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  1. Aren't kids these days at least familiar with it? Of course, I was introduced to Revelation fairly early in life, but you'd think that Fallout:Equestria would have percolated down this community, and I know we've got other post-apoc threads on the boards.
  2. Though he had been somewhat disillusioned, Earth Writer was no less fascinated by the mare in front of him in line. He'd read the Daring Do books as a colt; almost everypony he'd met had at least heard of her, but never before had the unicorn met anypony so dedicated to imitating her. It was actually kind of inspiring. He shook her hoof with a grin, rather pleased at his good fortune. "Well, it's a real pleasure to meet you, Pathfinder." After hearing that this was apparently some kind of kissing booth, Earth Writer stood up on his hind hooves to get a better look at the front. "I think... the kisser is... miss Applejack, yes. Huh..." From where he was he could barely make out the end of the whole Flim/Flam debacle. "We seem to have just missed something exciting, pity." The line seemed to be bunching up at the end, with a pony from a few spaces in front talking to Pathfinder as well; Earth Writer could hardly blame him. He took the momentary respite to consider the prospect of his purchase. *I could use some apples to eat on the trip up, as well as have some stock for when I arrive back at Canterlot. You can't get apples this good there. Not sure about the kiss, though.* He shrugged. Time enough to deal with that as it came. In the meantime, he was standing next to a pony that was most likely full of great stories, and there were few better things for a geographer to do while waiting in line than to talk with an explorer, after all. "So, what brings you to Ponyville?" He asked the mare that would be Daring Do.
  3. Heh, I've done "page-per-post" RP's before (though in original universes, not fan ones per se); I actually don't mind those that much. I do forum RPG's as a chance to excercise my writing, so having a small group of players doing a super-literate game would be perfectly fine with me (which gives me a sliver of hope for a possible Man Who Was Thursday crossover, though that has its own set of issues.)
  4. Hm, yeah, the draw of the games was that, well, they were games. You could probably pull off an actual game crossover, now that I think about it, the tone of the original Genesis games fits, even better than Fire Emblem, in my opinion.
  5. Pretty much what it says on the tin, here. This is a thread for all of you to post those ideas for Crossovers that you've been sitting on top of, not sure if they'd get any interest, since not many would be familiar with the source material. To start the ball rolling, here's mine: It's an Isaac Asimov Crossover, but not how you'd think. Few people know this, but in addition to science fiction, Asimov also wrote mysteries, and there's a series of short stories he did called "Banquets of the Black Widowers" that I really enjoyed. The puzzles were clever, of course, but the framing device was what made it stick out in my mind. See, the Black Widowers were a city club with half a dozen members, who would have one banquet every month, with each member taking turns bringing a guest. The guest would get a free and delicious meal, on the condition that he answer every question put forward by the club. Invariably, each guest would have an odd or incomplete story, which would be set forward before the club, who would ask elucidating questions. Of course, the waiter almost always was the one who solved the thing. I thought that might be fun, though I may be the only one on the boards who's even heard of the series, and it would play out more like an in-character forum game than a true RP, which may not be attractive to most. Anyway, post your thoughts, or your own ideas, below!
  6. Some streets down from the end of the line, a unicorn emerged into the sunlight of mid-morning, and immediately sneezed. He sniffed as he shook the dust out of his mane. *That's the last box, at least. Just in time, too; my train leaves tomorrow.* Earth Writer, as he was called, stretched his legs and shook all over to loosen the muscles which he'd kept idle during his packing, before walking out, looking over all the buildings of his foalhood home as he went nowhere in particular. He'd come down to pick up the last of his books that he'd left with his family before he went back to Canterlot; his move from a school dormitory to a small apartment had left him enough room to bring his stuff back up. Plus, it gave him an excuse to visit, and show off his new degree to his parents. They'd been so proud of him; he'd finally picked up his Geographic accredation! It was what he'd been striving to get ever since he'd aquired his cutie mark, a globe with a quill pen over it, showing his abiding interest in the subject. Other than that, his tan coat was unmarked, though his muzzle was as black as his mane. He came back from his reverie with a jolt; some filly was yelling into a megaphone, something about showing a "niegh-er do well" something? She sounded angry, whatever it was about. The noise was coming from Sweet Apple Acres, it sounded like. Earth Writer decided to go see what was up. Might be a good show, you never knew. Turning a corner, the unicorn could see the back of a line stretching to a booth where the proprietors of the Apple Farm were holdign some kind of promotion, but that wasn't what brought him up short. *No way, it couldn't be...* A brown pegasus mare, grey mane and tail, dressed like an explorer... he rushed up to her, only stopping when he got a closer look at her own cutie mark. "Oh, I beg your pardon!" He said to the mare. "For a moment, well," he rubbed the side of his neck self-consciously with a forehoof, "For a moment I thought you were Daring Do in the flesh." He gave a sheepish smile, before pointing towards the front of the line. "Any idea what's going on up there?"
  7. My OC's RP Debut! http://www.canterlot.com/topic/9089-why-is-the-first-step-is-the-hardest-open-canterlot/ Basically, Earth Writer is a young geographer, fresh out of school and just a slight bit disillusioned as to his prospects for work. At this point, I'm open to a lot of directions for this thread; I'm trying to work out how he's going to work in an RP environment.
  8. Earth Writer had begun to despair of this day ever being productive, after the thrid time he'd strained his eyes to catch all the print on Equestria Daily's classifieds section. Most ponies who put out ads in the section were the upper-middle or lower-upper classes that were looking for clerks or laborers, and the tan unicorn didn't think of himself as either. *I am a geographer, a scholar, a writer. There has got to be somepony looking for at least one out of three.* Maybe there was, but they didn't put their ads out in this paper. Sighing, Earth Writer pulled back the hoof that had supported the paper on the table, letting it flop down as he rested his head on his forehoof. With a little telekinesis, he pulled the now-lukewarm cup of tea he'd bought and drained it, grimacing a bit at the bitter tase. He always let the leaves steep too long; not that they were of that good a quality. Pony Joe's this wasn't, but the little street cafe sold a hot beverage and small pastry for half a bit, and let you read a newspaper for free, catering to both the workers and the job-seekers in this neighborhood in the capital's New town district. "Well," he muttered, brushing some stray hairs from his mane with a hoof, "This isn't getting me anywhere. Seems I've got to go out and look for appropriate work." Tossing the cup away and refolding the paper, he stepped out into the street, initially unsure of where to start looking, before deciding to head towards Old town, where you could find most ponies this time of day. "Got to meet ponies, that's what my professor said. Better than hanging around alone, anyhow." After announcing his intentions to an audience of none, he set off.
  9. I just checked in to see that my Assessed Character, the Unicorn Earth Writer, just got approved! Except, I still can't reply to or start any threads in the Mane RP area. I take it there's some kind of group I have to be added to?
  10. Well, I've been looking for a Free RP thread to get my feet wet while I'm waiting on the final approval of my first character... I'd like to give it a go!
  11. My sister (Osprey77) and I were thinking of making a couple of our characters be brother and sister. Is that all right?
  12. Thanks all. Currently looking for work right now, so I don't know how much I'll be able to hang around here, but I'll drop by as often as possible!
  13. Roleplay Type: World of Equestria RP Name:Earth Writer Sex: Male Age: Stallion Species: Unicorn Eye Color: Teal Coat Color: Tan, though his muzzle area is a dark brown that looks black from a distance. Mane/Tail/Markings Color & Style: His mane and tail have the same color as his face "mask," a dark brown that appears black. He wears his mane medium-length, brushed to either side to keep it out of his eyes. He doesn't really do anything special with his tail. Common Clothing: He dresses in a somewhat Bohemian fashion, in a powder-blue colored dinner jacket, bright orange tie, and felt brown hat, sometimes with his press card stuck in the band. Physique: He's rather lanky; while not taller than the average unicorn, he's quite a skinny fellow, with most of his height coming from his legs. Cutie Mark: A globe and a quill pen. Origin/Residence: He grew up around Ponyville, and his family lives there still. Currently, he's staying in one of the "New Town" areas of Canterlot, in a small block of flats not far from the University and bordering the Artist Quarter. Occupation: Journalist. While a geographer by training, his writing skills, and his way of making a location come alive through investigation and description have served him very well in this trade. Motivation: To see the world, and eventually move on to being totally self-employed as an author, writing books as opposed to articles. Likes: Seeing how things interconnect, traveling, listening to good stories, good books Dislikes: Loud noises and loud crowds, days where nothing seems interesting, maps that are not well put together, stress Weaknesses: If he feels overwhelmed, he tends to lash out at inanimate objects, usually hurting himself more than the target of his wrath. His developing connections with the Bohemian sector of Canterlot society hasn't done much for his fashion sense nor for his reputation among the upper echelons of the city. While he tries to be fair in his articles, sometimes he just can't keep his own views out of the columns, and there are a few times when he's signed his name to a thing he had little enough right to be proud of. Character Summary: Foalhood: Earth Writer was born to a Unicorn father from the northern Manehattan area and an Earth Pony mother from the southern reaches of Equestria. They'd met and married on vacation in the West, but moved to Ponyville soon after Earth Writer was born. A little while afterward, Writer got a little sister, Heart Song, with whom he developed a rather close bond. He wasn't a particularly talkative or outgoing pony at first; he spent much of his time alone reading, and when he was with other ponies, he was content merely to listen to the conversation around him. He had a decent memory, which meant that whenever he did speak, he could draw upon a decently wide store of knowledge. This had its benefits as well as drawbacks, giving him a reputation for intelligence, but also making him seem like a know-it-all. Cutie Mark Story: Being interested in many subjects, however, meant that he was fairly late in discovering where his special talents lay. It wasn't until the schoolteacher brought in a special guest from the Royal Equestrian Geographic Society to show off his work to the class that the young colt realized what he wanted to study. The REGS member showed off his research as to how the soils of various places, and thus their principle crops, influenced pretty much everything in how towns and cities in Equestria developed. Seeing such a disparate body of knowledge come together 'clicked' with the young unicorn, and he was as awestruck as if he'd just watched Fetlock Hooves solve a case right in front of him! Once he realized that there was a way to synthesize, contextualize, and present disparate elements of information like this, his cutie mark appeared, setting him on the path of the Geographer. Or, so he thought... Later Life: After finding his special talent, he started to delve deeper into it, seeking out more specialized schooling. His starting ambition was to enter the Royal Equestrian Geographic Society, since it had been so influential in helping him get his mark. The best schools in the subject were, naturally in or near Canterlot. He waited until his sister was able to come on the journey with him to the city, and went up together with her. Afterward, they settled into their own circles in their own schools, seeing each other occasionally. Earth Writer loved living in Canterlot. There was something about the place that drew him out, not so much socially, though he did involve himself in more groups while in school. City life had just more scope for widening his interests, and he developed a deeper appreciation for music, poetry, and art than he thought himself capable. He also honed his own craft of writing, first in an academic environment, but later discovering that he was more excited when he could present things to the general public. This, combined with the difficulty in securing a living in pure research, led him into the career of journalism. The head editor of the Canterlot Daily Chronicle was looking for a columnist and traveling reporter, and Earth Writer took him up on the job, always having an interest in seeing the world. After a few years on the job, he has seen many wonderful things indeed, and found himself in some strange and even exciting situations. It wasn't the ambition he'd first chose for himself, but he is certainly quite happy with how things have turned out.
  14. Nice work on the picture, sis! Hm, I think Shakespony is a given; but I wonder if any other playwrights could be easily ponified... Neigh Simon, Thornton Whinnier... can't think of any others off the top of my head.
  15. @Rosewind: Thanks, glad to be here! @Dunder: No doubt. @Good to see you too, LSBFF.
  16. @MyLittlePonyTales Thank you. Oh, and Osprey77 is my sister. She'll be showing up soon enough. @SilverSwirl Thanks. I came to gaming fairly late in life, so I've a bit of catching up to do. If I have any Genesis-related questions, I'll send them your way!
  17. About Myself: I'm a college junior, currently home for the summer (Northern Virginia). I'm studying geography and remote sensing; when I'm not doing schoolwork, I'm usually reading, playing video games, or writing. How I found Canterlot.com: My sister (Hello!) How I became a fan of MLP:FiM: CR. Not from his retrospective, from his "Pinkie Pie in 5 seconds" video. It made me wonder what a guy my age was doing watching My Little Pony. Decided to Check it out, and, well... My favourite main cast pony/s: Fluttershy,Twilight Sparkle Personality-wise, you could pretty much say I'm Twilight Sparkle (or Dusk Shine, to be precise), mixed with a little Fluttershy(Butterscotch). Well read, rather introverted, a little shy before I'm coaxed out of my shell, but I can get along pretty well with most people once I'm past that initial hurdle. I do more listening than talking, most of the time, and I'm rather easily pleased. I do have limits to my toleration, but that's more likely to provoke paragraphs of grandiloquence than a full Fluttershy-style social beatdown (consequence of speech and debate). Look forward to getting to know you all!
  18. Art I commissioned from various artists
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