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  1. A lost throne? This conversation was starting to get political, and as a rule, the Prince did not do such business in the open square. Not that he planned to recommend any of Equestria's resources be spent to restore Anu's rule... but he could always slip the name of a few adventure junkies he happened to know. Send them and any trouble they caused far away to foreign shores, and possibly right an injustice at the same time. Win-win. Still, best to get this parade back into gear. "Just so, gentle-dogs. If you will excuse me for just a moment..." Nodding to Hogo-sha and Anu in turn he addressed his feline companion once again. "[They well may, you have very nice haunches indeed. But the buildings block the view. Let us make our way to the central park. You should have a bit of room to stretch in, and they shall have an unobstructed view.]" The flattery was not insincere, plus the fact that Blueblood was as interested in showing off Niilavin as Niil would have been showing off himself. The trip to the park was made in record time, thanks to the agile paws of the sphinx. The park was not empty, as it almost never was, especially on a fine day, but the Canterlot crowds were easily induced to give the Prince and his ride a wide berth. Many would still watch from the bushes or trees, however, and a bold few might approach even closer. Upon arrival, Blueblood would slide down Niil's withers to the ground, still leaning up against the big kitty's side. "Ah, there, and now we are comfortable. I regret only not packing any provisions for a picnic, but I will be happy to serve refreshments at my home manor come teatime. Now tell us, honored guest," He turned to Anu, "Your full story. The tale of a lost throne is rarely a dull one, and I trust I may safely speak for Hogo-sha's interest as well?"
  2. It wasn't surprising to Blueblood that Ossia would hold the falsified alicorn in contempt. Didn't do a darn thing to cure his wing-envy, but that was a side matter. What he could offer more relevant commentary on was reliability of allies. "Honestly, that's why I use the House staff as my henchponies. It turns out that being able to do a good job in cleaning an upkeep signifies quite a lot in terms of how reliable one is in supporting one's acts of theft and mayhem. I wouldn't trade them for any mercenary or powered-up pony you care to name." He chuckled. "I guess my general rule of thumb would be, if you're not willing to get into a maid outfit for me, you're not really on board with me." An amusing thought, but on reflection, not one that could be realistically applied universally. "I suppose that's more for subordinates than allies, though." Ossia's question about Bravo caused the Prince to purse his lips and furrow his brow in thought. All for nothing in the end, though, so he quickly smoothed out his expression before nascent wrinkles made their presence known upon his face. "I'm afraid I couldn't tell you. I think he's taken it upon himself to guard the gate against unwanted intrusions from his world, though he's smuggling his children in." He gave another sigh as he said, "Probably going to get them enrolled in Auntie's school, now that I think about it." It was just as well for the interdimensional alicorn that Blueblood's last thought before her song and dance number was negative regarding his aunts. As it was, the whole display both thrilled and puzzled him, seeming to come on at an at best tangentially relevant question. His expression remained impressed, but his tail was thrashing in an almost impatient manner, until she reached the very climax of her coda: "Alright, alright! Should have known better than to ask a mare her age..." The bathos of the moment struck the pair like the floor would after slipping on a banana peel. That said, he could not have witnessed the moment unaffected, and most certainly was not. "All that said..." He took a deep breath, knowing this would be the moment of no return. "If you think me worthy, I shall be a carrier and envoy of your flames!"
  3. There was a kind of practical cynicism to Icy's assessment that might come as refreshing to one that had choked upon the too-sweet optimism of common Equestrian life. But to Earth Writer... he found it unsatisfying, even a little unsettling. He'd seen that attitude a few too many times to find it a novelty, and in ponies who had not used whatever insights their attitude gave for the better. But what choice did he have, in the end, but to trust her good intentions? Without trust, there was no hope for either of them, or the nation they called home. With a nod more solemn than any grand bow, he voiced his agreement: "I shall do what has been said; you have my Word." And with the grip of his hoof, he sealed the pact. Immediately, he felt the energy, the magic, course through him. It was like a spark of electricity, followed by a stream of cold water through his veins, ultimately spreading to every part of his body. He shuddered, not unpleasantly, at the sensation as it passed through. "I don't know about what you said, though. About words and actions. I think the kinds of words we just spoke, of promises and sacred honor, underlie our power to actually act. I know we break these promises at our peril. I mean, I lost my first job, one which had no small persuasive power, because I broke a promise to tell the truth. And even in the military sphere, a leader who breaks a promise to a subordinate loses their power to accomplish their mission; I mean, the Storm King probably would have won if he kept his promises as seriously as we do ours."
  4. All thoughts of a birthday bash were quite directly driven out of Blueblood's head by the flying book. Being struck on the nose by a leatherbound tome will do that to a pony. "Obth!" He yelped, sitting down suddenly as he pinched a foreleg against his muzzle. A little drip of red revealed that he was bleeding; though the Prince was currently more worried about his coat staining than anything more serious about his injury. "Thtupid gothts..." He growled, a rather feeble imitation of Sombra at his most intimidating. One he stemmed the flow enough to get back on all fours again, he picked up the book with his magic, wondering if the title would give any kind of clue. Unfortunately, it wasn't in Equestrian, or any of the other languages the diplomat was literate in. The hard, angular letters had something... crystalline about them. An ancient Imperial book? But why would someone publish a book in a dead language? His frown deepened; was there some kind of magic surrounding this book? "Could you guyth run thome detecting thpells on this? I think there'th thome magic thurrounding it..."
  5. 'Mass-produced' alicorns? That drew a raised eyebrow from Blueblood. Not that he necessarily thought the concept such an abomination; he'd bless the assembly line which would affix a pair of wings to him. Still, best not to display such abject envy before the teacher, though. "Well, as the old Prench Villain once said, 'Quantity has a Quality all its own.' Of course, the Grand Armee would not have been what it was without Neighpoleon, and he certainly wasn't leading the lot you faced." The fact that the Prince had actually picked up a bit of famous history might have been surprising to some, but scraps of facts did filter down, or up, to every mind eventually. Plus, as a villain relying on henchmaids, those in the past who made good use of minions were targets for his emulation. Ossia did pick up on the initiative he was displaying, and suitably praised it, though not without dumping a bucket of cold water on his head to reduce the swelling. But that didn't shake him near as much as that glimpse of something terrible in her face, something that spoke of a darkness in her past that his relatively pampered life had no peek into. He took a deep breath, glad at least that whatever she had felt, it wouldn't be dumped on him. "Well, I suppose the trip would be rough. This isn't actually the weakest place for travelers to come in, unless like you said there was already someone here trying to open portals. That's what my friend was trying to do when that Bravo chap showed up." He blinked again in surprise at the mention of the Avalon Five. "What, you're that old!?" He blurted out, before immediately catching himself. "Er, right. Alicorn, should have known. I can only hope to preserve myself so well."
  6. "Hmmm...." Blueblood did a quick comparison in his head between these paranormal manifestations and the ones he had to deal with in his summer house. "So, it's mostly been objects moving by themselves, not shadows taking strange shapes, cryptic messages, or anything like that? I think that sounds more like a haunting than a curse, or at least the kind of curse I had to deal with. I'm assuming no one new came to the palace in that time that you can remember?" His reflections, as he fell back, were pretty grim. Whatever was causing this, there was probably an active agent of some kind, either a ghost or some kind of well-hidden monster. Well-hidden monster with magic. He'd seen too much to disbelieve in either at this point, and his only comfort was in the fighting competency of his companions. *Kind of still wish Foxglove were here. Could use her expertise.* Of course, if worst came to worst, he supposed he could just send her an invitation. He had a fairly extensive network of ponies who could deal with these things, now that he thought about it. Totaling all them up... heck, whatever they were facing hardly stood a chance! That thought perked him up, enough to even engage in a little small talk. "Hmm... she's a real night owl, as you probably know, and not one much concerned with the sort of things mares usually buy to show off. I'd probably go with giving her a unique night-time experience. I wonder if Auntie Luna can do temporary constellations; one of Icy on her birthday be pretty fantastic!" He smiled, but then dipped a little bit as his political mind ran through the implications. "Of course... then poor Auntie would be swamped with mountains of requests by the rest of the nobility for such a privilege. Not to mention all the businesses that would try to purchase it as advertising space. Hmmm... I think I'll have to get back to you on that." Hogo-sha's boomign sneeze brought them all to the front, and Blueblood had to sigh a bit as he saw his friend's true form. "Well, I suppose there wasn't going to be any hiding it for long. Yes, my friend is a wolf-yokai. This is his natural form, say hello everyone."
  7. Earth Writer did have to laugh a bit at Icy's conditions. "Oh, believe me, I wasn't expecting that. I'm a stallion of the pen, not the sword." Taking one last look over the great hull laid out in the canyon before him, he couldn't help but reflect upon the fact that weapons had come quite a long way since that saying was first coined. "You know... thinking back to the whole idea that words trump force... I wonder sometimes if that's more aspirational than factual. Nothing I can say or write can alter past events, nor can they really guarantee or prevent any future ones. But there's a funny little thing about facts. You can't change what the facts are, but you can change what they mean. Whether a foreign attack is a sign of weakness, or the waking of a sleeping giant... words can decide that, in the right place and time."
  8. While dimensional rifts were not unknown in this world, they weren't uniformly distributed; some countries dealt with them more than others. Some countries dealt with them so often, in fact, that their governments had entire divisions dedicated to tracking and predicting such breaches, and doing it well. Equestria... was not one of those countries. But Neighpon was. The Shogunate didn't normally venture so far outside of its borders to deal with any breaches it located in other continents, but if it had agents in place already... Shiroi Boshi, better known as Kōkina Kyūkei, didn't especially mind her vacation being interrupted. If her leave from duty wasn't mandatory, chances were she wouldn't have taken it; the mare was haunted by a constant concern for her native land. And while the breach wasn't a threat to Neighpon per se, that only meant she had the opportunity to observe, and subsequently maximize the opportunities this might present to the Shogunate. On the surface, the unicorn didn't look all that different from the sort of tech-cyborg that Lightning dust was, only with a more "street samurai" fashion sense, and tech several generations behind. Not so much behind that she couldn't detect the presence of advanced technology, but certainly too far behind to easily interface. *Just what in the name of Inuyasha dropped down, and how can I get me some of that?* Licking her lips slightly at the thought of all the new toys that could come from a successful capture or neutralization, she made her way to the park, upstream of the panicked civilians fleeing. *Like the koi, pursuing the destiny of dragonhood.* Upon emerging to view the altercation, she immediately ducked behind a bush, eyes wide at the supplemented pegasus. *Long live the-? She must come from a world where the Tatakau Zaibatsu continued and spread! This is extremely worrisome...* Indeed, if any resentful veteran of those corporate civil wars got even so much as a hint of LD's emergence, there would be considerable trouble back home, which could not be tolerated. Hence, why Kōkina was willing to deploy some more... experimental gear. Taking out what looked like a dart gun, she took aim, and fired... what looked like a cloud of smoke. The smoke, however, was more that what it seemed. A cloud of nanite transmitters, a gaseous supercomputer, designed to be a universal interfacer with all technology more advanced that a slide rule. "Now, let's just see what is what is what with you..." She muttered under her breath in her native tongue, a less-sophisticated readout appearing on the inner lens of her shades.
  9. Ehehehe.... whoops. Blueblood hadn't informed Hogo-sha of the rather... storied past of their party leader. Thankfully, it wasn't a problem for the yokai, one instance where his being a foreigner actually helped with them getting along. Not having suffered at Sombra's hooves, either personally or vicariously, there was no lingering bitterness to linger like a hidden rock serpent, waiting to strike. The Prince shuddered, he felt as if he'd had a narrow escape from some dark machination, and that a plotter was grumbling in secret while drawing up some elaborate plan b. Trying to get his mind on the subject, he threw himself into the role of lieutenant, trying to get as good a grip as he could on the situation. "Great, while we're tracking down where this is coming from... does anyone remember when it started? I've been away for a while, and I don't recall anything dark in the atmosphere when I left... so it must have come up between now and when I took you out for drinks, Sombra. What's been happening around here since them?"
  10. Prince Blueblood stared agape at Ossia's display, but despite the rather empty look in his baby-blue eyes, his brain was in fact working. "Other worlds... like, parallel dimensions, you mean?" The unicorn cocked his head as a purple version of his homeworld floated over it. "My friend talks about things like that, and we did in fact seem to get a visitor from another dimension last time I visited, too. Odd fellow, came over with a heavy suit of weaponized armor. Apparently in his timeline, I was a war hero! Which was flattering... or would be, if we had won. From what he told me about what Equestria was like where he was, we apparently didn't." Clearing his throat to cover his embarrassment, he listened to the rest of the alicorn's words with a more engaged expression. "I see. That makes sense, though it rather raises further questions. What's your homeworld like? I'm assuming you aren't married to whoever takes up White Knight's spot back home. Why'd you come here? You mentioned revenge, so I assume this isn't the first time. And.... are you planning to stay?" With the last question, he matched her intent stare with a hopeful, not to say infatuated, stare. It was only to be expected, of course, that Blueblood would fall in love. It was part of her nature, was it not? Honestly, the only surprising thing is that such feelings would take so long to reach his heart, after she had captivated every other part of him....
  11. "Hmm..." Earth Writer's eyes roamed over the warship's chassis, his gaze falling not so much on it, as on sleeker flying longships locked and burned into both their memories. "I'll understand if you don't want to put all of STAR into one basket, as it were, but I'd like to be aboard for that mission myself. If you don't think I'd be in the way, that is." He sighed, putting his pen away. "It's something we both need closure on, really. I'm only just now realizing how little I've come to terms with the whole experience, even now."
  12. Despite the looming cloud of darkness hanging over the place, Blueblood couldn't help but feel a little lighter in his heart. It always happened like this, whenever he changed from a bystander to an adventurer. It was addicting, in its own way, which is why he kept doing it, even after so many harrowing and life-threatening experiences. Facing darkness with good fighting companions was just... right, in some fundamental way. Perhaps this is what Twilight meant, when she kept talking about the magic of friendship? "Excellent! Glad to see our little party gelling well." Yokai disguised as diamond dogs wouldn't necessarily be an easy sell with everypony, but it looked like Auntie Celestia was wise enough with her choice of lovers, at least in so far as the circle around him went. "I'll cede leadership to you, Sombra. This is, after all, more your house than mine." While a common sight around the palace, the Prince had his own manor to call home. "Now that we're all together... where do you suppose we'd start? Where does it feel the worst?"
  13. There it was, hunkered down in a ravine like a hibernating bear. The sleep would be long yet, but when she woke, there would be fire and terror sown amidst the crowds of Equestria's enemies. Such was the first phrase that leaped to Earth Writer's mind, after he had gotten done with being just plain shocked at the sight of the airship in construction. Immediately picking his jaw off the floor, he scrawled the line on the outside of his folder so he didn't forget it. That little bit of mental housework done, he cleared his throat and turned back to Icy. "I understand. She's certainly massive, and I can see why you'd not want any delays in getting her operational. But did you have any plans for her maiden voyage that were time sensitive?"
  14. Blueblood sighed in relief as he saw his servant come to his senses, helping Valen up with a steadying hoof. "Easy there, relax and you'll fumble a bit less, remember?" The Prince had needed to coach his maid back when Valen had first come to work for him as repayment for a financial favor done for the Orange clan. The poor colt had been so nervous at first that the unicorn feared for the integrity of every fragile thing in his house! Fortunately, a few years had made Valencia a true natural at what they did. "Princess Cadence is locked up in another cell; do you have a key for that one too?" While not entirely certain of such things, the Prince not being the whole 'adventuring royal' trope, he had some suspicion that the Alicorn of Love would be key to defeating this impostor... ~ Chrysalis knew something was wrong. A queen's connection to her Hive was a deep one, empathic and telepathic as well as political. As such, she usually had a pretty good idea of where all her drones and soldiers were at any time, and could give commands without vocalizing them, with the expenditure of a little magic. But now? Those links were weakening; units positioned to await invasion orders were swarming in prematurely and anarchically, no doubt sending ponies into a panic, but any disciplined response would blow them away like the mooks they were. Even more worrying, however, was the fact that some connections seemed turned off entirely. Dead, or treasonous? Either would prove fatal to her plans. *It's all that pretender Princess' fault! I should have just squished her when I had a chance. No matter, once that bug is taken care of, I can just go to where I stashed Celestia and Luna to top off on power, then I can wrest victory back from the brink!* Undeterred in confidence, she stalked onwards, up the stairs to the floor where Hope was... ~ Shining Armor groaned. What day was it? He couldn't remember, beyond a vague sense that it was something important. Too important for him to be lying on the stone floor like this. He couldn't get up though. No energy. But Cadence would come back for him. Cadence would make him feel all better. That's what she'd done for the past week, lovely alicorn...
  15. Chrysalis snarled. "I will take your life, your soul, with interest!" This cocky little buzzer, who did she think she was? A rival queen? That may well have been the case, the way she bore herself, throwing magic around like it wasn't anything to her. It was this rage that blinded her to Hope's next tactic, a forced teleportation. One easily countered, of course; as soon as Chryssie realized what had happened, she snapped herself right back into Canterlot Palace, as Shining's shield over the city had long since disintegrated. "Oh, clever girl...." The Queen murmured as she stalked her new enemy, having come back some rooms away from where the first confrontation had been. "I'll admit you're good, but that won't work again..." While still running hot with magic and anger, Chrysalis was calmer in mind now, realizing that Hope was a genuine threat she had to take seriously, if her plans were not to be ruined. To this end, she pulled back every extraneous enchantment to have the power free for round 2 of the fight. Down below in the basement, clouds would begin to lift from the minds of those enthralled....
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