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    i was thinking about this thing and how it doesnt make much sense to me and then i saw one that was super long and i wanted to know how long you could make it go before it stopped you. then i wondered if it WOULD stop me. i dont imagine it going all the way to the top of the screen with a big annoying thing when you go over someones name so i figured it had to stop somewhere. the thing was, i typed all this out and it STILL didnt stop me. i considered telling a story at this point, but what if i didnt finish? im pretty sure i wouldnt. so i wont. but wow, this must be getting kind of long? is there a rule against this? i tried checking the rules, but i couldnt find something that looked like rules, except in the "make a new thing" area. is that really the rules place? i have no idea where the rules are. thats bad. what if i break one without knowing? that would be awful. of course, i could be doing that now, but i couldnt FIND anything. maybe this is one of those times you are supposed to chicken out and not click post. i will eventually. but only after i reach the end. if there is one. if i havn't reached it now, i doubt i ever will. actually, i think i will end it now. cuz i feel that this is dangerously long as is. i dont want to get rid of it, cuz it took a while to type. i dont want to go much further though, cuz getting banned doesnt sound very fun. im going to look for the rules again, just to be safe. nope couldnt find it. but i think im not going to say it. but like i said before, i loves the rosewind. but like i said before, i dont want this to go to waste! maybe ill just post it in a blog place. i think ill do that. that seems safe. ok. as of the beginning of this sentence, i started typing in the blog place. imagine one of the things being that long! there really sould be a limit. and if there is, they really should put it in big flashing yellow and red letters on the area all around the screen. can they do that? the government can. tim hawkins said so. i wonder if it would have gone this long. the world may never know.
  2. Cathalos
    over analysis of pinkie pie song:
    (does this count as copyrighted material?)
    song me failing
    now lets see if this works:
    My name is pinkie pie, and I am here to say. I’m gonna make you smile and I will brighten up your day. An intro, simply claiming that you are inevitably doomed to smile and have your day brightened. No connection is originally given, but that’s not important at all. It doesn’t matter now if you are sad or blue. ‘Cuz cheering up my friends is just what pinkies here to do. Pinkie feels better making her friends feel happy. Also, it reinforces that happiness will prevail over your defenseless brain, sad or blue alike. ‘Cuz I love to make you smile smile smile. This tells us that Pinkie finds joy in others’ happiness. Not too hard to figure out, that is the general meaning of the song. This meaning follows into the next sentence, only a bit creepier if read right (or rather, wrong). It feels my heart with sunshine all the while. Cuz all I need’s a smile smile smile from these happy friends of mine.Pinkie previously made it clear that when she’s through with you, you’re done. Happy as can be. But what is this? “From these happy friends of mine?” On one hand, she is friendly because she makes everybody happy, but what If they weren’t her friends? Does she not really care about them after they are happyfied?? Of course, everybody but Cranky is her friend at the moment, but should one take this on in their own life, would they care about the happiness of people you aren’t likely to talk to or come in contact with again? Just a thought… and also note that she expresses need of a smile. As people need to feel happy, she needs to see people happy. Both parties are dependent on the other. This may not be the average case, but would you want to be friends with a bunch of ponies that are sad all the time? It would make a lot of conversations REALLY REALLY bald boring. I like to see you grin. I love to see beam. The corners of your mouth turned up is always pinkie’s dream. But if your kind of worried and your face is made of frown, I work real hard and do my best to turn that sad frown upside down. Work real hard, eh? So, she cares about you and wants you happy no matter what, as the word “Friend” is not in this passage. Just “You.” As “you” is undefined, I personally think it can only be assumed to be directed at everybody Pinkie has the pleasure of meeting. Is all pony nature that way? Say, for instance, somebody neutral sang this. Derpy’s just having a blast singin to all the people of Ponyville. If someone like Derpy mentioned a friend-exclusive happiness, one might interpret the meaning quite differently, if they were coming from a certain perspective. Namely, this one. ‘Cuz I love to make you grin grin grin. Bustin out from out from ear to ear let it begin. Just give me a joyful grin grin grin and you fill me with good cheer. Arguably meaningless, as it conveys at previously shown thought. But it’s a song, no place to criticize at all. Just sayin for the sake of analysis. It’s true some days are dark and lonely. And maybe you feel sad, but pinkie will be there to show you that it isn’t that bad. No friend is mentioned, once again, but everybody IS her friend, so it is not really necessary to begin with. Pinkie “shows you that it isn’t that bad”. It being whatever issue you are struggling with, she implies that a new perspective is needed, and alone, “it” may be impossible, or at least quite hard to get over by oneself. There’s one thing that makes me happy, and makes my whole life worthwhile, and that’s when I talk to my friends and get them to smile. Friend. Now, she makes her Friends happy by talking to them. Looking back, she makes people happy by being happy around them. This “Contagious Happiness” is one of the main ideas of the song. It has come up before, but the whole “one thing that makes my whole life worthwhile” part is a bit stronger than the rest. I really am so happy. Your smile fills me with glee. I give a smile I get a smile and that’s so special to me. Now not only does happiness spread, but that happiness makes the original pony happy. Because the second pony made the first pony happy, the second pony is happier. All at the hands of the first pony, who is made more happy because his/her friend is happy. That’s a LOT of happy.Cuz I love to see you beam beam beam. Tell me one more time I say to make you see.(? that might have been a bit fail…) It makes me happy when you beam beam beam. Yes it always makes my day! Same idea, except now it is a failproof idea, for it ALWAYS makes my day. Isn’t that reassuring? Come on everypony smile smile smile. Fill my heart up with sunshine sunshine. All I really need’s a smile smile smile smile from these happy friends of mine. Come on everypony smile smile. Fill my heart up with sunshine sunshine. All I really need’s a smile smile smile from these happy friends of mine!!!!!!!! Back to the idea of dependent happiness. “Come on everypony smile smile smile” dependent happiness and contagious happiness COMBINED! “please smile, cuz I wanna smile”Yes a perfect gift for me Is a smile (extra ponies were a bit chatty, I have a pretty good idea, but I don’t wanna be wrong so…)To make me as happy as can be SMILE POWER! Makes you so happy, you’ll be as happy as can BE! How efficient. We should harness that energy and we’ll even put the energizer bunny out of business.Smile smile smile smile SMILE!!!!!!! come on and smile come on and smile. Nice ending, eh?
    This song is not only about how happy pinkie pie is and how happy she makes everypony else, but about how necessary and good friendship is. “It’s true some days are dark and lonely. And maybe you feel sad, but pinkie will be there to show you that it isn’t that bad” without friends, it would take a long time to figure aforementioned “It” out. have you ever been in that situation? Trying to figure out something you’re going through alone? Heck, I had to do over analysis of a song that’s probably all messed up anyway to do that, and im still a bit confused! Friendship is necessary. That is, unless you NEVER have any problems. Then you’ll just have to get used to being friendless. Here’s a hint in case none of you have been there: it doesn’t exactly grow on you and make you never want another friend. Along with this, having a good friendship in general can really help you be happy, even if it is THEM that is being happyfied. In a nutshell, friendship is ESSENTIAL! That, among other things, is what I got most out of this not at all silly song. What did you get?
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