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  1. Ossia's whispered promises were enough to light a fire in Blueblood's core, inflaming his imagination to reach delightful peaks. "I very much look forward to that." And if subsequent nights were anything like last night, the interdimensional alicorn would never lack for an enthusiastic student. The Prince would work hard and play hard, now that he had the proper mentor and motivation. A pity for Equestria that such things came from the villainous, but that was the hand that Fate had dealt him, and who was he to question fate? Not an immortal alicorn goddess, who felt herself justified in raging against it for a stolen revenge. The ferocity of her reaction genuinely spooked him, sending the stallion skittering across the sheets and stumbling onto the floor. "Ah, uh.... like I said, it was, um, an inside job..." Still keeping a wary eye on Ossia, Blueblood eased back up on the bed, now fully awake and alert. "I... take it you're not from around here. You look similar to Cadence, but you aren't her, are you?"
  2. It was true, Chrysalis had let her guard down. Blueblood would never know why; perhaps it was an oversight with everything else that she had to plan for d-day, or h-hour, as the day of invasion was likely today, just not quite yet. Perhaps she was also drunk on Shining Armor's love. Either way, she completely neglected to ensorcel Blueblood before having Hope escort him to the dungeons. A fatal oversight? Or would the Prince prove to be too ultimately unimportant for it to matter either way? No doubt it was encouraging to Cadence for her to see her cousin in good, unenchanted health. "Keep your spirits up, Cadence. We'll get her, and get Shining back too." Hopefully without too much damage. His reassuring smile faded, however, upon seeing a familiar face. "Valen, no, she got you too?" The Queen had gotten him, alright, and badly to judge from the cute maid's eyes. The leash just added to his sense of humiliation and degredation (though it had to be said he wouldn't necessarily mind in other circumstances). And thus was the Prince put in his cell, suddenly finding himself alone... or perhaps not quite alone, to judge by the magical eyes on him. But perhaps this was a good thing; if he put on a show, that might give enough of a distraction to help Hope do her thing! "Well, it's not bad accommodations, but I was hoping to be able to prepare your boudoir. I'm no bad maid myself, as you'd see if you let me have a go." He addressed the room, as if Chrysalis were there, taking on his best nonchalant attitude. No reply was as yet forthcoming, though...
  3. There wasn't much that Blueblood could give in contribution to this plan, other than a sense of noblesse oblige. And to be perfectly fair to the prissy Prince, deep down he did have a sense of duty to country and family. It was just that, before today, nopony took him seriously enough to ask him to act upon this sense of responsibility. It was pretty ironic that it would take a changeling to awaken him, but that was life for you. Sometimes, it took twists like this, and one day, if he survived, he'd look back upon this day with laughter and with pride. For now, however, pride was far from his countenance. He was truly acting the part, to the point where even the emotion-reading changelings would have gotten nothing off of him but shame and anger at his situation. He could have been a decent stage actor, had he been born to the lower class. That said, his acting was nothing compared the the Queen, still playing her "role" as "Cadence", although definitely in a backstage environment, with nopony around her that wasn't either ensorcelled by her magic, or else her changeling subjects. She raised her brow at the approaching Hope, but grinned in a most unpleasant way at Blueblood, sending a shiver of genuine fear down the alabaster stallion's spine. "You have indeed, my daughter. I had hoped to keep inconspicuous until right up to the wedding, but it seems that suspicion is mounting beyond what I can control. Once my last units are in place, I'll drain Shining for the last time and bring down the barrier. But first, hm, what to do with you?" Still in her Cadence disguise, Chrysalis did not bother changing her voice at all, which was a very unsettling phenomenon from her cousin, who felt the cuffs chafe around his wrists. "Hm, I'll bet you never thought you'd meet a mare like this, hm? Or perhaps this was always what you dreamed of having happen to you~ Of course, I'll have to detain you for now, perhaps in the crystal caverns, but after my triumph, I will want a celebratory snack~" A snaky tongue slipped out from her lips, tickling Blueblood on the nose as he reared back. "St-stay back you fiend!!"
  4. It seemed that Blueblood's new companion had some sort of plan, at least. "Are you sure you're strong enough to take her on, though?" He had to ask. "I mean, you just said she took over the whole of your kind, and you didn't stop her then- hold up, what?" He was a little shocked when he got cuffed; the disguise made sense, he had to admit, but that didn't mean he had to like it. "Mph, won't be of much help to you like this." Not that he'd be much of a help in a fight in any case, being more for ornamentation than practical use. Still, as Hope led him through the guards, they seemed to buy the act he put on. To give the Prince credit, he could completely sell the 'utterly peeved' look. "Ugh, finally. The little brat's been nothing but a hassle all day. I dunno if the queen will appreciate being bothered, but she could use somepony to vent her frustrations on for sure." The guard, wearing a most unpleasant expression of schadenfraude, stood aside to let them pass.
  5. Blueblood, now even more bewildered, recoiled at the revelation of Hope's true form. Canterlot, his beloved city, invaded by a bunch of lovesucking bugs! It sounded... so gauche, like one of those comic books the commoners read. But, these were the times they lived in now. He would just have to face them. Him and this defector. "Uh, alright then. I... what do we do? Has the guard been replaced? That would explain why nopony has let me anywhere, but that means we can't get help! What do we do!?" He was starting to panic again.
  6. A little stunned by the whole revelation, Blueblood could do nothing but stand before her, nodding weakly. It didn't all make sense yet, but the one thing he did pull out was that Hope was the daughter of a Queen, and therefore technically a princess. Which he had treated as if she were a commoner. Apologies were in order. "I... see. And I do believe I owe you as much to say I'm sorry for my prior behavior. It was unbecoming of our respective stations. I just have one more question." He held up a hoof in inquiry. "What's a changeling?" It would be clear to her by now that she was not dealing with a pony of great intellect.
  7. With all the iron will that Blueblood could muster, which wasn't much to be honest, the Prince tried to tamp down on his own growing panic. "They... could be just out. You know, out on the town. Seeing to things. Big wedding and all..." The wavering in his voice betrayed the disbelief he felt in his own words. This would be, what, the third attack his country came under in the past several years? The increasing frequency of such things in recent times made the fear all the more plausible. Upon having his cousin pointed out at him, Blueblood looked over at Hope. "Her...? Surely not Princess Cadence..." It was clear that he had no idea about anything like changelings. He probably didn't even think that they existed, let alone that it was them responsible for these goings-on. Hope would have to take a little time to explain things to him if she wanted his help.
  8. "Changeling Hive.... what?" Blueblood had hardly any idea what she was talking about, and could only blink as she ranted at him and then rushed off. He contemplated following her briefly, as he very much doubted his Aunties would appreciate being interrupted by a random crazy pegasus from off the street. Still... it was weird that the guards which had barred him from going through the hallways weren't sounding any kind of alarm in attempting to detain her. They... were attempting to detain her, right? The changelings wouldn't have bothered Hope anyway, they recognizing her as one of their own, hence her being given freedom of the castle. That said, a few might have thought her behavior odd, especially if any saw her return to the Prince in panic. And truth be told, her panic was infectious. "Gone?" A pit of worry began to open in Prince Blueblood's stomach. "What- what do you mean, gone?"
  9. ( I was asleep? IRL happens.) "OOF!" The volume and affront of the stallion's reaction to the bump was far out of proportion to the actual impact. He jumped in the air slightly, rearing back as if Hope had suddenly sprung up from the ground. From the look he was giving her, he might have seemed to think that she was some strange mushroom-pony hybrid, too. Wiping off his coat as if it had touched something nasty, he huffed. "Don't you know who I am!? I am Prince Blueblood Platinum LVII, and I have absolutely no idea who you are nor why in Equestria you should be allowed to the see either of Princesses!"
  10. 'Cadence' kept a side eye on Hope as she smooched her 'soon-to-be-hubby', a faint green glow enveloping both their horns and causing his eyes to spin a bit as he blinked. "Uhhh.... yeah, got to get... back to the wedding." The stallion blinked in the haze, barely focusing on the pegasus as a pink wing draped over his shoulder, turning him around. "Uh, Blueblood, right! You can help by keeping watch over him. Keep him out of trouble, and... away from us. Or any important guests." "Oh, Excellent idea, Shining!" The smile on the disguised Chrysalis' face was truly genuine, shining through the alicorn guise. It seems the pompous Canterlotian had gotten on the Queen's nerves at least once during the wedding prep. "Do go on, Miss Hope, you should find him on the way to the palace. Tata!" Whether or not the Queen could mind read her subjects, she was in no fear of her perfect day being ruined. It almost made her want to sing! ~***~ Meanwhile, in Canterlot Palace... "Ugh, I cannot believe the nerve of these upstart servants. Barring the grounds to me! Me! The Prince of this city! I have as much of a right as anyone to look over the preparations, I'm the bloody Master of Ceremony, among my other high offices. No respect of bloody authority...." Another white stallion, this one with a golden mane, was ranting to himself as he paced in the gardens, clearly out of sorts. The staff were giving him a wide berth; Blueblood had a reputation for when he got into these moods, though truth be told he'd never really been himself since that Gala. Being covered in cake in front of all his peers had rather put him on tilt ever since. Hopes were had, faint but real, that some sort of character improvement could result from all of this, but it was baby hoofsteps yet. He barely noticed the approaching pegasus, who might well be inbound for another collision...
  11. "Your kind? Uuhhhh...." Shining Armor now stopped in his progress completely, confusion spread across his face like marmalade. "I... wasn't aware of anything like a Pegasus insurrection or disloyalty." He tilted his head, now curious and... not a little suspicious of his new acquaintance. "Are you from Equestria?" It was just possible that she was from Maretonia, a land where the tribes had never been unified by Harmony. That would explain her odd reference. Unless, there was something else going on. Something else that he, as Captain of the Guard, should definitely know about- "O-o-o-h-h Honey!" A breathy, melodic voice, sweet and smooth as grade-a maple syrup, rang over the street, followed quickly by its source, a pink Alicorn with a tricolored mane, slightly frazzled by the day's efforts. "The wedding planner's being a bit of bore, I need your help to straighten him out- oh." Her voice flattened and her eyes narrowed upon catching sight of Honey, her sharpened gaze almost seemed tinged with green. The "pegasus" would have felt herself exposed before the 'princess', and a much different, less sweet voice would be beamed straight into her thoughts. *How did you get past the barrier already, my child? No matter, thank you for retrieving my errant 'fiancee.' Do run along while I recharge the little enchantment I have on him, blend in with the crowds. You will know when the signal is ready for the invasion.* Chrysalis had found her out! Fortunately, the Queen seemed to mistake Honey for one of her own loyal hive, which was good, because she had a very nasty reputation when it came to the disloyal. Betrayal of her disobedience now, with Chrysalis having all the love energy from feeding of the stallion before her, would leave poor Honey as nothing but a smear on the cobbles!
  12. Shining did chuckle at the joke. "That's going to take a while to get used to. Though, wouldn't you just love to see the look on Prince Blueblood's face when he hears somepony else called by that title?" The stallion smiled, but sighed softly. "I hope he doesn't decide to be too insufferable today; poor Cady's starting to get a little stressed. You know how most brides can get." He seemed a little surprised at the offer of guard service from a guest, giving her a sideways look as they continued towards the train station. "I already have my ponies stationed everywhere a threat could come from, though I suppose I'm a little understaffed to watch over every guest. I'd hate to shunt you off to watch over a bunch of stuffy nobles, though."
  13. The pony she had run into, a white-coated unicorn stallion with a chiseled figure and blue, spiky mane, laughed good naturedly, rubbing down the spot where she had bumped. "No problem ma'am, my fault for not being more vigilant while on patrol. I've just got a lot of things to pay attention to right now." If his words weren't clue enough, his uniform and barding were obvious signs that he was part of the royal guard. If Hope was able to recognize his rank insignia, she would see that he was, in fact, the Captain of the Guard. Yep, Shining Armor, Princess Mi Amore Cadenza's fiancee, in the flesh. Thankfully, he wasn't stand-offish or taking out any pre-wedding stress upon the citizenry of Canterlot. Truth be told, though, few could have blamed him if he were; having to keep command of the guard, watch over the security of a city under threat, and maintaining a magical barrier around the whole of Canterlot was quite a lot to put on a buck that was about to get married. But Shining Armor didn't make the rank of Captain for nothing. "I take it you're in town for our wedding too? Most new faces I've seen today are. My little sister's due to come down by train in a couple of hours, so I'm going to oversee her transition through the barrier. Oh, and I'm Captain Shining Armor, in case you hadn't guessed." He grinned. "What's your name?"
  14. Earth Writer nodded at Icy's spiel. "Sounds reasonable. I'm just glad you have some realistic expectations." He raised an eyebrow as she continued, peering over the rim of the bowl as he finished slurping the broth. "*Acha-hah.* Ahem, yes, the palace guard do seem to be more decorative than functional these days, though it's hard to get an exact count of how many things didn't happen, you know?" He sniffed, blowing his nose as the spice cleared his sinuses. "Sorry about that. But yeah, I agree with your general point." Slurping up the last of the noodles, he followed her out, now feeling significantly less out of sorts with the world in general. Amazing what lunch can do for a pony. "So... what else did you want to talk about? I suppose there's some onboarding process I have to go through."
  15. "I shall pass on the wisdom, rest assured, my friend." Blueblood gave Hogo-sha another smile. In most other circumstances, he would have invited him over for tea; whatever his political status, he looked to be a good and useful fellow to know. There was something... heroic, in the Diamond Dog's stance; and heroism was always in demand somewhere. Be good to send him on with a referral at least. But, right at the moment, he had a huge cat with him, and the Prince was conscious that he ought not to push things too far. Let Niilavin get used to the idea of dogs existing before actually inviting them to share a house, even for teatime. *Do sphinxes drink tea? Must make a mental note to ask.* While doing so, he flashed a charming smile to Anu. "Well met, sir! I see from your bearing and breed that your family come from Saddle Arabia, or thereabouts. Are you an immigrant, or a traveler to our fair country?" Thinking about whether or not he should get back on the way home soon, as traffic was beginning to build up behind him, Niil's sudden question gave him pause. "[I... have never seen one of your kind in the flesh before. Nor has anypony I know. That proves nothing, but... another sphinx may be hard to find.]"
  16. "Oh my!" Blueblood exclaimed as the pulled-back curtain revealed just how long he had been out. "Well, what can I say? You bring up the best in the stallions, and it's admittedly been a while since I was able to go full out on anything like that." Likely, this wouldn't be the last time such levels of exertion were called for. The prospect was... rather enticing, to tell the truth. At least, at the end of all of this, he'd certainly be a a better stallion... or at least more of one. The blow aimed at his strained familial relationship struck true, with nary a sting of pain from the breaking bond. "Good guess on the latter." He snorted. "It was terrible; one could hardly ask for help without condescension from authority and mockery from one's peers. I wasn't even in Auntie's school, she sent me to the one for all the normal, non-powered ponies. Having to listen to all the hero-worship made me ill." There was enough there for Ossia to deduce that Blueblood wasn't so much a bad student as an unlucky one, having had a run of poor educators. It might take a little effort on her part to break some bad habits, but there was a good learner underneath here. He had to laugh, though, at the mention of knowledge and common sense. "Oh, yes. I'll have to introduce you at some point; he's good for a laugh. Or would be, if his blatant disregard for self-preservation wasn't so terrifying to behold. I drop by his lab every time I need cardio training; if I'm not running for the hills by the end of the day, the adrenaline has done have the work at least." Speaking of fellow powered ponies, the roster discussion continued. Blueblood had to admit, the thought of Ossia taking on Applejack was... exciting, to judge from his pinkening face. Said mood was quickly dispelled by the next picture, which brought out a less... appealing side to the alicorn. Hoping to avoid an outburst, Blueblood cleared his throat. "Ah, yes, them. Bit of a to-do about knitting together some worldwide network of heroes. Bit naive if you ask me, and I think circumstances backed me up. They got infiltrated and taken down; something about their core database being stolen or hacked or somesuch. All the offices are defunct; there's still some going around trying to revive the thing, they pop up in the news every once in a while. That dragon more often than most, but... well, that Haze fellow always seems to have their number. Probably why Auntie's interested in getting new blood into her heroes; they wouldn't be in the database, and thus less easily neutralized."
  17. Earth Writer had to acknowledge the strategical point. It wasn't wise to bait a trap with your vital rations, after all. Ice Storm had talked a big enough game for the reporter to have a perhaps exaggerated picture of her present capabilities; some re-calibration of his views was in order. "Gotcha." Another slurp brought more noodles into his mouth, washed down by a bit of the broth. Some of the pepper flakes caught in his throat, causing him to cough into his napkin. "Ahc, aha, ehem! Excuse me, probably shouldn't eat so fast." He settled back in his chair a bit, drinking down some cold water as he caught his breath. "I promise not to step beyond my knowledge in any advice, nor to try and show up the experts. That said, I hope you have a somewhat realistic expectation for your recruit base. You can make good bricks out of mud, but nopony's gonna mistake the edifice for marble."
  18. If you want to play your OC without any changes, you may do so in our FFA forums, they don't require RP approval and you can start immediately. WoE is a moderated setting, specifically designed to be compatible and comparable with the storylines in the Friendship is Magic show. It allows players to play more down-to-earth characters without worrying about being overshadowed by overpowered characters. The rules we have now are the result of several experiments over the years, and we found that drawing a consistent line at alicorn OC's was the best way to preserve both balance and flexibility, while minimizing OOC conflict. We want players to be able to RP without getting caught up in arguments about "God-moding," which are never fun for either side in the dispute. We're not asking you to make changes that we haven't had to make ourselves in fitting characters to the setting, but if that isn't going to be fun for you, that's OK! You can still play your character on the less-restricted forums, and still be a part of our community and discussions.
  19. So, had a bit of a closer read, along with a consultation with the admins; by WoE rules, alicorns and alicorn hybrids are no-goes. It has to be made clear in the application that Hope Goldy is a changeling that sometimes takes the form of an alicorn, and not a hybrid of one.
  20. The format made it hard to see, sorry. As of my last reply, the post was tagged as it's last edit as having been done on Thursday. Please try not to bring too much OOC sass; it's fine in character, but we'll all have a better time if we try to be a little more patient with each other. And I realize that text-only communication can sometimes come off as more brusque than intended (may have come off as that myself, and if so, sorry). I'll take care of this for sure once I get home from work.
  21. I don't see any edits to your app yet in response to the latest feedback; once you make them we can get you stamped and approved
  22. The term "hoofchair general" was not exactly a flattering one, but neither was it inaccurate for most ponies who discussed strategy. Technically speaking, even though Earth Writer was arguing very much from within that class of furniture, one could technically argue that Ice Storm had not yet accomplished enough to have fully left it. Either way, the stallion felt little embarrassment in continuing the argument. "There's a significant difference in minimum resources and capabilities needed for a port raid, and for a strike into the Equestrian Heartland. I myself would prefer that whatever villain out there tip their hand early, rather than wait for them to build up long enough for them to be confident in their strength. That's consistently been our problem; not knowing what threat is out there until their airships are over Canterlot, to cite the most recent example. Better to bait them out, if you ask me;. Of course, if you'd put them all through that one port under the shell company, the clerk wouldn't think anything off, and we wouldn't be having this conversation." He shrugged. "All comes to a matter of what you want to accomplish. Protecting a nation isn't ever going to be a safe business, so maybe we should think about getting the most out of the risks we take, rather than trying to minimize them absolutely." Entering the restaurant, the unicorn took a deep sniff of the laden air. "Mmm... I think the spicy seaweed buckwheat is calling my name." Putting in his order, he joined the mare at the table. "Just don't forget there's institutional knowledge as well as institutional nonsense there. Part of our job as outsiders is to tell one from the other, without letting the latter devalue the former." He snorted at the last, ears drooping. "Listen to me, though; some part of my mind hasn't yet realized that I'm not a respectable journalist anymore, but a disgraced hack." At the mention of Tempest Shadow, though, his ears and general demeanor perked right up again. "Tempest, eh? Now there's a mare I wouldn't mind meeting. Air of mystery, and all that. Appeals to the gumshoe in me, plus whatever is attracted by the femme fatale. Or to speak more accurately, a fatal female. I've found my tastes don't run to what's safe for me." The soup was not long in coming, and the stallion blew off the cloud of steam rising from the bowl, before slurping the red broth. Immediately, his cheeks began to flush and his eyes grew wide and watery. "Whoo! Now that's the stuff! Clears your sinuses right out!" Grinning, he took a bit of crunchy veggie out of the soup with his magic, chomping it down as he considered Ice's offer. "I'll admit, I wasn't going to be so bold as to ask for half of what you just put on the table. Maybe a few commissions for ghostwritten propaganda, or something. I mean, I sold my integrity off already, so I wasn't going to bargain out of my conscience..." Dipping his head into the bowl again, he slurped up the long noodles, tears now actually dripping from his face. Sniffing, he wiped them with his hooves. "Sorry. Not crying, I promise. Never thought about trying to buy it back, but I guess if you're willing to take me on, you're sincere about the rest of what you said. Giving meaning and cause to the down-and-outs, yeah? I'm in." He nodded, extending his hoof, before quickly pulling it back to wipe on his shirt first. "Eheh, yeah. Just one thing, though. I would like advisory input on major operations I'm expected to write about. If I'm actually going to write with anything like a convincing tone, I need to do more than just cover my patron's plot for a living. I'm done playing that game."
  23. I'm not sure if we have any active Sombra players at the moment; I would have recommended getting in touch with one of them to see if they would be willing to have that be a part of their own backstory. As it stands now, it should be fine unless called out specifically. (Or you could app him yourself) And I wouldn't say that alicorn level magic would naturally recharge. We've seen changelings wield it before, but only after extended feeding. If you can make an effort to keep your abilities in-lore, I'll be willing to approve them.
  24. Eyo! Friendly neighborhood mod taking over; just some two cents before we can give your char an approval stamp: Alicorns and alicorn-blooded characters are a little too OP for WoE Original Characters; we try not to stray too far from canon in this setting, though we try not to be too rigid either. Being on par with a Changeling Hive Queen would be acceptable; possibly being made using love given by a previous Crystal Empress to her changeling lover. Having Alicorn-level powers, or access to all three tribal magics at full strength is a little much, though; at least not without her getting a significant amount of love to power her up that much. Alicorn as default is too much. Is she meant to have come to the Crystal Empire before Sombra took it over? That would be interesting, a changeling trapped in the 1,000-year jump. I'm assuming the Dark pony referenced in your background is supposed to be Sombra?
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