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  1. It took a bit for Shining Armor to translate Barbera's question in his head. Studying Itailian was one of the things he'd taken on to connect with his wife back when she was just his marefriend, but language studies hadn't been his strong suit. Cadence would still sometimes bring up the time he'd ordered the "Jackets required" at the restaurant in Rome he took her to for one of her birthdays. Speaking of Jacket's... there he was, in the formal red-and-blues. As far as he knew, he still fit in them; he wasn't the sort of stallion just to let himself go just because he was married! True love also meant keeping up your exercise routine to look good for your wife. Looking over to her, he could see tears begin to well up, and he could guess what she was thinking. "Not for a while yet, love. Don't miss the present while your head's in the future."
  2. Feng chuckled, "I wish the Empress could hear you talk about the health risks of stressing over trivialities, though no doubt she would have a ready retort about how anything she happened to be worried about was, in fact, a point upon which the whole Jade Throne rested. It's not so much a matter of controlling one's stress, really, as it is of keeping things in perspective. We cannot help but focus our anxieties upon what we perceive as important and at risk." Almost as if he felt a little embarrassed about his wanderings in philosophical medicine, he shrugged, slowing his pace on the way to the college park. "But, then, in my line of business, trivial things do often mean something important going on beneath, so who am I to say? I crossed the ocean to account for a budget line-item!" There were more clouds than blue visible in the sky, but the sun was not yet fully obscured. Some students were out, but it was not the sort of day which presented unanswerable temptations to shirk lectures or studying. Feng tested the grass a bit with his hooves, before taking a trotting start into a takeoff, circling above Medo for one or two loops before coming back to hover beside her. "Ahhh, that's much better. Now, it's actually not all that likely that we would see each other again, if you didn't specifically seek me out. The Palace complex is practically it's own city; the inner circle of those who the Empress meets with directly all know each other, but besides that? Not even the Empress knows everyone. But if you're interested, I am usually outdoors on my off hours. I enjoy long flights, or even taking an hour or two on the training grounds. You wouldn't think it too look at me, eh?" He smiled, though in the back of his mind he began to feel his disguise mentality slip. He really needed to leave soon, lest he blow his whole cover. The lack of danger he could sense around this place was really dulling his instincts...
  3. It was with a palpable degree of relief that Feng got to his hooves. "Thank you very much, Medo. Or Arigato, in your native tongue? I have had some opportunity to pick up on your native language." He smiled, proving her readings of him right as he followed her out the door. "It is, I hope, no offense to you, but staying in that room reminded me too much of involuntary periods of confinement to the palace infirmary. Not an unpleasant place to stay, but a dull one. I am told that enduring such blank times is a discipline of the mind, but I cannot say that it is one suited to my temperament."
  4. Of course. Of course. Of bucking COURSE the universe was not going to take Spoiled Rich seriously. Like most ponies with an unrepentantly unpleasant disposition, Spoiled attributed every bit of bad fortune and humor at her expense to the whims of cruel fate, if not to the petty envy of all the ponies around her. But that sort of inter-social meanness was not something she could attribute to Scootaloo, for all that she was one of those (formerly) blank-flanked little ingrates that corrupted her daughter. No, like most foals, she was just dumb. The very fact that the tiny pegasus had taken Spoiled's obvious sarcasm seriously was testament to that fact. And the rest of the town applauding her? It honestly made the mare think twice about proposing to run for mayor in a town with such a collective lack of brains and taste. *But they won't improve if ponies like us don't do something about it.* With set jaw, she inwardly renewed her resolve. She would win this contest, and drag Ponyville kicking and screaming into better circles, come Tartarus or the deluge! Snorting, she answered Copper in a flat tone. "Oh, of course. If they aren't bewitched by some song-and-dance razzle-dazzle. It wouldn't be the first time we all got carried away by that." Kind word though it may have been, a pony in a sour mood is half-deaf to such things.
  5. This was somewhat beyond Feng's paygrade, or technically below it. He didn't actually know how much the infirmary head was paid; should he ask her? "Hm, I have to confess that I don't know the answer to any of these questions. I'd say that we lead the world in herbal medicine, but that might just be normal patriotic exaggeration. I could introduce you to a few experts at the palace that can give you a better picture of the situation, but beyond that, I'm afraid I can't help you." He stretched out, wings flapping. Sitting still for so long wasn't exactly comfortable to him; if Medo was skilled in reading body language, she would be able to tell that he was typically a very active stallion. "Any other questions?"
  6. Filthy's enthusiastic endorsement was the first bit of audience reaction to reach Spoiled Rich's ears, and it was indeed music to them. Not that she had expected anything else from her husband dearest; the stallion knew what was good for him. And for his good sense, he was rewarded with a warm smile, a rare enough sight for him, and an exceptionally rare look for her to wear in public. Sadly... it was not to last, as it seemed her run was not to go unopposed. Out of the corner of her eyes, she'd seen half of one of a pair of twins walk to the sign up sheet. She didn't really know either very well, they were part of the "new crowd" which Ponyville's growth (and Princess) had brought in. They didn't seem to say much; a discomfort with public speaking, perhaps? Well, that boded well for her in the inevitable public debates, so perhaps that was a mere negligible concern. Less negligible was the next pony to get the podium. This... Strong Copper, another newcomer, was of an altogether different breed. Canterlot breed, in fact, and Spoiled was enough of a snob to have that count for something with her, though it might have been merely increased rivalry than any desire to court favor. Especially as he seemed to seek to out-do her in ingratiation of Mayor Mare, despite not having anything near the personal experience with her company, or civic work in general. Leaning over to Filthy Rich as she resumed her place, she spoke in a tone low enough to pass for private conversation, but in reality pitched to carry through the whole hall, "Well, how progressive our systems are, to not have lack of experience be a barrier to attempted service! I wonder if any of Miss Cheerilee's students would care to announce their candidacy as well?"
  7. Settled back, smiling easily, Feng met Medo's questions with the breezy familiarity of an old friend. "No real crisis, a general audit is just part of the succession process. Keeps the bureaucracy from turning the Jade Throne into their own plaything, you know? You have to do one at least once every generation to make sure that everything is in line and accounted for. Dynasties have been ruined by letting things get out of hoof, so this is more a measure to prevent crises and root out nascent corruption. Hence, why line-items with no stated purpose are looked into. "As for future plans..." Feng shrugged. "The last Emperor who set up your scholarship didn't write any down, so as far as we know, it was probably just a reward out of gratitude. The offhand and informal way it was set up seems in line with that." Being a Watcher meant being an on-the-fly analyst as well as a spy and warrior-guardian. "But that was then; I don't know what Empress Yue will say. I don't think she'll add any strings to the offer, but if you want a position within Long Guo, you're pretty much guaranteed it, I'd say."
  8. As usual, Spoiled Rich was front and center at the town hall meeting. She had never in her life missed one, though the times she had shown up under the weather were... less than appreciated by her fellow citizens. Not that it mattered; one could hardly hold up a reputation as a "pillar of the community" by shirking one's attendance. Influence could be so ephemeral, that to lose an opportunity to give input would be to suffer a diminishment of power. And that was something up with which Spoiled would not put! One result of such civic commitment is that Spoiled had come to know Mayor Mare fairly well, as she was perhaps the second-most consistent figure seen in town projects and plans. She wouldn't exactly call the Mayor a personal friend per se, they really didn't have the intersection of interests or personality that would forge any kind of bridge outside of working hours. But Spoiled had come to respect the Mayor. After all, she was competent in wielding what power she had, even if it was over a small town. Power always demanded respect. Increasingly, however, Ponyville had grown, while the ability of the Mayoral office to have a controlling say in such matters shrunk. That pretty little princess from Canterlot had proven to be a force in her own right, with her Crystal Castle literally overshadowing town hall when the sun struck it right. There was little doubt that Twilight Sparkle was the driving factor behind the town's increasing economic growth. Which was good, of course, business had never been better for Filthy Rich's Barnyard Bargains, which gave her more cash to work with in her own right. Still, a loss in the Mayor's power was indirectly a threat to her own. She'd actually brought this up to the Mayor on a couple of occasions, and suspected that this town meeting, Mayor Mare would announce her plans to deal with it.... By Resigning. Much like everypony else, Spoiled was shocked for a moment. Even in her own ambitious dreams, she hadn't given any thought to seeing the back of the Mayor and taking her position. She was too beloved to be taken down by unpopularity, and too competent to justify royal intervention. But now? Now there were possibilities. In an instant, she saw what she had to do. There had been no time to make plans, but she was fairly confident that she could wing it here. After all, what possible grounds would anypony here have to contradict her? Once the microphone was open, Spoiled immediately stood up to take the stage. She was often the first to do so, and out of habit completely ignored the stifled looks of dread and/or boredom from her fellow citizens. "If I may be allowed to speak for my fellow townsponies... You have served as Mayor in an exemplary manner, and we are proud to have had you." Ponies began to sit up and take notice. This was unexpected, coming from a mare of her reputation. "Speaking for myself, I have had the pleasure of working with you on many projects of town planning and improvement, and shall miss your presiding presence at civic meetings. Having worked with you for so long, I have internalized all that makes Ponyville tick, and have watched it grow alongside my own daughter-" She sniffed. Somepony who didn't know her might have thought this was maternal care bleeding through, but the emotions were more complicated and less pleasant than that. Nonetheless, she left her sentence broken on the podium, and moved on. "Therefore, I could not let the opportunity pass without expressing my appreciation for all your hard work... and my intention to continue it!" More ponies sat up to take notice. One or two even began to groan as the implications sunk in. The rest didn't have long to wait in ambiguity, as she went on. "Yes, my fellow ponies, I shall be running for the office of Mayor in the coming month. A formality, to be sure, but I have never been one to deny the necessity of proper procedure."
  9. Feng blinked, he recalled the gala, but he had been on hidden security detail at the time, and his assigned monitoring area hadn't intersected with Medo's itinerary. "Hm, I suppose she didn't, or at least, didn't tell me about it." It was a surprisingly casual thing for an Imperial Bureaucrat to say about the Empress, as if he were in a position to listen to her confidences. "I really don't understand the secrecy myself either, but it's good to get that all cleared up now, at the very least!" Now fully relaxed, Feng shifted himself in his seat to let his wings unfurl out to the sides. Like pegasi, longma felt most comfortable if a little air could circulate underneath. "I suppose details about visits can be worked out with your instructors; no reason not to wait for a semester break, in any case. That said, do you still have any questions for me? It's really only fair, since I dropped in on you so unexpectedly."
  10. Roleplay Type: World of Equestria Name: Spoiled Rich Sex: Female Age: Adult Mare Species: Earth Pony Eye Color: Teal Coat: Pink Mane/Tail: Purple, with her cut shoulder-length with a sweep, and her tail going down to her ankles with a long, arcing curl Physique: Matronly, maintained by regular spa trips and semi-regular yoga. Residence: The Rich Family Mansion in Ponyville Occupation: Everypony else would say she's Filthy Rich's wife, and even Filthy will from time to time jest about her still being his 'trophy wife' as a husbandly complement to her looks. She herself would say that she is a Community Figure, a fixture of Ponyville Civic life. She's certainly never missed the chance to sit on a town board or committee. Cutie Mark: A Sparkling Diamond Ring. History: It will, perhaps, never be known why two unassuming and outwardly pleasant country dairy farmers went and named their own daughter "Spoiled Milk," but all of what followed after will probably be blamed on them by the historians. Not so much for the name, but raising her to live up to it. In all fairness, she was the only daughter to an entire family of sons, an especially rare occurrence in Equestria, which provided more than the usual incentives to treat her like a Princess. Growing up, therefore, she had a fixed idea that she was destined for, nay, already deserved more in her life than what her agrarian roots could realistically provide. Realistically, though, she knew her best bet out of her parent's home was by marrying a richer pony. Being in a position to take regular milk baths did wonders for her young complexion, an advantage which she sought to capitalize on. She wasn't enough of a standout beauty to nab a true Canterlot Noble (though you would be unwise to tell her that to her face), but she could capture and retain the affections of a talented business pony on the make, which she did with Filthy Rich. As unrefined as the stallion's tastes were, he had a true midas touch with retail, and was more than happy to let Spoiled use the profits to culturally enrich his life. However, still inwardly feeling that this stroke of fortune was still not enough to satiate her, she did her level best to set up her new family as a kind of local nobility, no easy task to do in a traditionally egalitarian town. When she gave birth to her daughter, Diamond Tiara, she was strict in raising her to hold herself above those who would style themselves as her social equals. Spoiled herself might have missed the Marriage Airship to Canterlot, but Diamond had a real shot... provided, of course, that her manners were not corrupted by the lowlifes in the surrounding town. In the meantime, Spoiled would busy herself by attempting to be as important as possible within her limited area. The mayoral office was, of course, held by Mayor Mare, but nopony rules alone, and Spoiled would make sure that her voice was heard on every committee, meeting, and board that it could possibly insert itself into. Hers was not an especially pleasant voice, but backed by enough bits, everything can sound like music. And that was her life... until a certain somepony just had to waltz and turn the whole town of Ponyville upside-down! The fact that Spoiled had specifically and repeatedly asked for a Canterlot scholar to staff the Golden Oaks library made it all the more galling when Twilight Sparkle turned out to be one of the few ponies too important (or possibly politically oblivious) to accept patronage. More irritating than her or her friends, were her friends' little blank-flank sisters. Totally unacceptable company for her little Diamond Tiara, and yet, through means she has yet to comprehend, the little brats actually managed to befriend her darling daughter and her approved Best Friend! It was unbelievable... Feeling her grip on her family's future start to slip hasn't done anything to change her behavior or ambitions, fundamentally. She's stepped out more, going from a background puller of strings to a mare seeking every opportunity, no matter how public or small the chances of success, to elevate her importance in the now-growing town. And now there are rumors of the mayor stepping down. Character Personality: Not... pleasant. Spoiled Rich is a mare who was raised wrong, and also raises wrong. She feels as if she has a right to have a say in whatever goes on, especially within her house, where her will was until recently unquestioned. She does not take kindly to being contradicted, and tends to believe the worst of ponies. Her outlook on friendship is quite cynical, to say the least. A few remedial courses in Twilight's School of Friendship wouldn't do any harm, though it's even odds on whether or not they would even help at this point. It's not that she doesn't love her family. She only wants, in her own way, the best for her daughter, all the things she herself could not accomplish or enjoy. As for Filthy, her husband... well, familiarity can breed a certain kind of affection, as well as contempt. In any case, she knows darn well that he is and always was the best she could hope for, and, perhaps, in her heart of hearts, suspects that he's more than she deserves. Character Summary: Spoiled. And Rich. It seems her parents were prophets after all.
  11. Feng's laugh eventually subsided, and he raised a hoof to brush a tear away from the corner of his eye. "I'm sorry, It's just... do you have any idea how much of a tizzy Imperial Bureaucrats get when they can't account for a line-item expense? Especially when the Empress herself is conducting the audit? I'm just remembering the looks on their faces... and imagining what's going to happen when I finally reveal what it was!" Taking a deep breath, he settled back in the chair, still smiling, but less jocular. "You have any idea how much I've wanted to meet you? I- we all, owe you a thanks for saving Yu Yue's life. I know she herself has often wanted to see you again, but we couldn't find you! And now we know why."
  12. As Feng listened to Medo relate her answer, he held a serious look on his face, with forehooves steepled under his muzzle. He held this look for a solid two or three seconds after she finished, in silence, before it cracked. But he couldn't hold out forever, and with a sound like a ruptured air pipe, the visage of the 'career bureaucrat' was broken by the grin of a lifelong rogueish troublemaker. A hastily placed hoof failed to stop a strangled laugh from coming out, and he had to expectorate a few chuckles before he could speak again. "Wow... seriously, you're smart enough to come here, but couldn't put two and two together after that?" He broke out in laughter fully now, his voice now returned to something closer to a normal register for him. He suspected that she'd never stated the story so succinctly before, and thus had never an opportunity to actually utter her last sentence, but with that one statement, she'd cleared up the whole situation for him. "Now why couldn't the old qilin have just made a note, and saved me the trouble of the trip, and the treasury of the expense?"
  13. Oh, good. The projectionist chose the safe reel. As well as he was getting along with his mother-in-law, Shining did not relish the prospect of explaining just what he had (inadvertently) let happen to Barbera's precious daughter on her special day. If he could go the rest of his life without that conversation, that'd be great, thanks. But this was fine. Though he refrained from squeeing, Shining Armor was almost as much of a romantic as Cadence, and was not the sort of husband to be bored by his wife's favorite movie. Didn't prevent him from leaning over to whisper to Barbera, "I'm really sorry you couldn't be here for this; film is a poor replacement for experience, sometimes."
  14. Bowing his head once again as he entered, Feng made his way into the middle of the apartment, trained eyes scanning the place for clues as to its owner's character. Honestly, the dorm spoke well of Medo; there was evidence both of academic and personal diligence, to the point where he was willing to conclude that resources were not being totally wasted. The mare was getting an education, and making the most of it. "That will be no problem, I am used to messier surprise visits." Boy howdy, was that an understatement. Being a Watcher meant often breaking into the inner chambers of scum and villainy. He took a seat opposite her, where he could get a good look of both her facial tics and body language. She had been shown to be reserved and sincere, which if continued boded well for his mission. "You are here on a scholarship, correct? A full ride, I understand. That testifies to the faith that one had in your abilities; but are you connected to your sponsor in any other way?"
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