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  1. NO what else would be awesome? Banana Pudding with Nila Wafers
  2. I'm pretty sure they do mean the veggie dogs. I just thought it was weird to think about. I mean, for all we know there could be Pinkie's Pepperoni Party Frozen Pizzas. They could be meat eaters.
  3. nope! And I'm starting to comeback into teh forums!!!!
  4. I'm not sure if anyone else pointed this out somewhere earlier in this form, but I noticed that the ponies have hot dog eating contests. At the 15 minute mark of "Running of the Leaves", where Rainbow and Applejack are running over the bridge, Pinkie goes on about what is good on hot dogs. I think the ponies are not the vegetarians we thought them to be....
  5. I've posted a lot on the forums, but my post count doesn't show it. Over the past few days, it's been stuck at 106, and I've posted more posts than that (A lot more than 106). This is the second time it's happened to me. Could somepony explain what's going on?
  6. Carry on my wayward son. There will be peace when you are done. What do?
  7. pose, and pose, and pose, now strut strut strut You have da magics, what do?
  8. I haven't played any bad games because I'm in Equestria. Duuuuuuh
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