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  1. [Age of Heroes] Love and Distain. Again. [OPEN]

    It wasn't until the Prince stopped to take yet another admiring look at himself in a shopfront window that he first caught sight of di Nerezza. Her reflection stood out to him, no small feat to a stallion so normally obsessed with his own. Her presence immediately shifted him from narcissistic to neurotic, his flawless demeanor suddenly becoming positively rife with flaw. *Gah, I have strains of mane out of place! Is my tail brushed? Oh Faust, what is that between my teeth?* A few hasty moves of hooves and magic sought to put these all straight, after which he took a deep breath. Right, attractive mare behind him. Attractive, beautiful, gorgeous, pegasus mare. Boy, he could only imagine what those wings would look like fully splayed.... Deep breath, deep breath, and he started off again, taking peeks into storefronts again, watching for the approach of a reflection not his own...
  2. Alright, I might actually make Shining Armor's reply to the letter the start of the Crystal Empire's thread; will link here when I get to writing it up.
  3. My Shining? I play him as a good strategist and tactical thinker, though with a few blind spots in his perception. He won't lose his temper, but he'll set a pretty high burden of proof. Sombra didn't traumatize him like Chrysalis, so personal issues won't come into it so much, but he is sensitive to the trauma of his new citizens. After all, it wasn't 1000 years ago for them; but all in living memory.
  4. Excellent! Just let me know when you want to start it up.
  5. Hey! I've been following Raven's thread with Sombra, and noticed you planned on pleading Sombra's case to the Crystal Empire. Bellosh, our Cadence Player, is kind of on vacation at the moment, and has a lot of standing RP commitments, but Shining Armor, who I play, could receive the petition if you like!
  6. Sweet relief would soon be incoming. Just had to hold on until then... "You do that... very well." Bluebelle complimented Apple Bloom on her curtsy, even managing to smile through her reddening features. "You'd be quite... the addition at any Canterlot ball. Don't know if we'll see you there, but.... next year, I'll be sure your gala invite is as an adult." It wasn't quite the transition it used to be; foals weren't even issued any kind of invitation or permission until a couple of years ago, when Auntie Celestia wanted to 'shake up' events. Still, the foals had different invitations sent out, and generally had their own area where they hung out with themselves. But now? Apple Bloom would be issued a bone fide golden ticket, her first, which most young mares of noble disposition would frame (Bluebelle's hung proudly over her bedside table). Whether Bloom would take advantage of it... hm, perhaps Blue would have to ensure a certain foreign Prince made a second visit to Equestria... Handsome fellow, quite the hot... breath, he possessed... Just as the Princess was feeling all the fires of a dragon be stoked within herself, Spike returned with the heat-quenching beverage. Supremely grateful, Bluebelle bent down to receive the cider, giving the dragon an impulsive little peck on the forehead in gratitude. What she did next was... extremely unlady-like. It could only be described as 'quaffing', a huge knock-back gulp of the good stuff, with golden droplets spilling out around her muzzle. She didn't care, right now. All that mattered is the sweet, sweet relief being poured down her throat, soothing her insides and counteracting the capsacin. She pulled away with a gasp for air, heaving about half a sigh of relief before she felt the beginnings of an uncouth, stallion-level belch begin to brew in her belly. Mildly panicking, she jammed a hoof over her muzzle, only barely in time to stifle it. Big Mistake. That only turned a merely embarrassing expectoration to a humiliating sound and fury, somewhere between a snort and a whinny, where an painfully concentrated burst of Carbon Dioxide gas shot through Bluebelle's nose at high speed, which left her doubled over in agony, desperately trying to keep her nosebleed from staining her dress. Oh faust, oh faust, please don't let anypony see her like this...
  7. [Age of Heroes] Love and Distain. Again. [OPEN]

    Canterlot was, as always, a scene of beauty. Both the stones that built the city, and the ponies that populated it, all tried to live up to the aesthetic standard and reputation the city bore upon it's shoulders. That included stallions, as well as mares. Or, at least, one stallion in particular. *So nice to not have to do much of anything today, save letting the world gaze upon me.* Blueblood remarked to himself, as he went upon his constitutional. It was indeed a peaceful day for him; no public political duties, no social appointments, and no... secret plans populated his calendar. The fact that this placidity triggered no alarm bells in his mind spoke poorly of his survival instincts in this world of superpowers and general weirdness, but hey, not everypony was a winner in the cortical lottery. As far as the tradeoff between brains and beauty went, Blue was gifted in the latter, and wasted no time, though a whole lot of effort, in showing it off...
  8. Royal Reasoning Regular Meeting (closed - invite only)

    Bluebelle, for her part, felt that she had contributed as much as she could towards the subject at hoof, which was pretty vague, in any case. Still, both Cadence and Twilight had picked up on her suggested idea of encouraging and cultivating a cadre of heroes, even though it went beyond Luna's initial idea. She couldn't keep from snickering slightly at the lavender alicorn's remarks on 'bonding between her and the guard.' "Oh, I could tell you a thing or two about that, for sure..." Her chuckles were halted, along with her breathing for a moment, once Auntie Celestia dropped her bombshell. The unicorn's mouth hung open for moment, as her brain tried to catch up with the world. To her credit, it did manage to get back into the pilot seat before she said anything foolish like, 'But you can't!', 'Are you crazy?', or 'Bet you look hot in that outfit, haha.' A few deep breaths, and she was ready to engage with reality again. "Oh... my. Well, that's certainly a change. Though, I suppose it's only a return to the old role you used to play, and that Twilight plays now as a Princess, come to think of it." Her eyes went to Cadence, who while less militant, formed a formidable team with her husband. Which only left... herself. The least militarily competent or personally capable in a fight, not to mention the only non-alicorn. Once again, she began to feel the old inferiority complex rise up as she sank back down in her chair. "Well, I guess if that's the plan, then... good luck to you."
  9. Red, Red Wine (Closed: Invite)

    All Shining Armor was assured of was that Barbera didn't suffer from any physical ailments. It was pretty darn clear, however, that their host was not OK. From her words, Shiny would guess that something like a divorce had happened sometime in her past, an event leaving a bitter pill of cynicism lodged in her heart. He'd seen Cadence interact with ponies like that, in her duties as the Princess and Avatar of Love, and the surgery was never painless. Wine was the traditional anesthesia for such pain, but it made poor medicine... "" Shiny nodded at their host, looking over his glass at his wife. This was her area of expertise, should they prod further? On the one hoof, it wasn't necessarily their business to interfere with the private lives of others. On the other hoof, the Royalty of Equestria had recently embarked on an initiative to better connect with the common pony, and this seemed to be where the rubber was meeting the road. Whether or not they could help, or would only open old wounds without healing, well, he would defer to the expert. In the meantime, no reason not to taste the wine. He sipped, and had to stop himself. That was... strong, not in the alcoholic sense, but in the tannic, like tea left to steep a little too long. The flavor, beneath that, was very nice, and it lingered long after the liquid itself had passed into his throat. He smacked his lips a few times, remarking. "I think... this sort of needs to be taken with food, maybe cheese, or something. It's very good, but I don't think it should be alone."
  10. Royal Reasoning Regular Meeting (closed - invite only)

    Bluebelle, for her own part, was simply glad that her suggestion on keeping herd marriage on the books had passed without comment. She'd honestly expected a few awkward questions over the subject, particularly with Cadence. Of course, now wasn't exactly the time for gossip about one's personal life, so perhaps the unicorn Princess would simply have that conversation afterwards. Wonderful... In the meantime, there was a new issue on the table, one which Blue, to her surprise, found herself with several ideas ready to hoof. It was perhaps to be expected given how... relevant to her interests guards were. "You're not the only one who's noticed that, Auntie. Speaking as somepony who is not in fact, more powerful than their guards as a rule..." She pursed her lips, biting down a bit on the bottom one as she arranged her thoughts. "I've hoof-picked my honor guard, those who I trust to be with me as I venture into dangerous diplomatic territory. I think your suggestion on training against threats of a greater than normal magnitude essentially sound; though ponies who do actually survive and thrive in those encounters tend to become adventurers and heroes, as opposed to the rank and file of an army. And it is from those adventures that I tend to recruit." She shrugged. "I don't know if you could get Daring Do as a bodyguard, but maybe she has some suggestions? I have noticed that Equestria does tend to produce more good heroes than it does good soldiers. Perhaps they're our national military specialty, like the Neighponese Samurai, or Aquellian Marines?"
  11. Red, Red Wine (Closed: Invite)

    Perhaps it was because he was such a strong family stallion, but Shining Armor simply could not understand why somepony wouldn't want to be found by their family. Oh, sure, he'd had times when he would have preferred not to have talked to, say, his parents, but that was usually due to feeling guilty over something he knew there was going to be trouble for. But no matter how bad it ever got (which admittedly was never that bad; Shiny was a good colt), he knew his parents would forgive him, and that they would always love him. Of course, that didn't make facing up to those he loved after messing up was ever easy, and he supposed that Cady's mother would feel really terrible after how things turned out between them. *But does she really think that Cadence doesn't love her any more?* Shiny didn't think so himself; he knew his wife well enough to know the hurt that lay below the nonchalance, and the love that underlay the hurt. Love... It came in all forms between all sorts of ponies. But he would still maintain there was something special between himself and Mi Amore Cadenza. 'True Love,' they called it, though it seemed too cliche a name for whatever it was. He could feel it in their kiss, though; that falling away of the world as his attention was fully taken by the alicorn, just as his lips were fully taken by her own, just as his heart was fully attached to her own. But, he was also the practical one of the two, and even though he wanted nothing more than to wrap his forelegs around her and really go at it for a few minutes or more, he was still aware of the audience they had. "Easy now, love." He pulled away to say, still stroking her cheek. "Save the fireworks for after dusk, hm?" He chuckled, turning back to Barbera. "I love this mare. Did I mention that? I don't think I make it clear enough, sometimes." He grinned and winked at the two mares, holding out his glass for a refill. He raised it, more hesitantly this time. "To your... health? No seriously, are you OK?" That was a lot of wine; their hostess certainly hadn't stinted herself on her own portions. "Think we ought to take a break after this one; you look as if you might need to walk off the buzz a bit."
  12. A Wedding of Northern Lights (Pretzel, Dusty, Open)

    If Chipper caught the subtext behind Swift's warning statement, he didn't show it. In fact, as the world's most innocent necromancer, he was probably completely unaware of his accidental innuendo. At least, so it was to be hoped. Right now, he was busy talking with Yxa. "Yep! Be pretty strange if I wasn't Chipper; I wouldn't know what to call myself! Nyahahah! Look forward to the music, ooh, and the dancing, too!" The unicorn was quite physically spry, product of having to run quickly over uneven ground to escape pursuing monsters. Plus, he could get a few animal skeletons to act as backup dancers! Halvard had asked him not to, though... Speaking of the blue bull, he found himself holding a kind of court with his guests. It was a bit of a novel sensation to be the source of so much attention, but given his rise in rank and prestige, he was going to have to get used to it! "Alright, Baldr, you can tell them that I understand more than most how tasks must be done. Especially with having to plan and organize this whole ceremony!" He laughed, waving the guest off to meet the younger members of his family. Calder was just introducing himself to Limi; Halvard could only hope they would forge a strong bond as adopted brothers-in-law. *Easy now, don't get ahead of yourself. You still need to bring up the subject with him.* Soon though, he promised himself. Soon. Meantime, there was also business talk. Swift Squall had some interesting ideas about a trade partnership, though in the growing boisterousness of the longhouse, it was difficult to give them the attention and thought they deserved. "We certainly are expanding, but we try not to do so too rapidly. It's why we build in stone, rather than wood. Our investments are meant to be permanent, regardless of how quick they come; the advance of a glacier, rather than the tides. But, let's keep this shop talk for later! Now is the time feasting, celebration, and all good things." Said good things were slightly marred by the lack of Eastern representatives, as Squall pointed out, but Halvard could only shrug. "Long Guo sent gifts; we have only recently established relations, and historically Neighpon stood between them and the caribou, so there is little to patch over either." Neighpon he did not discuss further, for obvious reasons. At that moment, a blast of horns were sounded from the end of the hall. The ceremony was set to start! All guests were encouraged to find their seats as the Bride and Groom took their allotted places at each end of the hall. Chipper for his part took up Twilight's offer to sit by her, as all awaited the High Queen's entrance...
  13. Royal Reasoning Regular Meeting (closed - invite only)

    As the other Princesses gave the feedback, Bluebelle was intently listening, searching for any angle which she was missing. It seemed that her Aunties were concerned about the wider social disruptions that might occur, though with a special focus on potential discrimination from the traditional, rather than potential excesses by the enthusiastic. Bluebelle wasn't quite sure that was a proper prioritization, though Cadence's point on keeping the temporary potions on the market would act as a safety valve. Having cheaper and easier access to such things would help get Equestria used to these things, and social mores would accrete to keep behavior within tolerable limits. In the meantime, though, the situation would have to be managed. The Princess nodded at Twilight's summation. "Yes, it isn't a problem yet, and with care, it shouldn't be. I just feel responsible for the issue, after giving it so much attention in the public sphere. In any case, having a license board for approved vendors, as well as a few laws on their distribution, should keep a reign on any commercial excesses. I particularly would want to keep a lid on advertisement; we've had severe issues with over-marketing by pharmaceutical firms before. Also, a ban on sale to minors; given what a shift in gender can do to a fully formed psyche like mine, I'm extremely leery of letting it into the hooves of those still undergoing development." She began to gather her papers back together again, no longer floundering in the sea of disparate data. "As for the issue with the traditionalists... honestly, I think the biggest obstacle to acceptance is whether or not another pony thinks you are a real mare or stallion when you say that you are. I'm not sure a change in law would affect that; after all, liberalizing the divorce and remarriage laws hasn't stopped the traditionalists from distinguishing between married and really married. And if we were to drag every little social snub into the law courts, we would be setting ourselves up for a whole heap of trouble. "On the other hoof, making full transformation readily available might actually resolve that issue. After all, if somepony questioned right now if I was really a mare, I could abandon all dignity to remove all doubt, as it were." She blushed a bit, but continued. "Removing that discongruity would take a lot of the social stress out of it. As for the rest... well, you can't be everypony's Auntie." She said, singling out Celestia for reply. "Legally, our framework is robust enough to bring in severe disputes into our jurisdiction already. The rest will have to be sorted out by Equestrian Society, for better or worse. I think the best we can do is be fair, and leave as open a ground for whatever resolutions are privately arrived at." Even to the power of a Princess, there were limits. "Speaking for myself, and how I've had to integrate this into my private life... keep those old laws on herding on the books, that's all I'll request for my own sake." The papers were all corralled now, stuffed into their folder and placed in an even stack in front of Bluebelle. Didn't stop her from straightening it out even more with her hooves, a bit of an obsessive tic. "Well, that's one of my two issues. I'll defer the other, as I said before, for last. It's to do with foreign policy, and I can bring Auntie Luna up to speed with anything she's not familiar with then, WRAITH attack included." The mention of the darker alicorn arrested the unicorn's attention, turning her eyes towards Luna. "Did you have an issue you wanted to bring up? I think I may have interjected out of turn, but I didn't see you bring in any papers with you..."
  14. Red, Red Wine (Closed: Invite)

    During Cadence's recounting of foalhool memories, Shining Armor's attention was focused on her, leaving Barbera some time to let a little sorrow slip through unnoticed. It would be altogether good for her to take the opportunity; as Shiny knew all too well, even a big strong stallion couldn't keep tears -ahem- 'liquid pride' bottled up forever. And for him, specifically, it wouldn't take much on Barbera's part to tug on his own heartstrings. A soldier's head could still be paired with a soft heart... Once his wife asked their host a question, Shiny turned back to her, just missing the wiping of the tears. He nodded and smiled at the mention of family, "I understand. After becoming a father myself, I found my perspectives on what I did and why shift. That is, after I had time to actually think; the first few months with Flurry were really crazy!" He laughed; he could do that now, given that he, Cadence, and the Crystal Empire was no longer in danger from their newest princess. "Hadn't realized until then how much I was willing to sacrifice for somepony, or how much my own parents sacrificed for me and Twily. They tell me it was all worth it, though, whenever we visit." He blinked. "Say, Cady, do you know where your mother lives? It'd be a shame to come down all this way and not pay her a visit too, after all!" Oh, Shiny, so innocent are the daggers you drive into the poor mare hosting you... Placing his glass down, he was about to ask for the next tasting, when Barbera asked him a question. He paused, memory racing back to an immortalized moment. For a moment, his face was impassive, before splitting into a grin much too large to be dignified. "Well! It was after I moved up into secondary school; I had a lot going on then, between ROTC, my weekly O&O group, and hoofball practice, that I couldn't watch my little sister most evenings. So, Princess Celestia assigned Cadence as her babysitter, and I met her when I came home from... wow, I can't actually remember what else I had going on that day. You were so much of a stunner, everything else just kind of..." He waved his hoof, whiffing through the air in a gesture of dismissal. "It all kind of built from there, really. We first bonded over Twily, and then started hanging out more with each other, when we could. Got a little harder to maintain contact after we took up our duties, with me in the guard and her growing into a Princess, but we managed it and, well, here we are!" Shiny's tone indicated that there was nowhere he'd rather be right now. "You could almost believe in destiny, the way it all turned out, with her coming all the way from Itaily to Canterlot, and then just being assigned to babysit my little sister. I couldn't imagine my life without Cady in it; though I sometimes wonder what would have happened if she hadn't left Itaily." The stallion's brow clouded over, troubled at the thought of never having his special somepony in his life, before his imagination leaped to the rescue, presenting a mental picture in gentle watercolor. "I can almost picture it, actually. The captain of the guard, accompanying Princess Celestia on a diplomatic tour of the area, catches a snippet of song over the hedges and walls." Smiling now, with eyes half lidded, he leaned over towards his wife as he continued the narration. "He follows the sound, looking over the stone to find the prettiest of pink pegasi, singing sweet arias among the grapevines..."