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  1. "I actually kinda like how the holes look to be honest. It's unique, just like how a unicorn has horns or pegasi have wings. The added ability to look like whomever you want is an added bonus as well," Ice Storm responded with a smile as the changling answered Nensho's question regarding the holes in her and what it was like to be a changeling. She imagined that it would be like trying to ask anypony else what it was like being what they were. It's a relatively hard question for anypony to answer with any sort of conviction. How do you answer a question like that? What's it like? Now that the question had been asked she had to ponder what her answer would be if somepony asked her that. What is it like being a unicorn? she couldn't imagine it being much different than anything else, except lifting things is a little bit easier. She did agree that it wasn't proper to talk about somepony else's homeland the way that kappi had, but at the same time, she knew where he grew up and the releationship that Whitescar had with Neighpon. It wasn't hostile at the moment, but it wasn't one hundred percent peaceful either if she remembered correctly. To be expected though while the Red Jarl is still at large in Whitescar and still ruling over some of the clans within the frostbitten lands. She decided not to remark on the comments and let him explain himself if he so chose to do so. Frostbitten lands. There's an understatement for the current conditions if she had ever heard one. They weren't even deep into the lands yet, and already at night outside of their shelter she was fairly sure that the temperature had dropped to dangerous levels. If they weren't already, the would be soon. Especially once Celestia's sun sank below the horizon. She was fine for the most part though. She just hope nopony else needed to step out at all during the evening. At least anypony other than Kappi to start mapping the land. If there was any other pony here that could handle cold about as well as she could, it was him. Though she was certain she could still edge him out just because of her naturally affinity to ice. With that in mind, she figured now would be as good a time as any to do her first report and establish time of entry into the Frozen north. She pulled out one of the small communication devices that she had checked out of the supply room for the mission and tuned the transmitter to their encrypted channel. "Special Agent Ice Storm checking in. Current location, outer rim of the Frozen North, thirty clicks north north west of the Spire. Exact coordinates unknown, all 4 team members including myself safe and accounted for. We start departure into the tundra at dawn..." Ice Storm spoke through the receiver. "Copy that Ice Storm. Everypony stay safe out there." she heard through the receiver before placing it back in her pack. "We should get some rest," she said finally. "We depart at dawn."
  2. Hiya~

    Hello there, and welcome to Canterlot! your friendly neighborhood Ice Pony here to wish you a warm welcome! Make sure to read the rules and if your chatty like a lot of us are, come join us on the discord! Look forward to seeing your character and possibly RPing with you!
  3. "Well, considering that Celestia's Sun is already starting to set, I fear it would be incredibly dangerous and unwise to proceed any further into the tundra. Since we don't know what's here, we don't know what could be waiting for us. Not to mention, I'm sure the already cold temperatures are going to plummet even further, and while I'm certain I could withstand it with some assistance from my magic, it would be dangerous for anypony else. So I think resting here and starting at dawn would be the best course of action," she responded to Kappi as she watched the other two. Aria had already made her way over to Nensho and began talking to him about Neighpon. A conversation that she herself was somewhat interested in. She kept an ear out so that she could try to catch a bit of it as well as her own conversation. The last time she was in Neighpon, she wasn't there for sightseeing, so hearing a little bit about what's there interested her. "That being said, if you wish to map the stars here, I would recommend doing so now, as I mentioned, I wouldn't want to be outside of the shelter too long right now until we got used to the terrain," she finished when he brought up the stars. It was true that would be essential to navigating the lands, but at the same time, any cloud cover in the area would render them useless, and Celestia have mercy if they get caught in a blizzard.
  4. Winter is Coming [Invite; Ice Storm]

    The icy blue unicorn could only nod in agreement with the spirit of chaos as he mentioned that so many bakeries anymore layered their cakes in so much frosting anymore that tasting the cake was a miracle. It was almost like having a cake made completely of frosting! Ice Storm loved her sweets as much as the next pony, but that was just too much! that was why she liked her Ice Cream Cakes better just the right amount of ice cream for the right amount of cake! It was a perfect balance! She couldn't help but giggle at his comment of wallowing in frosting. the image of a pony rolling around and throwing a tantrum in frosting was amusing her. She imagined that would be quite sticky to clean up afterwards though. She had plenty of experiences with sticky situations to know it wouldn't be fun. When he mentioned something about her doing a rainbow cake, since she could do any flavor and flavor combinations, the idea intrigued her. Although she would have to research which flavors would work well together in a cake. Take the time to figure out if she should or not because she already knew she could. "That wouldn't be a bad idea... I'd have to make sure that the flavors would work together though. A lot of trial and error and research would be required for something like that. I don't want to throw a bunch of flavors together only for them to clash and make everything unpleasurable. It is a cake after all. A pony is supposed to enjoy eating it." she replied as he said that he had enjoyed the visit and that if she wanted him to visit again, all she had to do was call. "Aww, you're leaving already?" she said looking outside noticing that the it was already dusk... "Oh, I didn't know we were here that long..." she told him. Good thing she was already home then. Though once the stars were out she'd probably venture to the park to her favorite location to stargaze from when she wasn't using the observatory.
  5. Seeking A Character/OC Design Up for Adoption.

    sorry for the delay, been sick for about the last week. Gurimā Is Medo's sister, and the name meant something, but for the life of me I can't remember what. It was supposed to be around the family business. Gurimā is a unicorn with a honeysuckle yellow coat, with a very very light yellow, (almost white) mane and tail, (styled however, not important.)Her eyes are a gradent Amber to canary yellow. her cutie mark can be left up to you as I never really thought of one for her. Nira's friend would be a bit tricky. Asyura is a Longma like Niradana, and a long time friend of hers. She was aqua blue with gold underscales and kind of an oceany mane and tail. again never gave her a cutie mark. Here's Nira if you wanna take a look at her backstory a bit to pick up some more information. There's not a lot, but there's some. Likewise, here's Medo's as well.
  6. Seeking A Character/OC Design Up for Adoption.

    I don't have any actual pictures of them, as I don't even have pictures of all of the characters that I do play unfortunately. (art is espensive) But, I can give you a pretty detailed description for them if that would work for you.
  7. Seeking A Character/OC Design Up for Adoption.

    I have a few characters with open family members if it's something that you would interested in. I know that Medo has a sister that can be apped, and Nira has an old friend that I'm sure that she'd love to see again at some point. Wind Dancer is rarely played, I know that My Aloe still needs a Lotus, which is why I don't play her as often as I did before. If any of these peak your interest, shoot me a message.
  8. ~~~Niradaña~~~ To start off with, there wasn't much in the way of conversation. Mostly because she was unsure if shye was supposed to start the conversation or if she was supposed to wait. She had always been used to being formal, and professional. This vacation was completely new to her and wasn't something that she was quite expecting. To be honest, she didn't know what she should be expecting at this point. Still though, it did feel kind of nice to be able to be around ponies for a bit and not have to constantly be on watch for somepony that might be making a scene. Naturally though, her keen senses would pick up on anything that would be a problem if it were to arise. When she heard Ishi ask about her personal life and how they had been going, she shrugged. "To be honest, not very much. When I'm not guarding you, I tend to be in the gardens clearing my mind. There's a few nights that I'll head out with Sanda and we enjoy a few sights, but for the most part I just prefer peace and serenity. Nothing overly extravegant, but it works for me," she said with a very slight smile.
  9. Winter is Coming [Invite; Ice Storm]

    As the Draconequis tasted the cake and commented on how it would relieve so many bad days, Ice Storm giggled a bit, especially when he said that it would be more than enough to end or create wars. "Well, I wouldn't say that my cakes are that good," she replied as she heard him say that she should enter her cakes into one of the competitions here in town. That he was sure that it would get her a lot of publicity and attention. She pondered the idea. Her franchise was already booming. Could she handle any more attention then what she was already getting from running five stores? Would they want her to open more? At the moment she wasn't sure that she would be able to handle that much attention. Not to mention, if she became that famous for her store's success, then that would make it harder for her to complete any missions that she would need to be called for that required subterfuge. Then again, it would be her store that was famous, not necisserily her. "I think that might not be a bad idea. Perhaps I should keep a look out for when the next competition is available. I mean, my cakes are nothing fancy, but I'm sure I can find something to spruce it up for a competition like that. Pretty easily actually considering I can make any flavor combination imaginable. I'm sure I could create something amazing and divine," she told him with a smile before grabbing a piece of the cake for herself with a giggle.
  10. When she heard the changling tell her that she could do the best that she could in regards to the mission and that they would all bee, 'fit as a fiddle' when they were done. She couldn't say that she had heard that saying since she lived in Ponyville. The smile that she wore grew a bit when she heard Kappi mention that Jarl Sigrin was doing well. That life required constant vigilance, especially against enemies and that change was always a dangerous thing, so she was constantly busy. Ice Storm agreed to an extent, but not all change was dangerous. Sometimes it was change that was needed. The lack of the desired change would prove to create a more dangerous situation that any other alterior. However this wasn't really the time nor the place to be debating semantics such as that. The security pony that was with them stated that he was content with being wherever she needed him to be. That she was the leader of this endeavor. She then also heard Aria ask about a set of time that they would have to be gone before a search party would be sent. "Well, I have a reporting device on me. I'm supposed to report in at least once a week with possible findings that we have as well as documenting them down. it also serves as if I go a couple weeks without contact, they know that something is up. Unfortunately, it's just a communicator, not a tracker, so they wouldn't be able to pinpoint where we're at with it. If everything goes well though, I'm cleared to stay here in the frozen north indefinitely until something more pressing arises that would require my attention," she replied. Granted, even then if she was deep enough into the tundra, it would still take them several days to get out. So whatever pressing matter might come up, they would have to alert her very well in advance that something could even be thought of happening and being an issue. "It is also good that Jarl Sigrin has been finding ways to keep herself busy. AS you said, change is often dangerous, especially in Whitescar. Just the few times that I've been there I can tell that it's not a place well habitable by most ponies. Myself would be a rare breed as I would be immune to the weather for the most part, but not the predators. One of the reasons why I visit the clan when I can is because I can withstand the cold. I'm actually quite comfortable in it. Even in this frigid place, I'm still comfortable. I imagine it gets much colder further in though," she finished. "That said, we should probably get as much rest as we can. we progress deeper at dawn, and fear not, in the event of extreme weather, I can make these igloos pretty quickly, so we'll always have a shelter."
  11. ~~~Niradaña~~~ Nira nodded, thankful that Ishi didn't want to push the subject anymore. She already lead towards being more of a quiet mare herself, but she steeled herself whenever that topic came up. Granted, she had been the one to bring it up in this instance, but the effect was the same. The smile that she had faded a bit before she heard Ishi mention that he was sure that she would enjoy the resort, and that he had the last time that he was there. As they made their way to their transportation, she was a bit surprised that he let her board first, since she was supposed to be next to the door in case something went wrong, but he was the prince, so she didn't question it. "I appreciate that," she said in response to him picking a location that was more relaxed. For the most part she would have to wait and see what the resort had in store for them when they got there. She took her seat in the carriage and waited for him to enter as well so that they may be on their way. She wasn't really sure though what would be an appropriate point of conversation to pass the time.
  12. ~~~Niradaña~~~ Nira watched and listened as Ishi gave her smile a quick compliment. Ishi was one of the only ones that gave her those type of compliments. Then again, she didn't have too many interactions with other ponies outside of those she'd sworn to defend, and other bodyguards of the family. Once and a while though, she would go for long walks through some of the royal gardens or find herself in a quiet park. Occassionaly she would partake in conversation with some of the ponies that passed through, but she was more of a mare that prefered serenity having grown up and trained for action her entire life. She would often use this time to meditate and let her mind expand to encompass the energies around her. She may not be able to use her magic on herself, but that didn't mean she couldn't focus on what was around her. Her ability to sense the energies is what allowed her to sense threats well before they came into the picture. An aggressive pony had a different type of energy flowing from them than on that was calm and passive. When she heard Ishi ask if she was looking forward to the vacation, she took a deep breath. "More like apprehensive. The last time I took a vacation, I was a filly. I nearly lost my best friend at the time. Though in a way, I did... I have not seen her since that night," she told him. When he explained that they were going to a resort, enjoying hot springs and massages, she nodded. "That does sound.... nice... I can't really say that I've every experienced such things myself," she responded.
  13. ~~~Niradaña~~~ A vacation. Niradaña had heard of these things before and remembered back to when her family used to go on them before she had gotten taken away for training. After that though, the word Vacation had almost become a myth to her. It was training, training, and more training with the occassional breaks for eating and sleep. Ever since the night that she got her cutie mark and her friend was almost killed she had lost most of her sense of the word fun. She had associated the word with dangerous. Whe she heard Ishi say that they were planning on taking a relaxed, her first instinct was to remain in her armor throughout the entire duration of the trip. He would probably frown at that though. He didn't specifically tell her not to, but she was smart enough to know that a vacation was meant to be laid back. That did not however, keep her from packing her armor. Better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it. That said, Niradaña wasn't entirely sure where they were going. That was a slight problem in both what else she should pack and what she should be expecting. She couldn't base out and plan for possible threats of an area if she had no prior knowledge of the area that they were going to. Perhaps that was part of Ishi's intention. Still the mare seemed relatively stoic in her expression, packing essentials that a mare would need, and then her armor. Enough to fit in a single suitcase. When she moved from her room to the office where Ishi was, she immediately noted that him and his golem were having an interaction. She had found herself to be fond of the construct that she came to learn as Shibō. He was quite energitc and playful, sometimes too much so. He would constantly serve as a very minor distraction for her, but only when she was within the confines of the residence. A small smile spread across her usually steadfast face. "I am ready to leave whenever you are, Ishi-sama," she spoke out to him.
  14. Niradana[Ready]

    Roleplay Type: World of Equestria Name: Niradaña (Nira) Sex: Female Age: Young Mare Species: Longma Eye colour: Dark Amythest Coat: Deep Violet Purple Mane/Tail: Light Amythest Physique: Very slender and tone. Very quick and agile both in the air and on the ground. Good at dodging with quick counters and reflexes. Residence: Kyoma Occupation: Arcane Field Medic, currently serves as bodyguard for Prince Ishi Cutie Mark: A Blue Arcane cross in front of a white shield. Unique Traits: Niradana can channel and manipulate pure arcane energy. Using this energy, she can sustain the life force of any pony by tapping into the surrounding energies of the environment and funneling it into a critically injured pony, preventing any injury from being fatal as long as she can get to them before the final breath is taken. She can also us this energy to heal any wound of flesh, internal or otherwise. Her magic however cannot repair nerve, bone, or deep internal damage. She is also immune from her own magic and cannot heal herself with it or draw energy to sustain herself. Her magic only works on others. History: One bright, cold winter night many years ago, a brand new filly entered the world. A daughter to her mother Asatsuyu (Morning Dew) and father Inazuma (Lightning wave) Niradaña came to be. Upon entering the world, a series of shooting stars shot through the sky. At the time, her parents knew not what it meant, but held hopes that the fortunate sightings meant that there were great things in store for their new little filly. They would not be disappointed. At an early age in her fillyhood, she discovered her magical ability. She began to make small sparks of energy periodically with her mouth, and she found that whatever she hit with the energy became rejuvenated slightly or had a little bit more energy than normal. Unfortunately though, despite trying to breath on herself several times, she quickly learned that she was not able to duplicate the same effects on herself. Over time though, she worked on harnessing and manipulating this arcane energy that she discovered that it could heal small lacerations and abrasions. This made her a popular Longma on school grounds as many ponies, longma, and qilin alike sought her out whenever they experienced any of these minor injures. After all, being treated by her magic burned a lot less than the cleaning solutions that the nurse used before wrapping the wound in a bandage. However, it wasn't until she was an older filly that she discovered the true nature of her magic. Her and her friend Asyura was getting ready to watch the fireworks together. They had gotten a great spot and they could see the entire assortment from where they were. When they noticed that they forgot their snacks though, Asyura decided to make a quick flight back to her home and grab them. However when she took off, she was hit by a rogue civilian firework and instantly plummeted to the ground. She landed not too far from where Nira was laying and when she was hit, Nira was already moving towards her, as well as the ponies who shot the fireworks. Her friend had suffered catastrophic injuries, both from being hit with the firework, and from the impact with ground. Doing the only thing that she knew how, she took a deep break and exhaled her magic. When she did, she could feel her senses broaden. She could feel the arcane energy from everything around her, including herself and she began channeling it into her breath. She also noticed that she could feel the energy from Asyura herself as well, it was faint but it was there. Refocusing her breath, knowing she couldn't possibly heal such extensive injuries herself, she instead merged the energy that she was sustaining with the energy that was keeping Asyura alive. She continued to do this until the fully trained medical ponies got to the scene and began using their magic to get Asyura into a non-life-threatening condition before transporting her to the local infirmary. The medical team told her that had it not been for her action, the wounds suffered would have likely been fatal. Once she knew that her friend was safe, she relaxed a bit, though she could no longer enjoy the firework show that was displayed. She returned home, which is when she discovered that she had earned her cutie mark. A blue cross over the front of a white shield. The cross looked a bit distorted though, almost as if it was symbolizing the energy that she could manifest. Word of her abilities though eventually reached on of the generals of the Neighponese army, and he ponysally sought her out, inviting her into the military academy where they would train and refine her magic. To see where it's boundaries lie, and to hopefully allow many more soldiers to go home to their families when the injuries they sustained would otherwise be fatal. Because of this, she was trained hard, both physically and mentally. She had to become lean and quick while she was on the lines tending to wounded soldiers against what few battles sprung up across her homeland. She also had to be very quick to learn how to dodge and counter physical attacks, seeing as her magic had no offensive properties at all. She could only channel the energy into others, and eventually made her way to being able to heal many wounds, but could not heal anything beyond the soft tissue of the body, or anything that she could not visibly see. After a couple years of peace, instead of training her for war, they shifted her training to more important matters. Defending the ponies of importance in Neighpon. Just because they were no longer at war, didn't mean that many of the leaders and their families had enemies. They started teaching her how to recognize and counter possible threats before they could become a real problem and worked on heightening her senses so that she would very, very rarely ever get caught off guard. After her training, she was assigned one of the highest honors that anypony in Neighpon could receive. She was going to be the royal bodyguard for a member of the shogun family. His younger brother, Ishi to be exact. Upon receiving this news, Niradaña was both estatic and nervous. On one hoof, if she did well, it would bring her family great honor, but if she were to fail at her newfound role, she would bring great dishonor to her family. She steeled herself quickly though, as long as she remembered her training, she would do fine. Character Personality: Nira's personality can be described for the most part in two words. Fiercely Loyal. Due to her training, it is actually very hard to break through her skin. She is naturally apprehensive about everything and will never open up until she is one hundred percent sure that a pony is not intending to either harm her, or use the friendship with her as means to go after the shogun's family. In fact, unless specifically requested by Ishi, she will not let any of her acquaintances step hoof anywhere near him. When he was present, she was on duty. Only with his permission would she relent, but only a bit. Once a pony breaks through her outer layer though, she will do anything to make sure that pony is protected, and is willing to do anything for them, so as long as it would not put Ishi in danger by doing so. Character Summary: Nira is a young mare Longma, and devoted bodyguard. Her magical energy perfectly augment her role as such. She does not take risks, and is loyal almost to a fault. She doesn't hesitate to put herself in the way of danger, and regards herself as one of Neighpon's elite, though she's stoic enough to not show it most of the time. NOTE: I have permission from Pyroblaze to use Ishi, in the character application and he has approved Nira to be Ishi's bodyguard.
  15. The responses that Ice Storm got to the question that she asked everypony else, wasn't really too surprising to her. The other unicorn had apparently just finished a job and decided to hang around and thought that she could use the help, and the earth pony was from Askr. She had to think back for a bit as she couldn't remember anypony being part of the clan the last time that she had went up there, but she could hardly say that she met the entire clan. Just because she was a friend of Sigrin didn't mean that she knew every other bou that was there. She had also only been there a few times herself, one of which was to help stop the plague that was affecting it. That being said it was of little surprise once he said he was from Askr, that he took up this adventure. Whitescar on it's own was a completely different monster, one that would probably require the same sort of skills that this expedition would need. Ice Storm had no problems there because of once again, her affinity with ice. That and she wasn't afraid to use her ice as a weapon if she so needed to. Ultimately, she prefered to use it to protect others in situations like this, hence why she had created the structure that they were in. If the weather got bad, this group would never be caught without a shelter of some kind. The changeling that was with them though was a bit of a different story. She was bundled in just about every type of heavy wintery clothing available. It answered her though as to if changelings could handle the cold well or not. It made sense, as she knew that they would either be very resiliant to the cold, or very vulnerable. when she answered, she instantly picked up a very, thick accent, similar to Applejack's. Made her wonder somewhat of the origin of the changling and might explain a bit more if her need for the amount of winter gear she had. Of course, that was answered very quickly when she heard Aria say that she was from Dodge Junction. One of the few places in Equestria that she hadn't been to. Ice Storm looked around to the three others inside the igloo. "I appreciate the assistance from all of you. My name is Ice Storm, Master ice magic in the Canterlot Guild of Magic, and senior member an elite spec ops unit. I must say that I wasn't expecting another pony from Askr. I must ask how Jarl Sigrin is, or at least last you saw of her. She is a good friend of mine," she said looking at Kappi before turning to the Unicorn. "I also have a few acquaintances in Neighpon, but depending on what Island you're from you may or may not know them," she replied to Nensho before looking back to Aria. "And I very much appreciate the help that you're willing to lend. In this environment, traveling without a medic of sorts is usually a death sentence," she said addressing everypony else. "That being said, I cannot really say how long we're going to be in the Frozen North, and I can tell you even less of what to expect. No pony has been here, and other then legends, there is absolutely no factual information on the terrain other than it's cold."