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  1. @IceStorm Thanks, I would be happy to discuss and look over your characters that you'd be willing to let me adopt. Even though who would be family members of the characters you do play. All I'd need is a few images and details, perhaps in this thread or more privately, and we can get this going. @PecanPraline Sure, I will just need to see what a few of them look like and even what were some of the ideas you had for them. Perhaps we can look over a few of them either here or more privately? Then we can see if there is any I wish to adopt and turn into full characters. @Bellosh, @All I will like to mention that the big character I want to get completed is the brother in law of Yù Yuè, the Empress of Long Guo, which I have yet to get anywhere for with his character sheet as I didn't know what I should have him look like. Embarrassingly, his physical appearance being my writing block with him. Also, because of finally getting a job and working 10 to 12 hours late week, but still.
  2. Finally, the weekend. I had been working between 10 to 12 hours.

  3. Embarrassed, my apologizes for this skeleton not being fleshed out. Originally got stuck coming up with appearance and colors, with this week being especially busy with me working between 10 to 12 hours a day so no progress then. I will see about getting this together tomorrow on my day off and figure out how I will go about this character.
  4. @Lyipheoryia Message has been sent, thank you for making a reply! ^^
  5. So simply put, coming up with a design and appearance for my characters is not always the easiest of things... so I am requesting to see if anyone has OC or design, whether they are pony or otherwise, that they are looking to have adopted? Right now I am looking for pegasus and unicorn designs, perhaps also a qilin, though other races might possibly work. Mostly looking for males at the moment but a good female design could work as well. I am looking to created characters for Long Guo, Neighpon, Polyneighsia so consideration of that with the designs. Thank you in advance, I hope the consideration of making this thread helps as I hope. I appreciate any who can help me, it will make the process go a bit easier.
  6. Well if you do put her up for adoption, I may be interested. I am certain I could come up with an app for her.
  7. Name: Sex: Male Age: Adult Species: Eye Color: Coat: Mane & Tail: Physique: Residence: Occupation: Cutie Mark: Unique Traits: History: Personality: Summary: An elder step brother who had desire the throne for himself, and still does in many ways, yet was denied because of certain distractions and the trouble he get got in with other mares. Through this, making the Emperor reject him as a potential heir. Despite this though he still managed to have a good relationship with his younger sister Yù Yuè, even if they shared not blood. He showed her kindness, becoming her friend and ally, as well offering protection from those who may try and do her harm. Now that she is Empress, he keeps an eye on those seeking the throne, and unlike him would go do anything to get it.
  8. neighpon

    Aegis had been running latter then she had hoped, her last meeting for day taking much more time then planned leaving her with little time in which to go home and get ready. The invitation was to join Shogun for one of his karaoke nights with the rest of the Shogunate, though up to this point she hadn't the chance to go to such things. This experience, of meeting with those that she had previously only worked more formally with in a casual setting, was going to be an interesting. Still, if the unicorn was to be honest, she could think back to a number of parties and events her father had setup that she had been to. Many times even singing for the guests, though this would be a first in a setting such as this. She had been told to come casual, though Aegis was not the sort to neglect her appearance or go anywhere without making an impression. Some aspects, she simply had to accept given her ancestory such as the strips on her legs revealing a certain zebra influence down her family line. Others, were more purely by choice such as the piece of gold jewelry over her horn which left some to at first think her horn was made of gold. It didn't effect her ability to use magic though, given the design and in how to was crafted, but it was a defining feature the mare felt in who she was. Making her way to the Watertrough District and to the Pony Pulse was made easier as she had transportation waiting for her to be ready to leave, and after a promise of paying a bonus was able to get there quite quickly. Once finding her way to where the Shogun and the others would be, and on being recognized by the guards to be let in Aegis will take a moment to take in the room as well those within. It appeared the festivities had begin without her, though most of the faces she recognized expect for perhaps two or three. This counting a pegasus mare with a golem and more surprisingly a caribou. Walking to where Ryu and many of the others were, leaving the mare to offer a respectful bow to the Shogun before offering, "My apologizes Rakuen-Heika for my lateness, it took a bit longer to wrap everything up today. I hope I haven't missed to much?" Hopefully, her not being there until now hadn't brought about any issues though everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves with already a few having gone up to sing and have a few drinks. She looked to the others, offering a warm smile even to those she was unfamiliar with as she offers politely, "Greetings, it is a pleasure to be here with you all." Aegis was not one to allow nerves to get the better of her, especially since apart from the Shogun himself the mare was more among equals, that and she was simply a very friendly sort even if she often used such purposefully in meetings. OOC Also, among the Shogunate, you all can decide how well your characters all know Aegis. Given how long she has had her position, or at least been working with the Office of Ambassador, she would have probably interacted with the others at least few times. I'd even offer perhaps, that given her personality, I could see the mare possibly even considering many among the Shogunate to be her friends as well as colleagues.
  9. Here we go, application has been approved and is ready to go. Aegis Ura, the Gaikoku Bugyō of Neighpon.
  10. unicorn

    Roleplay Type: World of Equestria Name: Aegis Ura Sex: Female Age: Mare Species: Unicorn Eye colour: Golden yellow Coat: White Mane/Tail: Dark grey Physique: Fit body built up from traveling, but more willowy and tall as well. Yet perhaps not as strong as many, given her focus more on scholarly pursuits or the social aspect of her employ. Residence: Neighpon Occupation: Gaikoku Bugyō (Ambassador) Cutie Mark: A golden wheel with two black half circles on either side and two additional wavy lines, a symbol related to the gold crafting taught to her but connected to her talent of finding beauty where it is not expected.* Unique Traits: Wears a decorative gold piece of jewelry which fits fully over her horn, giving the initial impression by some that her horn is gold. Her legs are stripped, if faded and not as distinct, revealing zebra ancestry. Speaks her native language fluently, yet with a certain exotic quality that some may pick up on. Gifted singer with a beautiful voice, as well skilled in jewelry making and gold craft. History: Born to father native of Neighpon, yet her mother a native of Equestria. Notably, that of Los Pegasus, with the two meeting by chance as her father was traveling there on invitation during his stay in Equestria for diplomatic discussions. Princess Celestia being unavailable for a couple of days, so the offer for him to enjoy himself. He met an mare there whose zebra father ran a jewelry and gold making shop, passed down many generations. They came to get to know each other in his time at Los Pegasus and he offered for the mare to go with him to visit Neighpon. For the mare to see his homeland as he had over the years gotten to know hers, and with her father's permission she agreed before falling in love with Neighpon. Choosing to move there permanently, they were eventually married. The mare took the time needed to learn of Neighpon's culture, while also setting of a shop much like her fathers while adapting the designs of the jewelry and gold crafts mixed with the styles of her new home. These crafts and jewelry becoming quite well known, though she had to find one take over many of the responsibilities of her profession on becoming heavy with foal. Once born, and seeing that she was a filly, they agreed on the name Aegis Ura though the name wasn't that of Neighpon but of the mother's homeland of Equestria. The filly will grow, often getting into trouble but eventually coming to learn the proper behavior expected of a mare. She took to reading, and history, both of where she was born as well that of her mothers. She even learned of her grandfather and of his more Egyptian heritage. From her father, she came to learn more of his own work as the Gaikoku Bugyō of the Shogun. She would gain her cutiemark, in fixing and shining up a broken old heirloom the owner didn't see beauty in. Yet, more then that, in explaining its significance and history, in offering that which they didn't know about their ancestor connected to it. Later, Aegis also discovered she had a natural gift for singing and melody with a voice that surprised many in her youth. Aegis would learn many languages, even singing for guests of her father in their native tongue. Yet the path she wished to follow was that of her father's hoofsteps, seeking to become the Gaikoku Bugyō, and would pursue the education that best helped prepare her for such as well working in the Office of the Ambassador. She placed herself in social situations, first observing and then learning by the example of her father. Yet Aegis also found that her calm and friendliness, even a disarming playfulness, actually worked better than simply mimicking her father's way of doing things. The mare will get a job at the Office of the Ambassador, which gave her the experience required. Once the time was right, and she had served for four years in the Office, it was with her father's recommendation that she was chosen by the senior members within the Office that she'd take his place once he was no longer able to fulfill the duties of his position. Thus Aegis came to work hard to prove herself, going to events and spectacle that called upon her attendance or meeting with those that came to Neighpon. Yet placing such on hold to mourn the passing of her father once his age overcame him. She, along with so many others, paid the stallion the respect and honor he deserved for his services with even the previous Shogun and her son there personally to pay his respects. The mare making sure to be by her mother's side and once the day had passed continued on the path she had chosen, perhaps a bit more sober and serious as time went on. Yet it seems she would not be the only one to suffer the passing of a beloved parent, with the passing Shogun and the disappearance of Ryuichi in his grief, his return from the Forest of the Forsaken bringing much relief to his council counting Aegis herself. That, given her own youth, being one the first to accept the new Shogun despite his age with a smile and bow of respect. Character Personality: Able to be serious, yet cheerful as well as she kept firm control of the situations she finds herself in or at least of herself. Dedicated to her duties, especially in figuring out diplomatic solutions to a problem so as to avoid conflict. She has a love of learning and of history, of music and of song, not only of her beloved Neighpon but that of other nations as well. Understands that to best handle a situation one needs to know or figure out those involved within it. Yet with this Aegis may be unable to react quickly or properly to sudden changes in such. With a likable manner that many will find charming, a cunning yet unassuming way with words which disarms, as well a calming presence that allows for even the hottest of tempers or stubborn of figures to be reasoned with or brought to consider what is said. This allowing her to better fulfill her responsibilities as the Ambassador to the Shogun, keeping things running smoothly with her homeland and other nations no matter the challenges though that doesn't mean it will always be easy. Character Summary: Aegis Ura is the Gaikoku Bugyō of Neighpon, having served in the Office of Ambassador for many years, her father marrying a mare from Equestria before both settled in the Land of the Rising Sun. A skill diplomat, with much personal charm and amiability which hides how cunning she can be in fulfilling her duties. Generally quite polite and well mannered, she can offer witty replies when the need arises. She is loyal to her Shogun, and not one shirk on her duties though she does spend a lot of time with her muzzle in a book. *For the cutiemark, I completely forgot what it was supposed to be, just remembering it was related to her family's skill in gold crafting and jewelry making. I did my best in describing what the cutiemark is supposed to be, and I ask that you forgive me for not offering more. I will try to contact the one I adopted the OC from to remind me on that detail.
  11. @Bellosh Thanks, I think I will go with the Elder Step-Sibling since I have your permission. Updated: I have just finished up Aegis Ura, as the Ambassador of Neightpon, and waiting for her to be approved. This leaving me free to work on the other character application and get things going for that. My apologies for the wait, I should be able to get it put together in the next couple of days.
  12. @Zeig Once I get Aegis' character sheet finished up and approved I will head over there. Well, whatever I will call her. Chuckles, actually stuck on how to describe her cutiemark and special talent.
  13. @Zeig Very nice, I am glad you like her. In personality, it is really whatever I make it to be. Though it may well be changed to something more appropriate, her name is actually Aegis Ura. This can be altered to whatever is more appropriate for her being a Neighponese mare, but a interesting detail I want to keep is for the initials of her name to be "Au" which is Gold on the Periodic Table of Elements. Not sure how we can do this, though perhaps something like Akemi Uchida. The first name meaning "beauty of dawn", though there is the question of if I want to do it surname first which may require that to start with A not the first. I will take a look at the lore, since I know it will be important for the roleplay.
  14. I just remembered I have an adopted pony I could use, which I haven't created a bio for. Perhaps she wouldn't be too out of place, and I could use her for this instance? A few extra details, her horn has a gold "cap" or cover over it and is simply decoration. She is a unicorn, but as can be seen with the strips on her legs she does have some zebra heritage in her family line. When originally conceived, her family was famous for their jewelry and gold making with her talent related to such as well, but this can be altered. If she wont work here, I could perhaps use her in the other thread.
  15. Aww, I can't have Mythos take seapony form? Chuckles