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  1. ~~~Medo Asai~~~ When the Longma replied to her, it became apparent that he was a part of the inner circle of ponies that surrounded the Empress. She could also notice that was relaxing a bit more and was quite a bit more... Not laughing at her. Still though, thinking about the comment she could easily why he could come to that conclusion. He added, once he made himself more comfortable, that the arrangements of her visits could be worked out with her instructors, and that there was no reason that they couldn't be in between semester breaks. She was a little apprehensive about that cause it would take more time away from her family. At the same time though, this way royalty, and the ones that were footing her bill here. They had the right to know who they were paying to get an education. When he asked if she had any questions, she paused in thought. "I have a couple," Medo started. "The first being what kind of crisis is Long in that required such a fine tuned audit to begin with. I've been here for a few years now and will actually be graduating soon, and this is the first time anypony from Long or Neighpon alike that want family in regards to the situation. I suppose I also need to ask what will become of me once I graduate? I can't imagine the Emperor would do all this without some sort of contengency. What would also become of my family in Neighpon?" It was just a start to all the questions she had that she could now get answered, but she didn't want to overwhelm him either. If he was just a financial advisor, he may not have all of her answers.
  2. ~~~Medo Asai~~~ As the Long continued. It seemed more that he wasn't laughing at her as he was the situation. He went on to explain that the empress herself was doing an audit on the finances and he was remembering the looks on the imperial Beaurecrats faces when they couldn't explain what the missing funds were. Only that they were going to her. He further added that they had been wanting to meet her for a while now and could never find her. She arched an eyebrow. "Well I wasn't exactly trying to hide or anything. We ran into each other once while I was here a few years ago. I recognized hey, but I don't know if she recognized me. It was during the gala a couple of years ago. Although I am surprised that absolutely no pony else was told about me. I'm just a humble farm mare. There really isn't anything to keep a secret about," Medo responded to him still trying to figure things out. Though by his response, she figured a trip to Long was going to be in her near future. Surely get instructors would give her leave if she was summoned by they empress herself.
  3. ~~~Medo Asai~~~ Medo's ears folded back a bit when she heard the longma start laughing at hey and she turned her head away from him, grimacing a bit more with each chuckle that left his mouth. She felt embarrassed and just wanted to be done with the interview now... He likely didn't believe anything she said, and should probably start packing her things as soon as he left. Then he stated that she was smart enough to come to a place like this, but not able to put two and two from her story together. This didn't help her self esteem and she just remained quiet. When she heard hey mention about the old Kirin leaving a note for him in the ledger instead of making him take a trip and using the treasury for the expenses. She arches an eyebrow looking back at him... She sighed looking back to him, getting her voice back, although a bit more irritated than it was a few moments ago. "Well, I mean I always presumed, but there was never any evidence, and nopony would give me any information on it! And a pony just doesn't claim to be on a full ride from a Royal figure without proof," she said taking a deep breath and then sighed.
  4. ~~~Medo Asai~~~ Medo watched as the longma made his way into her room and began to, what she could presume, was meticulously go over everything that was wrong with her room. Some of the books on her shelves were out of order considering that she was still using a couple of them but that was no excuse to put them up in haste! When he told her that he was used to messier visits, and that this would be perfectly acceptable for their little meeting. He took a seat across from her and she sat down as well as he started talking about the scholarship that she was given. Almost instantly she felt like maybe she had done something wrong. He asked what connection that she had to the sponsor. She tilted her head a bit. "I am here on a scholarship program... and am hopeful to remain here on it... If I have done something that could lead to the revoking of said scholarship... then I pray you inform me of what I've done or haven't done so that I could fix it... If my family found out.... I'd never be able to see them again... And I can honestly tell you that I have absolutely no clue who gave me the scholarship. All I know is that I got a letter in the mail and it said that all expenses were paid, and what my start date was. I got this letter about a month or two after the Emperor left after I found the herbs to help his sick filly get better," Medo answered.
  5. ~~~Wind Dancer~~~ "Whew..." was the only thing that Wind Dancer could say after the performance that she had given tonight. It was true that she was under contract at the Mareage hotel and Casino in Las Pegasus, but she was also smart in setting it up to where she was still allowed to perform at other venues as long as she prioritized dates that the Mareage wanted over the others. As it was now, she was currently in the Fire and Ice Hotel Casino, and boy was it nice. It was after all, a brand new casino. It had only been open for about a year and a half and had already made quite the name for itself here. The design of the Casino as a whole was unique and stood out which helped it get off the ground, but it was also clear that no expense was spared in it's creation. Everything about it was luxurious and very well upkept. And all of that was precisely why Wind Dancer only wanted to do shows here sparingly. It wasn't that she didn't like the casino. Not at all! It was more from the fact that on more than one occasion her shows because of the wind production from her wings in her act, she had caused major damage to stages or internal structures that required lengthy costly repairs. She wouldn't be able to handle herself if she broke or completely destroyed something here. She was definitely sure that she wouldn't be able to afford to pay for anything that broke. As it stood, however, Wind found herself back stage as she started to take off the outfit that she had for the night. Well, more just one of her routine outfits in general, she had plenty and unlike other showmares had no qualms about reusing them. Those things were expensive!!! Especially for her because most of her outfits were carefully crafted, aerodynamic flight suits that she could use with sequins and the like to help further direct airflow and wind currents to at least try prevent too much wind from being converted. Of course, with them being designed for aerodynamics in mind, they were very tight fitting, which mean getting them on and especially off after she was all sweaty was a real struggle.
  6. ~~~Medo Asai~~~ When the Long had introduced himself, Medo kind of cocked her head to the side. What in the name of Equestria did the Imperial Bureau of Finance possibly want with her? She wasn't wealthy by any means so there wasn't any possible way for her to even thing of trying to fudge numbers or anything to try to work a system. She'd first have to be able to have bits to even attempt! Plus there was the fact that she wasn't that kind of mare. To try to take advantage of something and cheat other ponies out of what they had worked hard for was beneath her and her family. In fact if she ever considered even thinking about that she was sure her family would disown her. When he further addressed the fact that he had been tasked on checking up on a few things, she arched an eyebrow once more. However the fact that he had addressed her by name and honorific meant that she was definitely the mare that he was looking for even if his information was off. With that in mind, she stayed polite and respectful and when he asked to come inside, she nodded and lead him inside. "Please come in... I'll try to answer whatever questions that you have, but know that I will have questions as well... I can't really say that I was expecting you, so I don't know what you're doing here, o what you'd have to do with me... Nor have I really cleaned up a bit. If I knew I would be getting a visitor, I would have," she commented. If Kong would look around the room though, he would see that aside from her desk where she had obviously been tampering with herbs, the rest of the dorm was near spotless. She definitely kept well hygiene in order.
  7. ~~~Medō Asai~~~ The knock at the door came at a startle for Medō. After all, she hasn't been expecting any visitors and her dorm mate had a key. She'd have no reason to knock. She collected herself and then looked at the herbal pills that were in front of her and sighed. She say then asked for a moment so she could she who this was and what they wanted. With any luck, they were a solicitor and she could tell them that she wasn't interested and move on. Would take no time at all and she could get back to work. What she saw though when she answered the door though wasn't what she was expecting at all. It was a longma!!! And it didn't look to be one from the school. In fact, he looked a bit older. His scales looked like an aged bronze, with a brown coat, and a blue make and tail. She'd never seen this pony before in her life, but if he wasn't a student here, then he was looking for someone. The fact that he knocked on her door meant that he was looking for either her, or somepony that she knew. She had to admit through, the suit made him look quite dapper. "Hello... Is there something I can help you with?" she asked wondering more as well if perhaps the pony was lost and just looking for directions. Canterlot University got a lot of prestigious guests since she's been here and she can say from first hoof experience... It was really easy to get lost if you aren't used to the layout already.
  8. ~~~Wind Dancer~~~ Wind raised an eyebrow a bit when the griffon asked what the catch was for her paying for his meal. Was it that common among his society for everything to come at a price? She then paused for a moment in thought. In reality, Las Pegasus wasn't too much better in that regard. She thought back to her own warning about the city that she gave earlier and it made sense. She watched as he surveyed the surrounding area as well. He's notice that there were a few other couples out strolling the paths as well as a decent amount of security. When he sat back down, Wind answered. "Just a bit of companionship. It's nice to talk to somepony that's not looking for weaknesses to exploit at a later date," she said with a softer smile.
  9. ~~~Wind Dancer~~~ It didn't take long for Wind to lead them outside. The fresh air outside coming in stark contrast to the air inside the casino. She started leading them towards one of her favorite parks. It wasn't too far from her apartment. There were fields as far as could be, which was more than could be said about the desert around them. Brown and sightless sand, tough the mountains in the distance were a nice touch at times. Wind let out a sigh as she laid on one of the hills letting the breeze flow around her. "One of the few bright spots of this place. Well, bright as in good. They at least take great pride in keeping this park clean and safe. It's also been a bit cooler than most places in the city which is nice," she smiled. She knew that outside of the shows she put on there wasn't much to herself. Of course she herself wasn't great at starting conversation that didn't go down weirder paths unintentionally.
  10. Life at Canterlot University was... Different at best for Medō. She was away from her friends, away from her family, and so far hadn't done very well in the making new friends category. This was partly in fact that she spent most of her time studying trying to get everything she needed done as quick as she could. It wasn't that she disliked Equestria... It was more that she wanted to go home. She missed her sister and only ever got to see her during holidays and end of year. One thing her time did do was smooth out her accent a bit. Her Equestrian now sounded much more authentic than broken and conversation came easy for her as long as the talk about herbs. She currently found herself sitting at the desk in her dorm looking over advanced herbal medicine V and how to combine different medicines that she'd already made without causing negative drawbacks. Such herbal remedies could be useful for treating multiple symptoms and issues at once and most of them made sense to her. She was also experimenting herself by following the instructions in the books but she wouldn't know until later when she could show them to the instructor till know if she did it right. All looked like was a pill and the instructor would have to dissolve the pill to know if it had been mixed properly. She was excited and was eagerly awaiting class.
  11. ~~~Wind Dancer~~~ "I can see what you mean by that, as it sounds like you didn't have a choice in the matter. I can also see how something like that can get in the way of things," Wind said smirking a bit when the griffon said that he could blow ponies away as well, albeit less literally. Though he added a good punch could send them flying. At that point, Wind dropped some bits on the table. The amount seeming more than enough to cover both tabs and the tip before standing up and stretching. "Let us get out of here and find someplace more comfortable outside. Las Pegasus has a lot of nice parks that are pretty well protected and a breath of fresh air would do me well after being in a smoke ridden casino all day," Wind smiled motioning for the griffon to join her.
  12. ~~~Ice Storm~~~ "Well for starters, all of the armorer made within the facility grants its wearer aetherial resistance. Working around the aether had given us better understanding of it. We've used that, plus my own magical powers to resist my own magic at a last that I felt comfortable enough testing on it. Unless we come across a unicorn more powerful and malicious than I am, their spells won't scratch my units at all. In fact it would get channeled into their weapons. The swords and halberds that my forces have made are exceptionally sharp and have enchanted sharpness built into them. Not even the askr wood stood a change against it because it can resist the magic, but not the blade itself. It cuts through non magical armor like butter. I spared no expense when it came to protecting those that were willing to put their lives in the line to protect Equestria. Much like I did five years ago," Ice commented knowing full well that twilight would know what she was talking about. It was her after all that was on Ice's back when the Spire fell. "You mentioned that you had thoughts on the cannons and the destroyers? Now that as I said, I want to about physical projectiles if at all possible. I want not ground units caught up in an aerial battle."
  13. ~~~Ice Storm~~~ It made sense. Twilight said it herself that she was exceptionally nosy, perhaps a bit too much so. The leader of Equestria being like that could prove to be an issue later on when it came to the matters of foreign affairs. That's of course, what she was planning on making her job and being the information source without the possible repercussion that would come from an Equestrian ordered intelligence mission. With Twilight knowing about STAR and it's operations... It was going to make it that much harder to maintain political disinvolvement. When she started about the ship though and see of its details, Ice spoke up. "Actually, the main cannons right now after place holders. I have some engineers working on getting them to weaponize the aether core and have the cannons fire am aetheric blast rather than any projectile at all. My goal is for this to be the first airship to have an almost zero chance of collateral damages. Every other airship, even the ballista ones, have one thing in common. If you miss with your primary batteries... Somepony on the ground that had nothing to do with the conflict in the sky gets hurt. Cause that projectile will fall. An aetheric blast won't arc. If it doesn't arc, then it won't hit the ground unless I want it to," she commented explaining the reasoning behind the weapon choice. "As far as her speed, she's faster than most, but she's still a battleship. She'll have an escort of at least four destroyers to cover her flanks. The fact that she won't have a set route and will be a mobile headquarters will be her advantage. Holding REA or guards with their supplies won't be a problem. Although they may not want theirs when they see what me units are given," she smirked.
  14. ~~~Wind Dancer~~~ "Well, I could have asked a lot of things, but I figured the less invasive would be the best course of action considering we literally just met. I mean, there are unfortunately a lot of ways a pony could abuse said knowledge of your ability/curse however you tend to interpret it. Being a showmare myself, I know what it's like to get exploited from time to time and have learned how to avoid it for one and not do the same to others. However if you would like to voice other opinions, I would not object," Wind replied. "I would be among those ponies that tries to avoid brawls, and my manipulation over wind makes it easier to avoid the unsavory types. If they try to cause problems, I blow then away," she said with a smile.
  15. ~~~Wind Dancer~~~ "Interesting... Rumor has it there was an altercation involving this artifact over at the Fire & Ice hotel and casino. Lots of smoke, pirates, broken windows... And an alarming amount of military out of seemingly nowhere... Definitely a place to keep an eye on. She's one of those ponies that's more powerful than she lets on, I know it," Wind stated. "So, you can't lie huh? What do you honestly think about this place? And I don't mean just the casino... Las Pegasus as a whole? Don't know how much interaction you've had with others yet since being here. It would be nice to get an unbiased outsiders view of this place."
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