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  1. 'It never rains, but it pours.' The remark was coined in reference to the weather in Seaddle, but Blueblood was about to see that the metaphorical application to Ponyville's response to any large social event. Only time would tell whether the hastily-prepared shelter of the Prince's preparedness would spring a leak or not. At the first 'raindrop' was one he had some degree of authority over. Not that Gallus would ever dare publicly acknowledge deference to his Archancellor, but for all that, he was good griff. Wouldn't go out of his way to make trouble if one told him just how much the trouble would trouble others. "Well, I won't requisition you for volunteer labor, if that's what you're asking, Gallus." He'd had a tendency, fairly early, to give out tasks for extra credit on a fairly liberal basis, but a talking-to from Applejack had dampened, though not wholly dammed, the flow of extra marks. "I am expecting some new students, however, so please keep an eye out for your future classmates? Some of them may have... little to no familiarity with Equestrian manners or customs. I'm sure you can relate." One such student was expected shortly, but before Blueblood could spare an eye for him, the clouds rained opened up depositing a big three-one sequence on his doorstep. But ingrained hospitality kept the tiles in place upon the roof, and the Prince really needed to get his head out of this metaphor. "And welcome! I'm afraid I never caught your name." He accepted the git with grace, but didn't open it immediately, instead putting it on a table marked "donations." If nothing else, it would serve as a light fixture for the school, whenever the Prince got around to seeing what it was. "This event isn't... quite the same a solstice celebration, or even the old Summer Sun celebration. But I understand Ponyvillle still loves to hold a party this time every year, and I wanted the School of Friendship to be a part of town life." Further explanation wasn't quite possible, as the group began to scatter, and a doppleganger of himself appeared before Blue! The Prince's response... was a slow blink. And a sigh of resignation. It had been such a long day even by now, and this was just the sort of thing that would happen, wouldn't it? Even the revelation that it was a momentarily confused changeling didn't really do much to improve his mood. "No, you've mistaken today for the holiday I've repeatedly lobbied to remove from the calendar." Immediately he regretted his his testy response, and quickly apologies. "Sorry, but it's been a long day. No, wait, that's not- necessary..." He wasn't quite able to prevent Fleeting Hope from giving him a melon. Well, School funding donations were clearly off to a great start... The perils of leaving the young unattended were often exaggerated, with concerned parents freaking out over what the big bad world would do to their precious foal. But in Chipper Demise's case, one might be forgiven for harboring the opposite worry. Oh, sure, he was friendly, outgoing, and cheerful, like any Equestrian pony, but that was a miracle running against his talents and upbringing. Hence, his current guardian's decision that the School of Friendship was the exact education he would need for life. And now, here he was, in Ponyville. His presence was preceded and announced by a pair of raucous crows, flapping and settling on the edges of Bonbon's booth. One of them was staring at her with beady red eyes, while the other took a curious peck at the candies. "Cauw! Caw!" One called out, and the berobed colt answered. "Aw sorry, I thought they were eyeballs. They looked like them from a distance." Trotting up to Bonbon, he explained, as if it were the most natural thing in the world. "Eyeballs are Muginn's favorite treat. So when I saw a pile of sort-of white balls, I thought I'd give him a little snack. So, uh, what are they?"
  2. "Well, no. We'll save that for the music video!" Sky laughed, but he was only half-joking. If he ever became big enough to commission a film crew for such a venture, he definitely wanted Wind Dancer to be in it. And a 'tornado of stage props' would be just the sort of exciting visual that one would want recorded rather than with a live audience. Sky nodded in agreement with Kick Beat's assessment of Bonk. "He's certainly driven, and I heard he found somepony to pair up with and form a band. They call themselves 'Twenty-One Pegasi,' even though neither of them are. I guess that's part of the joke? I really don't know, but I've put out an offer to help produce their record. Some of their early work is promising, but... well, I get the sense that there's a high ceiling for both of them that they haven't reached yet. It's gonna be kind of exciting to see them soar, wings or not." The drummer's next remark caused Sky to blush alongside his marefriend. "I mean, we haven't... well, um. Don't quite understand why you phrase it like that. It sounds a bit too violent for me; I'm a pacifist by nature and conviction!"
  3. Sensing the awkwardness emerging from the cheetah-patterned citizen, the mustachioed "Emperor" turned to address himself pretty much exclusively towards Zelda. "Ah, a bespoke crafstgriff! Truly, your kind were pillars of the Imperial glory back in the days where it shown; one cannot conceive greater evidence of the present Republican decadence in Aquellia that you had to leave your homeland to find a patron worthy of your art." He might have been slightly hyperbolic in his classification of the Talonopolis regime, but he was right enough as far as history went. The greatest smiths of each Emperor's reign were often listed alongside them in the histories, as the royal glory of both arms and architecture alike were so dependent upon them. "The Imperial Treasury, alas, is not currently of such a state where it can hope to outbid Equestria's for your services. Nonetheless, your efforts at the restoration of our public art have the Gratitude of the Crown. I should be honored to conduct you personally to each remaining edifice. " He even gave a little bow in return, only half as deep as the one Zelda gave to him, of course. Didn't want to allow any confusion as to relative rank. "It is to be hoped that the renewed displays will attract the interest of more than the odd academic; I see little recourse for revenues outside of tourism for the immediate future. It is as much as We can ask of you... but there is one further favor, if you both would not mind." He nodded to Gillian once again. "There are two spaces open at the Imperial Banquet table, and We should love to have you two grace it for lunch." For a moment, the Imperial airs slipped with a chuckle. "Truly, it has been too long since I have treated two lovely young hens to a meal!"
  4. "Watch out with that!" It had been a few months, but the archancellor had finally gotten around to moving the rest of their household to Ponyville for long-term residence. Just in time to welcome new enrollee's to the school! Trouble is, Blueblood had cut things a bit close, and with a rushed move- *CRASH*- *tinkle* -came wrack and ruin. "It's OK, that was only one priceless antique. And Twilight probably wouldn't appreciate my attempts to redecorate this place anyhow..." One could only hope that student shenanigans would disrupt neither Blue's move into the Crystal Castle, nor the fundraising event to be held that evening. But, the Archancellor knew their students only too well... Thread is Here!
  5. Come Celebrate the Summer, and enroll new students in the School of Friendship!


  6. "Ehe, thanks." Sky blushed a little, not really used to being complimented on appearance. Though, to be fair, he hadn't appeared enough in public for any decent sample size to accumulate until recently, so it was possible that Windy wasn't just flattering him. "You know, that's probably one of the things I'll have to ask Golden Bit about when I next see her. She's seen and managed so many shows, it stands to reason she'd know a thing or two about what fits mine, right?" He could only hope that the look fit him as well as a tramp's look fitted a dulcimer show. Though, it seemed that his pony normally used a more primal percussive in their career. "Kick Beat, really? It's an honor to meet you sir!" Though he wasn't deep in the industry, Sky had heard of him. "There's a diamond dog I know who really looks up to you. Well, sort of. He practices every day to someday surpass all the recordings he ever heard of you. Is that sort of competitiveness normal in the drumming world? It's not my instrument, so I wouldn't know."
  7. "GAAAHHHH!" A scream, simultaneously of panic and frustration, not unmixed with excitement, echoed down the halls of Ponyville's Crystal Castle. The resident royalty had recently been switched; with Princess Twilight Sparkle taking over full rulership duties in Canterlot, Prince Blueblood had been tasked with looking over the Ponville Demense, as well as assume the position of Archancellor of the Friendship Academy. It had taken some time for everything to be arranged on either end, with them both traveling between Ponyville and Canterlot trying to arrange everything. But, finally, Blueblood was ready to complete the long-term move of themselves and their household to the tree-like crystal palace. It was kind of an extended house sitting (castle-sitting?), but never let it be said there was no solidarity among Equestria's royalty! It wasn't the move that was causing the erstwhile unicorn to expectorate his emotions so freely, however. While packing up and transporting one's domicile was a legitimate source of stress (especially when one's domestic posse included a sphinx), it was the timing of the whole thing that was proving most unfortuitous. For, his arrival day had coincided with the day of the Summer Sun celebration, as well as falling in between the spring and summer terms of the School of Friendship, typically when new students were signed up. Not to mention, at some point a fundraiser for the School was planned for this period of time. It had seemed like such a good idea to combine all three into one event... two weeks ago. Internally cursing his past self for being so optimistic, the flustered stallion stopped by a crystal wall to quickly check his reflection. Blue and bloodshot eyes stared back, framed by locks of golden mane he brushed back and slipped under a doctoral tam. He had his robes in the black and silver colors of the school uniform draped around his body, and he took a moment to arrange them. Closing and rubbing his eyes, he took a deep breath. The movers were still carting in boxes in the back, but the front hall and ballroom were fully arranged, so it wouldn't be too hard to play host. He didn't expect too many socialites to show up on short notice all the way from Canterlot anyway, so this would mostly just be a local affair. And the Ponyville crowd were much more tolerant of ad-hoc arrangements. Heck, wasn't this where Pinkie Pie herself called home? As averse as he was to... the more common "birthday party" like affairs she was famous for, were the mare to suddenly show up and take over Party Planning, Prince Blueblood wouldn't object. *Relax, it's gonna be fine. Open the doors, have the punch and snacks ready, and let who will come, come.* Taking another deep breath with that resolution, he drew himself up, and walked proudly to the doors, triggering the magic that slid them open. They would stay that way all day, and anypony, or any non-pony for that matter, who had school business, or just wanted to celebrate midsummer with the town, could come in! "Welcome, one and all, to the... um, something-th Ponyville Summer Sun Celebration!" Celestia help them all...
  8. Sky closed his eyes for a moment to picture the look; Windy in her flight suit with the charm. "I can definitely see that working. Wouldn't take too much for me to work my own into my show get-up. That said, I've never really had much of a signature outfit or look, I've always been focused more on sound than visuals. Any thoughts about that?" It was pretty much impossible for any longstanding relationship between creative artists to not be collaborative, after all. It was a mode of thought that Sky Sailing found himself slipping into easily when he was around Wind Dancer. "I think the Fire and Ice lobby sounds good, at least the last half." He brought up a hoof to wipe sweat from his brow; the poor stallion hadn't been in the city long enough to build up much of a heat tolerance. That, plus his schedule was nocturnal at least half the time, so being out in the sun like this wasn't his habitual mode of being. "I'll definitely drop by Golden Bit's office when the final presses are done; she sounds like the sort that wouldn't mind me putting in good words for my colleagues on the short-wave circuit." It was with some relief that he finally led her into the shade. And if their luck held, well, maybe it would be worth a flutter on the tables, for there was indeed a busker taking in the shade. A older-looking stallion, dressed like an old-time hobo, though that might have just been a part of his act. He was playing a dulcimer with his hooves, an instrument traditionally associated with the lower-classes, but now rare enough to command attention for novelty seekers. They were old songs, songs of the roads and rails, back before this place was anything more than a strip of street and a fever dream.
  9. Why do I have the urge to turn all the musical artists I'm a fan of into OC's?

    1. Trombone2015


      That sounds like a wonderful idea. 

  10. The impromptu meeting was beginning to break up. Which was fine, the ceremony was mostly done. Unfortunately, Tiger Blood wouldn't get much time to settle in. Truth be told, this would be the last day and night that Blueblood would spend in Canterlot for some time. Just needed to get all the paperwork done, for the most part, before shelling out the bits to get the movers to work on what needed to be brought down. Maids could look after the rest. Speaking of which... "Well, I think you'd best take care of equipping yourself first, Tiger. I can do much of the paperwork before you come back, and you'll just have to sign." Oh Faust, was his new guard literate? He thought so, but couldn't rightly recall. Bringing up the question now would likely be embarrassing for the poor fellow, however. Once Tiger was sent away, The Prince turned his attention back to Niil, waiting until Tiger was safely out of sight before sticking his tongue out at his big kitty. "[Well, the wings certainly are, I'll give you that. But you'll have to clear anything major with the mares in my life too, you know. Otherwise, that will bring harm on me, via relationship.]" Not that Blue didn't think Niilavin was joking, but it never hurt to make things clear. "And now! Sorry to have you on the move so soon after coming back, Star. Still, Ponyville should give our new household member room to move, and generally be less restrictive of a space altogether. We're a household that needs room to move as it is, you know?" He laughed, opening the door to usher those who could fit back inside. It would be a bit of a day arranging the last of the move alongside a new guard, but the day was still young. Plenty of time to get things done, then it was off! (Last post from me; will have an "arrival at Ponyville thread" up soon)
  11. Wind's reluctance to engage with the subject of the darkness surrounding certain musicians was noted, but Sky didn't force the issue. Truth be told, he didn't have the language to himself; he'd never been around specialist ponies who could give him the right language to understand the technical names of inner demons. All he had was the metaphors of amateur singers he knew, which had proven to not be much help right now. As far as he was concerned, though, it was far too bright and happy of a day to let one's thoughts linger in such places! He smiled again, admiring the look of the jewelry around Wind Dancer's wing. "Yeah, but that probably means the chain will snap if it's put under heavy-duty work. Don't want the charm flying into the audience stands during a show!" He laughed a bit at that, shading his eyes against the sun. The Las Pegasus summer was going in full swing, Celestia's sun beginning to scorch. The glass and concrete of the city was not helping either. "I don't there's a lot of ponies out in this; I can respect the buskers, but I don't today would be particularly good for them to be out. I wonder if any of the casinos let them use the lobby? Seems like it would be a good idea on days like this. I know that sometimes is done in cities where it gets cold."
  12. "That's... not quite what I mean either." Sky's voice was still soft, but he was growing visibly frustrated at his meaning not coming across to Wind. "Pain isn't something they're getting out of their music or audience; it comes from their life into both of those, in hopes of finding some outlet or relief. Which I suppose goes all the way back to the blues, but a lot of the blues I heard was about the outside world getting you down. What I'm talking about are those whose inside world is getting them down." He sighed, as they made their way to the exit via the gift shop. He paused at the shelves, as if looking for some souvenir to take home, but she would be able to see his eyes staring elsewhere. "I've spent most of my life in the inside world. That's where I found my music. But my dreams are happy ones, not nightmares. Others have pain that shows no scars, and... I just hear a lot more of that than I used to, mostly after Princess Luna's return. I guess because we all suddenly got a public example of what can go on inside a pony's head while nopony pays attention; I suppose its a good thing that we're all more willing to listen now. But what did we miss when we weren't looking?" With a couple of blinks, he came back to the present. "Sorry, didn't mean to ramble on like that." Whether it was out of embarrassment or inspiration, he ended up picking out a pair of matched wing dongles, one for each of them with a symbol of a golden record and dancing sock. "These are just too perfect for us, aren't they?" He said with a laugh, paying for them before going back out on the street. "Well... I don't really know, I hadn't planned for anything. Usually I'm not out on the town when I find myself with spare time. But daydreaming is a lonely activity; what do you usually do?"
  13. "Well, Fame hasn't been too unkind to me so far. But I was thinking of some other ponies I knew on the short-range radio circuit. Barely known outside their group, but you could tell they got little peace at night, from the music they made." The cliche of 'tortured artist' was cliche for a reason. It ended up being surprisingly apropos of the next exhibit after the cathedral-like chamber. It was a corridor, with displays on both sides set up to directly contrast each other. On the right side was a glittering display of golden records, glamour shots, and the historical accounts and artifacts of rock stardom for the next few decades after the pivotal one from the chamber before. The left side, however, showed the darker side of the art and industry. The trashed and trashy parties, newspaper clippings of bad acts and tragedies associated with the famous names, and the album covers of flop records. Windy was right in terms of the need to keep space tight, as the corridor had three bends, rather than being straight on. It also stopped some 15 years before the present, with there simply being no room to add displays of similar density in recent years. Sky couldn't help but wonder, though, if there wasn't a subtle attempt at judging the quality of recent music. What was definitely less than subtle, however, was the prominent glass case full of bits, and the signs asking for donations to help fund an extension to the museum. "Huh, is it over already? I knew that city real estate was expensive, but the pictures in the brochure made it seem bigger." He did fish for a few bits to drop in, remarking, "It's a bit of a flight up to the reservoir, but renting the cloud space is practically negligible, as they want as much cover for the reservoir as they can get. Helps that I came in with it, though; making the cloud material that actually works for permanent structures is much cheaper in Cloudsdale than it is here."
  14. Sky smiled. "Thanks for the vote of confidence, I do like to think myself open to whatever drifts into my mindscape. I suppose I've been fortunate that no nightmares took up the invitation; I know some musicians who have had more than their fair share darken their mental door." He sighed, moving in to nuzzle Wind, the thought bringing up memories of conversations with fellow artists. The successful among their career path were lauded for fame and fortune, but there were many others who dealt with fear and famine. Sometimes, not even success could exorcise those demons either, if the tabloid stories of eating disorders and depression among celebrities were to be believed. At leas the sock-hop exhibit brought with it brighter thoughts, including the very bright thought of how Wind Dancer would look in socks. *I should pick up two pairs for her birthday, isn't it coming up?* Sky Sailing made a mental note as they made their way into the next exhibit. They were well into their way of the true Rock and Roll history, the electric guitars now being displayed alongside the amplifiers, which really were the second half to the true defining lead instrument of the genre. The paired system really came into its own with masters of the craft like Jimmy Reignbits. But he was but one of many masters on display, as the exhibit opened up into what could almost be called a cathedral to the peak of Rock's cultural relevance in Equestria, where it was not only the music that mattered, but the wider culture in which it was embedded. Many an old record store owner would swear by this time period, and several were there still who remembered the concerts, the marches, the songs that spoke to a generation. In terms of composition, it was honestly a little overwhelming. Trying to fit the Trottingham invasion, Hoofstock, and the Summer of Love and Tolerance into one room was probably too great a task for any curator. Sky simply sat in the middle of it all, struck with wonder, and not a little bewilderment, as if he were but a young colt again. "Wow... that's a lot to take in. I suppose it must have been worse if you had to live through it all, but at least you could take it one day at a time, and not try to fit it all into one day and one room."
  15. Sky looked a little surprised at Windy's take on the music. "Oh, well, I suppose some ponies do give new genres a hard time, but that isn't quite what I meant... but maybe it's just me that has a problem. When I first heard electronica, I thought it was just my own mind messing with me. It didn't sound like anything I'd heard before, musical or otherwise. Living in a dreamcloud has that effect on you... though I'm not sure what my first reaction would have been if I were the sort of pony who was always awake." They walked down the hall of pioneers into the exhibit of the first true Rock and Rollers. Besides the images, there were some prize displays, such as the first, classic electric guitar design by Fetlock Bender, used by Neighlvis Paisely on the first radio broadcast of "You ain't nothin' but a Hound Dog." The little placards telling not only the story of the music, but the culture around it. There was a bit hostility that had brewed up among the more uptight ponies when this music first hit major airwaves, to the point where informal bans were put in place in Canterlot. This, in turn, led to the 'Great Curtained Sock-Hop', where the Veiled Garden tavern, in cooperation with the Bohemian club, defied high society by staging the biggest dance featuring the new music to date in Equestria. The pictures showed a lot of young couples dancing together, clearly having a good time in socks. "Huh, look! There's some testimonials here from ponies who met their special someponies at this very dance. Music and movement... I head somepony say once that both originated from ancient tribal rituals, back before the unification, where ponies from different villages would meet and find mates. Still happens even all those centuries later, I guess."
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