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  1. EquestrianScholar

    [Age of Heroes] Gate Kicker [open!]

    Masquerade had arrived not long after Hexxer yet before Ossia, though having yet to reveal himself as he considers the situation and gathers what information he can before being detected. To better prepare for how Lightening might be taken care of. It concerned the unicorn how fast Lightening was moving, know that he'd have to keep his true location or the cyborg otherwise distracted from attacking him directly. Thankfully, tjere was already to superheroes on sight. Smiling, Masquerade will consider the abilities on display and what he can offer to help. Ossia suprised him, not recalling right off hoof any alicorn superheroes making an appearance, but the stallion was not one to always keep track of the coming and going of supers. On Ossia's arrival, the Masquerade will teleport nearly yet hidden as he calls, "You here involving the ruckus that is being caused? I came because of being alerted to a high level of energy different from any I know. The pegasus seems to be from an alterante universe." Hopefully the alicorn won't go searching for him, and reveal his presence.
  2. EquestrianScholar

    [Age of Heroes] Gate Kicker [open!]

    A grey unicorn with well styled white mane and tail was walking down the shopping district of the city, enjoying himself and buying a few items for an upcoming social function. The stallion having just left with a couple of others the Canterlot Boutique of famed fashioned designer Rarity, wanting to make sure he looked his best. Very much worth every bit in his mind, and so making it his go to place to shop for the best. Mythos Gray, which was his name. was talking to a couple of ponies involvong the upcoming event, saying, "Yes, I'm sure it will be most enjoyable. I will actually be bring a date, it's her first time going to something like this." Those with the unicorn will begin to move on ahead a bit, eager for the next shop. Mythos laughing as they did and ready to trot with them. Yet before he could follow, from his vest pocket will float into sight a pocket watch, telling Mythos something was going on. Taking it in his hoof, the unicorn will open the device and study it before sighing. Yet a smile will appear on his face, or perhaps more a mischievous grin, as he considers. Looking around, seeing his companions distracted, the stallion will duck into an empty alleyway before will open too portals. Mythos will send his purchases through one, before with a wave of a hoof across his face as a masquerade mask and change of clothing appear as he goes through the other. Chuckling, 'Masquerade' will say to himself, "Well now, seems today might hold a bit more excitement then planned. Lets hope it is something interested." With such, the unicorn will disappear as the portals close, no pony the wiser. With this 'hero' ready to check what was causing such a high yet unfsuchamiliar source of energy. Those the unicorn had been shopping will eventually look around, noticing the stallion had disappear and they were confused on such. One will call out to say, "Mythos, where did you go?" Not seeing the unicorn or hearing a reply, they will continue on. This not the first time something like this had happened, having gained a reputation for running off or disappearing without a word.
  3. EquestrianScholar

    World of Equestria: The Age of Heroes!

    @Dusty I'll check it out and see about having my character Masquerade pop in as a veteran superhero... Well, technically he's more renegade or unaligned though he most often works along side other superheroes or heroines then against them. Chuckles You can find his information on the previous page, if you've forgotten or haven't seen my character Masquerade.
  4. EquestrianScholar

    World of Equestria: The Age of Heroes!

    Apologizes for not having a post made yet, as I said before. I have run into issues when it comes to transitioning to a new home.
  5. EquestrianScholar

    World of Equestria: The Age of Heroes!

    @Dusty Thanks, just wanted to make sure. I will see about putting together a post within the next hour, as it may take me some extra time to get up to the detail being shown already by members for their posts. It is such detail I can match, even exceed, yet I normally tend to take extra time deciding on such details and now I want to going about my character's actions.
  6. EquestrianScholar

    World of Equestria: The Age of Heroes!

    Are you specifically looking for young heroes, or could more senor heroes, heroines, or freelance figures join in? Perhaps more to observe, and if needed assist the younger heroes, but still. Not so much as a teacher perhaps, unless there was any students will particular focus involving magic or with more supernatural elements/origins to their powers, but still someone who could offer help in perhaps more subtle ways that could make for some interesting scenarios or roleplaying. Yet, though I am eager to play as my character Mythos, as shown above, there was an idea I had for a technological speedster who could fit well as a young hero and student of Canterlot Hero Academy. The idea being something of a mix of the Flash/Ironman, or in this case more Kid Flash/Ironheart (the young African American counterpart to Iron Man). I wont be able to jump in right away if I did go with "Golden Haze", as would be his working superhero name, because of the color of his coat and even power suit but because of a... side effect of his suit going at such high speeds. In that the suit builds up of excessive amount of heat overtime with the kinetic energy generated, which can created something of a haze effect especially when he expels or releases the heat to help the suit cool off.
  7. EquestrianScholar

    World of Equestria: The Age of Heroes!

    My character Masquerade can always bring some trouble for heroes, being the Renegade or Unaligned that he is. Yes, not a true villian, rhe unicorn can still bring a few challanges. This is not even bringing in consideration the demons of Mythos' past, very much the sort whose presence would risk harm or danger to civilians and innocents. Them esentually being the core villians of Masquerade's rogues gallery.
  8. I feel supremely disappointed in the fall of ToonKriticY25, and in concern reach out to those most effected by his actions. I hope they can find a way of getting through this, the victims as well his friends and family.

    1. Rosewind


      I just noticed you had a warning from 5 years ago. Lemme help you out with that.

    2. EquestrianScholar


      Thank you, much appreciated.

  9. Looking to get my characters back into a roleplay, any suggestions? At the very least, I would like to start activity back up for Jiang Fēngbào and Aegis Ura. Since they were made with a purpose and role for where they live.

    1. Bellosh


      Sorry I haven't responded to your PM. Suffice it to say, I've been pretty much been away from things for quite a while now thanks to RL issues. You're better off consorting with more active RPers like SteelEagle or PrinceBlueblood.

  10. Hey, up for perhaps setting up a roleplay?

  11. The wandering storyteller and traveler returns to Canterlot, hoping he may find something more then when he left it behind.

    1. SteelEagle


      Hey there! Welcome back.

    2. EquestrianScholar


      Greetings, how have things faired here?


      Before I left, I had been excited on the prospect of playing the role of the Gaikoku Bugyō of Neighpon as the unicorn diplomat Aegis Ura... As well the quiet yet protective older step brother of the Empress, a longma prince named Jiang Fēngbào.

  12. Chuckles,  you actually convince the staff to allow you to have Applejack and Rainbow Dash as a couple despite them not being together in the show? That was a surprising post with the 100 Country Kisses role play.


    Though perhaps Canterlot has become a little less strict over the years. One wouldn't get away with something like that in MLP Forums. It might help that you play both Rainbow Dash and Applejack, as well being a moderator it appears.

    1. SteelEagle


      Yeah we're way less strict. As long as the other person consents, do whatcha will shipping wise.

    2. RainbowFoxxy


      LOL No need to play both...though I actually have applied for and been accepted to play any of the Mane 6 on this site ;)  As Steel said, if the players of characters have an agreement on a direction for their characters, its good to go! Probably why I don't play other forums, cause this one's 20% cooler!



    3. Rosewind


      Does how people choose to roleplay here bother you that much? Nobody cares what is okay on MLP Forums or not. Roleplay is a collaborative game of make-believe fantasy about make-believe fantasy ponies that live in a make-believe fantasy land. Being a member of my Staff has nothing to do with how people roleplay here. Get over yourself or get out.

  13. EquestrianScholar

    World of Equestria: The Age of Heroes!

    Quote: "Life is but a story waiting to be discovered… or created. If one understands the plot and characters you can change not only your own story but others as well.” Name: Masquerade Alias/Real Name: Mythos Gray Faction: Renegade/Unaligned Age: Over 300 years old Gender: Male Race: Unicorn Mane/Tail: White Coat: Grey Eyes: Violet Notable Allies: Star Dream, a mare with the gift of prophecy, strange dreams, and learning the pasts of a figure, place, or thing. Though still coming to understand her own powers. Notable Personal Villains: Demons of his past by the names of Irascor, Volnero, and Aegrimonia. Creatures of his rage, pain, and sorrow respectively created or called during a moment of great tragedy and loss… lead by one other, unnamed yet very powerful and dangerous as it represents his longing while taking the form of a very intelligent mesmerizingly beautiful mare. More painfully and alluringly for Mythos, one who has the appearance of his long dead wife... or at least, a more idealized appearance of such based on how he remembers her. General Notability: He is not well known or understood by most heroes or villains, appearing in and out of the scene as years went by. For many, there is certain degree of animosity, suspicion, and criticism while by others his charm plays through in their more positive view if him. There are a few though who have had the chance of encountering him often enough to have a fair enough idea of what to expect from him, yet for more he is an enigma. Often inspiring, entertaining, and emboldening many… while yet breaking the hearts of a few, and leaving some hurt, upset, or angry… Mythos gets mixed views on his character. Perhaps he has a few admirers and even fans, some more firmly than others, yet may not get involved enough to have too great of fame or infamy. Also, he mightbe more famous under a disguise or alternate persona, then as his main identity. Notably, Mythos chooses to stay out of most of the conflicts between the heroes and the villains, only fighting when a villain shows himself to be of a significant threat to Equestria or the world. He will generally still take the time to save an innocent life if nearby though, as well perhaps “fight crime” here and there, but the unicorn will usually try to stay away from most trouble. Mythos has been known to appear all over Equestria and beyond to showcase his skills. Such as by offering to perform with his violin or with a piano, or in a magic show. At other times, he may give one of his more impressive displays, his storytelling skills backed with his illusionary art, actually showing his audience the story as he tells it. He may also take a mare or other female in his travels an unforgettable evening, one that she might never forget. Yet the unicorn may hesitate in allowing things to go too far, as he fears what might happen. Once finished, Mythos will then disappear when the evening is done or before dawn, unlikely to return. Background: Technically neither a hero or villain, perhaps a mix of both, Mythos still presents himself as cheerful, charming, well-mannered, and confident figure in or out of costume. Yet he also has a mischievous and manipulative side that get a him in trouble, or could be a cause of worry by some. In many ways old fashioned, the stallion has done well enough in adapting to the changing times. Yet if the unicorn has one major flaw it is that he is an incurable flirt and flank chaser while being a magnet for trouble. Still, Mythos does what he can to show respect and avoid insult towards others unless he feels they are deserving of mockery or scorn. On another note, he dislikes needless violence, or getting his hooves dirty. This leaving Mythos to try and find ways of avoiding direct conflict or harming another, though the stallion does have skill in swords as an experienced fencer. His training coming over many years. Knowledgeable of the past, especially since he has experienced more of history than most, Mythos may come off a thinking he knows more than those around him. Often, in many cases, he often does. With this is a passionate love in stories, as well in offering creative spins on the tales he finds, as he goes about seeking to turn the life of himself or others into one of excitement, mystery, and danger. This persona Mythos offers, and many others, is in many ways a mask, as it only shows what he wants others to see. Inside he is very troubled, a lost soul with many secrets and behavior that often makes it difficult or impossible to form lasting relationships and in getting truly close to others. In truth Mythos is deeply flawed, yet has still a mostly noble heart as he tries to bring joy to the lives of others or lift up those downcast and uncertain of their path… despite at times causing more harm than good. More, he keeps hidden inside much guilt, and longing to have that which he can never have. The shadows of his past preventing the stallion from truly moving forward. Often, all he can do is trying to play the role of hero while fleeing the demons of long ago. POWERS Versatile Illusions: Having spent centuries mastering the art of illusion, there is little of this branch of magic that Mythos cannot do. His power can range from simply taking on a different appearance, to creating an illusory flame that if believed in can be felt, to changing the very landscape around him, to even bringing to life a story before the eyes of others. These images can fool the sense of smell, sight, hearing, taste and [with permission] touch. Illusionary Summons: As an extension of his mastery of illusions, Mythos has learned to create summons or constructs of pure magic which are physical in nature built from his inner reserve of mana and energy. What he most often bases these summons off are figures and creatures of legend, folklore, or myth. With this power, he is able to call forth a many mythological creatures and figures. Though not as effective if disbelieved, these illusionary summons can actually be used to attack and harm opponents, offering an effective offense based on the strength of what is created. Portals and Teleportation: Mythos is able to create door shaped portals of swirling magic as well as teleport in a puff of smoke. In threads they must be placed on a surface, however if it is for a plot or an entrance/exit, they may be generated in thin air and used to traverse huge distances. He may also teleport up to a maximum distance of 300 feet in thread, however as in entrance/exit he can travel a much larger distance. Spellcasting: Through long practice and study, Mythos has learned and practiced a variety of unicorn spells he keeps recorded in a special spellbook. With access to this, as well a bit of memorization and study, he can cast a certain number of spells each day. ----------------------------------------- Memory Fog - With this spell, he can cause others forget they saw him or have such meetings be foggy and without certain details. This leaving their memory be fuzzy, confusing, and uncertain when thinking back on their encounter with him. Invisibility - With this spell, he can completely hide himself from detection whether normal senses, metapony senses, or supernatural senses of those of lesser power than himself. Does not work effectively in certain situations, and there are those who can see through such. Protective Shield - With the casting of this spell, he can create one of two shields. One protects him only in one direction and is strong to last against a few blows against even the strongest of super or metapony strength, while the other is fully enclosing shield which is only good against certain projectiles and explosions. No matter which shield is used, both can be broken with a strong enough force, and in such situations where its breaks this will send him flying, Restrain - With this spell, he is able to bind and restrain one or more opponents. Has a strength comparable to either rope or chains, yet greater bindings able to hold those with meta/super pony strength is possible with more mana pushed into the spell… even then the spell may well be broken if the strength of the opponent is just too great with backlash on the caster. Release - In many ways counterpart to Restrain, with this spell he is able to have the binds or locks holding another to fall or come undone. This works without error on mechanical bindings/locks yet magical versions are often much more difficult for him to undo orphan impossible given their complexity or the power of their creator. Twists and Turns - If being chased or pursued by another or a group, he is able to with the casting of this spell throw them of the trail by taking a wrong turn to going another path which may well lead them. to a dead end or cold trail. This, like other spells, will be less effective against those tracking him through with powerful enough magic or artifice yet it can generally still throw it off a bit. Knock - With but a knock on the surface and the casting of this spell, he is able to effect a door, chest, or safe with relative ease unless such is connected to a technology or magic to advanced. This can be used to open or close doors, unlock or lock them among others which hinge or lock of some sort. Light - With the casting of this spell, he is able to create strong illumination out to 20 feet or less. Anywhere from that of a strong flashlight to that of a candle, he can use this light in dark places or perhaps to try and blind anyone who comes to close if cast quickly. If used at the wrong moment, this spell can also give away his location to any looking for him. WEAKNESSES Pony Physiology - Physically, in strength and toughness, Mythos is that of a normal pony who exercises regularly and eats right. Against many, if not most, supers he would not be able to go close combat or go to blows with them as he has not the super physical ability of such individuals. This means that, unless Mythos knows that he can do so without getting killed, he will avoid putting himself into harms way and fight at range or through deception. Creator's Drain - When making use of his illusionary summons, Mythos will as time goes on experience greater and greater drain to the point of exhaustion or even fainting if he is not careful. This can also apply mattering how much punishment his creations are taking in combat meaning he will need to try using them as effectively as possible or he puts himself at risk in drawn out battles. Magic Dependent - Having relied for so long on his magic and the powers there of, Mythos' capabilities and abilities are significantly weakened anywhere that magic or magical abilities is repressed such as by null fields, artifacts, magic, or other such situations that negate magic. Under such conditions his Spellcasting, Illusions, and Illusionary Summons are inaccessible/unusable.
  14. Really need to find the time to be more active here, though limited a bit by only have a phone.

    1. CallosSombra


      it happens, kinda hard though when not many people are on here much, though i guess they are using the discord app now days

  15. EquestrianScholar

    World of Equestria: The Age of Heroes!

    Did I ever submit anything for this, or make a post? This does look like something I'd enjoy, and I did find it come up in my Notifications. I even have exactly which character I might use, one for a different superhero style roleplay, a character my OC Mythos Gray is partly inspired by so I could have him play the role I originally created for another.