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  1. Name: Knight Errant. Usually referred to as Ser Errant or Erran. Gender: Male Age: Stallion Species: Earth Pony Eye color: Royal Blue Character color: A dark musky brown with darker patches towards the end of his legs and muzzle. Mane/Tail/Other: His mane, originally cut short for his military role, has now grown to be rather shaggy and quite messy. Still relatively short but long enough to cover and eye and some if in the right place, normally swept across the top of his left eye however. His tail follows a similar fashion and both share the colour scheme of a much darker, dirtier brown. Multiple scars from blades are present on his front legs and face but more often than not they are hidden by worn armour that features a lot of tell tale signs of mending and ware & tear. His hooves are visibly distinct from the fur on his legs and thick stubble and signs of weathered skin are apparent on his face. Physique: Knight shares the same build as most military types. Tall, lean, muscly build. Not overly huge though as he tends to be more mobile than his fellow soldiers. Residence: Born and raised in the lands capital, Gran Soren. Moved to Cassardis. Occupation: Knight, as his name would suggest was a knight for the Duke before all of this. Having witnessed and even met the Arisen on occasion he has firm belief that what the Duke is saying cannot be true. After an outburst in the company of not so like minded soldiers Knight was exiled with the Enlistment Corps. Stripped of his rank and title he now bares a serious distaste for the Duke. Cutie Mark: Sword and shield crossed with a Gransy's flag on the shield. Vocation: Fighter. Starting Skills: Skyward Slash, Sheltered Spike and Flesh Skewer. Current Equipment: Gran Soren Shield and a Trusty Sword. Gran Soren Guard Armour all except the head. Barreled Helm. Dress: Knight's armour is tattered with blue cloth and paint in tribal designs to show that he is no longer of the Royal Guard. Insignias and emblems have been scraped away. A brown leather shroud is worn across his shoulders and rests along his back, the end of the shroud is torn and ripped. Underneath his armour Knight wears clothing akin to that of a typical towns person, padded in certain areas for comfort of course. Unique Traits: Sword and shield has always been his favored equipment and he is well skilled with it. In combat with a single opponent he would rush in with a flurry of strikes from both shield and sword to through his opponent off and gain the upper hand. In combat against a group he would move in amongst them delivering blows when he could and remaining well defended and nimble with his shield, hoping to confuse the enemy. Against overwhelming odds he has been known to somewhat snap and become damaging yet unpredictable. History: As a young colt, Knight would always follow his father around everywhere when he was off duty. Every day by his side looking up to him, a captain in the Duke's Royal Guard. He commanded the respect and loyalty of his fellow soldiers and was a fair well liked individual. One important past time the pair shared was watching the local Jousting teams performing in the grounds near Gran Soren. Unfortunately during the Wyrm hunt his father was cut down by bandits attempting to sack a caravan that was under his protection. The loss destroyed Knight but filled him with a fiery passion to seek revenge and this meant the Royal Guard. From the bottom of the ranks Knight worked his way up, blasting through every challenge and excelling at most things. Every day he would assure his mother that the bandits responsible for his fathers death would be brought to justice. In his later years in the Royal Guard, shortly before the disappearance of the Arisen, Knight discovered that several Gran Soren knights who were supposed to be with his father and the caravan had actually been paid off by the bandits. Knight brought the matter to the attention of the Duke and nothing was done. The ponies responsible weren't even prosecuted. This was the first moment that Knight had started to doubt his place in the army. After several bouts of drunken misconduct and other acts stemming from this past event, Knight was issued a warning and forced to perform trivial jobs for several days akin to that of slaves. During his time with the working class ponies of the castle he discovered the Duke's disdain for the Arisen and that people were already being exiled due to their strong feelings for the Arisen. Knight having met the fabled Mare on more than one occasion couldn't believe the rumors and brought this up with his commanding officer. A brawl ensued and just like the others he was forced to leave. Before the Royal Guard could ascertain his equipment and gear he spoke once more to his mother, this time her gravestone and vowed yet again that he would avenge his father, with this he left. Since then Knight has found his place in the Bluemoon Brigade. Back into service is how sees it and they are the only ponies trying to make a difference. Character Personality: A few of Knights main traits are that he is highly courageous, well trained, somewhat spontaneous. Knight never quite got the same leadership qualities his father did but he works just as well by himself. Short tempered in terms of dealing with people who refuse to listen to reason and facts. A strong realist. Knight follows a specific code in which the small pony is placed before the larger pony. The mare is placed before the stallion. The poor before the rich. Knight is never afraid to lend a helping hoof to a damsel or anypony in distress but in social terms he's neither the most approachable type or the most likable due to his nature as a loner. Character Summary: Knight Errant is just as his name suggests. A soldier, a fighter, a hero when needed. He aspire to be someone children may look to for inspiration as he did many moons ago. His personal code his close to his heart and despite his somewhat cold nature he still manages to make it by just fine. He's a skilled warrior with many contacts in Gran Soren and has a personal grudge held against a specific group of soldiers and the Duke himself. Bandits and thieves are of a particular hatred for Knight but he has most this mostly to the side as he sides with the Bluemoon Bridgade. Knight will charge headlong into an army baring only his sword and shield if need be and his orders demand it.
  2. Red mohawk now XD Put a white stripe through and I'm my oc O_o

    1. SonicRainboomGirl


      I would love to see that!

  3. Well. I've not been properly involved in any form of RP here in a very long time. I had characters I loved and adored but I just couldn't find the drive. So I spent a lot of time thinking about what I did have and how I might use them and I've came up with new ideas on how I plan to move forward. Firstly! The Filly Force Five, my first set of OC's and my personal favorites are no more-ish. Vivre Vrai singer and love interest for Rabble Rouser my main OC will be leaving! Now I might cover this in some fanfic if I ever decide to pick them back up but basically it means that Rabble is lead guitar and singer now. This works in a number of ways as it gives the band a form that would produce the sound I would expect the Filly Force Five to have. Obviously the Filly Force Five cannot remain just that so the name will become The Untutored Youth. No changes will be made to the others as of yet. My personal OC Pale Ale will be accompanied by a new Earth Pony Lager & Lime soon and I'll be starting a bar/hub RP for people to just simply drop in and out of. Ursa Growls won't change at all and may possibly be removed. I'm really not quite sure yet.
  4. I'm gonna eat doritos and play some Halo! XD

  5. Pale shifted his gaze towards his fellow employee whom was also sporting quite a thick accent. [colour=#0000ff]"He's a character int' eh?". [/colour][colour=#000000]The elderly stallion, now seeming to be quite stable by himself wandered off away from the pair after asking them to return to their duties, and with the place opening soon that was some fairly obvious advice.[/colour] [colour=#000000]Upon barely hearing Boxy's reply, Pale had already set off straight back to the bar. Truth be told it had been quite some time before he had [/colour]graced an establishment with his accomplished bartender techniques, and his equipment, he thought. The bar was modern and aesthetically pleasing and far superior to his set up in Ponyville but that was a given as this bar would have to cater to a lot more than just craft beer. Once again Pale checked the bottles and arranged the glasses. Opening night was most likely going to be a busy night in a town like this.
  6. 3 new photos! One group photo of me and my friends, two of me by myself because the photographer wanted one e_e, and the other one demonstrates my mohawk better :L Group: Solo: Hair:
  7. I'm a whole year older today :3

  8. Oh Star, you do tell the best stories XD
  9. Got my kilt and stuff all sorted out now!

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      Whatchu want a kilt for?

    2. WhiteSlash


      With it being my final year in school, all of the people in my year are having a leavers party/prom thing :)

    3. MyLittlePonyTales
  10. Two photos from the St Pats gig I was at in Glasgow. Not the best and my mohawk died but still. Expect more next week when I have my kilt and such!
  11. Going to have an amazing weekend!

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      Woot! Whatcha gonna do?

    2. WhiteSlash


      Well that's the weekend over! Very special bowling/18th birthday party for a special friend followed by a St Patricks day gig at my favorite venue with my favorite band featuring backstage fun! Amazing weekend :)

    3. MyLittlePonyTales


      Sweet! Sounds like a blast.

  12. I would appreciate the warmest of hugs in this unnaturally cold weather D: Or something warm...anything?

  13. [colour=#000000] [/colour]At first it appeared that the group was split between sitting pretty and getting to know each other or cutting straight to the chase and heading off but the Doctor proved to be quite persuasive with his plan. Ursa couldn't argue though he shared the same line of thought as the Doctor in this manner, after all the group would be able get to learn a bit more about each other on the way to their destination. [colour=#b22222]"As tempting as it sounds to kick back for a lil' bit I agree with Whooves here. I reckon time is of the essence."[/colour][colour=#000000]Everypony that was on the mountain seemed to fit in perfectly in Ursa's mind but Serendipity was looking to be the odd one out, she certainly was a character though. [/colour][colour=#000000]A more pressing though was this 'spacious' cart. Ursa knew that appearances could be deceiving but still the thought of four ponies and a dog tightly packed into an effective cage rattling along the mountainside made him slightly hesitant about clambering into it.[/colour] [colour=#000000]Ursa lined up behind Seeker who was just making his way into to cart with Blacky at his side. At first Ursa went to get on himself but remembered himself and turned to to face Serendipity and placed one hoof in a welcoming fashion towards the carts door. [/colour][colour=#b22222]"After you."[/colour] ​
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