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  1. Hou: "<eyes Sunset> Nice soul you have there...."
  2. With dedication for @RainbowFoxxy as thanks for ANOTHER gorgeous picture.


    1. RainbowFoxxy


      Thank you sugar cube! :) 

  3. "Right, what can I know? It's not like I spent past thousand years on - among other things - delving into my private studies on the matter, while You and the Empire took the mother of all power-naps." Hou shoot back before flipping her mane. "And - correct me if I wrong - wouldn't any sane pony hold onto his or her memories so much harder, in an environment deprived of any kind of stimuli?" she asked smugly. Her smirk however quickly faded when Sombra got straight up demanding. That won't do. "I see you have wrong idea about your position here." Hou said, lowering her voice "You still think about us as equals. This...is not correct." she said, before flaring up her magic, pushing the stallion back few feet. The plants around them started to get corrupted by dark magic, and this time it was obvious it was not illusion. Shuren's aura was so large that he could actually hear it. It didn't required a genius to figure out that she was gorging herself on souls in past ten centuries. "If you are so certain of that, why don't you ask Discord directly? If he's still alive after today, and if you brave enough to accept the answer that is. I explained You enough, and have no obligation say more then I want!" she announced as their surroundings got further twisted. As practitioners of dark arts, it didn't bothered either of them, but it was clear that cleansing this taint from Whitetail Woods will require lot of work. Hou walked few steps forward with head held high. The talk was over it seemed. "I made clear what I want. I don't want You in the Heartland. So last chance Sombra. Call, or fold." sorceress said, while already waving protective spells around herself.
  4. Pondering on reanimating this on-site blog of mine....

  5. Ciraxis

    Hou Shuren

    Pictured: The rare moment not being capital 'E' Evil. You would think that cobra on her flank would give ponies ideas.....
  6. @RainbowFoxxy Well the picture is so good that I briefly became the fastest liker in the west. Keep being awesome Foxxy.
  7. Supreme! Just as I imagined: Unassuming, until she goes all Shang Tsung on your rump.
  8. Shuren flashed an audacious smirk when Sombra tried to psych her out with physical size discrepancy between them. She begun encircling the stallion while still talking.... "Yes, you are still perceptive. And just as easy on the eyes as before...." she admitted while checking him out.... "....But....." she put the hoof to her temple, poking it. "There are few gaps here, isn't it? Memories that have holes in them, like a film reel with too many frames removed. Knowledge that you realize that by all means you should possess. Spells that names you recognize, but can't recall how to cast them..." she said, noticing with joy the unease in his eyes. "You but a half of a warlock you once were Sombra." Hou stated, noticing with satisfaction that the former tyrant had no idea what she was talking about. "You really have no clue, are you?" white mare noticed with great enjoyment. And it was nice to see his magic again, even if it was only....a foretaste. She herself enveloped her body in in toxic green-and-orange colored aura - just so she won't be upstaged. It was much more impressive then in the past. Illusions apprently, wasn't the only field in which sorceress improved. "You want to know what happened? Grogar happened. Yes, that Grogar. Or rather, Discord, pretending to be Grogar happened." Huo explained "What he tried to achieve through that, I don't know nor care - but he assembled a group consisting of Chrysalis, Tirek and his corresponding partner...what was her name?" sorceress paused tapping her chin as she tried to remember "Ahh yes, Cozy Glow. Well he wanted them to work together...and it worked. Too well. Anyway after unmasking and subduing Discord, those three now are in process of executing their revenge...and taking over Equestria perhaps?" the mare shrugged. "But I am surprised I need to explain all of this to You Sombra. After all 'Grogar' summoned you at the first meeting, when this little dark club was established." Shuren dropped the revelation with a sinister grin. "Although this You will probably deny that...right?"
  9. I have a great sense of deja vu from this picture..... I know! It's like when Lex Luthor was campaigning to become the president!
  10. "More or less." Shuren confirmed former tyrant's estimation "The years you irrevocably lost need I remind you. Didn't it occurred to you, how you could use all this time?" she asked. "But even that short amount of time you got was not gracious on you. You aged like milk. Spoiled, sour and on the way of becoming cheese." Hou summed up while leaning against something invisible. Sombra could notice that the sorceress was no longer smiling, instead sporting expression of...disappointment? It was hard to tell. "And cheese is not an ingredient that I wish should be added to the meal that it's cooking up north. Many tiny pieces of light, two more that are well matured, and three, meaty pieces of darkness. All that is left is to allow them to simmer on their own in the pot...." Hou explained, laying thick the cooking metaphors. "....But then I heard some reinforcements could arrive. And a part of those reinforcements was You. This....this would tip the scales too fast for my liking. I don't need another cook here...." Shuren admitted while squinting her eyes. "......obviously I can't allow that to happen. But I am a reasonable pony, and I hope you are still one as well. So like a dark mage to dark mage - turn around, forget about the case and maybe we can later talk, about various things over a drink or two....." she proposed before widening her stance. "....Or I will have to become more insistent. And you will find out how WELL I have aged." Hou added, threateningly.
  11. Squall caught up quick on what was Twilight was implying. His face expression behind the mask became a grim frown as Princess continued with her explanation. Somehow, Mycus's sudden case of death by poisoning by the hoof of his apprentice stopped being so tragic. For a moment, Sparkle looked like she was going to freak out, but she held herself together - for now. Swift meanwhile, was previously exposed to his own share of horrors - both as the sellsword and as agent of EPIC - so noblepony was less shaken up by the inequine alchemical experiments, although he was uneasy all the same. "....." Swift put his hoof on distressed mare's shoulder, in a reassuring gesture "Steel your heart Sparkle. We have to get to the bottom of this." he advised, before allowing the purple pony to move forward. Stallion looked at the room over his shoulder. After what Twilight had said, he had an urge to scour this place with fire - but this wasn't his call to make from the moment he invited the Princess for this trip. Perhaps later, when they stop the region from exploding..... Leaving the laboratory behind, Squall caught up to Sparkle. They were in a very long corridor - one lengthy enough that they couldn't see the end of it. Perhaps he can uplift his companion's mood by making her brain-cells work a little? "....Extracting magic is a one thing....." unicorn started "Both Tirek and that friend of yours, Starlight Glimmer, showed that it is possible - even if their methods were quite different. What puzzles me is how Thrice-blessed knew it's the alicorn magical essence that what he needs. Roam's record show that they were none alive in his time period - so how could he come to such conclusion? Could he calculate this up?" he questioned. Perhaps the next room will get them some more answers. But 'the next room' didn't seemed any closer. This was odd. By his estimate they had to walk along a mile - and yet there was no sign of door of any kind, or the corridor's end for that matter. Noblepony turned around.... To see that the passage stretches endlessly into the other way too. The lab they explored moments before was nowhere in sight. There was only one explanation for this. "We walked into yet another trap Sparkle. First spell that manipulated time, now magic that stretches or bends space...." Swift guessed.
  12. For all my years here, I don't believe I made any requests, so it's a first for me.... Obviously you already familiar with Hou, but would You be so nice Rainbow to provide art for the sorceress as well?
  13. "Of course you did...that crown was very tight after all..." Hou answered, sporting that infuriating smirk of hers. One that implied that she knew more then she let on. The raven on her hoof squawked and turned into dust before Sombra's very eyes. She couldn't do that so quickly before..... "For example, about how much world passed you by, when you were sent to....let's say, time-out....?" sorceress kept going, while her clothing changed rapidly from one design and color, to the next. It was clear she was trying to psych him out, made him question what's real and what's not. "...Or was it because that cape isn't really befitting you anymore?" Shuren kept dwelling on subject, as their surroundings first turned photo-negative, and then into brilliance of psychedelic colors. "Why am I.....? Oh Sombra, isn't that a question that I should ask You?" Hou deflected the question by throwing it right back him..... "For example....it would be very inconvenient if you are going north..." she glanced briefly over her shoulder ..."...or north-west...anywhere near heartland of the Heartland really. Very, very inconvenient....." Shuren's smile turned a bit more sinister. it seemed that a lot weighted on Sombra's answer here....
  14. So glued was Sombra's attention on this oddly familiar mare that he didn't notice he changes around him. Brunches of trees around them started to twist, starting to resemble the claws and talons, the woods outside the road started to be filled with ominous white haze, the crows's croaking could be heard from the distance. Even the group he was traveling with seemed to thin out. but most important of all - he failed to notice that he made a wrong turn at the last crossroads. Or rather, failed to noticed there was another pathway. "<giggle> So you finally noticed..." the mare on which the former tyrant was focusing on spoke at last. "Too little too late...You used to be more attentive." she continued as her coat, mane and clothing changed shape and color before his very eyes. The eastern pony.... A raven flew from outside their view, and landed on mare's extended leg. It's eyes shone jade, unnaturally so. Soul magic. And not of a healing kind... The unicorn mare turned around. Different garb, different manestyle but the same face, and the same self-assured expression he remembered back when they first met.... "It's been a while Sombra. ...." Hou Shuren greeted her acquaintance. "My, you became even more brooding....."
  15. So, you changed the mind on Reckless colours or.....? Also I meant to ask, does she have some areion ancestry? Those ears are quite...distinctive for a pegasus.
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