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  1. It was an invitation that had been long overdue. Not that the princess was only just now inviting her to meet with her. That wasn't the case at all. The princess's invitation had been outstanding for a while now. However, everyt time that Ice Storm was going to get an opportunity to finally take the invite up, something else happened and she had to immediately go into something else either with her shops, or for matters of even more importance such as Equestrian Defense missions or the like. Even today something that would normally have pulled her away was prior obligations in Ponyville, but Ice Storm had decided that the waiting had been long enough. She could easily meet with the princess in the morning before heading to the train station and making her way to ponyville for the celebration there. She had already made some plans in Ponyville to help out with the festivities, plus that's were Luna and Twilight were, both of which were ponies that she had a personal history with so she felt it proper to attend the celebration that they were hosting. Plus it was Ponyville. Something always seemed to happen there. That wasn't to say that the celebration here in Canterlot wasn't just as important. Just she knew less ponies here and felt that she would have a better time with the ponies in Ponyville. It had been long enough though since she had seen most of them that she wondered if they would still recognize her. Those thoughts left her mind though as she trekked through the snow-filled streets somewhat early in the morning. She estimated it was only a couple of hours after sunrise. The air was still delightfully crisp and she could taste the moisture and the snow with every breath that she took. She was perfectly content with the chill that encompassed her as she absorbed the sunshine that, thanks to the snow, was bathing her from all angles. Every step she took, the soft crunch of snow under her hooves could be heard as she made her way up the palace steps. Only this time she wasn't heading to her observatory. When she reached the top of the stairs she pulled out the invitation that Celestia had sent to her. "Ahh, Mrs. Storm, we've been expecting you, Permission to enter granted, enjoy your visit," she heard and entered the palace. She almost had to do a double take. She was here at least three nights a week and the Night Guard still looked at her with some sort of suspicion. Perhaps the night guard were just that much more protective. She wouldn't really have any idea why though, but that wasn't really her business. Without a second thought, she made her way to the throne room where she had presumed the princess to be, and awaited permission to enter.
  2. ~~~Niradaña~~~ Equestria. Niradaña could honestly say that she hadn't been there before. Her training and her occupation had kept her in Neighpon for most of her life. There was the short period where she was with the military, but even then She had been stationed in Long Guo for a bit. Now that she was one of the personal guards of a royal family member, her opportunties to leave neighpon were pretty much gone, unless Ishi was also heading to the Festivities such as the events were tonight, or rather this week. The Trip here from Neighpon was a long one, and she could say that she wasn't really too keen with the concept of a ship. As far as she was concerned they weren't safe. It wasn't that she doubted the construction of the craft. She knew that everypony put hard work into making sure they were as safe as they could be. However, enemies of the Royal Family would have no qualms killing an entire ship of innocents in order to strike at the heart of the shogun. She reluctantly agreed to accompany him on this endeavor though, and much to her surprise there was no attack on the ship or anything. Everything ran surprisingly smooth. PErhaps they didn't know that he was on it or something. If that was the case, they could continue not knowing. That was perfectly fine with her. It was then that she heard Ishi address her and mention how he had told her that they knew how to decorate this time of year here. She could only nod now as she looked around. Lights were strown everywhere that the eye could see in some sort of design, yet every design different from the last. It was truly a sight to see. As they pressed forward, they paused in front of a white unicorn, and then in front of one of the Alicorn Rulers themselves. Celestia... she thought her name was. That was the white one right? When she heard her speak though, she was surprised, and impressed. She spoke fluent Neighponese. She however remained silent until asked about how they celebrated in Polohama. Perhaps she was the wrong pony to pony to be asking that question. She loved the holidays, but for the most part, it was just her, Ishi, and maybe a couple of the other guards. She did know the basics of how it was celebrated though. "{Well, back home the focus is more on family than anything else. There are decorations, and the royal house tends to go a bit extreme, but otherwise most decorations are simple and family oriented. Equestria seems to be much more involved in their decorations for the holiday than from what I've seen back at home. I am a royal guard though, so I don't generally leave the Royal Grounds that much.}" Nira spoke in Neighponese, answering the princess. At this time Ishi had brought his gift over to the gift exchange and placed it on the table and she did hers as well. She didn't really know what ponies here likes, but she didn't want to be rude and bring nothing. She only hoped that what she got they would enjoy. As much as Medo would have rather had been at home to spend Hearth's Warming with her own family and her sister. There was simply no way that she could get hom and back in the ammount of time that she had off between the semesters here. Plus there was always the chance of delays like what happened the last time that she tried to go home for the Cherry Blossom Festival. She got stuck in Kyomo instead of being able to go home, so while she got to be with her family for a bit, she missed the holiday entirely. True, she ran into one of her old friends there, which made it easier, but it still stung. Truth be told, she came to this event much like how she had come to the Gala. She was here in hopes to make some friends. Being all the way over here in Equestria, away from her family was starting to dwell on her, and the fact that she had no pony that she could really call a friend yet here... it was starting to dwell on her a bit. Most nights she just stayed in her room studying, waiting and hoping for a knock that somepony might be interested in maybe going and getting tea or something. It's been the opposite however. Her aptitude in her classes, while making her one of the top students in her classes, had also apparently earned her some ire from the other ponies here. She would be more than willing to help them if they were to ask politely but instead would rather make fun of her for her intellectual advancement. She didn't pay any mind to it for the most part, but the loneliness again, pulled on her. She made her way up to the gate in the same shimmersilk dress that she had worn to the Gala, and a second shimmersilk dress inside her gift box for whatever pony managed to obtain it. She only hoped that her gift wouldn't end up going to a stallion... that would be embarrassing. Unless that stallion was able to give it to his special somepony! then she might have just made his day! After all, Shimmersilk was expensive, and very hard to come by in Equestria. The Dress she had was straight from Neighpon! Everything would turn out fine, she was sure of it! Slowly she made her way up through the line before pausing as she heard the very fluint Neighponese from in front of her. When she looked up, she spotted one of the Ōshitsu... and his guard speaking with the princess. She didn't know what it was about these events and attracting royalty to them, but it seemed to be a common thing. After all, the Empress of Long Guo herself was here for the Grand Gallaping Gala. She wasn't really sure what was going to come of this event now... at the very least there were no phoenixes having a territorial battle of sorts and creating an explosion that scattered through the ponies all over. She shook her head of the thoughts. No way was something like that going to happen two royal events in a row right? Surely that was just a fluck and things weren't always that chaotic here in Equestria. She patiently awaited her turn to enter as the line moved forward.
  3. The decor around the spa had Ice Storm transfixed for the moment. The color scheme being quite easy on the eyes, and the aromas that presented themselves to her were definitely that you would find inside a spa. So many soapy, fruity smells with the accompaniment of mineral water. Yup, definitely a spa. Her trance was broken though when what she presumed to be one of the ponies that ran the spa came over to her and asked her if there was anything that she could be helped with. "Oh yes! I would simply love one of your golden flake mineral baths, as well as a hot stone deep tissue massage. I also do a lot of traveling on my hooves so a hooficure would be amazing as well," she said with a smile as she looked to the others that came into the spa. Hopefully they would get paired together, but she understood that most liked their privacy in a situation like this. One of the ponies that came in was a Qilin! The other was an earth pony that seemed a bit ecstatic. She didn't know anypony other than Rarity got that excited to go to a spa. Ice Storm took another moment to go over the brochure again to make sure that she wasn't missing anything. She was going to be here for a week or so, so she didn't have to get everything on the first day, but she thought of a list that she would like to do while she was here. "Hmmm.... Yes, I think that will be all for today. Start off small and then go for the more extravagant stuff later in the vacation," she said with a smile looking back to the other ponies and giving a smiling wave to them. True she didn't know them, but at least saying hi was the polite thing to do. Plus it would make speaking with them easier in the off chance they were getting similar treatments and would be in the same rooms.
  4. Going Home[Attn Pretzels and Steel]

    Before Ice Storm could even blink Rainbow had taken to her idea of following the creature that had taken their food, and by taken, she meant that she was gone almost faster than she could blink. She didn't seem convinced that she was what she said she was, but that wasn't really a bad thing. After all, she couldn't go into any more details than she already had, and even then what she had was pushing it. She wondered if maybe it was Rainbow's way of trying to push for more information, feigning disbelief while really just trying to figure out more about the situation. It was a tactic that she used herself at times. You'd be surprised how much more information ponies will give you to try to prove to you that they they are who they say, or that they did a certain thing, or didn't do a certain thing. With the right amount of pushing and feigning you could gain a lot out of it. For now though, she was glad the conversation had stopped and moved on, less she could have fallen into her own trap. She would have to be more careful in the future. Perhaps she had let her guard down too much. No more. Ice was now focused entirely on the situation at hoof, and this creature and what ever is troubling it to lead it down the path that it is on, was her top priority. Instead of looking to the skies, Ice looked down to the ground. The noodles that had taken were soupy, and the wolf left in a rush. That mean that the bowl would be sloshing around and splashing some of the broth on the ground. Plus the creature was a wolf-like in nature. That meant that the track marks that were left behind from it would not only be accompanied with the broth, but would also be quite distinguishable as well. This was going to make it a lot easier for her to be able to track the creature on the ground. She was immediately able to pick up on them and she followed the tracks out of the cafe and to the tree line. From here it was going to get tricky, but there would still be clues as to what directions that the wolf had went. She looked for any vegetation that had been disturbed recently, paying attention to any that might appear to have been disturbed in haste. She was much better and navigating a tundra than a forest, but she understood the basics. Ice looked around on the outside of the treeline looking for any signs that this could be a sacred or restricted forest. Not seeing any she ventured in. She didn't know what to expect inside of it, but she figured that if she treated it like it was as dangerous as the Everfree Forest back in Equestria, then she should be okay. The basic principle was if it looked dangerous, it probably was. if it looked way too safe, it was likely a trap. As she too a few more steps in, she could hear a rapid thumping in the distance. With extreme caution, and a watchful eye on every step to avoid vegetation, Ice approached the direction of the sound, making every effort to remain unheard. She couldn't really see through the canopy to much, but there was sunlight coming through. She figured that Rainbow would be able to see her if she flew at the right angle, plus she had magic. If there were to be a struggle, Ice could easily shoot a flare of ice into the sky. With a few more steps, she could see the creature from before, making sure to remain as hidden as she could with her blue coat.
  5. Slowing down a second [closed]

    Ice nodded her head when she heard Lens talk about how corruption was everywhere. She couldn't disagree with that statement. If everything was running smoothing, and corruption had been completely eradicated, then the need for her entire organization would be non-existant. Yet here she was. She knew first hoof where most of the corruption stemmed from, and she couldn't help but wonder now, if there is so much open corruption in Las Pegasus, if they couldn't use that to their advantage at some point. Some place like Los Pegasus would be a breeding ground for WRAITH agents. For all she knew that could be one of the primary sources. She shook her head. She faced the facts. Las Pegasus was a gambling city, and a city where many desperate ponies congregate. It was no surprise that corruption would exist there and that the more powerful ponies would prey upon the weaker minded ponies by luring them into gambling addictions that they can not afford. She wondered how many lives that city has both created and flourished, as well as completely destroyed. She knew that latter number would be much higher... When he said that he did a lot of his work under the blanket of stars, she nodded once again. "It is indeed tragic what she had to go through, but she is the reason that she is as strong as I am today. She was giving me strength and courage long before she even knew that I existed. Something that I take pride in myself. I could have taken the easy road and blamed everypony else for my problems, and turned to a life of evil. With the past I had... it would have been all too easy. Instead, I pushed through it. I took the pressure that was being put onto me my entire life," she said with a smile before making a solid crystal of ice in the shape of a diamond. "And let it turn me into a diamond. I've seen the corruption that Las Pegasus can cause first hoof. Not necessarily from gambling but from wealth. I've seen what wealth does to ponies, and have been a victim of it before. That was why I looked to the moon every night for strength. No matter what, every night I knew the moon would be there. Even if I couldn't see it, it was there. I too work under the cover of darkness most of the time. Nights tend to be colder and more comfortable for me to work it whenever I'm working on something other than this little shop here," she said as he mentioned as well that it was easier to betray a corrupt pony that you've been working with than one that is pure. "This is true, but in the process of working with said corruption you have to be careful, less you become corrupted yourself, and you won't even realize it until it's too late. I have seen that happen many of times, and I've been tempted by it myself. But overall to me there is no gain for corruption. What would it be about? Bits? I have plenty of those. Power? I'm no Twilight Sparkle, but put me in a tundra and you'll never beat me. It's all about really knowing yourself. You have to know, and completely understand yourself, before you can ever hope to understand those that are around you. Especially in a city like Las Pegasus. From what you make it sound, if you don't understand yourself, and are firm in what you stand for, as you said, sticking with your morals, then you can easily be turned against everyone you love," she spoke to him. It was true, who you are, plays a very fundamental role into what you are. It took a certain type of pony to do what it was that they did. She knew that she was talking to that type of pony. She thought back to his agitation when they first started talking. Frustration was a common occurrence in the lines of a detective. Very rarely did anything go as planned. It was how you coped with it. Drowning your thoughts in what Ice Cream you can afford, a perfectly valid way of dealing with it.
  6. I will be using Ice Storm, Aloe, and Wind Dancer in the Ponyville thread, and Medo, and Nira in the Canterlot thread. Though Ice Storm might make an appearance in the Canterlot thread at some point later on.
  7. Going Home[Attn Pretzels and Steel]

    "Ahh, but there's the loophole," she said in response to Rainbow saying that secret agents weren't allowed to say that they were secret agents. "You're right. Secret Agents, are usually not allowed to talk about what it is that they do at all in lieu of blowing their cover. I am not here on assignment for any reason at the moment for one, and I'm a Special Agent. Which simply means that I have a highly specialized skill set so I get assigned where that skill set is needed most. The fact that who I work for is highly classified is irrelevant and most ponies don't want to know that we exist anyways. but a bit of evidence to prove you can trust what I'm saying. Me, and my organization, is the primary reason Princess Twilight is still alive. I was the pony that carried her out of the collapsing spire a few years ago at the Crystal Faire. As I said before. Who we are matters not. Just know Equestria has a line of defense other than the Elements of Harmony." she explained Not too long after she finished her explanation though, drama struck. It was now apparent that they were in fact being watched by something. However, it wasn't by some government official like she would have guess. Well, that was actually still entirely likely, but at the moment, that was the least of her concern. Right now, there was a creature, almost resembling a wold that had lunged at bother her and Rainbow Dash. Rainbow's reflexes were quick, and Ice Storm's not incredibly far behind her. Still, the remaining two bowls and herself had been pushed back, with broth slopping on the too of them. Great, that's gonna be in there for a week, she thought to herself. Even as fast as she had gotten, still no match for the fastest mares in Equestria. Ice looked back to the table though and watched the creature for the brief moment it was there. It became immediately apparent though that the creature had no ill desires towards them at all. More over, it immediately went for their food and manages to swipe one of the bowls that she had ordered and made her way back to the edge for the forest. When she heard Rainbow ask what it was, she pondered for a moment. "I'm not entirely sure, but it looked to have characteristics of a wolf. Something is off about it though, as if it was a wolf, it would have gone after us, not the noodles." She watched it for a moment before looked to rainbow. "Let's follow it. If this thing is after food, then there's more going on here than we can hope to understand from this brief encounter," she suggested before eating her entire bowl of noodles pinkie pie style in one gulp before started heading in the direction that the wolf had went. She had only lost one bowl of soup, and while she was still a bit hungry, if this creature was so desperate to steal food in broad daylight from a crowded cafe, then they definitely needed the bowl of noodles a lot more than she did.
  8. Going Home[Attn Pretzels and Steel]

    Ice Storm was a tad bit surprised that Rainbow Dash hadn't known about the operations going on behind the scenes, but at the same time she wasn't. She rememberes somepony saying that only those authorized is allowed to know what the organization is. She had also heard through a couple of other contacts, thinking back on it that Rainbow was one of those that the agency didn't trust with knowledge of their existance. Not because Rainbow herself would be a threat, but because she had a habit of gossip which made her unreliable in the art of secrets. when she asked if she had forgotten her passport the last time she was here. It gave her a way out, but she was still going to be at least somewhat honest with Rainbow. "Nah, I didn't forget my past port. I'm a special agent. I'm not at liberty to discuss who it is I work for, but let it be known we have Equestria's best interests in mind on every mission we do," she said trying to sweep the manner away quickly with a look that while friendly, was also adamant that she could not discuss the topic more. Although Rainbow would be a huge asset to the team if she wasn't as open-mouthed... she thought to herself. It did strike her as odd that they branded the element of Loyalty as a pony that couldn't maintain the secret, but it wasn't her place to judge. She was just an agent. She was sure the higher ups knew what they were doing. It was about at this point that the food came out. Almost comically actually with how much food they had ordered. it seemed like every waiter that was there was trying to help bring the dishes out. Granted she only ordered two bowls herself, but looking at the waiter come with rainbows order... it brought a smile to her face. When she asked about a feeling of being watched, she instinctively went on hi alert. Were they being watched? They were two High-Profile Equestrians deep within Neighponese lands. She didn't know why she didn't think of it as soon as she saw Rainbow. Of course they were being watched. "Actually, it's highly likely, thinking about it. You're a wonderbolt, and I'm not exactly low-profile either with my studies and franchise. It wouldn't surprise me if there's somepony here that would want to take advantage of that. I don't see it from the villagers, but maybe a higher up disguised as one, possible gathering intel on why we may be here," she said as the voracious amounts of food was placed in front of them. "Yummy! lets eat!"
  9. Slowing down a second [closed]

    Ice Storm was pleased to hear that the detective had already taken action against the corruption. He however added that the the side effect was that the good cops got overburdened with cases and they just simply couldn't take them. She nodded in understatement, though she still didn't like teh idea of turning ponies away that needed help. After all, she herself was only one pony and couldn't be everywhere to help everypony else at once. She supposed it was good to have smaller detectives and freelance workers as he called them to help take the load off of the law enforcement. "That's good that the corruption was already dealt with. I am saddened that the corruption occurred to begin with. I guess even ponies with the best of intentions can be led astray once in a while. Not even the immortality of the princesses are immune to the power of corruption as we've seen. Not that I would ever say anything negative about her. I've looked up to Princess Luna since my early foal hood because of the corruption and how she fought her way through it, albeit with help, and was able to re-establish herself in a society that has drastically changed since she had last been involved with it. She's also one of my bosses now, as I have direct access to the private observatory in the castle. I'm allowed in there to study the stars and help with research on them when I'm not on missions or running my stores," she smiled.
  10. Going Home[Attn Pretzels and Steel]

    After Ice Storm had turned in her menu, she gave a gentle smile as she heard a familiar voice come from behind her. Not that she had ever directly met the pony that she belonged to, or if she did she couldn't remember and she'd like to think if she had met a pony like Rainbow Dash. Like herself Rainbow Dash was a high profile pony in Equestria, and a lot of ponies knew of her. Of course, Ice wasn't an element bearer at any point in time, well, element of harmony anyways... so she wasn't as known as Rainbow, but she was decently known in the areas she worked in, and throughout pretty much any cold region. She was even known to some extent in Whitescar. Of course, that was mostly because of Sigrin and the Askr clan. She made a note to herself to take time to go up and visit them soon. It would be nice for her to visit Whitescar on vacation for once and not one a mission to rat our one of the foul plans of the Red Jarl. She could still remember him, and how he was One hundred percent Loyal to Sombra and the ways of the old viking that pillaged. Until he was dealt with, he would always be one of her priority targets. That was for another time though. Right now the only thing she needed to be concerned with was the happy face of a Wonderbolt and fellow Equestrian Hero. She gave a happy wave back to her as she saw Rainbow turn in her own menu card that... looked a lot like hers. She couldn't help but giggle when she saw it. "Hey Rainbow!" she smiled as she gestured to the seat across from her, inviting Rainbow to join her. Having a fellow pony that she could talk with and fluently understand was a welcome perk of the morning. When she said that she wouldn't have expected to see her here, she nodded and smiled. "Yeah, I was here once before on less than legal terms. Not this island but the terrain, and the climatology here intrigued me to come back and take a look around. It's no arctic tundra like the Frozen North, but it's very beautiful and temperate. Please come and take a seat! It's not everyday here in Neighpon that I can understand for longer than to get directions!" she added with a smile. Of course, Ice Storm was oblivious to the set of eyes that was watching her from afar. She was so predisposed with the conversation that she was now in the midst of having with Rainbow Dash that she had let her guard down a bit. On top of that, everypony here had been quite nice, though some of the ponies in the city were a bit.... crude, but that was the same in Equestria. Seaddle was bad about that on the beach front, and in the deep downtown. Everypony there seemed to be in a hurry to get where it was they were going and then wait in lines and then hurry some more. She didn't understand it herself why there was such a hustle, but she didn't question it either. She did admit that she liked the quieter places like this more than the bustling cities, Canterlot being the exception. It may have been the capital city of Equestria, but it didn't feel as big as it was. At least not anymore now that she was in with the proper crowd and not the ones that tried to judge her for everything. Of course she was always smug right back at them, quick to notate her own accomplishments to theirs when they ever tried to question her worth. She liked to think of herself as a rare pony. A pony with the wealth of a noble, but without the attitude of one. But she figured that's what happens when you get burned by nobility at a young age like she did.
  11. Once she had made her way to her room and got everything settled in, Ice Storm found herself wanting a little bit more R&R. She had heard mention in the brochure that the spa here was among the best that money could offer. She could only wonder if Aloe and her sister had any hooves in setting it up because as far as she was concerned they had the best spa that you could go to period. They had everything there, and even some extra excitement to go along with it. It was Ponyville after all; always something going on there. It definitely wasn't the small village that it used to be wince Twilight's Castle had been put there. She dare say that it was more like a smaller Canterlot now. She stepped out of her room and started to look at the map to try to figure out how to get to the spa. She wanted to get there as early as she could to get a decent place in line. She already had her idea lined out. She wanted the fullest of the full treatments. She looked at her brochure and well, she might as well have had everything circled on it. She was definitely going to be dropping a good hoofful of bits when she got there. Thankfully she came prepared and pulled out extra for this vacation. If she was gonna pamper herself, she was gonna pamper herself large. After a bit of a trek through the resort she soon found herself at her destination and began to make her way inside. She was more than a bit excited and hoped there wouldn't be too big of a line... but would be a line... she wanted to make some new friends while she was here to and if there was no lone, who would she get to meet and talk with?"
  12. Slowing down a second [closed]

    Ice Storm shook her head at the response that she got from the detective. Not that she was disappointed in hearing that he didn't use unlawful tactics as it was that ponies usually only came to him when the authorities deemed their cases a waste of time. She would have to have a word with the Los Pegasus detective unit at some point. She understood priority cases, but she also understood that there is no such thing as a case too small or meaningless to take. It seems like these ponies had forgotten this, which is probably why all of them have hit the max potentials of their careers. Only those willing to go above and beyond the call are the ones that progress further and become detectives that everypony can count on for anything. This pony may not be a master detective yet, but the fact that he's willing to help so many that others won't spoke volumes to her. Hearing about how certain authorities have an agenda of their own and that more often than not he had to sneak his way in to get the evidence quickly before it was permanently removed. "I see. Do you suspect there to be any authorities there that are intentionally tampering with evidence? Authorities that could be putting innocent ponies in their crossfires for their own benefit? Based on what you're telling me, it sounds like there may be some corruption in the Los Pegasus branch. While I've never been there myself, I might know a few ponies who frequent there, and a few other higher-ups... in our own fields. While every agency has cases that denote priority, telling somepony that their case is a waste of time is the worst thing that any department can do. That pony felt their case was important enough to be heard and it to spit it back at them is cruel and heartless, and often times leads to more crime because ponies start taking matters into their own hooves. I don't like that. Every case is important, some more important than others, but nonetheless vital. I just wish more ponies understood that," she said with a sigh.
  13. Neighpon. It wasn't all that long ago that Ice Storm had found herself here. Even still, that was roughly a year ago, and on not so legal terms on an island other than this one. One of their operatives had been taken by their enemy, which they had found out had been working in the region. That wasn't the only thing that they discovered, but the main mission at the time was rescuing Pathfinder. She can still remember that rainy night. The rain was good, it covered their tracks well, and made it difficult for enemies to hear them. Still, it wasn't without danger and conflict. Conflict that she wasn't expecting on this trip. That was on the Island of Ryushima, and right now she was on the Island of Horshu, just a ways north of Kyona. The city was great but she really came to Neighpon to take in some of the beauty that it had to offer. Right now she found herself in a small almost village like area that she couldn't pronounce the name of to save her life, but it was quiet, pretty, and the noodles were amazing! She always looked forward to lunch and dinner here. That being said, it was actually right about lunch time and she was already starving. She had skipped breakfast every morning just so that she can get the most noodles that she could. She eagerly sat at the outdoor cafe and and awaited her waiter. Thankfully, they had menu cards that she could fill out because she still wasn't all that great with Neighponese yet. she circled the veggies that she wanted in the noodles and then circled the largest bowl and put the number '2' next to it. She gave the menu back to the waiter and smiled before signalling to wait a second. She had almost forgot to circle her tea, which she liked the red clover tea with strawberries and honey. It was delicious. Once she finished that, she simply awaited for her food to arrive and looked around to the countryside. The weather was a tad bit overcast but nothing that she disliked to be honest. Not that she would ever tell Celestia this directly, but she wasn't a very big fan of the sun. in the mornings and evenings if you even looked in a certain direction you were blinded, and if you needed to look up for a pegasi or anything during the day, you were also blinded. It was an issue that most ponies easily work around, including herself, but she still didn't like being blinded on occassion. Cloud cover prevented those situations. As she looked out, she could see a very, very faint breeze blowing in the distance through the treeline of the forest. She wanted to venture in it, but she had no knowledge of the layout of this land. For all she knew she could get lost in there or worse. She only have a vague idea of what predators could be lurking as well. Nothing really worth the risk of sightseeing. Though she had heard about some tours through the safer parts of the forest. She might look into those. Not that she couldn't defend herself of course, but she was here on vacation. She'd much rather not have to fight some big predatory thing because of a situation she needlessly put herself in.
  14. Slowing down a second [closed]

    When the detective told her that he would much rather try to figure out what this was on his own, she nodded. She wasn't going to push the issue any further. The offer was on the table and she was sure that if he was ever actually in need of assistance he would know where to turn. He specialized in at worming his way into and out of trouble regularly and always got to safety. He was a remarkably good runner, and said that he probably didn't have to deal with the types of situations that she had to deal with. She wouldn't deny this fact. Then again, most ponies don't want to be in the situations that she normally ends up in. He apologized for being cold and she shook her head. "Na, I get ya. I completely understand where you're coming from. Besides, I'm the cold pony here. If it wasn't for the fact that most of my missions require multiple ponies, I would much rather work on my own as well. Much less risk of getting caught with one operative than multiple. Even then, that could force an unpleasant situation for other operatives if one is captured. Do they focus on the mission, which is usually top priority, or make sure everypony goes home? Thankfully Ice Storm has been lucky enough to have to have been forced to make that decision yet." When he added that he pretty much only worked in Los Pegasus and Ponyville, she nodded. Any other reaction wouldn't have been appropriate even if her thoughts proclaimed otherwise. Then again he was just a local agent. He was probably from one of those locations so he was working in an area that he knew and was familiar with. That's good though because that means you know where to look for your criminals. The comment that he had though about always having ways to make bits on both sides of the law caught her attention. While she herself had done unsavory things to make sure her comrades were okay, she wasn't sure she agreed with taking advantage of said laws to gain a monetary benefit. Still, she wouldn't say anything on that aspect. "I know a few things about being using unlawful tactics to get what you desire. Most of my missions involve something like that, and usually at the very least, a lot of injured ponies left behind after I show up," she stated pretty matter of factly. She wasn't always proud of everything that she had to do, but she knew that it needed to be done to protect Equestria as a whole.
  15. Changelings in Paradise (Hub, see OOC)

    It had been a very long while since Ice Storm had gone on a legitimate vacation. There was always something going on that required her utmost attention, and even the few times that her vacations started of as a fun activity, something changed to make them into something else. Something that she was needed there for in someway or another. The biggest events recently being some events that transpired in Whitescar, and of course when she went to the Crystal Faire so many years ago. She thought about the time between that event and now. In that short time she had become a completely different pony. Sure on the outside she was still the same friendly always smiling mare, but on the inside, something far more serious lay. A pony who was determined to not allow events like what had transpired before in the Crystal Faire to transpire again. Those thoughts weren't always completely successful, as she can only be in one place at once, but she has done what she can physically do to ensure the safety of others. Sure, she ran a snowcone shop with her Ice magic, but she couldn't help but think back to that night now that she had originally got her cutie mark. How she woke up in an igloo and she randomly had her cutie mark. True, it signified how she had a complete control of the element of ice itself, but she couldn't help but wonder now if there had always been a deeper meaning behind it. Everything she ultimately ever did, for anypony else, was always out of protection in someway, with the exception of her snow cones. She had protected herself that night, and was protected herself every night. She thought back of all the different ways that she had used ice in the past. Sure it was fun, but perhaps the events of the Faire awoke something inside of her that had been in her all along. Maybe she had her destiny wrong the entire time. The Frozen Delights Franchise was a delightful bonus, but now she thought that she had always been destined to protect others, even if they don't know that they need, or are being, protected. Now here she was in a very... odd place. There was two suns and the sky was green. Those parts she didn't mind so much, as it was the fact that it was summer. The time of year that she wasn't overly fond of. Because of the affinity with her magic, she was much more attuned to winter than summer. The heat was most of the time unbearable for her. At the very least though, it didn't seem like it was too hot. Not hot enough that she couldn't just make a sheen of ice around her to cool off when she needed it. That was one perk of being an ice pony in the summer time, instant air conditioning. Another thing that she was happy for was the price. Not that she was really concerned about it. She was the owner of a franchise chain after all. She had all the bits that she ever needed and more. As the ferry landed approached the resort, she made her way to the main promenade, in order to get a better view, and possibly see if there was anypony here that she knew. She knew the likely hood of this was not super great, but was always a chance. This would just have to be a time for her to make some new friends, but what would be a good place to start at in a place like this. The pools? The spas? The dinner room? So many possibilities, and she looked forward to them all. The fact that it was run by changelings didn't bother her at all, considering that most of her encounters with changelings have been positive, she didn't see any reason to suspect anything out of the normal.