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  1. Kilojoules

    [Open] Day Off.

    Shimmer dipped his head forward apologetically as he tells the two, "Right, of course - sorry! I didn't mean to bother you two on your day off." Briefly he leans forward and further pushes the jars he had set down towards them. "One jar is usually five bits, but since you put up with my intrusion for this long you can have them both. I'm guessing my dad didn't really have any orders since he gave me less than he usually takes up, which would also explain why he didn't give me the manifest, heh." the teen gestures idly before beginning to re-latch his small bag. Judging by the bulge in it, he likely still has a few jars left anyhow. When he prepares to stand, he huffs out a short breath from the admittedly small effort. The tiny tuft of flame that comes out is blue and shimmery, not unlike his general motif. With a toothy smile he tells Placidity and Tranquility, "If you are ever in Appleoosa for some reason, you should come stop by - I do star tours when the sun goes down, if that's the sort of thing that interests you."
  2. Kilojoules

    [Open] Day Off.

    Shimmer nodded his head slowly as the two telepathic mares spoke with him. After a couple of moments awkwardly standing up while the other sat, the teen decided to join them - though he stayed on the grass so as not to disturb their blanket. "Oh, no, you're right on the spot - it's an adoption. My dad's Honeyhoof, he's an older stallion? Wears one of those goofy hats that the Appleoosan ponies like so much. It's been a couple months since he was here last, but I don't think he does much outside of his business here." he told the two before reaching into the small bag at his side - likely where he'd been stashing the honey during his transit. From it, Shimmer produces a small portrait in a simple oaken frame depicting said stallion. The background shows a lush but well-maintained garden with many beehives scattered about. When Placidity inquires about Shimmer's socialization issues the teen appears slightly embarrassed. "Oh, um - I do socialize, it's just... it's mostly with the Appleoosan ponies. They're good folks but they're a monoculture - lots of the same ideals and values. I might be, uh, just kicking in the dark on this but I guess he wants me to meet different kinds of ponies." After answering Shimmer bites on his lip in contemplation, one sharp fang clearly in view. Shortly after he vocalizes, the tone introspective and directed nowhere in particular, "Is that weird? I feel like I should be embarrassed about that. Plus - I don't wanna unload my weird emotional baggage on you nice ponies. That would be rude. I think?" It's apparent that, despite his previous encounters with ponykind, this dragon still hasn't entirely grasped the finer points of social interaction. That, or the telepathic mares' monologues are contagious.
  3. Kilojoules

    [Open] Day Off.

    The expanding magical field startled Shimmer at first, and the young dragon nearly withdrew. If it weren't for the two voices suddenly in his head, he might have truly left - but, Shimmer was familiar with how varied and... weird unicorn magic could be. After his momentary surprise he regained his composure, though even that was a tad awkward as he continued his spiel. "Well, honey doesn't expire like other foods - there has been honey thousands of years old found which is still edible!" Shimmer further approached so the two didn't have to strain their magic too much and stopped just at the edge of their blanket. Carefully, he set down the two jars and gestured to each one. "These aren't the same kinda honey. One is processed so it's all like... oopy-goopy, but the other is raw. It's got a grainy texture, but both are primarily apple-nectar. Unsurprisingly, that's mostly what our little bees pollinate." Shimmer explained, but with the two almost monologue-ing back and forth the teen appeared somewhat distracted. A moment passed between their question and Shimmer's answer as he tried to catch up with the mares' trains of thought. After giving himself some time to formulate his answer, Shimmer replied, "Well, uh, how kind of you to ask! My dad is a beekeeper and he usually comes up here to sell our product - wax and honey - to the general store and some other various ponies." Shimmer gives a sheepish look to the two before he continues, "This time he, uh, didn't have a list of who wanted the honey but he sent me up here to sell some. I think he wanted me to try and socialize."
  4. Kilojoules

    [Open] Day Off.

    Lost in his thoughts on why his dad would send him all the way to Ponyville to sell their excess honey, Shimmer wandered about park in a somewhat lackadaisical manner. In one arm were a small stack of petite jars filled to the brim with ooey, gooey golden honey. Maybe, the blue-scaled dragon began to himself, this is another one of his attempts to socialize me? While it was true that, at first, Shimmer had a hard time being around the various ponies of Appleoosa, but now he got along fine with all of them! Either way, Shimmer was going to have to get rid of all of this honey somehow. There were an unsurprising amount of ponies about, given what day it was, so it wasn't particularly difficult for the teenaged dragon to start unloading his product. Once he was down to merely three jars by the time he came across a pair of mares that seemed to be having some sort of picnic. A perfectly good chance to enjoy some honey, surely? While it was easy enough to approach ponies one by one, Shimmer wasn't entirely sure if it was appropriate to interrupt what seemed to be a group outting - not to mention, there was the strange magic field around the two... "Well," Shimmer took a deep breath as he surveyed the two from around a tree bend. It was a few moments before he released the breath, a small, discrete bit of flame spurting from the too-forceful sigh. "here goes nothing." Shimmer began approaching the two, attempting to put on a smile that wasn't too... toothy. "Hi! Would either of you be interested in some, uh, honey? It's fresh, all the way from Appleoosa!" he offered to the mares, one jar in each claw.
  5. Kilojoules

    Shimmer [READY]

    Whoops! Figured I'd be forgetting something, heh.
  6. Hey, welcome back.

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      Thank you! I'm glad to be back. :)

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    Shimmer [READY]

    Roleplay Type: World of Equestria (Mane RP) Name: Shimmer Sex: Male Age: Teen Species: Dragon Eye colour: Pink (#FFC0CB) Coat: Dark Cornflower Blue (#1c4587) with a Gray-Silver (#cccccc) underbelly. Mane/Tail: While lacking a mane, he does have strangely ‘floppy’ spikes that are adjacent from each other and follow along his spine to the tip of his oddly long tail, all of which are a translucent and slightly shimmery blue (#cfe2f3). Physique: While not uber muscled, Shimmer has a lithely built frame with most of the muscle centered around his legs. There isn't a lot of excess fat on his stomach or arms, but there is a noticeable 'baby face' to his cheeks. Two large 'fangs' stick out from his mouth. Residence: He and his ‘father’ live in a small ranch-house on the outskirts of Appleoosa, despite having enough bits to have moved to a big city long ago. It features three bedrooms and one bath with a dining-and-kitchen combination alongside a very small living room. There is a short porch on the outside and a fully-functional telescope set up there. The surrounding land is taken up by rich garden and a few small personal foodcrops, with apiaries scattered throughout. The entire land smells of lavender. Occupation: Shimmer gaies pocket money by taking people out into the desert at night to star gaze, as both a 'body guard' and a 'tour guide' for the stars. When doing neither of those, Shimmer helps his father take care of their considerable number of apiaries - which they often loan out to the various farmers of Appleoosa to help pollinate their crops. History: Shimmer was born as normally as a Dragon could be, raised in Dragon Mountain like many other inhabitants that gave it its name. Unlike a large number of those residents, though, he seemed to develop a conscience. And manners. And respect, even though no one really respected him. This was the nature of teenage dragons he often told himself. Not only because he found most other dragons his age - and sometimes older - rather unpleasant, but also due to an increasing curiosity regarding the lands outside, Shimmer left Dragon Mountain in order to learn more about the world. Eventually, while traveling alongside the river southwest of Dragon Mountain - which in turn became the rocky, hill-filled terrain that ran parallel to a stretch of the Everfree forest, Shimmer happened along an older, westernly gentlestallion who was being harassed by a pack of timber wolves. Shimmer was quick to action and frightened the wolves off, and after the gentlestallion’s plentiful thanks, offered to escort him the rest of the way he was going. Unknowingly, Shimmer and this stallion would later come to an agreement, and eventually form something akin to a father-son bond, however odd it might seem. Settling into ponykind wasn't easy for Shimmer and it took a full year before he was certain any kindness on part of the mysterious ponies weren't some kind of trick, as he had learned to expect from the dragon teens he had grown up with. Character Summary: When not working, Shimmer is a somewhat shy dragon. He prefers the company of ponies he knows, but isn’t averse to making new friends - he’s just a tad more careful about doing so. Once comfortable in any given setting, he’s as sociable as they come and will talk at lengths about his hobbies - namely stargazing and, as a result of his father, beekeeping. He tends to favor locales that are naturally quiet, which in Appleoosa constitutes very few places that aren't privately owned. His favorite place in the lands encompassing Appleoosa are, perhaps unsurprisingly, the apple orchards. A/N I've been inactive on this site for a very long time, so I'm not sure if dragon OCs are still allowed. Please do let me know if there's anything I need to change or adjust.
  8. Kilojoules

    Inkbrand the Punk

  9. Kilojoules

    Questions about Dragons

    Oh I see Okay! Thank you for filling me in. I'll have to keep thinking, then. Thank you!
  10. So, I have had some really important questions brewing inside my noggin regarding Dragons and their prominence in Celestia's school... Do all foals get their own baby dragon? What other special roles to dragons play regarding the school? ...Do they stay with their assigned pony until reaching maturity, or do they have the freedom to leave at puberty/whenever, if they so chose? I want to create a very 'canon' dragon that hasn't been on his own, but also isn't one of those dragons whom have been taken in by some random pony (though I would be willing to settle with this), and the idea of creating a dragon akin to Spike (while remaining far away from him, personality/quirk/whatever-wise) has been appealing to me as of late. Any suggestions/answers?
  11. Kilojoules

    Trip to Canterlot

    I d'awwed too hard. Think I broke something. ):
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    First I've ever heard of this... SHIPPED.
  13. Kilojoules

    [Manehattan] Rush Tactics hobby store (OPEN!)

    Bo listened to Five-Star go on about the many possibilities of hoof20, smiling wider as the options grew. [colour=#000000]"That all sounds pretty cool."[/colour] he agreed with the minotaur. [colour=#000000]"I'm kind of privy to the thought of more Renaissance themes, so I'd probably end up going with something along the lines of that..."[/colour] he explained, though wasn't sure if Five-Star even really cared about what he preferred. Upon the talk of wargames, Bo wasn't really sure what to say. He was the kind of pony that would protest against war, but because this was a game, he figured it couldn't hurt to inquire about it... [colour=#000000]"What is Warhoof Fourty-Kay?"[/colour]
  14. Kilojoules

    [Manehattan] Rush Tactics hobby store (OPEN!)

    Bo was definitely surprised that the whole dice-type-system was so easy to understand. [colour=#000000]"So, theoretically, if they made a thousand-sided-die, it would be a dee-one-thousand?"[/colour] he asked, just for the sake of conversation. He followed the minotaur as they moved to a shelf with some books on it. He only briefly glanced at the titles of the books, rather choosing to pay attention to Five-Star. Upon the lifting of the hoof20 manual, he smiled. Though, when Five-Star recommended some book about muffins, Bohemian had to raise a brow. [colour=#000000]"I think I'll stick with hoof-twenty."[/colour] he said, glancing at the minifigs. It was still a new experience, looking at all of this stuff, but it was a good one, too. [colour=#000000]"What else will I need?"[/colour] he asked.
  15. Kilojoules

    [Manehattan] Rush Tactics hobby store (OPEN!)

    Bo was not expecting a minotaur to greet him, and was caught off-guard by the looming (even if he looked thinner than most minotaurs) figure. [colour=#000000]"Uhh, hi."[/colour] he said a bit awkwardly. There were paint flecks in his hair and on his fur and hooves, but he shook Five-Star's hand nonetheless. [colour=#000000]"Well, I'm new to the whole, uhh..."[/colour] Bo told Five-Star, gesturing to the various RPGs and what-not surrounding them. [colour=#000000]"I was wondering if there's anything to explain the basics? Like, what are Dee-Twenties?"[/colour] Bo ran a hoof through his hair at that.