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  1. I was gonna go get coffee with someone and do homework and then she was like "oh starbucks is full" and it was in the parking lot with frozen yogurt (I was going to get frozen yogurt before the coffee but then she picked me up and we went together) and I was like "how about we go to froyo?" and she was like "mmmm that's kinda weird but okay" AND I GOT FROZEN YOOOOGUURRTTTTTTTTT and I'm a grownup now so I got lots and filled it all the way and put lots of toppings, some of which I regret, BUT IT WAS AWESOME and I got SECONDS and I saw a person that was like 2 feet tall I didn't know people came that small! but she was just like wanderin around while her mom got her ice cream and like damn you're a real lil kid aintcha? also apparently we're friends now which is like ughhh I gotta deal with this now
  2. you should have re-written all computers to change each letter to use only 4 bits so you could use twice as many just not any special characters. or all the numbers and only in one case BUT YOU COULDA FIT MORE BEE
  3. Rosie: 1. Intimidating 2. Powerful 3. Confusing 4. Fun 5. Weird 6. Foodly 7. Friendly 8. Positive 9. Fashionable 10. Merciful??? :,(
  4. tf erryone gotta say cute for I had to like stand in front of the class with my fat tummo and my gross messy ugly hair and be like "im cute" and then assert that point by showing pictures of angie's stickers in hopes they'd associate me with them oh well thank you for your submission every bit helps
  5. maybe if some other people come up with different ones i'll just pick the coolest of you and say that person said them all what were the three?
  6. excellent. I need to get four people to write down a list of 10 words taht describe me for a project. I do not have a lot of friends. please be one of those people. anybody will do. if I faked it I'd just right "gay" 40 times and not pass so yeah please help
  7. are you and I friends? asking this to everybody it's even more important than the sandwich thing
  8. try elastisnapping yourself in the face with your bra every time you get tired and don't brush your teeth. that way you won't have friends, and then you can stay up all night playing video games.
  9. there should be a nail store but instead of doing your nails they cut off all your limbs and execute you and then burn the pieces then i'll be cute and slightly more smooth.
  10. last time I went to the nail store I had fuzzy toes my friend had just given me razors so I Was like "oh I'll just shave my toes right here" but I realized just then that I had lost the razors I got in trouble for losing the razors AND I had fuzzy toes it was sad
  11. I hate having leg hair Waht the heck like studio shoehorned in achievements without really getting the appeal and spoiled a game? lame god apparently crossed me with a GORSHDARNED tarantula: okay come on that's not nice
  12. I'm reminded of that time I was hangin out with assorted creepos and one of them called me a series of words that were those kinds of words and I was like "hey friends what's this" and they were like "you should hang out with different people I think I:" I dun hang out with that guy anymore. he got bored of me and had a boyfriend the whole time
  13. I can't say the actual name I prefer because if I write it, it'll be written and clarified and then everyone will remember how I came up with it and then I'd have to start talking about self immolation again and my friends are getting sick of it but you know, that name the gay one also yo it's slow cuz I aint around dontchu know I run this show?
  14. Why am I Cat now though? I don't want that! I DEMAND A DIFFERENT NAME do you get it
  15. I been cath, cathy, another one, another one, but never cat there's already a cat is cat here? is dino the cat and I'm just out of the loop?
  16. was this in response to me saying " do you know what I look like?" or was that ignored and there was someone else? is there a cat here I don't know about that this was directed at and I'm being a big ol' loser? I dun get it someone kill me
  17. am I cat now? or did you see someone else's pants? is cat here? am I a cat?
  18. do we have to prove our identity? do you know what I look like? besides a sandwitch? I'd hate to travel to such a terrible place just to NOT get a sandwitch from like a friend of a friend of a friend also I was thinkin it'd work like this: subway closes, we break in and steal all their sandwich stuff (before anything "things" can be "done" to them) then we go into togos and sell sandwiches all night. togos is like HEY U STOLE OUR STUFF and we're like "no we didn't see all your stuff is here count it" and they count the tomatoes and **** and we didn't steal their stuff so they just tell us to get out subway is like HEY SOMEONE STOLE OUR STUFF but we're not there so they can't blame us we go from town to town and become a famous secret night-sandwich shop and we have like tour locations and everyone will come to eat our sneakysammiches(tm) now that's an idea with a captial IDEA! and we don't need a license because no such license exists, to steal other people's food and sell it. I have a calculator so that'll be the accountant and all the other stuff is either in the togos or we just wing it U IN?
  19. Do you wanna make a sandwich store with me? I really want sandwiches a lot but there's no sandwich stuff, and you are good at food but I am legendarily not good at food and I can't just work at a sandwich store cuz my mom used to work at a sandwich store and she says the people got drunk and "did things" to the food and I don't know what it means but I feel like it's supposed to make me lose interest so it's gotta be one I own and I can't do it alone so waddaya say sandwich store partners?
  20. okay I can't explain why I'm asking cuz then somebody might consider the topic closed and rosie won't answer my question but it's IMPORTANT so I can't let that happen
  21. I still need rosie's answer but does dino like making sandwiches? maybe you'll do
  22. rosie come help the dino but first I have an important question and that question is do you like making sandwiches?
  23. @Rosewind do you like making sandwiches? it's important thank you
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