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  1. PrinceBlueblood

    Wolf in Pony's Clothing? (Pressy)

    Blueblood leaned into the nuzzle, breathing deeply of Taira's mountain scent. "I suppose this sort of thing is the price we pay for living. Tragedy strikes so many, and all we can do is offer comfort, aid, and prevention where we can." The Prince stared idly into the fountain, silent in contemplation. Try as he may, it was impossible for him to put the sorrows of his past back into the dark closet of his mind. Nothing for it but let sadness take it's course, and hope to halve it by the sharing. Anypony encountering the pair in the garden now might have been forgiven for thinking the two of them had been friends for much longer than a day, if not closer than that. Blueblood was now resting against Taira's shaggy coat, quietly letting a few tears go, both for his own and the disguised yokai's sorrows.
  2. PrinceBlueblood

    Wolf in Pony's Clothing? (Pressy)

    Taira's point about seeing relatives worn as clothing was a good one, Blueblood had to admit. It would be pretty hard for him to negotiate with, say, a caribou chief wearing his marefriend's skull as a brooch. Ugh... those were depressing thoughts, not that wresting his mind back to the current topic of conversation was much better. His new friend's attempts to revive his youthful dream only wrested a sigh from the Prince. "Would that it were so simple... of course, when I was hauled back home, I wasn't old enough to defy my parents, but right after... they were lost in an airship accident. Had to assume the title early, and keep the estate together. Felt guilty as Tartarus, too; you know how foals can get at the death of their parents. Thinking that what happened was their fault somehow..." He shook his head. Time to put those emotions back in their box, no use taking them out for air again. "Found myself tangled in a web of petty social responsibilities. Got free of that, mostly, in the past few years, but only by taking on greater burdens. I can't really run away to sea anymore. Not for more than a week, anyway, and the time is hard fought for."
  3. PrinceBlueblood

    [Age of Heroes] Love and Disdain. Again. [OPEN]

    The explanation of the metaphor... made sense, Platinum supposed, even though it seemed quite foolish for anypony to act like that. If you didn't want the hay, why get in the manger? It was all a mystery. *Foreigners. Exotic, often attractive, but never fully comprehensible.* She blushed a bit, though, at the mention of the choker, her hoof tracing a line across her throat. The selfsame shade of pink deepening to red as Ossia sought, as gently as possible, to dismantle her ego. Truly, a task worthy of an alicorn. "Heh, I suppose you are right..." The talk of 'lessons' could have proved even more disheartening to the decidently non-academic unicorn, until a thought suddenly occurred to her. "Hey, would that make me your... your personal student?" Growing up with 'Auntie' as his primary example of family, Blueblood had no other real example of a close relationship to imprint upon. The royal was lonely, though he was loath to admit so, either in villain or civilian guise. Such sweet reflections, however, could not be focused on for long. Not only was Platinum being ponyhandled like a plush toy, she was suddenly warped out the place, throwing the timing way off on her previously-laid plan. That disruption was minor, however, to the even more troubling apparition before them. "AIEE!" The fashion-conscious mare shrieked, covering her eyes as if to protect them from a wave of ammonia. "They're hideous! The absolute bottom of the barrel, sartorially, of those darn students!" It had to be said that the writhing mare in Ossia's magic cut something of a pathetic figure. But her scream was not out of mere helplessness; it was pitched to carry, and so to alert her maid squadron inside the museum. In a few minutes, the pair of them would have a backup force sufficient to allow them to escape. They just had to keep these jokers off their tails for long enough...
  4. PrinceBlueblood

    The Night Watch (Open to anyone)

    With the Demise of the Golden Oaks Library, Princess Twilight had graciously allowed Ponyville to use this wing of her castle as its public library. Being the enthusiastic bibliophile that she was, not to mention having a great deal of sympathy for Princess Luna and fellow Night Owls, she'd even made it the first public library in Equestria to be open 24/7. Of course, at hours like these, all the honest citizens of Ponyville were sleeping in their beds, leaving only such rogues as Silver Blade to stalk the night. Well, Silver and another figure just emerging from a nap in one of the reading chairs... There was a kind of snorting sound, followed by a smacking of the lips as the pony in the chair emerged from a doze. In a kind of ambulatory slump, the stallion crawled over the side and arms of the chair, planting all four hooves on the floor. The moonlight through the window gave a decent view of the unicorn; he cut a figure like a cross between an old-timey journalist crossed with a hobo. Which was, all things considered, a pretty accurate description of Earth Writer, disgraced former reporter of the Canterlot Chronicle. The beam of silver light caught his expression perfectly, cynical irony pickled in an ethanol solution. "Yo, steeltoes." He called out to the guard, rubbing the three days worth of stubble on his muzzle. "Is her royal highness still running auditions for the post of royal propagandist?"
  5. PrinceBlueblood

    Wolf in Pony's Clothing? (Pressy)

    "Old grudges... unless someone is planning to forgive, I don't see it as very productive to unearth them." Blueblood remarked as Taira alluded to awakening Yokai. "As a diplomat, I have enough problems with present-day conflicts without some hoary old legend hauling out their moldy disputes like some cantankerous feuding clan matriarch. Thank Faust Auntie Celestia and Auntie Luna were able to reconcile." The Prince had an... odd relationship with the past. His own lineage and history had plenty of obscure privileges and responsibilities that he would stubbornly defend if challenged, but outside his own class and circle, encountering ponies or other creatures of similar temperament irritated him. Especially if he had to deal with them in a professional capacity... He sighed again, as memories of simpler days continued to haunt him in the school gardens. "I wanted to be a sailor. I got my cutie mark for navigation, you know. Both socially through crowds, and also through the seas by the stars. Sometimes I dreamed of being a pirate, other times a navy captain, or merchant marine... being a dashing stallion, having adventures on the seas and parties at the ports. I tried to run away from home when it was clear my parents wouldn't let me do that, but they caught me before I was able to make it on board a ship. After that.... I had to stop dreaming."
  6. PrinceBlueblood

    Retracing Old Hoofsteps. (ATTN: Alvida, PM to join)

    "Oh, I wouldn't mind you taking a deep look at the magic." Bluebelle reassured Raven. "I'll admit, Twilight's.... enthusiasm for research was rather off-putting, especially since it coincided with a serious unsettling of a gender identity I had taken for granted all of my life. I've since come to understand both myself, and the wider issue much more, along with all the magical aid that might be put towards resolving the issue of dysphoria, and the risks involved as well." She set aside the coffee, apparently content to remain a mare for now as she discussed the matter in greater depth. "Changeling magic is not the only method of transformation. Zebra alchemy has long had methods for the temporary shifting of physical attributes; in fact, I happen to know a practicing alchemist who has such things as one of his specialties. I use his product with my own marefriends for... well, much the same reasons I suspect you would. Also, one of my in-laws has developed a novel method of swapping genders between ponies, which one of my honor guard currently uses. Of course, one has to be careful with such magic; dysphoria can be induced by incautious application, which can linger long after the magic itself has been dispelled, sometimes even permanently." Sleepover parties were... well, a little too plebian for Blue to have had much experience with them growing up. Still, she had some familiarity with the concept, and gave a reassuring laugh to the nervous unicorn. "Oh, from what I hear, such affairs are rarely formal. Gatherings of ponies for fun are just called parties, whether or not there's a specific party pony involved. Thank Celestia; nothing personally against Pinkie Pie, but I find her a bit... much, to contemplate spending a whole evening in her company. I think it would just be the three of us, in any case, especially if we want to be free to discuss secret matters. I value such meetings very much; after spending so much time in public being guarded about certain matters and my own private opinions. I'm sure you can both relate."
  7. PrinceBlueblood

    Sphinxmaster (Pretzel, Dusty)

    Bluebelle, meanwhile, had been listening to Nilaavin's tale, though from time to time she diverted her attention to the sphinx himself. The casual way her new... companion, bodyguard, what have you, spoke of violence was somewhat disturbing for the career diplomat. Of course, given what Blue had learned of the real and terrible dangers that existed in this world during the past few years, having all that violence on her side was comforting in its own right. In the meantime, she was just going to have to get used to being around Nil. Not quite able to banish the tension from her body, she approached the giant feline hybrid's side, resting a hoof against it. Warm to the touch, the fur was a little rough, to be expected from a regimen of tongue baths with no conditioner. *That will have to change if he's to continue in my service... but where am I going to find a bathtub that big?* The Princess was distracted from this potentially suicidal line of thinking once Basira put a date to Nilaavin's age. "Twenty-five hundred years? I believe that predates the founding of Equestria! Oh, the world's changed since you last roamed it; I rather look forward to introducing it to you. Starting with my own home city!" Indeed, picturing the looks on the faces of friends and rivals among the nobility when she rode into town on the head of a sphinx brought a grin to her face.
  8. PrinceBlueblood

    [Age of Heroes] Love and Disdain. Again. [OPEN]

    "Dog in the manger...?" The meaning and intention behind Ossia's allusion left Platinum more confused than anything else; leaving only the impression that her alicorn companion thought of potential partners as ponies to be collared. On reflection, that was probably not an inaccurate assessment. Nor, to certain types, an unattractive one. Such thoughts were, however, drowned out by the boost she delivered to the alabaster unicorn's ego. "I should hope I was more interesting, at least. And with this stuff, I'll match him in every respect, Ahahahaa!" There wasn't as much refinement in Platinum's laugh as in Ossia's, but it had charms of its own, for sure, and no fellow villain could fault its enthusiasm. Her eyes gleamed, half with admiration, half with envy, as the alicorn effortlessly shifted the crates around and about, extracting their payload with ease. It was enough to even distract Platinum from the arsonist intention of Ossia, which under normal circumstances she would have some objection to. After all, as Prince Blueblood, he had some responsibilities to the city. He couldn't leave the museum to be completely empty. But all that was blown out of his (admittedly not very capacious) mind at the sight of the label and seal. "The Andromalius? Surely not...." Outwardly, Platinum's expression carefully mirrored Ossia's. Inwardly, however...: *Who or what the heck is Andromalius?*
  9. PrinceBlueblood

    Retracing Old Hoofsteps. (ATTN: Alvida, PM to join)

    It was only to be expected that Icy couldn't talk more of her 'forces' in public. Honestly, if you were to ask Bluebelle, her friend had probably said too much already. It made little difference whether one kept a secret if others were made curious enough to take the effort to find it out. The royal could only hope her gender-swapping display could put such talk out of any eavesdropper's mind. It certainly appealed to Raven's! "Indeed! The fascinating thing is that the process was discovered by accident. I had fallen deathly ill, you see, and Twilight Sparkle graciously offered to cast healing magic on me. If I understood her correctly, the exact spell sets a body to its most healthy potential. In the process of casting, however, I sneezed, interrupting and distracting her. As a result, she cast the spell that would make me a perfectly healthy mare. The lingering effects came with disease interaction, I think. We're still not quite sure about it." Icy cutting in about slumber parties provoked a leer on the Princess' part. "Oh my, is that an offer I hear?" The question about half-and-half struck her right between the eyes. She couldn't believe that she'd never thought of the experiment before; though having now done so, she could immediately think of half-a-dozen reasons why she shouldn't. "I.... don't think that would be a good idea. At least, in public. Besides, such a mixture wouldn't taste very good."
  10. PrinceBlueblood

    Retracing Old Hoofsteps. (ATTN: Alvida, PM to join)

    Blue was certainly reassured by Icy's profession of faith in her, though she had to raise a brow at the mention of 'her forces.' "Have you begun exercising the feudal privilege of a private army already? Auntie generally discourages that sort of thing, aside from an Honor guard, usually on loan from the REA. And I can understand where she's coming from, especially hearing both of your stories. The current crop of nobility probably can't be trusted with that sort of thing." Noises of grinding beans and boiling water could be heard from within the cafe; there was apparently little separation between the drink prep area and the customer tables. Sparing a glance over towards the kitchen to check on the progress of their drinks, she couldn't help but smile at a thought. "It's ironic, though, you mention not believing the rumors. I'm certainly no conspirator, but I've become significantly less of a prude at the same time my reputation actually started to recover. As you might have guessed from a certain night we met in the Observatory." She gave a wink to the blue mare. The conversation soon returned back to Luna, though, shading again into a more serious tone as Icy brought up a proposed reform of the nobility, an idea that had the Princess nodding along. "You know? I had been thinking the exact same thing myself. There's a lot in the old system of titles that could be revived to bring the worst offenders to account, and elevate those like you who have the resources and wherewithal to renew the elite of this country. I've been crafting a plan, a series of legal initiatives, that I was going to present before the Princesses. This is where you co-signing with me would be helpful, though I'd have to explain a bit of the history first." Their drinks arrived then, Bluebelle having to the other mare's one each. The Princess gave a sympathetic smile to Raven, who hadn't seemed up to meeting them in the conversation. "Would you like to see something interesting? I can show you how my little 'curse' works." Picking up the coffee, she gave the hot beverage a little sip, and immediately a ripple of transforming magic traveled down her body like a wave, leaving a wake of toned masculine flesh where a supple feminine form had once been. Pulling her- now his, lips away from the cup, Blueblood let out a satisfied sigh, no longer self-conscious about the stares from Crystal Empire natives surrounding him. Canterlot Court gossip rarely traveled this far north. "Tada! A stunningly handsome Prince!" Vanity seized hold of him, and out of habit he struck a pose. "And for my next trick..." Taking the tea this time, he sipped, and the whole process reversed itself, the rippling transformation leaving Princess Bluebelle sitting with them once more. "Well, what do you think?"
  11. PrinceBlueblood

    [Age of Heroes] Love and Disdain. Again. [OPEN]

    As they walked, Platinum Gem was becoming more comfortable with Ossia's... true identity? It was tough to say, as Blue still did not have the clearest of ideas as to who she really was in respect to the alicorns she already knew. The fact that the sheer power evident from the mare beside her no longer frightened her offered little extra brain-space for rational thought, the fear being quickly replaced by excitement. The possibilities opened up by this development left her light-headed, and she giggled. "Well, I suppose it wouldn't be all that taboo, if you put it that way. It's just that Cadence is married. Very much married. I'm... not currently confident in my ability to withstand the wrath of the White Knight, should he prove a jealous husband." Well, that was one way of obliquely referring to the fact that Shining Armor was an S-Class hero in terms of power, and Prince Blueblood... was decidedly not. Blushing a bit at the teasing comment upon her dreams, Platinum turned her attention to the piles of display boxes now illuminated, aiming to at least shrink the power gap. Dispelling her own feeble illumination, she pulled out a small pocketwatch. "Hm... Half an hour, at most, before we have to start heading back. Not much use in looking for anything specific; we'll just have to find the closest crate holding something magical and portable." Sending a searching probe out, she honed in on a crate about 50 yards down the hall. "Hah, potent, but small; and a bunch of them at once! Jackpot!" She galloped ahead, golden mane and tail flying behind her, skidding to a stop in front of the indicated crate... which was at the bottom of a tall stack of other crates, not shelved. The wood audibly creaked under the weight. "Jeeze, who was in charge of organizing this? We're doing them a favor, we really are... Hm, but how are we going to extract the crate without collapsing this?"
  12. PrinceBlueblood

    Wolf in Pony's Clothing? (Pressy)

    Blueblood, being slightly more sensitive to the opinions of the nobility at large, set a hasty pace towards the academy. "Well, more or less. Auntie's school has grades from Magic Kindergarten all the way up to Graduate Studies, but it's mostly colts and fillies. Still, some of them are rather precocious. But if you want advanced magic, you'd best ask the teachers. I heard that Starswirl the Bearded himself popped back up from a thousand years ago, bit like Auntie Luna, apparently. Don't know if he's actually giving lectures these days...." The Prince blinked, realizing how bizarre that must have sounded. He tried to figure out how to explain it, but his own muddled knowledge of magic was failing him. "I don't know, there seems to be a lot that happened a thousand years ago, and now all sorts of ponies and whatnot are coming back from that time. At least, they are here; does that sort of thing happen in your county?" They had arrived at the campus during the discussion, though out of a kind of habit Blueblood was entering through the gardens rather than the imposing facade. "Most foals come in through here; they originally built the school when marble architecture had to be cold and impressive. This way is much more welcoming." Indeed, the path was lined with many bright flowers, with little sculptures of unicorns reading or casting spells around a fountain. The whole scene presented the impression of learning as a fun adventure, bringing friends along to romp through the world of the arcane. Some of the statues looked as if they had been recently added to form this particular impression. "Never came here myself as a colt. At least, as a student. I'd sometimes meet Auntie here, before we'd meet to play together... hm, though that was only twice I can remember." Blueblood wandered the gravel path with the slow care of melancholy nostalgia. "I had... much different dreams and ambitions then."
  13. PrinceBlueblood

    [Age of Heroes] Love and Disdain. Again. [OPEN]

    If there was anything that could dislodge the effect of shock from the Prince(ss)'s mind, a second shock in the opposite direction was it. Upon realizing that the sudden alicorn was not his disgustingly sweet and heroic "cousin," but the true form of the absolutely charming pegasus that they had been in the process of wooing- wait, hadn't it been Ossia doing the wooing? Regardless, the pair had between them at least once successful woo. "Oh..." Platinum breathed out as the initial impact of the revelation passed, leaving a feeling of sweet, cool relief along her previously-sweating withers. "Let's shall!" Perking up immediately, her ears and tail held high, she offered her new companion a crooked forearm with a smile. "A nice stroll down the boulevard with a beautiful, powerful mare is exactly my idea of a good time!" And with that, she would take her 'lady' down into the depths of the Museum's vault cellar. Unlike the exhibits above, no maps were available for this place. The philosophy seemed to be, "If you don't know where you are, you shouldn't be here anyway." Platinum Gem's horn glowed, both with a mild golden light spell, along with a simple magic-finder. Jewels were all well and good, but she wasn't after beauty now, but power. After all, she had all she wanted of the former already!
  14. PrinceBlueblood

    [Age of Heroes] Love and Disdain. Again. [OPEN]

    All had been going according to plan. But whatever spirit of luck this royal scion had offended at birth once again struck her at what should have been a great moment of triumph. Just as her henchmares were sacking the exhibits, she planned to acquire the truly valuable relics down below, in the cellar vaults of the Canterlot Museum. Every adventuring do-gooder who encountered an artifact of power would inevitably think, "That belongs in a museum!" This eventually led to a situation where the bookish institution had to invest in security systems that would put most banks to shame. Truth be told, Platinum Gem had but a vague idea of how she was to get inside, figuring that the big distraction would just buy her time to think of something clever using saltwater. But the best laid plans of mice and ponies... "C...c...Cadence? What in Tartarus!?" Not quite the right name, but Blue could hardly think of any other pink alicorns with the strength of a hundred stallions. The sheer power radiating off Nerezza hit the other mare like a wet comforter dropped from three stories. An oppressive, but not necessarily painful, atmosphere. Brain sent scrambling by the kiss, and the sheer ripping of the vault protection from its hinges, Blue could only gape for a moment, before taking stock of what was revealed. A staircase, headed down. Good sign, the corridors below help the good stuff. Stepping forward automatically, she got three steps down before turning over her shoulder. "I... hope you will find this satisfactory." *Please don't hurt me. Oh faust, she knows, she knows! I'm doomed...*
  15. PrinceBlueblood

    Hanabi-no-Mikoto, Queen-Snatcher of the Feng Dynasty

    ...Too late.