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  1. PrinceBlueblood

    Berry Punch and the Quest for the Crystal Goblets! (OPEN)

    Smiling at having her recollection confirmed, the burgundy mare nodded eagerly at Toboe's question. "Yep! I always help little Pinchy with her costume; she was the Bride of Ponystein that year! I don't usually have time for my own, though; I'll definitely have to check out that shop if it's here again next year!" She was about to ask her for a drink order, when all of a sudden, the shop was invaded by a pink progenitor of prodigious partying! "The usual, eh Pinkie?" She laughed, turning around to grab the bottles behind the counter. "Coming up! Ten cups of the good stuff. You want them all separate, or do you want to try them all in a punch?" Berry looked back with a gleam in her eye. She rarely suggested this sort of thing, even though her full name suggested a particular application of this talent. Her parents had raised her to appreciate ingredients in themselves before bringing them together, drawing a parallel to inter-pony relationships. Each needed to know and respect themselves before they could do justice to another, a lesson which Berry took more to in drink than in ponies. After all, every time you met another pony, you couldn't help but mix, right? She laughed again at Opal's formalized hesitation. "Well, it might be, if it hadn't been so long since the last one. Pinkie builds up so much party in her, that if she doesn't let it out regularly, they become real blow-outs!"
  2. PrinceBlueblood

    Changeling Times[Private: ATTN: Blueblood]

    In truth, 'just off the Equestrian Shoreline' was an inadequate way of describing the location of the resort land Chrysalis had acquired from Discord. In one sense, yes, it was but a short sail from the Strand cities to her pleasure port of call, in another, one could hardly call it a part of the same dimension. The two suns were the biggest clue in that regard. So far, however, no random storms of chaos had messed up the Queen's ambitions to use the place to harvest love in a less evil and more successful manner than before. Now that issue of her Hive's immediate survival was taken care of, she couldn't keep her scheming brain quiet. But what could she get up to that wouldn't be counter-productive at this point? Well, perhaps she would get a good idea from her meeting today. An old hoof at espionage, whispers of things happening in a certain mare's life had reached her ears. A mare who was a repeat customer. Possibilities brewed in her mind, leading her to sending out an invitation. Not that she greeted the mare at the docks; after the grand opening, the 'Island Queen' no longer made a habit of personally welcoming the ships. Now, her drones did so. Undisguised, now that her 'secret' was out. She had assigned the more charismatic and sensitive members of her hive (rare among the unreformed 'lings) to guide each customer to the sector of the island most suitable to their fantasies. Kahz, a diminutive, slightly bent out of shape, but utterly charming was the one greeting Ice. "Miss Ice Storm? Lovely to see you again!" Smiling, he took up the scroll in his magic, glancing over it. "Looks to be in order; be glad to take you there!" His smile dipped a bit as he saw one of the last lines of the scroll. "You're not bringing a plus one? Her majesty had been hoping you would."
  3. PrinceBlueblood

    Berry Punch and the Quest for the Crystal Goblets! (OPEN)

    Berry had been about to nod and pack it up once again, but then she heard the little dingle of the bell over her front door. Customers! "Hold that thought for now, I've got ponies to take care of." Smiling at Opal, she was positively beaming at the shaggy-maned newcomer. "Yep, that's me! Come on in, ain't seen you 'round these parts before, I think?" She tilted her head, trying to place Toboe on the rather vague memories she had of a similar-looking mare. "Or weren't you here for Nightmare Night? Yeah, I think I remember seeing you there." Not just that, but another customer was coming in right behind! Ooh, an exotic-looking earth pony; mama like. "Well there, handsome, the nice thing about wine is that it comes in so many varieties, you can find one for any taste! Whether you like them sweet and fruity, bright and zesty, smooth and elegant, or dark and rich, I got one for all, and even more! And if you don't know what you like yet, I'll give you a sampler tasting for 5 bits! You won't find a better deal this side of Canterlot."
  4. PrinceBlueblood

    Berry Punch and the Quest for the Crystal Goblets! (OPEN)

    "Usually I'd hear about it if she were..." Berry mused. Smiling at the compliment, she brushed back a bit of her mane from her eyes. "Why, thank you! And this is a slow part of the day for me, most of my business comes early in the morning, when little colts and fillies pick up their juice for their packed lunch on the way to school, and in the afternoon and evening, when the grown-ups come for a drink."
  5. PrinceBlueblood

    Heeeeeere’s Another One.

    Hello, and welcome!
  6. PrinceBlueblood

    Berry Punch and the Quest for the Crystal Goblets! (OPEN)

    "That's alright!" In better and more profitable times, Berry would have been glad to give the drink on the house. As it was, however... things hadn't been going so well, lately. There was only so much demand here, hence the mare's collaborative idea to generate some with crystal goblets. "Two bits, please." After hoofing over the drink, she leaned on the bar-counter, looking out the window towards the empty square. "Huh, guess not many are out on this street. Might be at the park, or something."
  7. PrinceBlueblood

    Berry Punch and the Quest for the Crystal Goblets! (OPEN)

    There doesn't seem to be anyone in the shop right now; hopefully none were here and left while Berry was gone. "Well, here's the place." It was internally furnished with much in the way of stained wood shelves, with grooves to hold wine bottles on their sides. Little tables were set up, most of them empty, but a few with bottles tastefully arranged. Closer to the front were the juices made for younger ponies, and those looking for a softer drink. Many of these were in boxes. "You wouldn't believe what it took to get the machine to make those, and even then I have to remind the little ones to recycle them. Still much safer than giving them glass, though.
  8. PrinceBlueblood

    Berry Punch and the Quest for the Crystal Goblets! (OPEN)

    "Alright then!" Berry beamed, standing back up and heading towards the door. "We'll just take a quick walk back to my shop, just to make sure I haven't left a customer disappointed, then we'll just go out on the town, see who we run into!" Opening the door for her new friend, the earth pony mare quietly cheered herself on. Why be satisfied with a slow shop day, when you can make a new friend instead? The resident Princess was certainly right in her priorities, as far as Berry was concerned.
  9. PrinceBlueblood

    Berry Punch and the Quest for the Crystal Goblets! (OPEN)

    Hm, head tilt in confusion. That told Berry that Opal had little, if any, experience with flirtation or any other kind of teasing. And probably wasn't looking for anything of the kind either. That was fine, the burgundy mare just had to remember to tone it down around her a little, that's all. "Well! Did you have any plans today? Because I didn't, and there's no time like the present, as our resident doctor likes to say!"
  10. PrinceBlueblood

    Berry Punch and the Quest for the Crystal Goblets! (OPEN)

    Berry did perk up at the compliment, sharing in the vanities common to all mares. "Aw, thanks sugar crystal! Would be depressing to think I was losing it already." She even ventured a wink that verged on brazen. Most of the town were used to her ways, and knew not to take them too seriously, though. She kind of did want to see how the newcomer would react, get a read on her character and all that. "I see you haven't got much in the way of local connections, then. Sometime I ought to take you around and make a few introductions; it's the ponies here that really make the town worth living in, occasional disaster an all!"
  11. PrinceBlueblood

    Berry Punch and the Quest for the Crystal Goblets! (OPEN)

    "Oh!" Berry's eyes shone at the final product, getting up from her seat to take a closer look at the crystal glass and it's design. "May I?" She asked, before taking the goblet into her own hooves. Her grip is more gentle and precise than that of an average earth pony, mostly due to her having handled glassware all her professional life. Holding it up to the light, twirling it between her frogs, she tested the balance and light refraction, before setting it back down with a smile. "It's perfect! I'll take two dozen of this design, at least to start. Two to display, and the rest to sell. I'm not sure how much demand this town will support, but I'm sure I won't have to hold on to them for too long!" Though her business was concluded, the burgundy mare was in no hurry to leave. After all, neither of them had any customers to deal with, and she wouldn't have to leave until Pinchy came home from school. Time enough to socialize and chat! "So, how do you like your new home? I'll bet seeing Princess Twilight's new castle really brought back memories, huh? Seems hard to imagine now that she was just Twilight Sparkle, town librarian a few years ago. Well, that and a national hero!" She giggled, but could not sustain her laughter for long, deflating into a sigh. "Changes like that make me feel old, gotta say. I don't look it, do I?"
  12. PrinceBlueblood

    The Night Watch (Open to anyone)

    Earth could not, unfortunately, return Fire Walker's smile with anything more than half of one, and that cut with no small amount of cynicism. "Well, if they're interested in buying my pen, it's currently for sale. Just thought I'd give Princess Twilight offer of first refusal, as I was saying to your fellow officer there. Not written much fiction before, but I could spin a pretty good yarn of a naive stallion in love, if she doesn't mind tragic endings." He nodded towards Silver, sitting to rest his back against one of the shelves. If he was being perfectly honest, it was the sale of his pen that had gotten him into this trouble in the first place. He'd been let go from the Chronicle after the head editor discovered that his travel writing on Maretonia was essentially paid propaganda on behalf of his noble hostess. Once his position at the paper was lost, the noblemare found no use for him, and subsequently had him kicked out of her house and deported, in shame and humiliation. Hence, the stallion's expressed opinions on highborn mares. Thumping his head against the books, he cast a weary, but interested, eye on the exchange between Fire and Silver. Disruption in the Twilight Guard? Fascinating. Perhaps there would be a buyer for this information, a bit of juicy court gossip? *Or Military intelligence* A dark and growing portion of the former journalist's brain pointed out. He hadn't gone so far as to seriously contemplate any such treason of course. Not yet, at any rate. Give it a few more hungry months. Bad thoughts, bad thoughts. Best focus on the doggie. Nice doggie. "So, he just wandered in. Is he one of yours, or does Twilight have a new pet?"
  13. PrinceBlueblood

    Sphinxmaster (Pretzel, Dusty)

    Basira's satisfaction was mirrored by Bluebelle's own. Another cross-cultural negotiation successfully completed! And she could add "sphinx" to the list of species she could work with too! All in all, the Princess' CV was looking mightily impressive right about now; which was good, as she couldn't help but think she would need to emphasize every possible positive point to keep her aunties from freaking out. Granted, they weren't likely to be put off so much by Nilaavin himself as much as the fact that he would answer completely to Blue... "Oh, don't worry about that, I ensure all my staff and servants have the highest possible level of care!" As for requisitioning the proper resources for cleaning and feeding Nil, well, she supposed they would just have to ask in person. And if anypony was brave enough to say 'no' to a sphinx, well! Blue still had a few slots left open in her honor guard. "I'm sure you'll love it. I'll bet you've never been to a place that had no deserts, but was green all over with forests and grasslands, and some mountains as well, eh?"
  14. PrinceBlueblood

    Berry Punch and the Quest for the Crystal Goblets! (OPEN)

    Berry swished her tail, both in anticipation, and in thought, as she followed the other mare to inspect her stock. Rubbing her chin, she looked over the cups and mugs. "My personal preference is for clear stemware, with a smooth rather than a faceted bowl. Otherwise, it's hard to judge the color and quality of the wine once you pour it in. We want our products to enhance each other, not cancel each other out!" She smiled, before sighing a bit. "But... that may not quite be what our customers want. If they come to my shop, it's usually because they want to feel fancy without paying Fancy prices! So, any stemware that looks fancy will probably do. Any favorite styles of yours I should know about?"