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  1. The world was so confusing. Her head was pounding with pain as her eyes tried to focus but failed. Glitching, sputtering as images come and go. Text flashed in useless streams she can't keep up with. It was like being alive in a dream, falling and aware but helpless to stop what was going on. She can feel herself being moved, hurt. Pulled. It hurt! Yet she can not voice it or react. Where was she again? Why was thinking so hard? -systems damage!- The words pounded in her head, she wanted to hide her head underneath a pillow from them. What was she doing? -Calling for immediate repairs!- -ERROR: failed to content to ECCM- -ERROR: failed to content to CCNW- Her eyes focused again on the pink shape in front of her… Was she floating? She felt weird… in the air. Limp and lifeless, but alive as her eyes tried so hard to stay focused as danger warnings flared up, glitching in and out as her combat routines try helpless to understand what was going on. Was it talking? She can hear sounds, words buy they all seem so meaningless… Then the crash happened. At first it was good, she felt warm, safe. Like she was filly snuggled up in bed. Than the bed dropped out from underneath her. Her stomach felt like it was trying to claw its way out of her chest as her head had hot nails driven in to it. All the good was ripped out of her body, the masked pain no longer out of view. Why did her legs hurt so much? Why did everything hurt? -Critical warning! Combat Stims failing! Calling for immediate R.A.R!- -ERROR: failed to content to ECCM- -ERROR: failed to content to CCNW- -Critical warning! Enforcer at risk of flatline! Calling for immediate R.A.R!- -ERROR: failed to content to ECCM- -ERROR: failed to content to CCNW- The voices! They were like nails on her brain, screaming at her about something! Where was she!? What was going on! Why was it so hard to think! “H-healp…” Soft, faint, Weak. “Me.” She whimpered, forcing words from a muzzle that was not her own for so long. Her will was not broken yet, it screamed for her to do something. “Pea… pllss..” Words fail in her muzzle, it was so hard to speak when she can’t even feel the words. “Plase.” What was this pink thing? Did she know of it? Has she seen it? Can it help her? It was talking to her… it must be. “Lightning Dust.” A name, was it her name? It was, it has to be. Her name was Lightning Dust! And she… She… oh.
  2. Tempest chuckled softly at how much AJ loved talking about her colt, it was adorable. Even if the fact that it was… stuck her as odd. Something about it just warmed her heart and she just can’t explain why. “That is good to hear and glad he’s learning well! Math gave me one heck of a time. Never was one for it or much learning when I was young. Just wanting to run about outside.” She remarked shaking her head. “And things have been… Stressing. Been trying to change my life around some. Call my crazy but I have really been thinking about just packing it all up and heading deep out in to the wilderness for a time. Maybe try my hoof at map making remote places? Don’t know. I just know city and town life has been nothing short of a fuss for me. But keeping my nose out of things to bad for now… just some scraps here or there for fun.” She says with a wave of her hoof sinker. “Now… I am willing to buy some apples. But a kiss?” She arched an eyebrow. “Well tell you what, let me crash my flank in the barn again tonight for free and maybe I will let you.” She says leaning her head back just to be on the safe side.
  3. Tempest arched an eyebrow at how odd sunset acted before she just chuckled. “We it seems, are not like most ponies.” She remarked without slowing down her fast walk at all but she did keep her eyes on Sunset now with a glare of a hungry wolf. “You changed topics with all the grace of a drunken sailor spotting a hot mare. I shall take this to mean you worry the topic of this… land will upset me… Do they all have hands? Is that it? Must not walk on all fours than. Dreadful. A two leg species dominated that world yes? If you wish to hide something get better at topic changes and flow.” She added looking away from Sunset, done staring in to the mares very soul with her cold judging eyes. “It is not mine, so I care not. But do not take them too this one. The last thing we need is more verimen running about.” She says with snort and flick of the ears. “But let's dig into something more fanasting. I… Well, disowned works in some ways, my family as well. And friends… home. All of it. I have no wish to ever see them again save for maybe are servent. She’d be rather old now. But she was more of a mother than my own. And my friends? Some of them were in canterlot. Saw the names on the lists. Posted them for the hardest laber. My last ‘thanks’ for them tossing me to the side.” She frowns. “It did not make me feel better. Much of what happened did not not. So tell me outcast. Why come back? What force drove you to seek the lands you turned from?” She asked all of this without looking at Sunset one time, yet Sunet can feel that the taller unicorn was very away of every movement she made.
  4. “Finly.” Tempest says marching, rather literally, up to the stand where she stands tall. At first with that same dead, uncaring blank face that seems stuck on her. At least until it broke down into a smile as she holds a hoof out to greet AJ. “Hello, been a few has it? Sorry. Life has been… Busy but maybe for the better. How have you and the young one been?” She asked sounding very genuine in her words and smile. But aside from that smile and a more cheerful tone she looked much the same. Still wearing that body covering jumpsuit and black-platemail. Her face had a few more new markings as well. Scarring from cuts gained somehow from the last time AJ laid eyes on the mare betraying that she has yet to get away from finding ways to get in to scraps. But she was still tall, lean and powerful as the jumpsuit did nothing to hide the raw strength underneath it. In all, not a lot seems too have changed with her but if one knew her they can see so much has in the small act of her smiling and caring about another. Small things but so very big for her.
  5. ‘Lightning’ leans her head to the side and shrugs her shoulders. No ties. No links. She was nothing with no past and she had to keep that. He wanted to add more layers so she may trip on her own story. But she knew how to be… nothing. To come from nowhere with no past. She has done it plenty of times already. Now what was… something was the dog! She knew he was… more than he seemed but this was something new. She can’t help but look him up and down with a confused face and bewilderment at what happened and what he was. She wished she can voice how…. Uh, shocking that was. She did not know what he was. At all. How she wanted to know more! The Jarl's words on the topic so open ended as to what this dog was. But she had a feeling that is something she will not learn today. But she did have to do a double take as the Jarl did offer her… and the dog maybe? To join him. She was thinking he may be leading up to this but the fact he did was still… more than she planned for. This trip was to mess about, live another life and get away from the feelings that haunted her. Now on the plate was so much more and the risk with it. Well she was thinking about the risks of joining already it was now much more pressing. If she did join she’d be playing with her life. One wrong move, one slip and she ends up on the chopping block. By her own will if need be, slave she shall NEVER be. So can she risk it all? To put herself side by side with them? She was trying to get away from… this way of living. To stop feeding her demons. But this was one in a lifetime… The last hurrah? She had too. She will join, stay with them for… long as she felt safe than fake her death. Death happened out here. He’d not be shocked to see a newer blood pass in a battle going south. So be it. Rearing up on the table she nods her head, grinning ear to ear. For all her thinking she did not let slip one glance of worry. She was a cow wanting this, ready for it with all her heart and she had to look the part… one that was far too easy to play, something that deep down distressed her in how easy it was. The wolves will get to play one last time.
  6. The ride never ends!

    1. Skycoaster


      Click, click, click, weeee! kinda of ride?


  7. By the time Seabreezer reached the captain Draco was leaning on the rails looking out over the busy docks. A free port like this for all its risk drew many far and wide. Even merchants came this far out to sell goods they can’t at other places. As such the city grew and grew, only to be washed away come the next storm. It came and went like the seasons and he found that rather charming. Looking over at Seabreezer he snorted at a hoof hit his back and repaid it by snapping open a wing in to her face with some force as well. Well she recovered from a face full of wing he looked back at the docks. “We need some more skilled crew, we got plenty of hard working hooves and claws but I need some brains.” He remarked. “I can only hope I can get some. If all fails I will just have to put in a request with the Diamond Dog merchants and I'd rather not take that path. Maybe we need too try some luck on a more well off merchant ships and see if we can press gang one of their more highly educated crew to join us.” He explained strecheing out like a cat with a yawn, not at all put off or bothered by the acts he was explaining or thinking of. “Now I hope you got me something to drink, you have been eating up my bank partying well I have been doing paperwork and buying goods. You will be happy to know the hardtack I got does not have weevils in it! So best enjoy it before they do.” He chuckles looking at the half zebra. “Added flavor if you ask me.”
  8. Tempest flicked an ear as the pink bird pony felt the need to speak up. She groaned and looked over her back at the filly with a cold, uncaring look she was so well known for. “I’m not gonna be baited in to that. Last thing I need is twilight sitting me down for some long friendship talk on why my discipline is not ok to use on colts and fillies.” She remarked looking away from them. But it seems Grubber had to open his trap again. At least he was not talking at her so she can’t really get angry at him for talking at another around her. Fleet days were long gone. Even if his lisp made her skin crawl. But hearing him stand up for her was… funny. He was ever faithful in his own way. For how much she hated how useless he was, he was not a total failure. His trust and willingness to follow her orders was good. Now if only he was not so lacking in all other things! Maybe when he’s older she can try her hoof at training him better? Was it even worth it? Probably not. But few were willing to go on rants about how good sh- hold up. Her ears flicked as she turned her head to look at him. ‘Best friend anybody can ask for’? It made a soft snort leave her muzzle. That was a lie. It's been almost two years and she’s not made one… Not for a lack of trying. It's not her fault. Was it? Whatever. It was almost her turn and she was getting hungry.
  9. Tempest nods with a soft chuckle as she watched AJ remove the small colt from her back. She was kinda sad to see him go, but he needed some real rest, not napping on top of her back. As sweet as that was. “Don’t rush.” Tempest says back as AJ left the room… Soon as she was gone she lays her head down on the table, staring off at nothing as she took stock of… everything. Aj was uncomfortable that was easy to read. Much as the mare did try to hide it, she was a bad liar. But she can’t blame AJ. What pony will not feel uncomfortable with her? What she asked? But she had to do it. AJ needed to understand getting too know her was not fun and full of sunshine. She was not normal. In one week she went from leading an airship fleet to sitting at this table. She took this land to the breaking point in one day. Its leadership gone on all levels. Yet she was free. They let her go on the words of twilight. Friends. Much as she smiled and nodded she did not feel it. She never had friends and that was not changing soon. With a sniff Tempest realized she was starting to lose it. Tears were forming in her eyes. She needed to be alone. Drinking the last of the milk and taking a few more bites she looked out the window and the growing darkness outside as the evening faded into night time. She needed to rest, that’s all. Did she stay? Was she wellcome too? Walking to the stars she looked up them, she wanted to ask… But something stopped her. She felt scared to ask. Moving to the door she gently opens it and slips out to find somewhere to sleep underneath the stars.
  10. “There's beauty in chaos.” Tempest says back, her eyes fixed on the road ahead as they walked. “And I don't mean the chaos of… say, Discord. His is more a from of disorder than chaos but really that is down to how one uses the word. But my magic is very unpredictable no two spells are ever really the same. Most don’t know that about me… but when I use magic it's bringing order to a storm. Pulling all the bolts together to aim them at something. I never know how they will move I just have to act on it.” She slowed her walk down and took in a deep breath as she relaxed more. “I can not say I fully believe you. But I can not dismiss it as well. We live in a world where what can or can not happen is often so easily broken with the flick of a horn. Pigs can’t fly until a unicorn gets bored and put wings on one. So some magic gateway to another land can not be dismissed. Just seems rather out there… But so are shape shifting bug-ponies and I…” She tails off, flinching as if something hit her. “I worked for a blasted… thing that walked on two legs and had… ‘fingers’ and may I say fingers are weird. They honestly creep me out. Ever watch something with fingers hold things? Bending them like dozens of tiny legs… It's just… wrong.” She added with a silver as she got back into a steady walking pace well making a turn down another path. “But let's… get back to you. You live in this other place… What is it like? Are there no unicorns? Just… Earth pony? Pegasus? Something like that?” She asked, finly glancing down at Sunny.
  11. Tempest flicked an ear to the sound of rain on the tent and the crackling of water landing on a hot fire. Just about every time she had an opportunity to get away from the city and get lost in the wilderness she took it to do just that. Re-reading the newspaper article she cut out she dwelled on its words. They, like so many others, were completely correct and yet they seemed so daunting. But she needed to swallow her pride and follow it. Easier said than done and maybe that is why she needed this… ‘therapist’ to help her. Not the first to say that but she did not know where to start. What soft pony has a hope of understanding her? But was that line of thinking precisely why she was in the spot she was? Well she can take some steps by herself. Puting the newspaper article away she stretched out, looking outside of her tent and took in the view of the rainy northern mountains she was camping in. Step one… ‘Stop comparing yourself to other ponies, and start dwelling on your specific positive attributes. Dwell on these affirmations and repeat them daily; force yourself if you have too’ She was… Strong. Strong willed. Brave. She worked hard and enjoyed it… Not a long list of positive attributes but maybe she can add more as she thinks of them. Next step. ‘Train yourself to be mindful of negative thoughts: try to understand the source behind your pessimism, and then re-write your thoughts in a more positive light.’ That was a more difficult one as the source of them seems so muddy. Was it her broken horn? Her filly hood? How she grew up? Was it all of them together? Well how can she look at it in a more positive light? That stumped her… How can her life be… She walked out in the rain, letting the cold water shock her body. Her broken horn made her… Grateful for what she did have. Sharp eyes and ears, a body that can go hoof to hoof with an earth pony. And she was not without magic. Yes, it was messy and chaotic but it was beautiful. Like a thunderstorm in all its raw power. There was beauty in it. Many unicorns can’t use magic at all with a broken horn. It's painful and hard. But she overcame the pain and hardships and was more powerful than many with a working horn. Did she even need a working horn? If she did would she have pushed herself to do what she did? Would she have ended up like most, content with what she had and wasting it? Maybe it being broken was something to be thankful for. It made her thankful for what she had as she may have so easily lost much more that day. An eye. An ear… her life. What was positive about how she grew up? All The hardships, dread and fear… but what about the good times? Watching the sun rise over the tips of mountains. Seeing the wonders of the northern winter and the scorched lands of the south and west. She grew to love being out there. Even now she found herself most happy when she got away from it all deep in the wilderness. She learned how to take care of herself and be grateful for every day she was alive. Maybe that was the positive light in the darkness. Looking up at the rain storm she let the cold water wash over her body in silent contemplative. ‘Whenever you accomplish a goal, celebrate it, use it as an excuse to indulge yourself, and then add that accomplishment to that list of positive attributes’ That seemed easy… She never was one to indulge herself. Well maybe she did but not in good ways. She needed to give herself good ways to indulge herself. Sweets? She did really enjoy making and drinking ice cream floats… she never understood why but maybe that was a good way to ‘treat herself’ among other things. That can’t be too hard. Maybe loosen up some and let herself slack off for a day. ‘Find things to do that make you feel good, and stick with them’ What did she like? Well.. This. Being out here in the wilderness. It was beautiful out here. She felt safe and relaxed. Cities and towns never failed to make her slink back to her worst ways. Her trip to ponyville was… just a mess. To many outbursts and bad memories. What about her job? Was that really good for her? It was forcing her to repeat very bad things and be her worst. At first it felt like what she wanted but was it? Maybe what she wanted was peace and quiet out here. Can she make a living out of that? She heard there may be jobs like that. Where one lives far out here, watching the land keeping it safe for others. That implied there others like her out there… And maybe they’d like to enjoy the peace and quiet with company? Did they have that… ‘longing’ feeling as well? Maybe. Well one of the last big steps was finding a ‘professional therapist’ to help her… Where can she even start doing that? The first pony she can think of is Cadence but she had an… ‘empire’ to run. Why did they call it an empire… Well, outside of running a city state that played make believe she had a family and many duties to follow. Twi? Same thing. AJ? Well she had a farm and family! She can’t dump her self again on the mare as some weekly thing. She stressed the poor mare out as is… Sunny? Honestly she needed to read up on this more so she knew where to even start. But in the passing of time she had to keep trying to do what Cadence suggested. Maybe there was hope yet.
  12. Tempest sat alone in her small apartment. The glowing endless sun of Las Pegasus shimmering outside as if it was mid day, even with the sky painting black. Laying on her bed she tossed a now empty can on to the… alarmingly large heap she has yet to clean. Staring up at her ceiling and the poster of one well known captain of the guard that was nothing short of unfit for young eyes. she groaned. Sitting up she looked at the newspaper on her dirty desk, one part of highlighted. Looking at the mailing address she sat down and looked out the window. She was fearless, brave… Willing to run headlong into battles and wars. Yet it has taken her hours to even get this far. She was afraid. Yet she had to do it. This was the easiest way to take the first step. She can’t win every battle alone. Pulling out a paper and grasping a pencil in her muzzle she put it to the paper… -------------- Dear Pink Menace It fills me with an endless amount of loathing to make this letter but it is far better than other paths thanks to its anonymous nature. I do not make this letter to snub you as I made it out of the bitter truth of being fully and deeply out of my element, one you are skilled if not gifted in. Love. A word I have not thought of or spoken in many years. Something that must shock the common pony. Yet I was faced with time and time again as I watch strangers have love. A date, a romantic outing, sitting together by a river. Seeing it made me feel things I can not describe as I do not know the words or feelings to give them life. But I do know I want what they have. And that scares me. I am scared of love. I am scared of opening up and being hurt again. I have been hurt so many times, betrayed and alone for so long I don’t even know how to start. Even making friends seems so daunting I end up shutting it down out of fear. Some pony will reach out to me and try so hard to help just for me to run away. Never in my life have I spoken what I am about to put in to text. I need help. I wish I was so brave as to speak to you in person but I can’t do it. So here is where I shall take the first step. Princess Cadance how does one love herself? How does she let go of the hate and move on? Where does one start on that road? Sincerely, Air Superiority… Until we meet again.
  13. oh my, such a small pirate! But I shall add him when his papa's ship gets listed. or may make a new slot to list pirates with no listed ship or something.
  14. This thread with some hope, will be used for all players to plan pirate things! Ships, crews, and so on can be listed here so we know what pirates are sailing or flying about in the seas and skies. Along with letting crews of them work out details together and plan RPs. To help with this all ships and crews shall be listed on this page. Ship captains, let me know the ship, what she is like and her crew and I will put her down on this page. Same for crew, let me know what ship you are on and I will list you with it. To list a ship just fill this out. Its name and Captain. Ship rating: first is it Nautical or aeronautical, Seaship or Airship. - Ship rating, from a giant 1st rate ship of the line down to 6th rate frigate, below that are unrated ships such as Sloops, brigs, cutters and schooners. - Last, what the ship is. Gundecks: How many decks of the ship hold cannons. Guns: The ships cannons, what she is armed with and how many in total. Crew: Sail ships had big crews. The vast amount of them shall be NPCS that take care of the day to workings of the ship. List the ships crew and if it has less then a full crew, what is the max the ship can hold. After all of that is the ‘Player crew-mates listing’ it is what it sounds like. List all the player controlled crewmates. What job they name, the OCs name and player. Listed pirate ships ‘The Vicious Disgrace’ captained by Draco Silvanus Threads involving pirates "To all that can read this, Draco of ‘The Vicious Disgrace’ be'hireing crew!” - Draco Silvanus
  15. ‘For most they have looked back, pondered what they have done and try to explain some worth in it. They did it for some just aim, some just hope. Just. Yet I never did. I wanted anarchy. No flags, no governments. Be it one based on blood or some voting. Well I have lived this life for about a year and a half it was nothing short of eye opening. Yes I’d have joy and loss before and during this time. But when I looked at his ship, my crew, I felt something more. It was not just a ship. Not just some crew. This was home and they are family. All had a voice, all had a say. This freedom they all took with me and love it. Nothing may judge them but there own souls and much to a cold chuckle, many of them found that soul very dark. When one strips away the fears of government laws and punishments even the most timid of souls may uncover new found joy. Be it rum, gold, wenches or the lust of battle. Well I was never timid I found my own soule very willing to go places I’d never dream of without even a hint of regret or pity. Like Rose told me, I found freedom and did not regret what I am becoming. What shame can I put on myself when it all felt so good? Decks full of gold, family singing and cheering with rum and mares aplenty! If this life was one of sin and darkness than I have no wish nor ragrets for the other side-’ “Ahoy cap'n! Got th' notes o'hirin' put out'n done, by all th'bars. Even got some callers t'poke heads in'n let it be known ye be hirin'.” Draco shifted the ink quill between his clawed fingers as he looked down at the unfinished page of his book. A biography on his life. With luck he’d live to add many more chapters. Leaving the pages open to dry he put his quill away and got up from his desk. Well he did not sleep in the captain's quarters it was his room to think, read and store maps, books and more. And of course it was open to all his crew. For many of them that can’t read he’s taken to having times of book reading for them. It really did help the crew all bound with one’a other. Looking over at one such mate he nodded his head. “Good work, with luck it will not take too long for some to make way. The day is yet young and I have not visited one establishment of drinking yet!” He says laughing. “Do give whatever comes here a good welcome. We have room for plenty more and I do not think we’d be so lucky as to staff up 30 souls before the sun falls.” Making his way to the door he gave his crewmate a slap on the back. “Now get going, we are at the ports of ports for are kin. Go get em tiger!” The pegasus nodded his head, a younger pony he picked up not to long ago from a ship he boraded. A fine lad, he’s taken to the crew and life well. “Aye cappten! thank ye!” Watching the young soul rush off to get in to some good troubles Draco followed him out to the ships deck. He’d be here all day, as the notes and callers all told, he was hiring for one day only. Well he loved Puerto Aguila, she was the port cities to end all port cirts for his walk of life, she was one giant sinkhole for gold. So it was best to keep trips short and he was already here a week. Stay a week longer and he’d be out of gold.
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