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  1. I am currently working on a virtual MLP adoption website. I am looking for two or three people that can mimic the MLP style using vectors. You would be helping me make all of the different ponies that you can adopt using a template where the only thing that would be changed is noticeably different features such as hair/eyes/mouth. Each pony has three stages: baby, filly and adult. If you are interested then send me an e-mail at inquiries@aponyfor.me with a link to your examples, or with your examples attached. I am very flexible when it comes to your schedule since I am still a student till sometime early June. Thanks :]
  2. In all likelihood I will start up like a twitter or something as you suggest, but that's going to be when release is closer in sight. Also, thank you :]
  3. This is going to be used in my virtual pony project as the source of all ponies since they don't come from eggs and I shouldn't depict the actual way they are made. its a bit small, but since its vector i'll probably end up re-sizing it for the final integration.
  4. It would most certainly be easy/not a pain in the ass. I'll cross that bridge when I get there, but I most certainly wont making it pain staking.
  5. Well I never planned to make any sort "game" to that extent. The idea was to take the adoption site idea add ponies and throw in an additional twist that makes it a little bit more fun, but at the same time keeps the casual collection/adoption feel. Although it is very early in development... I could change my mind/think of a good idea. Only time will tell I guess ._.
  6. I dunno, Anything supper complicated is best handled in a java app. Inventories and quests wouldn't be to hard with a database since you would just call it from the database, and populate a div... The hardest part about the questing is if it were shared then you would need to handle multiple requests for access to the database... Anyways I was thinking more along the lines of getting data based on where the image is posted via a web crawler of some sort, but this is all just kinda "hmm maybe" ideas that haven't really received much thought. Essentially I would want to get interactivity without the need of a click, or if I need the click then more then just "woot +1 experience" type of stuff... I had some ideas, but they could easily be exploited which would be bad :]
  7. Nah, not neopets. Its just going to have another dimension then *just* clicking lol. I know the theory to making online games, but since its not going to be that type of online game, it wont be a problem. Also, I could make neopets. I know how they did it. The hardest part would be getting all the graphics :] Thanks for your support.... i think? xD
  8. I agree, I usually don't like those click websites, but I am at the intermediate level of php and I wanted to do this project to also get better. Additionally I wanted to do something with a little more interaction then just clicking. I was thinking of using the whole finding-out-who-you-really-are-cutie-mark concept, but I have been more focused on getting the core systems done.
  9. Hey, Some of you might be familiar with Dragon Cave website where you find dragon eggs and then raise them by putting them in your signature to solicit clicks. I was wondering if you guys would use a similar site but of the pony variety. I am currently in the process of coding the website, but I am looking for some group members to help draw the different ponies as well as discuss some of the finer details. The artists will need to be able to mimic the show's style almost identically, vector and all. Send me/link me some of your stuff if your interested. More the merrier. Thanks for reading, Bohtty
  10. A lot of vector techniques are transferable. Once I explain some of the general tools, it'll make sense because the tools for vector art are very unique and hard to confuse with other tools. I'll send you a message tomorrow if I have time, right now I have to study for finals @.@
  11. Ill start with tools :] You mentioned a mouse. Most digital art is not done this way. Instead they use a tablet which can be expensive. A good company for tablets http://www.wacom.com/ If you really want to use a mouse then I would suggest that you get a vector based drawing program because the vector handle bars are much easier to manipulate. some programs in order of what I use/have to what I have heard, also some notes... maybe Painting programs 1. Photoshop - expensive but industry standard for a lot of painting. 2. Coral - less expensive and is an industry standard 3. Paint Tool SAI - free, but If i remember correctly its asia based only so you would have to torrent a copy (correct me if I am wrong) 4. Flash - expensive but it is an industry standard for animating. Its also what the artists use to actually create MLP 5. Gimp - a free photoshop clone, can be buggy. Pixel Programs: 1. Paint.net - free and what I use for all pixel art 2. Graphics Gale - i think there is a free version, but when I used it, it seemed more cumbersome. 3. MS Paint - a terrible terrible program :] Vector programs: 1. Adobe Illustrator - expensive, but is probably the best Vector drawing program out 2. InkScape - free Some Suggestions for getting started: Drawing is a transferable skill (same concepts and techniques for different mediums) If you cant draw or are not as good as you would like, you should learn. Just draw on paper. No hardware or software will make you a "good" artist. It takes practice and a lot of it. It isn't something you can master in a month. Draw your hands, draw your parents, draw your teacher, draw your shoes, draw plants, draw everything. Pixel art - Go to websites like pixel joint as well as look up some tutorials to learn about different techniques for shading Vector - learn the pen tool! anything can be done with the pen tool! Well that's all the advice I can think of right now Good luck! :]
  12. Although I am new, I would be more then willing to give you some simple lessons. I have been using Illustrator and vector based programs for almost five years now. If your unsure, I can always show you some of my work, else just send me a pm :] Vector refers to the way the image is display although in this setting it is the way the image was created. Vectors are mathematical paths essentially and so the strokes are calculated using vector equations. Long story short, Vector graphics don't get pixelated or lose quality when you zoom in. Alternatively there is raster art which is how most images on the internet are displayed (when you zoom in you see pixels).
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    Thanks, I hope to see a lot of you around :]
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    Thanks a lot guys for the warm welcome :] @LightningBlaze no animation, just static images. Thank you for the support :]
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    About Myself: Welllllll Best pony is Rarity. I'm a relatively new Brony so, I am just starting to get into all the communities. I love web design and graphic design with a little bit of video game design on the side. I am a high school senior which means I am almost done with that @.@ I enjoy a lot of things really... not to picky I suppose. Electronic music is nice and Sweetie Belle is best robot. Any questions? :] How I found Canterlot.com: Interwebz How I became a fan of MLP:FiM: dude have you seen the show? How could one not be?! My favourite main cast pony/s: Miss Rarity Well, I have to say that I joined because there isn't really any bug hub to talk to all bronies, so I have to join many communities. I am starting a new pony web (not a forum) project and I am in search of some artists to help me with the graphics while I code. So yah... Thanks for having me :]
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