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  1. Name: Showboat Forte Gender: Stallion Age: Human equivalent of 15 Species: Unicorn Eye colour: Chocolate brown Character colour: Egyptian Blue Mane/Tail/Other: He has a wavy mane, which matches his eyes in colour. It tends to be well combed, though due to his habit of playing with his tail, it's common to see it quite messy as well. Physique: Showboat is a tall stallion, going above most heads, though not necessarily a towering figure. Despite his diet of almost constant sugar, he is quite thin, and lacks muscles. Residence: Showboat lives in a house with his mother and father in Canterlot. Occupation: Showboat has no job, so his only occupation is as a student. Cutie Mark: His cutie mark is three stage lights, each lit and facing a different direction; the left facing left, the middle forward, and the right to the right. Unique Traits: Showboat is a very unique stallion, and is often seen as a walking contradiction. He's very energetic, yet at the same time, is one of the laziest stallions you can find. He is flamboyant, and always working to do anything he can to get attention, though is not desperate, and won't change himself to get it. He is clumsy, and tends to break anything and lose every game, yet succeeds with all tests, and is amazing as long as ponies are watching him. When they aren't looking, he does poorly at everything, and he tends to loose his normal confidence, which created his want for attention. He's always willing to give his opinion, especially with his booming voice, but has trouble telling ponies about his feelings, especially when it comes to love. His mind also never silences, and he considers it practically another entity, which helps him out, though that's just his eccentricity. History: Showboat was born to an upper-middle class family in Canterlot. He grew up with a rather normal and boring childhood, going to school, doing well, and always having friends around him. When he was young, he was taking piano lessons, and was excelling in them. He was almost certain he'd get a cutie mark in it. He had his first rehearsal, and as he played, his heart began to drop, as nothing appeared on his flank, no matter how good he was playing. He finished up, and he heard everypony clapping for him. Then, he knew that it didn't really matter. He enjoyed everypony enjoying themself because of him. The spotlights then appeared on his flank. Character Summary: Well, all the important info is above. Walking contradiction, boring childhood... Oh, and he's a coltcuddler, barely affects his character though.
  2. (Sorry, I've been really busy. And I'm too lazy to read all those pages, so I'm probably gonna' get some info wrong) Pawn raised an eyebrow to the questioning mare. She didn't see him? It confused him to no end. Knight was confused as well, though didn't trust the situation, thinking she was trying to trick him. "Yes, there is." Pawn told her sardonically, a note of condescension in his voice. Knight kept quiet, and didn't move, as he crouched to prepare an attack.
  3. Pawn and Knight continued standing in front of the fiery eyed mare. Pawn sighed with impatience, as he finished waiting. "Are you going to do something or not?" He finally asked her. Knight, in his dream, charged straight at her, despite having no weapons, and smacked his hoof across her face.
  4. The Queen backed away when Thunder nodded. She had no fear in leaving the two slaves, and felt nothing for making them afraid of her. She turned, and trotted through the door, as she began to get to work.
  5. Both stallions were confused by the dream. Pawn knew right away what it was, and simply rolled his eyes at his mind's illusions. Knight, on the other hoof, was use to different nightmares. He backed away from the strange monster, while Pawn simply stood in front of it, the dream not affecting him at all.
  6. Both stallions were instantaneously knocked out as they heard a strange snap. Neither seemed aware of what was happening.
  7. (You didn't respond to my post again. I'm just gonna' assume Melody disappeared then.) The two colts continued trotting down the path, as the path behind them was continuing to disappear. Knight was angry at the disappearance of his fillyfriend, though Pawn continued to be completely calm. In fact, he looked rather bored. The kept trotting, waiting to find what was at the end of the trail.
  8. The Queen trotted away from her mansion, her slaves trotting equally behind the fancy mare. She trotted to Canterlot, which was nearby. She trotted down the streets, full of mares, some of them with their own slaves. She eventually made it to the law offices of Canterlot. She turned to her slaves. "Now, you two will remain quiet and sit here without moving until I come out." She commanded calmly, taking a moment to glare at Thunder. "Got that?" She asked, the question mostly directed to Thunder, as she knew he was the least behaved of the two.
  9. (Sorry for super slow responses, I'm in a Disney music mood and keep forgetting I'm suppose to be RPing) The Queen faced her subjects when she turned. She was satisfied with how they were dressed, though tightened Thunder's suit to be less sloppy. She nodded to them both. "The high court of Canterlot requires me. A mistress claims her slave escaped, but the slave claims innocence, and that she is mistreating him." She opened the door as she walked out. "I must determine guilt, and after, we shall return for tea."
  10. By the time the Queen was finished, she was wearing a very fancy and expensive dress, clearly something she paid a fortune for. It was, however, almost pure black, doing little to nothing to compliment her already dull colours. There was also a necklace made from a fire ruby, and a royal purple sachel. She waited at the entrance to the mansion for her slaves.
  11. She nodded as her slaves began complimenting her. She let a small smirk creep up on her lips. "Thank you, Jenser and Thunder." She told them, though not giving them eye contact. After everything was finished, she stepped away from them. "I must go out to town. I have important work to do." She walked to the door, then looked back. "That means you will accompany me today. Be in your best clothes, and in your best behaviour, or you will be reprimanded." She trotted away again, as she began getting any material's she'd need for going out to town. (Just to say, her version of "reprimanded" is basically giving them a bit more work, and a bit less food, though she's already rather generous with her food, since she's kind of a richy rich pony)
  12. The Queen sat back, letting her slaves work on her morning beauty preparations. Not trusting them, she herself used her magic, her horn glowing a pure white, and began putting her make-up on. She waited for her slaves to begin complimenting her, as was customary of them to avoid being reprimanded. Especially since they already ticked her off.
  13. The Queen tapped her hoof on the desk of her vanity mirror. She sighed with frustration, as she looked up again at her slaves. "You will be reprimanded later for your lateness. Now, I need you-" She pointed her hoof at Jenser. "To comb my mane. And you..." She pointed at Thunder this time. "To give me a hooficure. As it's the weekend, you will get a day off from your education, so I expect you to work." She explained to them, as she faced herself in the mirror again.
  14. The Queen looked over to the slave who entered her room. He appeared rushed, which he should have been, considering he was late. Mostly, she was wondering where the other colt she owned ran off to. She sighed, and looked at Jenser, her eyes piercing through the colt. "You were suppose to be here 48 seconds ago exactly. You are late." She informed him, passive aggressively tapping her hooves. "Where is Thunder?"
  15. The Queen of the Checkmate Estate woke up calmly. She had a fine night; no noteworthy dreams or nightmares. It was generally how her almost robotic state of rest worked for the mare, and she never complained about it. She climbed out of her bed, and trotted over to her vanity mirror. She sat down on a pillow that was readily fluffed for her. She turned her head towards a clock in the room. They're late. She thought to herself, as she turned back to the mirror. She raised her head up. "JENSER! THUNDER!" She called her two slaves.
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