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  1. [Age of Heroes] Come one and all! Heroes get equipped!

    So, the neophyte was a shapeshifter, eh? Platinum Gem could have guessed that, had she cared enough to research the filly beforehand. Perhaps she should, but Aun- Solar's academy took in so many students that keeping track of all of them was a fool's errand. Only time would tell if this one was worth paying attention to, and perhaps that time would not be so far away, either... "What does it look like I'm doing? I'm here to clean up, and clean out!" She giggled, her laughter reminding one of the faint chimes of golden bells. It wasn't even spoiled by Machina's crude attempt at humor, though she did roll her eyes. "Benefits, pah. You hardly give enough of those to your janitors, with what they have to deal with!" Whether an old friend, or an old rival, it was clear these two knew each other well enough to banter. "Leaving all these valuable things in a pile for anypony to pick up, I mean really. High time somepony taught you to clean up your messes! We'll just help ourselves to the tuition fee, hm?" Whatever the pay package the lab's cleaners were given, it was no secret that Platinum paid her own maids well, base salary as well as hazard pay, with insurance to boot. You really had to shell out to get good help these days; many villains found themselves defeated not by any dashing heroics, but by prosaic bankruptcy. Crime, after all, doesn't always pay. And then, of course, there was the third mysterious interloper. Oh, he looked the crude type, no doubt; one hardly ever heard such a phrase as 'mud walker' in these enlightened times, even from the most jingoistic unreconstructed old pegasi. But Platinum couldn't deny, there was something about rough strength that she innately admired, along with a fine pair of wings... "Hm, well, I'd say the same for you, flyboy, but alas, I don't have x-ray vision." She dropped her voice to a low purr, the kind that ran like a leitmotif through the fantasies of every soldier in every age. "So why don't you lay aside the heavy metal and let me get a good look, hm?" She stalked forward, capping off her question with a wink. Oh, she was playing this up, all right, so much so that a genre-savvy pony would suspect that she was playing decoy...
  2. Chibi Empress Yuè

    Feng certainly agrees!
  3. [Age of Heroes] Come one and all! Heroes get equipped!

    Under normal circumstances, one wouldn't expect a super-pony like Platinum Gem to arrive at such a place as Machina's lab at a time like this. After all, this international mare of glamour and mystery gained all her powers from magical relics, rather than technology. Not to mention the fact that she wasn't necessarily a hero.... But then again, wasn't it the business of villains to do unexpected and dastardly things? *I just have to wait for the perfect opportunity...* Truth be told, she had been waiting and preparing for several days; knowing that at some point one of the semi-regular catastrophes this lab was known for would happen, thus leaving the place vulnerable to a quick grab and run operation. You couldn't do the kind of science that Machina did without a great reserve of crystallized magical energy, and that energy would power relics just as well as machines... It was just sheer dumb luck that her opportunity ended up coming when the lab was open to the public. This was both good and bad, as confusion would be multiplied by the number of ponies present, but also the risk of being stopped by some pesky heroics. But, she had only seen one neophyte from the academy go in, so she supposed that now was as good a time as any. "Ready girls?" She whispered hoarsely to concealed hechmares in the neighboring building. "We're moving in. Don't forget to sweep the perimeter clean of all crystal shards to take home now!" She gave a slight giggle as she led the way. Considering how her henchmares always dressed, she'd made a pretty good pun! ~***~ The first indication to the ponies in the lab that something further was about to go wrong was a deep, guttural rumbling within the plumbing of the building. The rip through space and time that had been triggered within the lab had obviously not been kind to the structural integrity of the pipes, leaving them vulnerable to elemental manipulation. With an ominous gurgle, the leakage from already broken or ruptured piping momentarily ceased, before suddenly gushing forth in a slightly saline surge that splashed like the waves of a mighty sea! "BEHOLD!" It was one of the deep, unwritten laws of this universe that supervillains would never approach sneakily when they could make... an Entrance. And Platinum Gem had done exactly that bursting through the door, while simultaneously sending a magical ripple through the flooding to part the waters for her to walk through undampened, which she did with aplomb! With golden mane, alabaster coat, and a jewel-bedecked figure of which it was rumored that the great Solar hero herself was jealous, the mare was an undoubtedly enchanting sight. Let's just not mention the fact that these looks were almost entirely due to one of her signature relics, shall we?
  4. The Wedding Ceremony is starting, all are welcome!



    1. tacobob


      There better be cake! Every wedding I've been to during the last decade or so has not had cake! They've had cupcakes. or fancy pastry or other non-cake things. I want cake! :sad:

  5. A Wedding of Northern Lights (Pretzel, Dusty, Open)

    Halvard nuzzled his soon-to-be wife as she embraced him. "What need is there to be nervous? All the hard work's been done already." The hard work being the negotiations and logistics, as far as the blue bull was concerned. All of this theater and celebration? That was a reward for a job well done! He stepped back to get a good look at Sigrun in her dress. This was the first time he had seen her fully decked out in it, and he had to admit that Calder really had an eye for this sort of thing. He himself was wearing a fur-trimmed robe in a matching color, clasped with a silver sigil of his own clan's Runes. He was also crowned, in holly and mistletoe woven around his head. "You look wonderful! Thank you again, Calder, for your fine eye. I should send you next time we're trading in cloth!" It would probably be pretty clear to Calder that the older bull was making an attempt to keep his spirits up. Halvard knew full well what risks his adopted son and protege was running in returning to Whitescar. The fact he was willing to come at all was a statement of confidence in his new family, and Halvard had to respect that. Even at the exaggerated taradiddle Caldr gave him, Halvard only answered with a chuckle. "Oh, save those tales for when the mead flows! Speaking of which, we'd better get into our places, the guests will be arriving soon..." **** "Come one, come all! One day only, see the two greatest champions of Whitescar pitted in the most tense, exciting, and dangerous match of all time; MARRIAGE! Nyahahahah!" Alright, so perhaps Chipper Demise had not been the wisest of choices to greet all guests coming into the longhouse hall. The young unicorn necromancer had his ways of... unsettling those around him. Still, it made an unforgettable statement, and given how the young one had been responsible for saving Sigrun's life on at least two occasions, they could hardly grudge him his participation! The hall was spacious, with two long tables set with an aisle and platform between, where the actual ceremony would take place. Seating was informal and unset, save for the bride, groom, and their immediate family. Already, mead was on the table, ready for the guests to begin their spontaneous toasts to the happy couple, who were currently separated at each end of the hall. They would approach each other only when the ceremony proper would begin...
  6. Chibi Loose Cannon (alternate version in description)

    "Yeah, I'm cool. Deal with it."
  7. Goldenglow sketch

    Hugs the cutie!
  8. By the time all the invitations were sent out, the event was no longer very much of a surprise. It was no secret that Chieftain Sigrun of Clan Askr and Vakstyra Halvard of Clan Breen had hit it off very well ever since their first meeting in the Saarvergerg Arena, and fast became more than friends. The fact that their homeland was split by a civil war, however, intruded inevitable delays on anything official. Not to mention the somewhat complicated politics involving Clan Breen’s public neutrality in the matter of the war, while Sigrun and Clan Askr were very much on the side of the Loyalists. Many tedious months of politics later, however, and Halvard had finally managed to shift his Clan’s position, and considerable resources, behind the King’s cause. As these were not inconsiderable in amount, the ceremony itself would be made a fairly extravagant affair, the marriage of the two now seen as a symbol and lynchpin of their clan’s alliance. Which meant, of course, that their wedding was now further delayed by the amount of planning that had to go into it… *Good thing I’ve never been one to shy away from logistics.* Halvard mused, smiling as he completed the last double-check of the mead supply. Sigrun wasn’t one for fancy and frou-frou, thank the gods, but an abundance of guests required an abundance of food, drink, and space. Running his eyes over the hall, and comparing the numbers on their guest list, he pursed his lips. *Well…. Two out of three isn’t bad. Hope the foreign guests don’t mind the crush.* At least the native guests wouldn’t. After all, it isn’t a party until everybou’s up in each other’s faces! Whether from joy or fighting really depended on the mood and the mead. Hopefully, this all wouldn’t be too much… ~~~ While Caribou weddings weren’t exactly the same ceremony as one generally saw in the southern lands, there was a general commonality between them, in that the groom and bride didn’t come alone. Each would bring either a close relation, or a close friend, representing all the relationships surrounding the pair that would intertwine. Halvard had thought long and hard about who he would bring, but ultimately settled on what he felt was the best, and only choice. “Are you ready, Calder?” The bull called out to the one whom he had come to think of as a son. This was not a trivial question, as the younger bull had many quite legitimate reasons for being nervous about publicly appearing back in Whitescar. Halvard had strongly encouraged him to come out with him, though; partly for his own good, to face and conquer the demons of his memory, at least in some ways. The other reason, however, was one he wouldn’t say to his adopted son, as it had to do, again, with the politics of the situation. Calder wasn’t exactly a stereotypical bull, in many ways, but Halvard felt that what he himself was fighting this civil war for was to make a place for caribou like his son. This was a public show of solidarity for the family, and the gods have mercy on any who’d have a problem with it!
  9. Canterlot Checkers Challenge

    Dunnie's jumping forward would end up exposing an edge case in the rules. After all, this game was played in real-time, not in turns. Therefore, it was entirely possible for two pieces to attempt capturing each other simultaneously. In this case, what ended up happening was that Earth Writer and Dunnie slammed into each other in mid-air, coconut-like thunk of their heads colliding proving a secret delight to all watching. "Oohhhh...." Earth Writer collapsed back on the ground, dazed, unsure of whether he was in his origin square, the square he was leaping to, or in the captured box. All depended on the rule call of the judge at this point...
  10. Of Kings, and Queens, and Crowns.

    "Bit-wise?" Chrysalis cocked a chitinous brow at Sombra. "Depends on how much love we could glean on the job, versus how much we'd have to spend to do it." If the ratio wasn't favorable, the expenses would be extravagant to the point of deterrence. At the end of the day, little shiny bits of metal had no inherent value in the hive. All commerce was love-backed... She got up, leading the way towards a steaming pool in the walled garden. "After you." She gestured, contemplating the team-up. "I have come to appreciate the value of... friends, it is true." The word still had a bitter taste in her mouth, but it was the bitterness of black coffee, rather than poison, by now. *Watch yourself Chryssie, or they'll be picking you out in aquamarine pastels soon..."
  11. Changed from the Journey (Private, Dunder)

    It was something, at least, that Dunnie had a more understanding patron... wizard? Was that the right word for Bevel? Well, a technomancer, certainly. That was a branch of magic, surely. The mental rabbit trail wasn't worth comment, and Bluebelle simply smiled. "Send her my gratitude on that account." As for the royalty comment, well, Blueblood and Dunder had started going back and forth so long ago over the issue that Princess Bluebelle could now take it in stride. "Don't forget just what sort of ponies made our standards of royalty for the past 1,000 years. In any case, it's no secret that certain of my ingrained habits have always been called effimate, even back when I was nothing if not the sculpted perfection of masculine form!" She grinned and sipped her tea, though Dunnie's next remark rather tempered her jibes. "So..." She began, and paused. "So, you don't feel yourself fully in alignment yet? Your past still lingers as a part of you." There wasn't much she could say to that; the Princess had gotten around that issue by making herself both genders, and both thoroughly. It wasn't a solution she felt could be recommended generally, though admittedly Dunnie's own situation was the first she could claim actually compared with her own, at least in terms of the magical circumstances surrounding it. At least, in how the spell allowed for voluntary switching. "One can't discard it entirely of course, and ideally you could have it work in your favor. But, I can't speak to your own inner life, I suppose, only draw parallels from mine."
  12. Chibi Fēng Yīnhǎitāo

    Ahhh, so cute! What Empress could resist this dashing Watcher?
  13. Peachy's chibi portraits request thread! (CLOSED)

    A reference pic of Fenh; his cutie mark is a maple leaf superimposed on an upside-down mountain.
  14. Peachy's chibi portraits request thread! (CLOSED)

    Ooh! Could I get a chibi Version of Feng (my current longma avatar?)
  15. Of Kings, and Queens, and Crowns.

    Oh, Discord? That was... some comfort. Not much; it didn't pay to be too comfortable around the dragonequus. Still, the Spirit of Chaos was a known unknown, rather than an unknown unknown. "I'll... put in a good word for you." Or would a bad one serve Sombra's purpose better? After all, Discord was interested in sowing chaos, and a promise of good behavior on the stallion's behalf would be the opposite of that, surely. "Just don't drop by unannounced during business hours; the guests may be alright with me and my disguised children, but I'm not sure about you." At least the (former) king was showing himself capable of spreading positive emotion, which the Queen and changelings around him quietly and happily fed upon. "That might not work indefinitely, but it will probably work long enough to sort out the fools from the clever among our opposition. I like it, I have to say, I like it quite a bit. Ahh..." The last bit of polishing was done upon her scales, which gleamed like burnished jet. "There! Now, how about that bath?"