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  1. Damnit Jim I'm a Draconequus not a Pony!

    "Oh relax, Crusader!" Blueblood called over his shoulder, as he trotted up the gangplank to board the ship. "Just because she's somewhat less modest than Auntie Celestia in terms of titles doesn't mean she's a tyrant. Why, we've met Empresses who were perfectly pleasant!" As for pet names... Discord was perfectly right when he made that assumption, but he had enough respect for Star Crusader's dignity, not to mention his own, to let them slip right now ("Oh Captain, my Captain!") Besides that, though, the Prince had by now quite entered into the carefree spirit of the place, slipping as easily into it as a lime into a coconut. But then, he wasn't in any way professionally obligated to be suspicious. Seemed the island would have to limbo a little more to get the guard on his level of anti-nervousness. The reference to plundering only brought pirates to mind in their playful aspect, and he even waggled his brows at his marefriend before striding onto the deck like it was his own ship. "Why, hello, there!" It takes no small amount of self-assurance and chutzpah to strut one's masculine good looks among a group of ponies who are all an order of magnitude larger than oneself, but nopony had ever accused Prince Blueblood of lacking either quality. He walked the promenade, seabreeze fluttering his mane, in attitudes that suggested that he, in fact, was the one putting on the show for the ponies in the bay. Recent years may have taught him the value of deference in public, but here... well, he was cutting loose! In his own way, of course.
  2. Starshot (Closed)

    Blueblood was slightly shocked when he realized that all the machines were starting up. Wait, so starting right away meant... right away, right away. Right. Away. "Ah, right! Then..." The Prince realized that he was being asked to give commands. This was... actually, this shouldn't be too hard. He was captain, this was a ship. He could do this. He just had to think of space as a big sea, not the empty void ten thousand miles above terra firma. Geez, and he thought airships made him giddy... "Better get on that, everypony. Manual- reading, I mean. Have some quick brushing up to do myself..." And with as much dignity as he could muster, he trotted right over to the captain's seat, planted his flanks right into the plush, and pulled out the manual. Let's see, what did all these little dials mean...
  3. Lost by one, found by another (Private, Dusty)

    Catching his protege's glances over the dresses of the guests, Halvard smirked at a suspicion confirmed. Good grief, this lad would really have been out of place on a Raider's longship. "There's public bathouses, if you feel the need to clean up. Not a proper sauna, not in this city, but it will do in a pinch." He made small talk as he waited for their customer. The doorpony came down in no kind of hurry and an apologetic expression, putting a damper on Halvard's hopes. "The gentlecolt is... having a heated discussion, right now. This is not really a good time, I am afraid. But I will let him know that you have arrived with the goods, and will deliver them for you so you may be upon your way. Most regretful, but.... well, I would prefer not to have my head broken by the establishment's furniture." "I understand." Halvard sighed, as he strained back to unburden himself. He couldn't help but be disappointed that his risk seemed to have come to nothing here.
  4. Lost by one, found by another (Private, Dusty)

    "I wouldn't expect you to stand and fight. If it gets to that point, we're both going to be in trouble. I have no illusions about how the local guards will see us if we get in a fracas. In any case, island or iceberg, better to keep it in sight than lose it in the fog." And with that, they set off through the streets, heading off to the hotel written on the sheet. Fortunately, the doorman happened to be a former customer of Halvard, having bought an amber pendant for his wife's birthday. "Ah, honorable Halvard. Here to make a delivery?" "Yes, I pride myself on personal service." The bull chuckled. "It's the gentleman staying in this room, would you be so kind as to fetch him? Or I can meet him in his room, if he prefers." "I'll let him know right away!" And with that, the helpful little fellow bustled off, leaving Halvard to remark. "The daughter is most likely going to be displeased at this level of service. I don't know if his testimony will be enough to confirm a better impression of us upon her, but it will be a step in the right direction."
  5. The Karaoke Kabinet [PM for Invite]

    Up until now, the night had been going very well for Shiroi. She'd hit it off well with Ishi, enough for her to risk leaning against him as the sake made its merry way through her bloodstream. Aegis was proving to be a pleasant chatting companion as well, and the ginjutsu-sha was favoring her with a rare smile as she replied, "My work is never done... I just need to not use that as an excuse to sleep at my office, I guess. If I'm never going to finish... maybe I shouldn't keep trying?" Her brow furrowed, Shiroi was teetering on the edge of a great epiphany... but then, her poise on the peak of enlightenment was shattered, as Limi's frankly astongishingly tasteless suggestion of a song poked the mare right in her foreign policy sore spot, sending her tumbling down into the abyss of fury. As soon as she comprehended what was going on, she sat bot upright, spilling the bottle of sake all over the remains of the sushi plate as her hoof slammed on the table. She sputtered, not able to form words in her unstable state. Fortunately, the Shogun was more alert than her, smoothing over the situation as best he could, arranging for the discreet removal of Limi before Shiroi could proceed to bite his antlers off. She rocked back in her seat, still fuming, as Aegis sang her rapturous folk melody. The music entirely failed to sooth the savage fury barely contained within the unicorn, and once the ambassador stepped down from the stage, Shiroi stepped out, intent on letting her emotions out upon the microphone. She knew just the song to do it, too. "Alright," She began, holding her slurs back behind clenched teeth. "I'm gonna close out the night with a number that caribou will hear all the way from his hotel room!" Whether or not Limi would be able to hear it, Shiroi wouldn't fail for lack of trying. She delivered the opening line with a scream that could have put her in contention to lead any high school metal band: "BAP-TIZED IN FIRE, 40 TO 1!" Most of the company would have recognized the song once it got going; it was in fact a direct reply, in its way, to Limi's song, telling the story of the sacking Kyoma, and the whole caribou invasion for that matter, from the other side, emphasizing the brave and nearly overwhelmed defense of the homeland in those few hopeless first years. Particularly, it referred to the initial guards deployed to delay the Vikings while the whole garrison could mobilize a defense of the capital: So silent before the storm, Awaiting command. A few have been chosen to stand, As one, outnumbered by far. The orders from their Daimyo: Fight back, hold your ground! In early September it came, A war, unknown to the world! No Viking breaks under the roofs, That are protected by Neighpon hooves! Unless you are 40 to 1, Your force will soon be undone - Undone! Baptized in fire 40 to 1; Spirit of samurai, death and glory. Soldiers of Neighpon, second to none! Rage of berzerkers brought to a halt! The 8th of September it starts, The Raids from the ice. A barrage of axeblows and swords, Stand fast, the barriers must hold! Their captain has pledged his life; I'll face my fate here! The sounds of their battlecries roar, So fierce, the thunder of war! So come bring on all that you've got, Come Hell, come High Water never stop! Unless you are 40 to 1, Your lives will soon be undone - Undone! Baptized in fire 40 to 1; Spirit of samurai, death and glory. Soldiers of Neighpon, second to none! Rage of berzerkers brought to a halt! Always remember, a fallen soldier, Always remember, daughters and sons at war. Always remember, a fallen soldier, Always remember, daughters and sons at war. Always remember, a fallen soldier, Always remember, you live in history! No Viking breaks under the roofs, That are protected by Neighpon hooves! Unless you are 40 to 1, Your force will soon be undone - Undone! Baptized in fire 40 to 1; Spirit of samurai, death and glory. Soldiers of Neighpon, second to none! Rage of berzerkers brought to a halt! The song dropped Shiroi off at the end, leaving her slumped over on the stage. She'd poured all the rage in her heart out in that song; if she had her way, it would pound all night through Limi's skull, waking him early from nightmare-riddled sleep with the worst hangover in his life. It might have been a bit of a sour note to end a night of song and fun on, but for Shiroi, she couldn't imagine any other way. The guards would have to cart her off to her own room as well, at this rate, as she was already dozing over the microphone... And thus ended the evening, with a bang, at least, followed by a gentle snore. [Exit Shiroi; Finis]
  6. Lost by one, found by another (Private, Dusty)

    Halvard let out a breath as the mare finally departed. He called out, "And a nice day to you too!" In as pleasant a voice as he could mange, but he did nothing to disguise the frank relief upon his face at the departure of a troublesome customer. "Normally, I would minimize time out to keep the shop open, but I think that was enough practice for your first day, don't you think? It's not likely we'll get another customer like that today, but I can't guarantee it." He pulled a cord with his teeth as soon as the statuettes were safely stowed about his person, letting the awning and shutter close upon his store window. "Besides, I really do genuinely want to meet this stallion. There's obviously some prior history behind that prejudice, and anyone wishing to get past it, to the point where they push their own daughter to interact with a former enemy, is definitely someone worth knowing, don't you think? Remember, my stay here is diplomatic, as well as mercantile. We can't afford to pass up a possible contact like this. Taking advantage of opportunities when presented... it's one of the things that marks the great from the fulfillers of routine."
  7. Lost by one, found by another (Private, Dusty)

    Havlard gave a quick smile to Calder at his clever use of self-deprecation. Seems the lad had a good grasp of what to speak and when. Perhaps he would be worth taking along when he moved from mercantile to diplomatic work... Giving a quick glance at the note, the bull calculated that between the journey there, the inevitable conversation at point of delivery, and the journey home, it would take them to the end of afternoon market hours. Well, fair enough. It wasn't likely that they'd get another customer; generally it was only one or two a day, after the initial rush of the novelty upon first arrival. That explained the riches of Halvard's stock. The rest was mostly to keep his hoof in. "I would rather like to speak with your father, if he doesn't mind." He remarked, helping with the last of the bundling. "He sounds like a remarkable individual." One definitely with aims towards harmonizing relations between his daughter and Halvard's kind. A contact worth picking up, for sure.
  8. Radio Promotion day! [Open]

    "Oh, thanks." Sky smiled. It wasn't that he wasn't enthusiastic, it was that he was soft-spoken in general. Far from the sort of pony to dive into the mosh pit, he would likely take a seat in the bleachers, and barely make himself known at the party, unless whoever he ended taking with him was more extroverted. Still, music was music, and he had his favorites in all genres. "Requests? Anything from Sabaton's latest LP, if you don't mind."
  9. Lost by one, found by another (Private, Dusty)

    Hm, it seemed the prospect of hard cash did more than honeyed words to alleviate ill feelings. Well, that lined up with Halvard's experience; it was just a pity that countries like Long Guo had such byzantine laws against bribery. Surely, exchanges of goods for services were equivalent, either at the level of individuals, or trade agreements between nation. Either leave out the sordid materialism entirely, or incorporate it as a whole. Ah well, he wasn't here to provide social criticism today, just to satisfy customers and watch the bits pile up. "Certainly we deliver, as long as it's in-city. Any farther than that and you'll have to trust the Imperial Postal Service." He ducked quickly under the counter to fetch some twine, wool, and boards for packaging. "We're quite used to delicate transports, you see. Storms in the Northern Seas are right beasts if you don't batten your hatches properly. Have to be back in time to close shop, though."
  10. Radio Promotion day! [Open]

    "Um..." Sky's brow furrowed at the supposedly easy question. In truth, he was pretty far removed in his own musical production from The Sword's, he only knew the band from the fact that his co-workers would play their album during his shifts back when he worked at the Cloudsdale Cold Storage. "Was it... Age of Winters?" That seemed correct. Or it may have just been free-association from frozen memories. And memories of being frozen. Oh well, at least he got a hat and radio out of the deal, no matter how things turned out. He'd probably end up disassembling the little machine for parts, but still. Free Stuff! He smiled, turning to the new guest. "I can't say I know what it's about myself, but hey, wasn't as if I was going to sleep anyway. Might as well try something out, you know?"
  11. Radio Promotion day! [Open]

    Sky Sailing wasn't usually up at this hour. Oh, he was awake, usually, but insomnia did not an active pegasus make. His active and productive hours were primarily nocturnal, but even then he went through life half-asleep. If he wasn't self-employed as an independent musician and portable recording studio operator, there was no way he'd be able to get away with his irregular sleep schedule. That said, when he heard the broadcast from his cloud house, his ears perked up. He'd let it drift over to Manehattan, in hopes of finding independent artists looking for a studio to cut demos or release EP's, and hearing the DJ over the broadcast, he figured he might as well drift down and take a chance. Not like he was going to sleep anyway. So, the sky-blue stallion dropped in front of Eddy's booth, yawning and blinking as he rubbed his mousy-brown mane. "What was this about trivia? I heard something about a Sword's show."
  12. If anyone asked, this was Prince Blueblood’s idea. How had no one thought of this before? It was perfectly brilliant, as far as he was concerned. Personal diplomacy, to him, always was the most efficient way of going about international relations, bypassing bureaucratic hurdles with a monarch’s prerogative. Of course, most monarchs were busy with their own country’s affairs most of the time, leaving little time to convene with their fellow crowned heads across the lands and seas. Which was where their technically-powerless relatives came in! After all, what was the point of being Royal if you couldn’t do something important once in a while? Build bonds of international friendship, sort out issues locked in legal intransigence, and party like only Princes could! All in all, not a bad way to spend a weekend. Certainly, Blueblood looked forward to the following few days with pleasure more than worry, which was more than could be said for many of his recent diplomatic ventures. After all, the Gallopagos was a pleasant place, and his beach house was spacious enough to comfortably host the siblings of the Empress of Long Guo and the Shogun, respectively. Blueblood blinked, pausing in the middle of having his mane brushed. Was there someone he was forgetting? He had a horrible feeling that he was; either an invitation he had sent out, or a notification that he had received. Who? He had a vague picture of something draconic… a dragon prince? Discord? Discord disguised as a dragon prince!? He shook his head decisively, and returned to his packing. Best to let his staff know to set up another bed, that was all. It’d be a bit snug, with four of them, but he was sure they could manage. After all, nothing could majorly go wrong, right…? From the instant he thought that, the Equestrian Prince knew he was going to be worried all the way over to the islands. Sighing, he returned to his business, wondering how the others were preparing to see him...
  13. Lost by one, found by another (Private, Dusty)

    There was probably no salvaging the topic of barbarianism at this point. Mentally, Halvard kicked himself for bringing in the experience; he had in fact been the defender, which is why he made that remark, but it was fairly obvious the masked mare assumed otherwise. In any case, one exchange wasn't going to change her mind; it would take time. There had been a lot more angry customers when the amber shop first opened than now. Steady patience and fair dealing, that was the only way forward. "Each individually would total for 300 kash, but the whole set will only cost you 250." A bit more than his usual offered discount, but diplomacy had to trump business, for once.
  14. Lost by one, found by another (Private, Dusty)

    *Stay calm, Halvard, stay diplomatic. You don't know what this mare has seen. Probably exactly what she just described.* Having acted in the diplomatic role, as well as the mercantile one, Halvard was used to dealing with and defraying hostility. Drawing upon inner reserves of calm and fortitude, he kept his smile steady and his demeanor relaxed. "I can attest from personal experience that it is effective for the ones defending the farm as well. The moreso for being unexpected." Moving on smoothly from the topic, he turned back to his wares. "Nothing ostentatious, then. The jewelry may well fit naturally with his normal attire, without seeming showy. It rather depends on his color choices. In any case, I think the figurines I have will suit the purpose better. Calder?" He nodded towards his new assistant. "Be so kind as to fetch the ones on shelf three." There were about half a dozen statuettes all told, each of a little long sun engaged in the daily rounds of activity; a soldier guarding, a sailor piloting his craft, a farmer tending her rice fields, and so on. "If you decide to purchase the whole set, I will offer a discount. It looks well upon a mantle, when all together."
  15. Pipermint (Boundary Version) (Ready)

    Hey there! Sorry for the delay, our staff got caught under the weather. Character concept works really well here, I think. Would just like to see his history/background expanded upon, particularly his cutie mark story. Once that's in place, I think we might be good to go!