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  1. Dusty blinked, having been pretty focused on his work. The one she'd grabbed was a simple star-patterned one, which he'd just finished packing. "O-okay..." He said, following along. He wondered if he'd screwed up somehow and she was showing him to make sure he understood what he was doing wrong. For all he knew the thing might simply catch fire and burn like a regular block of wood.
  2. Dusty nodded slowly at her instructions. He wasn't sure if he'd really be able to do this, and then she showed him the diagrams. At least there was that, which would certainly be a huge help. Very carefully he went about the work she gave him. Certainly he didn't have her skill or dexterity, let alone her special talent, but he did try, ending up going much slower than her, mostly for fear of what might happen if he packed one wrong. That was the last thing the wandering stallion needed, to be blown up by his own poorly packed fireworks.
  3. Dusty was about to protest the sudden devouring of his breakfast before Ember's sudden exclamation caught his attention. He had just enough time to stand up before her magic suddenly enveloped him. Once again he was akwardly yanked along, trying hard to avoid doorframes and shelves as he was propelled through the air against his wishes. He gave an akward glance at Razzle, who still seemed focused on eating Dusty's breakfast before he could, then back at Ember. "You know i'm more than willing to help out..."
  4. "Good grief this is a huge breakfast." He said, looking at the massive spread before them, at least enough for two more ponies. "Well as long as I end up doing the simpler ones I should be alright." Dusty said after a bit of thought, starting to munch away on his food. He gave her a smile, before noticing Razzle giving him the most sad and pathetic look the little dog could muster. "...oh fine." he said rolling his eyes, handing over a strip of bacon.
  5. "We do?" he asked, coming into the kitchen and taking a seat at the table. "What sort of order?" He still seemed a touch unsure about making explosives. "Also whatever you're having is fine, I'm not picky." He mused on what they could be making, hoping that it was at the very least something simple. That would at least be harder to screw up. He was certain he'd likely mess up if asked to make something particularly complex.
  6. "Maybe we could trade off or something." Dusty suggested, standing up and stretching. He groaned a bit as he felt the joints in his wings and back pop in a satisfying way. "Ugh... yeah, breakfast sounds good to me." he said with a nod. With a grunt he shook his head, trying to clear away the last vestiges of sleep and properly wake himself up.
  7. Dusty started away by Ember in his face, talking loudly. He shook his head a bit, taking a few minutes to register her question. "Oh um... I waited for a bit then came back down." he said with a slight chuckle. "Sorry we must've gotten a bit... friendly in the night." He blushed a little, folding up his wings awkwardly. "I still say you shouldn't have to sleep on the couch just for my sake."
  8. Dusty waited for a while, dozing lightly as he lay in the bed. Finally certain that she was fast asleep, he quietly sat up, gently flapping his wings and gliding downstairs. With as much gentle care and precision as he could muster he gently set himself down on the couch next to her, trying very hard not to wake her. Satisfied with himself, he got comfy on the half of the couch that she hadn't taken and slowly started to drift off.
  9. Dusty frowned and crossed his forehooves defiantly as she carried him, depositing him roughly on the big, soft bed. "Yeesh. I guess there's no arguing with you." he said, before looking over to her. "Are you alright?" he asked, not getting an answer as she went downstairs. With a shrug he flopped backward onto the bed, thinking to himself.
  10. Dusty was slowly coming down from his laughing, "Okay fine then. guess we're both stuck down here then." he said. He took a deep breath, closing his eyes before the unfamiliar tingling of magic over his body brought him back to awareness. "hey, what the!?" He stammered, flailing a bit as he was lifted into the air, having a hard time maintaining balance in the magic field. His flailing resulted in him slowly beginning to rotate at an awkward angle.
  11. Dusty could only laugh as she tried to push him off. laughing even harder as she tried to tell him off. "Haha... phrasing." He chuckled, sprawling himself out on the couch lazily despite her efforts to shove him off.
  12. Dusty nodded, smiling a bit as he moved to let her lead the way up to the bedroom, waiting till she was halfway up the stairs before bolting for the couch, flapping his wings rapidly to give himself an extra push, leaving behind a faint trail of the fine dust that always seemed to accumulate in his coat and feathers. HA! Got it!" he shouted triumphantly as he flopped onto the old soft couch.
  13. Dusty frowned a bit as she pushed by him to take the couch first. "drat." He said with a frown, though it was clear he was fighting a smirk. "Yeah guess I will have to take that bed upstairs then," he said. "Maybe sharing isn't such a bad idea." he said with a shrug, making his way for the stairs.
  14. Dusty shook his head ."No no no..." He said chuckling a little as he stood there. "I wouldn't feel right taking your bed away from you. Besides, I don't know if we... know each other quite well enough to share a bed just yet." he said, blushing a little at the idea as well. "I mean, thank you for the offer, but really, you can have the bed. I've slept on far worse than a couch." he said, trotting to the living room.
  15. "Wait, that's your bedroom?" He asked, blinking a bit as he came along to help her with the dishes. "I thought that was a spare bedroom." He shook his head a bit, "I couldn't do that... you can have your room and I'll take the couch. I'm bumming off of you after all, its only fair." He said, giving her a blunt smile that said he wasn't going to take no for an answer.
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