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  1. Possibly, I do not know, but it's better too be nice and apologize, than rude and not apologize
  2. Popularity, and also sorry for taking so long to reply. I've been away on family business.
  3. Life, life is usually a valid price for most people.
  4. Both, everyone does indeed have a price. However not every price can be paid, or even have an actual amount. Some times the price is something that cannot be labeled with a currency amount, or a payable amount.
  5. Magic, bank robber, the two parents that died left her there inheritance which was a ton of money.
  6. Having people praise and enjoy your work, and you didn't say that so I could only then assume the magic rock physically harmed them.
  7. Hmmmmmmm I do believe there would be too much blood involved to post it in this section. However you should post it, if you really want too.
  8. Twilight huh, I must say I very much approve of this result.
  9. Possibly, would depend on how you explain it all within context of the story itself.
  10. So long as it is not offensive to anyone, yes. As for where, use your judgement on that, as I still do not know what Otatop is.
  11. I would hopefully then know what Otatop is. And people would have an in site to your mind.
  12. I left wax on my first car, after I was told by my dad to was the car.
  13. No, it kinda looks like a bird pooped on the car, but everywhere.
  14. You wax a car to make it shiny, but if you put the wax on and don't buff it off, it'll dry on there, turn white, and not look good at all.
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