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  1. As much as Tempest wanted the moment to last forever it like all things must end. So with one last nuzzle in to glitters mane she got up to cook, only to see glitter spring up and take lead in the cooking. It was a shock and made her worry seeing the mare rush to move like this, but soon took it as a blessing. Glitter was clearly feeling much better and stronger. Maybe the moment they had together helped more than she knew. “I have some dates, very good travel food.” she offered to add in the meal, then looked out too the cave entrance. The storm did seem to be dying off. She trotted closer to the entrance and peaked out to see the clearing skies. She sniffs at the air a few times then walks back inside. “After we eat I will head out and try to work out where we are. I think I can get up the cliffside. Give me a good view to work off.” She explained as she sat down by the fire. “Then we make ready for the trip back to the city. We can’t be too far, at most half a day. But if we get lost… Well, I hate to be stuck in the open if another storm hits. Dying as some ice sculpture is not on my list of ways too go.” She says with a small smile and wink.
  2. “Easly.” Tempest says back, a cold bluntness in her words. “Like so many others. Turn around and leave me to suffer. You have every reason to do that and nothing to grain from this but pain.” she added before moving, pushing herself closer to Glitter as she embraced the mare in a wordless hug. After a few moments she pushed her nose against Glitters forehead, gently nuzzling the mare with it with deep breaths. She can’t explain why she did it. Just that in the moment it made so much pain fade away. A tiny glittering moment of something that may have been. Another world and place where she was happy, peaceful and had some pony that loved her. A world that can never happen now. Can it? How can something good ever come from this wasted life in this worthless world? It was the day dreaming of a filly. Yet she did not want to toss out such dreams. No matter how hopeless they may be it was a dream worth holding on to with all four legs. “I don’t want to leave.” She whimpers, finly admitting the truth. “I don’t want to run away again. I’m a broken mutt of a pony. A stay dog with no hope left but you seem… to have a thing for taking in such things.” She says still embracing the mare. Glitter was many things. And just maybe one of them can be a way to a better life. Just maybe. Burnt bridges can be replaced with new ones. Well the old may be forever lost, the path can be remade, maybe even better. Maybe she can do the same with Glitter. Her stomach fussed again, sounding like a starving wolf. “I think I need to make food.” She says learning her hug relaxe and freeing the mare from it. She did not want to let go yet. She was scared the moment will be gone if she did. Lost like tears falling in a river. For one beautiful moment she did not feel alone in this world and in it she felt a smile on her lips. She was happy. True happiness. Even if it was fleeting… that feeling was a rush of life she so deeply needed and with it, for the first time in years… she felt like she took one step out from the pit her soul was in.
  3. Tempest’s ears twitched as she looked down at the passing filly. Apple Bloom. She was a nice filly and well behaved. Mostly. She didn't mind her all too much whenever she was crashing at AJ’s place. “I’m here to learn.” She says to the filly before looking back at Shy. “I wish to have a pet. I have a need for companionship on my travels. One that can keep pace and is fine living outdoors much as I do. As such I wish to tame a Timberwolf, they have held a place in my heart for some time. Even as a filly. But I wish to take the utmost care of it. So I hope you’d know something about them to help me.” She explained in her deadpan tone. Her face blank and not betraying much in the way of how she felt.
  4. Tempest marched down the dirt road to the sound of clanking metal and her own humming as a song hung in her head. It was a song not fit for singing in such public places yet she can’t help but hum along to the beat in her head. It was good for long walks and benefited her good mood. Things have on a full, been well as of late. She may even go so far as too call things ‘good’. She just can’t shake such feelings as of late. And acting on this… upward feelings she was going to talk to a mare that in most ways she found unbearable yet fluttershy was vastly better in every way to some others… Say the pink one. Be it the one with wings and a horn or nether. Both were utterly dreadful and made Fluttershy seem like a glittering beacon of enjoyment. And maybe that can be more true today. For some time she has debated about owning a pet and after much thinking felt that she’d be better off with one. She needed companionship. Stopping at the gates she eyed tham. Open now. About time. She’s cheeked four times already. Did this place really just open midday? Fluttershy it seems was no moreing mare. But it was open and that is all that matters. Walking past the open gates she looked for the yellow mare. Looking down she saw fresh tracks and just followed them until she found the mare and called out. Softly. “Fluttershy.” She says in a flat soft voice, hoping it will not spook the mare. Last thing she needed was to get her down from some tree.
  5. “Six drinks! Let slip the dogs of war!” Soon as they walked in it was show, pony, giffin and more all drinking side by side as one unicorn mare stood on a table with a dozen mugs floating about her as she drank and sang. “I’m gonna start a buckin' riot til I’m tossed out the front door! Eight drinks! Maybe I’ve lost count?! I can’t remember what I drank, or the amount!” She then fits three mugs to her muzzle and chugs all three as the onlookers go nuts cheering. “Twelve drinks!” She yells before falling off the table. Draco just walked over her as he looked for a table, but he did flip her a coin. “Make it Thirteen lass.” He says before sitting down at the table she just fell off and slams his fist down two times. “HAY! THREE ROUNDS UP AND TWO ROASTS!” He had too scream over all the sound of the bar for the female giffin to hear him. She nods and runs off to fill the order. “Ah, smell that?” He asked, sniffing the air. Ever all the smells of a dozen or more unwashed sailers one can pick up the scent of roasting meat. “Mm, smells like duck?” He wonders before looking over at his two crew mates as they sit down. “And Akairo you eat meat? Got a favorite prey?” He asked with a grin and a click of his beak.
  6. With a clash the two meet again, more driven than ever she pushed hard on the attack. That one small slip up was… worrying. Not world ending. Far from it. In the heat of battle it's easy to miss something like that. She hoped. But she can not worry long, her focus taken by the battle at hoof. This time it was much faster. Pushing in hard she forced the block she wanted and locked the hook of her ace over the handle of the aposeing weapon and forced it upwordes more. She did not think the bull would lose his grip and he did not. but she had no aim to disarm him with this move. All she needed was him to focus on keeping his axe as she let one hoof slip free and strike with the leading edge of her hoof at his neck. He reeled back while wheezing, losing the grip on his weapon. She let go of her own unleashed a storm of blows on the bull as he fell down. Wearever he failed to block she hit. Chest. Nethers. Neck. head. It did not matter where so long as he was not blocking. When he stopped she continued to rain blows on him, unrelenting in the onslaught until finly it registered in her mind that he wasn't moving. She felt… weird. wrong. She lost control of herself and felt ashamed in some deep part of her soul. But she has won. What did she do now? Looking up to the battle it seemed to be in the winning strokes now. They won. Looking back at the bull she saw his chest moving. He was alive still. She was ordered to kill him. Kill and take his helm. Easy. She picked her axe back up and chewed on the handle in her muzzle as a small part of her protested what she was about too do. She’s killed before. So why was this so daunting? “Sorry.” She whispers, unsure why as she swings the weapon down one last time. ---- Holding the helm by its straps she made her way back to the Jarl. She’s done what he wanted, killed the bull and got the helm. Yet she felt wrong about all of it. Was this really what she was doing? Why WAS she doing this? Why did she feel so much need to win even a glance of respect from him? Did she crave that feeling of self worth this much? But for all the protest her mind gave her she kept walking to him. She can go home whenever. Leave. Just a few days more of this will not hurt. Will it?
  7. Tempest did not protest against Glitter and the snuggling or magic. She wanted it to last forever in a way. This tiny ember of something so lost warmed her in ways nothing has ever done before. It was terrifying in a way yet she was even more scared to let the ember go, fearful it would die out the moment she did. And so she laid unmoving for what felt like hours. But she was not sure if it was. Time felt slow, like a crawl yet to fast all the same. She only broke her unmoving silence when her stomach made it very clear it was done with all this laying around and lack of cooking. But she did not wish to move yet… she did not want Glitter to let go. So words were all she let slip. “I’m… I’m sorry. For everything. I missed you so much I… I hated you. But I… Never really did. I hate it. I hate myself. I hate what I am.” She felt like an old door was being forced open. One locked up for far, far too long. “I’m a monster. I have done awful things and look at me. Look where I am. I’m not happy. I’m no better than when I was a filly running away so long ago. All I have done. All the suffering. Pain. And… Nothing. I’d have died just like that filly so long ago. Just… Why did you do it?” She asked, she had too ask. She did not know why she did. She knew what glitter would say. ‘Too save you.’ but that’s not what she wanted to know. She just did not know how too ask what she really did want to know. She was too scared to ask what may destroy this moment.
  8. Niilavin rolls his eyes with a groan at Blues remark. He was still regretting that trick he pulled with them it seems. “[The spell may stop me from harming you but nothing says I can’t change you forever in to a sphinx master.]” not that he had a way too do that at all. Or knew where to start. But he was not about too take such teasing laying down! “[Even if that is more of an upgrade then downgrade if you ask me.]” He added with a chuckle. Looking back at Star he nodded his head. “Yes, that sound… Good. Need talk more. Help me do better. Pony talk… is… Weird. Like a song spoken.” He explained before watching blue talk about something with… A Ponyville. That is where the master goes to do some work from time to time. Were they moving there? Did not matter, he had too go wherever the master whent. He just hoped it had more open space, this city was not fit for a growing sphinx. Let alone a full sized pride king that he’d be some day.
  9. As Glitter slumped down next to her Tempest felt her heart sink, she could see the pain in the movement and reached out, placing a foreleg over the mare without thinking. She felt lost as to what to do about this, how too act with Glitter laying down so close looking at her. So Tempest did nothing, just looking down at the mare she cared about and missed for so long. For the briefest of moments she felt younger. Pain free without a care in the world with her best friend. But realty never let her daydream for long. “Glitter… You know I have too. I… We…” She trailed off, the blank cold face of hers twitching as it barely held back the feelings it masked. Every time she tried to speak the words seemed to die before they left her muzzle. She felt helpless and clueless as to what too do. What to say. How many pointless things have she used to fill in this hole? Mares, violence, drinks and so much more. All to fill that deep gash in her soul that she inflicted on herself and blamed others for. And none it worked. She let out a deep gasp as air rushed in to her lungs, leaving her panting from how long she held her own breath without knowing. It left her sputtering and spitting out her cigarette before she dropped her head down on the cold stone floor and covered it with a leg as the mask shattered. She can’t keep it up any more. All of this was too much. She was miserable, hopeless and aimless. Just spinning in place hoping to never wake up again and face the fact her life was a joke. Worthless. Pointless. She can’t burden glitter with it, how can she? How can she come back after so long and dump this dead pony walking on Glitters doormat. She needed to remember Flizzy, happy and brave. Not Tempest. Not this broken, scared, hopeless mare. Everypony just put up with her. Acted like they enjoyed her out of some pity for the sad state of a mare she was. All she did was destroy. All she can do is destroy.
  10. She has seen much in her life in a dozen war zones as she made one kingdom after another drop down and beg for mercy in the name of the Storm King. Yet in all that time she’d never seen something so insane as to drop ships out of the sky with troops on them. It left her standing with a dumbfounded look of shock at the sheer audacity of the move. Yet her shock was broken as the red Jarl grabbed and pulled her in close, his words booming in her ears forcing herself back to reality and the beast of a bull yelling at her… and she loved it. Orders were not given but delivered with force and fact. She nodded her head, eyes unflinching before the bull as he aimed her at the pray and pushed. She did not need more motivation to rush ahead at the loyalist warrior, grabbing her own poleaxe in muzzle. Her charge was not blinde as she leaped over spear and axe with the grace of a leopard on the hunt. Her heart beat like a drum as she saw the wolves in the corner of her vision. Constructs of her imagination born in her harsh youth. Friends and foes all in one. Ever taunting her, ever pushing her to be more. Monsters to keep in the cage well heading their advice. Yet they did not speak as the hunt was on and in this they can be united with her and let free. She was the hunter now. And without a word she made contact, axe swinging as the loyalist warrior barely had time to react. Sparks raced in to the sky as she let the axe go, pushing onward with a hoof strike at his face. The bull stumbled over his down flank from the blow as the two clashed in a close and deadly wrestling match as both pushed and hit the other for the fallen axes. He was on the back hoof a first, taken back by the raw aggression and speed of her blows. She held nothing back even as a tiny voice cried. The wolves just laughed at it. This is what she really was after all. Forcing her back hooves to meet the bulls stomach she kicked him off. Pulling herself up she got her axe back as he rolled to his hooves and jumped up, yet he backed off from her. Everything was. She was confused as to why for a brief moment as it clicked. Her antlers were shimmering with rolling magic electricity. She never used magic before when disguised like this, she did not know if it was possible and that blindness to it let her slip up. It was easy to stop it, as soon as she thinked about it the magic was put back in its place. Yet others saw it. Gripping her axe harder she cussed underneath her breath and pushed in to a charge at the bull with the rage of a berserker, it was his fault that happened and he must die for it. She can work out what to do with the others that saw it later.
  11. Today on things Dusty will never in fact get done. App Golden Feather from the MLP comics. 


  12. vary good and vary cute!
  13. “Important meetings tend to make us have to go to rather dreadful places. Leave it to the rich and powerful to have some of the worst tastes possible in decor and food.” Tempest says with a roll of her eyes and snort, she was never at home in such settings. Even city life punished it for her. But these meetings were the worst. Well she never had to talk, she was there after all to just look tall and scary, she still had to hear them talk. She felt sorry for Ice having too speak to them and deal with that madness. But such matters were not at hoof. Good food is too be had. Leaning her head to the side she thinks about what they say and shrugs. “Fine, I think I know of the place. It's a favorite for the techies, they get it too go all the time to eat here. Will give it a try and just stick clear of noodles. Heh.” With that she trots for the door and holds it open for the other two mares.
  14. Someday I shall have a fancy title underneath my name. It will be a wonderful day. 

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      You'll get there eventually. Awesome icon, by the way.

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  15. before she joined the Storm King's army. She did so many times after. Cooking over an open fire. She can still think back too the first few times. The raw joy of starting a fire and the many, many failed attempts too cook food. Yet she did. She trained herself to cook. To live. Yet for all of that she was alone. Ny her own wishes many times. Yet now she had Glitter laying there, watching her every move. Somehow it felt… like this was the way it was supposed to be. “If I knew what it was, I’d have taken some TNT.” She says with words dripping with utter hatred for the best. She’d kill it. Without blinking an eye she’d wach it be blown into a red mist. If they even did that… What does a bear made out of stars blow up in to? “Sooner or later it has to be dealt with. It will only get more brave and soon you will have more than missing livestock.” She added looking over at Glitter, eyes forced the still fresh wounds on the mares body. She pulled her eyes away, shaking her head. “Glitter…” She trailed off soon as she spoke as she gazed in to the fire. She had to say something. “Glitter I… I missed you.” The words felt painful to even say. It was the truth yet it felt like chewing on glass to say it. There was so much missing from it. How can she even explain it? She was just some bucked up mare that can barely function in a social setting. But she can't keep danceing around this.
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