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  1. my big brother best friend forever! like two peas in a pot we did everything together!

  2. i cant see the wedding!! my internet is so slow! but, i did see the song bbbff and tbh i cried, i was watching as much as i could then i hear music and twilight started singing and im like AW YEAH THIS IS GONNA BE EPIC. i cant wait to see the full episode
  3. David shwimmer or however you spell it that would be funny idk who as though
  4. yeah! be like twilight and make friends there is most probobly another brony at your school if you find him/her that would make you a friend and someone you can talk about ponies with!!
  5. i got my name from my favourite pony!!
  6. Hi! welcome to canterlot! have fun
  7. i loled at i may not always twi but when i do i twihard
  8. im back! anything interesting happen while i was gone?
  9. Hii! welcome to canterlot! hope you have fun!
  10. wow im tired but i dont wanna sleep its 2 30 am
  11. haha dont worry im still here, im read alot of books on how to win these and im gonna try my best
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