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  1. "Heh...." Ossia smirked when Blueblood mentioned how tight lipped Dragons were when talking about their past stunts. "You too would be hush after b r e a k i n g the w o r l d....." pink mare dropped the bombshell right of the bat. "...or at least being descendants of those who did." she quickly added. She couldn't help but feel some satisfaction from Blueblood's astonishment. "The world as you know it looks like this...." alicorn projected the map of globe in the air before stallion's eyes. "But before the Dragon Wars, it was vastly different." the second map came into existence, and although one could point similarities, the disparities were that much prominent because of this. Enormous sea bay in place of the Painted Pinto Desert, Whisescar so much larger and fused to Equestrian continent, a great peninsula protruding from Aquelian near the Coil... As royal pony eyes glided at the image of long-lost world more changes became apparent at other continents. Long Guo, arid despite Lake Haohuo being so large that it practically inland sea in itself, along with another no no-existent peninsula southwest of it. Neighpon, sporting half dozen more large islands. Polyneighsia, replaced with Mustangia sized island in the shape of teardrop. Unyasi 2/3 larger then it presently was, shallow tropical sea with many islands where Saddle Arabia Great Desert now was...... "Shocking I know. I've yet to find a world that have gone through Dragon Wars, and preserved complete record of the event. But in various timelines, different pieces of the story survived. And being a being that can walk through them, I managed to glue mostly complete story...." Nerezza said in ominous tone. "You see, five million years ago.....reptiles ruled the world. Sea serpents in the sea, and three kinds of dragons on the land....." the winged mare started her tale but paused upon reflecting. "...You know, this might take a while. You want a full version, or abridged one?" she asked.
  2. "Don't you know kid? That's because Sweet Apple Arces cinder is Equestra wide famous." Swift popped up behind two students. After hauling his rump through whole orchard noblepony managed to get to the sales area. "Aaaaand they ran out. No wonder, with those things eating so much of their crop. Also technical difficulties." unicorn mused, noticing that one of the treadmills was broken, before moving forward. While he would normally make beeline to Miss Applejack, the familiar face in the crowd. As such, he diverted his part for some small talk. With the cinder reserves exhaused for a day, there was no need to hurry. "Hello Blue. We keep meeting in strangest of circumstances." Squallcoast greet his....friend? Well at that point, there was no other word that would describe their relationship - not after knowing each other for so long. They both just had to mature enough for it. This certainly was an example of an odd friendship. Even through they were both nobles, and even shared the same ancestry, they couldn't be more different. Standing side by side only seemed to accentuate it. With Bluebelle being all fresh, clean and fabulous as befitting high ranking noble and Squall's large ripped physique ,equipment and unshaved visage giving him look o sellsword after a though job. Which - at last for today - wasn't that far from truth. "Spending much more in Ponyville I see...." Squall said in that very deep baritone of his. "...and embracing local traditions." he added. "I see you got around yourself quite a company. Care to introduce me...?" noblepony asked, but tilted his head seeing Miss Applejack efforts. "....Before we move to assist our host that is."
  3. "Oh, splendid...." astral Ossia thought to herself upon hearing Dust's onboard computer's warning. This was something that she needed to pass to her others selves. "....Soooo girls...the cyborg's AI want's to blow her up." alicorn warned her other consciousnesses. "Wait, what?" 'said the baffled 'Doctor' Ossia..... "WHAT?!" with the 'Outside' Nerezza being just perplexed by the development. "....Any way to postpone this?" "Well am about to start hacking it, so it will have to wrestle with me. Can't damage it too much though, the goal is to make it subservient to Dust. She mentioned some 'Code'. I believe she means the one that will override the AI's control over her body." astral Ossia mused. ".....I think I can buy some time by blocking the inputs from the CPU to the generator. There are also some nanomachines in her bloodstream. If you get the AI busy, it will be so much easier to hijack them, in turn making my work smoother." said the 'Doctor'. "Then I...wait as second, something's amiss...." 'Outside' Ossia said. Where was the SPLASH? There was supposed to be dullahan sized SPLASH! The physical for of the alicorn turned around. The Hexxer was indeed there, but on land, and not wet at all. Her half-alive rump was quickly receding from the view. Seems that morbid mare wisely decided to bail out of here. And in her place..... "I traded gan ceann for this?!" Nerezza sized up horned Whitescar hobo cow that sat before her. One that was seemingly part light-bulb. Or irradiated. Not that it mattered. "You may, or many not noticed, that I am a bit busy right now. So get yourself a newspaper and wait your turn. I have to prevent this mare, and everything in vicinity of three city district from disappearing in aeather balefire." irritated Ossia said to this new arrival while dropping a good ol' 'Forcecage' around her for good measure. This should prevent the caribou from interfering too much. While this was going, the astral part of the alicorn was diving down to the cyberspace/mindscape part of the Dust. It was interesting that AI described the self-destruct procedure as 'scuttling' Did they even remembered what sea was in their world to use the nautical term? "Yes Sweetie I can hear you. From all sides actually. By the way, are there any hormonal glands you want to regrow back? Whoever robocized you, they cut unnecessary amount of them." astral mare answered to cyborgs question, just as she touched down to the cyberspace. "Don't worry, I will just smash through some firewalls* and get to this Code in no time fla....." Just as he said this, Ossia was hot by tackled by something that resembled the mix of locomotive, tree harvester and octopus. "Ohhh the big bad AI itself!" she commented while grappling with four of CPU avatar's arms, while using her magic to keep the saw blades at bay. "Time to put you in your place. Befitting any other calculator." she mocked, not intimidated at all by the 'mechanical' monstrosity
  4. "Well, would you look at that..." Ossia said upon seeing the item he produced. The pink mare grabbed box to get the closer look. "These aren't common....in about 97% of the worlds. Mostly because how challenging it is to make them, much less one that won't break after more then four users." Nerezza commented, giving Blueblood some more trivia. "You took my talk about opportunism to the heart. I am very happy that you did. See this little trinket will save us a lot of work now and in the future." alicorn mused while lighting her horn. "Such teachable student deserves the proper reward....this evening." Soon, the the box adorned with very familiar sigil - the very same they squired the day they met - came into view, flying from one of the deeper rooms. "So Prince, two questions." Ossia said, while placing the case on the table. "What do you know about Dragon Wars, ad do you know why it's so important it's You who managed to get his hooves on Andromalius?" Prince's mentor asked.
  5. From the side of the Everfree, a figure of stallion approached. His appearance was.....quite mismatched on this almost idyllic scenery. For Squall it was a great relief after camping in the unpredictable forest for so many days. His mane was disheveled, he didn't shaved for so long that he grew full blown beard, and he really, really could use a shower, Mostly to wash off all those creatures fluids. His equipment, stains on both his two swords and metal and leather armor, and the filled brown sack hanging from his flank suggested that his task in the ancient woods was rather...grim. "Finally, something else then more then grass and roots." he mused in relief in that warm voice of his upon catching Sweet Apple Arces over-hill. Good thing too. The problem he embarked to solve in Everfree was the one that made all agriculturalists in Ponyville loose their sleep. And since he was very fond of Miss Applejack, Squall concluded that she deserved to hear the news first. "Fortune, fortune for something to drink." noblepony said, as he entered orchards grounds. "....In the meantime, could use some cleaning cloth and oil..."
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  7. Ossia turned her gaze from unicorn's image and turned her gaze on the tomes she scoured and notes she made. Not good. Not good at all. Not enough of it here. And what supply was present, it undoubtedly resided very in heavily guarded locations....Already in forms of swords, shields or whatever. Seeing how much trouble she got getting her by herself, to secure more they would need to find a gateway. Thankfully they had Andromalius. The question that remained - which one would be most suitable to use....? Thus, in her pensiveness, di Nerezza didn't registered the elevator moving, nor it's door opening, and certainly not Blueblood hoovesteps. So when Prince spoke to the alicorn.... "Porca troia!" pink mare jumped in surprise, her wings unfurling and knocking few pages and books she gathered around herself. The image of Battlemage dispersed, fading into smoke-like strands of aether. Ossia whipped around, opening her mouth to scold the royal pony.....but those kinds of words never came, instead replaced with embarrassed flush. "I guess I deserved that one...." she muttered before recalling what Blueblood said to her. Sitting in Prince's basement made her feel too safe, too indolent. So she earned that scare. "A more enjoyable one I assume, Handsome." she said while picking up her notes and tomes of the stone floor. "To be honest, I have one for you too. But go first, please." she encouraged the stallion with a wave of her feathery appendages.
  8. "Hello? Helooooo?" Homura called among the school's corridors. Great, of all times she had to step in, it was during actual teaching period. Searching for someone from staff it's going to take forever....unless she ask that janitor or someone. But at the same time it was strange that no one answered her, indicated that no one heard her. The longma glued to he didn't count. The notion that she was to attend the same school was annoying enough. "Jeeez...who runs this place....?" quilin filly sighted. Maybe she should search for Principal office. Ask why no staff was sent for her. At least he or she shouldn't be tied with lessons.....right? No way to know with this place. As she walked along the corridors, Esaka kept deciphering the labels on the doors. Her spoken Equestrian was fine, but she got a little rusty when it came to reading it. It will come back. Not like she got choice "G-u-i-d-a-n-c-e C-o-u-n-s-e-l-o-r...?" she read aloud in confusion. Never heard of such position in any of Neighponeese schools she attended. At least in that age bracket. Wasn't that something set up for students...that were a wee bit older then the kids like her? "<This place is strange. Next thing I hear is no-one wears uniforms.>" Homura muttered under her breath.
  9. The nausea that Swift felt diminished for a moment. Long enough that he felt like someone tried to body search him using arcane. Instinctively, noblepony pushed those attempts away, with magic of his own. "That's...it's...." Squall mumbled, once again stubbornly trying to raise onto his legs. "Not friend...she...she's everything...." stallion half-succeeded, getting himself on the knees, trying to process what the yokai was speaking to him. He tried to say, how dear his Moto was to him, but nagging at the back of his hurting head, was a voice that told him there was something more important he should pass to him. "Three....three chests. Close by. With emblem.....'TEMPEST' logo...the 'T'. You need to find....green one." unicorn instructed, putting great effort into the words. Suddenly Nensho could feel something small squeezing into his paw. A key? "Need this....turn...four times right....one...left....two...two times right....inside...Inside..." noblepony took a deep breath Not good. This really was a concussion. He needed for this yokai-wolf to find him cure, and fast. "...inside...elixir...r-red and..s...silver waves. Will...fix...m-me...." Squall mumbled...his speech getting more broken as he kept going. But as yokai darted to search for the healing concoctions, he could feel yanking on his tail. Swordpony wasn't finished yet. "W-wait. The...lid....Open...fo....frrom..b-behind. Not. Front. N-n-n-ooot sides. B-B......back. T-t.....trap...." With those final directives, Count's eyes rolled upwards and he feel on his side, unconscious.
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  11. Funny. Few years ago slight that Empire's Princess did to him would make him boil in anger in an instant. First her husband speaks about lack of funds, and then Cadence gives noblepony a cold shoulder when he offered to help in that regard? Not that didn't angered him, Swift was quite peeved actually. But countless business meetings he had to suffer through since he returned from his staged 'demise' tough him bottle up his anger. Well, that and Fire's disproving looks. As such, he only turned away from the pretty pink princess, focusing on his juice instead. Yes there were other difficulties if Crystal Empire was to acquire suitable port, but it was not his job doing that. That's was for it it's rulers to seek solution from this dilemma. He could only help by providing tools to assist with that. While Squall could understand Mi Amore desire to relax from strain of leadership, he couldn't help but question if her time wasn't spent similarly in Empire. Gushing over kids, exchanging marriage gossips and caring for her own child. "....I can see why it had to be Twilight then....." he mused before taking another sip of his drink. After all Sparkle understood that you can't take vacation from the crown. . Perhaps he was too hard? After all, Cadence was Princess of Love, and Swift had yet to experience whats it was to be a parent. Judgung withiout taking that into consideration wasn't exactly fair. He should be more optimistic and nice, like his Sweetheart was, trying to lift Princess spirits. They all knew that what she said wasn't true. After all, they all been there at Crystal Heart, and Squall himself slew three viking in first few seconds of the battle - but it was intent that mattered. Which Squall approved by sending his mare a warm smile. "Yeah...." Swift agreed when Fire said how their wedding preparations were going. "We really should sit down and deal with them. We can't really afford to wait till the last minute. We need to have to get all of this sorted. And then make backup preparations. And then backup backup preparations." swordpony explained. "I take that bet Miss Applejack...." Swift answered with a friendly smirk and hoof pointing. "...although I doubt I will have an actual castle at our disposal....hmmm...but maybe in Trotscania.....I am yet to acquire a big estate in Itaily...." Swift mused. All this talk, and the musical situation didn't improved in the slightest. Who could have guessed? But one had to give it to the Count Squallcoast, he waited patiently until the band on stage finished scrapping the fiddle and and left behind the curitains. "....Well you know what they say. if you want something to be done right, you have to do that yourself." Swift said as he put his glass and juice bottle on the table. Just as Fire was opening her mouth to protest - no doubt worried that her coltfriend was about to do something stupid - he preventively silenced her with a smooch. "Trust me. Just this once, alright Moto? We only live once. As you said, ponies came here to relax, and this stiffness in the air has to be axed." unicorn announced - after which, he picked up his suitcases and made his way through the crowd - straight towards the stage. He quickly was barred entry by the security. "I am sorry but this place is for performers only. if you not one of the...." "My grandfather owns this hotel. And besides, performers aren't using it, don't they? Think about that as pro bono performance...." noblepony said with a shrug before jumping on stage. As soon as he did that, his cases opened revealing....axes....well, two of them. Along with the keyboard and drums. All magically shrunk until now. Before anypony could say anything, Squall has already grabbed the mic and addressed the - undoubtedly confused audience. Security ponies too were astonished, unsure if they should intervene or not. After all Celestia was known to pull pranks like that, even if she wasn't present. Latest Grand Galloping Galas came to mind. And if grandfather of this crazy stallion really was the owner...... "Fillies and gentlecolts. Once again thank you for your presence! For every one of you!" Swift effortlessly slid into showpony persona. His gaze glided along gathered soldiers and their extras, as if he dared anypony to join him in what he was planning. "Because of this year record attendance, here's special - out of schedule - performance...." Count announced while taking all the instruments into his magical grasp. "With the first song dedicated to YOU! Brave mares and stallions diligently serving Equestria year after year. I hope you will enjoy yourself!" With that said, the instruments spoke instead, with first notes and words of familiar song heard from the speakers across the room.
  12. She looks older then in her prior pictures. Which makes sense I guess? She's much more experienced mare after all. To be honest, it will take me a long time to think about her with that mane color, but at the same time, I approve how much more like her mother she now looks. Overall, high quality, as always.
  13. It been few weeks since Ossia di Nerezza as Prince Blueblood sexy and hyper-competent secretary, 'Misty Note'. His guests could notice that stallion's surroundings became much more organized, efficient etc. But that that was on the surface....beneath the surface - of the Blueblood's Manor that is - intensive works were happening day and night. The small cave that Prince initially possessed was expanded into full blown dungeon complex. Ossia just kept adding room after room, digging through the rock with her raw strengths and magic. That said, after each new chamber became sclupted in stone, the alicorn shown that she's knowledgeable in carpentry and decorations as well. Somehow she managed to smuggle all kinds of furniture, equipment and Saddle Arabian carpets to make thme more cozy, but how exactly Ossia did that was a mystery. Still, right now she happened to be in the main room, staring at magical image of known heroine - Battlemage. Prince has left a few hours ago, but all she managed to do in the meantime was getting herself frustrated. Volmes of open books were laid on the tables and shelves, and many pieces of paper were scribbled with notes and calculations. All to no avail.... "Twilight...." she muttered to herself, massaging her temple while staring at magical visage of the robed mare. It was clear that some kind of dilemma was giving di Nerezza a headache.
  14. @PyroBlaze <"Rocks aren't known for giving warnings.">. Esaka pointed out when the longma filly protested in a way befitting spoiled, rich filly. She hoped she didn't had to put up with her in the future....but seeing that Ponyville wasn't big town....well...tough luck. <"There isn't much to judge."> Homura answered when Hinode kept ranting, making another jab at her thin figure. @Ashton Just as she was about to leave, Homura made one last look at the trembling look. Her scowling expression softened - if even so slightly - upon seeing that. <"Must be careful what I use as a punching bag in the future. Should put it in more sunny spot too."> Esaka mumbled under her breath. She never thought she would feel bad for a rock of all things.....but then again, Equestria was strange. She just coed that strangeness wasn't contagious. @PyroBlaze Esaka kept walking forward, and finally her search - and some quikc asking - has bore some fruit. She now saw the roof of the School she was to attend - starting today. She hoped that at least for now she wouldn't have to share the room with anypony. Right now, all she wanted was to sprawl on the bed and think about nothing. But of course Homura didn't had the luxury to do that. While she haven't turned around at any point, the reflections in windows and shop displays revealed that this irritating longma ojou kept trailing her. Great, just great. So they kept walking, the longma filly and the quilin one - the later of the two even more grumpy then earlier - until they finally reached the School of Friendship. Homura had to admit, it was impressive. Back in Neighpon land was expensive, so only the most ancient of educational centers had the luxury to be sprawling. And this one was large enough to be build into the small mountain! As such, Esaka hesitated for a moment, while standing before a front door. What was he anxious for? She beaten up creeps in Polohoma alleys all the time, and this was getting her to freeze up of all things? With those kind of defiant thoughts, Homura put on an adamant face and walked inside. Maybe she will finally met somepony from the faculty?
  15. The town denizens were all staring at Homura as she passed them one by one. Was it the way she dressed? One would think that Equestria was a bit more 'progressive' from what she heard about it. You would think those ponies didn't saw a quilin bef....Ooooooohhhhh....right. As such she pulled her hat down somewhat more. Can't hide her horns this way, but at least she wouldn't have to see their stares, Esaka had enough on her plate as it is. Just then, the sound of the familiar language made Homura glower at the scene ahead. The large rock, the longma filly sprawled on the ground next to it, and a book laying on the ground as well. It wouldn't be hard to get a picture what happened, even if the other filly didn't spoke once more.... "<You would also think that you don't walk and read at the same time, unless you wish to eat dirt all the time..>" she said in abrasive tone as she glared upward at Hinode face. She may been built like a stick, but she was tall for the Neighponeese. Not much of a muscle on her despite that. She also wore that snotty face of typical ojou. Great, first Neighpon denizen she met here, and it's the type that goes watakushi all the time. "<If you have a problem with something, fix it yourself instead of complaining."> Homura added as she put down her duffel bag, before moving to punt the rock of the road. But as she winded up her leg for a kick the rock...trembled...? Slightly, but Esaka was sure it did. "<Jeeeez...even rocks are weird here.>" she muttered under her breath, and instead lifted the stone and put it off the road. It was surprisingly soft, which only added to this realms oddness. What's next, dry water? Regardless, the rock shouldn't bother anyone on that lawn here...unless it's decides to move on it's own. Wouldn't surprise her at that point. With that done, quilin picked up her bag and departed with flippant wave of her own. "<Later, noodle-legs.>"
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