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  1. Luna is mine now. And I'm not sharing.

    1. weesh


      Noooooooooooo give her back to us!

  2. I sorta fit into all three categories... how odd. But great animation, and now I must buy this documentary.
  3. I'm friendly, and thanks to the magic of the internet I'm an expert on any subject you could possible imagine. Any of y'all can feel free to hit me up if you ever wanna talk.
  4. MisterChippy


    Welcome to canterlot! Hope you enjoy your stay!
  5. Yeah. I was kinda young back then, but my mum would have her students come over to watch my little brother sometimes (she's a college professor) and one of them introduced me to it. I think I learned about it sometime around 2002 ish?EDIT: Actually, to be totally honest, I first HEARD Dubstep in the early 2000s, but I didn't really like it until around 2008. Up to then I prefered DnB and House. Even now Dubstep is sort of hit or miss, although I've fallen in love with enough Dubstep songs that I feel I can say I'm a fan of the genre.
  6. Welcome! It's always nice to see someone who isn't afraid to admit that certain pieces of brony themed music are actually pretty bad. (I don't actually agree with you on the dubstep thing, but that's because I'm so hipster I liked dubstep before Skrillx was cool.)
  7. Hello! Aloha! Konichiwa! Hola! Salut! Shalom! Ciao! Welcome to our wonderful little pile of pony! I hope you have a nice time. By the way, hows your younger brother Dr. Boron doing?
  8. In minecraft Mister Chippy gives you a some gentle grassy hills near the ocean, with a jungle right next to you. I found an open cave that goes quite far down very fast that also has some exposed iron, a pumpkin, cows, sheep, and chickens. So a fairly basic seed, but never the less a pretty decent one to start in.
  9. MisterChippy


    Welcome! Hope you enjoy yourself here!
  10. Welcome! I hope our shared experiences of each other are pleasant as well.
  11. Hello, and welcome to Canterlot! I was hoping to have the honor of being the first to welcome you here, but it looks like Paying the Bills beat me to it. That's ok though. He's a pretty chill dude.
  12. You have my most sincere condolences. If you ever get one that can, look me up on steam. I'd love to play with you.
  13. If you're playing games play TF2. Is best game. EVER!
  14. I'll be totally honest here, this whole thing is being blown way out of proportion. FiW is gonna be able to get their stuff back up and if they can't they'll still be able to make it and distribute it, even if they have to do it the old fashioned way by posting the video files on a sharing website for others to download. Also, Hasbro is kinda removing the episodes from online, but not really. I can still find every single one, and in HD no less, in multiple different places. In other words: Don't panic. Everything is fine.
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