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  1. Thanks for killing my compliment, Rosie. Sometimes, achieving quality comes with tenacity towards the character, and hard-work.
  2. Good! It shows that you are tenacious, and you don't give up.
  3. I depends on how they present the alpha, really... For example, Overgrowth is still in early alpha, but instead of releasing the half-finished game itself, they are releasing the editor of the game. It's a great idea to get used to the mechanics and all-around fun and unique engine that the game has to offer, without dealing with all of the early release bugs.
  4. Coming from an active Panphobiac... Not sure.
  5. This actually sounds like a pretty great idea to me. It makes Canterlot's RP more of a social, team-based, and all around cooperative RP. Of course, that makes it more fun!
  6. Assuming that you are talking about America... If you are talking about situations like Bush sending troops out in Iraq, or our debated participation in Vietnam, I get where you are coming from. But you have to keep in mind, that you have to come up the bottom in order to get to the top. All US military Generals or high-ranking Officers had to be a 2nd Lieutenant first. And a 2nd Lt. will see the full violence of any military operation that they command. Same goes for enlisted ranks too. Many US presidents like Bush, H.W Bush, Kennedy, Truman, and Eisenhower also served in our military. And many of the aforementioned presidents has commanded military operations that their children was involved in. You must be Kosovo, Taiwanese, or Vatican...
  7. Ditto... I have a pone that is now in "ready" stage... But it'll most likely get approved soon. If anything, I totally want in! If my app isn't approved in a timely fashion, then I will pull up another one to RP with.
  8. Been playing alot of ArmA games lately... all of them. Except ArmA 3. I tried running that on my PC... Hilarity ensued.
  9. "Men are at war with each other, because each man is at war with himself" - Francis Meehan
  10. Archer nearly groaned out loud... She was not excited for Featherweight's report. The mood of the classroom, was far too still for Archer... She was dying under the boredom. Archer secretly desired excitement in the classroom, something that would bring sudden calamity into the class. Her old mischievous spirit flared up once again. Archer thought long and hard, oh how such an ordeal could be possible... Then it hit her. Archer quickly opened her notebook, and tore a piece of paper out of it. Clenching her hooves, Archer crumbled it into a tight compact ball. Wasting no time, she sets her eyes on the target... A small silver one. Archer swung her arm and threw the projectile at Silver Spoon. The ball of paper flew across the classroom, and then hit it's target. Archer then swung back in her seat, like nothing ever happened. [colour=#0000ff]"This is going to be great!"[/colour]
  11. “All right, they're on our left, they're on our right, they're in front of us, they're behind us... they can't get away this time!" - Lt. General Chesty Puller
  12. Featherweight hovered towards the front of the classroom, before Snips could get back to his seat. Then, he turned and faced the classroom, cleared his throat, and spoke. [colour=#daa520]"Good morning class, my name is Featherweight... and I am going to give my report on the exploits of the ancient pegasus military leader, Commander Hurricane."[/colour]He cleared his throat once more, and began to read. [colour=#daa520]"Eggs, milk, tomatoes... wait a second." [/colour]Featherweight continued to read the paper in front of him... This wasn't his report at all! It was his mother's grocery list! Featherweight grew hot with embarrassment. Quickly, he flew to the back of the room, and dove into his bag. Searching intently, Featherweight struggled to find his real report, while begging patience from the classroom. After a while, Featherweight gave up on the fight, and sat down in his own seat, defeated. "It isn't there..." He explained to Cheerlie [colour=#daa520]"I must 'av-"[/colour] Feather felt his hoof touch a soft piece of parchment. It was his report! "No! Wait, never-mind" He called out, relived. "Here it is!." Featherweight zipped to the front of the classroom once more, and tried his best to regain his original composure. [colour=#daa520]"My name is Featherweight, i'm doing a report on Clover the Cle- I mean- Commander Hurricane, let's get this started." [/colour] Featherweight began to read... Commander Hurricane was the most prominent and influential Pegasi statespony, orator, and General of the kingdom during the Pre-Celestial Age—specifically, the time between the founding of Equestria and the coming of the Celestial Sisters. He was descended, through his mother, from the powerful and historically influential Hurricane family. Hurricane helped turn the Equestrian Confederacy into a wealthy Empire, and led his soldiers during the first two years of the Discordian Conflict. The period during which he led Pegasus Equestria, is sometimes known as the "Age of the Hurricane"...​A lullaby to many foals indeed.
  13. Cool pic... What's up with the David Bowie look? XD
  14. It gets even worse... EA is planning on having all games run on DRM, and is even planning on shutting off the servers after a year or two. So you'll by the nest game, and stop playing the last.
  15. Not a helpstaffer here. Just a suggester. I would like to point out, that there are more than one ways that the father could have absence from the family. These might not be permanent, (like divorce), but they are long-term. Royal Guard Overseas Archaeologist Travelling Diplomat Miner (In a distant mine) Just to keep the ball rolling.
  16. I am not positive, but I think the idea of Stalliongrad was sprouted from the Slavic accents of the Spa ponies, Lotus and Aloe. It is quite usual for Mane RP lore to be constructed from just Fan-fiction... But hey, i'm not sure.
  17. Unless your pony is in the Lunar Guard, they have armor for the bat-wings, and the sharp teeth, and the snake eyes.
  18. My iPod screen has cracked, my day is going downhill from here.

  19. We should go bowling.

    1. TemplarFrost


      Get my reference? Maybe not. XD

  20. 89. Have "shadow" in your name. I'm dead serious. If I see anymore players apping an OC with "shadow" in their name... Templar will find you. WEDGIES WILL BE PROVIDED
  21. Noclip. Delta Force suddenly bursts through your front door, what do?
  22. [Content removed.] A wild magikarp appears... What do?
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