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  1. I had a 13 dollar sandwich for free today, and before that I had a shredded chicken and cheese sandwich! the first one only came with one piece of bread and we had to eat it as fast as possible for a bus we ended up not needing, because we just waited around and the house where we scarfed down the sandwich until we got a ride to the sandwich lounge. The second probably sounds like the more enjoyable sandwich based on this story but my girlfriend's ex really knows how to make shredded chicken, it was the best sandwich of the day! btw, I have a question. was I always dead inside or was there like life in me before?
  2. we bought milk and stole cheesecake and i ate more than my fair share. i might sneak more. will continue to share here as per the new rules
  3. yeah it has. are yall like all just completely different people now? would you still say rocky and thala know eachother?
  4. damn yall are wild. its been years now and juss like hi same old? hows it been?
  5. guys I have a poll poll party you wanna come to my poll party cuz all my normal friends are IGNORING ME to do homework and talk to cool people?
  6. these jammy bottoms that I'm wearing and it's all over cuz it's lots of all over cuz I'm fat it's a fat joke I bet you didn't see that coming which is the main characteristic of a joke I DID A GOOD JOB #3 if a train leaves baltimore at 12:42am for Washington DC, but there are no train tracks, when will it reach its destination?
  7. itallian soda dinner tears I lied I had one joke, then I realized it wasn't a good joke, then panicked and came up with a new one then that happened like four more times I didn't lieeee so much as like drop my jokes and then trip and fall on them and crush them and get joke juice all over my fancy dress shirt WHICH IS A PUN CUZ IM WEARING A SHIRTDRESS AND THAT ALSO MEANS LIKE YES IT WORKED I WIN #2 what's grey and white and pink all over?
  8. #1 what do you get when you cross this soda bottle with this lasagna
  9. I don't know what that means but somebody come replace the dinosaur before I start thinking and get all sad n stuff I just thought of like 10 really good jokes don't you want them
  10. if you friend me i'll sing you a lullaby or show you how to make the computer sing you a lullaby in c# it can only do wavs don't go I'm lonelyyyyyyy
  11. johnjacobjingleheimerschmidt candymancancan dentsthewallbyhittingitwithhismassivesaugmentedfaceplate is the dreamiest man other than anybody who will let me date them please date me anybody why not just go play minecraft then?
  12. deus ex is where cool people are made minecraft has like a guy named steve and a some wheat deus ex has a guy named jhonathan caramel dinodingus tell me which one of those dudes sounds dreamier
  13. um me = my parents I'm kickass but BAD WORD those guys a lot also minecraft isn't good anymore you sound like someone who needs more deus ex
  14. 1. I'm lonely come friend me, that's all I been sayin this whole time since like 2012 or whenverthehell 2. I have lots of garbage programs I made and some I'm proud of but mostly garbage 3. java is gay
  15. talk to me on skype I'm lonely and I can give you assorted throwaway executables like a magic 8 ball or sobored.exe (the thing above) or a thing that everything you say, if it has a "be", it changes it to "bee" beeifier.exe that's in java so it isn't windows only. FANCY HUH
  16. open dev-c++ 5.11 and copypaste that into a new blank document and press printscreen when lotsa the numbers are the same and if the picture has any where all the numbers are the same go WOOOO and then cry and if it doesn't, you wait till the next time most of the numbers are the same then repeat or just like play deus ex with that one mod that makes it work and name your person Jeff Crap Detpack or deus ex revision if you're feeling fancy, it's a free mod on steam that adds in a bunch of whatever. but with Jorge Cazamackus Dumbledore that might fit
  17. #include <iostream> using namespace std; int main() { int ugh = 0; while (true) { cout << ugh << endl; ugh++; } } it's in c++, whatever. it's not a real program anyway, obviously and yes it's good at eating time and rewarding and if it's too easy you can just boost the starting number or have it reset if it gets too high or add in sleep if you're a baby or whatever
  18. 1. at the risk of sounding rude, given the context of not being able to run stuff, I obviously meant the original 2. at the risk of sounding rude, then duh go do that. name your character a bad word so that on the rare occasion you actually see the name you'll be like "wait what" and the other game was suggested because it kills lotsa time and is rewarding and there's no way to not be able to run it given it's a compatible OS cuz like if it slows down you won't even know cuz it'll be too fast to read anything but the leftmost couple characters anyway unless you're doing it on like the first computer then idk minesweeper
  19. deus ex if that doesn't run smoothly on your laptop, get visual studio, open a c# console app document, and type in between the {}s int count = 0; while (true) { Console.WriteLine(count); count++; } numbers will go by superduper fast, try to screenshot when one number on the screen has all the same digits, like 55555 or 9999999999 the more you mess up, the longer it will take between the tries you get so it gets REALLY TENSE
  20. did I post epic mickey twice? maybe I'm broken idk
  21. epic mickey 2's cover doesn't look like rosies picture though you thought I was participating in discussion?
  22. give me all the words you feel describe me please
  23. is it safe to assume that any word not put on our list means that you actively do NOT consider us that thing? so you don't think I'm well dressed or charismatic or mature? or anything good?
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