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  1. Tempest was not the least shocked by all the fussing and crying her remarks got from others. The most useful pony in this room was Ice and had no reason outside of a deal made between them too trust her. A feeling Tempest knew must go both ways for now. She just rolls her eyes and looks at Ice. “I can tell you why they’d not kill me. They are not stupid. Do you think they followed me so easy do to the word of a king? No. I was a pony. A soft… stupid… pony. And I made them learn how wrong they were and made the others watch every last moment of it. Every time one of them spoke against me, showed a hint of falling short I made it clear how I felt about it. They’d not raise one paw against me out of fear and i’d welcome the first one to so much as mutter something against me.” She grins as she says that. “If they forgot my discipline so soon they’d need me to remind them all. But if you must follow me along like a puppy with trust issues so be it. But only you Ice. All others can stay behind, they are all potty trained and can live without us for a few hours.” she snorts. “At least I hope so.” With that she turns about and walks back to the railing, having nothing more to add.
  2. Dusty

    Meeting in the Woods [Closed]

    The rest of the driveling waste of time they talked about can be done later, Tempest's focuses was fully on her new objective. “An artifact hunt? Well I am no slunch at such things… I did plenty of that in services to my ex-king. He loved such things and did teach me some tricks as well… like never use something unless you know fully what it will do to you in payment, So don’t worry about me even thinking about wearing it. Hate to be your test goat for such a thing.” She stands up, stretching almost like a cat before rolling her shoulders. “I will have it before a year is out and that is the most extreme time table, it will shorten dramatically as I track down leads and info on it but until I do that’s the best I can say. And don’t worry on subtlety, I sneaked a warfleet on top of canterlot itself. Keeping myself out of view is foals play.” She turns away from Sombra and flicks her tail at him, looking off in to the woods. “And I think I know just where to start.” She mutters as magical electricity sparks and pours from her broken horn and rolls over her body in a lightning crackle of power. It reaches out to a tree, warping over the wood as smokes and burns before the tree rips apart in a shower of splitters and flames. “But first… I’d like a round of sparring. First blood. Nothing on the table to be won or lost."
  3. Dusty

    Sphinxmaster (Pretzel, Dusty)

    “At least Saddlelon still stands.” Nilaavin says with a waving of his paw in a rather dismissing manner as he keeps sunbathing. “Even if Ubar was my favorite city. They cared to my kin rather well and found us as its guards do to that. Even had grand baths for us to relax as an army of servants saw to are needs. Wonderful city to visit thanks to that, even if I did not wish to live in it.” He glances down as he felt Bluebelle touching his body, brave thing. He was not distracted long as he chews over the last thing the Basira told him. “That is… a long time. I’d not have lived that long without being in stone. Even if we far outlive your tiny race that is no small amount of time. Even to us. If I was alive i’d be very old.” Looking back at his master he shrugs. “I never heard of this ‘Equestria’ master, so i’d believe so… I will be happy to have you guide me and see what has changed. I believe the saying is… ‘fish out of the sea’ for where I sit today. What is the name this lands Pharoah today?”
  4. Dusty

    Meeting in the Woods [Closed]

    “Bold of you to presume I’d be so foolish as to believe you’d ever be obedient to me at all. You know nothing of what I can do. I am nothing like dregs of society you have known to infect this land. And wave away the loss all you want, it will not change where we stand.” Tempest says back, her tone as uncaring as ever as her eyes stay locked with his. Her willpower made clear in how unflinching she was to his words. “And may be judging me? Cute. I know they are and so is the rest of this land. They look at me with worried eyes as much as they do to you. We are both monsters in are own ways. If they did not look at me as such… they’d be foolish.” Now… She giggles. Gently at first before she was laughing hard and strong. “Ohhh, courting Princess Celestia? Do save the fancy talk for nobels. You are trying to get underneath her tail and she’s not smacked you down? You make it sound as if you have hope… what is all the more fun as that means she is letting you try. Celestia, playing with a pony like you…” She had to stop talking for an other burst of laughing. “Future king of Equestria as well? What a time to be alive! Maybe this land is not hopeless yet. Maybe yet it can be saved and given a spine!” She pulls herself up, walking back and forth she relaxed her self. “But such fun fancy's aside, I walk free out of luck and skill. I bowed my head only to save my tail. But they did not change my mind nore did they sing some song about friendship and magic and blasted the darkness from me. No. My king betrayed me and in doing so tossed his victory away. Twi, for whatever reason saved me. Something about friendship. I do owe her my life and for that she has my thanks. So I played along and walked free…” She chuckles, no need to tell him her plans. Yet. Finly he got to what she wanted… Dark Magic. “Do not waste more of my time firing off how dangerous it is.” She snaps back as he speaks to her like some filly in school. Now the price was… well… “What in the #$@$% is the Alicorn Amulet? And more so, WHERE is it?” She says back walking closer to him with a smug grin. “Details. The more the better.”
  5. Tempests took some mental note to whatever Ice was saying about training. Blah blah don’t go to hard or something. If they not fit for combat they are only fit for low laber of course. Ice did not need to tell her that. And something about play? Whatever. She just looked over the keel, playing out how the rest will look in her head… Standing on top, air blowing in her mane as enages roar and spoke bleaches in to the sky from its eagnes. Beautiful. Only thing more Beautiful will be watching its big guns destroy a city. Oh how wonderful it will be. Flicking her ears Tempests looks over her shoulder as Ice goes on some big speech. Cute. something something, doing good, something something saving Equestria and keeping it safe. Tempest almost rolled her eyes but did not, with Luna in next to them she may as well look like she cared about this land. Now that it was on the real topic she moves away from the railing and joins the gathering. It was… less than what she wanted. She malls it over in her head and speaks up. “I respectfully disagree on how you wish to do this Ma’am.” Tempest walks closer to Ice as she spoke. “The forces that inhabit it are MY forces… The closest one to us was part of my staging grounds. The arms and troops inside of it are well known to me as I am their leader. As such I’d like to be sent in first and alone. I can talk to them and make the gourds stand down. That way we can do all of this in a peaceful manner and maybe I can gain back some of my forces.” She shoots Luna a glance, she hated how they striped her of so much. Even if they did let her walk free she wanted back what was hers… “Moving in force will only make them fire on us. The fort is will armed with cannons… breech loading cannons. Far better then the muzzle loaders still heavy used by ‘soldiers’ of Equestria and it’s naves. Whatever ships Luna has will be outclassed and shot out of the air. They may not even know the king passed. As such they’d be more welcoming to me as I AM there leader… The head of the this armoriey was hoof picked by me from my own honor guard. If I told him to stand down he’d do so. If you are so worried you can pull a rare guard and come crashing in if I do not report back in a given time.” Tempest rolls her shoulders and aimes a hoof at Luna. “But having her at all in this is wasteful. I need not her ships, troops or help. She’d only make things worse. If they think she has taken me hostage they will open fire to save me. The best outcome is letting me go alone… or if Luna will allow me take command over the storm guard in are lands that are still loyal to me. That can give us the best outcome for this. You are all about stopping blood shed are you not Luna?” She smirks like a wolf. “Last thing we need is more lives lost in the name of a peaceful princess.”
  6. Dusty

    Meeting in the Woods [Closed]

    Tempest did not flinch as he moves closer, his words growled like some wolf. In fact she stands up and moved closer as the two meet nose to nose as she snarled just as much as he talked. “I do believe a pink mare with a shipping fetish sites down on your throne. How long you withheld such pleasantry as a clean victory too them hardly matters in the fact you now work for me and Ice underneath the two mares that battled you. Its losing by any other name.” As he backed away from her she did the same, laying back down. “And in truth, I was never one to be queen. I’d have given that to some pony more fitting of the task as I acted overlord.” She waved a hoof. “But such talk is pointless. We both lost in the end one way or another. Trying to lay down a bigger yellow river gains us nothing.” “As for what you say… Being clever and predicting the moves my enemies is something I am very skilled in. like I told you… in a day all of canterlot was in chains and before a week this land was crushed underneath my blow. You can ask celestia herself how I bested her… Luna… that pink mare with a dreadful name in just a few moments. It was checkmate in one move. At least almost. Twi was a deep pain in my flank for a few days. But even she was out moved, out played and tossed in a cage.” She smirks. “What I need is the raw power to win if my plans fail. To overpower whatever betrays me. I care not for some cost to my soul or other such foalish beliefs that follow that line of thinking. I have heard well the corruption of such magic.” She snorts. “A small price to pay for the power it gives and only the weekist willed can fall to something so petty. So let's cut to just that… Dark Magic. Name. The. Price.”
  7. Dusty

    Meeting in the Woods [Closed]

    “As long as it's not a dramatic sob story. I’d rather not start a much of us one upping the other in how dreadful are life was.” Tempest says slowly pacing back and forth. “And of course the books will be overflowing details that are made up, wrong and painted the other side as better. The winner makes the book after all… Trust me I know. I helped make some doing just that for my old king. Even if some parts were no lie at all about how talented he was with leading armies. Shame he was not as gifted with understanding how bad a move it may be to stab his most powerful commander in the back.” She spoke the last lines with a feral snarl to her words. Rolling her shoulders the mare steps closer to the king, her eyes narrowing. “But what I know and believe in is power. And you had power… Even if you did lose to the very sisters I crushed underhoof in hardly five minutes. The captel? Less than a day. In less than a week I won the war. I did not lose but I was betrayed. I’d have won that if I was even stronger. If I had the magic you hold… than I’d be queen today. As such the one thing I do care about is that magic. How good, loving and grand a king you really may have been? That’s one thousand years late pragmatism. But if you demand that be the price, so be it. I will hold onto every word with baited breath.” With a wave of her hoof she lays down, crossing her front legs. “I got all day to hear every last detail you feel is worth shoving down my ears.”
  8. Tempest tossed a glance at Luna. She was… less than trusting of the sisters. Well they have allowed her to go free she can’t help but feel they saw her as some other pawn. A risky game to play. ‘Only a cat of a different coat’ as they say. But she will play along for now. But Sombra was… different. She watched him make his way to them. He was bleeding with power and she has seen his name in many a obok. But in the flesh… Was rather handsome. Strong. Deadly. She liked him. Well she did outrank him, she held much respect for him. “Vice Admiral Sombre, wellcome.” she says with faint nod out of sed respect. Looking too Ice she smirks like a wolf. “And thank you for believing in me. Before long you will have the best army in all the lands if I keep at it. Hard as it has been so far. But nothing worth doing is easy.” She says back to ice. “And soon as it flies… oh trust me, I will live for the moment you let me off the chain and when I am even dragons will learn how low they must bow.” She follows ice past the door on to the balcony. Tempest almost shaved Ice out of the way as she rushed to the rails and looks down. Well it was nothing much to look at yet, this was the start of her new beloved ship! She was almost shaking with excitement at the size of the keel. Oh it will be a beast! A real worship of the skys. She was so excited it made a short giggel of joy leave her muzzle. “Glorious. Just glorious.” She hums.
  9. Dusty

    Meeting in the Woods [Closed]

    Her arrival was nothing short of exploseove. With a thunderclap a timberwolf is sent flying out from the woods in a storm of magic lighting before the poor beast exploded in flaming splinters. Two more run out from the woods, both failed too get far before an ark of lighting exploded from the tree line, everything in its path bursting in to flames as the two wood monsters do the same before exploring. Stepping out from the bush line Tempest was decked out, head to hooves in heavy black plate armor that was alive with shimmering sparks of electricity. The mare looked at the flaming remains of a timberwolf and let out an bored snort. “And I was told the everfree was dangerous. Most fun I had was manticore and the thing ran from me.” She pulled her eyes up to the stallion resting before her. “But he did make me late sadly. I’m glad you made it, this is hardly the most charming of places to talk but I do not wish others to overhear why I asked for this.” Walking closer she eyed the stallion up. He was handsome and hit the marks she liked. But this meeting had nothing too do with his body. “I will save us both time and get to what I want. Train me in dark magic. In turn I will be called for favors. So long as they are reasonable given my and your rank and without drawing to much suspicion. You may be a king, but you have no crown. For now. We are both hardly trusted by the powers to be. I can not blame them. I hope you have taken time to know something about me as I have learned about you. Plenty of books on it in fact.” She grins, it was smug in how confident she walked and spoke. Yet all of it was given with power to back it. “What say you? What can I do or give to make you teach me.”
  10. Tempest trots down the hallway, her hoofsteps matched by a dozen more as her entourage followed in her shadow. One was her honor guard. The first one to pass her tests. A pegasus, his mane dyed to much hers and outfitted in heavy black plate. He did not speak as he followed her. The other stand out was a caribou, He dressed well other than the heavy iron ring clamped to his neck that had a chain hook on it. On his back was balanced a plate holding some drinks for the rest of her entourage. Officers, all asking her things. Training regiments, how the testing is going. Passing and failing and other boring things. “No. We will not lower the requirements. I don’t care if are recruiters are struggling to find worthy applicants. A few that are worth my time ARE worth are time than a dozen useless fillies that can’t punch something.” She says in her trademarked cold, uncaring tone before shifting her gaze to another Officer that slinks back from her glare. “And two more got hurt? Soon as the doctor clears them make them take all the training again… Yes. All of it. I don’t care if they are in pain, if the doctor says they can walk make them take it again. If they don’t I will handle it myself and force them to undergo the training I give my honor guard.” As she says that her one honor guard smirks but keeps silent. She turns down a hallway. “Now I have a meeting. All of you leave.” She did not even stop to see if they did. She knows they did. Her entourage stops on the spot and turns about and heads back the way they came. Tempest picks up the speed of her trot to meet up with Ice. “Hail Lord Commander Strom!” She shouts out, slamming a front hoof against her chest, leting steel hit steel. Her trot slows in to a walk then stops beside ice. “Sorry for being late, plenty to see to around here and hardly the time in day for it.” She says with a snort. “But I am giving it nothing less than my best. So today is the day… My baby is starting.” She says with small grin to her lips looking at the door to the drydock. “I am honestly excited.”
  11. Dusty

    [Age of Heroes] Gate Kicker [open!]

    Lightning watched the parasol move and jerk as she stopped shoot. The movement it made contact she was already braced and front legs ready. Clamping down on the parasol as it slammed in to her she fluttered and adjusted her flying to handle the impact as the gravity locks kicked in on her frunt legs clamp to it. Without breaking eye contact with Hexxer she ripped the parasol in half, dropped it and dived down at Hexxer front legs outstretched for the mares floating head as the gravity locks fired up again, all she had to do was get close for Hexxers head to be pulled in to her grasp. Well she did this her augmented eyes picked up two onlookers. One in a invisibility spell. Cute. the other was trying to hide as well. So long as they stayed out of this they were marked as yellow. Worth keeping an eye on but no danger yet.
  12. Dusty

    World of Equestria: The Age of Heroes!

    yep, just been busy with work. But I do plan to keep it moveing along as i can.
  13. Dusty

    [Age of Heroes] Come one and all! Heroes get equipped!

    The pinch on his flank did jump Bravo back to his senses with a yelp and glare of utter hatred aimed at Hexxer buy even that soon gave away to a soft smile as he huffed and shook his head at the ponies around him. “You say it so simply, so matter of fact. But it is for you. This… this view is life. Fact. Another day. I have never… EVER seen… this. A day like this. A clear blue sky, green hills and the outlines of cities that are not broken. It's like a postcard of old. My world has…” He starts laughing before he can finish what he was saying. “My world? That’s how this is now. This is an other one. By Lunas will…” He shakes his head and pulls himself up to his hooves and walked back to his powered armor and gently places his head on it with a soft chuckle as the tears keep coming from his eyes. “I need a moment. Sorry.” He mutters in a tone full of sorrow as he struggles to come to grips with what was before him. What is he in this world? What he has done? What he was part of? Was he a killer? A traitor? Was this Government the same one he battles for back home? Was Luna the leader of this brave land like in his time? Or were both sisters in power? What can he say to the other? How she ran and did nothing as her land went to war? How does he tell Luna she became queen of a land and master of the worlds largest army? So many things flooded his mind one after another. What of the foals he sired? What of his friends? Famly? Can he go back? All of this was to much and so… He screams in anger with all the air his lungs had before they run out. Panting for air he slammed his head against his armor over and over as yelled more between painted breaths in a hail storm of cuss words so horrible even a sailor will have covered their ears. Done with his outburst he falls down on his side and just lays there. The arrogant, rude and self-assured solder was no more. In its place was a pony crying like a foal for milk as the gravity of everything fell on him. Pulling his wings up to cover his head he lays there, hiding beneath his wings blocking out the world around him as did his best to vent and clam down before he vomited.
  14. Dusty

    [Age of Heroes] Gate Kicker [open!]

    Lightning had a small smirk pull to her lips as she watched Hexxer. “ID: Hexxer, noted. Other cyborg's? So this world is not as back water as it seams maybe.” She says back in a tone just as cocky as the other mares smille… Even with the odd data and wornings flairing up, she will work out why they are going one after she kills this 'hero' -New directive: neutralisation of all hostiles, Lethal force may be used without warning. -Combat engaged: weapons online, stimulates online- -Threat level: red- Lightning felt the drugs pumped in to what organic parts of her brain were left, it was a feeling she never got use to or the rush it gave her. Positive feedback or something for doing her job and makes her forget what she was doing. She hated it but loved it, it made gult so easy to forget. All she done for the CEO’s… She shakes her head, clearing where that was going. Bad places. Time seems to slow for her with all her parts kick in to full combat speed as words are forced from her muzzle. "Alert! Non combatants are advised to leave the area! Law enforcement in progress! Lethal force may be used without warning, do not interfere with security protocols!” With that shouted she leaped in to movement at alarming speed. Faster than any non-augmented can move she took to the air with such force it ripped up the grass underneath her as both her front legs take aim, targeting software calculating gravity, airspeed, her movement, targets movements and twenty-seven other factors and over one hundred possible vectors the target may move to get out of her line of fire in the blink of an eye. The first magical plasma left the snubbed barrel of her leg mounted SMGS 1.3 seconds of her finishing her alert speech. One second after the first shot was out 200 rounds were out as both her leg munted SMG unleash a hailstorm of magical plasma bolts. Well each bolt was hardly the size of a marble there unrelenting rate of fire made up for lack of single shot firepower.
  15. Dusty

    An Apple Layover (Open: Ask to join)

    Tempest was taken off guard by the fact Big mac milked a bull. How does one do that!? How do you not… She stopped herself, it was not worth following that path. Nope. “I am going do us all a good and not ask how you bucked up that bad big guy.” She says shaking her head and looking at the chart full of wiggling pigs. She was not shocked they were beating her at this, it was there job after all. But she was not beaten yet! Leaping back into the mud she got running after the next pig, it honestly did feel good. She liked hard work and part of her did hold on to the ideals of maybe doing a farm or ranch some day. Not yet, but later in life… maybe she can do it when she was done making a mess of her life. As she jumped a pig and tied him up like a earth pony, she looked over her shoulder at the two farm ponies. “You know, for all it is worth.” She says well slinging the pig up on her back without fuss. “I may have to make a note of stopping by here at least one time a year and do… this. Work. hard work. It's honestly relaxing, buzare as they may be to some this is allmost like therapy."