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  1. Seeking A Character/OC Design Up for Adoption.

    @IceStorm Thanks for the link, I will look over things and get back with you on maybe getting something together. I might have a few ideas.
  2. @Bellosh Here is a link to Jiang Fēngbào, and through such the Empress' step brother is available to join a roleplay if you have any in mind. Perhaps with Yuè or with others in Huangjing, perhaps even without if you have a few ideas where he might fit. Though perhaps the quiet sort, perhaps even a bit of a loner, the stallion would be a friendly enough sort and not with so much the arrogance or misbehavior of other nobles. Generally one to try and stay out of trouble though this doesn't mean trouble can't find him. All in all, for whoever might be interest in having their character roleplay with him, I am up for ideas. Chuckles
  3. The Karaoke Kabinet [PM for Invite]

    @PyroBlaze, @PrinceBlueblood, @Bellosh, @Zeig, @Pretzelparty As perhaps almost as surprised as Ryuichi on how things had turned out, Aegis,watched in concern and worry as the caribou was taken out of the room and to his room. She had a strong feeling that Lími would be mortified at his mistake once it was explained what happened the next morning, and the mare felt it important for her to meet with him later after she discusses such with the Shogun. As Ambassador, she felt it was under her realm of duties to help work things out. The insult was without question, and upset even her to have heard such a ballad. Offering a somewhat uncertain smile, realizing it may take some work to improve the mood currently in the room, Aegis will say with a bow, "Oh course Ryuma-Heika, I will see how I might help get things back on track." Still bothered a bit, the unicorn takes as few deep breaths as she makes her way to the karaoke machine and finding herself asking 'Why was that song even listed?'. Still, she will take a bit of time to get things setup and gather herself. Once a song was chosen, that of a song which was also a cautionary tale of seeking that which one can never have: A young stallion walked through the forest With his quiver and hunting bow He heard a young mare singing And followed the sound below There he found the maiden Who lives in the willow He called to her as she listened From a ring of toadstools red "Come with me, my maiden Come from thy willow bed" She looked at him serenely And only shook her head "See me now A ray of light in the moondance See me now I cannot leave this place Hear me now A strain of song in the forest Don't ask me To follow where you lead" A young stallion walked through the forest With a flower and coat of green His love had a mane like fire Her eyes an emerald sheen She wrapped herself in beauty So young and so serene He stood there under the willow And he gave her the yellow bloom "Miss, my heart you've captured Oh, I would be your groom" She said she'd wed him never Not near, nor far, nor soon [Chorus] A young stallion walked through the forest With an axe sharp as a knife "I'll take the green-eyed spirit And she shall be my wife With her I'll raise my foals With her I'll live my life" The maiden wept when she heard him When he said he'd set her free He took his axe and used it To bring down her ancient tree "Now your willow's fallen Now you belong to me" [Chorus] She followed him out the forest And collapsed upon the earth Her feet had walked but a distance From the green land of her birth She faded into a flower That would bloom for one bright eve He could not take from the forest What was never meant to leave Once she was finished, Aegis will look up to see others reactions and hope that the calm melody might ease the upset of before. Still, there was a certain sorrow to the song, that she hoped would not mellow the mood too much as she gives a small bow. The mare will then step down and seek a place to sit. To always left her a nervous when first stepping onto a stage, yet once the music begin to play and she started to sing all else would fade as her focus turned to that of the beat or melody. The Willow Maid
  4. Jiang Fēngbào (Complete)

    Okay now, I just need to expand the history a bit more with everything else being done. Update, here we go. A couple days past a month later but it is complete.
  5. Jiang Fēngbào (Complete)

    Yes, I have been busy with testing the last couple of days but I have a three day weekend because of the holiday.
  6. The Karaoke Kabinet [PM for Invite]

    @PyroBlaze, @PrinceBlueblood, @Bellosh, @Zeig, @Pretzelparty Looking to Ishi, the mare smiles before replying to his words, "Likewise a pleasure Ishi." She will look to the two being introduce, offering a respectful bow to the golem fighter and caribou. She will take a glass and drink to the toast given to Limi. Aegis was glad to have finally arrived, and intrigued with the new faces as well. Seems that she will have a few to speak with she hadn't before though the unicorn did plan on going up to at least do one song. She does give a greeting to Sanda well, offering a small smile. Looking to Shiroi, the mare gains a somewhat sheepish expression that her words. Aegis will reply, "Yes, normally I am here before you but surprisingly my work ran longer to today. Things were a bit more frustrating in being wrapped up."The unicorn smiled as she sat next to her, glad to see the Ginjutsu-sha more friendly manner today though Aegus suspected it was in part because of the alcohol as she says, "I am glad to see you here though, staying by yourself too much isn't healthy." To Lími's question, the mare replies warmly, "Yes, that I am. As the land's Ambassador it falls on me to generally meet with foreign dignitaries and help make sure Neighpon keeps strong relations with other nations. The work can be a bit overwhelming but I manage," She was confused by what the caribou meant by saying that they were related, but let it be as Aegs grew a bit concerned with how much Limi had been drinking. She will say as well though, "Good to meet you as well." The mare then watches as he goes up to sing, hoping it goes well. She will offer a deep bow of respect to the Shogun, smiling warmingly before saying, "Ryuma-Heika, an honor as always to come before you." The unicorn listens to him brush off her being late, even saying that she was just on time, and kept herself from insisting to formally given how this was intended to be a more informal gathering. Instead, Aegis will say, "Once those already up finish, I was thinking to sing before drinking too much. So as to offer my best before getting too far into the festivities." This was in part, because she was always curious to see how those who had never heard her sing react when she did. Turning to Hoshi once she had come down from her performance, Aegis will ask, "Please, I am not deserving of such a high term of respect. I simply serve the Shogun to the best of my capabilities." Being given the title of Sama felt more then a bit embarrassing, and even a but unexpected, though it appears she was addressing a few there was such. About to continue, she sees the mare head over to where Ryuichi and realized that she;d have to wait until later to ask any questions involving Hoshi choice of work.
  7. Seeking A Character/OC Design Up for Adoption.

    Sure, it will do for now with what I need them for when it comes to character creation and applications. It would be appreciated.
  8. Seeking A Character/OC Design Up for Adoption.

    @IceStorm Thanks, I would be happy to discuss and look over your characters that you'd be willing to let me adopt. Even though who would be family members of the characters you do play. All I'd need is a few images and details, perhaps in this thread or more privately, and we can get this going. @PecanPraline Sure, I will just need to see what a few of them look like and even what were some of the ideas you had for them. Perhaps we can look over a few of them either here or more privately? Then we can see if there is any I wish to adopt and turn into full characters. @Bellosh, @All I will like to mention that the big character I want to get completed is the brother in law of Yù Yuè, the Empress of Long Guo, which I have yet to get anywhere for with his character sheet as I didn't know what I should have him look like. Embarrassingly, his physical appearance being my writing block with him. Also, because of finally getting a job and working 10 to 12 hours late week, but still.
  9. Finally, the weekend. I had been working between 10 to 12 hours.

  10. Jiang Fēngbào (Complete)

    Embarrassed, my apologizes for this skeleton not being fleshed out. Originally got stuck coming up with appearance and colors, with this week being especially busy with me working between 10 to 12 hours a day so no progress then. I will see about getting this together tomorrow on my day off and figure out how I will go about this character.
  11. Seeking A Character/OC Design Up for Adoption.

    @Lyipheoryia Message has been sent, thank you for making a reply! ^^
  12. So simply put, coming up with a design and appearance for my characters is not always the easiest of things... so I am requesting to see if anyone has OC or design, whether they are pony or otherwise, that they are looking to have adopted? Right now I am looking for pegasus and unicorn designs, perhaps also a qilin, though other races might possibly work. Mostly looking for males at the moment but a good female design could work as well. I am looking to created characters for Long Guo, Neighpon, Polyneighsia so consideration of that with the designs. Thank you in advance, I hope the consideration of making this thread helps as I hope. I appreciate any who can help me, it will make the process go a bit easier.
  13. Star Pony

    Well if you do put her up for adoption, I may be interested. I am certain I could come up with an app for her.
  14. Jiang Fēngbào (Complete)

    Roleplay Type: World of Equestria Name: Jiang Fēngbào Sex: Male Age: Adult Species: Longma Eye Color: Deep cherry Coat: Sangria reddish blue Mane & Tail: Berry blue Physique: Keeps himself in shape, tall and fit, with a presence and manner that show very well his royal upbringing. Residence: The Imperial Palace in Huangjing. Occupation: Prince of Long Guo, though one not as honored as others of the royal family. Cutie Mark: Storm clouds with a sword or jian overlaid on top. Unique Traits: Observant and with a sometime piercing sense of humor that can both bring as smile to the face as well get one to consider. Often sparking with an idea and with a swiftness in finding a solution to a problem. Can tell when a storm is ready to move in, whether it is thunder or just rain. History: Jiang doesn't discuss his mother or her side of the family with others, given the shame she brought and what she tried to do. He was just lucky that the Emperor didn't blame him for it she did, being so young, and allowed the colt to stay a part of the royal family. Despite this kindness, which he was eternally thankful for, it wasn't until later that Jiang will consider this being part of the reason why he was passed in becoming heir to the throne. Though he wouldn't learn the details of such until later, it was through pressure from her family that the young widower sought out the attention of the Emperor. This because of their desire to gain control of the throne. Yet they failed in removing him before, their plans of assassination coming to light before meeting fruition, and their punishment quite severe for their treason again the Emperor. Jiang was never able to see his mother again nor was he ever told exactly what happened to her. Jiang had no idea where he'd be, if it wasn't for having the Emperor as his father even if their familial connection with due to marriage. Though given all that had happen, colt when young found himself to be quite sensitivity to criticism, especially in connection to or mention of his mother. This was a flaw that couldn't be ignored, as such defensiveness and even upset came at the disapproval of the Emperor for such behavior even if he could see where his son was coming from. Yet time goes on and, understandably, the Emperor remarried and the royal blood continued. with Jiang admittedly finding himself at times jealous and frustrated with the lack of attention, though the colt understood that he couldn't take it out on his new sister in law nor her twin brother. Because of this, he at first tried to avoid Yù Yuè but then found himself drawn to her once she started getting a bit older. He try to keep serious and quiet but couldn't help but smile at times while watching her. Eventually, he even found himself playing with her and spending more time with Yuè as well at times even Lián. Taking up the role of an older brother to them and gaining a fondness for the young filly in particular, despite the them not being related by blood. Even though deep inside Jiang felt bothered by his situation, he didn't blame his younger siblings for such. He even took a more protective interest in Yuè, knowing how many desired the throne much more then he did and might do anything to gain such. As they grow older, Jiang take a more playful or teasing manner with Yuè and even joked around with Lián though usually when there wasn't many others around. More, he made it clear in little ways that he'd be there if she needs somepony to talk to or simply have some company, that the he'd provide a listening ear and friendly advise. That while he may good naturedly annoy her at times, he does it not out of ill intent but because he does cares. That it was his wish for her to be happy and to stay safe. That he'd come to show her kindness, becoming her friend and ally, as well offering protection from those who may try and do her harm. In how Jiang gained his cutiemark came at the surprise of both himself and others, during the night of a sudden and unexpected storm which came fiercely. Causing much damage and with many harmed. With the young stallion helping where he could in forming barriers and rescuing those in need, showing bravery and concern for those in danger despite how he had so often not involved himself or socialized as much as he could. Once the storm had past, with a few scraps for his trouble, and things had come down is when it was seen that his cutiemark had been gained. Though he was never admittedly as close with Lián as his sister, given the time he spent with their mother, the two did get along and Jiang would from time to time invite him to have a drink with him or hang out. Now that Yuè was the Empress, he keeps an eye on those seeking the throne, those who may be fair more willing to do anything to gain the throne. That when Yuè was chosen, the stallion was one of the first to bow his knee. One of the first to show his encourage and approval despite the surprise of many that the old Emperor made such a decision. Yuè was the Empress and he'd offer his quiet support, no matter where life may take them. Apart from the twins Yuè and Lián, the stallion really didn't have any friends or those that he felt close to except for the late Emperor. Jiang so often simply kept more to himself, being more approachable given his demeanor and of how the actions of his mother and her family effected him even into adulthood, yet if one approached him and offered their friendship the longma wouldn't turn them away. Instead he had focused on his education, reading and enjoying music, or keeping a watchful eye on his siblings. Personality: Generally calm and quiet, though he does have certain things that can set him off and show his temper. This largely being when discussion of his mother or her side of the family comes up, or if any speak ill of the late Emperor or his sister the current Empress. Still, he also tends to try and keep a smile on his face, with a light hearted demeanor. Not as serious as many of the royal family, given how the stallion feels he has little reason to try and stand out, the stallion is one more likely to get into trouble or mischief. More, he can reveal himself to be one who enjoys teasing and showing a more playful side around friends or family, but less open with strangers. Those who get to know him will learn that he is one very loyal to those he is close to and cares about, with a lot of passion often kept hidden. He takes enjoyment of music, literature, and walking the gardens or exploring the quiet or beautiful places of Long Guo when given the chance. His greatest motivation is making sure Yù Yuè stays safe and unharmed, to be a support to the mare.
  15. The Karaoke Kabinet [PM for Invite]

    Aegis had been running latter then she had hoped, her last meeting for day taking much more time then planned leaving her with little time in which to go home and get ready. The invitation was to join Shogun for one of his karaoke nights with the rest of the Shogunate, though up to this point she hadn't the chance to go to such things. This experience, of meeting with those that she had previously only worked more formally with in a casual setting, was going to be an interesting. Still, if the unicorn was to be honest, she could think back to a number of parties and events her father had setup that she had been to. Many times even singing for the guests, though this would be a first in a setting such as this. She had been told to come casual, though Aegis was not the sort to neglect her appearance or go anywhere without making an impression. Some aspects, she simply had to accept given her ancestory such as the strips on her legs revealing a certain zebra influence down her family line. Others, were more purely by choice such as the piece of gold jewelry over her horn which left some to at first think her horn was made of gold. It didn't effect her ability to use magic though, given the design and in how to was crafted, but it was a defining feature the mare felt in who she was. Making her way to the Watertrough District and to the Pony Pulse was made easier as she had transportation waiting for her to be ready to leave, and after a promise of paying a bonus was able to get there quite quickly. Once finding her way to where the Shogun and the others would be, and on being recognized by the guards to be let in Aegis will take a moment to take in the room as well those within. It appeared the festivities had begin without her, though most of the faces she recognized expect for perhaps two or three. This counting a pegasus mare with a golem and more surprisingly a caribou. Walking to where Ryu and many of the others were, leaving the mare to offer a respectful bow to the Shogun before offering, "My apologizes Rakuen-Heika for my lateness, it took a bit longer to wrap everything up today. I hope I haven't missed to much?" Hopefully, her not being there until now hadn't brought about any issues though everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves with already a few having gone up to sing and have a few drinks. She looked to the others, offering a warm smile even to those she was unfamiliar with as she offers politely, "Greetings, it is a pleasure to be here with you all." Aegis was not one to allow nerves to get the better of her, especially since apart from the Shogun himself the mare was more among equals, that and she was simply a very friendly sort even if she often used such purposefully in meetings. OOC Also, among the Shogunate, you all can decide how well your characters all know Aegis. Given how long she has had her position, or at least been working with the Office of Ambassador, she would have probably interacted with the others at least few times. I'd even offer perhaps, that given her personality, I could see the mare possibly even considering many among the Shogunate to be her friends as well as colleagues.