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  1. They're exactly the same as a thread: First post Comment Comment Comment etc... You get the customisation options and even the ability to add your own CSS to your own blog. But... what do I know?
  2. Perhaps the journals/blogs would be even better.
  3. Below every post, profile and content on the forum there is a 'Report' link you can use to bring to the attention of the Moderators. Please give a detailed description of the problem (in your case a good reason why you want something removed) and it'll be actioned, or not, depending on appropriateness of the situation.
  4. Should be fixed soon with all services restored. In the mean time, as explained above, you can use ANY other IRC client to connect to the server using the details provided. This includes clients on Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. (search 'IRC client' in your favourite app market)
  5. How do you have so many posts!?!?

    1. Autumn


      How do you have so few posts?!?!

  6. *wiggles my butt in a sexy way*

  7. The best way to use the formatting options is to type what you want to say and then highlight the text you want to change and then click Italics/Bold/etc. To remove any formatting from text, select/highlight text and click the eraser button.
  8. Nice to see some originality. Is the 'keeper' sorta stitched together like a plushie or an old toy? If so, good idea!
  9. Hover your mouse over the link and check your browser is suggesting it travels to 'www.canterlot.com' and no where else. If it is pointing back to canterlot.com, then there is simply a problem with your browser. If it states otherwise and is trying to take you else where, please provide details such as where the link it attempting to take you. (This will also mean there's a problem with your browser) To note: There are certain types of 'extensions' or browser add-ons that can change things like links to go via an ad etc. This can be considered a trojan but won't be picked up by your antivirus because you voluntarily installed and a link-change is considered very minor.
  10. Really? The people in the chat didn't greet and entertain you within 60 seconds so you get upset and leave? Why do you do this? Here's a tip, kids; Go in the chat and just... hang out. You might have to wait longer than 60 seconds or more for a response. Not everyone is there studying their screens waiting for the next text to be typed to reply too. Also... please note that people are not in there to entertain YOU. YOU may have to initiate a conversation yourself from time to time. Don't sit there complaining you're bored because people aren't talking there and then. I wonder if you know that we often laugh at users that do the above? Relax, spend some time with the people in the room and gradually you'll get to know them and make some friends. Just remember that attention seeking or sheer impatience isn't the right way about it. In ANY social situation.
  11. Posted one of my Photoshop tutorials in the creativity section. Enjoy!

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