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  1. So glued was Sombra's attention on this oddly familiar mare that he didn't notice he changes around him. Brunches of trees around them started to twist, starting to resemble the claws and talons, the woods outside the road started to be filled with ominous white haze, the crows's croaking could be heard from the distance. Even the group he was traveling with seemed to thin out. but most important of all - he failed to notice that he made a wrong turn at the last crossroads. Or rather, failed to noticed there was another pathway. "<giggle> So you finally noticed..." the mare on which the former tyrant was focusing on spoke at last. "Too little too late...You used to be more attentive." she continued as her coat, mane and clothing changed shape and color before his very eyes. The eastern pony.... A raven flew from outside their view, and landed on mare's extended leg. It's eyes shone jade, unnaturally so. Soul magic. And not of a healing kind... The unicorn mare turned around. Different garb, different manestyle but the same face, and the same self-assured expression he remembered back when they first met.... "It's been a while Sombra. ...." Hou Shuren greeted her acquaintance. "My, you became even more brooding....."
  2. So, you changed the mind on Reckless colours or.....? Also I meant to ask, does she have some areion ancestry? Those ears are quite...distinctive for a pegasus.
  3. Whelp, she's now approved.... Perhaps some reunion would be in order. Like 'Why Sombra wasn't there, kicking ass when Three Stooges tried to have their revenge' as an example.
  4. Done, he's no longer counted as part of the group.
  5. Apped the mare that, ehem....used to know Sombra in the past (far past that is). I believe she will be approved soon.
  6. It might be a bit too late to make New Year resolutions.......


    But let's make WRAITH great again this year!

  7. "Yes. To both." Ossia answered before sliding down some small slope. "I discovered the cave by accident when tracking some crystals for...research purposes." pink mare said. "Since it was so out of place and far from...anything really...I kept it in mind. I used it since then, in different dimensions, whenever I wanted to hid something or as a hideout. Although in some of them I found out it was less unspoilt then in the others. Discovering mummified remains of Harmonious Path Hermit come to mind." Nerezza recalled, before blasting some rocks that were baring their path, in turn causing small avalanche. "If we going to take recruits, we will need hideouts. Multiple ones. No offence to your manor, but bringing too many inside it's basement is risky. This cave system can serve well as the first one in Long Guo. After some refurbishing...." Ossia said. "....Which brings us to yet another goal of this trip besides countermeasures against your aunts and Battlemage - funding for that kind of renovations. You own wealth is more then enough.....but it occurred to me that your wallet taking regular dents will eventually get...suspicious." alicorn pointed out. She didn't had to add to whom. "Which we will remedy in a simple way. Some substances are rare. So rare that they are worth two hundreds times their weight in gold. But what is sparse in this world, in other may be as common as limestone. We will find some that we can carry, and sell it at black market. At Wingapore or Airbourne. Those places are the thing in this timeline, right?" Ossia asked, her knowledge of this timeline still having some large gaps. "Ahh there we go. Let me enter first. For all we know, there can be wendigo inside. Haven't slain one of those in a while." she mused while squeezing through the small entrance. The amaranth light cast y her horn was immediately reflected by hundreds if not thousands of citrine crystals. So numerous the were in fact, that navigating through then resembled a game of Twister. "Yes I know...." Ossia said while bending and flexing her body around the obstacles. "...But I promise, the cavern beyond this one is much more spacious and...uhhh....less damp then this one."
  8. It appeared that the fur coat that she summoned didn't quite do the job, judging how hard the royal pony was cuddling to her. But as befitting a mare centuries old, she had solution for that too. Even if the clones felt rather nice. "Hold still." she asked while flaring her horn, and then poking Blueblood's temple with her hoof. Immediately, Prince could feel as if he was wrapped by dozens upon dozens of hot towels. His sight somehow was improved too, allowing the the stallion to see much farther and sharper in the dark then he could in the day. "Don't worry, it wasn't anything that important really. I will share you some it at different time." she reassured him before walking to the edge of the stone shelf they were on. "Do you know where we are?" Ossia asked. Apparently it was a rhetorical question, because she didn't bothered to wait for his answer. "Far north my Apprentice. Beyond Mount Faba, the desert surrounding it, the mountains that border the dry expanse and even the swamps that lie beyond those peaks. In fact when you turn right, you will see marshlands in question." she waved her hoof in dramatic question, showing Prince wetlands below. The reservoirs of water dotting it seemed so small from this height. "And when you gaze to the left....the cold, windy tundra, ending at the other arm of the mountain chain. And at feat of those other mountains a a thin line - a branch of Serpent Wall that bars the path of the hordes that call this place their home." Nerezza explained. Those that read about Long Guo history at least in passing, knew well capabilities of the barbarians from those frozen wastes. "But neither of those places are of interest to us. Looks east." she commanded her student - whcih amounted to looking forward. "Can you see Prince? A long cloud of haze, sandwiched between two smaller mountain ranges? There is a valley beneath this ashen cover. This is where we need to go. But this is place, better explored during the day - even if little light pierces this cloud." finally pink mare revealed their target. Ossia stepped away from the precipice and begund walking down the snowy 'path' - for the better lack of term. It was clear they were first ponies who stepped on this mountain. "There is a cave down below where we will wait till daybreak. Watch your step, but fear not. I am near."
  9. It seems that Ossia's words really got into Blueblood. good. So far, his activities amounted to...well...sticking it out to his aunt so she acknowledges him. To make her protegee grow, Nerezza needed to plant a seed of ambition in him.....His desire to be recognized made him latch to that idea quickly....Goooood.... "Ahhh...It may have not been in the past, but this is where you are selling yourself short my student." Ossia said to the stallion. "There is more to the stealth then just remaining unseen. Ever heard of 'Beakbreak City Shuffle'?" alicorn asked. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * When magical flurry of sparks and lights faded from their vision they were.....elsewhere..... The first thing that Blueblood could notice was the breathtaking view they had on the star filled sky over mountain peaks.. The second was that the lack of air was certainly not just metaphorical, and how freaking cold it was! "........Amazing is it......?" Ossia asked, her gaze glued to the stars above. For a moment oblivious to the problems the unicorn was having, probably because she showed none of the same issues. "....You may have been told otherwise, but nopony created this view. There is no great destiny written in them, nor are secrets of the gods or past or future hidden in their patterns. There just...are. A distant suns, glimmering at us from million and billion of light-years away. And it's beautiful....Eh?" Nerezza paused her monologue, noticing that Blueblood started to turn...well...blue.... "Ack! I forgot!" Ossia cried out, casting a spell, one that made Prince breathe normally "Usually at such altitudes I am alone. Are you all right? Need something warm?" she asked with a concerned look. Without input she conjured a fur coat to appear on his frame.
  10. "Well...isn't this clever...." Squall muttered while studying his gifts. Flux could almost see gears turning inside of stallion's head. It's seems that this...disk-ball gadget was a source of inspiration for the business-pony. "Have to show it to Bevel. There is potential in such design...simple but elegant...." "Ever....?" Squall scoffed. "As if that was still a question! I want at least four." noblepony announced. It seems Squall really got his mind on rebuilding House Squallcoast. "Four kids that will be spoiled sweet....by Auntie Flux among others...right?" stallion looked intensely at the changeling. it seemes that saiying 'No' wasn't an option when it comes to this. On the other hoof ,he was still on the fence if drifter like her would make a good Namemother, but he was not limiting his choices yet. Spring Breeze was on this list, as well as Ice Storm, Miss Applejack, Henka, Wind Walker and Sigrun. Flux's gift was further wrapped up in some expansive looking, purple fabric. Swift studied his friend's reactions, not even blinking as the changeling was getting to her prize. He wanted to savour her expression. Wasn't that was one of the most fun parts of gifting someone? Was it....? Of course it was! Only Swift was both loaded and stubborn enough to make it practical. And he made two of them for her. "I commissioned a spare...just in case....." noble-stallion commented as Flux's legs first grasped the handle, and then ignited one the spellsabers. The weapon's aeatheric blade was of the same colour as her magical aura, and it's low, calming hum filled the room. Squall walked some extra miles for the material quality too. The handle was made from finest moonsilver, and the weapon itself was four times more magic efficient then usual weapon of this kind. But that still wasn't all.... "This is dual-phase version. See this ring?" Swift asked while picking up the spare and pointed it at the ceiling. "When you turn it...." unicorn said while doing just that. Out of nowhere the blade doubled in length! "...You can adjust it's length. This is because they have two set's of crystals inside. Good for surprise attacks, or to throw off opponent in duel." count mused. "It must seem...an odd choice of gift for Heartswarming...." noblepony lampshaded "But if you remember, I once offered to pass my skills to both you and Spring. This offer still stands.....if you are up for it that is." Squallcoast said.
  11. The stage mare was....quite melodramatic in her response. It was hard to pin to who she was talking exactly. Perhaps to everyone at large. When she started to fall apart at the seams, Squall's stern expression softened - if only a little - upon seeing those tears. "Look, girl." he started again, much calmer and quieter "You seem to have an tendency of speaking before thinking....Maybe sit down for a moment , and ask yourself what did you said that....." Swift wasn't allowed to finish. When he spoke, Trixie used spoke to make hasty exit, proving her qualifications as the stage magician. ".......Apologies towards the right pony would suffice......" Swift mused before turning his visage toward Twilight. "You can reach her, right Sparkle? Better bring her back before she does something reckless." he said before turning to Bluebelle. Thankfully Archchancellor got herself back together. "There are those that care for you Blue. They....WE will always be there for you." unicorn said as he walked towards the Princess and patted he on the shoulder. "You will get there, I know it." Squall said encouragingly before bouncing away from the royal pony. After all, Twilight and her interactive pink friend seemed to be 'cooking' something. Swift's eyebrow's moved up when he saw enchanted confetti forming words in the air. At first he didn't understood why every-pony was paired up. then it clicked within him. "So that's how it works." he mused. Being sellsword for most of his life didn't left much room for those kind of parties. Or any kind of parties for that part. Thankfully Squallcoast was paired with someone who he actually knew. "You have to tell me that story sometimes. With details." noblepony spoke to his changeling friends before giving Hope a glance. "Still roaming around the realm and meeting new buddies I see." he mused. Swift accepted his gift gracefully. He did not unpacked it yet, it will be so much better if they do this simultaneously. "It must've be hard. Getting gifts for a pony who can buy anything." he lampshaded. "Don't worry, I will treasure it regretless. The fact that it's from you is a value enough." Squall reassured his friend. "Now...this is something that I've meant to give you for a long time now...." swordpony said as cylindrical package floated through the air into Flux's awaiting legs. "So...together?"
  12. This was a really, really long week fro Swift Squall Squallcoast. Heart's Warming season was always the one that brought great surge in demand for all kinds of products. And Swift, being a head of large corporation had to stand up to the task of meeting that demand. And that meant longer shifts in his office. Which he had to juggle with: Visiting his parents. Overseeing the construction of Fillydelphia Botanical Gardens AND finishing touches upon Tempest Tower (opening next tear!). And getting gifts for friends and loving ones. Large amounts of gifts. Also, setting up dinner with Fire this evening. Simply put, swordstallion was exhausted...! But not exhausted enough to bring more of Heartswarming Cheer to the land! And seeing that he was going to Ponyville anyway (to discuss some very important things with Sparkle. Away from bustle of Canterlot), showering the town with gifts seemed like a splendid idea. Already his employees were leaving packages under every doorstop. Meanwhile Squall himself was hurrying to the School of Friendship, carrying big fat sack of presents of his own. Apparently some small event tied to holiday was happening there, and that was reason enough for noblepony to do this place himself. Swift wasn't exactly clear on the details - an odd thing for him, but, after all he was in hurry. Thus stallion closed to the school, the bag floating next to him while he whistled holiday songs. And soon he begun hearing talks coming from the building. His ears perked up when Squall heard the familiar voice of Bluebloo...Bluebelle. But soon his eyebrows furrowed. The Princess seemed....upset? Was Blue arguing with somepony? As he closed in, unicorn could hear the later part of response coming from some mare. And judging from her words, it indeed was the case.... Squall grit his teeth. For years everpony has thrown shade at the Prince. And frankly Swift had enough of that. Knowing Blue since they were kids, he was in unique position to truly confirm how much he...she had changed, how hard Blue tried. He and...errr...him/her were ponies of completely different strengths, but Squall could see how the royal unicorn has risen above his/her vices and tried to do best for Equestria. So, to hear this unknown mare insult Prince/Princess so was exasperating. What did she know?! Swift hastened his trot, righteous fury seemingly evaporating his weariness amd uplifting his step. Swordstallion was practically glowing with anger when he got to the door. Noblepony smashed door open, with enough force to make them fall of the hinges. Before anypony could react unicorn was already bellowing at the blue mare that Headmistress was staring daggers at. "AND WHO ARE YOU TO THROW SUCH SLANDER?!! AT THIS DAY?! THIS PLACE!!!" Squall roared as walked towards Trixie. His gift bag was placed next to Headmistress. Rage has blinded the noblepony as he closed to the stage magician. He recognized her now, the arrogant performer who got herself involved in the conflict with Princess Celestia most Faithful Student. Swordstallion had yet to meet her but heard a lot about her. From his copy of Friendship Journal, from Sparkle, and from Miss Applejack. The Trixie mare apparently got better since those days. 'Apparently' being the operative word here. And it was up for Squall to put her hubris back in the box. "What do you know of Blue? You who for most of your life was pompous braggart with nothing to show for it? I knew Prince since before we were five. And I seen his burdens. Always treated like an...an extra , a charity case on Celestia's part. She never had a time sit down with him and understand Him, despite sharing the case of missing family. No it was always the Equestria, her nice, her first student and then her other student that came first. All the while he tried to become the most charming, most affable gentlecolt he could be. But it wasn't enough, it never was enough because She never told him straight to the face what She really wanted from him!" Squallcoast shouted. "Instead of appreciation or guidance, all the high society of Canterlot was looking how to humiliate and heckle at him. Something that Stage Mare who's audience was trying to get into horn measuring contest with her every show, should be able to relate to." Swift pointed out. "Blueblood would have had all the right to be resentful, turn his back on Equestria after all of this, especially after Grand Galloping Gala. Instead he got good, long look at himself and did his %$#*! best to be better. He squashed his envy, and anger and got to work. Blue let go of his grudges.....instead of...Oh, I don't know? Planning elaborate revenge schemes using dangerous magical relicts?" noblepony growled at the blue mare. "The point is, he worked hard to be here today, instead of having friends in high places. Now, who is disgusting and should seek forgiveness...Miss Great and Powerful?!" Swift asked. Only now after he vented his fury Swift was able to really notice...the details. Like the wings on the back of the mare that he verbally torn a new one. "....The %$@*?!!!!" business-stallion cussed. Were they hoofing those down these days?! As he looked around he spotted more familiar face. "Flux?!" noblepony wouldn't recognize the changeling, if not for the fact she kept the same voice and mannerism. "When? HOW? What did I miss?!" Squall confusion only grew further. But it was not over yet. "Sparkle?! Moto? What are YOU doing here?!! Shouldn't you be in Canterlot for the first err....Heartswarming of....new....." unicorn was quickly loosing steam now that he realized that Fire heard his outburst. All of it. "I pay for the door. D-Dear, I did nothing wrong...." he defended himself, his gaze shifting back and fortyj from the Princess of Friendship to his fiancee.
  13. "I wonder...." Ossia mused, standing up when Blueblood mentioned 'uniforms'. Not bad idea, but wrong time. "Team uniforms are supposed to be more then pleasure for an eye...." pink mare said, walking next and behind the Prince. "...matching suits would also be a give away that we affiliated with each other...." Nerezza kept going, while her wings crept on Blueblood's back. "......Don't get me wrong. I am proud to have such...talented student. But there are advantages in keeping our connection a secret." alicorn's feathery appendages moved to stallion's shoulders, giving Blueblood slow, relaxing massage. "For all my power, all experience in disguising magic - whenever I do more then sneezing I have those...heroes all over myself. And catching your aunts attention is not something that I wish to do, before we place all of our pieces on the board." Ossia explained. "You however - and forgive me for putting it that way - are beneath notice. At least for a time being. Both Prince Blueblood and Platinum Gem can go to places, and do things that Ossia di Nerezza can not. Oh, in time those nincompoops will lament their error in underestimating You. But while this obliviousness lasts, we should milk it for all it's worth." winged mare whispered her advices to royal pony's ear. "And when the time comes...Celestia will realize that her 'nephew' is not a Prince she can manipulate anymore. But One. True. King. One with much more cunning, foresight and shrewdness then the brutes like Sombra." Nerezza spread sweet pictures of future glory for unicorn stallion. By now, the magic she poured into Prince should diffuse all the drinks he had. Hopefully. "Whatever the case, don't bother with the passport. Our visit is uninvited one. And to a desolate place at that..." Ossia walked away from Blueblood and moved to the centre of the room. Conjuring a piece of chalk, she begun map out a magic circle. Complicated one at that. "I could teleport us there no issue. But moving at such distance would leave us...open, to eyes of those in knowing what to search for. A circle, inscribed with incantations in language not of this world will give up protection we need." pink mare inscribed. As soon as she stoke the last line with a chalk, the whole ring started glowing. "Should we?" Nerezza asked while extending her hoof. As soon as Prince touched it, they were gone.
  14. I wish I HAD military pony to join this. I like brainstorming RP's like that one.


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