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  1. By No Means Perfect! (SPONSORED- Ponyville)

    Was... was that dragon trying to court Princess Twilight? That was what it looked like to Halvard, though the technique of accompanying a declaration of affection with copious bragging about one's own capabilities seemed a novel tactic. It might work among the caribou, he supposed, provided the courter was prepared to face the courtee in the arena to cash the check their mouth wrote. ...Though if Princess Twilight's sudden embrace was any indication as to her power, the poor flying lizard wouldn't stand a chance. "Whoa! Easy there!" He tried to keep up a smile, but that had really taken him off-guard. "None of us ever had wings, you know. Not quite used to the whole personal flight thing." He chuckled, to signify that he wasn't going to lose his humor over this, though he could well understand Calder seeking shelter behind Sigrun. "Now you know why we decided to seek the path of peace." He spoke in low tones to Calder in northern tongue. He hadn't intended the lesson to be quite so dramatic, but it was valuable nonetheless. Looking up at Sigrun, he smiled at her, hugging her briefly during the nuzzle. "Well, if I'm to serve as a protective shield, it's no more than my duty as Vakstyra." Speaking of guarding duty, here came Fire Walker! Halvard wasn't sure if they had been introduced, but any aid to his mate's clan was a friend of his, and of course welcome to the wedding. "Queen Sigrun? Well, I do rather like the sound of that, should we manage it." Best not to go further than that; politics ruins a party. Not quite so much as loneliness, though, as he couldn't help but notice a hovering pegasus that had so far not really interacted with anypony. In too good a mood to let that stand, Halvard undertook the time honored tradition of calling out the loner at a feast: "Hey you up there!" He called up Ejaz. "Want to bet that you can't drink more eggnog than a caribou bull?"
  2. Generosity of Spirit (SPONSORED- Canterlot)

    Oh, now this was new! The Royal family of Neighpon was sending its youngest scion out on a world tour. And little Kaze seemed to already be mastering the language! Considering how different the two tongues were, that was quite impressive; Blueblood himself could only manage short, simple sentences, though he'd managed to get the tone and accent done quite well. "<Pleased to meet you. That sounds lovely. I might visit next year.>" Phew, that took a bit of effort to remember. Gonna have to watch this filly, she's going to be quite the presence on the diplomatic scene when she grows up... And here came Rarity! Blueblood was quite glad they could now meet without experience irritation on the one end and dread upon the other. There were rewards for getting one's act together, for sure! "Just as Honeywing said, we only awaited the grace of your presence. For now, I greet the newcomers while they warm themselves up with mulled beverages and sweets, hopefully reserving a dance or two. Oh, would you save one for me?" He still owed her, if he recalled a right, from the rather ruined one way back them (of course, that was partially Pinkie Pie's fault. Reformed or not, there was no way in Tartarus he would lower himself to do the 'Pony Pokey!) And now came another guest, to whom he bowed, wrinkling his nose a bit as a snowflake fell upon it. "Ah, ah, Ah-choo!" He sniffed, glad at least he had manners enough not to have the sneeze boom and echo in the ballroom chamber. "Ah, yes, happy Hearthswarming! Welcome, do partake of a few refreshments, and don't forget your donations!"
  3. By No Means Perfect! (SPONSORED- Ponyville)

    Giving a grateful smile to Sigrun's compliment, he replied. "I'll defer to your judgment there." Calder he let extract himself with the minimum loss of dignity, before stepping forward. While he was pleased to see that Twilight had taken his little joke in good humor, there was something he found... off-putting in her nervousness. Some edge of anxiety that was not only at odds with the season, but didn't speak well for her confidence in the face of threat. Not that he doubted her forthrightness in, say, facing dragons (a good thing, too, as one had just shown up), but in social situations, little mishaps could put her on the back hoof, and as Halvard had just proven, someone with an eye for that sort of thing could take advantage of her. "No offense is taken; the effect is quite striking and impressive in it's own right, I could well have believed it was an intentional part of the decoration." He gave the Princess a warm smile, which he felt would be needed to make the advice he was about to give go down better, "Just a tip, though; I have found that it is unwise to be overly generous with apologies over the unexpected, when it is neither malicious in intent or harmful in effect. There are many, especially among the clans, who lose respect for someone who cannot carry the consequences of their acts through boldly. I say this, because it might be relevant in the near future..." And reaching into his cloak, he brought out what was, for a caribou, an impressive piece of tree-bark stationary. "This is an invitation to Sigrun and my wedding! We felt as a courtesy to you, especially for championing the cause of peaceful relations after being the direct recipient of the other sort, this was appropriate." Peeking around the Princess, he spotted a yellow pegasus, with rather more excusable grounds for nervousness, emerge from behind. "Why, yes we are! It's a good time of year for it, as the pollen-producing plants of the Southern lands are no longer in bloom; which is a mercy to my mate, and incidentally to everypony around her." He chuckled, though Fluttershy hadn't yet witnessed the awesome power of one of Sigrun's sneezes. "The invitation is extended to you too, as well. I don't know if you've had a chance to get acquainted with the animals of the far north, but I'd be interested to see if they respond as well to you as the Equestrian ones do. Also, there is an adopted member of my mate's clan that has admired you ever since he heard about you, and would be absolutely thrilled if you could make it." That more or less took care of his business with the Princess, and he stepped back to let Sigrun and Calder have their own conversations, giving an encouraging nod to Calder. The young bou struggled, but it was important to let him do as much as he could, just to prove to himself that he could stand in his own right. His old clan had done a number on him, and it would be no easy task to see him upright and able to confront all the demons of his past. So far, though, so good. That left him with little to do at the moment, save to keep an eye on that Bolt fellow. Dragons were rarely good news, wherever they happened to show up. Hopefully Sigrun would not have to demonstrate why she was the terror of the lindwurms back home...
  4. Generosity of Spirit (SPONSORED- Canterlot)

    "Excellent!" Was about all Blueblood had time to reply to Honey before duty called. Aside from Honeywing, the first guest to arrive was... completely unfamiliar to Prince Blueblood. If he had to take a guess, this was some kind of Professor, probably from what the Prince privately called the 'Brahmins;' high-class academics who achieved a rank more or less on par with the nobility through the hierarchy of the academy. Princess Twilight Sparkle technically came from this class, though her father had significantly less arrogance than this professor. The Prince wasn't sure if he could have carried that same attitude himself in that kind of sweater. "Ah, Professor. Charmed that you could make it. I, of course, am Prince Blueblood." His eye kept being drawn back to the sequins. Dear Celestia, that was really distracting. Were those supposed to be trees? And flying Reindeer? Wait... were those reindeer actually flying across the cloth, or was that just his imagination? He shook his head; couldn't be rude, staring at other ponies' clothes like that. "Have you brought a gift for the foals? We're collecting them tonight, in case you hadn't heard." The next face was a more familiar one; the Prince recognized the Eastern visitor from an earlier Princely convention. "Ishi! Glad you could make it. I have to ask, do they celebrate Hearthswarming in Neighpon? Or, is there some other Wintertime holiday more bound in the local history?"
  5. Flower Eyes [Ready]

  6. By No Means Perfect! (SPONSORED- Ponyville)

    Halvard was used to his mate's habits enough by this time that he had expected Sigrun's leap in front of the wave. It seemed that Calder had not been briefed, however. "She's protective, even though she sometimes leaps at the harmless for that reason." He explained to his protege, noting that of the three of them, he seemed to most naturally take to the Crystalline look. Perhaps it was his outfit that did it; Halvard had thought Calder's choice of garb a little odd at the time, but now it looked prescient. In any case, the effects of the magic were impressive on all three, drawing looks from all guests. Taking it upon himself to lead them out of the crowd, Halvard shouldered through to greet Princess Twilight. "And a Happy Heartwarming to you, Princess Twilight. Though, I must ask..." He spared a moment to look around, uncertain of how many of the stares were merely curious, or technically hostile, "Was this magic conceived as a sort of pointed reminder?" He managed to keep a straight face just long enough for Twilight to start freaking out, before bursting out laughing. "Don't worry, we won't take offense at the decor choices, but we would have appreciated the word of warning. My chosen garb works in it's original hoary form, but right now I feel somewhat... gaudy, I have to say."
  7. Flower Eyes [Ready]

    Hello! Friendly neighborhood RP helper here. Just looking over your app, here. Looks good for the most part, though I would like to see the part in her background where she became more softer and open more fleshed out. It's a pretty major step in her character development; was there an event that acted as a catalyst to this change?
  8. Bolt: The Egoistical Dragon [Ready]

    Hello, Friendly neighborhood RP helper here! Looking over this thread, I'm glad to see another dragon OC coming to the boards! Unfortunately, I have to say, 'stillborn brought back to life a bolt of lightning' does go a bit beyond the pale for the World of Equestria boards, though it could pass in the Free-for-all space. If you take that out, I think we can pass this along!
  9. By No Means Perfect! (SPONSORED- Ponyville)

    While Hearthswarming was certainly a celebration centered around the history of Equestria and the uniting of the Pony tribes, over the last 1,000 years the holiday and it's spirit of friendship and unity staving off the winter chill had resonated internationally. Most especially, though sadly infrequently, in the frozen lands of the northern continent, where stout and fierce caribou clans alternatively clashed and came together under the sleet and snow. Whatever could be said against his fellow caribou, and Halvard had to admit much could be said against the vikingr, all could appreciate the need for a winter feast! Not only were celebrations good in themselves, if the winter routine was not broken by some bright spot around which the clan could congregate, they would all go stir-crazy, and start to tear themselves apart. So, at least, the legends went, which is why the gods had caused the mistletoe and the holly to grow in these late months, bright green, red, and white reminders to not let the grey wholly swallow one's mood and mind. This was actually Halvard's first visit to the (in)famous Ponyville, and he was determined to enter in style. Of course, as usual, his fur was dyed with the blue colors of his clan, but in place of his beloved armorplate, he had decided instead to arrive in a fur-trimmed coat, crowned with leaves and berries of intertwined holly and mistletoe. The overall effect was as if he had stepped from an illustrated foal's book of winter legends; a strong but benevolent spirit of the wild forest, welcomed into the warmth and lights of the town once a year. He wasn't alone, though. With him was Sigrun, also on an inaugural visit to the heartland of Equestria, together with him to represent their kind, and hopefully symbolize the start of an accord that might possibly patch up the... excesses of their brethren. With a bit of luck, it could be hoped that the arriving guests would not be reminded of the horrors of the past- "Wait, what is that?" He had been specifically pointing at the enormous crystalline structure in the center of the town, not the sort of architecture that he had been led to expect. Indeed, it seemed to clash with the rather hoary thatched-roof milieu of the rest of the town. At least, temporarily, for just as he was speaking, a wave of crystallizing energy burst forth from the towers, first washing over the previously-homestyle houses, before rapidly rushing over to the pair of guests from the north! The transformation was as rapid as it was unexpected. One minute, Halvard was a hoary symbol of winter. The next, he sparkled like a giant fur-set sapphire, crowned with rubies and diamonds. He stopped in the middle of the street, heedless to how many ponies were staring at him, as he stared as his upraised hoof, and then at Sigrun. "I.... have to say, this is very much a surprise."
  10. Generosity of Spirit (SPONSORED- Canterlot)

    Blueblood gave a little start when Celestia first addressed him, but relaxed soon after. He was always a little nervous about how big events that he was personally attached to were going to go; however much character-developing progress he'd made over the years, he was still extremely sensitive and vain about his reputation. So much so that he might have stiffened at his Auntie's hug, had there been anypony else about. Fortunately for the two, they still had a few seconds of privacy to share an unreserved familial embrace. "Well, I certainly hope so, and- eh, what? They're here already?" Hastily he pulled back, looking to the nearest reflective surface. Was his mane straight? Tail properly groomed? Tie aligned? Yes, all yes. Right, now he could face the public! Turning a beaming smile to the entryway, he was first greeted by a familiar face. "Oh, Honeywing! Glad you managed to make it up here; everything all right on your end? Been a while since we've caught up." He gave an appreciative assessment of the vest; it had been turned into a decent-looking but utilitarian piece of clothing to something quite respectable in its own right. "How is Glitzen, by they way? I still need to take him up on his offer of a tailoring session."
  11. Damnit Jim I'm a Draconequus not a Pony!

    Good grief, if the pair of lovebirds kept this up, pretty soon they'd be confined to their room! Not that anyone involved would likely be complaining of course; they'd max out their score, for one thing! On another subject, which Blueblood dragged his mind back to with reluctance, it appeared that his confidence in the soundess of this bit of naval construction was well placed! "See? What did I tell you, Star? It's almost as if they planned this all specifically for us." At that mention, he had to turn his attention back to the one who had invited them in the first place. "I have to say, all this was jolly good of you, Discord. I'd say Fluttershy did a fine job with you; full marks to you both!" Completely unsuspicious of any ulterior motives whatsoever; well, high levels of trust were essential for diplomats. Perhaps this made the Prince an ideal choice to open official relations with the Island Queen. Speaking of which... there was apparently to be a feast with live singing later! The Queen would be in attendance, of course, with Blue and Crusader being among the guests of honor! The invitation was enough to pause even the Prince's strutting and preening; a good thing, too, as any more and nosebleeds were likely to occur. Or so he liked to imagine. "Hm, this sounds like fun, wouldn't you say? It'd be just about time for dinner once we swing back around. I daresay you'd enjoy yourself, Star!"
  12. Home is where... (Changeling Islands, Discord)

    The clicks and buzzes Chrysalis heard would have been nonsense to the ears of a pony, but to Chrysalis, they were as full of meaning as the cries of a child. She knew them too well, in fact; the sounds of a soldier starved of his rations. How long had she let the Hive languish in that state? No longer than she had to, that was her only comfort. The urge to satiate that distress was demonstrably strong enough to overthrow kingdoms entrenched for millennia, for what were thrones and dominations to a mother with a hungry grub or foal? A lesson she had almost learned too late. Not too late for little Rat, though, Thank Faust! Not too late. Her eyes widened, and nearly welled up with tears at the 'lings question. "Y-yes! Yes, I am your mother!" She took three rapid steps forward to hold Rat by the withers, tight but tenderly, in an embrace that would still let her see into his eyes. "Do you... know how to do this?" And she dropped her guise, changing fur for chitin, round pupils for slitted, but the expression and attitude changed not a whit.
  13. Lost by one, found by another (Private, Dusty)

    Admittedly, Halvard had not been expecting Calder to break down completely in front of him like this, and wasn't really sure what to do next. After all, he was only slightly less new to the whole 'being a good father' thing than Calder was to 'being a good son.' He'd relied on instinct so far, and right now his instinct told him to shut up until the other had finished talking, and then to just hold out a hoof, for Calder to take or not. "If I ever intended to leave you, I never would have picked you up. You're not alone now." That, at least, he knew was the right thing to say, whatever else had to be said. What else was to be said, though, he didn't know.