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  1. “What in the name of…” Tempest muttered as walked down a road from good bit of running. One of the better parts of this place was the farmland outside of town. The weather was pretty nice all year long. Not too hot, not too cold. Lots of open farmland. Can’t ask for better weather or views for a good run. But what she was not expecting walking back to her renting room in ponyville was this. She did want to stop by and greet AJ… She did like the mare, of all the element holders she was her favorite. Just the most down to earth, easy to talk to. Honestly she was a good mare and if Tempest was less nervous about friendships she’d be so blunt as to call AJ a good one. Maybe her best. … if one can have a best friend when they had none. Walking past the short line she looked at the booth, ear flicking as she looked at AJ and reads the text. Arching an eyebrow she had to read it again. Something about this was…. Funny. Buy some apples and get a kiss from AJ? Pifff, why’d some pony what that? Well the kiss part. That’d just be weird. She was just some earth pony. And one of the element holders! … And strong. Caring. Hard working. Cares about her family and will do whatever it takes for them… Well now she was just staring and making this weird. Looking away she gazed at the short line. Well… She will just get some apples and say hello. Moving to the back she gets in to the line.
  2. Tempest slides to a stop on the roof, looking at the now giant fox in aw. For a blink of an eye she saw that… Bear again. But she choked down that feer. This looked nothing like it. “Well this is new.” She says blinking, then grins as here horn flairs to life with a thundering clap of power. She had no plans on hurting the fox, not at all! But if the fox wanted to play hard ball she was going to do the same. “GOOD SHOW!” She yells up at the fox. “IS IT MY TURN?!” She shouted as her horn sparked with power that rolled over her body like a thunderstorm.
  3. “I joined to do my duty for the Hurricane Conglomerate!” She barks back at the pink mare. “Fame, cred and all one can hope for is easy when you join the Hurricane Conglomerate Enforcer Core!” She added like some advertisements… It was not to far from the truth… maybe. But her rank did come with some fun… favors. Shame Rainbow was found to be working with Runners… so shameful. The look on that mares face when she worked out how utterly dead she was about to be. But such daydreaming must come to an end… the battle was heating up! Shield was taking some heavy blows from the pink mare. What was she? The battle AI was overclocking itself keeping up with every new trick she was pulling out. Jut how many tricks did she have? She can’t track and pre-plan every single one! -Contact lost- Do what now? How did she lose conta- …. Ow. -OS rebooted- -All systems: Online- -Enforcer states: Offline-Danged- -Implants states: Offline-Danged- Well that’s not good. She felt… something going on. But she was blind and deaf to whatever was going on. Her core systems were working at least but she must have taken one heck of a blow. -diagnostic test starting- Well that was going to be fun. Here's hoping she did not die or something until it fixed itself. -ERROR: failed to content to ECCM- -ERROR: failed to content to CCNW- Oh not again! ----- Kōkina Kyūkei at least had more luck. Thanks too LD being… offline thanks to a pink alicorn leaving a hoof print on her face Kōkina Kyūkei’s nanite transmitters got a head start in scanning the mare well she was down. And what first drips of data Kōkina Kyūkei got was very alarming in how powerful the energy source for LD was and how advanced she was. For all Neighpon had this mare outclassed them by a few decades . --- “Ugh…” LD moans as her eyes booted up. About time… Still can’t move yet. Or hear. She looks about at all the smoke and fire… the heck did she miss?
  4. A gasp of air forced its way out of Lightnings muzzle as she hit the ground with force from Hogo-sha’s slam. He was getting far more aggressive! Seeing the paw rising up she knew what was coming and by the hair of her hide rolled out of the way in time. Spinning on to her chest before leaping up with the help of all for legs. Bouncing back to get a moment of space before she rushed back in knowing he’d not let her rest long. Moving at him as if to charge with her antlers she held onto the last moment before pulling her head to the side, digging her front hooves in and spinning her flank out front to deliver a sweep at the dogs legs to knock him over.
  5. Niilavin stretched out like a cat, claws digging up grass before he lays out in the sun as his master took to leaning against his side to talk with the mutts. Looking out at the park his eyes followed a few flying pegasus… They made him feel hungry. If only one got closer… Looking over at his master he leans his head to the side, than looks at the mutts more. What was so fascinating about them? He was about to speak up on it but the sound wings took his gaze back to a few flying onlookers. So close… pulling himself up the large cat-pony moved in to a crouching hunt as he slowly walked away from Blue and closer to the nearist hovering pegasus. “[Come now, come closer… Do you wish to play a game of riddles?]” He asked, but the lucky pegasus can’t understand the sphinx and its offering and did not respond or come closer. Niilavin felt confused at first but the fact of the matter hit him soon… it can’t understand him. Did that mean it lost the game? He did not know… Can one lose the game if they never understand it to play?
  6. Oh this was… boring. Tempest had a flawless shot at jumping the fox here and now but what fun will that be? She was only warming up! So she just watched the fox run past the shocked Sunset with an uncaring smirk before turning and running alongside the rooftops following her pray. The hunt was fresh and the games only just starting. “Come now fox~ Is this all you have!?” She shouted down at Yanhua. “You are a beast of magic! Show me what you can really do!” she added before leaping to the next rooftop. What power did this fox have? Shape shifting was one. But there must be more… fire? Her tails did end in green flames. Tempest wanted to see what this magic fox can do. Rather or not the others liked this did not mean much in the face of some real fun. They’d get her in the end, why did they care how long it takes? She’d hoped Feng may understand that but even he seems to want to make this as boring as one can. A pitty.
  7. I am back! But in no shape to post just yet. partying for allmost one week leaves one prety dang sick feeling. soon as i am not deaht walking i shall post!


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  8. I’m going to be gone for about a week thanks to Bronycon! Hope too meet some of you there!

  9. “Oh for the love of…” Tempest rubs her nose with a hoof. “That is not… you know what forget it. She’s ove-” She was cut off as Feng spotted the fox and ran after her. “There.” She rolls her eyes, looking over at Sunset. “You know, yelling things like that is… not the smartest move. Oh well. The hunt is on.” She smirks and winks, dropping her saddle bags off Tempest took off like a thunderbolt but did not follow Feng. Veering off to the town she hoped to cut the fox off. Where the fox was aiming for in town was more hard to judge… with all the pathways it will be easy to lose her. So Tempest took the high road. Leaping up on wagen than up onto a rooftop in one fluid movement. Stopping she looked out to see where Feng and the Fox was. She’d have to move fast and know what road the fox was going to run down on hitting the town… oh, this was too much fun.
  10. “There are no hidden portals that’s stuped.” Tempest says looking over at Sunset. She did not know why Sunset tagged along. Maybe she just wanted to get out of town as well but did not want to openly say so. “Well at least none here… But the one I know of is not really hidden if I know about it.” She added thinking on it for a moment before looking back at Feng. “Maybe she got stressed out and ran off in the woods? If she feels good out in nature maybe she just needed some space. I can understand that…” she says with a shrug. “And maybe she had spells all along to do that. Transformation magic is... rare and hard but you never know. I can’t say as I don't know her at all. But if she does have transformation magic I am going to ask about it. Maybe I can change into a wolf! That’d be so… cool. Thunder wolf… oh I like that. If I ever get transformed in to a stallion I am going by that name.” Talking more to herself at this point she looked about her surroundings. “Oh hay.” Tempest says hitting Feng in the shoulder and aiming a hoof out at the grasses just outside of town. “Fox was it? Can we sit here for a few minutes? I want her to get more of a head start. If we run her down now it will be boring…” She asked with a tiny grin.
  11. “I needed a way out.” Tempest says back with a few worried glances back at the town, she was in something of a rush to get out of town it seems. “And something about repaying kindness or something.” She looked away from the town and at Feng. She was good at reading others and he was looking weak. Tired. He did a lot and it showed! He even won the race. Somehow. Stuiped judges will never make that mistake again. But Feng had won a lot of respect in her eyes. Strong, swift, skilled and handsome.That last one made Tempest double take her own thinking. Why did she care about that? “Can’t be too hard to track down your friend. I think we will have her before sundown so don’t worry too much about her.” Tempest says moving up to walk alongside Feng. “The woods out here are pretty soft. She’d have to really get lost and head far deeper to get in to more dangerous parts. At least for the unskilled. The Everfree can be kinda fun to go camping in if you know what to do. Lived in it for almost a year way back.” She added looking over at Feng, she did hope her words helped him relax. This can’t be that big of a deal can it? It was just a friend. Pones have like... Hundreds of them or something. Well he was not a pony… maybe he did not have a lot. Is that how that worked? Tempest really had no idea. Her so called friends never looked for her when she ran away! Other than the newspapers and some posters. But that was lazy! She was already doing more than they EVER did! This firendship thing is easy.
  12. Tempest leaned her to the side like a dog as a hoof was offered to her. After staring at it for a few moments she picked a hoof up and poked Shimmer’s hoof. It looked as awkward as it felt for Tempest. “Sunset Shimmer… Sunset Shimmer…” she mutters, rolling the name around in her head before something clicked. “You were in the news… some years ago. A run away was it? Welcome to the club, I need to start making shirts and hats for us.” She says with a soft chuckle at her own joke. “I do not blame you for living far, far away… don’t know why you’d want to come back to this place.” Looking at Feng she flixs an ear. “I do know the Empress runs a good ship. It was on my recommendation we did not see her lands as… safe to invade. Unlike here she has a real army.” Tempest chokes back a giggle. “If you can even call what we have here even close to one… I took on a full squad by myself. I’d call it a show but it was so depressing even my own storm guards found it just disappointing to watch. So maybe it was good you weren't alongside them Sunset.”
  13. “I can understand that.” Tempest says back, the worry in her voice slipping away back to the same cold monotone voice she liked to use. “Every time I see myself I am greeting with my past. Hunting me. I don’t know if I can ever come to peace with my past. Not yet at least.” She shakes her head and looked over at the unicorn mare he called out at. Ugh. “Eastern mystic?” Tempest snorted hearing that, almost like she was about to laugh but choked it down. “That’s not how you great something. That’s like asking every earth pony you meet ‘do you farm?’ first.” She says back to the unicorn. “Even if what he asked you was not much better…” With that she glares at Feng.
  14. Feng may not know how lucky he was to have all of his teeth the second his hoof touched her shoulder. But for all the temptation to lash out on some pony and make them understand how she felt. she… Feng was right. She needed to cool down. Getting out of her seat she follows Feng to a more quiet and secluded spot. Well it was not too far away from all the going on it gave the space she deeply needed. “I can't stand this.” Tempest says glancing over at the growing crowd. “I feel out of place. Did years ago and still do now. I found a home and lost it. It may not have been the best but it was one.” She let out a deep breath. “Thank you for... being… Nice.” She added in a tone that made it seem like she was not used to saying such a thing. Looking to Feng she flicked an ear and studied him more before feeling like she needed to… explain something. She had to get it off her chest. “Deadname.” She mutters out in a deadpan tone. “The name they keep saying. It’s a deadname and what its tied to makes me…” She had to shut her eyes, she hated saying this and it took some force to do it. “Uncomfortable.” She wanted to explain it better but found no words for it. She hated speaking like this. She looked pathetic. Weak. Deep breaths. "Cold water sounds nice."
  15. “What?” Tempest asked, she sounded genuinely shocked by what Feng asked. She blinked at him, then put her bottle of rum down. She eye’d up the pen and paper as if it was going to hurt her somehow. After a few moments of starin she takes it in her muzzle and places it on the desk. “I… You really want that?” She asked, the coldness to her tone almost lost as a tiny spark of something can be seen in her eyes that was not hatred or contempt. She was shocked by the fact he wanted her autograph and seems so honest in it. Maybe it was thanks to where he came from he acted and felt so different. Taking the pen in her muzzle she put it to paper and got to work puting down the words. Tempest, big and bold. She was half way done with Shadow when some pony had to break the moment. Berrytwist Shadow. How come every time some pony used her old name they had to mess it up somehow? And then mix it with her new name? It was like getting smacked in the face with an earth pony buck. Fizzlepop Berrytwist was gone and there was no going back to her. She was gone long before Tempest came in to being. That mare, that name was dead ages ago to a filly all alone in the world. All it did was bring back pain, loneliness and repressed memories. The taste of ink snapped her out of it. Spitting up the broken pin and some ink she blinked at the half done autograph, ruined by ink mixed with spit. She needed to relax, Deep breaths… Than he came. Why. Why was this town FULL of them. There was no end, no peace. She wanted to see the town aflame, ash in the air as every last one of them was muzzled in to silence. Was that too much to ask for? She was at her breaking point. “NO! NO WE NEVER DID!” She screamed at the pony, her voice full of rage. “I never have and never will!” She snapped her head at the mare that miss spoke her name with eyes full of evil. “I am Tempest Shadow. That is my one and only name and all it has ever been.” with that she falls back in to her seat. Why did she do this. Why did she come out here. Every time she tries to interact with others this happened. Why didn't she just take the ship to Hesperia? She’d been better off. She’d never fit in here. Deep breaths. Deep breaths. “If you must know why i’m so unhappy it is how every pony must force themselves up in to my day. I was doing fine. I was happy. So if you want me to be happy don’t dogpile me. Just… Give me some space ok?” she asked, opening her eyes to look at Cheese and Yanhua then to the rest hanging about. she was makeing a mess and it was her falt in the end. not theme. "I'm sorry." It was not alot but even that felt hard to say.
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