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  1. There were comfortable couches in the green room, and even a small fridge with cold drinks. Kahz was certainly inclined to take full advantage of the hospitality shown after a set like that, and what was the value of hospitality if it were not shared? "You want some water or grape juice? I don't have anything else in the fridge; if you want a snack we can go out for something later." He cracked open a bottle, chugging the dark purple liquid for a few seconds before pulling back with a sigh. A smiling one, though, as his looks were complimented. Or, perhaps, his genuineness. "Thanks. My whole life has depended on being both the center of attention, and having no attention at all in alternating periods of time. Nice to know the years have not dulled my charismatic touch!" He gave a wink to the qilin, settling back on the couch. "Eh, life's been good, all things considered. I don't know if you heard about the hot new inter-dimensional island resort that's been getting all the buzz lately? Well, that's the Queen's latest love-farm. Turns out, when take some trouble to make your resource gathering schemes non-hostile, ponies will practically pay you for the privilege of being harvested. They feel good, and those good feels feed us. Nice, but honestly, a little dull. It's practically all calypso, all the time. Not my style, you know? So, her Majesty's loaning me out. Kind of as a goodwill ambassador, though to be fair, I don't know if either word is yet part of her vocabulary."
  2. Three steps... two... one... the chaos noodle seemed to suspect nothing. It would just be the work of a moment for Berry to take hold of the crystal bowl and- "Discord, there you are!" Darn it. Discord might take a sudden juice shower in good humor, but his best friend certainly wouldn't. Not that Fluttershy was the sort to take any drastic revenge by normal standards, but Berry, like all Ponyville residents, had learned to dread the prospect of being gently reprimanded as those aquamarine eyes peered into one's soul. With a sigh, she merely tipped the bowl into a nearby ditch, replacing the emptied receptacle upon the table as she fixed a smile once again upon her face. "Good morning, Fluttershy. Oh, and is this little Zap? My, don't you look handsome today!" The rearrival of Swift Squall would give her a little more backup as regards Discord, but it seemed that his attentions were taken elsewhere by a different mare. She really wasn't sure what that was all about; she'd left Canterlot and any semblance of political engagement behind years ago. No, the more relevant mare for her was a rather younger one, sister to the bride, who seemed a little dejected in her likely drink options. "Now now, Applebloom, it's nothing personal. Nopony gets the hard stuff until after the ceremony. As for age..." She paused, legally access to the harder stuff was restricted until the day a pony got their cutie mark, though custom dictated a longer wait time. But that, truth be told, wasn't even her main concern. "Honestly, I always thought it would be a little gauche for your fist step into the world of adult beverages not be taken in your own family's cellar. I feel Applejack would buck me into next week if I crossed that line!" She gave a desultory chuckle. "But while you're here, could you give a taste of this apple-greenberry punch? I haven't worked with apples much before, and I'd like to know if I'm doing them justice. If so, I'll probably make it a sangria base later."
  3. Berry could only give a sympathetic tut-tut to the mare confessing to an imminent marriage with a teetotaler. She herself could never imagine such a thing, even as temperate as she had become with little Ruby Pinch about the house. She hadn't found her match yet, unfortunately, but still held out hope for somepony lovely and compatible to come into her life. Not today, though; today was for another. "Well, my name's Berry Punch, and I used to live in Canterlot myself. Grocer's foal, in fact; your daddy might have bought produce from mine. Lived it up big time when I was there, but had to calm down and take a little responsibility after having little Ruby." Right about then is when Discord showed his face. A good customer, though she was always a little leery of leaving him alone in the shop. He had the character of one who broke glass bottles, but instead he would sometimes twist them into shapes it became impossible to pour from! (Though, admittedly, they made fantastic shelf decorations. Poor dear probably thought he was helping.) "Morning, Mr. Discord!" She greeted him with a smile... that quickly disappeared upon seeing the cloves of garlic contaminate the punch. She was willing to forgive a lot, but her celebratory mixes were sacrosant, and now the dreadful noodle had forced her to throw out a whole bowl. Even though this deserved appropriate retribution, she was enough of a polite Ponyvillian to give the draconequus advance warning of her intentions. "Wish I could be of more service to you, but I've got to change out one of the punchbowls. I know the weather looks fine, but it wouldn't hurt for you to hold onto that umbrella..."
  4. "Having traveled far enough to be able to compare myself, I think you'll learn the superiority of local product." He gave a wink at the Zebra student with a chuckle. "The bananas of your homeland, for instance, are much better than what can be shipped up here. Don't tell any of the Apples that I said this, but I think if you could ship the better bananas, they'd be the most popular fruit in this country!" Not that you couldn't get bananas in Equestria, but there was only one variety that shipped well overseas, and Blueblood had always found it a little plain. "I heard he's more of a distant cousin than anything, technically moreso than Pinkie Pie." The Prince, realizing that name meant nothing to Zareb, explained. "Another of the part-time teachers, and one of Princess Twilight's close friends and counselors. You'll likely meet her soon. Honestly, I'm surprised that she hasn't already thrown some kind of welcome party for you, but I believe she may be out of town right now."
  5. "Then let us go, love." Spreading his own wings, Sky practically floated from the branch, suspended by the subtle breezes and his own high spirits. Drifting to Windy's side, he offered his hoof to take as they made their way back to her apartment. In one respect, it felt like a momentous, lifelong journey was beginning for him. Yet, in another, he was simply coming to the home he always had, but never knew before... *FIN*
  6. Wind Dancer wouldn't be able to see Sky Sailing's lips curl up into a smile, as she was currently engaged in passionately kissing him. But if her eyes were open, she would see in his own that he had never been so happy before now. They were wide with joy, and a bit of surprise, too, at mention of 'the last stallion.' He wasn't surprised that she had been courted before, but that any other pony could be so foolish as to not be genuine with so wonderful a mare. Now, however, was not the time to spare any mindspace for such fools. Now was the time for hugs and kisses- "Whoop!" There was a bit of a scramble as their mutual winghug left Sky's perch on the branch somewhat precarious. "Well, I think I'm ready to fly home with you. We'll have plenty of time to continue this once we get back, right?"
  7. Oh, here came the first pony in search of a thirst-quencher! Berry hadn't spoken to her before, but had seen her around as one of Princess Twilight's guards, before the Lavender pony left to take over from the Alicorn sister's. What a time to be alive! Even though Twilight Sparkle had technically been a Canterlot transplant, she and Ponyville had been through so much together than they all thought of her as one of their own. The hometown girls were making good, especially if this wedding was any indication! "Not to worry, Miss Walker! With one of the brides-to-be pregnant herself, I made sure to keep most of my offerings on the level. Nothing like a foal to cut back on one's drinking, even after they come out." The burgundy mare gave a wry smile to the pegasus, before chuckling. "Besides, in my experience, you really don't want the guests getting tipsy before the vows. Every wiseguy who thinks they're funny always chimes in at the 'speak now or forever hold your peace' bit. Save it for the toasts, I've learned." Scooping out a spoonful into a cup, she hoofed it over with the expert grace of a trained barmare. "You're looking at me like you know my face or flank from somewhere. Can't say I've seen you before you came to town, though."
  8. Bluebelle did her absolute level best to not appear surprised in any way by Smolder's admission. She was young, especially for a dragon, but even in their earliest years, Blue hardly remembered being afraid of going down a drain one obviously would not fit through. *But that's not what she's really afraid of, is she? Jail bars, portal to another world; Smolder fears imprisonment and banishment, though not in an articulate way, as of yet.* The Archancellor filed this little revelation away, answering aloud the dragonness' other question. "Well, I would think myself rather more than a bit of a hottie!" She preened, a little of the old, omnipresent vanity coming to the surface once again as she tossed back her golden locks. "And honestly, that's part of the reason why. Its true that the young, beautiful, and rich are never short of suitors, but most of them were the sort of suitors who just wanted me as a kind prize or trophy to be won. That's a very unpleasant attitude to be on the receiving end of, and it rather colored my opinion of the whole business. Which meant, in turn, that even when a suitor was honest, or even just innocently naive, I treated them as if they were a cynical gold-digger; that is to say, terribly rudely. I ended up getting into a lot of trouble over that, and it wasn't until I got out of that trouble that I was really ready to be a good stallionfriend, or marefriend, as it were. The fact that the timing coincided with my curse was, well, a coincidence." She took another drink of tea to soothe her throat after speaking so much in turn. Honestly, that felt as much like a lecture as a self-revelation, but if either or both of her students could avoid the mistakes of her own past, that alone would redeem the time. Not that spending the afternoon with Smolder and Silverstream wasn't valuable in its own right, of course! The tea having cooled to the point where she could drain the cup without burning her mouth, she held it out for a refill as she answered the hippogriff's request. "Oh, you don't know? It's actually not random at all. Whenever I drink tea, I become a mare. Whenever I drink coffee, I turn into a stallion. No, I don't know why those are the transformation triggers; this whole thing was a strange accident arising from me sneezing in the middle of Princess Twilight attempting a healing spell on me." The instincts of a trained diplomat began to signal the mare that something was troubling young Silver, and she decided to hazard a guess and attempt reassurance. "Despite all that, I can assure you that I am in every way empathetic to both sides of my nature. I will keep things said over the tea-table in as much confidence as those said in the coffee-room, as it were. Though I can keep specifics secret, if you want any general advice on the operations of the male mind, feel free to ask, and I shall answer."
  9. Sky smiled, returning the nuzzle as Wind Dancer agreed with his statement... and the implications that it held. He wasn't sure if it made sense to ask if she would be his special somepony, given that they were in every way acting like each other's already. Not to mention everypony else certainly thought of them as that! Nonetheless, some things had to be said, rather than simply left silent in the hopes of still being understood. "So, that's what we are then. I'd felt it early before, but I needed to make sure, make absolutely sure, that I wasn't dreaming myself into something unreal. But now, I know I've been awake this whole time." He pulled back, just far enough that he could look Wind Dancer in the eyes. "I... I love you, Windy. I don't know why that took so long for me to say, its been true for a while. I'm not sure when I first fell, sometime between our first meeting and the first time I saw you dance; but my wings have caught the air now, and I'm ready to fly with you."
  10. Not everypony at the wedding was there as a guest. Not that Berry Punch hadn't been invited, of course! As a longtime (though not quite lifetime) resident of Ponyville, she'd known Applejack and Rainbow Dash in some capacity even before Twilight Sparkle had come to town and turned everypony's lives upside down. In fact, it was this very acquaintanceship that motivated her to contribute more to the ceremony than a warm body filling a spectator's seat; she wanted to provide the liquid refreshments! This was, naturally, a bit of a hard sell to the pre-eminent makers of apple cider and juice in the entire Equestrian Heartland, if not all of Equestria. Still, they eventually were willing to let themselves relax for a day, provided that all of Berry's blending skills were applied with their own Apple products as at least one of the ingredients. The mare herself was more than happy to accept the conditions, as she rarely worked with that in any case; it would have cut into her friend's market share, and that wouldn't have been profitable for either of them. But now, with the opportunity to show off potential punches and juice blends, she hoped that perhaps a partnership deal could be struck in the future... "Hey Swift!" She called out to the green unicorn as he passed by the punchbowl. "Let AJ know I'm all ready here. Been working all night on crafting the perfect blends here; don't let her leave before she tries the Cranapple, OK? I'm really proud of that one!"
  11. It seemed like Wind Dancer wasn't meaning to be anything more than an audience member tonight. That actually left Sky with a few more minutes than he'd been expecting, and now that he had a better idea of what was where in this city, he decided on the spur of the moment the perfect use for them. "Oh yes, and not just once; I'd love for this to be a regular thing between us, when our schedules permit. Ah, but there's one more thing I want to show you before we go home." 'Home', was that what he was calling her flat now? It was telling, perhaps, that the word so easily applied there for Sky Sailing as for his own cloud studio. That only made what would come next all the more right and natural. He would lead Windy out of the lobby, and down one of the side-streets, a shortcut that wasn't really a shortcut, due to how crowded some of the narrower lanes could be, even to pegasi. But that wasn't the point; this route back to her apartment would take them past a very familiar looking park, where Sky stopped to make a little detour. "Remember this place?" He grinned at her, the streetlights and moonlight illuminating his smile as his wings caught the air again, landing in a certain tree. "I don't think I'll ever forget it." He said, waiting for Windy to join him. "They say that you never forget the place where you meet you special somepony." He said, in a softer voice, turning brown eyes to meet her own. "Do you think that's true?"
  12. "Oh, let me see, I should actually have your room assignment here..." Using his magic, Blueblood lifted some papers from a nearby desk over, rifling through them until he found what he was looking for. "Ah, yes, room number 27... that's with Remington Apple, it looks like. He's from Manehattan, if I'm not mistaken; did you enter Equestria through that port, or another?" The Prince looked a little nonplussed at his offer of hospitality being rebuffed, but he supposed he couldn't blame the traveler for being adventurous! "Well, there's multiple kinds of cider, naturally, that comes from Sweet Apple Acres. Sorry to say you just missed the Cider Festival; there's not much of the freshly-made left, and all of that is securely stored in Lady Applejack's cellar. I do have a barrel in the basement of their reserve, but that's being kept for the Autumn Feast later this semester." There was also the kind of cider, available year round, that Zareb wasn't quite old enough to be partaking of yet, at last as far as Blueblood could judge. "There's plenty of apple juice, though, and it is quite tasty and refreshing."
  13. "Bon Bon..." Chipper Demise rolled the name over in his mouth just as he did its namesake. He was committing both to memory, as this was an experience he did not want to be a once-in-a-lifetime thing. "I'll have to remember that. You make these often, right? I guess you would, since it's your name. I got my name for being so happy, even among dead things! There were a lot of them where I grew up, so much so that used up all my tears when I was little. I had to be happy, 'cause otherwise, I'd feel nothing, and that's just like being dead!" As he was speaking, his typical, slightly deranged mood began to reassert itself, but now both the mares would have a pretty good picture as to where it came from. Ater all, 'Lots of dead things and no chocolate' had to describe one of the worst possible foalhoods for a unicorn. "Kie-rayn-a Hee-no-day?" The kirin's name sounded oddly upon the dark mage's tongue. "You're not from around here, either? Oh! Are you enrolled in the Frienship School too? My adoptive parents signed me up, since I was having such a hard time making friends back home-" "CAW!" "-that weren't birds, Huginn." He turned his head to rebuke his corvid companion. "Everybou looks at me weird back home, and doesn't talk to me. I thought it was just because I wasn't a caribou like them, but I guess there's more to making friends than I thought. Took me years to learn dark magic, so I guess that something like that has to be complicated, if Friendship is Magic too, right?" ~***~ "Good, good- wait, fires? Fires?" Blueblood had just been nodding on his way out the door, when the seriousness of the situation began to dawn fully upon him. This wasn't just a mess, this was a disaster in the making! By Faust, this town really was cursed! For an instant, he was caught in a dilemma between his princely and has academic duties, before a last glance outside seemed to confirm that his new friendship student was already getting busy making friends. Good, he could wait a little while longer. "Gah, I'll have to have the servants fetch some buckets and- wait, where did Gallus and Silverstream go?" With the way his day was going, their unaccounted-for absence worried him more than usually. "On second thought, Tiger, I'll go with you; let the maids form a bucket brigade, I need to track down my lost students."
  14. As the concert continued, Sky's periods of intense focus became less and less frequent, soon fading altogether as he simply let the music take him and his marefriend wherever it wished. Wind Dancer was leaning against him now, close enough for him to feel her heartbeat adjust tempo according to the music. A dancer's instincts, perhaps? His own was steady, though slightly faster just from having her so close. Though the auditorium was crowded, they were alone together in symphonic surroundings. No perfect moment lasts forever, for to be perfect is to be complete, and things must end at their completion. The half-second of silence after the last triumphant note, and the roar of applause after, sealed and wrapped the precious memory in Sky's mind. He had meditated, in the mists of imagination and emotion that his brain had retreated into, and returned with a revelation. One which he would share with Wind Dancer... once the both of them were out of the noise. He wasn't sure how long she wished to stay, though. Chances were, she knew one or two of the musicians, and wished to congratulate them in the greenroom, perhaps.
  15. "There was a good amount of percussion int the score, so I imagine it would. I heard the composer was also mixing in aspects of modern dance music into a symphonic milieu, which is really making me look forward to see what the whole thing sounds like. The associated story was pretty interesting too..." Sky's discussion of the prospective performance was summarily ended by the heralding of the present one. Like Windy, he joined in the general applause, before settling back. The start was, of course, full of instrument tuning as each player found their place and their key. The conductor was the last to take the stage, giving the rest of the orchestra another minute, before tapping his wand on the stand. It wasn't a particularly loud sound, but the acoustics of the chamber carried it, even to the box seats. It was enough to silence the chamber for a count of four beats, and then- It began. Sky had heard some of pieces before, particularly at Wind Dancer's performances, but she was one-hundred percent right when she stated that recordings did live productions justice. Observing him now, Wind would be able to see that Sky alternated between two modes of listening. The first was a closed-eyed way, letting his imagination take him wherever the notes would lead. From time to time, though, his eyes would open, and he would focus keenly on one part or another of the orchestra pit, seeking out a particular player to attempt to glean the secret of their technique.
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