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  1. this is probably a good after 7:00 song dddaadadadadadadadddddudududududududublallablablalbalblablalblabaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  2. my brother had to write two poems for a project I was helping with and he chose a haiku and a meme I guess angie's a step above that so sure I agree
  3. y'all aint seen me I could be like a 50 foot mr saturn for all you know which I say because I am one
  4. my friend was like "ey wear lipstick today" and I was liek "i'll look bad" and she was like "do it so everyone knows you're gay and also [a reward]" and I was like "that's a lame reward" and then she was like "[different reward]" and then I was liek "no that's also stupid" and she was like "do it" so I did it and I looked like somebody's aunt and first class I was sitting next to someone who was friends with my little siblings so she's probably gonna be like "why did you brother put on lipstick and write "gay etc." on his thing during the 'express your identity' part of the class that we had for some stupid, scary reason?" I was beautiful for like 20 minutes about month or two ago, that was it. you missed it. never before and never again. oh well.
  5. I am NOT fair, I break rules all the time. like you're not supposed to dance in the bookstore when "livin on a prayer comes on" but I did that anyway this morning oops. and the second definition says (of hair or complexion) light, blond. I'm blonde so NOPE DOESNT COUNT. then "without cheating" and I used to have a printout of all the creature codes in heroes of might and magic 5 so I could get as many creatures in my army as I wanted, I was a supercheater. "to a high degree" I don't know what that means but drugs are bad probably unless I'm breaking a rule, then I do all the drugs. "a beautiful woman" ... plead the fifth "(of the weather) to become fine" I am not the weather and if I was I'd make it bad weather cuz that's what all the little children deserve but I'm not fair so they get bad weather.
  6. that seems like a good response to a question that doesn't appear to have been asked also if you try to get her to run faster when you want a slurpee NOW, her every breath is more like a tractor crashing into an explosion than a whisper but okay
  7. is this some kinda game? I mean we all want to elope with angie, but why say so again? what am I missinggggggg
  8. that is yucky and we already settled it by smitifying the nerd
  9. Consider yourself smited. We could have been friends, but now you are smited to me. so today in communications class I was really shy all class until the teacher asked a star trek question and I answered it and I FEEL PLAYED AND MANIPULATED AND UNFAIRLY CORRECTLY PROFILED
  10. you may not kiss me, I am the top banana. I only get kissed by those who are WORTHY
  11. the top banana tastes yucky one time someone kissed me and they were like "ew" nobody put their mouth on me since TOP BANANA POWERSSS
  12. Meat is weak, it is easily eaten the banana makes itself taste yucky so the people don't eat it. stupid meat the top banana is immortal
  13. You are lucky that I am a merciful top banana, and will not smite you for your blasphemy, which I could do.
  14. fine but top banana is higher Do you agree to these terms on his lowly behalf?
  16. fawkes would just buy canterloodle.net and then upload the backed up copy of the thread and if we didn't migrate, he'd upload all the bots he had that mimic our personalities to pretend to keep the thread alive.
  17. here I thought THE UNIVERSE was giving me the furries I am ENTITLED TO another disappointment on the array that is my life String thala_life [4] = {"how I turned out just like overall", "This furry thing", "COMING SOON TO A LOSER NEAR YOU", thala_life[0]};
  18. wow rude I'd like to see you draw better really please
  19. <a href="http://www.bad angiecontent.tu mblr.com">family friendly funtime</a>
  20. I feel like my fair share of furries is not being met. the universe owes me more furries, dammit!
  21. I made a group of friends and they all decided I was definitely a furry and also that I was superduper into hands and elbows I think they have a running joke going where they pretend I'm wrong, like they keep insisting random stuff like coconut on chocolate cake isn't awesome somehow? and she says jeans that unzip at the knee to become shorts aren't fashionable? like okay
  22. if anybody sends me any earrings I will always wear them always even if I need to pierce every square centimeter of my body to accommodate commence the free goodies names for your group: GGG(gay girls gang) Wiley Knoll The Beatles Nasty T & A come on you have to do that
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