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  1. World of Equestria: The Age of Heroes!

    It is, although it suffers from lack of supervillians.
  2. Yokai Dogs

  3. Ponyville Scavenger Hunt

    "Horseapples...." Squall cursed under his breath. The balloons answer wasn't as definitive as he had hoped. Swift looked at the street behind him, then into the alley and finally back at the street. While it was clearly a safer option it was just so...crowded! It seemed as if almost every single one of Ponyville denizens poured on the towns roads and pathways today. He could excuse his way through them, but it will take forever! Uhhh what he got himself so fired up today? Squall didn't cared about the price to be honest. It was the act of winning that occupied his thought. If it was any other day, he would let it slide. But Discord was his friend, and it seemed only appropriate if he would win from the contest held by his pal. It was so frustrating! if he only could reach all those ponies to make a path for himself.... ....Wait a minute. Swift recalled that Moto once said there is a certain tendency of the Ponyville had. Well more like their entire race, but towns-ponies of Ponyville in particular. A confident grin crept on noblepony face. This will fit spirit of the day so well......! A few minutes later Squall disappeared into a certain shop...only to emerge moment later along with...a microphone?! Oh he will channel his current feelings into this alright.... "Frustrated, degraded, down before you're done Rejection, depression, can't get what you want!" Squall started, making every single passersby turn around. It wasn't unusual for a those present in the town to burst into a song, but rocking out, out of blue was certainly eye-catching. It was helping that noblepony was actually a pretty good singer! Being pals with 'Ashened Coppers' certainly helped when it came to rock the crowd. "You ask me how I make my way You ask me everywhere and why You hang on every word I say But the truth sounds like a lie! Live to win, 'till you die, 'till the light dies in your eyes! Live to win, take it all, just keep fighting till you fall!" Now he really got the crowd going! The ponies moved back, to give Squall space as kept dancing forwards and singing, his lyrics daring Ponyville usually sheepish and easily scared townponies to be more badass. Even his balloon got onto the action! But it was more then just giving audience the pep-talk. Swordpony intended to win this game, and he was letting the whole town know it! "Obsessive, compulsive, suffocate your mind Confusion, delusions, kill your dreams in time You ask me how I took the pain Crawled up from my lowest low Step by step and day by day 'Till there's one last breath to go" As noblepony kept singing, more and more ponies joined his triumphant dance-march towards the daycare. Probably to great confusion of both Pyro and Yanhua. Yep, what he was doing was totally random, but wasn't being random entire point of the day? If they wanted to have a chance in this crazy competition they needed to let their restrains loose and let the rarely seen side of themselves out...even if for just this day. "Live to win, 'till you die, 'till the light dies in your eyes! Live to win, take it all, just keep fighting till you fall! Day by day, kickin' all the way, I'm not cavin' in Let another round begin, live to win Yeah! Live! Yeah! Win!" Finally Squall successfully reached his destination...but the song wasn't finished yet. And what kind of stallion Swift would he be, if he stopped rocking, leaving his listeners hanging?! "Live to win, 'till you die, 'till the light dies in your eyes! Live to win, take it all, just keep fighting till you fall! Day by day, kickin' all the way, I'm not cavin' in Let another round begin, live to win Live to win! Live to win! Yeah! Live! Yeah! Win!" Squall efforts were apparently appreciated, because immediately after the last word resounded he was met with an enthusiastic ovation! Gosh, now he knew why 'Coopers' loved their job. This was better ten bungee jumping! He has to repeat this in the future, this really got his blood going! "Thanks everypony! Remember, all of you rock! Never, ever, ever give up! Understand?" Swift yelled while disappearing into the daycare, with more hoofclapping being a clear answer what the crowd thought about his farewell words. Phew, that was fun! Now, to find that plushie among the army of other plushies!
  4. Out of we have active player of Coloratura on site?

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      Do you count though? You play everyone. X3

  5. Ponyville Scavenger Hunt

    "I've been binding my time for many thing many times Gramps, there are situations that require it. It's the needless, avoidable waiting that irks me." Swift mused. "Seeing that you were previously in a solid state that.....forced just that, I believe you agree with the sentiment, yes?" he added, pointing out the time when Discord was taken for.granite. "Mathematical one? Bah, forget it. Of course I know better Gramps." unicorn answered when Discord pointed out how fickle he could be. However the very fact that spirit bothered with a warning in first place showed how much draconequus has grown as a person. "Somepony with that much experience....would certainly know the ways to find a loopholes in the words. Your own or that of others. And more then few stories that go along with those exploits too, I am sure." Squall added. Swift paused in his path briefly, when he hear new, female voice coming from the cloud that Discord was lounged on. "So this is Sparkle's student...." he mused, while eyeing the far away unicorn mare with a piercing glare...."Or rather, first student. I don't know what I expected." Squall said while squinting his eyes at Starlight. She seemed really cheerful for a somepony who almost.... "...I am nopony to judge..." noblepony finally declared under his breath before turning around and resuming his way to daycare. It would do batter to observe that mare's actions to shape his opinion first. Perhaps swordpony should take more consideration when choosing path towards his destination. Just when he turned into rarely used, cramped alley between the houses, Swift saw that somepony else had apparently the very same idea - but from the opposite side of the backstreet. The play of shadows and light, further twisted by Discord magic's doing it's work made it unclear if that other pony was player or not, as well as it's gender. Apprently this other pony saw and heard even less then Swift did, because he or she wasn't slowing down! Faced with a possibility of potential collision noblepony saw fit to ask for clarification from the 'Game Master'. "Gramps..." Swift started. "What does your rules say about player's interaction between each other?" Squall inquired, potential courses of action already filing his head...
  6. Ponyville Scavenger Hunt

    "I think I can see the angle they were viewing this." Squall replied. "Some ponies are relying on their talents - or rather talents that their Cutie Mark represent - too much. But having that one, the most special of them all doesn't mean you can't have others. Turn that Special talent off for a day, and ponies start to tap into their supply of resourcefulness they didn't suspect they had." unicorn mused. While it was true that there was an ongoing game happening, not maintaining the conversation with his pal would be just rude. "That or they trying to troll you. I guess there have to be a lot of pent up feelings if you know someone for that long." "No I heard that part when you laid out the rules for the event. What I meant is that I was was bored before you showed up. I was waiting eight hours if you can believe that. Almost sprouted roots....Wait you said area? This isn't nation wide?" Swift asked astonished. That and 'strick rules' that Discord was sticking to.... "....You know you being very mature in that immaturity of yours." he observed. "You really are trying to build the positive cred going with that holiday of yours...." It also made sense why the events were limited to only those two areas, both of which were overseen by either Princesses and Elements of Harmony. They wanted to make sure Discord wouldn't go nuts with those suddenly loosened boundaries of his - so today was a test run of sort. They may had forgiven Discord for his selfish past self, but it was clear they hadn't forgotten. "......Don't worry Gramps. I am sure that after seeing how much fun everypony had, and how much they grown thanks to experience they will allow you to astonish the whole country with your creativity next year." noblepony said reassuringly to spirit. While Discord was too proud to admit aloud his problems and doubts, Squall knew him enough by now to guess his real thoughts. Well, some of them. Draconequus was complicated. Regardless Squall was certain that he had only a good intentions these days...even if he had...unique methods of displaying them. "Oh like that stopped you before." noblpony scoffed at Discord mention of 'trademark' while grabbing the balloon he was given. "You break laws of physics everyday and out of blue you stick to common law? What gives?" unicorn asked. "You know if it's copyright that worries you, I know several good lawyers you can hire. I mean I know they a little too orderly for you, but maybe by proxy?" swordstallion offered. "Besides did you saw some hi-jinks they can pull in the courtroom? I did. It was.....instructive." he added while walking past sunglasses wearing stallion. He had a ballon too. Huh, must've been the other player. "A dinosaur?" Swift asked upon seeing what he was to find. The fact that toy beared his color scheme didn't escaped his notice. "Are you implying something Gramps?" Squall asked clearly amused by the situation..... "Am I supposed to look in a mirror? Geez, least challenging search ever.".....but not enough not to be deadpan about it. "Trying to say I am relict of the past age Gramps? Pfft like I didn't knew that already. Besides, what about you, Mr. Ice-Age-Was-Weekend-For-Me!" unicorn continued with the playful banter. "Implications and snark aside, where I could find a dinosaur plushie?" Swift wondered while rubbing his chin. "Toy-store would be obvious choice...too obvious. Discord isn't interested in objects per say - he can create anything he wished for. Material wealth is less then nothing for him. It's the meanings and feelings of ponies that owns and interacts with certain objects that pick his interest...." Swift deducted. "The plushie on the store's shelf is not a toy yet, just merchandise....." swordpony reminded himself. Suddenly, a flash on enlightenment flew thorough noblepony mind. There was a place that had literally an army of plushies. One where they were played with, cherished, loved. A place that Squall himself funded...and the one that Discord gifted with rather unique blessing.... With a warm smile at the memory in his head, Swift Squall made a beeline towards Ponyville daycare center.
  7. Ponyville Scavenger Hunt

    "A holiday of your Gramps? Why am I not surprised?" Squall said after hearing the announcement - one that caught him sitting in Ponyville train station. Normally such words would come as condescending.... If not for the fact that Swift was wearing the friendly smile devoid of malice, directed toward the draconequus. "About time I am say. Platinas know, some ponies could use a new perspective - and if being thrown out of their comfort zone is what is required to do so, so be it." noblepony mused. "To be honest, I don't think my ride will come today anyway, so your timing couldn't be better." stallion confessed. "I hope this will become a yearly occurrence? Let's see if Your day will knock Nightmare Night from it's crown position of my favorite holidays." unicorn continued speaking as if spirit could hear him. Although, seeing that he was talking to Discord that was probably the case. "Still, you could use some work over the name...." Squall added while eyeing the banner. "Don't get me wrong. While very much accurate, some have ego's way too fragile to accept being called a 'fool'....Fact that we all deserve such moniker in one way or other notwithstanding." noblepony advised the spirit while rising from his seat and making his way towards the town center. He didn't even noticed the change brought the magic of the day. Hanging out with Discord made him completely used to such things. "And if you really insist on the 'Fool' part....'Festival of Fools' rolls much better off the tongue, don't you think?" Swift asked while thrown station doors wide open. "Alright Gramps. Show me your very best today!" Squall said, with barely withheld anticipation.
  8. In Silva, Venandi [PM for Invite]

    Squall was quiet for another moment, digesting Night's words. He himself was thinking along the same lines, but it was when it came from her mouth that he could visualize their choices properly. ".....Let's do just that." he mused, agreeing with pegasus mare opinion. "We were going in half blind already so it doesn't make much of a difference. And while we could gather information on the side-trip, we likely wouldn't have enough time to act on it and prepare accordingly. That and leaving a hard working mare to her potential doom. We will stick to the trail we already have. There is no say if such opportunity will arise ever again if we abandon it." Swift pointed out before leading the way forward. The two walked for hours, guided by the readings on the device Squall was holding. Suddenly, seemingly out of the blue Squall stopped to gaze into the sky. "......It's five P.M. It's as far as we can go today." he deduced before looking at his companion. "We have to think about ourselves and make a camp. Walking through deep Everfree after dusk is like advertising 'I want to be eaten!'. And this is not the worst of fates you can meet here..." noblepony warned. Still, the two had enough of experience to know what they were doing. Soon enough they found a massive tree. Tall and wide, with massive roots that protruded from the ground high enough to serve as the walls for the makeshift shelter. "This will do. It will serve as the good basis for wicki-up." unicorn judged while pulling out the two axes that he was carrying. While envisioned as the weapons, they were good enough to serve a the hatchets as well. "Now we need to get the resources and materials. I get the wood Night and do the building. You get the stones and chestnut leaves. Try to get bay leaves, lavender or wild mint while you at it." orange stallion asked, splitting the necessary Soon enough they had enough fuel for the campfire, with Squall providing the steel wool to serve as the tinder and Watcher gathering all other necessary materials. And while they had only the leaves and sticks to work with, noblepony telekinesis made building the shelter a much quicker endeavor. It was clear that he was doing that a numerous times and had much practice at it. Their work happened to be done just in time. Almost too quick it seemed, the twilight fell over the Everfree and it brought the cold drizzle along with it. Luckily the duo were already in the teepee-like shelter, with flames providing the light and heat that kept the wetness and low temperature at bay. "You did well. These will repel the bugs and other crawlies from us for the night." Squall explained while he was incorporating the plants Watcher gathered into their bough bed. "While soldiers are expected to endure discomfort, I say prevention is even better solution." swordpony mused. With their 'beds' done Swift proceeded to take care of his numerous weapons using oils and small grindstone. Seeing that he payed barely any attention to the process - his movements almost automatic - made it clear that he did it innumerable amount of times. "By the way Night...." Squall started, suddenly. "We know each other for a while now, but I never got to ask and I am simply curious. What spurned you to enlist into military in the first place?" unicorn asked his friend.
  9. Only after re-reading your introductory post you start to realize how big of a dork/nincompoop you used to be/still are.

    Also. So. Much.Spelling. Errors! <Dies from embarrassment.>

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  10. Sigh...when there is lack of villains, someone has to pick a slack...<scribble,scribble>

  11. Moonlight Dawn

    Huh, she is cute. And Squall broke through roof of her house as the first impression. Smooth.
  12. You know, I have a feeling that Canary and Snapshot should get aquatinted. For....certain reasons.

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      Haha, oh wow! I swear I hadn't seen Snapshot before, the similarities are entirely coincidental! Love it, though, and I'm definitely up for it whenever you are.

  13. That One Question (Private)

    "Of course she did..." Squall mused with a smirk. At this point Fire knew him in certain aspects better then Swift's own parents. It wouldn't be hard for her to wait until his first snore to sent the quick message to her parents. the crimson girl certainly was getting better at being sneaky-sneaky. Squall had only his influence to blame "Thinking that unicorn wouldn't use it's magic is like expecting the pegasi would withhold from unfurling it's wings." noblepony pointed out the the glaring error in mare's judgment. Squall held back while miss Write Stuff was talking. He could see that she left her guard open...but again, it wasn't a real duel. Swift also had a distinct feeling that this glaring opening wasn't an opening at all Mrs. Stuff was a mare who made a living from writing combat manuals. Somepony like her would obviously know a six dozen ways to faint her her opponent, leaving him or her open for devastating counterstrike. Knowing this Squall opted out to wait off Write Stuff's explanation. The quick swishing of his tail however indicated that he had to hold in place the years of accumulated experience and fighting instinct - this that demanded it to go after opponents for the 'weakness' when he saw one. Something that he wasn't exactly happy with. While Swift knew the benefits of patience, it wasn't a virtue that came in his birth package. It was something that he had to cultivate from years of actual experience, hundred of cuts and bruises suffered in training and iron self discipline. "Yes I heard about that - ' Some things can only be conveyed through battle. ' - is that it?" Swift used a quote from famous play, before assuming a combat stance again, different then previous one. More exotic and more...focused. It was clear that as soon as Mrs. Stuff will be done with laying down the 'rules' that noblepony will resume his offensive. "it would only be fair if I get the answer for the same question...isn't it Ma'am?"