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  1. just be like "hey does anyone want to be a boyfriend? u can put it on ur facebook and your mom will be proud of you" I'd even take me up on that offer it's such a good strat
  2. get a new boyfriend it's not that far past midnight probably
  3. you like playing your world of demons and your The Land Before Time: The Movie: The Game dohickeys with your edgar allen poe expansions nerd
  4. I'm not sure I remember. I know nasty used to talk about it a lot. you have that, right nasty? wanna tell us about it?
  5. New England is gross and so is everybody from it
  6. what's it about? also this book is really long when you have multiple conversations while annotating it.
  7. Nobody was claiming ownership this lack of understanding is why you are not my favorite child. penumbra would have just given me the pizza.
  8. They are still [the] Little Caesar's brand. I wouldn't buy like a car and pretend that the make is different because it no longer is theirs* though I like the idea of buying a tesla and insisting that I own a Thala. your argument would be stronger if you crossed out the logo on the box and wrote your own name.
  9. I don't know if I want to be read to by somebody who can't tell the difference between a plural word and a possessive word. just the milk and the pizza and some spending money please, child. worse yet feels the compulsion to make every word in the sentence plural rather than just the noun that should be conjugated.
  10. kay cool. I only need like 80 more pages. bring another pizza please, thank you, my favorite child
  11. come read this book to me. It's really good. and doesn't have quotation marks. maybe it's a metaphor for how all of the characters are so heavily policed in the dystopia that nothing they express is how they genuinely feel, and so it isn't true dialogue but rather a facade that can't be broken lest the speaker be punished by the state maybe the writer is a [BIG MEANIE PIE] who hates me specifically
  12. having a living parent is the exact opposite of heaven now bring me some milk
  13. I ordered my own pizza and ate it all by myself but I spent 8 dollars on a free pizza see I need your help, stop being such a terrible child
  14. somebody order me a pizza and do my homework
  15. I'm penumbra's mother I'm 90 that means you gotta take care of me.
  16. hello dinosaur this is an acceptable sharing of goodies and all music tastes are valid apparently I rubbed a bunch of white stuff on my face and I look the same
  17. the new name sits me better, i'll let you change it, non top banana
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