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  1. “[That is troubling, but I have many years to seek out another in time.]” Niilavin says looking at the growing traffic he was making. It did not bug him, let them stand. If he wanted he can take a nap here and the dregs can just deal with it! Such low things, it was shameful how his master acted around them. Yet it did keep the masses in line and happy too do as told. It was shameful how well this system was working it seems.“[Master it seems the unwashed masses wish to not stare at my nice hunches all day. Shall we… move?” He asked flicking an ear and stretching out his big wings, fully out he can touch the buildings lining the road before he pulled them back in agent his sides.
  2. The push to keep the pressure up was not unexpected, in fact it was how she liked to handle herself. Overwhelm them with raw force and unrelenting pressure to make them slip up. So long as the pressure is steady it keeps one in a endless chain of drafting and pulling back out of fear. She did not allow such fear to grip her and pushed back against the mutt. The hook was to much like the last one, repeating a faint, so she did not move to block it by pushed in to it with a left hook of her own in to the mutts chest well eating his own jab in to her own chest. A blow for a blow as both push hard to make the back off. Swallowing the pain as the wind was pushed from her lungs Lightning followed up her hook by pushing in closer and going for an antler headbutt.
  3. “All citizens please clear the area and find cover. There is an 95.23 percent chance of collateral damage and or death to non-combatants! All citizens are to remain calm! Unexpected behavior may cause unnecessary defensive action to be taken, resulting in damage or death of citizen non-combatants!” Lightning added as she moved in to a full speed run at her targets, she hated forced scripted speech. It felt weird to have words forced out of one's muzzle without your own input on it. But she had more pressing matters to deal with. Leaping in to the air with blinding speed she dodges in the incoming discs, aimes here for legs and opens fire in one clam calculated move as her combat poragarms documented what the combatants did, moved and acted to help her better pre-act there moves. The longer she was engaged the better her AI can judge what they will do and pre-run ways to counteract them. It was about time this world learns not to mess with a first class Enforcer. “For the Hurricane Conglomerate! Long live the CEOs!” She shouted as more combat drugs flood her body and line after line of text, maps and combat date flash before her eyes.
  4. Niilavin flinches from the bap between his ears. His claws dig in to the road but soon pull back as he relented. “[My actions are justified… But Fine, I will stand… them being here. But I will not tolerate such dregs within are home Master.]” He says looking away from the mutts, he’d not dignify them with his look. “[I can’t help but pick up on the fact I seem to be rare… Its making me worry master. I can’t be the last can I?]” He asked with a hint of worry as he did fear this. It seems absurd that he’d be the last one but yet… its been a vary long time.
  5. The cow flicks an ear as the sword slammed into a wall behind her, eyes not moving from her target as that faint smile holds. She leans her head side to side as the dog talks, than makes a bored snorting sound and waves at him to move it along. Everyone has to talk in combat… With him done she readies herself. Watching him rush her she easily picked up on him going for a haymaker. To easy, its as if he was slinging all of his body. He’d know better than to do that, she’d easy nail him in chest and parry the blow. So she leaps back and went on the defenses, well she will land no hits it allowed her time to react to the faint and back out from the follow up blow. He’d be ready for her follow up so did not, instead she stayed on the defense to study him more. She did enjoy that he switched too hoof… well, paw combat? It earned some respect from her.
  6. “[Why do you think I am impressed at what you have done master? I did not say you must be like my old one. You played the game smarter and so did the twin queens. There are no equals but you made them believe it so.]” Niilavin says back. “[Something I am taking to heart, if I ever gain freedom I use this system… it seems to work well. The twin queens, if they are old as you told me, lasted so long using it.]” He flicked his ears, looking at the mutt talking more and waving some book at him… what was that even and how dare this dog wave it in his face? With a rather agitated hiss he raised a paw up smacked the book out of the dogs hand well he was distracted. “[Why do you allow such mutts to speak to me master!? Or allow one being a skin changer! Hostile or not, I will not let such vermen speak to me and flint papers under my nose.]” his words had a angry cat like hiss to them, cleary getting upset by growing bravery of the onlookers. Looking up at the roofs he spots the other dog… wonderfull. “[There are more of them? Uhg. Master, i deeply dislike how you will not allow me to hurt such things. But it is your will…]” He rolls his eyes but looked more at the odd dog… hold on… “[A world away and one of them is here? The mutt is from my land! Master, do tell him to go back, no need to follow my kin even more! Can us cats not have a land to are self?]” The big cat ruffeld it's wings and looks away, it's anger going way in to just sounding upset, allmost like a young colt not geting his way. "[And I will get much biger master, in time. I am young, but in time my power will grow and so will my size. One day I will be big as a pirde king... then I hope to be free.]"
  7. The cow snorted at the block but did not even try to move away from his follow up. Taking it on her chest plate she leans to the side, forcing it to glance left where she meets it with a raised leg. In one fast movement she traps it between her leg and chest, locking it down for just a moment as she reared up and delivered a hoof to the dogs frowning muzzle well pulling the blade closer to force him to let go or take a hit on the face for the price of pulling his blade free. For her part, she was smiling now.
  8. “[You call them equals yet we come first. They are not peasants yet they pay cash onto us for the honor of living in are land and to work. Workers. Even in the grand city we saw at the coastline… with buildings so tall. They lived in small homes. The powerful lived in the grand, the equals below them in small homes. Packed like fish in a net. Smaller towns looked not so different from my time. More colors, different buildings… but so similar. And here. The heart of it all… sitting above them all in keep of white and gold, towering over the land so small below sits the leaders. I see nothing equal but the belief they all are equals. And for that I have nothing to give but my utter respect.]” Niilavin speaks in a calm but powerful way, his words flowing one in to the other with wisdom. It is hard to know if he really was or if it was just the power of his race to sound like they knew best to play with the minds of others. Sniffing the air some more he gazed back down at the dog speaking to his master… magic was in the air. Leaning down he looked at the dog more close. “[Master, we have skin changers in are shadow. I recommend slaying one rat before it is five. They bring nothing but troubles and steal from my… Are land. Food. goods. Servents. Nothing more than a rat stealing grain but let to many live and you will have no grain to eat.]”
  9. The cow took the jab in stride, using the force of it to turn herself about to face him head on without one yelp of pain or discomfort. She’s felt far worse. She rolls her shoulders and gives him a small grin. He may not be worthless after all. But that a easy blow to handel, she’d been disappointed if he failed to handle to. But with no time to wast she dug her hoof in to dirt and mud and kicks it up at the dog but did not follow in to head on. even a blind foal and swing a sword about in front of him. So she rushed to his side and swings a hoof low at his legs. Cheap, dirty moves but she honestly did not care. She never was one to play fair.
  10. The cows ears flicked, her head turning to look at the approaching mutt. Turning about to face him she steps down from the bull, delivering one last kick to his face stopping his sad whimpering. She leans her head to one side, than the other as she looked at the mutt. A soft short leaves her nose at his name. Hogo-sha? Dressed like a weeb. Talking about wishing to meet someone with ‘skill’ and how he’s been doing this for a long time… She felt like vomiting. At least he was not fat, smelly and going ‘m’lady’ at her. He may be a real sword master. Maybe. She hopes he was, she wanted something fun. Rolling her shoulder blades she gave him a utterly dead look. No feelings to it at all with uncaring eyes. She’s found such looks tend to offset others, making them uneasy seeing a face so uncaring and unfeeling. It was nerve racking to many and helped mask what she was doing. Stepping closer she taps a for leg against his wooden blade, letting the black plate clank on it before backing up and spacing her hooves out for battle. One hoof tap. Two. three. And she was on him, rushing to his left in a spinning dash, lining her rare up to deliver a two hoof buck at his hip. It was a risky move but she was hoping her speed will take him by surprise. If he was worth his salt he’d block it or move. If not… well, she’d not waste to much time on a useless game.
  11. “Crystal? For real?” Was all the mare had to say about the dark crystals ripping out of the land. Her magic arched in to them with a thundering boom as crystal shattered in a hailstorm of fragments that clanged against her plate. But she had no time to flinch, spotting land parting as the next crystal jutted out she grabbed her platemial in magic, thunderling power rolled over it and warped some of the plates as she tossed her self to the side, rolling back on her hooves she leaps up and unleashed a fresh blast, one much stronger than the last. The thunderclap it unleashed was ear ringing as it dug in to the wall guarding Sombra. With a hailstorm of fragments it exploded over the wall as bolts of magic leap about peace to peace until they lanced in to the land. It was beautiful in a way, black crystal flying as white hot bullets of magic shimmered and zigzagged in the air from a blast so powerful it can rip a airship in half. At the heart of the storm was Tempest, her face twisted with rage and pain as magic ripped over her body like the heart of a thunderstorm. Relaxing her magic she made note of her senses, she can’t let him nail her from a blind angle when she was to focused on attacking.
  12. Hooves stomping to the drummer's beat, horns blaring and crowds screaming as steels clashed. The arenas of Saarvagerg were busy as ever as a larger crowd gathered around one of the smaller public arenas. It was a open arena, no real guidelines given. Just a free for all brawl zone to sort out troubles. That was until one cow arrived. For the past two hours she carved a path around the arena taking on everything in it with utter disregard for how many rushed her and yet she came out on top using nothing more than her hooves. The cheering was reaching deafening levels as she bucked a bull so hard he shot over the arena wall. All around her the deaten, many out cold or rolling in pain on the muddy floor. The cow was shorter than most caribou yet her strength bested many bulls bigger than her. Her frame mached her strength with clear muscle mass underneath her hide and fur that was ashy white. She had a black mane done up in a mohawk with purple highlights. Her eyes were a crisp ice blue with a long jagged scar over her right eye that looked like lighting built. She was wearing black platemail covered her more vital organs but left the rest wide open to cut down on weight in a “all or nothing” take on self defense. Her weapons were nothing more than her four hooves reinforced with some black steel to be used in blocking blows. Standing on top of a whimpering bull twice her size the cow looks up at the onlookers, grinning ear to ear. She was not even panting yet. Yet she did not speak. Not one word left her muzzle in all of the combat. She waves a hoof at the onlookers, than aimed it at her self, dearing more to come down and take her on as they chanted the name given to her by onlookers. Silent Lightning, given thanks to her face scar and utter lack of speaking. But this was no cow. She was tempest. Thanks to the magic of Masquerade and his one of a kind disguises she looked complenty like a caribou even up close. The custom outfit cost so much she had to lone Bits from Ice just to pay for it! AND was going to need to do some… ‘work’ for Masquerade on top of it. But it was all worth it. The magic and skill in its making masked her flawlessly. She was for all it was worth a full blooded caribou when inside of it. But one thing it can’t mask was her accent and lack luster understanding of the caribou language. Well she had what she needed too get by and understand most things speaking it was another story. So to cover her flank she pretend to be mute and let her acts speak for her. ((This RP contants tempest in a magic disguse bult by Masquerade, as such she looks like a female caribou. If you don't know about Masquerade or his costumes read his app! it's vary usefull. The only thing that knows tempest is here or owns that costume is Ice her self.))
  13. Niilavin walked down the street with his head held up and ears pricked. He was much taller than everypony around him yet he was not even close too fully grown. By his races standards he was rather young but he held himself to much more demanding standards than to act like some kitten. He wasn't after all. Swaying his tail side to side he gazed down at the peasants before him, gasping in shock and awe. It made his pride swell even more as he did his best to hold his chest out and show off just how strong and powerful he was as his muscles move and fixed underneath his hide. He was nothing short of a show off, something his new master seemed to enjoy much to his own enjoyment. “[Look at them Master, they look on to us with such wonder! Fitting of such dregs is it not? We are as undeliverable and wonderful as the gods there self walking amongst theme.]” Niilavin says with a sharp grin, to all on-lookers his words were utter gibberish. An ancient language known only to the most learned scholars of history. Yet his master Blue understands every word of it clear and easily. Something that may be for the best given Niilavins attitude to just about everything that was not his master or himself. His superiority complex put the one Blue use too be known for too shame. But it made Blue all the better to be the one to help the cat learn how to live in this new age as his new master understands such complexes better than most. “[But given your power to change master… God is fiting in some ways.]” Niilavin added with rolling of his powerful shoulders. He’s yet to fully understand how his master changed… genders like he did. Blue did try to explain it but even with that it was hard for the cat to get his paws around the concept so easily. Something seemingly so fixed, appointed at birth to death, yet there it was. Changed and broken like a new outfit. In his eyes it only proved how peorfull his new master must be to so easily break something like that and wave it off as something so trivial. Sniffing the air the big cat tossed a gaze down at something most odd. A dog? All dressed up and walking about? How odd. More odd was his smell. Something magic was in the air about that dog, he just can’t put his paw on what. [“And now mutts dress up and speak. This age is already disappointing me.”]
  14. Lightning watched the head zip away just out of her reach, she clocked its speed and saved it before her front legs hit land, dirt blasted out from the impact and before her rare legs were down she pushed back up, wings beating as they took her back into the sky with a trail of dirt following her front legs as the gravity fields disengaged. She took note of the shadow like tendrils rushing for her and without fan fire locked on with her guns and opened fire to push them back as she switched targets fast as they were showing. Spinning and rolling about in the sky to get her guns where they needed to be. It was keeping her busy but nothing was getting close yet to get hold of the mare. But the sky had other plans. Flashing warnings blinked before her eyes as her sensors played out the fast changing weather pattern. A tornado. In a city? Mapping out the funnel LD dove down, swings closed to her sides as landed, gravity locks in her legs kicked on and a shield flicked in to life as she hunkers down against the ground as debris started to hit her shield like rain…. As the tornado died down she stands up and looks around, confused as to how or why that happened but uttery unmoved by it as the gravy locks switch off and her shield shuts down. What a waste of power that was, she’d need some down time to recharge it. Looking over at the parks lake she saw the mare from before standing there. Did she do that? She wanted to join? So be it. LD started to walk to the lake as her voice boomed. “Crime detected! Assault on Enforcer! Consulting corporate judicial… ERROR! Connection failure!” LD winced and takes a few steps back as her eyes shut, walls of text flying past her eyes as a hard reset kicked in too try again. “Consulting corporate judicial… ERROR! Connection fa-PRIORITY OVERRIDE! Offender sentenced to death! Immediate application of capital punishment!” She screamed out as tears fall down her cheeks. What was she crying about? She did not remember. With a flap of her wings the mare takers to the sky and takes aim at Hexxer and the new mare joining the battle.
  15. I will be gone from the 25th to the 29th! see y'all then!

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