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  1. Pony Name: Tempest Shadow (Fizzlepop Berrytwist, Ice if you use that name on paper work you are a dead mare.) Link to Character: Skills AND Combat Experience: 'Ice is demanding I fill out this noneises. Why even bother? I put Canterlot and all this land on the floor in one day! As if she nore others do not know what I can do. My horn may be broken, yet I put meny uncorns to shame and have made kingdomes fall down before me well leading the armys of the Stromking. My skills and combat experience are so well kown now even foals know it.' Any other relivent Special Training: 'I lead armys, put kingdomes to the spear and made them hand over everything. Is that special training? How about useing magic powerfull and deadly with a broken horn? I am hardly a uncorn yet I am stonger then most. Few in this land can say thay understand war fair like I can and none can clame to have won wars agesnt kingdomes! When was the last time you heard of a pony doing that? PS: Ice, I hate paper work and I demaned some other pony do it for me.'
  2. World of Equestria: The Age of Heroes!

    don't see why not, will put us at four! four sounds nice.
  3. Daybreaker's Reign AU

    Aww but I want to be Daybraker, I love that mare! Oh well, cool to see someone at all doing someing with the best sunbutt ever. May have to do something with it.
  4. World of Equestria: The Age of Heroes!

    Doing a shoutout for this! We can use some more heroes to get things moveing! So if you are looking for something to start off with, take a look.
  5. Yama Kara No Ongaku

    Cute wolf spoted
  6. Cyclone of Revelations[Private:Tempest]

    Tempest can not fault Ice for her thinking. It was sound. But the deal was done and the pact made, they can talk about the smaller details later when they come up. So Tempest pushed her hoof on to Ice’s and grind like a wolf as the lighting of her raw magic ripples of the mare and fur singed black. Ice took it without beating an eye and Tempest did the same back as ice built up over her hoof and forest grew like moss over her leg. It was vary cold and painful but just like her new boss she did not show pain. As her leg pulled away ice flaked off it and broke on the table. Both of them got to taste the others power and the pact was done. “Until death.” She says back with a wink and sits down. “Yes, we have a lot to talk about unrelated to work. Fine details can be done later.” She says taking an other big sip of rum. “We were both homeless… You told me why you were. My time it seems to tell you why I was. I grew up in canterlot in a well off family but not super rich. I was very young at the time when this…” she waves a hoot too her horn. “Happened by… A bear. Not just a bear… one of stars. If it’s paw hit just a hair more low i’d be a dead filly. But it missed and I ran for it. After that… the young are mean. Evil. I was picked on, forgotten and tossed to the side. No pony wanted to be around me. Even my family was disappointed in me… A magical'less unicorn in canterlot. Heh… I think you can understand how THAT whent. So I ran away and swore to never trust others as I so first hoof how heartless ponies can be. Even now I believe that in a new way, just some can be good. Foolish but good. Like the mare that saved my life. Good yes, but foolish… But I never got picked up by some other. No pony took me in. I just drifted and used others as needed. Food. Water. Bed.” She snorted and chuckles. “Some times I did stick around for a few weeks as they were fun. Shame everypony is fearful of me now. For real it sucks, go drinking saw this strong ship worker and I try to flirt. He bailed so fast it was just sad. No one wants to be around the mare that put all of canterlot underneath her hoof before the sun was setting.” She takes another swig of rum. “Sorry, i’m, rambling. I am bad at this no one really ever cared about my past and this rum is not helping."
  7. Dusty’s kiss had nothing shy about it, but it was not overdone. A simple smooch and soon as he it was done he tossed his hat up in the air and with a swing of his head it laned between his ears. “Now don’t you worry Miss AJ, apples this good will not let me be some stranger. Give my thanks to all ya family for the hard work ya do to make food this good.” He says with happy smile as he grabs the sack of apples and slings it over his back and turns to walk away from them. As he did so he watched a new filly show up and remark on the kissing booth. “Heh, ah darn thinked the same thing seeing it as well lass. Ya de’ friend of the other small one? Better watch out, she’s the new ‘Deputy’ in town.” He says with a deep thundering chuckle as he walked away. “Maybe with some back up Hope Lance will do better job at it this time. Have fun y’all and enjoy the rest of ta'day.” With that he makes his way off to the town with his awkward limping trot.
  8. Calder gently picked the writing quill up once more as the glowing color of dancing flames shimer over his face as the fireplace consumes the newest ball of paper he tossed in it. He was running out of ink and paper alike yet here he was in the dark as his fathe- As his friend was asleep. “Why am I even bothering.” He muttered in a hushed whisper as he looks at the new clean sheet of paper before him. What can this Cadence do for him? What can she say that he did not know already know? Was it just his need for validation? Halvard has done plenty of that and more. Maybe it was the need to just ask someone that can understand it more and what better one to ask than this ‘queen of love’ he heard about? Well he has never seen Cadence he has heard about her. Most of all when the visited the pony lands and read a news paper. What he needed was advice not validation and from this pony he hoped to get some. Calder shut his eyes and went over what he wanted to ask. To many things truly. But all of them had to be asked even if it was to a stranger. “Just… Just do it.” He opens his eyes and puts the quill to paper… “Hail Mi Amore, daughter of Cadenza. [The letter was messy, the writing skill was good but the grasp of spelling and grammar was like a young colt. All around the sides of the letter were crossed out words where the writer was trying to spell out words before puting them in the letter. In a few places as well it seemed as if he slipped in to a runic alphabet with a few Long Guo characters mixed in.] My name is ᚲᛊᚲ and I am caribou bull. I am not very good writing like this for that I very sorry. I ran out of paper doing this all over many times and the fire dies so I just need make do. But I hope you understand this is my- [the letter has many tryings of the word ‘third’ and ‘language’ crossed out where Calder struggled to spell them] and I not use it much where I live. I hope you are willing to help me I hear many stories about you and some call you queen of love. So I ask two things. 1: I came from bad family. I not say details but very bad. But was taken in by other bull. Big and blue he is very good and done more for me than real dad ever have. He is like dad. I wish he was dad. That is thing one I ask. I don’t know how to say or ask such thing, to ask to be more than friend he took of road but be dad. He has done so much good it makes me cry! He make makes me cry good way so much. Never have felt so loved in life and wanted. He is such good bull! [some parts of the letter has the ink messed up from what looks to be tears.] I feel like such bad bull, small and cry like calf but he hugs me when sad and tells me it all ok. No bull ever do that before. No bull ever help me. Care for me. Only hurt me. But to scared to look stupid. I am stupid crippled bull he’d never want son such as me. Fear him turning me away and he never see me as son. I don’t know what to do. I just want to have dad that loves me like him. Thing 2! This is part of me being just a bad bull as well. I trash at being a bull. This even more hard to ask had to walk away for day! Working on this with new fire. I. I like bulls. Even bull pony! Saw big strong one at docks in morning. Fur wet from work so big and strong. Stare like mare pony at him! What bulls do that? Speaking of mare pony some time I look at one and go ‘wish that was me’ looking so pretty. Than I’d be less bad for looking at bulls yes? Cows and mares look at bulls! Not another bulls. I don’t understand it and been like this long as I live, bull that took me in knows. He say it ok but it hard to feel ok when all life other bulls hurt you for it. Look to long at one and hoof to face. It hurt. Or tossed in sea and made much fun of. I do not understand why I want to be like pretty mare ponies in cute dress and long mane. I am such bad bull. This letter is such mess. I don’t know if you even read this mess. Almost out of paper so I need to just stop. I forgot you can no read my name I think. It Calder Stormur Carrson. Wish it Halvardson.” Calder put the letter in the envelope and stared at the mailbox before him. Three days and two of which were just making the blasted thing and even now he wanted to toss it in the fire. This was such a stupid plan and he hated it. She was not going to read that trash, let alone something from a caribou! They sacked her city! She must HATE caribou. She will rip it to shreds and cast cast some dark magic on him so he may never find love… Can she do that? He swallowed and pushed the envelope in to the mailbox. It was done now and he can’t go back.
  9. Cyclone of Revelations[Private:Tempest]

    Tempest leans back in her seat and takes a few big chugs of rum as Ice talked, lots to go over but it seems like it was all coming together and this deal was about to be done. “No clan Askr bulls. Can do, plenty of other bulls on the dog market and some mutts have a favour or two they need to give me. Thinking of them… may make good shock troops. Hrm. Well moving on.” She says with another sip before puting the bottle down. “I will take your word on saving my tail. But I must say this on the ship... Well the name and colors are fine I worry it will be too easy linked back to you. You need the plausible deniability of somepony looking at my fleet and going ‘she is her own thing’ and not looking at it and go ‘they have a lot of ice in the names and theming’ and link it back to you. Plausible deniability is very useful. But you are the one paying me so if you want it to be it will be. A small price to pay for having an army under my command.” “And do not worry about loyalty, like I told you I want unwavering loyalty from all of them not just the big names. I want them to love me, fear me and view me like a queen… A queen of storms. But no pony has to know you are the one with the bigger crown. Loyalty by proxy. But as you wish all commanders or troops of worthy rank will meet you before coming in to power… And I will let my troops know this is job for life.” She says cleaning up the last of that before moving on to the airship once more. “I can work with that for the airship. But we can work out the finer details with somepony that knows how to make this thing happen. We may need to get are hooves on some giffin's I think… As for sneaking. Well.” She grins and chuckles. “I have my ways. I did sneak an airfleet on top of canterlot did I not? Speaking of that I know where the misty-princess armories are. With him gone… Free pickings and maybe some more stormguard to pull under my new flag as well. I just need airships to reach them as they are overseas and built so the only way in and out is with an airship or wings. Love to have more of his magic reflecting shields and thunder spears.“ She sits up and nods. “But in all… I like this deal. So unto death we make this pact, Loyalty for Loyalty and may are strom sweep all before it away in hurricane of ice and thunder.” she holds her hoof out to ice as she speaks, her horn sparking with power as electricity rolls over her body and down her leg like a broken power cable. If Ice shakes it, it’s going to hurt.
  10. Cyclone of Revelations[Private:Tempest]

    Tempest pulled the concept image of the ship over to her side of the table and looked it over without showing a hint of emotion… At first. As she looked it over and Ice spoke the grin that keeps finding its way on her muzzle came back with force. One may think she was looking at a pinup poster the way she took in every detail. “I am no engineer mis’ Ice. But give me one or two too… keep my love in line and I can see a few changes to make. First, gone placement. Aiming up does not matter as much as aiming down… In fact that matters the most as few in the world have a proper airfleet to bother with aiming at. Most the time I had to aim the guns down… And AA, we need that to keep flying races in cheek. Heavy guns move too slow. Small guns with grapeshot clear the skies like no other.” Tempest taps the image with a full on smile now. “And of course I’d have to change the decor. Far to… princessy. Needs more black steel… and purple. So maybe I am stealing some of stone-loser colors somewhat but I do them better than his stupid tail… Can rock his lighting and thunder thing better as well.” She leans back and thinks about the rest of what Ice has too say. Ice was ok with them being tied at the hips it seems. If one of them got tossed in the fire the other one was going to be yanked on in it. Good. “So it’s a deal for us going down together.” she shuts her eyes and thinks about being capture. She hopes it never comes to that. “Never fear Ice, i’m not an easy mare to brake. So long as I have fiath in you saving my flank. But you are good as icecream in summer if you leave me to rot… Oh and if you have to save my flank do me a favor and leave around for few to smash in to a wall… Most of all whichever pony bugged me the most.” The talk of other benefits made her arch an eyebrow. “I’d like to put that to a test later… But you have one… big offer here Ice. Almost all of it in my favor. I’m flattered you think I am worth so much. So tell you this.” She leans close to the table and smirks. “Everything on the table, lifetime of rum and I need a new… second in command. Much like Grubber… but useful this time.” she added with a roll of her eyes. “Oh and I want a caribou servant. I just want you to know that given… what you saw first hoof. I did read up on that battle and understand why you’d not like one around. But I have… Uh…” she waves a hoof and shakes her head. “Never mind, just saying I am going to buy a caribou.”
  11. Cyclone of Revelations[Private:Tempest]

    Tempest was pretty shocked to hear Ice was homeless as a filly and just like herself, before even having a cutie mark. It meant they both had some understanding for hardships and what it was like to be forgotten and overlooked with ho real hope. Well Tempest did not show much feeling to this news other than arching an eyebrow she had at least have one thing to say back on it. “We both were without home before we hard some mark on are flank them.” She says in a rather understanding tone. “And both found it alone. At least you understand that… life growing up.” She ended it on that as she digested the rest of info being slammed down in front of her and there was a lot to take in and understand. But she took it slow, breaking it down part by part in her head. First thing in line was Ice had bits and a hoof deep in a powerful door. Two extremely useful things for founding a mercenary army along with being ok with giving almost full power to Tempest. The only cost for Tempest was owing Ice a ‘endless faver’ as it were to be ready to take care of whatever faver Ice needed as many times as Ice needed. By no small means a tiny thing but Tempest feels the pros were outweighing the cons of such a deal. She was free to do whatever with her troops outside of such jobs. But the part that almost got her too leap out of the seat and say yes was airships. Wonderful airaships. Before working for the Stormking she knew almost nothing about them but leading his armies she found how useful they were. Mass airships were so unheard of few kingdoms had a plan for it and some had nothing against it at all. They were fast and allowed her to deliver hammer blows when and where she needed them with a force and speed few can hope to withstand. She has no clue what in the fires a prototype A-class MK Z Warship even was but it made her insides twisted up in ways to make a mare blush as it must some powerful hardware. Well she was not a mare to show much in the way of feelings this was making her wiggle in her seat just thinking about it. After forcing herself to relax with the help of more rum she pulled herself back to other details. The base itself that Ice showed her with some fancy magic. It seemed well planned out and in a city like this she had a feeling it was more easy to get away with. Everypony is hiding something in this city of sin so why not a base? Lots of traffic in and out most of them being tourists makes it easy to bring troops in and out with no one asking to much… plenty of cargo coming in and out as well. All in all this was shaping up as a pretty good deal. She shuts her eyes and thinks for a moment before speaking. “First, what is this prototype airship. Second I want a say in the airships, my time leading the steam-kings airships gave me first hoof combat exposures in airship combat unlike most. I know what works and what will not. Third, I can keep some forces on standby for whatever ‘favors’ you need me to do but I want this to be a two way street… We tell eachother everything going on. That way we can’t toss one other to the wolves if some favor of yours goes south. I am not going to be left out in the open with nothing if you betray me. If one of us goes down we both are going down in flames.” she opens her eyes and looks into Ice’s with a smirk. “And last… You gave me Bit's, land, contacts, power and some toys in this deal. But what are the benefits?”
  12. Cyclone of Revelations[Private:Tempest]

    Tempest did not even flinch as the glass broke against the wall as she watched the pieces fall to the floor. “No need for apologies, i’m flattered you are taking this… with care. I’m intrigued” She says as her cold glare forms in to a fant grin like a wild bull about to be unleashed. “Proceed.” She listened well to what Ice told her but never reacted to it other than keeping her grin. It never failed to make something inside of her… swell with pride when somepony pointed out the skill of her hoof work. It was beautiful in it’s bluntness in ways few understand. Some think a hammer is just that. Blunt, stupid. No planning. Tempest felt that was foolish as a hammer can be used with the same skill as a spear of blade and be just as deadly. She knew how to use a hammer and hit just where it needed to with unrelenting force. One strong hit can send even the biggest monster stumbling backwards in pain if you hit it where it matters. She did just that when the beast that was Equestria. And the offer itself was… Interesting. After what she did this mare.. A mare that had a job to STOP monsters like herself wanted to hire her. Against the wills of the sisters from the sound of it and given the fact she had to release all her Stormguard as well. They did not want her having an army, understandable. But yet here was an offer to lead an army once more. No promises of fixing her horn or offers of land and wealth. No the offer was just to do one thing and one thing alone, conquer all that hold armes against Equestria. Tempest felt flattered Ice was laying it down on the table so bluntly and openly without trying to over sell it with uselessjunk. Equestria needed something like her, Tempest knew that long before Ice spoke of it. She knew it when she invaded canterlot. She knew it well she drew maps of the invasion. She knew it when she told the Storm King she can do it. Equestria was weaker than it liked to believe and the sisters were the weakest part of it all. By now means worthless or without power. No if they wanted they’d have all the world in chains. But the weakness came from self imposed innocence that has allowed the land of ponies to be so peaceful, beautiful and gentle. But in granting peace to all below them it leaves them open. Time after time they managed win out by luck. But even the most lucky pony alive will lose his jackpot one day and Tempest proved that. She won and if not for that… unbelievable fool of a king they’d have lost. How many more times can they hope to win on luck alone? Tempest leans back as she digested it all and thinked over the offer. Her ears flicking as Ice opened the door to bring in the drinks. She wasted no time pulling a big bottle of her rum over and licks her lips as her unstable magic grabs the bottles top and in storm of magic lighting rips the cap off and slings over her shoulder as a steaming wrapped mess. She slings the bottel back against her lips and takes a few hearty chuges before placing the bottle down with a happy sigh. Only than did she speak. “You want honest information? So be it. First, I do not drink to forget what I have done or seen like most in my hooves. I drink to drown something worse for I'm not haunted by the war, Ice. I miss it. We all grew up in an age where the word 'war' is barely understood by most and the average adult would probably forget the meaning somehow. We knew what weapons were and we knew what combat is, but it’s all fairy tales and ancient history as far as we are concerned. We are all born into peace. Me. You. Every guard standing around in gold. No pony has the faintest CLUE what conflict looks like. I think even the sisters, old as they are have fergot as well.” She takes an other big sollow of rum and keeps on speaking. “But by the fires, if I wasn't born for war for don’t know what I was born for. Joining the Streamking was the best thing I ever did for awakening something deep inside of me. It gave me a purpose, where before I was a aimless homeless drifter. It gave me hope, security and drive to wake up every day with a gameplane. When it was over I was supposed to be glad that was gone. I was supposed to be celebrating that day. There were parties and festivals and a whole frickin' carnival in one or two towns! I did my best. Some fireworks and jokes. Speaking my real name as if it matters and trying to be like them. Like all other ponies. But after it’s all done and weeks have passed into months I find myself raising a glass of rum to toast all I did with fondness and worse of all… Remorse for being done.” Tempest sinks back into her seat as her grin dies with every word to be replaced with a very sad mare. One without a purpose in life and northing to guide her to it. “So Ice the truth of the matter is this. I have been planning on making a new army. Mercenaries with loyalty only to me and no other. I know some of the Stormguard will join me in a heartbeat, you most have see some of my guard. They painted their manes up like mine in honor of me. They’d follow me to the ends of the world if I asked. But they alone will not make me an army. I need help and if you will give me that help… We may have something on the table mis’ Ice. But do not forget this is my army… not yours.”
  13. Cyclone of Revelations[Private:Tempest]

    For many the cold may have made them take a step back, be confused or make some sound of discomfort. Tempest was not some mare and such minor discomforts drew only the smallest chuckle from her as she walked into the room. Ice was living up to her name. But the orb in the air did draw Tempests eyes. A fast assessment marked it out some something boosting her magic or something to be used with her magic. It may be source of the cold in the room and Ice seems keen on playing up just that as the mares namesake was formed in to armor. Tempest took her seat with a fant smirk. “Your branding is on point.” She says eyeing the mare up, her smirk growing into a smile as her order of a drink was more than just upgraded. She’d have a nice hall of it now. “Flattering, I’d like to remark on never needing so much but… Well, I’d lying worse than the sailors that got me hooked on it.” She lets her grin fade away as her face rested on a more cold and hard look. “But you did not track me down to give me of all ponies the gift of alcohol did you? It was rather clear you believe I can do something for you and give something for me. So let's hear it shall we?” She asked with a look of judgement.
  14. Sphinxmaster (Pretzel, Dusty)

    Nilaavin enjoyed walking to the camp, it felt wonderful moving about! The sand under his paws, sun on his fur and feathers. Freely moving his wings and tail. Truly he can take one thing away from that time in stone… Being flesh and blood was just wonderful. Even talking to his new master was nice change of pace from being alone with just his self. “You think my name is pretty?” He asked with the flick of an ear before looking down at the pony he walked alongside. “Never had a pony say such… thank you master.” He added with a faint smile at the complement before looking back at the land around them and the upcoming camp. Well they did not go into it, he watched it like a lion looking for pray. His eyes following every movement and onlooker like they were mice… but in truth he was only looking at the clothing they had on and the camp itself. Spotting a griffin made him want to run over there and look at it up close! He’s never seen such a thing before! It’s back half looked like a sphinx but the front was bird like. He’s heard of such beasts before but to see one was fascinating. But his wonderment was cut short when he smells fish and his stomach made itself known with honger. The moment that big dish of fish got in front of him he was laying down and eating from it like one giant cat. Much much, chew chew he swallows his meal bite by bite as he watched his new master talk to the horse. Gibberish most of it, at least he understands what master was saying. “Bandits? Good some things never change. My first master did enjoy watching me play with foolish bandits… Even for a young sphinx they fear me. If some are so foolish as to riad us master I will see to puting on a good show for you as well.” He says with a confident grin as he wiggles a paw, claws out, in front of Blue.