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  1. "Nice to meet you all!" Gotta give the unicorn credit, his enthusiasm didn't diminish as he was introduced by Applebloom to each member of her family, grinning and waving for no less than five seconds each time. It was different, though, when Winona showed up. Instead of waving his hoof, he shifted his stance, growling like a puppy that wanted to play, and quite prepared to wrestle as playing dogs do! He would break in the rough and tumble long enough to answer the filly's question as he held Winona above him, lying flat on his back. "Apples? Nope, not live ones, anyway. By the time they get to me, they're either dried out or pickled in a jar. Too late to bring them back then! A bit like most things, really; after that, all you can do is feast on the dessicated corpses. But that's life! And Death too, nyahahahah!" The most disturbing thing about Chipper wasn't even what he said, but the way he could still smile and laugh like an innocent colt all the way through.
  2. Dear Cady: Advice from a Princess (Open)

    Fortunately for Feng, receiving his reply would not require the same level of convoluted intrigue as sending the original letter. All he needed to do was have a good reason to be a regular reader of the newspaper in which the "Dear Cady" columns appeared, which the Watcher had established for some time before. After all, it was good for a member of the Imperial Watch to keep abreast of developments abroad; particularly when he might be accompanying his Empress to those events! So far, so good. But when it came to the actual reply itself... well, Feng was rather disappointed, to put it mildly, on his first read-through of the Princess' reply. *First Dance!? Do you think the Empress of Long Guo would ever be allowed in a situation where her partners weren't carefully chosen for her by some council of crusty advisers? 'Life circumstances making it difficult to maintain romantic relationships,' to say the bucking the least! And what about the mares that have fallen for me? What do I say to them!?* And so on, until he had cataloged at least one objection to every line in the letter. Throwing the newspaper against the wall his sleeping mat was laid against, he fell back into a fit of sleep. The rest served to mellow him, at least, letting his brain rest enough to approach the reply again calmly, seeing if there was anything he could actually get out of what he had been given. It was honestly hard to blame Cadence for giving general advice not quite suited for his specific situation; after all, he'd carefully written the letter so that said situation would be hidden. But that still left the question, what was he to do about his situation going forward? *What do I do? Why can I not let this problem go; why did I not accept Yue's initial answer as Cadence seems to have interpreted it?* That was the important question, he realized. If it was a matter of her simply not having feelings to give back to him, what was his objection? Of course, the trouble with asking questions like that is that you might get answers. *Because you don't trust her to tell the truth of her own heart, not to you, or even to herself.* Well! That was certainly a problem, one that could well spell trouble, not just for a romance, but even for a particularly close friendship. This couldn't go on, but what could he do about it? *The only thing that cleared things up between us before was talking alone; I'll have to look for another opportunity to air this out. I need... to resolve my own doubt and lack of trust with her.* So he began to prepare, thinking through how best put his thoughts forward when he next got a chance...
  3. Oh, what was this? A pony, a little one! While his interactions with little colts and fillies was extremely limited, Chipper was young enough in spirit to be at ease among them. "HHIII!" He grinned and waved enthusiastically at Apple Bloom, his enthusiastic cries of greeting sending a few of his crow friends skyward as he bounded over to the youngest Apple. "My name's Chipper Demise! I saw you were selling apples, with a free kiss thrown in. Never had one of those before, what are they like?" Meanwhile, the necromancer's avian companions noticed an interloper in their midst, one from which they sensed a distinct lack of comfort. Hostility? Well, there was only one way for a Corvid mind to determine that, which was to hop, fly, and perch nearby Dusty, focusing a half-dozen pairs of beady little eyes upon the stallion. Surely, his reaction would give a completely accurate representation of the threat that he posed to them, and their equine companion!
  4. Sphinxmaster (Pretzel, Dusty)

    "Why, thank you!" Even in the dim, torchlit chamber, despite the poor visibility, Princess Bluebelle could not suppress her instincts to preen under the compliment, and even to strut a bit. Of course, it would be gauche in the extreme if she asked to keep what was surely a priceless historical artifact, but perhaps if she looked sufficiently good in it, the Sultana might present it to her as a gift! Howsoever close or far those thoughts might be from potential reality, actual present reality was about to take a hard left turn into the chaotic and adventurous. Her first clue that this would be so was the small chip of stone that pinged off her horn, stunning her for a moment as she stood blinking in the flickering illumination. "What was tha- whoa!" Her stomach lurched as Basira yanked her towards the door, only to be stopped short by the sudden closing. "Oh, no, can't I just have a relaxing trip for once!?" Blue had been through enough adventures by now to be as peeved as she was frightened, and far too familiar with such situations to be alright with cowering behind her guest. She needed to be alert, facing the danger! At least then, she'd have at least one more second's warning when to run... Not that she got a choice in the matter, being far from as physically robust as your average Saddle Arabian. "Oof! Hmph, of all things..." She couldn't resist peeking from behind the sculpture, in such a way as to make the hiding place practically meaningless. She wanted a good view! And boy, did she get it. "Oh, my..." An ancient beast awakening! This... this rarely went well, in her experience.
  5. Over the bright and happy town of Ponyville, an ominous cloud of shadow was approaching... But it got distracted on the way through the Everfree, leaving the afternoon open for a visit by a much ominous shadow. True, a whole raucous murder of crows was hardly the most inspiring sight, especially for a farmer, but it was certainly better than whatever that other cloud had planned! In the midst of these corvies came a young stallion as upbeat and raucous as they, a happy fellow, though perhaps unsettling in the same way as his avian compatriots. He could hardly help being so, given that his cutie mark had a skull in it, but it was a smiling skull at least! His own smile was almost as big as he skipped down the dirt road, happy as one might think only a young colt could be. Robes inscribed with dark, esoteric symbols flapped in the breeze as the young stallion skipped, laughing playfully as his crow companions swooped and dove in front of him. All in all, Chipper Demise the necromancer was ever the contrast; as no unicorn of his particular school of magic was ever so... innocently happy. He was simply here, on no agenda in particular, having been drug down from Whitescar as part of Chieftain Sigrun's diplomatic deputation. He'd never been in so nice and warm a land, having had to grow up neglected in the Southern Wilds of Whitescar, and he was just enjoying his time in Celestia's sun! It was then that he encountered the flier. His old master had at least taken time out of the darker lessons to teach him to read, but... there was one work he didn't understand. "Kiss? What's that? Is it another kind of fruit?" No one in his life growing up ever saw fit to teach him the word or what it represented, so it was a bit of an intriguing mystery to him. "Well, let's just go over to see if it's anything to crow about, nyahaha!" And with a jump and click of his heels, he and his murder of crows descended upon the apple stand. While he waited behind the large gentlestallion, the crows perched around the whole scene, eyeing the remaining bushels with beady eyes.
  6. Sphinxmaster (Pretzel, Dusty)

    "Oh, I'm fine. Just a little *cough* dusty, that's all..." Dust was like sand, only worse. You didn't have to deal with sand much outside of beaches and deserts, but dust got truly everywhere. Eventually. One could think of maids as battle-hardened warriors, engaged in a never ending battle against dust, and Bluebelle did. The layer of grey that was draped upon everything in this tomb like the sheerest form of gossamer was the ultimate manifestation of such. The old kings believed that even death might be defeated... but it seemed that even immortals could not ultimately defeat dust. Troubled by this line of philosophical musing upon the memento mori, the Princess seized rather more eagerly upon the Sultana's request than she might have otherwise. "Oh? Well, I wouldn't say I'm all that narrow myself," She shot a look back to her flank, nicely curved as the exquisitely tailored khaki showed, "But I'd be glad to give it a go!" Her blue eyes glinted like a magpie's as she shimmied into the the crack, hoof outstretched and feeling about until she felt, and heard, the soft *clink* of metal. "Got it!" She called out, shimmying backward until she emerged, covered in dust but no longer minding very much. The reason being that in her hoof was an exquisitely crafted piece of jewelry, a lapis-lazuli amulet in the shape of a winged cat's paw, set in gold and hanging from a band of gold links, an early version of a chain that showed surprising sophistication. A beautiful artifact, for sure. So beautiful, in fact, that it led Bluebelle to take a certain impulsive action that was to have consequences far beyond what she ever could imagine... she slipped it on. "How do I look?"
  7. A Princely Convention (ATTN: Dark Core, Pyro, Discord)

    Cadence!? Cadence. Of all the ponies that could have seen Blueblood in his humiliation... why was she here!? Blueblood hadn't invited her to the conference... had he? The unicorn suddenly became worried; after all, he hadn't handled the invitations himself, exactly, as the actual writing of things were what secretaries were for! But surely Psmith wouldn't have scheduled her visit for the same days of the conference- The ironic smile of an aristocratic troublemaker was summoned to Blueblood's mind's eye, and he had to admit that this sort of thing was the sort of thing Wordsworth Psmith might do. Who needed a god of chaos when one's secretary had a sense of humor? With a bit of a nervous laugh, he felt a chunk of cake and frosting be removed from his eyes. "Well, er, this was all sort of a surprise..." It sounded feeble, even to him. At least Lian was keeping his head, making for a much more charming greeting. Apparently, the qilin thought the cake good too... the Prince darted his tongue out, and found him correct. "Would you like some?" He made the offer to all present, but extended his hoof to Ishi first. Of course, it wouldn't be a visit of Discord without the host totally losing control of the situation, and what happened next Blueblood couldn't have planned any contigency for in the least. Frankly, he gaped at the summoning of Sombra, a bit of pineapple dripping from his horn to land perfectly upon the white Prince's tongue. Not that he had objections to Sombra in the abstract; not having personally suffered at the umbrum's hooves, and having had to rehabilitate his own reputation, he rather sympathized than otherwise with the dark pony's plight. But... He shot a quick gaze to Cadence again. Timing, timing, baaad timing. Disaster loomed, the only thing to do was interrupt it. "Well! Er, glad to see a new arrival! That's the last bunk filled too; we'll have a full house! Jolly good. Now, I'd show you to your rooms, but I need to take a bath now. The hot and cold bathing pools are outdoors, you know; island springs and the like. Communal, too, so if the long journey's gotten to you, it'll get the dust off." There, hopefully the prospect would divide ponies, and Cadence could use the excuse to do what Sombra wouldn't, avoiding a collision.
  8. Damnit Jim I'm a Draconequus not a Pony!

    Fishing? Not an activity that Blueblood would have guessed that Star Crusader would have in her interests, but if she proved to like it, well! That synergized very nicely with his own hobby of sailing, solidifying the Prince's vision of a future together. It was slight to his own feelings, but any changeling paying attention would have noticed an uptick in the ambient love, of a kind more solid and meaty that mere rushes of physical or emotional attraction, of which both the guests were radiating plenty! His attention was momentarily taken off his marefriend by Discord's sudden arrival, and the stallion greeted him with a smile. "Well, you know what they say about too much of a good thing. Chaos is a little bit like cologne for us; a little dab goes a long way." Nothing at all suspicious triggered in his mind as the fishernoodle handed off the pole to him, though he noticed out of the corner of his eye that Crusader seemed to have flown off- Absent-mindedly, he took the fishing pole, and immediately felt a strong tug as normal phsyics suddenly took over. "Whoa- AUGH!" Not prepared for the force, Blueblood was pulled right off his hooves, overboard into the sea! *Sploosh* The water was surprisingly warm, not giving the normal shock of cool or cold that normally accompanied sudden dunking. "Disco- *Glub* caough, Star! What happened!?" ~**~ Meanwhile, the queen was growing... just slightly impatient with their their guests arrival time. The feast was all prepared, the entertainment was warming up, all was ready now... except the whole purpose of this entire enterprise! The great, dark figure heaved a sigh. Her visage, while not quite amazonian, still towered over most ponies with a figure to match the proportions, quite the alluring sight if she did say so herself. Jade mane and eyes offset by a jet coat, with just that curve of a flank and batting of an eye to draw every gaze in the crowd. Not to mention the inherent regality that came with the "royal" territory.... She was hungry, and trying not to show it. They all were hungry, and others were starting to show it. But she had to keep a brave face, at least until the first harvest came in. Oh, for the powers of nature, to bring her guests bodysurfing on a giant wave! Anything to clear the gnawing emptiness inside... "Patience, please. We shall all eat shortly, as soon as they arrive. We have little else to do, but wait." And that was the truth. Only the Queen had the full picture of how dire their situation had been, before Discord had made his offer. If this didn't work... *I refuse to acknowledge the possibility of Final Defeat.*
  9. Home is where... (Changeling Islands, Discord)

    What mother isn't happy to see a child come home? What mother isn't moved by loyalty shown, even after so long away? *I had spent so long trying to conquer a home for us, that I never went out to look for the lost nymphs the home was for.* Never again, for sure. Chrysalis was not going to betray little Rat; he was a symbol of why she traded her kingdom for an island paradise. "Just... stay with me." She smiled down on the buzzing 'ling. "I will teach you how not to be hungry again. You've noticed how you don't feel hungry when you make ponies love you? That's what we do here." A rather... optimistic view of their lives here, given the still somewhat-sinister intentions of some of her subjects, but hey! That was a problem for a different day. Today was a day of reunion.
  10. Why Blue?! Why not 'Sphynxinator'?

  11. Sphinxmaster (Pretzel, Dusty)

    "Interesting." The vague, polite reply of diplomats everywhere. It wasn't the Sultan's fault, or the dig site's, or even the legend itself that enthusiasm did not well within Bluebelle's breast. She just didn't have the mindset that would be in itself fascinated by ancient legends, unless there was some possibility of them coming true in the here and now. An understandable position, given the turbulent times that the Prince and now Princess had dealt with these past few years. And the sand, too. She could never forget the sand. As much as stories might fail to capture her interest, beauty in any form always would. Not only did this lead to an easy time in the Sultana's company, but also a visible increase of interest as they entered the tomb. It was lavish, with intricate carvings inlaid with lapis lazuli lining the walls. The murals depicted the story the unicorn had just heard, and the light of her horn lingered on each panel. Not watching where she was going, Bluebelle bumped against something right before the final panel, jarred out of her reverie with an oath. "Oh, pardon my language, your majesty, it's just-" Her words died on her lips as she realized the obstacle wasn't just an obstacle. Instead, it was a paw. A large, stone paw, which a little more light showed to be part of a truly breathtaking statue of a sphinx. It had none of the formality or stiffness of the art surrounding, instead looking like a much later style of realistic sculpture, frozen in a pose that was frankly... imposing. As if he was neither pleased with his position, nor with having it intruded upon. "Oh, my, that is..." Words failed her a second time, and she gave a low whistle before her third attempt. "Would have taken quite a bit to get me to march against that."
  12. A Debutante Ball! There were many kinds of events that a high-class pony, like Prince Blueblood, found himself compelled to go to over the rounds of his calendar. He'd long since come to peace with that fact, as much as the dullness of it all would sometimes get to him. Lately, though, he'd tried to bring himself to appreciate them more, to try and remember that all this was only blase and routine to him. To a filly first entering social life as an adult, it was her first step into a world of wonder and glamour. Perhaps, just perhaps, he could learn to see through their eyes, at least for tonight. Still, every royal craved some variety in their routine, and Prince Blueblood decided to achieve this by going as.... Princess Bluebelle. This long after the incident which gave him the gender-bending 'curse', the unicorn barely even thought of it as a curse at all. Just a sip of tea and... there! Time to look through her new closet of dresses to find one for the occasion! Masculine tastes lingered, preferring the sleek to the frilly, but perhaps the darker colors were... not quite right for what she was going for. Scarlet was right out; 'Femme Fatale' was entirely the wrong look for this sort of thing. Black always worked in a pinch, but didn't quite fit Ponyville... "Ah, of course!" Why didn't she think of it before? But there it was, right in front of her. Silks and linens fashioned in a bright ensemble, with a floral pattern of (what else?) bluebells! Just the sort of thing for a debutante ball in a country town. "And now, to make sure my mane is done..." *** After hours of preparation to make her look as if it didn't take hours of preparation to look that good, Princess Bluebelle arrived in Ponyville, not-quite fashionably late. Among the first guests, in fact, though not the first, no, that would be gauche! She was by no means shy when announces, acting demure, but really just angling herself to be better seen, before trotting past the pair of stallions, remarking, "Retired or no, I do like to see a stallion in a sailor's uniform. Retired or no, the sea never leaves us." Us? Ah, but as a Prince, Blueblood often sailed. Perhaps the two had once shared a pint of black beer in a dark dockside tavern, just glad to be out of the rain and storm after a hard sail to port.
  13. Lost by one, found by another (Private, Dusty)

    The request did take Halvard by surprise, but he could well understand why Calder would desire it. It had been an emotionally taxing day. Just one night... But with a bit of an adjustment. "I'll stay with you, in your room. Nightmares attack the lonely." And with such dark memories dredged up, they were all too likely to circle the house like harpies, seeking to hound poor Calder right into the hooves of Hel. Well, not if the blue bull had anything to say about it! He laid out a bit more straw, enough for the two of them, and laid down. To those used to northern lands, the house was warm enough to need no blanked.
  14. Sphinxmaster (Pretzel, Dusty)

    Sand. Sand everywhere. For the third time since coming out to the dig site, Princess Bluebelle tried to discreetly cast a little spell to banish every bit of grit from the interior of her fashionable khaki clothes. Her self-cleaning magic, developed over the years as the neat-freak of a unicorn royal dealt with the unavoidable contacts with the dirt and dust of the real world, was usually quite effective, but she felt now that there was always at least one bucking grain that was lodged somewhere sensitive. Perhaps it was just a psychosomatic reaction to seeing the vast plains of sand outside the habitable areas of Saddle Arabia. Normally, the Princess would never venture outside of the beautiful gardens, lush fields, and picturesque streets of the horse Sultanate, but as one of Equestria's most prominent diplomatic ponies, her visits usually were spent in the personal company of royalty or major leaders, the Sultana in this case. And among the duties this Sultana took upon herself was the ceremonial dedication and tourings of the many archaeological digs delving into the history of her country. And that history was fascinating, of course, but Bluebelle still silently lamented the geography. Still, ever the premier diplomat, she did not let her good grace or smile falter as she accompanied the ruler. "I'm afraid I haven't read too deeply into the myths surrounding this dig; your country just has so many. Wasn't there something involving some kind of... sphinx, was it?" Bright, curious eyes; interested smile, and temporarily pristine coat gave all present the impression of the Equestrian tourist, of the more respectful and respectable kind, of course!
  15. Ice Cream! Kahz had completely forgotten about the ice cream! The little changeling had long been an admirer of the culture of what some of his Hivemates called the 'Prey' societies, never really being able to believe in the inferiority of beings who had such an overwhelming superiority of products. In his own way, he had diverted through charm, flattery, and favors resources to developing the Hive's own attempts to produce music and art, little enough in their own way, but such had proven to be the foundation of entertainment now available to visitors at the resort. But the desserts! Feeding off love, the changelings couldn't quite match Equestrian cooking. Perhaps, it would be best to outsource it... "A pleasure to meet you, Miss Storm, or would you prefer Ice?" He graced her with the most charming smile he could manage, which was considerably so. His survival depended on such things. "I wonder if you would at any point consider opening a branch, or partnership here? This seems to be a perfect location for a frozen-treat seller as I ever saw." It was a brief diversion from Yu, but perhaps showing a welcoming spirit was the best way to encourage the qilin to consider emigration and asylum. A weak hope, perhaps; security was probably wanted more than accomodation. But if he couldn't get security for his friend, prosperity for his Hive had also to be considered, a concept he tried to convey to Yurei through a mirrored eyebrow-raising. Again, possibly a futile effort. Was she even interested in the long-term prospects of this place? He had to wonder, sometimes, about the other Loyalists. It's as if they preferred toxic relationships, he could swear...