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  1. Frozen Stars

    When the Princess Luna stood up, and she removed one of her silver shoes relief filled her, however, she remained stoic. This situation, this current set of circumstances required the utmost professionalism. She could relax and give thanks and appreciation once the pact had concluded. The night was still quite young after all. As the princess spoke, telling her that she did not wish her harm simply to protect her, but she accepted, Ice nodded and their hooves made contact, briefly sending a wave of energy through the princess as a small sleeve of ice was made around her leg. As soon as the pact finished, the ice around the princesses leg broke and fell to the floor harmlessly. Ice Storm pulled her hoof back and placed it down. "I would much rather not be harmed either princess... however, when it came right down to it, your survival, and your importance to Equestria is far, far greater than mine. If you or any of the other princesses fall, then ultimately, Equestria would fall. It just takes the loss of one, to create a catastrophic loss in morale. A loss in morale would in turn create more forces willing to flee, than there would be to stand and fight. At the same time, it would also create a blindness. A rage, a need for revenge in those that idolized you. They would seek vengeance and become blind to the dangers around them to enact that vengeance." "I know this to be true for myself as well. I was in the spire when it fell. I just got myself and Twilight out before the final collapse and in doing so pushed myself to an extent that I couldn't cast magic at all for a week. I still feel that burning rage against the Red Jarl of Whitescar.... However... I understand I can't just go and destroy everything he loves and holds dear just because he did the same to us. To do so would make me no better than the monster I chase. However, I have no problem waiting for a scout to find him alone, and deliver the justice that should have been served years ago to him. If Twilight had fallen with the Spire there... and Twilight was unconscious when it fell.... she would have fallen... I shan't think the state that Equestria would be in now. So no, I don't want to be harmed... but what I want doesn't matter, if you, Celestia, Cadence, or Twilight is in danger... then it is imperative that you all make it out. I may be a powerful mare, but I am not an important mare. not in the grand scheme of things, and if something were to happen, and I were to die protecting you or one of the others, then that's a death that I can be proud of, so as long as whom I was protecting got out alive," she said taking a seat once more. "That being said, I'm sure we don't want to spend the rest of the night talking about such gloomy topics. Perhaps we could move to something a little bit lighter..... Oh speaking of lighter," she said her face lighting up as if she forgot something. "Would it be possible to acquire a set of the Lunar Guard Armor? Especially since while Celestia is investigating the borders I will be patrolling the streets immediately around the castle, if not in the castle. Something that other ponies could see that would show my loyalty to you while I'm standing guard," she said. Plus the Lunar Guard armor looked way cooler than her ice armor. Sure she could make it into different shapes and shape it like the guard armor, but it wasn't really... customizable otherwise. She knew that most of the Lunar Guard were pegasi, but Luna might have had something for a unicorn under her ranks.
  2. Frozen Stars

    Ice smiled when the princess told her that if she felt that she had the power to deal with him, then she hoped that she did. She also warned her that before it took the both of them to banish him into the ice. She also added that she wasn't entirely sure that Sombra would have been behind the attacks on the Crystal Faire either. However, the princess did say that if she herself were planning an attack like that, that she would use a similar mask of what the empire would fear most. That it was entirely plausible that whomever was directing the attack on the empire was doing the same thing. Using Sombra's image as a bait and switch tactic. She already had an idea of just who could have been using such a tactic... and it only made her want to kill him even more now... The Red Jarl will pay for the lives he cost. Justice will be served for those families. Still though, she couldn't help but smile at the thought. She might not be an Alicorn, but she felt that she could very easily call the ice her domain. Just as Celestia had the sun and day, just as Luna had the Night, stars, and moon, Just how Twilight had friendship... She wasn't a princess.... but the realm of ice was hers, and she felt like that would be her biggest advantage against Sombra should he veer from his reformation. Her thought shifted as Luna began to talk about Tempest and the reformation of her horn. She asked about fitting something over the top of it. A prosthetic. Something that she would be able to use and channel the magic properly and it would... for all intents and purposed be a reformation of the horn itself and as she thought about it, it would be the easiest way to do so. Ice Storm nodded. "I never thought about that... Perhaps we could work with that... perhaps make it in such away where the new part can fuse with what's already there. something to make it look seamless and no pony would be able to tell that it's a prosthetic... I will begin research on something like that once I leave here tonight," she replied as Luna also told her that she would do what she could to assist in their escapes without anyone knowing that she was responsible for them. That was a big, big plus. As long as they weren't super crazy with things, then her they had ways out. That was very important for what they were doing. "You have no idea how this means to me Princess. To be given a chance like this... to protect you, to protect Canterlot, to protect everything Equestria holds dear... I signed up for EPIC because I wanted to make a difference. EPIC isn't living up to it's promises. I had to do something... I couldn't just sit back any longer.... those who have the means to protect others must be willing to do so from the ones that have the means and choose the path of evil instead. Swift Squall gave me these spheres... and in doing so, gave me the power that I needed to where I felt I could make a difference. That I can help take a stand against the great evils of Equestria," she said as she started raising her hoof up and her magic activating. "Princess Luna... I Ice Storm of Canterlot, here by decree my unwavering loyalty both to you and the subjects of Equestria. With your permission, I would like to create an arcane pact with you. Upon resolution of this pact, a trace amount of my magic will be imbued into you, as will a trace of yours into me, creating an agreement more binding than any contract. This is the same pact that I made with Tempest. My Pact between Myself and Tempest was a two way pact where we protected each other... however pact that I wish to make today, is specifically to you. I hereby Swear an oath, that I will do everything in my power, to protect you and the remaining princesses, as well as the rest of Equestria. This pact will create momentary pain and discomfort, but will be bound by the arcane aether. I will be bound both by magic and by blood to honor this oath to you, and the ponies of Equestria. I wish to prove with this pact, that your faith is not misplaced and that I have only the purest of intentions for Equestria," Ice Storm said as her ice magic was now swirling around the center of her hoof waiting and hoping that the Princess would accept the oath. It would be an honor to serve the princess and make sure that both she, and Equestria, were well protected.
  3. Frozen Stars

    Ice Storm lifted her head a bit as the princess raised her hoof and waved the apology away. She told her that she didn't need to apologize because she could just simply say nothing. That she's hidden plenty from ponies, and even her own sister. She didn't feel good about it but she understood that it had to be done. She also added that in the chance that things did start taking a turn for the worst, she would try to speak for you and the organization to sooth any fears that the public has, and correct what they try to twist. She said that she would do so even if it meant that she must face her fellow princesses and confess them of it. that even without knowing as much about the organization other than what was told, she believed that she had good intentions. "Damn straight I do. Making sure everyone goes home, and no one has to go through whay ponies like myself, or you, or others within my organization have gone through again. We're going to be the rock that everypony can turn to for hope. Even the princess. Even when everything feels loss, everyone can have the hope that we are coming. and we will come." she said matter of factly. When Luna mentioned the dangers of Sombra, it was Ice Storm's turn to raise her hoof. "I thought he had too... on multiple occasions actually but apparently that is not the case. It is possible that the Crystal Heart didn't kill him, but simply banished him again. That said, I am well aware of the Dangers of Sombra... and I'm not entirely convinced he wasn't responsible for the deaths in the Crystal Empire years ago with the spire fell. The reason for his inclusion is two fold. I have no doubt that he will at some point try to make a move. However, I am prepared for that," Ice Storm said as the orbs in her necklace broke off and began orbiting her, the air temperature dropping easily a good ten degrees as they did. "Sombra will do well to remember for his sake that while he's under me he's not King. He is a well established enemy of Equestria and I'm giving him a chance to reform. However, should he cross a line, I firmly believe I'm one of the only ponies aside from yourself or the other princesses that can fight him and have a chance. This is my way of training him, and tracking him. As they say, keep your friends close, and enemies closer. I imagine he's trying to do the same with me. I have a lot more ways than he does of getting information right now. I'd say that I trust him about as far as I can through him, but that would be a lie, cause I can throw him quite far." "Not to mention Tempest is a lot more powerful than she lets on, and something that I want to start looking into, to see if it's even possible is some sort of magic to repair her horn. I implore to think how powerful of an asset she could be if we could find a way to fix her horn, without telling her that it's even an option. I got her on board by basically giving her command of the army when we there's not a major threat potential here, as long as she leaves enough forces here to scramble if needed. This way she can head to other regions that the Storm King might have gone after, and persuade them to join our cause. So that someone like The Storm King can't come into power again." "That being said... If captured, Tempest or myself will need to be either released immediately, or kept under very light security with an easy way out. Tempest and I have an Arcane Blood pact. We will not rat on each other, and we will use any means necessary to free the other if captured. Just as I would if you, Celestia, Twilight, or Cadence were captured. When it comes to those that I'm sworn to protect, just as I've sworn my oath to you tonight... I don't play games. I won't harm any ponies that are on Equestrian Soil that get in my way. If we are captured inside of Equestria though, I will do everything in my power to come to you first, and I will instruct Tempest to do the same. However, if one of us is captured outside of Equestria, or one of you four are captured at all... I will not be so nice. I will be invading prepared to kill in order to get you out, to get tempest out... to get any Equestrian Soldier, pony, princess you name it. Everypony goes home... even if it means I might not. I know that there's only so much that you can do and still remain unknowing," she finished. The air getting just a tad bit cooler the more passionate she spoke about defending those she cared about.
  4. Frozen Stars

    Ice nodded as she heard the princess comment that she could not lie to anypony, nor could she bring herself to be dishonest. However, she would not say anything about it if she was never asked. Ice supposed that would have to be good enough. She would have rather it been complete silence in the off chance that a mission went wrong and they were discovered. It could open a can of worms that the princesses may not want to deal with if Luna let on that she knew about the project the entire time. She though of the position now that Luna was in, and it was a dangerous one. Perhaps she should have just kept quiet. She could have just as easily told her units to make sure Celestia knew they were on her side. As Luna mentioned that she thought that they could seriously use something like this, she was relieved a bit but still, it now put the princess in an even more dangerous position. She mentioned that the other princesses had mentioned of having the help of natural hero that weren't Element bearers, Celestia, or herself to help protect Equestria, but they didn't know who. She said that this could be the answer. She also asked who she had recruited in the organization so far. "First off... I want to apologize.... for the precariously dangerous position I just put you in by telling you this, and I curse my lack of foresight. Princess, if something happens to where my organization were to fail a mission or get caught, you wouldn't be able to let on that you knew anything about us... Perhaps help clear the air and get us out once things started calming down, but no one can know that you know. Celestia is the only exception because I will have units in the borders. She needs to know that she will at least have help, even if you don't want to tell her where the help is coming from... unless we became your sanctioned force. That could.... help alleviate some of that. Otherwise, I fear that it could jeopardize Equestrian relations prove counterproductive to the end goal. Not only that, the rumors that could get started if anypony found out that we had this discussion... can be easily turned into that you are hiding the army, and you and I both know how messy that could end up getting..." Ice Storm said lowering her head... "I shouldn't have said anything.... I've put you in grave danger by doing so... and I am sorry..." she added. She then wondered if she should answer the second question that was presented to her. At this point, the princess already knew about the organization and she had more than enough resources to find the information out. After all, she had all of Ice Storm's resources plus areas that she didn't even have access too. She'd find out anyway. "Since we're already in the fire, there's no harm in telling whom I've recruited. A few big names actually, Tempest Shadow is my second in command and is currently setting up an expedition to one of the old Storm King Armories. She said that there was a lot of things that we could use in there, from magic nullifying weapons, to different types of shields, armor and relics that could prove beneficial to ponies in combat. The other.... more interesting pony that I managed to get under my command... is King Sombre. It's weird to have a potential enemy working for me, but at the same time, it's a good way to make sure he's not planning anything else. I'm honestly surprised he answered the summons that I sent him. He was.... surprisingly easy to find. From there, several other recruits, all of them have their strengths in their own way, I also have funding from the biggest Wale in Las Pegasus." she finished.
  5. Frozen Stars

    Ice Storm heard the small sound in Luna's throat a bit and immediately felt a bit bad for bringing the circumstance up. Celestia was still her sister, and she was shedding a bit more negativity on her than most would. As she listened to Luna's explanation about what Celestia actually did when she was lowering the sun, and that sometimes she wasn't even looking outside. So it was entirely possible that she just never saw her. And she knew from personal experience that Celestia, at least when not being forced to uphold her image is very nice. She remembered the Hearth's warming morning that she met her in the gardens. It was a lovely meeting and she even gave her a spell that allowed her to look directly into stars without blinding herself. Still though, she couldn't deny she still felt stronger for the princess that was in front of her, and she felt like she really didn't need to go over why again. AT this point she'd be repeating herself and drifting into the idolization that Luna spoke of before. Ice also nodded when Luna brought up that perhaps they could do better and create the play for both sisters and not just herself. That she could go over the details with her on what happened that day oh so long ago and that she was sure that her and her colleagues could pull it off better. "Thank you, that mean a lot and we'll do what we can to remain as accurate as possible in the time that we are allotted for the play," she said before the hard part of the conversation approached. She watched as Luna leaned in, and placed a hoof over her heart, telling her that she would keep the following information to herself. It made her relax a bit before she took a very deep breath. "Well, I'm not going to beat around the bush with it... Princess, I'm building an army. I'm pulling together as many mercenaries, retired officers that still have fight, and anypony that's willing to train and pick up a spear in order to defend Equestria. The guards are as you said, not trained to be able to deal with these adversaries. I've been a member of Equestrian Protection and Information Command, and have fought to help keep Equestrai safe but... It's simply not enough. The Agency is to passively defensive. We can get leads on leads but we don't get to act on them until they are already here. I'm tired of getting invaded, watching others get hurt, or worse. So, I took it upon myself to do something about it. My army, the Severe Threat Action Responce Force, once in full power, will mobilize on any potential threat to Equestria and her ponies. I've implored the strategies of the same mare that was able to by pass all of our defenses, and in fact, I have her working for me... "I'm building a prototype airship, one that right now exists in concept only. The previous invasion came from the air, so I wanted a way to stop aerial invasions before they got started. I'm building something that I want those who choose to be enemies of Equestria to fear. It's heavily fortified, and heavily armed. My goal with that is to stop anything with hostile intentions before it's even over our lands, and even most of the ground missions we do, very little of them will be on Equestrian Soil. Which is why I know it's probably illegal, and why I've kept it so secretive. The other reason is, I'm not waiting for a yes or no answer/ I truthfully wasn't even going to bring it up to you, because something like this, being in the position that you are, need plausible deniability, and not knowing that we exist gives you legitimate deniability. We can't be acting on your orders or Celestia's orders if you don't know we're here. The only reasons I'm telling you this now is because a, I trust you, and b, when I leave here tonight, I will be sending reinforcements to the borders to assist if needed and also gather information. It was imperative that I mention the organization in it's entirety to you at that point, so that my ponies are not confused among the bandits. One thing I can guarantee though, I am doing everything in my power to protect You, Celestia, and all of Equestria. I'm tired of seeing ponies get hurt or die because we've been blindsided... not anymore," she finished and she waited. Realistically, there was still nothing stopping the princess from arresting her. She did only promise to keep it a secret. She did not promise free passage.
  6. Frozen Stars

    Luna confirming that Celestia had also suffered in her absence was a bit... refreshing? Ice never wished suffering on anypony, but she also knew that if somepony wasn't at least a little bit trauma tied from having to banish her own sister and forcing them to be a part for a thousand years after being together for who knows how many... She would have had concern about just what their intentions were. Luna said that she didn't see her sister as being the type for false tears, and she watched her sister weep. That in of itself was enough. weeping isn't something a pony can do unless they genuinely feel saddened. "I don't mean this negatively, but that is at least a bit refreshing to hear. I don't wish suffering on anypony, but I'd be concerned if Celestia was perfectly okay with what happened. Of course, I never thought that she was a bad pony to begin with, just....maybe a bit blind to what was happening underneath her. After all, for my entire first tenure in Canterlot, I was sleeping in the park that the balcony overlooks. I'm not entirely sure how she couldn't notice something like that and at least send a guard or something to make sure everything is okay. I wouldn't have expected her to drop anything for me, but... maybe I'm thinking way to deep on something that has little significance now. What's done is done, the only thing we can do is learn and move on," she said as Luna commented on her idea for how to set up the play. "Perfect! I'll start talking with some of my friends and colleges and see when we would be able to get something put together. The only thing that I would want to know is what you would want to see from the play. It is for you after all." From here the conversation got a bit.... heavier. The princess started to weigh in on some of the issues that were actually started to plague Equestria. Apparently there was a bandit issue along the borders. The source of them has been some confusion for most of the princesses. The don't know where the source was from nor did they know why they were bandits to begin with. At first she thought that she might have been talking about some of her agents... but that didn't make any sense. Her organization was being built to prevent things like this, not create them. Plus she didn't have anywhere near the numbers to be an actual threat to the borders even if she wanted to be. The news that Celestia herself and Princess Bluebell were going to the borders sent a flurry of mixed emotions to her. Firstly, she was happy that Celestia was being more proactive in the defense of Equestria. Secondly, if there were two princesses at the border, that meant the numbers of the royal guard are thinned. This would be an opportunity for somepony with ill intentions could try to take advantage of. Granted, Twilight was also staying with Luna, but there was still grounds for concern. Thirdly, it meant that she would have to at the very least tell Luna about her own force. The last thing she wanted to do was to send some of her scouts to survey the situation while Celestia was there, and them being thought of as part of the bandit groups. The comment about the guards themselves not being trained very well.... echoed her own comments, and the consensus from everypony else in her inauguration meeting for her Severe Threat Action Response Force. They do need to be trained better. She felt she had more training than some of the guards did. "Unfortunately, I've seen first hoof the training of the guards. I've had to fight them before when they were under the control of another entity during the invasion on the Crystal Empire. I didn't come out unscathed, but they weren't a threat to me at all, and I hadn't had any proper training at that point yet. After all, it was that event that turned me into the protector that I am today. The news of this bandit group worries me, and with Celestia, and Bluebelle heading to the borders to investigate it raises concerns. On one hoof, I'm happy that She's taking a more proactive response to Defending Equestria... Something that... I'll touch on more in a moment.... However, with Celestia and Bluebelle away, I know you said Twilight was going to be here, but that's still going to be a severe drop in numbers for the Royal guard. It would be a perfect opportunity for a pony or creature with ill intentions to attempt something. With you're permission, I would like to enlist into the Royal guard for the duration of these investigations. I have some military training, and I know for a fact that I'm one of the most powerful ice mages in Equestria. These orbs in my necklace are a testament to that. While I'm helping defend both you and Twilight, I can send my forces to help Celestia with the investigation, which leads me into the other very important topic I just mentioned..." Ice said with a sigh. "I need your trust on this princess... and I'm putting a lot trust in you by coming out with this... I'm taking a big risk because I'm sure what I'm about to tell you is very illegal, and you could very easily keep me from leaving this room. With your trust... I would very much rather the following information have no other ears other than Celestia herself... What I'm about to tell you is.... highly classified by design to both keep Equestria safe, and your foreign relations intact. Absolutely nopony else, other than the others involved, know about this, It goes right along with how the guard isn't trained enough to handle the threats we've been dealt with..."
  7. Frozen Stars

    Ice Storm gave a gentle nod when the princess that she'd never heard anypony directly call her a monster but she had no doubts that there were plenty that thought it. She couldn't argue with that, but she could give anypony around her that she heard comment about that a good hoof to the face and feel no remorse in doing so. She already didn't take disrespect well to begin with, but to disrespect a princess... that was now also one of her friends? That's asking for a beating. She knew there were ponies out there that didn't like the princesses, and she knew that they felt like they had very good reasons. They also knew though to never bring it up around her. The comment that she feared that her sister had become a servant to Equestria rather than it's ruler.... bothered her a bit. As she continued, it bothered her even more, because she was right. After what happened, the ponies of the time practically pushed Celestia into the position that she was. She nodded when she said it was more the fault of ponies in general that things are the way they are now, but she supposed her sister wasn't entirely innocent either. "That really only further proves my point though really. Celestia's had everything.... pretty well handed to her. Sure, I would presume, or at least hope there would be some remorse and pain for the time of your absence. I think this goes back to what you said before Princess, about Idolization getting in the way of being ponies. She's for the most part been given everything, and you've had to work for everything that you can get. Not once, but twice. You really shouldn't have to prove yourself to anyone for ponies to be accepting. As said, no pony was alive when you were at your worst, so no pony has the right to judge you for what happened then. You've had to work for all of your accomplishments. Celestia's been given hers. I'm not trying to say that she's a bad princess by any means. I'm just saying that, I don't see her in the same light that most do," she admitted. It was true. She'd met Celestia and the meeting was quite pleasant. She wasn't a bad pony by any means. But she'd always been drawn to Luna more, especially since she was the first that she met, when she did on that blizzardly night a few years ago. When she heard Luna talk about the play and the Winter Solstice, she nodded. As much as she didn't want to admit it, it made sense. They could easily see it as her grasping for attention... unless.. "Unless you just let us do everything and get everything set up for it, and then 'surprise' you with it. After all, you and I are the only ones here right now. They don't have to know that anyone other than myself and a few friends put it together for you. Inspired by Princess's play for Celestia, to do the same for you. It would spin the questioning glances from you to myself and anypony that would help me put it together. If nothing else, we could very easily hold a banquet in your honor at any time. I also like the idea of the longer nights, but I imagine that would take quite some convincing. You know your sister better than I do though. That being said, something that I could do as well, is perhaps talk to Twilight. She is the princess of friendship after all. Last time I checked, that would be all inclusive, so she should be helping you and helping honor you just as much as Celestia. I imagine that Twilight probably doesn't even know that it upset you," she added.
  8. Frozen Stars

    The long sigh that graced Ice Storm's ears from the discussion that they were having... sounded like that of a pony whose had a huge weight lifted from their shoulders. She heard Luna mention the fact that she was at least honest about how she felt. She still wasn't sure at the moment if that was a compliment, or if she had ended up upsetting her. The sigh lead her to think compliment, but still, it was a delicately sensitive topic. She also noticed that Luna.... seemed to be opening up a bit? Ice was a bit surprised internally, but only showed a comforting posture as the lunar mare spoke. She went on about how her visit to the observatory was fruitful this night. After the next statement it was Ice's turn to let out a small sigh of relieve as Princess Luna confirmed that the conversation that they had, did indeed, make her feel a lot better about herself. That she she couldn't deny that she still wanted what her sister had, but she at least got to learn that there are ponies who are frightened of her or see her as a monster. That she also didn't mind idolatry as long as it didn't get in the way when somepony met her. That... she really did just wanted to be treated like a pony. She felt a small pang of hurt inside of her when she4 heard Luna make the monster comment. She was never a monster! The very thought of somepony actually saying this to her made her blood boil. "For their sake, I pray that I never hear anypony call you a monster. I've seen monsters, I've fought monsters, and it was a monster that ripped my family apart. You are none of those things, and I personally won't let anypony smear you or your name like that," she said a bit defensively, a hint of venom in her tone. Naturally it wasn't directed at the princess, but rather anypony that spoke ill about her new friend. Of course, hearing Luna say that she now knew that she didn't need anypony's love or appreciation made her break a bit inside once again. That she was still bothered by how differently ponies treated her in regards to her sister. That she wanted to be seen as Celestia's Equal, and she knew that she was, but she still felt like she was often over looked and put aside. She used the play that Twilight put on for Celestia's first time raising the sun as an example. It was her first time raising the moon as well! it was how both of them earned their cutie marks! Ice Storm could feel the emotions pouring from her. "I truly mean no disrespect to Celestia, but in my eyes, you and Celestia aren't equals. Celestia isn't the one that was there for me. It wasn't Celestia's sun blistering down on me while I was homeless in the park that gave me hope. It wasn't the constant bickering and down putting of the nobles district during her days that gave me my drive... Okay, maybe a little bit at the beginning but still. It was you, that gave me my inspiration. It was your moon that gave me hope. It was your stars that gave me guidance. It was your nights that kept me cool. No princess, you've done so much more for me, even without being here, than Princess Celestia ever has. In my eyes, you're not equal, you're superior. You're the Princess that many find relateable, even if their experiences don't truly relate," she spoke, the venom that was previously in her tone washed away with one that was empathetic. It was then that Ice Storm got an idea. "Hey! I know! What if I helped orchestrate that play? If Twilight put on a play for Celestia, there's nothing to say that somepony like myself, or mabye myself and a group of my friends couldn't pull together in your honor, and make a similar play for your first raising, and perhaps speak with Celestia about possible getting a celebration in your honor as well. After all, The Summer Sun Celebration is on the longest day of the year. Yes, Nightmare night is technically a holiday for you, and I find it to be a quite enjoyable holiday, but at the same time, it's built around the part of you that, as you said, everypony still fears. I know here in Canterlot and in Ponyville a lot of those fears were absolved, but we really need something that would put you into a positive light. Something perhaps on the Winter Solstace. That is, after all, the longest night of the year. It's only fitting it should have some sort of ceremony or celebration with it as well," Ice added trying to think of things that could help. The play was a no brainer, she could get a following for doing the play in a heartbeat. The yearly celebration would take some work, if it was something that Luna would even be interested in.
  9. Frozen Stars

    "I agree. Eternal night would not have been. The plant life would have suffered greatly and in turn everything else would have followed suit. As said before. The sun fuels the land while the night fuels the soul. However, unchecked emotions, especially negative emotions can make a mare do many things that she's not proud of. Every mare brakes a different way... If I personally had broke, which I came close to doing many times when I was younger, I wouldn't be alive now. I understand that things happened and that you weren't innocent a thousand years ago... but you're innocent now. That is why, to me you weren't evil, but broken... and a pony. Just like everypony else... except with wings and a crown," she smiled hoping that Luna knew that she wasn't trying to discredit her position with the crown to any extent. She realized after she spoke that she was losing some of the formal tone that she was speaking with and was pretty much talking to Luna at this point as she would a friend. The words that followed her gave her a bit of hope herself that she wasn't being too out of place or offensive to the mare. Granted, she was mostly trying to bask her in a positive light. She understood that what happened was bad. She also understood that there's always a linchpin. A pony just doesn't snap like Luna did without a lot of build up and warning signs. The fact that no pony caught the warning signs, or worse, noticed and didn't care a thousand years ago bothered her. She knew there wasn't anything that she could do to go back and fix what happened back then, but she did know that she could at the very least try to be there for her princess if she ever needed a voice to talk to that wasn't on the royal pay role. The fact that Luna said that she would prefer her friendship more than the idolization, because sometimes that can go a bit too far, as she found out from experience. "I can't deny that I've idolized you for most of my life. After all, you've saved it more times than you know. At the same time though, it was that idolization that gave me my drive. I'll admit, at the time, I didn't know what that drive was, other than to make myself better, and not let the hardships that I went through turn me into a mare that I didn't want to be. Of course now, my drive is protecting ponies, and making sure that they get a chance to look up to the moon and stars. That they can do so without fear of what's on the horizon that they can't see, knowing that Equestria, and all of her princesses are protected," Ice smiled. She definitely considered herself thankful that she decided to come out tonight.
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    Ice could hear Luna's flabergasted response when she heard Ice mention that her father still thought it was her fault. She didn't understand it either, but she was beyond him at this point. She was more powerful now than he ever was, and part of her believed that it was his jealousy of what she was able to become without his help that only further pushed him away. After all, she was highly successful and was on Equestria's front lines as one of the more powerful mages in any fight. The orbs around her neck did nothing but help her even more in that regards. She also heard Luna comment about how it was hard for her to understand why she thought the way that she did. Mainly, it was because that during that time, She herself was still in the moon and that she was a Nightmare. That she twisted the dreams and she might have been as responsible as her experiences were for her nightmares "Horesfeathers," Ice Storm started. "You weren't a nightmare, Princess. You may have called yourself Nightmare Moon, but you weren't a Nightmare. You were a broken mare. You were a mare that never got an outlet to release the feelings that were building up. Many of the other ponies here in Equestria.... seem to forget, that yes, You, Celestia, Cadence, Twilight, you're all princesses. But you're also ponies... and that just like everypony else, you all have feelings. I may know what it feels like to be abandoned, but I'm not going to even pretend to know how you felt a millennia ago, and anypony, other than yourself, that tries to say that they know exactly how you felt is full of themselves..." "Maybe that's one of the reasons I was drawn to the moon so much. I knew that while it wasn't quite the same, I could relate... and I won't deny.... a thousand years ago, I probably would have joined your cause because of what I went through... And honestly? I don't see how anypony in this day and age has the right to judge you for what happened a thousand years ago. the only ponies that was alive for that was Celestia, and Discord. So everypony should be thinking of you as you are now. Not what you were before they were even alive," Ice finished as she heard Luna apologize about what happened to her, and that she could feel sorry for her, but ultimately it wouldn't amount to anything. While most would probably have been a bit offended by that, Ice understood what she meant. Sure, the words themselves were comforting for a pony, but realistically, what's done was done, and feeling sorry about what happened isn't going to undo anything that happened, nor will it make everything okay now if things weren't. It was a sentiment only thing, and honestly, there were better ways of expressing it, just as Luna had. Of course, it wasn't Luna's fault that these things happened to her, but never the less. "It's okay Princess. I know that you couldn't have been there, but your moon was... And actually... when you stop and think about it... technically you were there for me. If you were still on the moon then, then I would have been looking at you for the support I was looking for and without knowing, you were watching not just myself, but every single other pony in Equestria that looked to the moon for hope. As you said, even when you were hurt the most, you were still a guiding beacon for many, myself included. So I'll reiterate what I said earlier. You were never a Nightmare, at least, not in my eyes, but a pony that had been hurt, broken, and had no where else to turn to. In return, I hope that I can be your beacon of hope in assuring that there are many that idolize you, and by being a friend," Ice said with a smile to the larger mare.
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    Ice Storm was a bit taken back when the princess told her that she'd never heard of anypony looking up to the stars for hope. She had always heard ponies finding the night sky fearful and strange, but hopeful was something she had never heard before. Ice really felt bad for Luna, and a little bit angry inside. All these years and ponies still don't seem to understand. Well, at least some. Surely she wasn't the only pony that looked to the stars for hope. Luna further added that it was refreshing to here the sentiment as well. Ice could understand why if she hadn't heard it at all before. Ice smiled. "Of course they are beacons of hope. Several ponies look up to the stars for guidance, or in memory of the fallen. Others, the ones that have had a less than perfect life, well, can end up down multiple paths, but the ones that pull themselves out of it, see hope. Or at least I did." "The night, the moon, the stars, everything about it is everything that ponies like myself can relate to. And it all stems from what happened to you, your highness. What you overcame, and how you turned yourself into the mare today, gives everypony a reason to strive. Because when a pony can pull herself back from that, it shows that no matter how bad things are, you can always pull yourself out. I was a filly when I first came to Canterlot, abandoned by my own blood. I've since made up with my mother, but my father still believes it's my fault. When I got here.... I was homeless. I slept in the park, underneath your stars and watching your moon every night that I could. I knew that even when it wasn't there, I was being watched over by one of the greatest beings that's graced the land. I could look up to the moon and know, it would always be there, and it would show me the way. That hope, that inspiration, that drive to keep going, is what kept me from so many times, trying to take the easy way out," Ice said from her heart. Ice Storm smiled back to the princess as she took a seat across from her. Which she certainly wasn't expecting the princess to be in the observatory tonight, and it likely meant that her study session wasn't going to happen now, but that was perfectly fine with her. A chance to catch up with the princess since that night so long ago was more than worth missing a study session. She let out a small sigh. "I just wish that more ponies could see things the way that I do. Know that no matter what, you always have at least one that speaks positively of you, regardless of anyone else," she smiled to the princess.
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    Ice Storm nodded as the princess said that whatever the anomaly was, it looked like it was taking place outside of their skies and that it didn't appear to be any direct threat to them. She added that she wasn't sure about most of what laid beyond our stars. That the princess had hoped to be able to learn more from Starswirl the Bearded, but never got the chance. She further added that the anomaly was more than a star but not sure if there was anything that they could do about it other than watch and make sure it didn't become a threat. She noted the sigh. It seemed the princess was a little uneased about the discovery. When she asked Ice for her thoughts on the matter, Ice Spoke up. "I'm in agreeance that at the moment this doesn't appear like a threat. However, I find it fascinating. Something like that wasn't there when this chart was made because it's not on here. So it's happened since then. Furthermore, I think it can be inspirational. With as far away as it is, I'm not sure that would ever become a threat to us. It does look like it can be destructive in it's own light, but at the same time.... it's both a source of darkness, and a source of light. It reminds me a lot about ourselves. Ponies in general. Everypony has a darkside. There's no avoiding this, but they also have a light deep inside of them that pierces through. Just like how it appears that the light in this void of darkness seems to push through it in the center. It's even further proof that everything eventually works itself out," she said looking up to the moon. "I think that's one of the reasons I've grown to love stargazing as much as I do, and why being up here and looking at them through the telescope is so relaxing for me. Up in the vastness of space we have an endless sea of darkness that looks ready to take over at any moment, but you have all these specs of light that refuse to be extinguished. The sun is great and all, it fuels the land, the crops, and the fields, but.... It's the moon, it's the stars, it's the night sky in general that fuels the soul. Every night you can look up to the night sky and see that no matter how dark your tunnel seems to be, at some point, there's always a light. It's not always pleasant and it's not always easy. I know that from my own experiences, but I also know they always, always, worked themselves out for the better," she commented, getting a bit more philosophical than she originally intended to, but it was still relevant to the orb of black in space.
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    Ice Storm nodded to the princess and kept quiet as she talked about how protecting others was a worthy cause. Especially the ones that couldn't protect themselves. It was why she did what she did after all If you have the means to stand up for someone, it just makes sense to do so. She also didn't question the event that she spoke of. She really didn't need to. Ice wanted to comment on it and let the princess know that no pony judged her for what happened, but she knew that she would only be speaking for herself and opening wounds that would better be left sealed. No sense in bringing it up and darkening the situation with it. She did however want the princess to feel like she could trust her. It was her experiences as Nightmare Moon that pushed her forward in her younger years after all. How despite everything she was still able to ultimately pull herself together and be able to stand in front of her today. AS long as Ice breathed, she would make sure that did not change. Something that did puzzle her, was the fact that Princess Luna also seemed to be confused as to what her discovery could be. She repeated the characteristics that she had mentioned to her in confirmation and Ice nodded to each one. When she said that the only thing that came to mind was an eclipse Ice shook her head only to hear Luna's following words confirmed that she also didn't think that was what she was describing. She asked her if she thought that she could find it again, that she was greatly interested in finding the discovery. It was more troubling that she hadn't heard of such a thing before, let alone seen one. Ice Storm nodded and followed the direction of the princess and started aligning the telescope to the coordinates that she had listed. Cross referencing the star chart and the dials on the telescope to make sure that she had the position exactly right. When she peered into the telescope, she was relieved. For once, the thing that she said she had found was still there. It was actually a bit more concerning, because it had been a couple weeks since she found it. "Here it is right here. As you can see it looks like an orb of complete darkness, and there are two cones of light spewing from it's center. I'm not entirely sure to make of it because there is.... a complete absence of everything around it. I can't even see through it to see what's beyond it," Ice commented as she moved aside and gave Luna access to the eye piece so that she could see the event herself. Perhaps she would be able to get more out of what she can see than she herself could.
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    "Indeed, far too long, princess. I can say at least I know what it's like to be dealing with the threats to Equestria. Just an occupational hazard of my primary profession now," She told the princess. She wasn't sure how much the princess knew about the agencies she was working for to help keep Equestria safe and she was certainly hoping that she hadn't heard of the new force that she was working on building. It would be simple enough to explain if she were asked, but she wasn't sure if the princess would see things the same way that she did. Having seen front line combat several times, she felt like she knew that she was on the correct path to keep Equestria safe. "After what happened with the invasion of the Crystal Empire, I understood that while my talent was ice, my destiny was to protect others. So that's what I've been doing. That said I have to agree. It says wonders how you and your sister preside over everything, if everypony else seems to want a piece of the pie, so to say," Ice continued as a few of the scones lit up in the observatory providing them with a bit more light. Ice's coat stood out in bright contrast to the darker coated princess. The ambient blue flames of the scones deepening the saturation of blue that was being shown from the already blue ponies. When she heard the princess say that she believed that she had time now to catch up now, despite their busy schedules. She asked about the interesting things that she had found and started unraveling the charts. "Well, I was looking these over, and was using the telescope to get a better look at the eponine sector. I wanted to try to get the best view of the chart that I could and while I was moving from planet to planet, I noticed something weird, that wasn't in the charts at these coordinates here," she said pointing down to a light x that she made on the chart that she could readily remove if it turned out to be nothing. There were several times that she had thought that she had found something only for it to disappear the next time she tried to look for it. "I can't really describe what it was, but it was really, really dark, but at the same time it was shooting light from it. I've never seen anything like it before. It was like staring straight into the void," Ice Storm said. she had a few ideas on what they could be, but some things didn't line up with what she read.
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    Ice Storm nearly jumped out of her hooves when she heard a voice behind her. She could have sworn that she read on the dossier that the observatory was free tonight. She wondered if perhaps somepony else had saw that too. Did she forget to fill her name in? It was likely. She had a habit of that. When Ice Storm turned around to look in the direction of the voice, she saw a long flowing mane with stars twinkling in it. AS dark as it was in the room, it was possible that she just didn't realize who it was. If it wasn't for Luna's mane, she wouldn't have guessed that it was the princess of the night that was in the observatory either. "Oh, Princess Luna, I didn't know that you would be by tonight, I would have prepared a report or two about some of the interesting things I've discovered recently. Nothing major, but interesting never the less," she told her realizing that she never answered the question that Luna had asked her. "Oh, it's Ice Storm. Not entirely shocked that you don't remember me. It's been a while since we've had time to sit down and speak considering how busy I've been, and I'm sure how busy you've been. I can really only imagine how busy the life of a princess can be and all the responsibility that goes with it," she replied. Ice knew a lot about great responsibility. After all, with great power, came great responsibility. And because of the gifts from Swift Squall, she definitely had a source of great power. She began to walk a bit deeper into the observatory before placing some of the star charts that she had onto the table. It was actually part of the interesting discover that she had come across. By using the star charts and the telescope, and using the coordinates that were presented, she was able to find something within the void of space there that... she really couldn't figure out. It was both light and dark at the same time.