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  1. Lost by one, found by another (Private, Dusty)

    Calder almost jumped out of his skin as Halvard slammed his hoof on the floor, a few cuss words leaving the young bulls muzzle from the shock as he looked at Halvard and watched as the bull spoke. He just blinked when it was done, he did not know what to say. He was at a loss for words one to many times this day but he never… had something like. It was new, scary and confusing as to what to do. So he just scoots closer and hugs Halvard, it felt weird hugging a bull… let alone feeling like that bull cared for him at all. Not knowing what to say back, he keeps speaking about his life. “After that… He was even worse to me. I went out of my way to not be around him as if I got to close… Well, it made the old days look nice. I… took it out on slaves. It was bad, I know it was but I did. I had to vent somehow and a chained up pony with no way to do a thing is… easy. One slave had me do it to him every time, never let me lash out at others. No matter how mad I was he asked for me to take it out on him. He talked to me, told me he did not hate me. Felt bad for me. We… He became my one friend. His name was One Eye, not his real name but he never spoke that. Just the name the other slaves gave him.” Calder rubs the side of his face on the blue bull, not even thinking about if he will get the color on him as his tears wet the fur. “He was the only friend I ever had in my life. He did so much for me. I can read thanks to him… math as well. Why I can speak to the locals as good as I do. He saw something in me I never did. Goodness. Hope. nothing good can ever be born from Carr but be blived I was. I try not to think about him now. I know whatever Carr pland for him it will forever be worse then ware I am now."
  2. An Apple Layover (Open: Ask to join)

    Big mac was not wrong in his judgement, Tempest lost no sleep over what happened to canterlot or the ponies in it. She lost sleep over failing to get her horn… or not betrying the worthless ‘king’ first. But her head was clear of all things as she watched AJ explain how to do it. Can she do it with magic? Easly. Will the pigs be safe? That was the unclare part of that and why she stuck to being more of an earth pony than a unicorn. If she was not helping AJ she’d not care if harm came to them. They were pigs. But for the sake of things she must not hurt them. “I understand.” She says with a nod of her head and did a slow walk around big mac, her eyes darting over him as if was a textbook. Well she did she gets the the rope ready. “I have done a hogtie before, but I will try my best to be… gentle.” She added with a wink before she starts spinning the lasso about than slings it over Macs head. “Ah, not bad for you sitting about.” She walked up and removed it and moved away more this time. She started repeating this, moving back more every time she hit her mark and talking to AJ on tips to help her aim.
  3. Tempest's Shadow (Closed)

    “I don’t know if it will ‘save me’ but it’s better than nothing.” Tempest says as she keeps her eyes closed, relaxing as she thinks. The hot tub was doing wonders to keep her relaxed. “So long as I do not end up in stone at least. I wonder if that’s true they do that. They did it to Discord so why not others? Odd where one's mind can go when you let it.” She opens her eyes and watches the pony fill up her glass with more rum, she found it funny why rum seemed to be so glued to only seagoing things. Her first taste of it was from an outlaw that never put one hoof on a ship, he was a cool pony… Had a nice bounty on his head as well. How long did she make the bits last? Weeks? She smiles, not all of her youth was to bad when she had some bits to make it easy. “I never got to meet changelings. I don’t think they want to be around me for long, my love is shallow compared to the deep sea of rage and anger I hold. They’d get sick… do they get sick?” She asked arching an eyebrow. “Are you one? Some of the guests were talking about changelings being here or something. I’d not care if you are, just feel bad you’d not get much food out of it.” She added even if she did not feel bad for it. She really did not care at all for them… ok maybe she cared some, at least got the mare helping. The mare was nice to her.
  4. Lost by one, found by another (Private, Dusty)

    Well Calder did enjoy the walk home, taking in the views all the way. It may be some time before being in a city was boring to him. But when they got home he knew he had a word to keep. He was already regretting offering to open up more. It was a moment of open weakness and he felt horrible and now it was going to be pushed all the more open. He took a seat next to Halvard, being careful not to fall on his flank. “Every day I am more use to three legs but at the same time, I miss four even more.” He says looking at the fire, gathering himself. “Where to start? Maybe my home… Dad. Ya, that sounds good.” “My father, Carr. He was…” The Calder flicks his ears, he felt uneasy speaking about Carr even with the bull so far away. “He hated me. He hated me the moment I took my first breath and he made that clear as ice on a clam lake. I was a runt and that upset him. He even blamed my mother for it. I don’t think he loved one of his cows or ship mates. I think he saw all of us as disposable and worthless. He even sold my mother I think. I don’t remember seeing her much longer after I got off her milk. Maybe she ran away. Wish she took me with her if she did. He took no part in helping me, he never gave me food and often saw me as nothing more than a fun toy to toss about with his mates… nothing like being having a dozen big bulls taking turns seeing how far they can toss you off the ship. As I got older he got worse around me, even if I did nothing he’d happily kick me or sling me about with his antlers. The crew liked to join in this. Some winters the frozen sea looked far to welcoming to me.” The young bull was shaking as he spoke, his words shakeing some. “Than he found out… about… About how I feel to other bulls and how I did not care for cows. That was the worst day of them all”
  5. Lost by one, found by another (Private, Dusty)

    Calder looked at the bits being put down and let out a grunt before looking back at the pony. “Sadly I can not tip, but I hope the size of my friends makes up for it. Being new here I have no amount of coin to my name. So he is spotting me for now. But do well when I do and I promises to tip like him.” He says with a smirk, having a good waiter on his hoof is nice he’d hope. Well the pony was… lacking from the first go, being so busy he hoped the pony will make up for it later. The stud had the looks but the skills are needed as well. Even if they come only for coin and nothing more, he was under not false pretenses that the pony liked him as more than a nice income. But such views were the bread and butter for Calder and how he thinked most behaved. Calder chuckles, things were starting to feel more normal now. Shame he knew it’s a shot lived moment when they got 'home' and he had to open up. He told the bull he will. “Well we must take are leave, if you see me here don’t be a stranger” He says with soft bow of his head before heading to the door well trying to his best to look big and strong. Head up tall and chest puffed up some like a bull trying in impress a cow, a show rather heavily hampered by his runt size. At least around other of his kin.
  6. Lost by one, found by another (Private, Dusty)

    Calder nods and gets up with smile, wiggling a bit to get steady on his one rare leg. It was yet to stop feeling very weird to stand on just one rare leg and thinking about cute bucks did make him wonder about a few things. Like the changes one leg may have on some other parts of his life and how much harder it may be. Shaking his head to stop thinking about that before it got to carried away he sheaps more. “Well no need to go out of the way for this skinny washed up bull, trust me on that. But the offer is nice all the same.” He says smiling before something pops back in his head. “Hay how well do you know things around here? Like do you know if this city has a good place to hang out after sun down? You know, with clubs and all that fun?” he asked knowing he can’t go if they did, no coin to his name yet! But soon… maybe.
  7. Tempest's Shadow (Closed)

    Tempest never had something like this before, it was odd. But nice feeling. Maybe for one time in her life she can relax and be happy. It seemed so foren, so lost on how to do that. But as she relaxed in the hot water and felt her back rubbed it felt so easy. A few days of weakness can be ok. She flicked her ears as what she did for a living was asked. “As of now, nothing. But I am thinking of maybe starting a mercenary outfit. I miss leading troops, use to do that. Had an airship as well. It was nice. After you taste that power it’s like a drug. Seeing others bowing before you, shivering in fear and begging you to be easy on them. It’s a drug and one I shamefully seem… addicted to. I’d make for a fine mercenary as my ethics passed long ago.” She’d never be open like this, but this mare was so harmless. Just some hotel worker on land for removed from the eyes of others. “I'm not haunted by the battles and flames. I miss it.” She says in a soft tone with the first real feeling of emotion behind it. “Life was easy. You planed, you moved… You look for the singel. When it comes, you go. You tear whatever part of the world that you've been pointed at apart, and you do your best to aim for things who aren't on your side. You stick to your orders, whatever they might be. Then I got to make my orders and give them. I even had guards, they painted up in my colors. I did not tell them too do that… they did it as they wanted to be like me and win my faver. But now? Life is very complicated now. There are taxes. There are houses. There are jobs… They think I can just jump in to it. Get a home, get a job and pay my taxes and make friends. I am trying, but… Well, for now I just wonder alone. Maybe I need a long talk with Twi… the sisters? Maybe I needed this more than I knew. Maybe I do need to relax, to live and just enjoy life.” Tempest ends it with short snort, not one of anger buy just a confused snort as she lays her head down on the rim of the hot tub. Life was messy now, confusing. She just wanted to be normal. Complete. Just another unicorn but it was to late now. Deep down she knows it. Even with a horn, full and working she is never going to just be another pony. She drank from glass of conflict and found it wonderful. How can she go back? “I am going to need more Rum…”
  8. Lost by one, found by another (Private, Dusty)

    Calder was more than happy to get more drinks tossed his way, well some may look down at him for smothering his problems with mead he feels they are just full of it. He already vented and put it on the table, he was hiding nothing now. Now it was just about making herself feel good. Speaking of that the handsome waiter came back. “So long as I don’t find better mead mead and food.” He says back with a grin, already feeling better thanks to the help of a few more mugs of mead. For a moment his brain wanted to pass a remake about the waiters looks but even with some mead in him he was not that brave. So it stayed inside unspoken. “And shame it got so busy, next time I eat we must talk more.” He says with a tipsy smille. “When is it more slow?”
  9. Lost by one, found by another (Private, Dusty)

    Calder nodded gently as he rubs his face and sits tall pulling himself back together as best he can, but he can only shove so much of it back under the rug as gets back to his food. “Thank you.” Was all he had to say on it, he felt bad for exploding like that but it was bound to happen. Traumatic things are never easy to keep down and he had plenty in short order. But just maybe his life is going to change for the better… Maybe. His hopes were so slim they may as well be dashed before he had some. But he had nothing more to believe in. Revenge agent his father then what? He snorted and shoved more food in his maw, at least eating was nice way to vent. “I need more bloody drinks.” He says in an almost silent tone.
  10. Marry Crassmess! And happy Hearth's Warming.

  11. Rutherford removed the heavy chest from his back, letting it fall to the floor with deep thud before looking to Celestia. “Hello tall white pony Celestia!” He shouted before approaching closer to keep talking, on the way he looked over at Blueblood. “Hello other white pony! We talk soon, Rutherford busy. Most of all other-other white pony with gem on butt. Rutherford wish to speak later. So many white pony. So confusing.” He rolls his eyes underneath his hair and stops in front of Celestia. “Of course on time, Rutherford never late. And Yakyakistan has been well, it grow better every day it feel! Haha, did not think best city in world be better but yet it is. And soon Yakyakistan grow even more with plans! And not be only Yak city. Rutherford think Yak land to small. Yak land most grow.” He grins as he speaks, full of pride for his beautiful city. Yakyakistan was truly the greatest city ever made! It just needed to be bigger so others think so… Bigger walls maybe? Or a keep? Both? He will come up with something to make the rest of the world understand the power of yaks. “But glad to come. Never seen Hearth's Warming before, here story most of all from pink pony-Yak. She say much in mail. Maybe to much. Rutherford can make bed out of mail sometimes. Speaking of pink pony-yak, where is pink one? She is missed and Rutherford guilty of wanting her cook more, last cake made yak cook so angry! Hahahaaa, I like it more than his! He smashed two homes! Was funny. Then I smashed his. Was good day. But if tall white pony see pink pony-Yak, let her know Rutherford wishes for her company.” He looks around as he asked, if searching for her. “Hope tall white been good. How is Canterlot? It seem good! Sadly run here so no time to look round. Someday I want look round.” He did not, Canterlot was boring… ugly… full of the worst ponies as well. But this was for the sake of friendship and keeping close ties. The book says it’s really important or something. Rutherford will be the best diplomat alive for puting up with such boreing and weak work. But he did keep an eye on Rarity and blueblood. He was glad Rarity was here, he had no clue how to send her mail and wished to get something from her. Not for himself, no pony can hope to make clothing for him. But as a gift for pink… Well, she may be yak in all but looks, but yaks never make pony clothing before. So get pony to make pony outfit! Pink was his best friend after all, what’s a Prince that can’t give lavish gifts?
  12. Calder was utterly dumbfounded that the drink has no alcohol. But at the same time impressed at the ponies sharp wits to work out what he was asking without speaking in the rubbish ponys call talking. “No alcohol?” He says looking at a mug, than doing a one shot down the hatch with it. “Sad.” Calder flicks his ears as Halvard belchs, well if he was going do it… Calder follows along. Well he can’t out-belch Halvard he did put up a good try with good, long belch that can make a father proud. Wiping his muzzle he fills his mug up and gets back to drinking as he hears Twilight talk about some eggnog she makes just for herself… It sounded wonderful. “Eh, haha.Twilight can buy some of that eggnog? I so want. After some day running shop I wish I drop that fast.” He says chuckling with a grin. He keeps filling his mug and drinking until he brings it to his lips and found nothing in it. He blinked and saw Halvard had the same thing, they drank it all. Good thing, he was starting to feel full. Patting his belly he belched another time. “Well, I not win against Twilight. You be one mug ahead of me.” He says with a grin, at least he thinks she was. He stopped counting and had no clue ware he was in mugs down.
  13. Yak are never late, Yaks come when Yaks want to come. And Rutherford saw fit to come this time. Well he has never taken part in a pony celebration before he wanted to this time. Why? Well there was plenty. First he needed to work on "being firends" with the ponies more. So says the handy guide book he got about diplomacy. It was very useful! The pony that made it was smart. Almost smart as Rutherford. And taking a hint from the book he was coming to the celebration with big gift! That was not made from Yaks. He got some diamond dogs to make gold jewelry. Well nothing close to Yak level of jewelry crafting it did look nice and if they hated it... Well he can join in and make fun of stupid dogs as well! It was very cunning. Looking at the large wooden chest tied to his back he nodded, he had this in the bag. Go in, give gift. Greet. Try none pony food! That was key as well. Pony food sucked but so did all none Yak food. So, eat none pony food and make fun of it so pony may join it. Rutherford was so glad he was so smart! Even if the book told the same thing… Whatever. Rutherford came up with it, so says Rutherford. Puting the book away he watched the train come to a stop and got ready for some runing as not to be even more late… “RUTHERFORD HERE, YAK NOT LATE! YAK COME ON YAK TIME!” Was the first thing to leave Rutherford’s muzzle like shot from a cannon as he dashed into the castle with a few guards trying and failing, to slow him down as they were just dragged along. He looked around the inside of the castle… So clean. So white. It was… Not yak. But this was not his home, of course it will be nowhere as good as HIS home. So no need to get getting mad, he has to get use to silly pony buildings. “I have gift for…” He blankes, what was going on? Something about giving gifts was all he really remembered in the letter he found. He wish he did not toss it into the fire so fast. “For the giving of gift! Yak bring good one, Yaks being best of course.” He says smugly before looking at a guard hanging off his fur. “Where do Rutherford put gift?”
  14. Calder found it funny that Twilight was joining, more so with how many glasses she lined up. "Hæ!Twilight." He had to give her some respect too that, even if he was worried about beating her. Last thing he needed was her drunk and angry she lost! With that bloody magic she has she’d trash him worse than a king sea serpent. So to play it safe he keeps count of her drinks and took care to stay one drink behind her. Feeling like that was safe he slows down on his drinking and looked at the others. His wager was feeling small now… But that was a good thing with… whatever that pony was here. She looked so much like the moon pony. Luna was it? Was she related? What did she do? Stars? Well whatever her powers in the sky are he took no shame in losing to her and having such an easy wager to pay off. The next thing to bother him was the talk about the drink not being spiked. What did that mean? Spike in pony talk was… something sharp or with a point. So the drink did not have points or sharp things in it? Was that a problem around here? That was stupid… He has to be misunderstanding something. So he leans over to Halvard and nudges the blue bull. “[What in the gods name do they mean] “it’s not spiked” [I’d hope the drink did not have sharp things in it, but I think whatever slang is being used here was lost on me.]” Soon as he asked that he felt the need to fix something as well. Slamming down another cup, laging just one behind Twi, he looks at Windwright. “No no, not Calder clanless. Calder THE clanless. May not be good at pony talk but know you need that. Clanless not name, just what I be. At least now, maybe one day the old cow toss me in pant. Hehe.” He smiled as he watched Twi put down her next drink, than follows along downing his. “And how you put smell in cup? That seem…. Funny. If win make you put uh…” He thinks, if he had a sent in cup what will he have? He snorted as his brain drops out a few fun ones but he picks the more calf safe offer. “Ash. Love smell of ash and fire.” He says with a nod.
  15. "Pony say what to Yak? Pony best hope Rutherford only misheard" Roleplay Type: World of Equestria Name: Rutherford Sex: Male Age: Stallion / Bull Species: Yak Eye colour: Green Coat: mix of browns to dark oranges Mane/Tail: mane is a dark orange color that covers most his face, his tail is short and brown Physique: Rutherford is extremely strong, large and very hairy. Standing much taller than most ponies with many just barely reaching his chin. His entire body is covered in thick heavy fur. While extremely useful for the extreme cold of his home, he easily overheats in warmer lands. But underneath all of that fur is powerfully built bull that can put the strongest earth pony to utter shame with his power. As such Rutherford can be very intimidating in looks alone without the help of his short temper. Jewelry and piercings: Rutherford has two earrings, one per ear that ends in small bells. His jewelry is the black crown of Yakyakistan. Five golden hoops around his horns, three on his right horn with two on his left. At the base of his horns are golden crowns. His last bit of jewelry is a golden band used to hold the end of his beard together. Residence: Yakyakistan Occupation: Prince of Yakyakistan Cutie Mark: N/A Yak don’t need silly flank mark Unique Traits: Rutherford is strong, a statement lost in meaning around Yaks but Rutherford is strong even amongst them. Well this plays a big part in helping him keep other Yaks in line and following his orders, his most useful gift is a underlying compassion and intelligence that has allowed him to be the first Yak Prince in countless ages to even follow real diplomacy with other kingdoms. Even if he is hardly good at diplomacy, he makes history for trying and successfully making allies for Yakyakistan. History: Rutherford, like many princes was born to power, inheriting a kingdom from his father. As such this played heavily in to his youth and upbringing as he was groomed from birth for leadership. But with all things Yak, this grooming was nothing like most princes in the world. No fine living, silk beds or the best teachers gold can buy as one studied in the best schools in the kingdom. No, Rutherford was raised to be more than just a prince. He was groomed to be THE Yak all Yaks will look up to when he takes the crown. As such, Rutherford’s youth was one of training to be all a Yak can be. Nothing easy, nothing given to him yet nothing short of flawlessness was allowed in the outcome. And trained he did over the years as his father built his son up in to the perfect Yak. But such training left only a small amount of room for real learning, something most yaks never bother to worry about. But the young Rutherford took a passing care for it and did spend what small freetime he had reading and learning about the world around him. What he found was somewhat disturbing, Yaks truly were the best things to ever live. This was true. But the Yak kingdom was… Small. Very small. A small dot in a big world that has done nothing of note outside its borders. But bringing it up to his father got nothing but hot air and yelling about how Yaks do not need to care about the outside world. All that matters was Yakyakistan. Something Rutherford took to his heart, even if his worries never faded away fully. Such matters did not return to Rutherford until the passing of his father and his taking of the crown. The first years of his new leadership were spent just enforcing the changing of crown and proving to all Yaks he was a worthy leader, something he did in short order thanks to his powerful body and lungs. After firmly rooting himself as the new prince of Yakyakistan he followed in his father's footsteps, putting Yakyakistan first and foremost. Yaks were the most important thing after all. But the book he saw about the outside world haunted him, if Yaks were so good why did they hide away? It made them look weak, like cowards! Yakyakistan had to step out from the snow and show the world why Yaks are best. And so he declared to see the outside world and show them all why Yaks and all things Yak is best. After looking in the few books he had, he decided that Equestria was the best place to start with, a powerful land that for many long years enforced peace across the land and even on Yakyakistan itself. A land so strong must be almost as good as Yaks. Sadly such hopes fell flat on the face as the ponies of Equestria proved to be clueless and insulting as they mocked him and his fellow Yaks in a never ending mess of ‘acts of friendship’ that were so half assed Rutherford could swear they were trying too mocking Yakyakistan itself. But he pushed on to see if the ponies could redeem the mess only to be further insulted. The breaking point came when Spike ‘played’ the piano for them. At first Rutherford was fully impressed by the young dragons skill only to see it was fake. This was the last insult, if the ponies could not even bother to send something that could play a song for real, then they had NO respect for Yaks and yet they were seen as the stronger land. Angry at the sheer amount of disrespect and how pathetic they were he declared war on them, he’d not let Yakyakistan be overshadowed by such a worthless kingdom. But the war was not to be. Stuck from heading home thanks to a rather large herd of sheep blocking the way Rutherford was tracked down by the pink pony known as ‘Pinkie’. While not fully willing to join her silly party he was not heading home anytime soon and took the offer. A blessing he did as Pinkie fully changed his mind over the course of the party with the most important part being her honesty and taking the blame. Rutherford was moved by Pinkie's apology and called off the war along with giving the ponies another try as friends for a thousand moons… So long as they don’t have a repeat as bad as the first visit was. After that evenetfull outing Rutherford did not feel the need to have any more trips like that. He’s made his point that Yaks can do things outside of Yakyakistan and even built a strong friendship with Equestria! A good thing as having the biggest power in the land on HIS side made Yaks all the much stronger, not that they needed help being strong. But this now means he had to deal with more politics and all it comes with… Which was letters. Lots of letters. Most of them being about one pink pony. While charming at first the sheer amount she sent him was… Alarming. Most of all after he let slip about Yickslurbertfest in a letter back to her. She was stubborn as a Yak and he liked that and seeing as she did play a big part in Yaks becoming friends with Equestria, he sent her a letter letting her know she may come. Much to his pride Yickslurbertfest went very well with the pink one, she learned fast and was soon fitting in almost like a Yak! Something he took some pride in as he clearly knows how to find the best pony of all the ponies to be friends with. So in honor of this and Yaks being friends with Equestria the next session of stomping had even more smashing and stomping! At least until all the fun of smashing set off an avalanche. This was nothing new to Rutherford as it happens every year. But this time there was a lot more snow than normal and the digging started up another avalanche only adding more snow to the already overwhelming amount. Well his pink colored friend offers to get help from more ponies he had to refuse. First Yaks do not need help and more so, as the Prince of all Yaks, he could not be seen as weak and needing the help of their new alles. So he declared that the Yaks will just ride it out until the snow melts. But as the day passed and the next one came many Yaks started to feel effects of no food or shelter from the cold. But none were willing to speak up against Rutherford. All but the pink pony. While gentle at first, her pushing to have him ask for help proved too much. Yaks do not ask for help, Yaks are strong and will not go groveling to the ponies. This disagreement ended with Rutherford losing his temper and casting the pink one away along with her honorary yak title. With her gone he settled back into trying to work out how to save the Yaks without being un-yak like. Until a plan was found he pushed his fellow yaks on to just ride it out and be strong. Despite growing unrest among the yaks toward their prince's leadership, Rutherford knew he had to stay strong as a rock. Yaks will make it and Yaks will do so without asking for help, and so he and his Yaks went to bed again in the cold and snow. Only to wake up to Yakyakistan being back to the way it was. The sky was clear, the snow was gone, the farmland green and food safe in the huts. The Yaks declared the snow did melt and Rutherford saw them true, Yaks can just ride out all hardships! But Rutherford had feelings something was wrong. Snow did not melt so fast, let alone in the dark. Looking around he spotted a pink tail leaving the front gates. Following her outside Rutherford confronted the pink one. While she tries to explain it away he knew what she did and more so, knew it had to be done. But it was not the yak way to ask for help. Not ever, even if it may be their doom. So he thanked her for helping them without hurting their pride, like a true Yak she did not make them ask or beg for help. She just did it. As such he went back on his outcasting of her and reinstated her as a honorary yak again and gifted her a set of yak horns on a helmet to help her fit in. Seeing her as a true friend he allowed the pink one to come and go as she sees fit as a true friend of Rutherford and all Yaks. After this and the passing of time, Rutherford made more deals and pacts with Equestria with the help of Blueblood. Trade deals as well as other diplomacies forged anew. In the time to pass Rutherford saw his land growing and prospering more. While it was a struggle to keep it ‘the Yak way’ he knew this was for the best. Yaks were stronger than ever and he wished to only see it grow and rise. One day he dreams of Yakyakistan being the city of a grand kingdom and not the only Yak city. If Yaks want to be powerful they most grow. Yakyakistan was the best city in the world, but just one city. Character Personality: Rutherford is loud and incredibly short-tempered, often yelling or shouting to make his point and exploding into rage over the smallest mistakes or slights against him, real or imagined. But when he can keep his temperament cool he can be gracious, caring and understanding. But underneath his volatile personality is a prince that deeply cares for his fellow Yaks and kingdom and wishes to see it grow in power and surpass the stangented unchanging place it use to be. Character Summary: Rutherford is the Prince of Yakyakistan and Yak Kingdom, while stuck firmly in the Yak way he has allowed for many deals with the ponies of Equestria and forged a friendship with the pink pony. While rocky at times he feels Yaks and Ponies can work together for the betterment of all yak kind, he wishes to keep the friendship strong as he looks to the years ahead with pride and hopes to keep growing his kingdom. Yaks were no longer just a dot on the map, no, he wanted them to be a real power and knew he must someday expand his borders as well. As such he must be willing to travel more and do more… Diplomacy.