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  1. Dusty

    [Age of Heroes] Come one and all! Heroes get equipped!

    The pinch on his flank did jump Bravo back to his senses with a yelp and glare of utter hatred aimed at Hexxer buy even that soon gave away to a soft smile as he huffed and shook his head at the ponies around him. “Say say it so simply, so matter of fact. But it is for you. This… this view is life. Fact. another day. I have never… EVER seen… this. A day like this. A clear blue sky, green hills and the outlines of cities that are not broken. It's like a postcard of old. My world has…” He starts laughing before he can finish what he was saying. “My world? That’s how this is now. This is an other one. By Lunas will…” He shakes his head and pulls himself up to his hooves and walked back to his powered armor and gently places his head on it with a soft chuckle as the tears keep coming from his eyes. “I need a moment. Sorry.” He mutters in a tone full of sorrow as he struggles to come to grips with what was before him. What is he in this world? What he has done? What he was part of? Was he a killer? A traitor? Was this Government the same one he battles for back home? Was Luna the leader of this brave land like in his time? Or were both sisters in power? What can he say to the other? How she ran and did nothing as her land went to war? How does he tell Luna she became queen of a land and master of the worlds largest army? So many things flooded his mind one after another. What of the foals he sired? What of his friends? Famly? Can he go back? All of this was to much and so… He screams in anger with all the air his lungs had before they run out. Panting for air he slammed his head against his armor over and over as yelled more between painted breaths in a hail storm of cuss words so horrible even a sailor will have covered their ears. Done with his outburst he falls down on his side and just lays there. The arrogant, rude and self-assured solder was no more. In its place was a pony crying like a foal for milk as the gravity of everything fell on him. Pulling his wings up to cover his head he lays there, hiding beneath his wings blocking out the world around him as did his best to vent and clam down before he vomited.
  2. Dusty

    [Age of Heroes] Gate Kicker [open!]

    Lightning had a small smirk pull to her lips as she watched Hexxer. “ID: Hexxer, noted. Other cyborg's? So this world is not as back water as it seams maybe.” She says back in a tone just as cocky as the other mares smille… Even with the odd data and wornings flairing up, she will work out why they are going one after she kills this 'hero' -New directive: neutralisation of all hostiles, Lethal force may be used without warning. -Combat engaged: weapons online, stimulates online- -Threat level: red- Lightning felt the drugs pumped in to what organic parts of her brain were left, it was a feeling she never got use to or the rush it gave her. Positive feedback or something for doing her job and makes her forget what she was doing. She hated it but loved it, it made gult so easy to forget. All she done for the CEO’s… She shakes her head, clearing where that was going. Bad places. Time seems to slow for her with all her parts kick in to full combat speed as words are forced from her muzzle. "Alert! Non combatants are advised to leave the area! Law enforcement in progress! Lethal force may be used without warning, do not interfere with security protocols!” With that shouted she leaped in to movement at alarming speed. Faster than any non-augmented can move she took to the air with such force it ripped up the grass underneath her as both her front legs take aim, targeting software calculating gravity, airspeed, her movement, targets movements and twenty-seven other factors and over one hundred possible vectors the target may move to get out of her line of fire in the blink of an eye. The first magical plasma left the snubbed barrel of her leg mounted SMGS 1.3 seconds of her finishing her alert speech. One second after the first shot was out 200 rounds were out as both her leg munted SMG unleash a hailstorm of magical plasma bolts. Well each bolt was hardly the size of a marble there unrelenting rate of fire made up for lack of single shot firepower.
  3. Dusty

    An Apple Layover (Open: Ask to join)

    Tempest was taken off guard by the fact Big mac milked a bull. How does one do that!? How do you not… She stopped herself, it was not worth following that path. Nope. “I am going do us all a good and not ask how you bucked up that bad big guy.” She says shaking her head and looking at the chart full of wiggling pigs. She was not shocked they were beating her at this, it was there job after all. But she was not beaten yet! Leaping back into the mud she got running after the next pig, it honestly did feel good. She liked hard work and part of her did hold on to the ideals of maybe doing a farm or ranch some day. Not yet, but later in life… maybe she can do it when she was done making a mess of her life. As she jumped a pig and tied him up like a earth pony, she looked over her shoulder at the two farm ponies. “You know, for all it is worth.” She says well slinging the pig up on her back without fuss. “I may have to make a note of stopping by here at least one time a year and do… this. Work. hard work. It's honestly relaxing, buzare as they may be to some this is allmost like therapy."
  4. Calder leans his head to one side as he watched the wedding happen, he did not take a seat but he did back off to the side to watch. Why did they all sit? They need to be standing for such a event! Heck, the lack of screaming, cheering and somebull tossing a slav- oh ya, no slaves. It just must be how they do things on the maneland. So he stays silent as the two exchanged words and honers. ‘A million times yes.’ from Sigrun followed by an ‘Absolutely yes!’ from Halvard. Was it done? Calder wiggled gently as his ears wiggle and his hooves gently stomp on the floor. When can he yell? Did they not do that? Why did he not ask? Did they have to get word from the blasted queen of the land? And why WAS she even part of this? Hal had some ties to her and the king or something Cal knew that but have her come and do this? Well, it was not his palace to ask some things. He was just some clanless sea bull on the maneland. The best thing to do was to keep his blasted muzzle shut and just follow what his da- teacher! Teacher and friend did.
  5. Dusty

    World of Equestria: The Age of Heroes!

    if you want to join go for it!
  6. Dusty

    [Age of Heroes] Gate Kicker [open!]

    “How nice.” Lightning Dust mutters to herself as she did a long spinning loop in the air to turn herself around. Her ears picked up the yell easily, in truth even if it was half as powerful she’d have heard it. She can only hope it was a ‘hero’ but whatever it was, it called her out and most believe itself as some form of city defence force. Therefore it was worth looking at for its risk to her the directive. Closing in at the park at speed she scanned the park at a level no normel pony can hope to mach or as detailed. Every last pony was documented, movement paths plotted and the Terrain mapped out for all possible hiding spots, ambush vectors, cover from snipers, possible sniper team firing zones, best cover from gunships, heavy weapons and small arms fire. All of this was done in the time it took her to land with a thundering amount of force. As the dust settles down Lightning Dust was standing in the path of the most… odd contact she spotted in the park. The mare seemed to be headless and her missing head freely floating about. It didn't seem to be a hologram. A most perplexing thing in truth but her looks did somewhat match that of Shadow Crop and its Enforcers. She must be a ‘hero’ to be this unknown of a risk. This must be fixed and her risk to the directive kown. “I am Enforcer LDEL6370, stand down or risk life, health or possible job loss. By law code A2-77-GH you must follow all Enforcer orders and commands as ordained by the Cloudsdale Industrial Conglomerate CEO’s.” Her words were cold, almost automated in tone as her liability safety speech was verbally forced from her lips. With that done she flicked an ear as she looked at the mare. “Compliance in helping me can guarantee a class two living apartment. One class one food ration ticket per a week and five class two food ration tickets per a week. Only within CIC city space and so long as you keep your workers score above 70% as per the laws in B9-12-C and B9-13-C.” With added with a smirk. “But honestly, I hope you want too do this the hard way. Less paper work that way and I honestly what to see what you are…”
  7. Dusty

    World of Equestria: The Age of Heroes!

    go for it pretz! Well, then she knows what a bad thing it can be if LD gets a doorway open to her home world. No pony good or evil wins from that.
  8. Dusty

    World of Equestria: The Age of Heroes!

    Yes, just know that Lightning Dust is hardly on thare sdie as well. The only side she plays is her CEO's. At lest for now.
  9. Dusty

    World of Equestria: The Age of Heroes!

    Hay guys, i am reboting an old rp of mine that droped dead. Give it a look! New heros wellcome, but I can say haveing at lest one or two more powrefell vetern heros will be usefull. Lightning Dust is no push over and can trash a new hero that does not know what they are geting in to.
  10. (featuring: Lightning Dust! In her first outing in the hero AU. Read her back story for info on where she is from and why!) -OS rebooted- -All systems online- -Enforcer states: Online- -Implants states: Online- -ERROR: failed to content to ECCM- -ERROR: failed to content to CCNW- -Offline mood engaged, follow standing directive- -Directive: content to ECCM, CCNW. Irrelevant to primary directive given.- -New directive: deploy the anchor at break. Unknown ware break is- -New directive: locate break, gather info to narrow search window.- Lightning Dust winched in pain for a moment as her eyes opened, the walls of text fading away from her field of view. She… Was crying? Was she? She was upset about something. Irrelevant. Looking around she started documenting the world around her. Green… Trees… blue sky. It was fit for life, just like she was told. Her home use to look like this in days long ago, forests use to be commonplace books say. She wondered why someone will care so much as to plant so many trees and water them. Seemed like a lot of work when you can just scrub the air faster and better than they can. Looking to the city before her she documented it as a small one, crude and on the dirt like old times. No flying transports or cargo ships can be seen, little to no industrial output can be seen. Waste of space and workers but a fine starting point for her work, leaving the smoking crater in the ground she takes to the skies. Up closer look the city was worthless. She was no city development team but the layout was bad, wasted space, useless buildings, useless intermixing of districts as ponies walked about wasting time. Ware are the overlords to keep the workers working? This world was going to be easy to take over and improve. But for now she must find more info about this world. Where to start? Scanning the streets below she spotted a pony in blue, he was enforcing some laws on some of the workers it seems. This world's Enforcers? Only one way to know. She dives down, slamming into the sidewalk it shatters under her legs as dust and concrete is kicked up. The cop did not even get time to understand what happened as she grabbed his head in her claws, forcing his muzzle shut as he flailed and did all he can to remove himself but it was too late, she already had him gravity locked to her claws. She looked over at the earth pony he was giving a ticket too. “I am Enforcer LDEL6370, I demanded to know where the ECO of this city is found.” She asked in a cold almost robotic tone as the cop let out muffled screams as dozens of small black tendrils forced their way inside his nose as as they emerged from around the base of her leg. “Unless you wish to have me remove what I want by force, it’s painful.” She added with without a hint of remorse as the cop flailed and shivered as if he was having a seizure as she started digging around his brain for useful info. He’d live, but he’d not be himself for weeks… Heroes? A wave of news, stories and everything this cop knew about them flooded in to her. This… This was fascinating. Far more than whatever the whimpering earth pony the cop was given a ticket to was saying to her. From what this cop knew they may be a danger to her and her the directive… -New directive: locate a “hero” and study for risk to directive- So she must. Dropping the cop in a heap she looked around the city and the onlookers as her wings opened up. “Thank you Officer Hot Coffee, you will be recommended for Enforcer training.” She says to the twitching and whimpering wreck of a cop as she took to the skies. She must find a hero and Skull Jack them, the risk they may give to her directive was far to great for her too not learn about them. Now… Where to find one.
  11. -NOTE: I am rebooting this. it will be in two hrs.
  12. Dusty

    Sphinxmaster (Pretzel, Dusty)

    Nilaavin leans his head to one side as Basira speaks to him, than chuckles softly. “I can not get over how you speak my tongue, its most charming in how… crude it is. Like a young foal. But I can tell you such things, master wills it as such.” He says standing up he as looks over the sands, than to the large building complex behind them. “The ruler of this, my old master. He was powerful in the artist use of magic, as shown by the… gift my new master is wearing on her neck. But his strong as he was, it was skill in one thing. No thing alive had the power to hold up to his magic, no matter what he may force it to his wishes. But his power was that, it was not for masses or hordes. In time his slaves took arms, a few dozen guards of power that were spellbound to him were northing to the swarm that ruined his home. Even I was overwhelmed as I crushed them like beetles.” Nilaavin looks down at a paw, wiggling it as his claws slide out like scimitars. “A battle to be seen master. But I am young and do not have the size or power to send so many worthless slaves running. His fate is what you saw. In one last hopeless move he cast himself to stone and myself in the hope to outlast them. It seems they found him. Now… About me? How many? Hard to say but I can say I know of seven brothers and sisters, I was the youngest. Than my mother as well. I do not know the male that sired me but I believe it Na’dava from the deep sands of the south-west. Saw him one time, my fur looked much like his. So that makes… nine. There were more than us, but they were the only ones I knew by name.” Opening his wings to the sun he basked in its glow as he thinked about the next part of his list. “Citys… That exist? I know not what may stand or may not. But I can only hope Ubar yet lives, it's streets laid with stone of gold guarded with my kin in the sands so deep. Or Saddlelon? How old it must be now? I dare not think of that or the dark things held deep in its heart. What of Dhofar? Does it yet stand? Its walls made of bronze glittering like gold before the sun and her armies so vast. I know not what stands, nore what time has done. For me it was been a nap, for you? Countless years? I do not know.” With that he looks down at at them both. “Tell me, how long the year, how countless the days did I sleep in stone? To help gude the passing of time, how long ago did Uah-abra, pharaoh of all pass? His death was… a few short years before my long rest. Hardly a remarkable pharaoh if you ask me, but his death makes a fine time stamp for in what age can the kings of sand be lost forever?”
  13. it's my B-day!

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      Happy (late) birthday!

  14. Dusty

    [Age of Heroes] Come one and all! Heroes get equipped!

    Bravo was pretty taken back watching the mare just… go away like that. Rude, but pretty cool and she did invite him over to a friend it seems. So with a snort he keeps on walking away until Machina rushed over to shove him to some staircase. Outside? Free food? Screams trap, but it seemed honest and upfront far as Bravo can tell. “Fine. But I am not leaving my gear or getting out, you don’t seem to grasp I am not going to let you play with this. They’d kill me if I let a mud walker poke about in are gear.” He says heading to the steps and following them up, shooting some looks over at Shifter and Hexxer. Well they can’t see his face or eyes, both can tell he was giving them some very judging looks of disgust. But the cold air he gave off passed soon as he was outside. Bravo locked up, staring out the door as every pony passed him. Without uttering a word he slowly creeps outside, his hoof steps gentle and worried as he looked up at the clear blue sky… After looking at it, uncaring to what others around him did he removed his helmet and let his mane drop free as his blue eyes stare into the blue sky, the sun kissing his purple fur. He sniffed the air as if he walked into some restaurant as he drops his helmet and walked to some grass. Leaning down he gently rubs his nose on it. “Real…” He mutters in a whisper. “This. This is real.” The words sounded as if he can’t believe it himself. Looking away from the grass he stared out at the horzen and the cities and towns he can see along hills of green. “How.” He asked too no pony as tears start to swell up underneath his eyes. With a hiss and pop, the back spine of his powered armor splits apart. Like a crab shedding its shell he pulled himself out, most of his body still hidden beneath a jumpsuit that griped to his skin like a layer of skin. Free of his armor he worked to undo the jumpsuit, pulling it off to free his fur underneath and tossing it over his gear. With that he dropped on the grass and just layed on it as he looked up at the sky. Just staring at nothing in the blue as the tears flowed down his cheeks and on to the grass below. “I’m dead… I have to be.” He whispers pushing his face in to the grass. “It's to beautiful.”
  15. Calder was relieved to see Twilight was happy with what he did and went away, sweet as Twilight was he was much more happy having her doing her own thing and away from him. Waving for more mead in his mug he looks at the growing masses, a mare was drinking at the bar butt... she looked scary. He knew the look of a solder, she had it. Maybe later he will talk to her. Moving out from the bar he made note of Lími and Balder, but it was hearing the name Lími spoken that made a spark go off in his head. That was Sigrun's son! Well, seeing as he’s getting more and more tied up in to this family he may as well greet this Lími! And Balder, seeing as the two were talking. Making his way to them both he let them have there greeting, not wishing to be rude before he put himself into the mix. “Hæ! Gott að hitta þig bæði.” He says greeting them happily, his speech was understandable to fellow caribou however it did have an accent and way of speaking not commonly heard to do how archaic it was. “[I know of you Lími, son of Sigrun. I am Calder, Apprentice too Halvard of Clan Breen.]” He says looking at the two bulls, both of which were taller than the runt of a bou. “[And you, Balder? Heard the name in passing but I know no more than that. Nice to meet you as well. I like the bow!]”