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  1. PrinceBlueblood

    [Age of Heroes] Love and Disdain. Again. [OPEN]

    Unaware that her secret identity had just been drastically compromised, Platinum Gem slipped through the dust and rubble, bringing with her the aura of salt air about her. Nautical atmosphere? It must be a part of the relic's power; probably not the relic that transformed the Prince into a mare though. Out of the corner of her "third eye," Ossia might have detected the gathering of minions, all dressed as maids. So, that little announcement had been a signal to rally her forces? Apparently, and from the fact that the mare was certainly going towards the museum, it wasn't intended to be a blatant diversion. Perhaps it was a double-bluff; sometimes the forces of law and order acted stupidly through being too clever by half. In any case, the museum's paltry security was no match for the sudden meido rush that overwhelmed the lot of them. At least they had the common courtesy to give each of them a good-night kiss after knocking them out... "Alright girls, split like I told you in the plan. Stick to the buddy system, and meet me by the gift shop; we got some souvenirs to get!"
  2. PrinceBlueblood

    Retracing Old Hoofsteps. (ATTN: Alvida, PM to join)

    It was cheering, at least, that Bluebelle had found a like-minded mare. Icy was a new induction into the nobility, but more active than most who had held onto their titles for generations. And together with House Dupone as well... plans began brewing up in the Princess' mind. Plans which, however, would have to wait until later. "Be more than happy to discuss that with you. Both of you, in fact. Over tea, perhaps?" Best to focus on the issues of here and now, research into crystals and magic. "Well, I'm afraid I won't be much of a resource for that; House Platinum has birthed few scholars, and I didn't buck the trend. Old tories and social butterflies, the lot of us, with a few capitalists thrown in." She paused, tilting her head at Icy. "Er, I don't think anypony's told you how the power of the Houses are informally classified? It's helpful to keep things straight in the Canterlot social scene." "Anyway..." She turned back to Raven, offering a smile. "What I can help you with is in the organization of the thing. Paperwork and the like; research and documentation takes secretaries as much as scholars, and I know where to find the best. You can't have him, though, he works for me full time," The Princess giggled, "But he has a long list of recommendations."
  3. PrinceBlueblood

    Wolf in Pony's Clothing? (Pressy)

    "It's quite alright, really..." Blueblood's protest was a weak one, not really one to object to Taira's nuzzles. Really, if the big shaggy stallion wanted to be affectionate or impressive, who was one unicorn Prince to stop him? And sure enough, the kirin was impressive once again, bounding from carriage roof to carriage roof, leaping at last to snatch the kerchief away from its brief dreams of becoming a flag. Huzzah! "Wow! You demonstrate quite the ability, although..." Blueblood paused awkwardly in his congratulations to spare an eye towards the bounced-on carriages. The owners and drivers had stopped in shock upon hearing, and feeling, the sudden impact of the heavy stallion. That stoppage now was backing up traffic, leaving quite a few high-class ponies in a lowering mood. "Er, yes, perhaps we should best get going! Auntie won't be in at her school, it's not in session today anyway I think, but that means we won't be bothering anypony by showing up! Anyhow, let's be off..."
  4. PrinceBlueblood

    Retracing Old Hoofsteps. (ATTN: Alvida, PM to join)

    There was a somewhat bittersweet smile on the Princess' face, as she heard Icy recount her deeds in the Spire. "That's significantly more of a contribution than I made to either, at the time. Like I said, it's what inspired IMAGINE. But... while you and I both remember and keep close ties as we can with Whitescar, the fact that memories of cruelty rather than kindness are the ones we perpetuate reminders of troubles me. Here, let me show you what I mean." She levitated over the laminated bit of newsprint she had been reading. It was cut out of the editorial page of the Canterlot Chronicle, from an anniversary memorial edition. The author of this piece was Earth Writer, a reporter who had been on the ground when the invasion happened, and participated in the defense of the Heart. Bluebelle's glowing magic highlighted a particular part of the article: Leaving the article with the blue mare, she turned to Raven, with hopes of speaking on more cheery topics. "Well, I can't speak to the property markets; I've work enough on my hooves managing my estate as it stands without adding to it. Did you hear about the exorcism I had to conduct on my summer home? Boy, that was less than fun, I'll you what. Not to mention the concurrent flood and fire. Ah, the joys of homeownership, eh?" The Princess wore the laughing expression one holds for troubles in the past which won't be returning.
  5. PrinceBlueblood

    Yama-Chan from the Mountains

    I think this one would be more a sister than a brother
  6. PrinceBlueblood

    Retracing Old Hoofsteps. (ATTN: Alvida, PM to join)

    "As it happens..." The Princess sighed, stepping out from behind the reading podium to get closer to the two mares. "I was here to memorialize as well, though in writing rather than statuary." Blue eyes flickered between Ice and Raven, triggering an upward quirk of Bluebelle's lips to break her somber visage. "Seems to me you two have more grounds for visiting Cadence than I do right now." She took Raven's hoof in a gentle shake, appraising the mare. "Crystal research, eh? Well, I suppose this is the right place. And honestly, it's only fair to say that my major philanthropic efforts only came up recently. I'm not sure... if I hadn't seen myself so much destruction and death, that I would have been quite so motivated to put something better in the world. Though, I think it important to remember also, that close on the heels of the attacking caribou were the clans who came to assist with the rebuilding. They aren't memorialized enough, if you ask my opinion; ponies seem much quicker to forget their healers than their harmers."
  7. PrinceBlueblood

    Wolf in Pony's Clothing? (Pressy)

    The sudden, explosive sound of Taira's sneeze triggered deep reflexes within Prince Blueblood. Namely, he leaped up into the air with a decidedly un-masculine shriek, before landing on his hooves again, panting and quite insensitive to any potential transformations in his friend. To be fair to the unicorn, of course, his nerves were completely shot by the collapse of the scaffold. Taira would understand, right. "Right, that's it, we're getting out of here. You need clean, fresh, non-dusty air!" Smoothing down his mane with a few quick strokes of his hooves, he led the way out of the market atrium, blithely waving away any concern over the kerchief. "Like I said, I have plenty. Take another, if you ever need it." Sure was nice being rich and famous, eh? Emerging into his Auntie's sunlight, Blueblood stood blinking for a bit, before turning back to his guest. "Well, that sort of heroism puts a permanent claim on my hospitality, not that I'd refuse if you asked, at any rate. You seem a good, strong fellow, and I rather think I'll enjoy your company today. Is there anything in particular in this fair city that you dreamed of seeing? I, of course, will be your guide, as there is nowere, not even the Palace itself, that is barred to me!"
  8. PrinceBlueblood

    Retracing Old Hoofsteps. (ATTN: Alvida, PM to join)

    On a bright and sunny day like this (as most days in the Empire tended to be, in fact), it was rare to see very many ponies populate the library. You had the scholars and the bookwoorms, plus the little colts and fillies here to pick up a bright and colorful foal's book to take home and enjoy. So too, would visitors sometimes approach to delve deeper into the Crystal Empire's history, bowing their head over the archives, perhaps with a librarian or two to assist them. There were also those who came, not to receive information, but to donate it. After all, the library did have 1,000 years of the outside world to catch up on! Near the entrance, Ice and Raven would have seen a visitor-archivist pair of Crystal Pony and unicorn outsider. One rather familiar unicorn, in fact; a rather fetching mare with alabaster coat and golden mane. Currently she was wearing a pensive frown, reviewing a laminated bit of newsprint, though the potential threat of premature wrinkles were dispelled by the smile she showed the pair upon their entrance. "Well, hello Icy! Fancy meeting you here. And who's this with you? Oh, Lady Dupone? What brings you to the Crystal Empire?" Bluebelle tilted her head slightly in inquiry.
  9. PrinceBlueblood

    What was Left Behind [Open, Walk-in]

    Psmith Sr. had been about to reply to his wife that of course it was absolutely necessary for him to accompany the expedition for... reasons which would no doubt occur to him as he spoke. Such extemporaneous defenses of his whims were scattered to the winds by the capricious chaos spirit's invocation of the sacred yokai. Or, at any rate, his sudden summoning of a dog. A talking dog, apparently? Lucky wouldn't put it past the Draconeqqus, but it never hurt to be sure. "By Jove, is that a talking dog? If so, I do have to agree, old chap, that was really 'ruff' treatment, what what?" Absently patting Taira on the head, a gesture that required the stallion to stand on his tippy-hooves, he turned to the Roan, the supposed leader of this expedition. "What do you say, chief? Will our chances of success be bolstered by canine companionship?"
  10. PrinceBlueblood

    Wolf in Pony's Clothing? (Pressy)

    Surprisingly enough, Blueblood found himself reluctant to be let down. There was something in him that liked being carried by big, strong ponies... or pony-like creatures. Or griffons. OK, perhaps his affinity was for the physically strong and protective in general. It would certainly explain his attraction towards his own guards, that's for certain! That little bit of self-knowledge aside, there was public dignity to consider. Well, after one last 'glad-I'm-alive' nuzzle, that is. "I think I should be able to walk on my own, now, thanks to you." Smiling back up at Taira, the Prince slipped out of his grip, setting four hooves on the floor once again. "Um... you don't mind terribly if we go outside, do you? I feel in need of come *cough* fresh air." Understandable, as quite a bit of dust had been kicked up by their little shindig...
  11. PrinceBlueblood

    A Wedding of Northern Lights (Pretzel, Dusty, Open)

    The ritual now neared it's end, the binding of two souls, two families of adoption into one house, one new and sacred thing. Or, perhaps, it would be best to think of this as a beginning, the setting off upon a lifetime quest. Halvard felt that deep within his chest, a more profound version of the excitement he had upon beginning a trading voyage to distant lands. He raised his hoof, touching fetlocks with Sigrun as he worked to keep his breath steady. The queen bound their hooves, giving the final questions to their vows. "Do you both pledge to share each other's pains and seek to alleviate them?" "Yes, I do so pledge." "Do you promise to share in each other's brightness and seek to grow brighter in your journeys?" "Yes, I shall." "Will you honor each other as equals in this union?" "Absolutely yes!" He greeted his mate's smile with one of his own, as he awaited the final words from the Queen. That was when the party would *really* begin...
  12. PrinceBlueblood

    Wolf in Pony's Clothing? (Pressy)

    The mere sight of Taira's calmness had done much to steady Blueblood's nerves as he cast his spell, and the adeptness with which the burdensome debris was cast aside entirely justified that calm. It took the Prince's breath away, momentarily, to be so swept up by the kirin, but being held close like that by a strong, strapping stallion... he didn't mind that so much. "Hum... yes." Blueblood replied, letting out a deep breath. Relaxing his muscles, he nuzzled into his rescuer. "I usually have a guard around me, but I didn't want to be too much of a bother in the crowd. Really should be more cautious about that sort of thing, danger can strike even at home." He gave a soft little laugh, looking curiously up at Taira. "I don't suppose... well, I guess you already have a job or position back in your home country, don't you?"
  13. PrinceBlueblood

    Wolf in Pony's Clothing? (Pressy)

    The illusions were interesting, in their own way, but having lived his entire life in the capital city of the unicorns, Blueblood had grown slightly desensitized to the impressiveness of magic. It wasn't quite fair to his guest, he would be the first to admit. On the other hoof, the Prince was quite ready to be impressed by displays of physical prowess, and Taira obviously held the potential to give quite the show. If asked, though, Blue probably would have wanted a show under less intense circumstances! It all came upon him quite suddenly, too much so for him to think. One moment, the pair were strolling along, chatting amiably; the next, Blueblood found himself slung across a pair of broad shoulders, clinging to the neck of the galloping stallion as he felt the muscles shift and strain underneath the shaggy pelt. He barely had time to catch his breath before realizing that they were trapped, and that Taira's strength was the only thing between them and being crushed under the weight of wood and metal! "I... I..." Blueblood tried to control his breathing, and summon magic to their aid. Hyperventilating would not help at this time! "Ok... ok... On my count of three, push out. We're going to try a breakthrough. One..." Golden light gathered around his horn. "Two..." He pictured in his mind the angles of gravity and force that would have to be overcome. "Three!" A burst of power surrounding three key structural components suddenly shifted them out of alignment, creating a brief opening to charge through!
  14. PrinceBlueblood

    Wolf in Pony's Clothing? (Pressy)

    Finding himself transfixed by the sight of expanded musculature on the stallion across from him, Taira's second sneeze caught Blueblood off-guard, causing him to jump to his hooves and shy a bit. A few deep breaths were enough to steady his nerves back down, though; the soothing mist had quite a lot to do with that. He blinked, taking in deep lungfuls of the mountain-scented air. "That's... impressive magic. Does it include illusions?" The Prince tilted his head, peering into the dissipating clouds. He could have sworn he saw... never mind. "Oh, don't worry, I've been blown about worse by the sea's stormy gales." He chuckled, levitating over his silk hoofkerchief. "You can keep this, I have plenty." Smoothing down the front of his coat, Blue gathered up the detritus of their meal and discretely disposed of it. "Anyhow, if you're interested, I'll tell you the story of how I came to be saddled with this rather unusual condition of mine. It might amuse you." He went around to the kirin's side, offering to chat and walk at the same time. "So it began... hm, over a year ago in fact. I was seriously ill with some form of flu, or meningitiliti... something or other. Possibly both at once. Anyhow, feeling both that I was about to die and that such would be preferable to one more day like that. So, I sent off for the best magician I knew, Princess Twilight Sparkle, to cast a bit of healing magic. Well, she came through for me; unfortunately, right in the middle of her casting it, I gave out such a sneeze, that even you'd be proud of it! Well, it sort of shorted out something about the spell. Oh, I got a perfectly healthy body out of it, just the body of a perfectly healthy mare!" He laughed, remembering back to that first day. "Bit of a surprise, I'll you that much. Took a while to figure out what happened, and then why I kept seeming to switch back and forth. Eventually, we tracked it down to coffee and tea. I don't know why, but those ended up being the triggers. Magic, eh?" Over the course of their wanderings, the Prince had unconsciously drifted them apart from the crowds, where he wouldn't have to raise his voice quite so much. The pair were in the back of the market now, unpopulated by stalls, and in some places still under renovation, with tall, rickety wooden scaffolding creaking above their heads...
  15. PrinceBlueblood

    [Age of Heroes] Love and Disdain. Again. [OPEN]

    Ooh... Did Ossia know, when she pointed at the image of the Sunlight Sentinel, just what sore spot in the Prince's psyche she had put her hoof upon? Two hours' research into his family history and relations vis-a-vis the solar alicorn might have revealed it to the curious and empathetic; Blueblood for his part didn't exactly advertise the fact. But this mare... she had been so understanding and sympathetic... perhaps it wouldn't be too much to reveal a little bit more of himself on the way to the cafe. "Oh, her? The Academy's her biggest legacy, and that's certainly stood the test of time. Year in, year out, she still plays the part of headmistress, barely time for anything else these days, family included." The stallion gave a large sigh, lamenting lonely hours as a young colt, cooped up in a big house with stuffy servants... a bit of care on her part might have saved several ponies many headaches down the road in his misdevelopment. "But you're right, no real permanent solution. And this whole place does stand as a sort of challenge, doesn't it? And we just let them come to us." There was a valiant attempt to shake off the topic, a bit of chit-chat on likely little lunch destinations along restaurant row. The Prince had a surprisingly broad palette, taking it as point of pride that he could acquire a taste for any cuisine. "I'm a sailor by hobby, and I have to take what hospitality is on offer at every port. I like to think it is me giving even the roughest or hottest dish a cooling, elegant touch by my patronage." He chuckled, but such shallow talk as skated over the surface of conversation was broken like thin autumn ice over a pond when the ground began to shake. "Oh dear, not again..." He murmured out loud, grateful for the bracing hold of Ossia to keep him from an inelegant stumble. While outwardly dismayed at the dragon, once it came into sight, the Prince was secretly calculating his opportunities. Were he not escorting his date, this would be the ideal time for, hypothetically, a glamorous and flashy villainess to pull of a relic heist while all patrolling heroes were busy with beating off a dragon. However, Blueblood was not alone, and he was loath to let go of this intriguing mare, even for the long-term purpose of increasing his power base. Perhaps if some convenient distraction were to appear- And lo, as though the dragon had heard his secret prayer, an arc of his breath fire arched above the sky, aiming to hit the cobbles right in front of them. "Ossia! Watch out!" Giving her a shove towards the shelter of an alley, he rolled away as if struck into the smoke. A quick dash into the alcove, a donning of the Glamour Garnet and the Aqua Marine later... *Ka-BISH!* A jet of water from the busted main under the street suddenly doused the flames, sending up a great shrouding cloud of steam, in which the silhouette of a captivating mare could be seen, with faint red and blue sparkles from the gems set around her neck. "Fools! Now that they are all distracted by the mere giant lizard, the Great Platinum Gem shall rob the Canterlot Museum from right under their very noses!" A captivatingly beautiful voice of a femme fatale rang out from the mists, because of course villainesses would always loudly announce their plans right before doing them. Narrative law of the Universe, certain and dependable as gravity.