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  1. Impressive. You are indeed worthy of that green hat and cane. Though you better watch out for big black batmane.
  2. Riddle me this, Riddle that...Who is afraid of the big black bat?
  3. Giza quickly noticed the rather neat royal and simply nodded to him as he took another drink of punch. The zebra didn't want to admit but he was nervous as he looked around at the party. He sighed. "This is not my kind of crowd but at least the punch is nice." He said to himself as he started to walk around. He nodded and smiled at the ponies that past by him as he took a seat at a table, unbuttoning the sheath from his body and leaned it against his chair. He needed to calm himself. He can stare down a dragon with ease but being social was not his strongest suit.
  4. Anyone up for some RPs with a blacksmith night guard militia zebra with the dream to be a royal smith? :3
  5. PONIES GENTARO NEIGHRAGI / KAMEN PONY FOURZE Earth Pony // Male // Teenage Colt // Free-for-All/Crossover // Profile Threads: Enter The Burning Passion of Youth Kamen Pony Fourze: Heroes of the Age CREATURES GIZA UPANGA (BLACK SWORD) Zebra // Male // Young Adult Stallion // Mane/Crossover // Profile Threads: Hard Metal Work Meanwhile in Canterlot All in a day's work Canterlot Royal Public Relations Open House
  6. Paint it Black, Baby~

  7. "*sigh* I hope I don't regret this..." Giza knew about the open house for quite some time and prepared accordingly. He was dressed in a decent tuxedo that he rented from one of his close friends in the white city as well as had a sword with beautifully crafted sheath across his back. It was a perfect example of his work that he was going to present to the princess. "With this, I hope to be seen by the royals which would mean more work for me and maybe a position as a royal blacksmith." He smirked as he adjusted his mane that was perfectly made and slicked back. "I really hate looking like this but I must look presentable to her." He said to himself. He made his way to the opening and simply walked in passed the guards. "It is bigger than I thought..." He said as he made his way through the crowd, noticing some looks he was getting as he was a Zebra. He made his way to the confection table and took a glass of punch. Looking around, he smiled at the others that were looking his way. "This doesn't seem to be to bad...but I am slightly overdressed." He chuckled a bit. "Maybe I took this a bit too seriously..." He took a drink of the punch and remained calm, waiting to see someone of interest.
  8. Giza exited the city gates with a nod to the guards as he passed by. Equestians have been very good to him ever since he came to this land so he showed no ill will towards them. He started to make down the small path to the base of the mountain under the city. There he saw a large cave with a bunch of pony working and mining it out. Giza walked up to the foreman, a familiar and friendly face to him. "Good Morning." "Ah! Giza! It has been quite awhile since you came down to see us. How you been you old worker?" "I have been fine." "Where is the young mare you are usually with?" "At home. Sleeping. I am working solo today." "That's too bad. Some of the guys would have loved to see her. Anyway, lets get down to business. What kind of ore can I get you today?" Giza smirked as he and the foreman started walking into the mine. "Hopefully you have some high grade iron?" "Always my friend. Always." Giza and the foreman talked for what seemed like hours as his men loaded up his cart with iron ore. "That should do it. Thank you, my friend." "Think nothing of it. Guys like you I like so only 50 bits." Giza payed the man as he waved his hoof goodbye. Giza, with his cart now full, started to make his way back up the small path, carefully of course.
  9. Previously on Kamen Pony Fourze.... Upon arriving in Canterlot, Gentaro Neighragi also known as the masked japony hero, Kamen Pony Fourze was confronted by the Aries Zodihorse. Gentaro tried his best to fight back but soon realized Aries had the ability to control cosmic energy. Aries quickly used his power to scatter Gentaro and his switches to the four corners of Equestria. Gentaro woke up a few hours later in a tree...in Ponyville. He knew what he had to do. Armed with only the Rocket, Launcher, Drill, and Radar Astro Switches, Gentaro must find the other switches, stop the Zodihorses plan for Equestria, find his parents, and hopefully make some new friends along the way...Uchu Kittttttttttttttta!!!! ------- Gentaro was a bit shaken up after being tossed halfway across the country and the fact it was rather warm. He came to as he looked around, jumping out what looked like an apple tree. "What?....Where am I? All I remember is..." He quickly remembered his battle with the Aries and being tossed into the sky. He was surprised he was still alive after that. "It must of been the suit that helped me through that...Still doesn't explain where.." He looked up to see apple trees as far as the eye can see. "Sugoi~! What a place! This. is. awesome!" He said in his usual hyperactive nature, spinning around. "The hard work of youth beats in all of these trees! The ponies that done will be my buddies for sure!" He smiled as he beat his hoof twice on his chest then pointed it to the sky. "...Wait. I should focus on find where this place is first." He removed the driver from his waist and put it in his left bag as he started to look around for someone to tell him where he was... After walking around for what seemed hours, he finally came to a sign. Gentaro looked at it, slightly confused. "It is days like this that I wish I paid more attention to Equestian class." He looked as it closer. "Sweet...Apple....Acres." He read out loud. "That must be the name of this field of Apples...but which way is out?" He looked around and sighed. "Will I ever get out of here? Apples Kita." He said weakly as he fell on his back, looking at the sky.
  10. Giza got off his roof and looked at his metalworks. It still looked like an old building but with the new metal siding and roof, it looked more manageable. "That looks better. Now maybe I will go get some more metal to work with." He went to the side of the building to grab his cart as he smiled. Hard work was what he did best and he did like talking to the miners that went digging into the mountain under the white city. He strapped on his cart and headed out to the city gates, only to see a wet pony pass him by. Funny. It doesn't look like rain. Must have been some Pegasus playing a joke. He thought as he was passing by the castle. He looked up at it with steel eyes as he smiled. "I will get there someday." He said himself, still looking.
  11. It was a normal bright day for the white city of Canterlot. It had been a few weeks since Giza Upanga moved into to his new metalworks on the rocky side of the brilliant town. He was actually enjoying his first day off in awhile from his night shift by working on his shop. He was on the roof, hammering some new metal roof tile into it. "Ah. Such hard work is always good on my soul." He said to himself with a smile. Wiping the sweat from his brow, Giza looked out to see the castle in the distance. "I am close to my dream. Creating and crafting as a royal blacksmith....so close yet so far away." Giza took a moment to admire the castle as he thought about how far he had come as his hair flowed in the wind.
  12. Gentaro thought hit him like a ton of bricks as he said that. "Oh yeah! I remember! After that problem with my friend JK back home, Kengo installed a program to help with that in the radar switch!" He quickly took out his driver again, standing on his hind legs, flipped the red switches down on the right side, getting beeping to start to resound and get higher in pitch, then reached a peak when Gentaro flipped down the left sided switches. Suddenly: "3... (Klaxon alarm) 2... (Klaxon alarm) 1..." "Henshin!" He transformed into Fourze in a flash and yelled "Uchu.... Kitaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!" He hit the switch on the left most side as it sounded RADAR ON! His left hoof transformed into a radar dish with a computer pad. "Now lets see if I remember how to do it." He said pressing buttons.
  13. [sure. You can play the Dragon if you want to.]
  14. Without a second thought, Gentaro took off his jacket and gave it to Taiko. "Here. Take it." She said with kindness in his voice. "As what I was talking about....well I guess you can know. I am a Kamen Pony, a masked superhero. My system uses things called astro switches that use a mix of tech and magic....and I just lost most of my switches which means I have less power to work with." He explained as well as he could, touching his hoof to his head trying to think.
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