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  1. Shining Armor nodded as he filed away Barbara's description. It would likely take a little digging through the records, but he was pretty certain that by Flurry Heart's birthday she would have a new grandpa... that is, if the search didn't ultimately end at a gravestone. After all, the REA was not a no-risk occupation. But at the very least, it would provide closure for his wife; this was clearly a painful issue for Cadence, one which he made a note to talk to her about later when they were alone. She'd never gone into her early, pre-royal life much, before their trip to Itailia. Seems that there were some old hurts that needed healing... But this was not the season of pain, but of a family and togetherness (however much those might be associated)! With the announcement of the herald, Shining Armor scrabbled to his feet. "Oh, Twily's here! You haven't met her, have you Barbara? I'm sure you'll get along great." Such, at any rate, was the hope.
  2. Kahz couldn't help the perpetually amused smile from lingering about his face; it was just adorable the way that Yù was trying to hide her inner elation from somepony she knew was a changeling. He did have to break his expression, though, when she casually motioned for him to sit beside her. Clicking his tongue with regret, he took his hoof off the seat. "I've got to finish out the set, but I would love to see you backstage to catch up. Gotta say, I'm glad to get out to this place place myself. Island life's great, but I was getting real tired of mambo and calypso, I'll tell ya!" And with a laugh and a wink, he turned around to trot back up on stage, resuming his guitar by the mic. "Alright guys," He called back to the band. "Slight change of lineup, we've got a special guest in the seats, so let's bring out, hm, number twenty-three?" Seeing nods of agreement, he turned back to the mic. "This one's for Yù!" After a bit of amp noise while he shifted keys, he kicked into a galloping rift, with the drums coming up in support him as he launched into the first verse: "I'm back on solid land, and everything seems the same, But I found something out just now, that changed this little colt's brain, A small piece of advice that took too many years in the make, And I will break it for you now, please learn from my mistake. Please learn from my mistake! Let's dance through our divisions, And celebrate the ironies! Everything is going wrong, But we're so hap-py! Let's dance through our divisions, And raise our glass to the ceiling! Cause this could all go so wrong, But we're still hap-py! And we're so hap-py! So if you're ever feeling down, make your face and take a taxi, To the darker side of town, that's where we'll meet, And I will wait for you and lead you to the dance floor, Up to the DJ's booth; you'll know what to ask for, Know what to ask for! We'll dance through our divisions, And celebrate the ironies! Everything is going wrong, But we're so hap-py! Well dance through our divisions, And raise our hooves to the ceiling! Cause this could all go so wrong, But we're still hap-py! And we're so hap-py! And if the love tears us apart, I've found the cure for a broken heart, Let it tear us apart... Let the love tear us apart, I've got the cure for a broken heart, If it tears us apart... Tears us apart- We'll dance through our divisions, And celebrate the ironies! Everything is going wrong, But we're so hap-py! Well dance through our divisions, And raise our hooves to the ceiling! Cause this could all go so wrong, But we're still hap-py! And we're so hap-py! But we're still hap-py! And we're so hap-py!" A bright and upbeat tune, for all the darkness that might lurk in the lyrics. But it was not a darkness to be fled, but to face, and overcome with a song in one's heart. Kahz didn't yet know the full story behind Yù, but he knew enough that there was something that she felt she could not reveal, could not face. At least, not face alone. Encouragement would mean no more than cotton candy if it didn't acknowledge that, and Kahz liked to think of himself as at least a little more artistically nourishing than that! Once the song and set were done, 'Heart Sight' bowed and thanked the audience for being beautiful (one member in particular, of course), and retired back stage, to await his visitor.
  3. Sky chuckled softly, defusing any potential hard feelings as he re-stacked the papers. "No worries. And I do have a couple more sky anchors I could use, just give me a minute." Slinging the guitar over his back, he strolled his way into the back studio, kicking a lockstand by a winch to let down a second weight on a rope. Stepping out the window, he guided the anchor down to a tree, where he secured it before flying back up to the deck, gesturing for Wind Dancer to follow him out the window up to the top of the house. It was wide, flat, perfect for dancing. Or at least it would be, once Sky was finished securing the sails and furling them tight. Didn't want them catching the wind until he was ready to leave the city, and given the quality of the ponies he was meeting in Los Pegasus? That day was not going to be for a long time. Once he was finally sure his house was secure, he alighted on the deck, wiping a bit of perspiration from his brow. "Phew, just wanted to make sure... now, what sort of song would you like to hear? I've got a couple I've been working on; it would be nice to give somepony else a chance to hear them."
  4. Sky kept playing a few more bars than usual to the outro, entranced as he was by the dancing. It may well have transitioned directly into the next song in the session, if it wasn't for the breeze kicked up by Wind Dancer's wings. Having a wind kick up inside a cloud house isn't the best of ideas, and the whole structure listed, knocking a few loose objects off of shelves. Sheets of music and half finished compositions swirled around the air, slapping the stallion in the face and stopping the music short. "Ptui!" Ridding his muzzle of paper, he put away the guitar. "Sorry, but we're probably gonna have to do it outside if we keep up the duet." He gave a sheepish, apologetic look to Windy. "You were really beautiful, though; both the singing and the dancing."
  5. Bluebelle sucked in a breath though her teeth, reflecting that there were after wall things even worse than leeches in ancient medical practice. "Yeah... you're actually quite right. That stuff is poison, and no doctor of any variety is going to prescribe it. Useful in other respects, but... yeah, dangerous." Living with as many pegasi as she did, some of quite large, though not sphinx-like stature, the Princess could sense the shower coming in time to throw up a magical barrier, deflecting the water into a prismatic mist. Shaking off the last of her own water, the mare strutted over to where Niil was making his bed, lying down beside him to rest her back against his warm body, "Yes... I think I will take a nap myself. There is work I will need to be rested for... later..." She yawned, stretching, before settling down, closing her eyes, and letting Auntie's sun dry and warm her body.
  6. Applejack went unrecognized? That was... an interesting bit of information. In Feng's own estimations, though, that probably had more to do with Applejack's not-unusual appearance than her country's mental density. No disrespect to the mare's looks, but there were a lot of pretty ponies in Equestria. Far less athletic longma. He smiled at the assessment of his kissing skills, grateful that his lack of practice (so far) had not made him unworthy of any target of his affections. Of course, the Empress might have higher standards, but realistically, Applejack had just kissed more stallions and mares today than Yu Yue had her entire life. Hers was an expert opinion, and it was favorable. "Haha, well, I'll be sure to try all the apples I've got, and I'll make that judgment call myself. Zàijiàn, Applejack!" And with a bow, he took his apples, picking out a shiny looking one to snack on while he waited for Yanhua to pick hers up.
  7. Ah, Filthy Rich, could Spoiled have asked for a better husband? Well, theoretically, perhaps, but the real question was who else would have said 'yes'? Nopony that could compare to the sharp and successful business stallion currently kissing her, that was for sure! "Not a problem, dear, I of all ponies know that they never stick to their schedule. That's the tradeoff one gets for focusing the council's culture on actually accomplishing tasks." She smiled at him, eyes darting to the notebook. Oh, he hadn't cheaped out on the private eyes! Definitely something to give him sweet gratitude for later. "Diamond has an eye for art, and fine hoof as well. Remind me to see if there are formal lessons available; or better yet, bundling that into a larger cultural initiative. As you demonstrate, there's a well of artistic talent in this town at severe risk of languishing." She gave her daughter a decisive nod and another smile. "I approve this poster; I want to see it all over town tomorrow." Initial campaigning policy set, she turned her attention back to her husband. Once she had the intel, she would set out the plan to take down their one and only rival to greatness!
  8. "Magazine articles, eh?" Feng raised his eyebrows, stealing a quick glance back at the Prince. "Well, I cannot say that I am surprised. Even our local periodicals disproportionately feature him, as opposed to the other royal siblings. He has a way of handling publicity that makes it look very natural and easy; I suppose I could stand to learn that, now that I'm becoming somewhat famous here myself!" He grinned, though his smile faltered a bit as a realization hit him. "Hm, but this newfound notoriety is going to make covert jobs all that much more difficult..." Not that they had ever been his forte, now that he thought about it. Most of his successful assignments as a Watcher were all public-facing, being conspicuous as a guard to the Empress, and a first responder to any crises involving her, by reason of proximity. In truth, he was a glorified guard, enhanced by the training and skill the Watchers had given him, but bound by the restrictions of his oath, meant to restrain the wills of those who regularly moved in dark places. But if his place was in the light, especially the limelight, was it truly as a Watcher that he would best serve Empress Yue? Something to consider, and discuss with her when he got home. But that would come later! Now was the time for apples, and for kisses. Digging into his pouch, he pulled out five bits and placed them on the counter. At that point, inspiration struck, and he reached back into his pouch for another coin, this time a bronze disc with a square hole in the middle, with Long Guo writing stamped in the surrounding space. "A gift for your couisin; thought it would be nice for her to have something to remember me by." He gave Applejack a wink. "And now, here's something for you to remember me by..." Leaning over the counter, he reached a hoof around to pull Applejack into a light embrace, holding her for the duration of the kiss. A relatively chaste one, but one that pressed in close enough for the subtle differences between the muzzles of an earth pony and a longma to be felt. "Mm, that was quite nice. I wonder which of these apples tastes the most like you?"
  9. Sky nodded at Wind's assessment as he continued strumming along, remarking, "That's true, though I tend to make songs that are soft and dreamy in both forms; I've only recently moved on to try out faster tempo or higher percussive music. Not much a fan of anything... nightmarish, to be honest. I get so little sleep as it is that to have those few precious hours be plunged in horror is just..." He shook his head, obviously not wanting to dwell on the subject. In order to shift the topic at hoof, his strumming turned intentional, going from noodling to starting an actual song, which he crooned softly over the plucked chord progressions: "Slow mail, and Travel Stations, Set sail towards new relations, And say hello, to all your friends for me. Several notes I sent to Whitsecar, Wound up wherever you are, Because your face, is what I want to see. I served, and scratched a rainbow, So curved, I felt the pain go, Through my joints, and now I don't want to play. Swinging down, I sent the birdie, Downtown, at 7:30, And I'm convinced that I've got Tennis Elbow. We are lost, in the sound. Close your eyes, and I will twirl you around. We are lost, in the sound, Close your eyes, and I will spin your around."
  10. Feng took in a breath to correct Applejack's pronunciation of his name, but let it out without vocalizing an objection. It was pretty clear that her speech was accented, even deeper than most Equestrians' with respect to foreign tongues. In any case, it wasn't as if his own country was without its regional peculiarities; the south of Long Guo would often pronounce "tao" as "dow", and no amount of pointing out how his name was said by his northern parents would change that. Instead, he merely smiled, bright red eyes watching the farmer mare pack in the bushel with tasty-looking fruits. "Oh, I'm not Lian's guard; I'm not currently on duty right now. I mean, technically I am, but not as a guard. My presence at the Iron Pony was a special request from the Empress herself; it is she that I guard. Lian has his guards, but they are currently not making themselves known." He followed her gaze over to Applebloom, returning a wry look. "I suspect he's rather used to receiving those sort of looks and attention; unrequited affection is a staple of palace life." He of all longma ought to know, having both given and received it in his time. Speaking of which... "Who's the unicorn, a cousin of yours?" He asked, noting once again the look that Moonlight Glitter was giving him. No mistaking it this time. Poor girl had a crush.
  11. It was extremely gratifying to see the enthusiasm which her daughter was showing towards her campaign. Spoiled Rich had to admit, there was a period when she had almost despaired of making Diamond Tiara a proper dynast. Her failure to win a school presidential election didn't bode well for her political skill, and her subsequent behavior towards here, well she never! But, once the initial shock ha died down, a more thoughtful Spoiled Rich had to admit, that failure was only a part of life, one which a pony sometimes had to learn from in order to reach greater heights. And while those (former) blank flanks showed little promise in terms of social advancement opportunities (proxy proximity to princesses notwithstanding), they had been the winning team behind the school election, and if one wanted to become a winner, hanging out with winners was usually a good step. And, wouldn't you know it, but the time spent was actually bearing fruit! "Oh my, that is an excellent likeness! I do hope you have many copies ready to put up." She gave her daughter a smile of maternal affection mixed with pride. "Your father should be here any moment now; I believe you sent him on 'opposition research,' was it? I have to say, you've taken things well in hoof."
  12. "Awp!" The feathered blow to the back of the head caused Akairo to stumble in her walk, but didn't do much to dampen her desire to talk. "Was it really that irritating for me to point out that I'm not as naive as you think? Or do you simply dislike your subordinates correcting your misconceptions?" One didn't get thrown out of the Imperial Naval Academy for having a subordinate temperament, that was for sure. To be fair, though, the Kirin had enough tactical sense to not push the issue any further, slowing up her pace to fall behind Draco. This also gave him less opportunity to nail her like that again, to speak of tactics. "You won't have any complaints from me about that, Captain." A sentence unlikely to be uttered often, but Akairo was a hungry mare who had to go dry for far too long as well. Being of draconic heritage, she was also much more open to carnivorous meals than a normal pony. She followed her captain, her own mouth watering as they entered the griffon-run pub. "Ah, they know how to do a roast right, unless my nose deceives me."
  13. Blueblood tut-tutted Niilavin's blithe comment as to his health. "Just because you don't feel unwell doesn't mean you're healthy. If you've ever seen somepony suddenly drop dead from an unforseen illness, chances are they had something that they just didn't know about until it was too late. But in these modern times, the doctors actually can find and cure diseases, rather than just cover you with leeches and hope for the best!" She laughed, though she wasn't sure how true her joke actually was. Dunking under for one last rinse, she cleared the water out of her eyes and signaled to her maids. "I think that should do it! Niil, why don't you rinse off the last of the suds and join me on shore? We'll have to let the sun dry you, so it would be a good time to take a nap. A nice place to do so, too; the meadow is a peaceful place." If she noticed the eyes he'd been making at her... she didn't say anything. Of course, being admired for their beauty was a default state of being for Blue, so it's possible that she didn't think anything unusual.
  14. There was enough room for both pegasi to stretch their wings, but not near enough for Wind Dancer to dance, and that was leaving aside what would happen to the equipment, or the cloud structure in general. Sky, for his part, gave a soft smile, going over to a small seat and pulling over a guitar. He had a pick that could attach to a pinfeather, which he used to strum. Pegasi who practiced could almost use their feathers as fingers, and Sky had clearly practiced a lot. "I can do acoustic music, as well as what you heard. Guitar, and piano. I just can't fit a piano up here, so I have to use a keyboard with a crystal soundboard. From there, going electronic just makes sense."
  15. As the conversation began to wind down among the last remaining ponies in line, Feng found his attention being drawn back towards the front of the line, where Applejack awaited. The proprietress of the orchard currently being busy with the pony in front of him the longma assessed the familial support she'd gathered around. Mostly siblings, as he gathered; an older brother and younger sister. The brother was a respectable pillar of strength; a quiet country type that many rural towns had at least one of. There was a qilin back in his hometown that was built like Mac, if Feng recalled, though they had, for obvious reasons, never talked much. The little sister, Applebloom, couldn't be more unlike Feng's own younger sibling; while Yin was a dozy punster, the beribboned and prince-besotted Applebloom was energetic and earnest. Oh, wait, was there another? This looked more like a cousin, given that she was a unicorn rather than an earth pony; more purplish than the orange and red tones of the Apple family. And she was looking at Feng the same way that Applebloom was looking at Lian... Further disturbing reflections on that discovery were cut short by Applejack calling his name. "Excuse me," He said to the company around him, taking his foreleg away from Yanhua's shoulder, "It's my turn now." Striding with casual confidence up to the sales booth, he gave an acknowledging nod and smile to the Apple clan about before turning his full attention to AJ. "Good day! I was wondering, if it wouldn't be too much of a bother, could I have a bushel with many different types of apples? Many of these varieties do not grow in my homeland, so I don't know which ones I would like particularly, but I want to try as many as possible!" He grinned, but added as a thought occurred to him, "But if any are better for cooking than eating, you may want to keep them back, my friend wants to bring some of those home to experiment with." He nodded back towards Yanhua behind him.
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