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  1. I was wondering. Out of the shipping idea could that be Moondancer used to be looking up on Twilight Sparkle like Scootaloo does on Rainbow Dash in these days? I think that could be an answer to her behavour and why she wears her mane in almost the same way as Twilight Sparkle does.
  2. Yeah there is a big difference between the show and the comic and I guess not Moon Dancer is the only point. In the comic we can see Twilight Sparkle as a still blank flank foal playing while both Moon Dancer and Sunset Shimmer seems to be as old as Twilight Sparkle in the show. About the show: Honestly I never really dare to hope that Hasbro will make Twilight Sparkle catching up with her old friends because of how mutch directly the show is focusing on the mane 6 ...and yet here we are.
  3. Well I met with pony references in many webcomics on the internet unfortunetly I can't link here any and i'm just too lazy to go searching now.
  4. Well'm stopped to follow the show since Twilight Sparkle turned into Twilicorn and I only hears from new stuffs from the fandom but today I watched this episode. While this episode was about the original CMC Trio Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo and the fourth member Apple Bloom's cousin Babs Seed was only mentioned in the beginning of the episode I can't help but stopped by her. Guess because she is my nr. 1 CMC? The rest of the show the show was interesting too but I still stuck at Babs Seed. rjrgmc28:
  5. Afther the Google announced the shot down of the Goodle Reader last year I moved to the Netvibes to follow my favourite blogs and tumblrs via RSS. Yes I use it to follow my favourite tumbrs since I don't feel the need of a tumblr acount only for folowing my favourite tumblrs when I wouldn't publicte anything on it Anway din the time since I use the netibes I noiced how well it shows the chages that happens on the bog/tumblr I follow. I men if the site's name or status changes like a tumblr goes down. Now I noticed that some of the tumblr's name changed in the Netvibes to somethingbad. Example: Porno Avec Animaux Sexo Gostoso Sex Show Webcam Gi Could this tumblrs hacked and or infected?
  6. Well I like it soo mutch and I think it became very good. Somehow I don't surprise about dramatically the fandom is reacting.
  7. Have you guys saw that video on YouTube which says that Google is monitoring the incomig e-mails in Gmail (Scroogling) and recommending Outlook.com (ex hotmail) to use? Well it seems that wasn't just a Microsoft campaign and Google seems to be in Trobule: http://www.nytimes.com/2013/10/02/technology/google-accused-of-wiretapping-in-gmail-scans.html?_r=0
  8. I remember when I became to a brony (I count here to the 2 years and 10 months before the FIM premier) in 2008 than I started to studing the fandom with the My little pony Tales and the G3 generation. Unfortunetly I mostly fund just a few fansites of them back but on a MLP Tales fansite I found a list to more sites and one of them was an MLP Tales RPG site which died out in later 2004. That means the RPG site was active in the early 2000's meanwhile the MLP Tales came out in the 90's if I know right. Oh and lately I found some fresh MLP Tales fanfictions on the Fanfictiopn net. All I wanted to demostrating with that example that possibe FIM will keep it's fans even afther the show will finished.
  9. I plan to upgrade the win 7 to win 8.1 in november on my laptop. My only worry is that Microsoft didn't make as mutch bing functions available on hungarian as it did on english.
  10. I plan to upgrade my win 7 to 8.1.
  11. I remember once there was up on DA a comic story about how Lyra and Bon Bon would deal with the problems of bein a family afther they adopted a foal. I would really love to share it with you because I marked it to be my favourite art on DA and it meets so mutch with my headcanon but a while ago the artist moved it into his/her DA store so it's not public anymore. I'm going to write down my headcan about Lyra and Bon Bon tomorrow once I will be on my own computer.
  12. Well I belive FIM is enough good to be a classic so even if the show will end and many of the fans will step over still there will stay many fans active to keeping it live.
  13. I think it depends on morely about how open is the community for the nex generation of MLP shows and ofcorse how creative and good they will be. I'm sure there will be a basic fan comunity as alway was. This will be a huge challange for the FIM orientated or focused pages how to keep their FIM fans and open for the newer series.
  14. I don't know how are you guys with the Google Chrome web browser but I think it won't be my favourite and it's possible that I'm staying with the Mozilla Firefox. I started to use the Firefox a little earlier before it has reached it's offical 1.0 version and I still use it but around last September I started to use the Google Chrome nex to it. Somehow i don't feel that it could be my Nr. 1. webbrowser plus I just found out it's possible best service could couse the biggest problem for me. It happened that I spent 5 days at my uncle in Stockholm not too long ago so it came useful that I can log in into the Chrome with my Google account and afther that I can use my settings away from my laptop but I faced with the big problem on the day before I came home that how hard is to sign off from the Chrome and how hard I can remove my settings from the browser afther I finally signed off with my Google account. The worst thing is that fact is that even I used a guest profile on my uncle's computer while I was out it Stockholm it seems somehow somebody found out my facebook name because yesterday I got a message fom facebook about someone tried to sign into my facebook from somewhere Stockholm so I must quickly changed my facebook and other passwords which I done but still it's a bad experience with Google Chrome.
  15. While I'm not like the idea that Twilight Sparkle become to a princess at all because I think there are alredy too mutch alicorns and princesses or that I doubt about Twilight would be redy to be a princess I like to thinking about how twilight gonna face with the future as a princess. I mean this may seems to be a beutyful dream for her but it will be also follow a sour waking up when she'll get her princess duties or when she realize that become a princess means that she's going to overlive her friends/ her friends start to dieing uot around her because f old age meanwhile she is still young. Also I wonder if Twilight will be enough lucky to fell in love with a stallion who she will be able to merry with in the future or she'll need to be married with one who would be chosen for her.
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