her guards entered with Harle. She held her hoof up to cease all other comments. "I appreciate you joining us. Ms Harle will be afforded the courtesy to speak her piece without interruption. I understand the history everypony here had with her, but that doesn't mean she doesn't get to tell her side of what happened and just because she's a pirate also doesn't mean she's instantly guilty. Please Ms Harle, tell us what happened, but first, tell us where Scootallo is and I want a guaranteed that she's safe," she started. She had ways of finding out herself but she didn't want to make her think a decision has already been made in heat abscence.
  14. ~~~Ice Storm~~~ It seemed that Rainbow Dash final got the point that Ice wasn't messing around when she said the situation was handled. Nira had also remained silent throughout most of the interrogation. The only time she spoke up herself was when she was spoken to. Dunes on the other hoof... "You're right. I am a part of the government. The part of the government that doesn't play the same games that everypony else does. If something needs to be done, it, gets, done. No politics, no what ifs, done. And there is nothing benign about using a filly as leverage for a negotiating tool. Even if that is the truth and is what happened, what if your had succeeded? What if you had gotten her to convince Rainbow to join you? Do you not think that would have destroyed the psyche of the poor filly if Rainbow was hurt or worse on your dig? These expeditions are never safe. Could you live with the fact that you got somepony else hurt in you selfish endeavors, and knowing you mentally destroyed another!? That's probably a dumb question at this point..." she spoke infuriated as the ding is the elevator went off. And the guards escorted their newest visitor in.
  15. ~~~The jungle near Las Pegasus~~~ "Big enough to hide you and yours for months and you'd still never see all of it. On top of recent events that have transpired, Ms. Storm has been looking for you for a while, and not because you have a bounty. She had many questions and a possible proposal of you're interested," one of the guards said inviting the griffon in the ship. "And sweet Celestia were never put a guest into binds. It's unprofessional and never leads to beneficial negotiations. There is however one last thing we need. We need the filly. Ms. Storm will not negotiate anything until she is safely returned, though both hey and the foreigner have the impression that you'd never harm a filly, so they've given you the benefit of the doubt." She finished the airship turning and making its way back to the casino. In the command room of the ship, they sent a simple message to Ice. "The packages have been received returning home." ~~~Ice Storm~~~ "Then I suggest that you make that eight Ms. Dash. I understand that she's your sister, but my units specialize in these types of missions. This is what we do. I know that this is family involved and the personal toll can take on a pony, but you're the element of loyalty right? So how about showing me and my forces a little bit of faith here," Ice said to Rainbow Dash sternly No sooner did she finish she got the transmission that their targets had been acquired. "Bring them to me," she said turning back to the archeologist. "Don't, play coy with me. We are in this situation because you decided to use deceit and treachery to get funding and or assistance with your dig. You have already admitted this fact. Had you left well enough alone in the first place, we wouldn't be in this room now. You are the Lynch pin that started all of this, so don't play innocent with me. Plus I'm still wondering how one punch too out somepony with the physique of a Wonderbolt. I'm not entirely convinced that there not more at play here than what you are letting on," Ice seethed, the air temperature dropping as her anger intensified.
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