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  1. Ice Storm nodded when Raven said that she could research the magic herself. That the l because of the way she casted magic, she could figure out the base principles of the spell. “I would like that greatly,” she smiled, though it faded when she sounded hesitant about the sleepover. She stated that she had many unused rooms and that she could host. Ice giggled while she heard Blue speak up. Blue told them that changling magic wasn't the only method of transformation magic that existed. Ice herself knew this to be true from her costume designer. When everything was done her second identity would in fact be all of its own and would still allow her to access her magic. The next task was to get the costume into her armor so that she could activate it on a whim so that she could increase her intimidation factor. When she mentioned the party and how any event that ponies got together for to provide entertainment was a party. Not all of them needed a certain point present and Ice immediately nodded. “I have to agree. While I've only met Pinkie once, and she's not a bad pony, but she can really go a bit over the top. Not every party needs to be fast paced and exotic. Simple sleepovers are fine with makeovers, some games, stories and just talking about whatever, and the mandatory pillow fight, but different ponies have fun in different ways. Not to mention as blue said, we can discuss some more private things that came really be discussed in public,” Ice spoke leaving back a bit and sipping at her tea.
  2. "Perhaps trying something like that in public wouldn't be the wisest of ideas. It would definitely lead to an awkward experience. However, you have heard correctly. I would like to host a sleepover between the three of us. We can talk about a number of things there that we can't necessarily," Ice smiled as she heard what Blue had said about how it was discovered. She shook her head and let out a soft laugh. "Of course, Trust it to be princess Twilight to make a mistake that would result in something silly but amazing like that at the same time. Something like that would be amazing for a relationship between a couple of mares like myself and Raven," she smiled at Raven and the implications behind them "It is really fascinating though. I can't say that I've heard of magic like that myself either. I mean, I had heard rumors that there were some gender spells that existed and I was planning on doing some research on them myself. After all, I'm not going to be young forever and at some point I do want to start a family. I can say though that I don't think that this is similar to the changling magic. It's only the gender that changes, otherwise there's no other physical alterations. Knowing a couple changlings I can attest to that. I may have to inquire Twilight about her knowledge of the spell and see if she knows anything that would work for what we're looking for," she said with a smile. "That said, we should start planning events for the slumber party!"
  3. "Indeed Tempest. I am neither foolish enough nor naive enough to ask the princess to accompany us on this mission, but like it or not, until we get to a point where we can sustain ourselves by our own forces and everypony is adequately trained, we need all the help we can get. Right now, we need any airships that she can provide for us. All of my resources otherwise is going on that ship for the time being. I only have the one casino to generate the income for this entire organization and while I'm certain that it could easily fund it, it's still going to take time for it to raise the funds needed. During that time until we can get some contracts with other ship yards to help build smaller ships for us to use on missions like this, then we'll need to take what we can get," Ice started. "I would also like to point out that not a single ship that we would have though, would look anything like an equestrian ship with exception of the design of the hull. Not only would we repaint them, but STAR itself will never fly Equestrian colors, or harbor any Equestrian insignias on them. The sisters can't possible claim any sort of deniability for anything if a ship flying their flag is in a spot that it's not supposed to be," she said turning to the princess as she voiced her concerns. "To be frank, that's exactly what this ship is supposed to represent," she said looking out over the balcony. "The entire reason for this ship, and the power that it wields, is meant to be the ultimate deterrent. An impenetrable defense in it's own right, and enough fire power that it can send a very absolute reminder that Equestria will not be pushed around anymore. That we aren't going to sit back and wait for them to hurt us. No, when this is finished those days are over. That being said, I unfortunately do not have the liberty of waiting until the first signs of danger for this ship to leave dock. This is a first of it's kind ship, and as such will require a lot of testing to make sure everything on it is fully functional and working property. It does absolutely no good for an Equestrian Defense ship or anything else for that matter, if something isn't working as the schematics say. With something like this, it's better to find out what doesn't work and fix it, before we actually need to use it." "With that in mind, Tempest and I have been discussing possible ways to keep the ship completely stealthed while it's in service. That was actually one of the first things that we discussed when we spoke the first time. She was able to find a way to stealth an entire fleet. One ship should be easy. No pony will know that we have this ship, until we're ready for them to know that we have it. By then, they've probably done something stupid and will immediate wish that they still hadn't found out. " "As far as it falling into the wrong hooves, I can assure you that they would have to go through some elite forces once it's completed. I'm planning the ship itself to be the primary headquarters for STAR. Which means whenever I'm not training with you, or making the necessary appearances that I need to make in my shops and the casino, I personally will be on the ship, and whenever I'm not there, Tempest or Sombra would be. I know you have reason to have doubts, but you also know what they both can do in a fight. On top of that, once it's completely, I plan on having another small fleet of fast moving interceptor ships guarding it. Four to be exact. Two off the bow and two off the stern. Be sure that I'm taking every possible precaution to ensure that a ship of this magnitude does not fall into the wrong hooves," she finished with the princess before turning back to Sombra and Tempest once more. "I agree that letting Tempest go in first and alone could be beneficial to get them to stand down. However, to your own statements, If you go in there, and they still believe that the storm king is alive, and you move in there and tell them that your working with Equestria now, what would stop them from trying to kill you? Hoof-picked by you or not, we don't know where their true loyalty lies. They could have only been loyal to you because you were commanding the armies for the Storm King. To them, you could have just simply been another boss, and now that your out of the picture to them, they might feel like they no longer owe you anything. I'll use our own alliance as an example, if something happened to me, would you still feel any Loyalty to Equestria at all from how it's society had wronged you in the past?" "If you were to go in first and alone, they could ambush you and catch you by surprise, and you would have absolutely no back up. Therefore I view it from a tactical standpoint as being unwise. Despite how much you might trust them, I don't yet. Not to mention, I wouldn't trust them not to attack me on sight either. In their eyes until they hear otherwise from you, provided they are still actually in allegiance with you, they would still likely consider me an enemy." "If we all three went in together though... I feel that would lessen the chance of a disastrous outcome. They would be hard pressed to try to ambush you if they are no longer loyal to you because now they'd have to combat four ships instead of one. They would be more likely to believe that the Storm King had fallen, and once again, we'd be there for back up if they took this news negatively, and if they didn't then they would know of the alliances that we have and react accordingly. Of course, if it's not safe from the get go, we power our way in, take what we need, and destroy what's left. The last part happens regardless but I would like to avoid bloodshed on this mission at all costs. It would send the wrong messages entirely. That being said, I feel these ships should take on the appearance that would be befitting of not only everypony on this balcony, but the organization of STAR as a whole. a mixture of blacks, blues and purples with a galactic scheme. Something that would set them apart from every Equestrian ship, and really every other ship in the skies. They'd never be able to track them down if we played it right," she finished and waited for input.
  4. "Unfortunately, I am not at liberty to discuss the details of such an army here, and whether or not something of the sort could possibly exist here. As you said, that kind of private stuff is for the REAs, even if they are about as incompetent as all get up. It's actually quite bothersome in all honesty. One of the other reasons why I joined Luna's guard," she said with a smile as Blue mentioned their night in the observatory. "Oh yes, I remember that night quite well. It's not one that I would ever forget," she said with a sultry smile, wrapping her hoof around her marefriend. "Personally I don't see anything wrong with that. Everyone's allowed to have some fun every now and then, and honestly it's not really anypony else's business who it's with. Although I would say, I think the three of us would have a blast at a slumber party," Ice said with a smile, before hearing Raven mention that most ponies end up not caring about others unless it directly affects them. "I've noticed that before, and there's actually some readings on it. The theory behind it is called 'The monkey Circle'. It's name comes from, well watching monkeys. In some of the denser jungle forests, researchers noted that monkeys are very similar to ponies in how they feel emotion and how the social structure tends to work. Every heard of monkeys are their own family. Inside their own family, the level of care that they exhibit would be on part with a pony family. When a monkey of their circle is wounded, they'll tend to the wounds. If they are killed, they will mourn. However, what was fascinating in the notes. In the instances where multiple families of monkeys were around each other, and something caused pain and the emotions of one family, the other would just act like nothing was wrong. They didn't care what happened with that family because as you said, it didn't directly affect theirs. If you look around here, those social interactions aren't that much different here. That being said, if you ever run into those muggers again, you come get me, or shoot, your part of Twilight's guard now, I'm sure you'd be able to prosecute them yourself at this point," she said to her marefriend. Then Bluebell mentioned that she was having similar ideas about the reform, and how there was still a lot in the old titles that could be revived to bring the worse offenders to account. That it would elevate ponies like her that would have the resources and the wherewithal to renew the elite of this country. That she had already been crafting up a plan of legal initiatives that she was going to present before the princesses. Ice Storm nodded and smiled. "I would love to hear all of it at some point, and I would be more than happy to sign them, after taking a thorough look at them first. At the same time though, I've also been discussing things with Princess Luna and looking for some ideas and she's welcome to them as well. We should speak with her before going forward to the Royal council. She might know of a way to word something better or catch something that we might have missed that others could take advantage of," She concluded as she watched blue explain, or it this case, showed just how her curse worked. Apparently, if she drank coffee, she became Blueblood, tea Bluebelle. "Interesting... So... what would happen if you drank half and half?" she asked. She never understood the concept of mixing tea and coffee herself but knew there were some that practiced it. Of course, she was biased as it was. She never liked coffee to begin with. "Although I will say, that will things a lot more fun later," she giggled.
  5. Ice Storm nodded when Raven asked if she thought that it was possible that she could be like her but with fire instead of ice. "I think it's entirely possible. Surges of magic are a strange phenomenon that even a lot of the scholars don't know much about. At least if they do, they haven't put the information in any of the books that I've seen, and I've looked through a few of them on the subject trying to piece together just how exactly I got my cutie mark. It's not information that's necessarily important, but it's still something that I would like to know. But it's entirely possible you were able to emulate the appearance of fire because there was still fire magic within you that just wasn't fully awakened yet. The natural survival instinct within the magic could have activated it, but that's the only thing that I can think of." Ice said as she listened to Bluebell discuss the princess a bit more, as well as Raven answering mentioning that the only information that she really knew abut the princess was mostly before the Nightmare Moon thing. Raven did mention though that one of the reasons that she studied it though was because of the own teasing and bullying that she had dealt with when she was a filly because of her horn. She added that there were times that she couldn't control her anger and that she wasn't much better herself because of that. Legs had been broken in some instances. "I'm not any better myself. In fact, the reason that I shut down Frozen Delights the first time, and moved to Ponyville was because Upper Crust decided that she wanted to destroy the sign that I had worked to build for the front of my shop and I shot a beam of magic at her with intent to cause at the very least major injury. I went to Ponyville to try and start over and get my own anger in check while operating my business in a much calmer atmosphere," she said with a smile before moving back to the topic of the princess herself. "Luna was actually the reason I moved back. She saved me from a blizzard that I got stuck in from the park one night after attending a gala here. I made the mistake of going out there to sleep for the night without checking in for what the weather ponies had planned for that night. ended up taking shelter in the castle after she saw me. After that, she gave me a key to the observatory and told me that I had permanent access to it, so as long as I documented any new findings and reported them to her. I was always good at the documenting part, but because of EPIC I wasn't as good at the reporting part. Now, because of recent circumstances, I'm also a part of her Lunar Guard, and I consider her to be a good friend of mine," she said turning to Bluebelle with a smile. "I have no idea where they got those rumors either, but you don't have to defend yourself to me. I know for a fact that they aren't true. Believe me, If you were actually trying to plan a coupe, knowing that you have an entire organization like IMAGINE behind you as well, you would have heard from me and my forces long before now," she said hinting at the fact that she herself was more powerful than she was letting on. "Besides, a pony that's been rejected by somepony else is hardly the source for credible information. Now if multiple sources back up such claims with actual evidence to support them, and it's not just something that can circumstantially be present, that makes things different. there was nothing of the sorts revolving that rumor though. Everything in those articles was merely gossip and held no weight. Aside from a pride punch of sorts," she said before continuing. "As far as a group goes that the Princess might be willing to be a champion of, I think that I might have just the thing for her. After all, she is the only Equestrian official that knows what I'm truly running. There will be a time though, in the not too distant future... within the next couple years in fact, that I won't be able to keep anything hidden anymore. At least, not with out a lot of help," she stated looking up at the two of them. "You aren't wrong though. Equestria is not really that great of a place in it's current state. It could be a lot worse, and most ponies probably wouldn't agree with the sentiments. However, myself and Raven have both seen the dark side of Equestria, the princess has seen it, and so have many more. The underground society that is festering in Equestria and allows for ponies like Golden Hoof to exist is proof enough of the overall suffering in the places that seem beyond the actual influences of the princess. Even now, with as prosperous as I have been, I will not forget the tartartus that I had to go through to get here. I've been on both sides of the coin." "That's why I'm trying to change how the overall structure of nobility works, and try to push it back to what it actually means to be nobility. A noble is supposed to be a beacon of hope to those around them, a pony that will give help and lend a hoof wherever they can within reason. A noble is supposed to bring the rest of the community up to them, not create an even larger gap between them and everypony beneath them. I swear that's the one attitude that I will be pushing to eliminate as well. Nothing is beneath anypony. We are all flesh and blood, and blood is blood. No matter who's it is, makes no difference. Neither is better than the other. We all eat, we all breath, we all bleed. At the end of the day, it'd do everyone to remember that, and bind together instead of dividing everypony even more. Eventually, that divide will create a war in Equestria that not even I can stop. With IMAGINE, I'm sure you can see the signs of that just as clearly as I can."
  6. "With your rigorous training, I have no doubts that the army we are building will be no match. However, do remember that we are also meant to be a sanctuary for the ponies that have nopony else to turn them and not all of them may be capable fighters. I don't was STAR to become synonymous with Tartartus and that ponies would rather die than join. That's the exact opposite of my goal," Ice Storm started in response her eyes not leaving Tempests. "However, I'm sure that you'll be able to pick up one the ones that aren't as combat prowess as we would like them to be able be able to shape them in other ways. You, Sombra, The Princess and myself can't be everywhere at once, so it perhaps those that can't fight can help with tactics or basic maintenance. Younger ones that we pick up need to be allowed to play as well. After all, a lot of that play goes into training as well and it just comes natural. It will ultimately help with on field reaction time. Do not underestimate the developmental value of play. Not to mention, how they play can give you better ideas how to best train them, and show us right away where they would fit within the organization," Ice continued as she looked out over the ships hull. She could practically feel the excitement pouring from Tempest as she rushed by her and looked down at the ship. It wasn't much to look at right now, but that would change in due time. She could also tell that the princess had some concerns that she probably wanted to express. No doubt she still didn't completely trust Sombra and truthfully Ice didn't either. It was the main reason she made sure he was so high up in the ranks. It's a lot easier to keep track of a high profile officer than it was a solder of the force that was only accounted for during fights. She understood that there was still some flaws though and that could be taken advantage of at some point. his relationship with Celestia made everything a bit more precarious as well. Speaking of him, when he brought up that he was surprised that she was here and that she would know of her little organization, she smirked. "Of course. Not only does Princess Luna know about the organization, she Endorses it. It doesn't give is the ability the be willy nilly with our actions. We still have to follow the codes that we have set forth. She can help us bend things a little bit and get us out of some interesting situations should she need to, but even then, there is still a limit to what she can actually do and still be able to claim plausible deniability. It also goes without saying that in exchange for telling her this information I have sworn an oath to protect her with my life," she said pausing and looking at the princess. "No matter what road this takes, I will always be there to defend you, to defend everyone in this room. On that, as a member of the Lunar Guard, My honor as STAR Force commander, I don't turn by back on allies. I expect everypony here to do the same," she spoke back looking between, a ferocity in her eyes. "In fact, the pact that I made with Luna was very similar to the pack that I made with you Tempest," she continued. "Not to mention, The three of us, and the princess... we aren't so different... All four of us have been touched by the darkness in our lives at some point, yet all four of us have had drastically different outcomes. Princess... during our discussion on the night that we became friends, the night I joined the ranks of your guard... I questioned my own resolve on how I as one mare could fix Equestria and keep what happened to all of us... that feeling of abandonment and anguish from spreading and torturing others. But now I know how.... The four of us.... Uniting for a common cause. Sombra, Tempest, I know you don't harbor any pleasant feelings for Equestria because of the scorn it showed you in the past. I understand your resentment. It's the same resentment that I had for all Equestrian nobility, and even before my amulets I was never a push over. Had I been in your shoes, I can't deny that I would have done the same thing that Sombra did a millennia ago, and I am a mare of ice... If the storm king would have found and corrupted me, I don't even think Twilight could have broken that cold heart at that point. All of Equestria would have been the same to me...." "However, if we can put that behind us, we can make an Equestria that doesn't have to worry about that anymore. We can be the beacon of hope, for those Equestrian Society has failed. Together, we can make Equestria what it should have been long ago. An indomitable fortress that won't be trifled with... Not only would nopony dare invade us again, but we could weed out the corruption in the nobility. I recently learned... that Golden hoof... the one responsible for tearing my own family apart... didn't stop with my family, but he did this to multiple families, just because he was infertile... Ponies as vile and disgusting as him need to be stopped as soon as possible, no matter the cost... Accidents are one thing, but when somepony makes it their mission to destroy what we protect, they become our enemy, and we will smite them. Maybe not out in the open, maybe not through violence... but if there's one pony like Golden Hoof, there's more. If there's one clan like the Red Jarl's that's willing to invade Equestria on a whim there's more... Let's show them..." she said turning to the other three with a fire of determination and passion in her eyes. "Let's show them why Equestria is not a nation to be trifled with anymore," she finished her small speech with a deep breath. "Enough of that though... I'm getting off topic. The main reason I brought everypony here today was to discuss our next move, and start building our power. Tempest, you mentioned before that you knew the locations of the Storm King armories. I agree with you on wanting to find them, not only to bolster our own forces, but as an exterminates as well. To put it frankly, once you've gotten anything that you've wanted out of them, I want them, and everything else left behind completely destroyed. I cannot risk allowing them to continue to exist and then have them fall into the hooves of a potential enemy. Anything that you think can be useful, be it something for the infantry or something that can be integrated into the ship I want. Otherwise, you know what to do..." Ice Storm said before turning to Princess Luna. "Princess Luna, I will not pretend like I have any sort of authority at all over you. To do so would be complete and utter arrogance and a complete disregard of the trust that you have placed within me. After all, my loyalty is to you, not the other way around everything I ask of you is a simple request and I understand ahead of time if some of those requests may not be possible due to circumstances at that time. After all, I can't risk something that would compromise your own integrity. You of all though know that my loyalty is unwavering, so I could never put you in that position. That being said, I would like to humbly put in a requisition for one frigate, and two galleot sized airships for this mission. We have no idea what kind of forces now inhabit that area and how many of them could be hostile towards Tempest, myself and any that go with us. I will need to train with you more before we embark to even have a chance. I know I'm not push over myself, but I feel with the amount of strong combatants we'd be going after, that I would just get in the way until I've refined my skills more on how to properly read a battlefield. Something as important as this, I don't want to go blindly into," she finished turning to Sombra. "That said, I would very much appreciate it if you accompanied us on this mission. That decision is yours alone though. All I know is that I will not send anyone on a mission that I myself am not willing to go on. And a mission as important as this one... We need our absolute best on it, and at the moment, that's the three of us. I don't count the princess because I know there's no way she can accompany. The only other thing I can ask, Princess, is that you do what you've been doing since you've returned and help keep Equestria safe. I wouldn't be able to live with myself and the failure that came with it, if something happened to you during my absence as your guard."
  7. The first of the ponies to arrive down the hallway to the door was Tempest. It didn't surprise her in the slightest. Tempest had been waiting for this announcement for a while. To her this day couldn't get here soon enough. She apologized about being late and that how there was still so much for her to see around here, but she was giving it nothing less than her best. "I would expect nothing less from a mare of your caliber. But yes, today is the day. It's actually been under construction for the past couple of days bot just beyond the doors you can really start seeing the keel of the ship starting to take shape," she commented as the two others soon followed her. Luna kept quiet, but it was obvious that she was deep in thought. This wasn't something that anypony that held power in Equestria knew about, but it was important for Luna to know who she was trusting, and that who she was putting her faith in wasn't just all talk. Sombra was the last to arrive, and it appeared that Luna was still withholding judgement on him as well. They had a good time together at Celestia's birthday, and it shed some light on things, but there was still a bit of hesitation there. She couldn't blame her. It was after all, entirely possible that Sombra was playing with Celestia's emotions to try to lower Equestria's guard while he tries to organize something from the inside. She wouldn't put it past him, but at the same time, she was willing to extend the benefit of the doubt. If he was trying to pull anything, Luna and her should be able to see any of the warning signs before they become a problem. That is of course if Celestia's own judgement hadn't been clouded by then. This was a very precarious situation now. At this time, they would just have to trust him and hope that everything worked out. "Actually, this isn't all that I've called you here for. Aside from being here for the laying of this ships keel, and watching Equestria's most powerful battleship start to take a form, there are quite a few things that we need to discuss. Things have been rather quiet, which has been a good thing. It's giving us time to get to full power. I like this. The more time we have to get The Shadow of Ice completed, the better. Once that thing is in the open, enemy nations would think twice before trying to attack us again. Come, please, let us make ourselves more comfortable while we watch our masterpiece come together and discuss business," she smiled pushing the doors open and revealing in full the very, very large steel keel that was currently being constructed beneath them as she began to trot out onto the balcony where a table and chairs was already present, arranged in a way where everypony could watch the construction.
  8. IceStorm

    Celestia's Grand Birthday (Open - see OOC)

    From the moment that the music started to the time the final note of the first tune ended, there wasn't anything else in the world that existed to Ice Storm other than the mare that she was dancing with. She happily held her close, almost hugging her as they flowed from move to move. Even as upbeat as it was before it transitioned into a softer waltzy feel, she stayed close with her marefriend. Everything so far tonight, except for discovering the orphaned filly, had been fairly according to plan. Well... okay, that's a lie. Uneventful would have been the better word. Ice wasn't planning on her marefriend being here tonight. That was an added surprise for her. There was a sense of amusement on her face though as she caught glimpses of everypony else enjoying themselves. It appeared that Sombra was not having as good a time dancing as her thought. In face it seemed as if he decided to sit out this round of dancing. It was almost as if he was trying to perhaps hide the face that he couldn't dance. Though in his defense, she didn't really know how either. She just kind of held Raven in her hooves and moved around. She wasn't sure if that really counted as dancing or not, but it was the sentiment of moving with her that mattered. The feeling of Raven being so close to her made her all warm and fuzzy inside. As the music came to a stop, she smiled and pressed into a deep passionate kiss with her marefriend. "Have I ever told you how much I loved you?" she smiled afterward before looking over to Luna. The next dance would be starting up soon as she carefully, reluctantly pulled from Raven and made her way over. "Shall we, princess?"
  9. "I agree that we need to know each others limits, but not to the point where we're hurting each other to figure it out. Though that surge might have something to do with it. perhaps it awakened something in you. I mean, I didn't even have my magic until I got my cutie mark when I had my surge of magic. It's entirely possible that you had some sort of fire deep inside of you that just awakened. If that's the case, it would explain why everything is colder all of a sudden. Do you feel sick or feverish at all?" she asked looking to Bluebell whom was commenting on Luna's status and how her reputation hasn't fully recovered. "I think the reason of that is two fold. She doesn't feel like she's actually wanted at these events. Her tarnished reputation affects her more than most realize. Honestly ponies that are alive now have no reason to resent her for what happened a thousand years ago. No pony today, aside from her sister and... a pony who's name shan't be mentioned here, were alive then. I understand that there are generations of stories painting the princess in a negative light, and if I had my way, I would have all of them stricken from record. I am not foolish enough to believe that such a thing would ever be possible though. A pony may not have a nightmare of a judge of a flower show, but they would have a nightmare about the judge turning into the nightmare if they still believed that Luna was in fact the nightmare." Ice started. "We talked long and hard the second night that I met the princess, the night that I became part of the Lunar guard. She was genuinely surprised to hear when I told her that there were ponies that looked to the moon as a symbol of hope. She's still very much under the impression that everypony still at the very least dislikes her if not hates her. And, after the reactions she got from her first Nightmare Night in Ponyville. They didn't see the princess... They saw Nightmare moon, and it was heart wrenching. All she wanted was to try to reach out to ponies and make friends, and every, single, pony except for Twilight scorned her. So much to the point she threatened to cancel the tradition therein henceforth. After a reaction like that, would you be willing to take the risk of something like that happening again?" "Even if she was invited, there would still be that nagging voice in the back of her mind that she wasn't truly welcome, and honestly, if ponies keep this trend going, the likelihood of events repeating themselves grow higher and higher with every pony that continues to spread that she's still evil. They'll continue to create more and more of a divide until their self-fulfilling prophecy comes true. Eventually, Luna will feel abandoned again, and naturally she's going to turn to the only outlet that she has. I know that she's one of my personal friends and I would guard her with my life, but in the end I am but one pony, in a sea of thousands. I don't know if one friend, or one group of friends would be enough to stop the descent if that time ever comes again," she said following Blue outside since she said that she knew of a place that wasn't too far away from the library. "Honestly, the Princess is likely using dignity as a cover excuse, or to the opposite reasoning. She doesn't feel she has enough dignity to be at such event because of how everypony still views her, and her being at the event would be a slight rather than a boon. We know that isn't the case, but well, like I already said, we are a few in the masses of many. It's up to us to show that the princess isn't as ill liked as she believes. What do you think Raven? Have you had a chance to meet the princess of the night yet? What is your opinion of her?"
  10. It was deep underground. Set in a ravine that was a good half days walk north from her casino in Las Pegasus. Everything was rocky and surprisingly well lit of being underground. Her royal blue and silver custom made Royal guard armor shimmered as light from the torches flickered off of it. She stood there waiting. She was anxious to see what was starting behind the doors that were behind her. This had been a long time in the making. Ever since the ground was tilled for the casino, shoot from the days that she was given the Opalus spheres... This was what she meant to do. Meant to protect those that are not able to protect themselves. "The spire.... will never happen again..." she said to herself as she looked up and awaited. A look of ferocity and unrelenting determination in her eyes. It was just behind these doors that something... of which Equestria had never seen was being constructed. The builders that she had hired from the income from the casino estimated that with everything as it was the ship itself would take about a year and a half to complete. It was perfect. With herself training under Princess Luna and furthering her own power, she was sure that she would make Equestria a force to be reckoned with. Everypony will think twice before trying to invade them or attack them again. She knew that Tempest would be there. She sent word out to the Princess and Sombra as well. She presumed that the four of them would want to be present for something as monumental as this. Ice was as proud of this moment. She was going to be able to show everypony that was putting their trust into was capable of actually following through with her promises. She wasn't going to let everypony keep her from her goals. Equestria was safe under her. She just needed to buy a little more time. Truthfully, the keel was likely already done. After all, the keel would be the first piece of metal itself, but it would be starting to take it's shape today. They would be discussing quite a few things today if everything went according to plan. One matter of great importance was a raid on the old Storm King Armory. Tempest had mentioned it before in their initial meeting in the Mareage that she was looking for something like that. To be honest, so was Ice. There was the simple fact that if they didn't go and find the armories, then somepony else would. She stood there full attention, full plaid in her custom royal guard armor. "No matter the cost.... we can't let anypony else find those armories... those can become a substantial liability to Equestria. Anything that we find in there that won't prove useful must be destroyed... Still, there's a lot that we could reverse engineer, perhaps even integrate some of the designs into the ship Then there's the matter of staging, and setting up outposts and once we get enough resources, shipyards..."
  11. Ice Storm nodded when she heard Raven ask about the caves under Canterlot as well mentioning that most of the physical labs for the studies would be set up here. She also mentioned that thaumatically, there was a chance that the crystals that were under the mountain in Canterlot had an entirely different make up and wave length. Ice Storm hadn't really thought about it, but it didn't appear that Bluebelle knew much on the matter either. If she didn't she didn't let on. Still though, it seemed that Raven liked the idea of having an source of operations in Canterlot. They would definitely be closer and that was something that Ice was happy with. She also heard her add that the only pony that she knew of that had researched the crystals to any extent, was a pony that used to rule here that she didn't want to name. She was afraid that it would upset others. Ice of course knew who she was talking about, and she was correct. Mentioning his name would probably create unrest in the library. She feared there could also be lasting side effects to the moral of the Crystal Empire as a whole if they found out that Sombra was still alive. Bluebelle then spoke in approval of the plan and talked about how she would have offered to push the pilot papers through herself, but she didn't see the point since Icy had direct ties with royalty anyways. She did have a point. It would have been redundant for Bluebelle to push something like that through. Plus it would raise suspicions. A pony, especially a princess, would easily wonder why Ice Storm chose to have Bluebelle approach them with the subject rather than addressing them herself. It would make it look bad for Bluebelle. Like she was trying to use the caves for something herself, for reasons that she wouldn't say. Ice couldn't think of anything that Bluebelle would, and she knew that Bluebelle wasn't trying anything... but that wouldn't keep Celestia or Luna from thinking it. Even if Bluebelle did approach them, Ice knew that Luna would speak directly to her before doing anything. "I agree. It's probably better that I approach and ask Luna directly myself anyway. Princess Luna personally knows where I stand on many matters, especially ones that would directly deal with the safety of Equestria as a whole. Any request that came in front of her that had my name on it that wasn't from me she'd probably be wary of, and talk to me anyways before making any sort of decision on them. To make sure that I was actually the pony that came up with the strategy or that the reasons for such requests were accurate. Not that she or anypony else would have reason to distrust anypony here. Just merely pointing out that if I were in her shoes, and somepony came to me with something regarding a favor for a pony that I would have direct personal contact with on a regular basis, I would be wary about what was actually going on, and wouldn't do anything before consulting said pony and found out why they just didn't come to me. Princess Luna is not as intimidating as everypony makes her out to be. I mean, I guess she could be if you made her angry, but I try not to do that," Ice commented before hearing Raven mention about being cold suddenly, and asking if it was possible that their spar from earlier had made her sick. ""I.... I wouldn't think so... but I guess anything could be possible... I mean, I really hope that I didn't make you sick... I wouldn't be able to forgive myself for hurting you, even on accident. Have you been feeling colder ever since we sparred?" she said as Bluebelle also spoke up on the matter. She said that whether she was ill or not, heat and hydration would both be beneficial. So they should continue their conversations over a nice cup of coffee at one of the coffee parlors. "I think that is a great idea, although I'm afraid that I am unsure of where exactly much of anything is here. After all, most of my previous visit here was spent in the hospital. Which speaking of, if the coffee doesn't help you feel better, we should go see one of the ponies there and figure out whats wrong. I'll be the first to admit I'm not exactly sure what that dome of ice that you would in would have done to most other ponies... I'll be the first to admit that it was way too much for a spar..." Ice said as she started to feel a bit down on herself. She really hoped that she hadn't hurt her new marefriend in any way by accident...
  12. IceStorm

    Celestia's Grand Birthday (Open - see OOC)

    Ice Storm smiled a bit as she heard Raven talk to Sombra about her. It was more that she was thanking him for suggesting that she go to the Crystal Empire when she did to research the crystals or Raven wouldn't have met her. Ice want completely sure about that. They were researching similar fields after all. If either of them made a breakthrough it was only logical that the other would have sought them out with questions. Their paths would have crossed eventually. "I wouldn't say that. We're researching the same area, though using different methods to do so. We would have crossed paths eventually. I won't deny he helped make it happen sooner. Now you're stuck with me," Ice said playful in response. She then heard Celestia comment on Sombra trying to keep him from spilling everything about how they met and came to be. Apparently the story was a bit embarrassing to the princess. It made Ice chuckle a bit before she heard Celestia talk on the filly backed away from the group. It seemed that she was getting over stimulated because of all of the attention that she was suddenly receiving. This was probably the case, the more that Ice thought about it. The filly was an orphan after all so she probably wasn't used to being the center of attention. Raven suggested going to get some games that the could play. Celestia recommended against it though unless Caramel wished for her to. “Well, if she does them I'm sure we can think of something to entertain her,” she commented with a smiled as Buck started up with more music. Luna herself seemed to just be taking things in smiling from the praise from both herself and Raven. She was happy to see Luna enjoying herself. After all, what good was it to be a princess and have everything if you didn't get a chance to enjoy it now and then. When Celestia pulled in Sombra and they started to dance, she couldn't miss in on the action and pulled Raven into the dance floor. “Come, we can't let them have all of the spotlight. Luna, you get next dance,” she said with a smile. It might have been Celestia's birthday, but I've was still partial to the princess that was already proven to be her friend.
  13. Icy couldn't help but giggle and push back into the kiss that Raven said wasn't too convincing. Bluebell added that she said that she liked Raven's kiss better than hers. the more juicy that she made it, the more likely the tabloids would run with it. She added though that most of the time they take it and spin it to make pyrite out if it. She couldn't deny this, but thankfully she hadn't come across many of those types in her travels yet. Of course, ponies should take care of how they use their words regarding herself, her friends, or her princess in the future. After all, with all of her connections, it wouldn't be too hard to plant some information to make that entire reporting studio look like traitors to Equestria. She would rather to not have to resort to things like that though. When she brought up some of the old crystal mines in the base of Canterlot Mountain, Ice facehoofed. She had completely forgotten all about those. She added that she didn't think that it would be impossible to set up a research lab down there, and Ice nodded. "I can actually talk to Princess Luna about that directly the next time I'm either on post or training with her. Given that there's common interest in what you're trying to accomplish, I think it would be rather easy to convince her to allow it. Of course, you wouldn't be allowed to harvest too many of the crystals cause as Bluebelle said, some of them are part of Canterlot's structural stability. We'd have to know where the line is and how to get around it. I love the idea of not being as far away from each other though. That is definitely a major benefit," she she smiled. "And being closer, means you'll have plenty of opportunities to get used to kissing like that. Besides, it adds a little bit of excitement," she said booping Raven's nose.
  14. IceStorm

    Celestia's Grand Birthday (Open - see OOC)

    A small blush creeped across Ice Storm's face as she heard Raven mention how amazing she looked tonight. "Oh please, it can't be that much. Like I said, it's just a simple dress. Besides, you look just as amazing yourself," she said with a smile towards her marefriend as she heard her start speaking again, though this time speaking more to Sombra than anypony else. Whatever it was though, in involved Sombra in some way and she was waiting until everypony was present and not busy to bring the topic up. It made her wonder what exactly she would need everypony present for, but she was sure that she would find out soon enough. Then Princess Celestia came forth and introduced the filly that she had spotted with her earlier. She smiled and knelt down to the small filly with a smile on her face. She heard Luna address the filly and Ice did so as well, while the princess of the night responded to Raven about her appreciation of the night and that she hoped that it brought her as much comfort as it did Ice before reminding them that she wasn't responsible for the moon and the stars, Raven stealing another kiss as she did. "Perhaps not princess, but like I mentioned before, you're the pony that everypony in the land thinks of when they look up to the moon and the stars at night. You may not be responsible for their existence, but they are symbolic of you as well as a symbol of hope, and they will be for however long you are," she smiled before hearing Sombra speak about how him and Celestia came to be a thing. She had to admit that she was curious about it herself but there were more pressing matters at hoof. "Hi there Caramel!! Aren't you just the cutest little thing! I'm sure everypony here will help make this night one that you'll remember for a very long time. And you never know," she said starting to look up to Celestia giving a hint of knowing. "Something special might even happen tonight," she finished giving Celestia a silent nod. Even if she couldn't give this mare a permanent home, she would get her off the streets, and who knows, that temporary home might become permanent in the future depending on how things went. It would mostly depend on how needed she was in the guard, both in defense of Luna and of Equestria as a whole.
  15. "Of course it's what friends do! Sometimes they do even more than that once they get closer to each other too," Ice Storm said with a wink to her marefriend. Any chance that she had of making Raven either blush or smile she was going to take. Plus she wanted to get the conversation to something that would be better suited for a public library as well as one that Raven could participate in. It seemed that she was having a small issue with the topic on hoof, and she really couldn't say that she blamed her. She never liked being tongue and cheek. She'd rather say what she had to say and get it over with. It was one of the reasons that Her and Tempest worked well together. They were both like that, and it lead to efficient tactics and understandings. Then Blue mentioned about the advantage of herself already being royalty, and that no pony generally asked questions about why she turned up somewhere. She also confirmed taht between the lessons, IMAGINE, and friendship, they wouldn't have a lack of reasoning for any of their meetings that should take place in the future. She couldn't help but blush a bit when she heard her mentioned about kissing one of them to keep up the image. That it would definitely throw anypony off the trail. Ice smirked once more and took this opportunity to do just that. Without missing a beat, she turned her head and planted a kiss directly on Raven's lips, and then giggled. "You mean like that?" she blurted playfully.