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  1. Roleplay Type: WoE Name: Autumn Blaze Shadows name: Silhouette Gloom of the sun-down land Hoof puppet: Twiggy Bloom of the old woods Sex: female Age: Mare Species: Kirin Eye colour: Moderate gold Coat: Light goldish gray with goldish gray ear tips Mane/Tail: Moderate tangelo Physique: Autumn Blaze stands around the average height of an equestrian mare without being to lean or full in body. Like all her kin she has cloven hooves and scaling along her muzzle back back. Her mane is very big, looking line a lion's it grows all the way around neck in very thick fur. Her tail is long, like a giffins, with long mane like fur growing on the underside starting half way down the tail all the way to the end. Residence: ‘The Grove’ as all Kirin do. Her home is found just outside of the Grove, one made by her own two… four hooves! Well she was welcomed back to the Grove she found it easier to not move everything she did. With her plans to travel the world she has left everything she cant take with her behind there, interesting friends in the Grove to keep an eye on her home well she is away. Occupation: Singer, speaker, stand up comedian, playwright, carpenter, farmer, herbalist, Etc, Etc she’s unemployed. Cutie Mark: N/A Unique Traits: Autumn talks. A lot. But when one digs past what looks to be an utterly insane mare she has real talent with many things. She can grasp almost anything with shocking speed but never master it. She is a jack of all trades, master of none. Not that she can ever focuses on something for the time needed to master it too began with. History: “From a wonderful dad! I mean mom! Stallions can’t give birth. Besides the point they were totally awesome parents but this is about me! So this is my story with all the complicated descriptions and comedic tangents one can hope for! When I was reeeeally small they told me I was gifted! But that’s all boring things, I don't even remember half of it. Maybe for the best, you ever watch a foal? All they do is chew on things and cry about something you can’t hope to understand. Tried foalsitting. Don’t recommend it. But when I was not so small I found my voice! The first time! Not the later time. That is later. I found I just loooove singing. And talking! And other things! I was helping all over town, farming, building that, sell this. It was a wonderful time and everyKirin just loved me to bits! Ask them! I know every single Kirin ever I think! Well some time later, not missing too much. First crushes, good times, bad times, filly drama. Truuust me, you don’t need to know. Just ask Summer Flare! She’s like, my BFF! Well anyways the ‘big thing’ most known about us is not talking! Well one day… well lats back up! Sometimes we, the Kirin, get like mad! And not mad like “oh i dropped my bread!” but “that Kirin is on fire!” mad. It even happens to me! We just get soooo mad. Boom, fire! Yelling! Good thing fire doesn't hurt us! But it hurts are homes. What leads me back to what happend! One day we had a big one. All of us got in on it. Free for fall! It was bad. But Rain Shine she’s like, are queen or something do to how tall she is… I think. But she did not join in. She saw us going to town on the town, just everything was on fire, and got really mad at us. So seeing as the start of this was us yelling or something, I don't know, I think it was the price of something, she made us all go in the Stream of Silence. No clue how it works or why it is a thing! But it suppressed are voices aaand emotions. You ever had both suppressed? Not fun. Well! I was stuck like that for years and all the talking I could do was in my head! I got reeeealy good at it. But the voices in my head got boring and rude after years of being stuck with them as roommates. Well one day well I was arguing with Silhouette Gloom in my head I tripped and fell down in a lot of flowers. Well! One of them told me brew them in some tea! … I don’t remember why I did that honestly, have you ever tossed some random flowers in tea? But it was so worth it! Not the tea, it tasted pretty bad. But it did give me back my voice! Best day ever! I just had to let out a years worth of words! And I did! Well after like, one week Rain Shine told me get back in the river or leave town... So after moving out of town to a hill with a stunning view I got to work! Made a home, farm, made friends. Silhouette Gloom is my favorite, don’t tell Twiggy. And made a living! … it was boring. And lonely! At first it was not a bad but after a few years it was just like not speaking at all! But with all the emotion! Well my saving grace came. Applejack! She is just the best. She cooks real good as well! So she got all brave and went to make us all talk! Us is Kirin. Well I had this gut feeling it will not work. I hoped she’d make it work but well, no Kirin knows Kirins like a Kirin! So after arguing about it with myself I set off to see how it was going. Good thing I did. Applejack and, to my shock, not at all a shadow, buttershy were about to go swimming in that Stream of Silence. Not willingly. I think… they were not puting up too much fuss for it. I almost did not save them! Maybe they wanted it. But my gut… or a voice told me to go save them! So I got all fired up and went racing in! Good thing they just did not drop them in the river or something. But after saving them we all talked and this time Rain Shine did not just tell me to leave and not come back. In fact she sided with me! And Applejack… Oh and flutterfly. Well I made them all that tea to let them talk! Told none of them how it tasted. Was fun. But after that they let me back in to town! All the talking, jokes, it was good. But I saw something that just did not leave me. Applejack and Shyflutter were outsiders. I am going to be honest I didn't even know they were a thing! And there is a world full of them! And others! I just… had to see it all. So after a few years of planning I packed my bags and took to the road! Ok I didn't plan it in two years. More like one year. But I feel ready for it what can go wrong?” -Autumn Blaze, speaking to the world's most unlucky train passenger. Character Personality: Autumn Blaze is very excitable, chatty and eccentric to the extreme. Having gone years with no power to speak, than years living alone after that has left her leaping at every opportunity to talk, make friends or just interact with something. She made several imaginary friends that she speaks with with the two primary being Silhouette, her shadow, and Twiggy, a hoof holding a stick. This was born from her years of solitude and well being around others have helped combat this, she still speaks to them very often. This gives her a less the “all together” appearance around others. But she means well and will happily work with others to spend time with them. Even if it's just doing the dirty work. Character Summary: Autumn Blaze is an eccentric Kirin that spent much of her life unable to talk, then followed by being outcasted and living alone after curing her lost voice. With the help of Applejack and Fluttershy she was welcomed back to her town and was allowed to cure all of them from the self imposed silence. After living with her town she found a growing wish to explore the world and see more. There was so much she has yet to see or hear. So packing her bags she jumped on a train with no real game plan other than exploring the world and going wherever she can.
  2. Do not get mad… Do not let anger take over… She really was trying. Tempest held her eyes shut, body shaking as sparks leap off her horn. She did everything she can. She thought of AJ. She thinks of her friends. She played out holding Zappy and him dozing off in her forearms. But every word out of Grubbers muzzle was like claws on a chalkboard. But she can deal with this… Every pony knew what she did. What she was. Ya, she was Commander Tempest of the Grand Armada. She put kingdoms to heel. Made noncompliance towns and cities… disappear. She did all of this and worse. So much worse. She can just keep her muzzle shut and think of better things. She was a better mare… her friends told her so. She ca- Her eyes opened, face twisting with rage. Spinning around her horn screams in to life, raw magic flaring off like a lighting storm. “YOU SPEAK OUT OF LINE!” She screamed at Grubber. The very air felt electric as the hedgehogs fur stands up on end. He can feel an extremely powerful discharge belding up. A feeling he was all to kowing of from his time underneath her command. “DO NOT EVER SPEAK OF MY HORN! DO NOT THINK THE END OF MY FLEET MEANS YOU MAY SPEAK FREE OF IT!” She shouted, spit landing on the hedgehog's face. “DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME!?” She pushed her nose up against his, staring in to his eyes with so much rage as to even make a dragon back up and say she needed too relax some. But yet she did not zap him. For all her yelling this may have been the first time Grubber has ever upset her and not get electrocuted in to the next day for it. Pulling back she panted hard, shutting her eyes as the magic dies down. Deep long breaths. Deep long breaths… “Dismissed.” She mutters, turning away she faced back to the line as if nothing happened. Happy places…. Happy places. “Yes bird… I am the pony you are familiar with… No, I did not take part in what happened to your city. from what I heard it was very beautiful. I hope you can rebuild it.” She says to answer what was asked from the bird, the anger in her voice bleeding away in to a more cold but relaxed tone.
  3. Niilavin holds a paw up, leaning away from blue fainting a look of shock. “[I was not hunting him master, I was just bored and wished to play! If he lost its just a matter of game rules if his fate is to be eaten.]” He says puting his paw down to look up at the pegasus that was much more far away after hearing what blue shouted. Niilavin gumbled in disappointment but walked back to his master. “[fish market? In this city? You have no close rivers. I’m shocked there’d be demanded to keep a stock of fish in a pony city.]” He says looking sound at the white city. Maybe there will be more fun surprises for him here after all. It was a strange city in a strange land and time. There was much to learn and see.
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  5. Some deep part of Tempest was taken back from the smells. She has seen it all before. It was not shocking but opens old doors. One never forgets battle. It will sink deep into one's very soul and nothing you can do will ever remove it. All one can do is reach an understanding. What did bring some shock to her her now caribou face was the one at the table. She knew what he was before he told her. She knew him VERY well. She did not like him. But she did respect him a lot. He’d be one of her bigger road blocks after the conquest of Equestria. He’d never have fallen in line and may have been one of the hardest battles she’d have. But none of that mattered now. That life was over. Moving to sit down she heard what he had to say. She did not reach for a drink until after he took the first sip. She did not fear the drink, no she knew he damned a level of respect and honor at the strongest level. This was a bull to not anger or falt and she was deeply aware of this. If she was not in hiding she may even be afraid of him. But she was one of his kin and she MUST keep it that way. She had no love for her own race and blood but she knew he’d care not. This was a game she can not slip up in. She must be a full blooded caribou to the heart. Now… to explain herself. She rubbed a hoof to her throat, showing off it's scarring as she opens and shuts her muzzle. This was to show she can not speak so he’d understand what she did next and did not think she was just not talking to him. Nuzzling in to a saddle bag she pulled out a roll of paper. Using her two front hooves she pulled it open and held it down flat on the table so he may read the runic text on it. She had a gut feeling she may need to explain herself. Maybe in a rush. So she pre-made several rolls of paper for such a thing. The runic was… messy, but readable. Given the literacy rate of Whitescare she felt her crude runic will not be seen as bad. The fact that she can read and write at all may be seen as a skill not too many have. Or so she hoped. [I am Lightning. I can not talk. I can hear. I can read. I speak with write.] [I hail from far land. Outcast. Father unknown. Mother hunter. Dead in glory. Now alone.] A backstory, basic but believable. She can not have ties as ties make layers of lies. The more one lies, the harder it is to keep it. She just had to hope he’d believe she was some no name outcast trying to just make a name for herself. In her eyes it seems believable. Such a fate can not be to uncommon in whitescar.
  6. Tempest honestly felt flattered to hear some nice remarks about her body. It was such a weird thing for her. On one hoof she liked showing off how strong she was… on the other she hated showing her body. Most of all her mark. It's why she got so attached to her outfit in a way. For how much it was tied with the storm king it was more tied to her own self worth. It made her feel good. Not hiding underneath lots of robes but still keeping all the scars and her flank mark out of view. And it did a very good job showing off her muscles. She can not but help to flex them some at the remarks with a smug grin. What she was not ready for was how good AJ hit the nail on the head with her feelings. It felt extremely weird and made her uneasy. She did not like others reading her that well buy AJ was not wrong at all. “If this is what harmony feels like i’d rather stick with disharmony.” She says shaking her head. “But his trust is… enjoyable. Innocence feels so rare to me… I know it's all over this world, so many of you believe in real Innocence. But seeing it after what happened… it just feels weird. But I am glad he is like that.” She explained as best she can. “Mine was lost so long ago and I can never take it back. I never want another foal to see what I did. Do what I did. I can never… be like you AJ. But I don’t want others to be like me. The world needs more like you and less of me.” She says looking at the food… it did smell dang good. “If I ever end up in the care of one… That is what I’d want.” Moving to her side of the table she looked at the foal on her back. He looked pretty happy there naping. So she did not move him. Just leaning her head down she takes a bite of pancake. Oh. That was good. She’d not have something like this in… so long. Years? More than that. Just home food like this, let alone pancakes. So much of her life was eating what she can get her hooves on… than in the Storm Army eating whatever ‘food’ the cooks made. She almost forgot how good some home-cooked food can be. After enjoying the taste she dived back in, chowing down on the food like a starving hound.
  7. Tempest hated this. She hated every moment of it. Every single word. Act. breath. And yet it was not their fault. They were helping her. Reaching out in forgiveness to try and understand. Yet they did not understand. None of them can or will. She did not hate them. She hated herself. Her weakness. Her failings. She was never strong enough. She never will be. She will never be whole again. She did so much wrong that can never be forgiven. She wanted them too shut up. Too leave her alone. But so much was belding up inside of her. The dam was braking and she was powerless to stop it. “Do you ever just look back on your life… and ask yourself... where did it all go wrong?” She asked, looking at the three of them, her eyes glaring as much as her words. “Can you? Do you even really know what it is like? I wasn’t always the pissed angry mare I am today. I did not drink myself to sleep or go running off in to danger just to feel alive for a few faint moments all my life. Back in the day I used to be… different. Happy. I had hopes, I had dreams! I had plans for my future! Friends! I was going to be the captain of the guard. Fang is living the dream I had… and yet you act as if is meaningless. In the way you talk and act… you want something you can’t have while having what I can only dream of touching again.” “I had it all laid out. I was ready to work hard, make it big, earn bits and get popular… I’d be the %#$$ Spitfire of unicorns! You know the story. Pretty much what every ambitious pony is dreaming of during their filly days. They’d be the best at whatever there talent was. And then… Well…” She trails off, shutting her eyes. She can hear it again. Smell it. Feel it. That hot breath. The pain. Claws. “The world is not fair. We all live blind. We think peace is forever, hope and dreams come true and friendship is magic. Ask the filly crying underneath a news paper from a thunderstorm how wonderful this world is. Ask the filly running for her life how friendship is magic. Ask the filly eating out of the trash how fair life is. Ask the filly watching a town being sacked how peace lasts forever. Ask the filly that found love, just to learn it was was too use her, how love beats all. They say You can only go up when you hit rock bottom. That may be true but you can fall back down, screaming as everything you worked so hard for falls out from underneath you. You three know nothing. You speak of loss on top of the wall of hope.” With that she opens her eyes, staring at them. Even she was… somewhat taken aback at all of that. It was like a flood of feelings she had no power to stop. It felt good to say it all. To speak about how she felt openly yet she knew it did not matter. They'd just say something about friendship with blank smiling faces. No pony can understand. Sometimes she wondered if she even was a pony. It did not feel like it at times. She sighs standing up. “You two look after the Fox. She’s your friend Fang. She just tried running away. She is the one that needs talking to. Not me.” She then turns away from them, walking away.
  8. She was nervous, extremely so. Applejack may never understand how alien she was feeling. Battles no longer made her nervous. She did not fear them or death. They were normal. This was not. This so far removed from normal it felt like she was trying to switch tracks with a rusted lever. Yet it here it was. A foal was placed in her front legs. She just blinked at it as her brain struggled to understand what she was doing and feeling. She looked up at Aj as she walked away, all she had to do was hold him a few minutes. Why did something so basic, so small seem so hard? “O-of course.” She sutters, looking back at the wiggling foal. For so long she had discounted herself from others emotionally. She had too. So many things she had too do. So many awful things. She was horrible in many ways. Yet this foal knew none of it. It trusted her out the door, no fear or worry. It was blind innocence and trust. Something she all but forgot about. This foal can not fake its feelings. Its trust. It was all turthfull, heartfull blind trust. So much so it dozed off in her legs. With that she understood just what she was feeling. Love. AJ told her he was attacked, both of them were. Yet here he was… sleeping. Resting. Trusting her. A stranger that looked and smelled nothing like his family or mother. Yet he put his faith in her. And that made her feel like she has never felt before. Loved. Yes, he didn't love her like his mother or sister. But he, in his small head, believed she’d guard him just as well. That was trust and love that only a foal can have. And she felt some deep need to do just that. She can’t grasp why she did, but it was a powerful feeling. Snapping her head up to look at the doorway she looked at AJ before the mare even spoke. Even distracted by a foal her reflexes nothing short of fox like, to sounds and movement. “Yes.” She says back, keeping her voice down. She then looked back at the foal… Gears turning in her head as she tried to work out how to move with him… Something AJ did all the time. But something Tempest had to work out. After a few moments she came up with her plan. Moving slow she moved him to her side, than using her muzzle hold him up pushed the foal up on her back as she stands up. With him resting on her back she moved to AJ. “He… sleeps well.” She says in soft words well searching for more. Something too explain what she felt. “I feel weird.” Very good explanation.
  9. Tempest saw him long before he did… heard him… She did not make a sound, not one word hoping he’d just WALK PAST but no. The living failure she was chained to her fleet and now chained to again by some paperwork somehow put forth without her consent or wishes. By some blessed luck she hard to hardly EVER deal with that… just some mail about how he was doing in ‘school’ or something. She never did read one of them. But now he was here. Behind her… and worse, trying to talk to her. Worse yet! She can’t trash him for that now. He was free to open that smelly maw of his spit his words all over like the fool he was with no harm to follow. It made the very air vial. “Did I give you permission to speak to me?” She mutters, her voice full of wrath. She didn't even turn her neck to look at him. After a few moments she speaks more. “How has… This… ‘school’ been? Doing better at that I hope than leading my ground forces. Otherwise they’d have kicked you out by now.”
  10. The number of hits Hogo-sha landed on her was getting her frustrated. He was fast and reacted at speeds that felt off. She can’t nail it down but he was no diamond dog. That was easy to read… as for what he really was she did not know. But it was powerful. Seeing him make no moves at her she rested, panting as he talked. He wanted a Tie. on one hoof, she hated that. She wanted too win. On the other by the time one of them did win both of them will be extremely tired or very hurt. Something she did not want to risk. As shameful as it was calling it, it was the smart move. Both of them made a very good showing of skill and power. After thinking on it she walked closer to the dog and nodded her head. This was a smart move in the end. She can have another battle with him later. A repeat occurrence as he asked for. Given his skills and speed he’d make for a very good sparring partner. Her head turned around to look at older Bull making his way over. The Manager of this ring was it? He wasted no time getting to them. “[Go to the preparation hall. Now. You both are wanted.]” Was all the old bull had to say before turning and walking away to deal with other matters. Lightning just rolled her shoulders. This was odd news… someone wanted to meet her? Fascinating. Maybe she won the eye of some bull. Wasting no time she trotted away to the rings doorway that leads down to the preparation hall and disappeared down it.
  11. Tempest chewed on a few things in her mind. She wanted to know what stallion sired the foal. It was most likely a pegasus… But she has yet to see one picture of a male pegasus. Just plenty with her friends and family. The lack of this unknown male is what made her feel so hesitant to ask about it. Some wounds are best left unopened. Most of all, if you did not know even the first words of the story behind them. -Wanna hold him?- That pulled her back to the topic at hand, at first she just thinks she misheard something. Than she looks about the room too see if another member of the family showed up. Nope. She looked back at AJ blinking in disbelief. “You wish to intrust me with holding the…” She cuts her words, it was not something. It was not some object. It was a living thing and it's…. His mother was in trusting his safety in the hooves of herself. That was something she did not know how to even break down. Where to start? Did AJ trust her so much? She did leave her alone with the foal before but to single her out and place its safety on her? “I… Never have held a foal before.” She says standing up and walking over to AJ. Her body language seemed to change before AJs eyes. Softer hoof steeps. Least threatening posture. Tempest was not even aware of it as her instincts tried to make her less threatening to the young one. Now that she was closer she sat down on her flank, holding her front legs out, close together. “How do… I hold him?” She asked, looking at the foal than at AJ. She felt scared, nervous… what if she hurt him? Something about that was deeply worrying and she can’t understand why. Why was she feeling like this? What was going on with her?
  12. Rage was in many ways the most powerful feeling for Tempest. Rage is what allowed her to live where others have fallen. Rage pushed her on past pains that made lesser willed turn back. Yet it was her biggest weakness as well. In times of stress, fear or pain it roared to the top and holding it back was almost pointless. And when she was not in the mindset to hold it at all the feeling blinded her. And that blindness was the opening Feng had as Tempest jumped for Sunset like a hungry wolf. Flailing and kicking out she struggles in his grasp, still trying to reach Sunset like some feral beast. “Traitors!” She screamed in her struggles to break free, pushing at Feng to make him let go. But his hold was strong and he made no move to harm her. None of them did. But his words did the most to reach Tempest. His commands managed to get past the blinding rage as her struggles slowed. Peace by peace everything that happened started to fit together. Details she missed, words blocked out. They all came together to show one thing clear… She bucked up. They were not trying to hurt her. Did her mind make up all of it? She did not know and that was even more horrifying on a truth to swallow. What if Feng did not stop her? How far was her blind fear and rage willing to go? With that she stopped struggling and looked away from all three of them. This. This is why she can’t have friends. And she knew it. “I…” She trails off, the rage in her face and words gone. After a few moments of deep breaths she spoke up again. “Standing down’ Sir.”
  13. By the time Applejack returned Tempest moved on from staring at everything, she did not want to look too weird or something. But her trotting in place soon stopped as she saw the foal. She cocked her head to the side, blinking at it. She looked at Zappy with as much curiosity and confusion as the foals own. After a few moments of the two just staring at one other she walked closer and looks the foal over as AJ talked. “You speak as if I never hunted them before. I did not live all my life in the Storm Army. The wild landes raised me more than they ever did.” She says in that ever classic tone of hers. “But more than one way to make them never come back. Never seen one pull itself back together from heaps of ash.” She eyed the foal up as if she has never seen one before. But as soon as it reached for her muzzle she back pedals away as if was about to bite her… Feeling utterly uneasy about what to do with… it. She moved to the far side of the room and sat down. “I’m not shocked you held your own. Shame I was not here to help. Not that I think you need it… more so I’d have enjoyed destroying them alongside you.” She added, settling down on the rug on the floor like some dog as she watched the foal and all the odd sounds it made. When AJ came out Tempest looked over at her. Still laying on the rug. What AJ did next… confused her. At first. It took a few moments for it to click it was nursing. Something about all of this was unnerving her. Hatred. Want. Love. Disgust. All battling it out to explain this unknown feeling. Was she this disjointed from life? “maple?” Tempest says in response to what was asked of her. “I don’t really remember. Last time I had one… Well, I think I was younger… no, I know I was younger than Apple bloom. I did not have my mark back then.” She says with a glance at her covered body. “But I remember loving them. Are cook was a zebra… sweet mare. She made them so good.” She says thinking back on the old days. “Mother never did cook for me. To busy.” She looked back at the shape underneath the blanket.
  14. Tempest was not ok. Now with three closing in on her the extremely scared and still panicking mare backs away, eyes jumping between all three with growing alarm. They were all in on it. All betraying her. This was a trap. She was trapped. All planned. Just to get her! They wanted her vulnerable! Sunset just said so! They can’t trick her again. She had to run! But where? She was trapped! Her heart felt like it was going to explode as she backed up against a wall. She had to get away. She had too! Fight-or-flight. She had no hope for running. She had to fight! “Y-you liars! Betrayers!” She yelled, pushing away from the wall she leaps at Sunset. She had to get her magic back. This was all Sunsets falt! Sunset made her vulnerable! Sunset must be the leader! She’d take down all three of them if she must! She will not fall today!
  15. “Flapjacks?” Tempest asked, somewhat shocked by the change of gears. But one she was fine with. Food sounds good. “Not had that… in a very long time.” she added thinking on it. “Last time I had some I was just a small filly. Be nice to enjoy them again” She stretched out and followed Applejack. “Got timberwolves? I can deal with them for you.” She offers. “When I move on I will head out in the woods and hunt them down.” She shrugs. Tempest looks about the home, taking her time to do so. She looked like a lost mare as she gently walked about and stopping to look at… just about everything. But most of all family photos. They really drew her as she gazed at them with no hint to what she was feeling about it. That same cold face blinked at them, moving from one to the next. “Ya.” She mutters, leaning down to look at one framed photo… Then something clicked. She looked back for AJ but the mare was gone. “Is… She a mother?” Tempest asked to nopony before looking back at the photos. Someing deep in her... did not know how to feel. It was unnerving.
  16. Tempest felt like time itself stopped as she stared up at the roaring monster. Fear. Pain. Fear. She was never strong enough to stop it. Her horn failed. Her legs gave out. She was never strong enough. Unmoving she watched it come down, jaws wide swallow her in to the pit of darkness… -Tempest!- Her ears flick. -Are you alright?!- She was alone… so alone… what was talking? She felt hooves… Than her eyes opened for real. Scrambling up on her hooves she trips over herself in a panic, panting hard as her eyes darted around. Sitting on her flank she stays put gasping for air as her heart pounded. She looked at Sunset, eyes focusing on her as Tempest remembers where she is. This was Sunsets falt! Sunset betrayed her! She… She took the magic. Tempest’s rage held back. Her magic… With a shaking hoof Tempest touches her own horn. “M-magic… Give… give it back.” she mutters, her voice shaking with fear. For all her rage and lust for battle the mare in front of Sunset seemed more like a scared filly than a battle hardened veteran. So lost in her own fears she did not know her magic was back already.
  17. Tempest started down the giant fox, unflinching as its muzzle filled with green flames and fang. She steps closer, her horn thundering as the thatch roof underneath her hooves smolders and smokes from the rolling storm of magic flowing down her body like a living lightning rod. Hooves space out, horn aims. She did not plan to hit the fox, they were not out here to hurt her after all. But if the fox was going too show off so was she! Than a spell hit her. Tempest was taken back from the shock as her magic sputters out. Betrayed! That word screamed in her head. She was Betrayed. Swinging her head to aim at Sunset, her eyes full of rage. Than nothing… The rage faded away from her face as her eyes go wide. “No.” She mutters, trying to channel her magic again. “No no no no no!” Is the only word leaving her muzzle as she back pedals and looks up at the giant fox. Towering. Fangs. Just like the ursa. She saw it replay in her head. A small helpless filly with no magic. Helpless, screaming for her life. Tripping over her own legs Tempest falls off the thatch roof out of view of the others well they were busy talking to Yanhua. In her panic and fall she failed to what see happened between Feng and the fox.
  18. “Well, I think the bull story made him shy and run.” Tempest says looking back at Applejack. “So, still stuck with me.” She added with soft grin of enjoyment as she stretches her legs out from all the running about in mud. She was very dirty now, her hide a mix of mud, dirt and sweat yet she was none to bothered by it. Baths are a luxury most ponies never understand is a luxury. Same for fresh drinking water but that’s a tangent for another day. She looked out over the farm and clear skies. Really this was what she grew up in. Well it was no farm life the lands outpost towns and cities was her home. How many farms did she see? Roads? Rivers? Can she ever settle down? She did not know yet. But for now this was what she needed. Looking back at AJ she watched the mare work. That was a Mare she can get behind. Working every day, feeling blessed for what she had and not shying away from work that will leave most laid out on the ground. Can they be friends? AJ may think so but something clawed at the back of Tempest’s feelings saying they can’t be. She can’t have friends. She’d never fit in with them. AJ had plenty. “So, what’s next boss?"
  19. “What in the name of…” Tempest muttered as walked down a road from good bit of running. One of the better parts of this place was the farmland outside of town. The weather was pretty nice all year long. Not too hot, not too cold. Lots of open farmland. Can’t ask for better weather or views for a good run. But what she was not expecting walking back to her renting room in ponyville was this. She did want to stop by and greet AJ… She did like the mare, of all the element holders she was her favorite. Just the most down to earth, easy to talk to. Honestly she was a good mare and if Tempest was less nervous about friendships she’d be so blunt as to call AJ a good one. Maybe her best. … if one can have a best friend when they had none. Walking past the short line she looked at the booth, ear flicking as she looked at AJ and reads the text. Arching an eyebrow she had to read it again. Something about this was…. Funny. Buy some apples and get a kiss from AJ? Pifff, why’d some pony what that? Well the kiss part. That’d just be weird. She was just some earth pony. And one of the element holders! … And strong. Caring. Hard working. Cares about her family and will do whatever it takes for them… Well now she was just staring and making this weird. Looking away she gazed at the short line. Well… She will just get some apples and say hello. Moving to the back she gets in to the line.
  20. Tempest slides to a stop on the roof, looking at the now giant fox in aw. For a blink of an eye she saw that… Bear again. But she choked down that feer. This looked nothing like it. “Well this is new.” She says blinking, then grins as here horn flairs to life with a thundering clap of power. She had no plans on hurting the fox, not at all! But if the fox wanted to play hard ball she was going to do the same. “GOOD SHOW!” She yells up at the fox. “IS IT MY TURN?!” She shouted as her horn sparked with power that rolled over her body like a thunderstorm.
  21. “I joined to do my duty for the Hurricane Conglomerate!” She barks back at the pink mare. “Fame, cred and all one can hope for is easy when you join the Hurricane Conglomerate Enforcer Core!” She added like some advertisements… It was not to far from the truth… maybe. But her rank did come with some fun… favors. Shame Rainbow was found to be working with Runners… so shameful. The look on that mares face when she worked out how utterly dead she was about to be. But such daydreaming must come to an end… the battle was heating up! Shield was taking some heavy blows from the pink mare. What was she? The battle AI was overclocking itself keeping up with every new trick she was pulling out. Jut how many tricks did she have? She can’t track and pre-plan every single one! -Contact lost- Do what now? How did she lose conta- …. Ow. -OS rebooted- -All systems: Online- -Enforcer states: Offline-Danged- -Implants states: Offline-Danged- Well that’s not good. She felt… something going on. But she was blind and deaf to whatever was going on. Her core systems were working at least but she must have taken one heck of a blow. -diagnostic test starting- Well that was going to be fun. Here's hoping she did not die or something until it fixed itself. -ERROR: failed to content to ECCM- -ERROR: failed to content to CCNW- Oh not again! ----- Kōkina Kyūkei at least had more luck. Thanks too LD being… offline thanks to a pink alicorn leaving a hoof print on her face Kōkina Kyūkei’s nanite transmitters got a head start in scanning the mare well she was down. And what first drips of data Kōkina Kyūkei got was very alarming in how powerful the energy source for LD was and how advanced she was. For all Neighpon had this mare outclassed them by a few decades . --- “Ugh…” LD moans as her eyes booted up. About time… Still can’t move yet. Or hear. She looks about at all the smoke and fire… the heck did she miss?
  22. A gasp of air forced its way out of Lightnings muzzle as she hit the ground with force from Hogo-sha’s slam. He was getting far more aggressive! Seeing the paw rising up she knew what was coming and by the hair of her hide rolled out of the way in time. Spinning on to her chest before leaping up with the help of all for legs. Bouncing back to get a moment of space before she rushed back in knowing he’d not let her rest long. Moving at him as if to charge with her antlers she held onto the last moment before pulling her head to the side, digging her front hooves in and spinning her flank out front to deliver a sweep at the dogs legs to knock him over.
  23. Niilavin stretched out like a cat, claws digging up grass before he lays out in the sun as his master took to leaning against his side to talk with the mutts. Looking out at the park his eyes followed a few flying pegasus… They made him feel hungry. If only one got closer… Looking over at his master he leans his head to the side, than looks at the mutts more. What was so fascinating about them? He was about to speak up on it but the sound wings took his gaze back to a few flying onlookers. So close… pulling himself up the large cat-pony moved in to a crouching hunt as he slowly walked away from Blue and closer to the nearist hovering pegasus. “[Come now, come closer… Do you wish to play a game of riddles?]” He asked, but the lucky pegasus can’t understand the sphinx and its offering and did not respond or come closer. Niilavin felt confused at first but the fact of the matter hit him soon… it can’t understand him. Did that mean it lost the game? He did not know… Can one lose the game if they never understand it to play?
  24. Oh this was… boring. Tempest had a flawless shot at jumping the fox here and now but what fun will that be? She was only warming up! So she just watched the fox run past the shocked Sunset with an uncaring smirk before turning and running alongside the rooftops following her pray. The hunt was fresh and the games only just starting. “Come now fox~ Is this all you have!?” She shouted down at Yanhua. “You are a beast of magic! Show me what you can really do!” she added before leaping to the next rooftop. What power did this fox have? Shape shifting was one. But there must be more… fire? Her tails did end in green flames. Tempest wanted to see what this magic fox can do. Rather or not the others liked this did not mean much in the face of some real fun. They’d get her in the end, why did they care how long it takes? She’d hoped Feng may understand that but even he seems to want to make this as boring as one can. A pitty.
  25. I am back! But in no shape to post just yet. partying for allmost one week leaves one prety dang sick feeling. soon as i am not deaht walking i shall post!


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