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  1. Lost by one, found by another (Private, Dusty)

    Calder did like the sound of it. Relaxing in the hot springs? How can one say no too that? And he did feel like he… was looking out of place. He needed to change his looks. Clean up his self so he can better fit in with this new job he was sliding himself in to it. The best way to stay alive is to fit in, something you learn real fast after a few beatings for being to different. “Well that sounds lovely. Whenever we can do that I’d like too.” He says with a smile. “And I must repeat myself in being thankful for all you are doing. I can not understand why you’d helped a crippled outcast like me so forgive me for repeating myself so often. It’s just… a lot to take in. A week ago I was on a ship eating old bread, now i am working for you and selling goods… it’s a lot to take in.” He shakes his head and looks around the city. It was a beautiful place, truly.
  2. A Changeling in Heart? (Sign ups and OOC)

    Well i know one mare that can so use a free vacation. Gods help the first Changeling to look at her broken horn to long.
  3. Lost by one, found by another (Private, Dusty)

    “Well, so much for that.” Calder says as he moved to help unload the goods from Halvard. He was not that upset about it. As interesting as it may have been it may be better this way and gave him more time get the feel of the city before he ends up making a full of himself. “Public bathhouses? What is that? I’m not joking, I honestly have never heard of them befor. Is it like… A river or lake inside? That sounds weird. How’d they do that? Did they move a lake inside bucket by bucket?” He asked wondering how one goes about such a thing, it seems rather silly. It’s not like his ex-clan were strangers to baths, being around so much salt water made cleaning one's fur extremely important but to have a building for it? The more he thinks about it more odd it just was. There must be more to it than he was thinking.
  4. An Apple Layover (Open: Ask to join)

    Tempest munched on the apple as she awaited AJ’s answer and to her relief, it was good. She we allowed to stay and work it seems, at least for now. Done with her apple she slings it over her shoulder and gets up to follow AJ as she explains the big red pony was in fact her brother. She looked back at him as the big hunk of stallion starts to walk along with them, she hated to say it but AJ had one… Handsome brother. Ponies taller than her were very rare and one that looked like he is stronger as well? Well that never happened. But there he was, doing both. She’d have to see just how strong he was later. “So, Big Mac? Well you are big. Maybe we can do some sparring later?” She asked with a smirk as she looked up at the large male before pulling her gaze back to AJ, speeding up her trot to stay alongside the farming mare. “And thank you for allowing me to stay. I know it can’t be easy to take me in on such a short call out of the blue… Most of all considering what I did not even a week ago.” She looked around the farmland as they walked to wherever AJ was leading them. It was a nice spot of the land they had, close to town but just removed enough to give the same open feel as liveing out nowhere. She found it relaxing and maybe something to think about later in life. Someday she is going to have to settle down and maybe a small farm was what she needed? Hard work to vent on with some peace and calm air as needed? Maybe. But now was not the time to think about such a change in life as she had many more paths to look down first. Looking back to AJ something was itching at the back of Tempests mind as if she overlooked something. ‘post-pregnancy energy blues’. It rolled around in her mind for a moment as her brain seemed confused as to what was spoken. Than it clicked as Tempest stopped walking, froze in a stride. “She… Is a mother.” She spoke in a soft whisper aimed at only herself as she slowly blinked. She truly did not know how to even respond to this development and started moving again as her eyes moved to the grass and dirt they walked over. This news was more troubling than it needed to be. Maybe it was the fear of hurting a foal? A mother? Something about that made her uneasy and pulled her back to her foal years. Her family, her friends. How horrible it all ended and how it made her… HER. No foal deserves that fate. But for AJ to be so welcoming means no ill must have happened to the young one but Tempest was sure AJ must be worried. Tempest was dangerous, just a few days ago she was hunting them down and tookover canterlot. Now she is on the same farm as AJ's family and foal. “If you wish I am fine sleeping in the barn or a shed. All i need is somewhere dry. I do not wish to intrude on your home. It must be plenty full already with the young one and family about.” She offered, hoping it help make things more easy on AJ. As much as Tempest missed her bed on board her airship she spent more of life sleeping on dirt so the change back to sleeping on whatever looked soft was hardly difficult. So if AJ needed that space Tempest can give it. So long as she got to sleep and work to buy what she needed to make it to the next town she was fine with whatever AJ gave her.
  5. An Apple Layover (Open: Ask to join)

    Tempest was relieved to see Applejack pulling up in top view, that confirmed this was her farm, but judging from the cart full of apples AJ was pulling along she showed up when AJ was working. At least the farm pony did not seem bothered about this interruption of work. “Hello Applejack, sorry to show up with you working.” She says back as AJ tossed an apple her way. For most unicorns all they’d have to do is think about grabbing it with magic, than bam, eat the floating appel. Tempest never had it that easy. With a leap into the air she grabs the apple in her muzzle with a backflip then lands on her hooves. With a wet crunch she takes a bite, sitting down to hold the apple between her front hooves. “Thank you, was getting rather hungry… I hate to do this but I came here wanting to ask a favor. May I crash here for a day or two? I can stay out of the way, heck I can sleep outside even. But if you will allow it i’d like to work as well. Just for the stay and make a few bits to help me on road. Need to buy food and water after all.” As she explained herself, she saw a rather large male make his way over from the apple trees… Tempest was a tall pony and few are close to standing eye to eye with her but that hunk of pony? Well he may even be taller than her and was built like a bull!. "hello. You work here?” She asked him as she spoted the apples on his flank. “Are you related? If AJ has not told you, names Tempest… Just call me that.” She says looking the stallion up and down before pulling her gaze back to Applejack to avoid staring too long at what very well may be the mares brother.
  6. Lost by one, found by another (Private, Dusty)

    Calder looked around at the hotel, it was… lavish. Even just standing outside he can’t help but feel out of place as he eyed up some of the ponies around it. He did not need to ask to see a lot of rich ponies and a three legged Bull with fishing hooks in his ear really stands out around such fine clothing and manes… Not that he is ever removing the hooks, it was one of a few things in his life he was very happy to show off and talk about. But the dress on some of the mars! Heavens, he’d kill to look so beautiful! Looking back at Halvard he watched the older bull talk to the door pony and send him off to ask if they may meet the mares dad. “I hope so… But I do feel so out of place here.” He says with a flick of an ear as he sits down to let this one back leg rest. He was getting better sitting up and down with just one rear leg to work with. “But at least I have you around to class me up some with that blue fur. Looks better than my shaggy fur.” He added with a soft chuckle.
  7. Holy cow, MLP FIM is seven years old! Seven! I can't belive it's been so long, man I remember when ep-5 was new. How time flys and how I loved all of it. So heres to more of it and to more good times, friendship and more! 

    1. tacobob


      Wow. And to think, if my TV wasn't in the shop and I didn't have to watch my shows via streaming one day on my computer, I would have never watched FIM. I kept wondering why FIM kept popping up on the streaming sites. That was some dumb show made to sell cheap toys! Why would I want to watch that? Why was it EVERYWHERE. So I watched an episode and then another and then another......

  8. Lost by one, found by another (Private, Dusty)

    Calder was not to happy to jump along for this, but Halvard has his points. So with a nod he voices his agreement to go along with it. “Fine, but if blades get pulled I am jumping for the window. I am not about to lose another leg, losing one is more than i’d never want to lose already. But if he is good it may be fun to talk to him… I hope. Given how she acted I don’t think we’d enjoy hearing what past fun they had with are brothers and sisters.” He says checking that all the statuettes were safely tied on Halvard. “I got this itching feeling it’s going to be… nasty. Seeing how pointed the talk about the farm was. For all we know that is just the small tip of a very big block of ice under some dark water.” Done giving the look over he takes point on leaving the store and takes a look around. “Well, lead the way Sir, heres hoping this will be a nice outing and all my worrying is pointless.”
  9. Roads, Tempest has seen plenty of them in her life and walked far too many alone in her youth. Yet here she was walking a road she took many years ago to a town she last saw as a runaway in passing. She did not remember ponyville with much clarity do to how long it has been and her age at the time but what few things she did remember were hardly the same. The town has changed a lot in that time… Some more tall and ugly than others but Twilight's dreadful taste in homes was not her place to judge… But if she lived here she may have to plant a tree or two to cover that eyesore up. But regardless of that atrocity she needed to rest. Maybe not in the form of laying around but more mentally. Being alone left her… Alone with her thoughts and after a few days of that she concluded that was NOT a good idea for her at the moment with the turmoil raging inside of her. How will others feel if they knew the truth? Yes in many ways she was lied to and lead astray… But in other ways she did much of it willingly and even enjoyed it. Reflecting on this was troubling as her time alone gave her plenty of time to dig deep into herself and what she was learning was only making it more… unpleasant. She enjoyed, no, she loved the power she had. With a sigh she pushed her dark thoughts away as best she can and looked to the town she was passing… around. She did not feel ready to just walk in to it, it was far too close to Canterlot. They all must have known what she did and will ask to many things she does not wish to be asked about yet as deep down she did not know how to answer them. Guiding her eyes to the countryside she saw the clear layout of a farm. She remembered that farm, she stole apples from it way back when… Apples… That one with the hat, Applejack was it? She said something about living in ponyville. Was this her farm? Maybe it can giver her the shelter she needed and offer some work as well. Farmers were ever in need of an extra pair of hooves after all and many were not tro shy to take on passing ponies for short bost to pony power. So maybe this Applejack will help. She was a friend of Twilights and seeing as Twilight insisted that she and her were friends… Well, friend of a friend helps a friend? That was how that saying worked… maybe. Whatever it may be She made her way to the farm with the midday sun glittering on the black steel of her armor and undersuit. She has… been hesitant to remove it. She can’t explain why but she felt very vulnerable for now and it supplied her some feeling of familiarity, comfort… Pride. Approaching the gate that marking the entryway to the farm she stopped and looked over the home and farmland before her… Forgotten memories glimmer before her like broken glass on the floor. Hiding, rain, stealing an apple to eat before pushing on. She flicked her ears and closed her eyes as remembered her life as a filly. So young and alone, what if she just… stayed here? Maybe they’d have adopted her? It was pointless to think about yet it lasted longer than she wanted it to. With a frustrated snort of anger she opens her eyes and walked past the gate and into the farm itself. “HELLO!? Eanypony around!?” She yelled out, hoping they were not busy and she was not being to bothersome.
  10. Lost by one, found by another (Private, Dusty)

    The tiger themed mare snorted at Havlard’s request as she turns away from them. “[Well i’d hope the hotel has the standards to not things like you run around in it, but that is not my job to tell you no. That belongs to them and my dad… But remarkable he is. So if you must bother him behave or we WILL see how fast your friend can run with a few more missing legs.]” She stomped a hoof and marched away as fast as she can without just running from two bulls as if she spent a moment longer around them she’d get a plague. Calder looked over at Havlard and frowns. “Well that was fun… I don’t want to lose more legs. What if she takes off my other back leg? I’d be worthless and only fit for wolf food than. Or what if it’s one of my front legs!? How can something even walk on two legs?” He asked as his muzzle scrunched up. “At least I can hope her dad is nice if you must talk to him. It sounded like he may be. But i’d much rather just drop it off and let it be. We don’t want to waste too much day do we?” He looked out at the market. “We can get more customers maybe? More nice ones.”
  11. Roleplay Type: World of Equestria Name: Tempest Shadow (birth name is Fizzlepop Berrytwist.) Sex: Female Age: Mare Species: Unicorn Eye colour: Blueish green Coat: Violet/purple Mane/Tail: Fuchsia, mane is in a longish mohawk, tail is mid-length. Physique: Tempest stands taller than Twilight Sparkle, but is shorter than Celestia. She is physically fit, strong and is more powerful than she may seem at first from looks alone. She has a scar over her right eye with her most dominant feature being her broken horn that left her with just a sharp jagged stump of a horn. Residence: Canterlot (formerly), spent much of her life as a wanderer before joining the Storm King's Army. With the defeat of the Storm King she has taken to wandering again in search of someplace where she can truly call home again. Occupation: Formerly the most trusted commander of the Storm King. Currently she has no occupation. Cutie Mark: two explosive blasts of magic mark her flank like fireworks similar to an upside down cherry. Unique Traits: The most obvious trait of Tempest is her broken horn. Yet she is powerfully gifted with magic and even with a broken stub of a horn she can unleash powerful, but unstable magic. But it does heavily restrict what she can do with her magic due to how unstable it is. Spells that need care and finesse are outside of her ability to control, regardless of the power she wields. As for strong as she is in magic, she can never do most of the spells unicorns take for granted. History: Fizzlepop Berrytwist was just another unicorn born on the outskirts of Canterlot to a modest family and home. She made friends, got along with others and was generally a happy filly. Her two best friends were the unicorns Spring Rain and Glitter Drops, fillyhood friends she played with and trusted. But her nice and ordinary life soon came to an end. When playing a game of ball with her best friends outside the more beaten paths around home they lost the ball in a cave. Too young to look at or care for the warnings marking it as unsafe, Spring Rain and Glitter Drops were too scared of the darkness and sent Fizzlepop alone to retrieve the ball. Brave, but young and naive she ventured deep into the cave in search of the ball and eventually came across it. But she was not alone as the ball had found its way into the den of an Ursa Minor. Enraged at the invasion of it’s home the Ursa Minor attacked the small filly. Fizzlepop had no hope against such a monster and was lucky to escape with her life at all. But the attack permanently scarred Fizzlepop, both mentally and physically. Her horn was broken beyond all hope of healing, she was lucky enough to keep her right eye on account of the expedient help she had gotten after the crisis. The effect this had on her life was far reaching and forever changed it in one horrific moment. The young of many races can often be heartless and evil without fully understanding how their remarks and actions hurt others. This was extremely true for Fizzlepop’s closest friends. Her scarred face and broken horn along with the loss of magic made her an outcast to other fillies and colts as the majority of them in and around Canterlot were unicorns. Lacking magic that worked like other fillies, and was often scary, unpredictable and dangerous, the fillies and colts around her pushed her away, shunning her for being as different as she was. Soon Fizzlepop was utterly alone, picked on or feared, even by her closest friends. Even the parents of other families grew spiteful and often took their foals away when she showed up at a playground to keep them safe. Angry, upset and not fully healed mentally or physically, the distressed filly did the one thing all parents fear, she ran away from home. Not even with a cutie mark on her flank, Fizzlepop packed what she could one night and left her home and family. It was hard, brutal and a testament to her power deep inside she survived. As the years moved on she saw many parts of Equestria, from the frozen lands of the north to the blistering heat of the western frontier. She saw more of Equestria than many ever dreamed of seeing and took on many a fake name and moniker as she ventured through the land. Along the way she developed and grew. A loner with no trust of others, she never stayed long to make friends or get to know others. They were all more or less, faces in a sea of many she has seen as she saw that Equestria was not all that one would be led to believe. She saw the flaunted wealth of the rich and the hopelessness of the poor. Acts of kindness alongside lawless crime. She learned the world was unforgiving, mean and often the only thing that can truly save you was yourself. It was during this time she trained herself to master her magic as best she could. Without teachers her magic was raw, wild and untamed, much like her it was forged alone and without help. During this training she gained her cutie mark, two explosive blasts of magic marked her flank like fireworks similar to an upside down cherry. A humorous mark, given her birth name of Fizzlepop and one she hated. She was a broken unicorn and her magic was a shadow of what it may have been. Fireworks are petty things, used to amuse foals and ‘wow’ the gullible masses and seeing a mark that looked similar to such a thing insulted her. She was not just some show to point at and mock, she dreamed of being so much more. Something she can only be with a fixed horn. It was not too long after this event she she stumbled on a crashed airship and within it’s broken remains she found a magic item known as the “Misfortune Malachite” and soon after she encounters the first troops and servants of the Storm King. choosing to keep the Misfortune Malachite for herself she evaded them for a time even with the Storm King’s best servants on her tail. This game of cat and mouse came to it’s end in the north when the Storm King himself finally managed to trap her after she nearly avoided him again. Her skill, tenacity and unflinching determination impressed him. In need of a servant of her skills and power he made her an offer to join his ranks. After a short exchanging of demands it was settled, she’d be given the rank of commander and lead his army to conquer more lands but most of all, conquer Equestria. In return he promised to heal her horn upon completing her part in taking over Equestria. Agreeing to join him she took on the name ‘Tempest Shadow’. Gifted with an airship all her own, an army and more she started working on her plan. No easy feat as she knew she had to win in one blow or the power of the alicorn princess and heroes of Equestria may best her if given time to form a coherent response to her invasion. During her planning she tested her new found power of command and took part in skirmishes with other lands and wars of conquest in search of the tools she needed. In time she slowly pieced together what she needed as she learned more about the princess and an upcoming holiday in honor of one named Twilight Sparkle. Seeing this as an excellent time to strike with all four in one place and all the tools she needed at the ready, she waited for the day to arrive. When the day arrived, so did Tempest, a changed mare from the filly that ran away from the city years ago she was clad in black steel with the respect and fear of her troops. Her weapons were ready, her plan was ready and the pieces of the puzzle unknowingly moved into place for her. The strike was fast, calculated and planned. The four alicorn princesses did just as she hoped and came up front as if they were going to defend the city alone. Something she knew they had the power to do as her airships and troops were nothing to the power of four alicorn princesses. But they were blind and walked into her trap, as if they wanted it to happen. In one fast blow three were defeated before they fully understood what they were facing. The plan was perfect and executed without fail… until the last alicorn. Saved by an onlooker and helped by some pesky friends, the last alicorn managed to get away. Understandably upset she intrusted her second in command to fix this as she lead her army in conquering the city and beating the royal guards that were flooding out to stop her. Like she predicted they were utterly worthless and few escaped the city that did have fast wings or happen to be a rich unicorn with a impressive bodyguard that beat her way out of the city with him along for the ride. But some rich prince with no real power was not worth wasting her soldiers on tracking down as she learned from her second in command that he failed her. Taking him with her she entrusted the city to her army and took a small force with her to follow after the last alicorn. Hot on the tail of the last alicorn she was never far behind, the alicorn and her friends only just barely slipped out of her clutches a few times. But with her deadline drawing near, Tempest pushed ever harder like a wolf on the hunt of injured prey, and with one well timed leap for the neck she trapped the last alicorn alone. Something she found all too funny as the alicorn of friendship was alone and with none now. Taking her back to Canterlot she had time to talk to this last alicorn and shared time speaking about why she had done what she has. Tempest found Twilight funny and blind to how the world truly works and dismissed her as nothing more than as foolish as the rest of ponykind. Canterlot was hers and all four alicorns were as well. Equestria was beaten even if the rest of it was not fully aware of it yet. The Storm King will have all the power he can hope for and will easy put the rest of Equestria to heel. Everything he wanted was presented before him like a fine dinner on golden plates and Tempest tasted her victory in the air. Her horn will be fixed, she had an army, power and more. Maybe he will entrust her with all of Equestria itself as he never was one for such things. He wanted the power, not the boring part of running a kingdom. Yet he did nothing to fix her horn, putting it off more and more as they celebrated. At first she let him enjoy his power, his victory she delivered to him. But soon she grew more desperate, begging him to fix it now. The years she spent wanting it fixed was here. She won, she won her horn and wanted it more than ever as her prize was hers to be had. Only for her victory to be shattered by his betraying of her one true wish. He no longer needed her. She was a tool, a pawn, a means to an end, used and now being tossed to the side. Shocked that he’d do this after all she has done, she was dumbfounded and just watched him summon up a powerful storm and tornado. The tornado's winds were too strong and she was pulled away and only just managed to get one hoof on the railing of the balcony overlooking the city. With her grip slipping Tempest watched her life flash before her eyes, this was going to be it. She was to be broken against some buildings or rocks inside the tornado or tossed out of the city and fall to her doom. Yet the one she hunted down, trapped and viewed as foolish rushed over to save her. Where the Storm King did not care one moment as she slipped closer to being pulled away in to winds it was last Alicorn, Twilight, that saved her and pulled her back to safety. This act of kindness stumped Tempest. Twilight had no reason to save her let alone offer help at all. In fact Twilight had plenty of reasons to hate her. Yet, Twilight saved her. This went against everything Tempest knew and believed in. This... selfless act to save somepony not worth saving permanently forced something to change inside of Tempest as she watched the battle go down between Twilight and the Storm King. While one battle raged another one was going on inside of Tempest as she struggled to find her place. Finally, when it was all over she watched Twilight and her friends all together… As friends. Together they beat her… They beat the Storm King and only when divided did she manage to even get Twilight. They were the winners here and it was all due to them working together As friends, not alone. But in that moment of victory the Storm King had not yet been beaten and had what he needed to pull a clutch comeback against Twilight in his hand. Tempest looked deep inside of herself and knew what she had to do. Rushing out, she jumped over Twilight and her friends all moved to defend Twilight from her, they were clueless of the real danger just behind them as she made contact with contained stone spell. It activated over her, the magic tuning her body to black stone as she crashed into the Storm King. The spell transferred over to him as well, turning both into black flint like stone as they fell. But once again it was Twilight that saved Tempests life. Catching the stoned Tempest mid air using the staff, she placed Tempest gently back down and using the tremendous power inside of it, reversed the stone spell freeing Tempest. The day that followed seemed like a blur to Tempest, not due to speed, but all that was happening inside of her head. Well Twilight offered friendship, an offer Tempest took. She was a conflicted mare no closer to her dream but forever changed in ways she hoped… maybe for the better. But Canterlot was not a place she can stay as she had done too much harm to it and worse, it was the home of her family. Something she dared not see face to face if they still lived there. So before the party was fully over she said her goodbyes and parted ways. Promising to send letters to Twilight about how she was doing and “friendship reports” for whatever reason. But with nothing left, no army, no rank, nothing, just like days of old she took to a road leaving Canterlot in search of a way to fix her horn or to discover her true calling in life and be happy. It’s as if she had been given a second chance and this time she hoped the outcome would be much better. Character Personality: The events following the end of the Storm King changed Tempests personality in many ways, but one can only ever change so much. Her horn remains something she is very obsessive over and even after all that happened, something she dreams of fixing. She is more open to the help of others now and ‘friendship’, but years of being so untrusting of others and alone has left her extremely socially awkward and slow to reach out to others or believe them. As such she can sometimes be difficult to talk to as she is just use to keeping her past and a lot about herself secret. But with the door open she is trying to open up to others more and try to reach out and make a friend or two. But she can be easily overwhelmed by socially gifted ponies that ask too many things too fast. As such she prefers more slow social interactions with her giving up details over the course of a longer timeframe. But for all the good changes, many dark holdovers stay deep inside of her. She misses her rank of commander and leading an army. she felt like she mattered and was respected and most of all she felt powerful. She had a place in the world and power over it, and with all of it gone, she was just a lone broken unicorn with nothing. As such she had a hard time shaking off the feeling of being powerless and defeated, years of work and she was in the same place she started years ago. Character Summary: Tempests was for a time, commander of the Storm King's armies. But with his fall she finds herself back where she started many years ago. Hoping to change for the better she is open to trying to make friends, as she knows even if twilight calls her one, she’d never fit in fully with the rest. So she has taken to the open road, searching for a way to fix her horn and maybe make some friends she can trust along the way.
  12. Lost by one, found by another (Private, Dusty)

    The mare nods. “[He’s in a hotel, family outing.]” she says giving both bulls a hard look before pulling out a piece of paper with the address and room number on it. “[Here, this will get you to it. You can just give it over to the hotel staff they can get it to his room. Is this all you need? As I’d love to be done with this.]” Calder moved up to help Halvard start packing them, not hard to pack something up to be safe. Plenty of padding and tieing it up not too move much. Easy. “Well that seems easy, I’d offer to deliver it but well… this is what, day two in the city? Bet you my first axe i’d get more lost than a calf in the woods.” He says chuckling as he smiled at the mare, even if she just frowns at him. “[Thank you for shopping here.]” She rolled her eyes and snorted. “[You can speak as well? And here I was thinking all you knew was barking and drunken yelling.]” “[Well I can bark like a dog and yell a lot when drunk, but some sadly can not understand me when drunk and acting like a dog. It’s truly a shame so I had to learn how to speak like a more civil drunk]” Calder says back chuckling, he was starting to feel more easy around this and wanted to speak up some. If she jsut wanted to insult them he can do it for her, something that seemed to work as she did not have a rude comback for that on the spot it seems. She just gave Calder the best glare she can and grumbles to her self
  13. Lost by one, found by another (Private, Dusty)

    The mare looked shocked from the offer and looked at the bull as if he was nuts. “[250 for ALL of them? When they go for 300 single? That’s almost bribry levels of discounts. I like it.]” She says with a dark chuckle as she drops the bag by the statuettes and opens it, pouring out the coin as she starts counting it out with some impressive speed. Calder let out a breath he did not know he was holding, at least she sounded like she liked that. Maybe the first positive thing so far if one can call it that… But he was just glad this was going to be done soon. He hopes when he takes a customer it will be nice and easy and nothung like this mare. Done counting it out the mare pushed the coins over to Halvard. “[Now to work out how to move them all and not break one…]” She says tapping her chin as she spoke, placing what was left of her coin bag on her side. “[Do you do deliveries? If not do you have some way move them all safely? I’m not about to go breaking them and have to come back and buy more even if you are good at kissing my flank.]” Calder perked his ears, that was a good thing too ask if they had something more easy to brake and some nice statuettes seem to be something that can break easily or at least chip. And seeing how much they cost that’s not something you wanted braking… and if she was going to move all of them as well he can understand it being a real hoof full.
  14. Lost by one, found by another (Private, Dusty)

    The mare for a moment looked as if Halvard insulted her very family with the glare she delivered from underneath her tiger mask but with few deep and slow breaths she relaxed. “[Yes, I bet you have plenty of personal experience with things just like that.]” She spoke in a tone of utter loathing as she replied to Halvard before she reached for a rather heavy sack of coins in a silk bag with gold embroidery of tigers. Really really has a thing for them it seems. “[How much is all of them?]” She asked watching Calder gathering them up. Calder took care as he started to retrieve them and gently lay then down by Halvard and the mare so she may look them over. He was honestly impressed she was doing this, the mare was not shy that she hated them. But it seems her dad was more open to the matter if he was forcing her to come out here and buy something for him. He felt lucky they haven't came to blows yet and starting the day by selling a full set is vary good. “Here you go Sir.” He says with a nod of his head, backing up so the older Bull can keep working his magic and get her out of here before one of them snaps.
  15. Sup

    well I hope you get some here, all in all this is one of the better ones i ever rp'd on so i hope this gives you want you want!