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  1. In Silva, Venandi [PM for Invite]

    "Well there went missing at different periods, so they were gone for different amounts of time. And I agree with you line of thinking, I don't believe in coincidences either. However...neither the numbers or order of events add up." nobelpony pointed out before falling silent. "....Moving on. As the aforementioned month has passed, pony owned animals started to disappear again. This time around region we are now. Also another unicorn had gone missing. Silk Fiber, fashion designer from the city. According to her co-workers she often visited Everfree to 'Find inspiration for her creations.'. The thing is...she wasn't always a fashion designer." Swift said before sliding Miss Fiber folder towards the Night. Upon opening it, black pegasus could immediately see what swordstallion met. Silk Fiber used to be Marine in Equestria navy. For eighth years, and with tons of actual combat experience. According to what was reported she retired due to a 'burnout', and not because of age or any injury. "Now I know Everfree is dangerous place. But nopony would say that this mare wouldn't know how to defend herself. This is when regional authorities took notice and decided to do something. Not fast enough however. Besides few more pets another pony has gone missing." noblepony explained. Squall then took a pen and circled the hilly area north of Vanhoover. "Despite what the map shows this area is in fact a forest. On the hills, but forest nevertheless. Those are the Cottonpink Woods, despite begin aligned to Everfee they are not really a part of it. Different magical aura apparently, but creatures from 'free tend to still wander into it. As such it is paroled by forest rangers." with that Squall gave Night the last folder. Upon opening it up Watcher could see a mare with orange coat khaiki colored mane. If one would to guess she would be around Swift's age. "Squish Cover..." swordstalion said with torn expression. It was clear that he found that name somewhat confuisng "Believe it or not she has over ten years of experience in that job. Apparently she begun just after the high school. There's somepony like that would be surprised by anything that could come from Everfree, much less by a common beast." noblepony expressed his opinion before pausing once more. "You know Night, when I was given this assignment I wondered. 'Why EPIC?'. There is apparently some agency - just as secret as ours - that deal exclusively with monsters and that kind of the beasts, so what was the point? But now it's makes sense. There is a pattern here. That all the devoured animal were pets. That missing ponies are unicorns. We just can't see 'Why's' of the logic behind this yet. The higher ups apparently came to the same conclusion. I have suspicions that the orders came from the very top." orange stallion mused to Night. In this case 'very top' could only mean one of the four Princesses (The fifth one being too young to write, much less getting involved in conspiracies.). "Which is why I requested a backup. A non-unicorn one at that seeing what al;ready has happened. I believe nothing further could be gained by investigating from here. Which is why our destination is Everfree." Squall informed his friend from the Night Guard.
  2. Ciraxis doing what Ciraxis does best - making his main character backstory even longer and more detailed then even before, one bit by a time. BUHAHAHAHAH!

  3. "Either that, or pride will come before fall....." Squall mused in a whisper in answer to Fire's words about Bolt possible growth. He however fiercely shook his head about later part of the comment. "No, there is something else. I dealt with those like him before, it's...." he paused. Was this really a day one should spent on worries? Shouldn't Swift let Princess Twilight deal with this instead? "Never mind. We shouldn't bother with this anymore." he dismissed the issue at hoof. It was time of joy after all. "Not quantity but quality Moto. I heard about beverages that could drop kraken after one cup." Squall recalled but didn't elaborated what kind of drink could have such power. "Eggnog or not, I prefer contest's of other kind." Swift couldn't help but smirk at Ice's reaction for both of her gift's. "Your expression is a comment enough. But I took enough of your time, and we will see each other soon enough. Go to your wife." nobelpony encouraged the blue mare. "And Ice.....Happy Hearth's Warming." he wished his friend as she departed to her home in Canterlot. "We rarely have idea how much our lives would be different if not for each other." Swift pointed out in answer to Naj's realization. Nobelpony didn't kept the changeling in suspense. What Swift pulled out was...envelope? No, TWO envelopes. Orange stallion opened one of them post haste and inside it was....a ticket? Still, it's border were the color of glittering gold, and writing was crimson ink so it couldn't be just an ordinary ticket. "I figured out I will give you something practical. This allows you to board any carriage, train and airship in Equestria, from it, and to it. And it's valid for your lifetime. I also made sure to register you in Equestria Ministry of Transportation so you could have replacements in case you loose this one." Squall explained before giving Naj her first present. "And a second present....well, I couldn't bring it with it so I brought a photo. It's also a reason why ticket didn't cover passage at sea. I bought you a boat! Oh and I hired all the staff I covered all the future maintenance cost. Here it is!" Swift explained, before showing his friend a picture of boat in question. "....Sorry if it comes like white elephant. I...well we didn't talked about our tastes. I just hope you like it." Swift said before pausing for a moment. "Happy Hearth's Warming Naj." he said before giving the changeling a hug. After a short moment Squall broke the embrace and looked at Fire. "Let's go Dear. We have so much to see." he said before looking back at Naj. Despite everything, his friend didn't had anyone to spent the Eve with. Leaving her alone didn't seemed right, she didn't deserved this. And may he be damned if Swift wouldn't do anything to prevent this! "Spring....why don't you come with us?" he asked before standing up and offering Naj his hoof.
  4. Will Ciraxis will manage to write his last event post on time, nine hours from now? Stay tuned for next episode of Canterlot Z!

  5. "Apologies Mayor. I know that donation in goods would be way more in spirit of the day. However I must've confess I am not well informed what exactly would be well received. Not to mention so far the range of products that my enterprises produce are As such, I feared any gifts in form of items would be botched. I figured out additional funds would be more fitting instead, especially since I have faith that they will be used wisely." unicorn explained. When Naj explained her lack of being prepared Squall blinked a few times. Was that it? Nobelpon shifted his gaze to his Love for a moment, and after an nod of understanding between the two refocused on his changeling friend. "Spring, how is that an issue exactly?" he started, while taking her leg and gently leading her to nearby bench "For someone who lives among us for long, some things still elude you. I don't want you to give presents because I expect something in return. I do it because you my friend." Swift explained as they sat down, and he gave the changeling a warmth filled smile. "And besides....I think you gave me something already." unicorn added before staring upwards to the cnstelations hanging in the sky. "Let me tell you a story Spring. I always thought myself as open minded pony. Before I moved to Fillydelphia I had so many travels, so many experiences and I met so many species that...well I don't know. I guess I thought I just knew better? I wasn't there when Hive attacked Canterlot. In retrospect I guess it was for the best. If we met back then things would turn...badly. Perhaps we would never be able to speak like this." Squall mused. "My first known contact in changelings was during the Nightmare Night. And....well, to be honest it wasn't much better. But there was one changeling there that prevented me from putting a black mark on your kind. From what I understood in those few words I heard during the struggle, she wasn't raised in the Hive but by the ponies. And she didn't looked famished, or unhappy. What's more important, she was fighting on our side. I didn't had an occasion to speak with her afterwards - Celestia spell evicted her from Ponyville with rest of the changelings. But I hope that one they we will be able to have one long talk, and that I will be able to tell her 'Thank You'. Because without her there wouldn't be that white dot on 'Black & White' view I had on your race." noblepony reminiscent. "Still, while a beginning it wasn't enough. 'She grew up with ponies, basically one of us anyway, but with chitin. An exception that proved the rule.' I reasoned to myself after that events. It made sense. Life gone forward once again for a while and then....and then I meet You and Flux....." Swift finally arrived to a part that he didn't to elaborate on further. "After all this mess with Glass, and after I escorted you to Ponyville I begun to keep my tabs on you, just as I promised. What were you doing. Who you lived with. How you asked the Princess herself to permit your stay. And it...shook me up a little. I had this expectations and imaginations of changelings all already figured out. Chrysalis was the enemy, and so was her Hive. It is easier to think about a foe as a being without any redeeming traits. And then, you waltzed in and smashed that view to pieces. You were no agent, no parasite. You just wanted to...BE." stallion said with emphasis. "And I started to wonder 'How many Spring's could be out there, if circumstances could be different?' " Squall added while taking his eyes off from the stars, and looking Naj into the eyes. "That's what you gave me Spring. The ability to think beyond yourself and your judgments. To second guess your expectations. To ask 'What-If' and 'Maybe There Is More To Her/Him'? Not as a doubt, but a piece of wisdom. And that Spring, that is a gift that is very hard to top." he said reassuringly. After a momentary pause Swift chuckled before speaking again. "But 'Titanic Monologues' wasn't exactly a thing I wanted to present you with today. I guess it's time to move to the essence of things..." Squall said while his hoof reached into inside of his long, winter duster....
  6. "Hmm well i am sure you will be in even more lose of words after seeing those. But be warned Ice, you may feel a bit strange at first." Squall warned the blue mare before starting to lift the box lid. Swift wondered about Ice thoughts and expectations about the contents of the box. The four ball of pale blue fire that flew out of it towards her probably didn't fit any of them. But instead of hitting her and exploding like a proper fireball, they just....froze in midair in front of her face. Squall smirked to himself. By now the blue mare must've felt the connection that took place. The one that linked her with the Spheres. "I am sorry for that. But I really wanted that to be a surprise. Can you forgive me for such simple pleasure?" noblepony said, his face distorted by the flickering flames between him and Ice. If he was correct, by now Ice could realize three things. First, the flaming spheres didn't radiate any heat. Actually the opposite was true - they seemed to be even chiller the the winter surroundings around them. Second, what was pale blue was actually the solid core of the Spheres, that Ice Storm could now see now that balls were up close. The flames themselves were shimmering with spectrum of colors that one could consider 'cold'. Somehow that made the hovering balls resemble opals. The third was surge of 'joy' that she could feel. Not from the Squall, any other pony present or even herself. It was coming from the Spheres. That apparently 'decided' to express it visually, as they started to 'happily' encircle her head at high speed. "You don't need to worry. The effects that you feel are normal for Opalus Spheres*." Squall said, while giving a content smirk. He was sure that at least some ponies present recognized the name of such valuable relict. "It means that they properly connected to you magic reserves. After all they were made using some of your aether. Again I must've' express gratitude towards your wife for help in creating such gift. I explained the situation to her and she was very helpful in gathering a bits of your magical energy so those would be made." swordpony explained. "I am sure that you may have heard the name before Ice, but the topic is rather obscure. The Sorcerer Sphere is relicts that help with spell casting - whatever is enhancing the magic cast, serving as extension of your aether pool, replicating the spells cast and other useful things. It is also able to 'store' and cast the sorcery that their owner otherwise couldn't. Spheres are also emphatic, not unlike some golems. This allows you to issue it the commends with your mind alone when you get enough practice. The Opalus Sphere ais variations of it, one that focuses on element of ice." Squall said, while in the meantime the Spheres stopped encircling the blue unicorn and took positions over her head and shoulders. "Mind you all of those functions are yet to come. While the connection was made it will take both practice and passage of time for them to fully synth up with you. To ensure you will have actually have to occasion to do so I made sure for those to be extra durable. I subjugated one in the stream of dragonfire for two hours and as you see it's not worse for the wear." Swift said while Ice could feel...irritation? It was indeed coming from one of the spheres. Squall couldn't help but smile after Fire kissed him. "Well, it seemed like the mature thing to do." he answered quietly to his fiancée unspoken question. "Mind you Moto, I don't believe that he can be anything but self-centered glory hound with a trigger temper." swordpony said in a whisper. "But at the same time I still have faith that Miss Sparkle sees in him room for growth that I do not. So I will wait and and see if Twilight's judgment is correct and if his actions will prove my impressions wrong. And in cases like these I like to be wrong" Fire was apparently not impressed after hearing about the true nature of the beverage used in the contests. "Dear, do you really would want to deal with bunch of drunk caribou AND drunk alicorn at the same time, in the same town? Because that would be the likely result if those glasses had any 'spike' in them. And as an officer you would been expected to." noblepony pointed out. "Still, if I knew that those were non-alcoholic I would have joined. Pity." After the Ice the next person who Squall approached was....Mayor Mare? "Heh, I can see how this mare still has her position after all those years." he though after hearing town official speech. "Greeting Mayor, it's been some time. While I don't wish for a tickets, I want to make donation regardless. Let's see...." he mused while drawing the bill and the fountain pen - one of the fancy new inventions, the supposed to be vanquisher of the writing quill. "...Would...I don't know? Seventy thousand bits be acceptable?" he asked while writing the amount and signing the cheque, before hoofing it to town official. Swift didn't stooped for long to watch Mayor reaction. After all there was more friends and close ones in the vicinity that he didn't gifted yet. The presents for his Beloved Fire were saved for the last, so unicorn moved to Naj next. "Spring, I believe it's time to give you presents as well. For you I too have two special somethings." businesses-stallion revealed. *
  7. Squall didn't said anything. Oh sure, he had at least a five different retorts come to mind, but in the end it wasn't worth the effort. Sigrun was only one present here that he really wanted to have bout with, and figuring out that it was hardly a place for another chapter of their rivalry (as one sided as it was) killed any strident thoughts noblepony had. The dragon tried really, really hard to be intimidating. but when he having to gaze upwards to stare unicorn into the eye (As Squall's stature made him almost as tall as Princess Luna) kind of dampened the effectiveness. Still, as if to oblige him, Swift answered Bolt's stare with unblinking glare of his own but in complete silence. After all, they say that dog that lacks the bite barks the loudest. Nobelpony didn't stopped even when Ice intervened with magic of her own, but he still raised his eyebrow in surprise. That was a rare even to be sure, Ice taking his side. The stare-down would probably continued still if not for Princess Twilight choosing to get intervened. So his name was Bolt huh? How fitting. Still he couldn't really agree with what purple alicorn was trying to say. "When in Roam, do as Roamans do." he said in response to Twilight's description of dragon customs while maintaining the eye contact with the blue drake. Still, that explained a few things. For example, no wonder that so many founded themselves on pointy end of sword or spear of valiant adventurer. Their ego's overshadowed their self preservation instincts. And their self-control it would seem. "But very well, I will oblige your request Miss Sparkle. Let's see if he is willing to learn...." Squall said aloud, before adding in his mind "....or a mere slave to his instincts." He was sure that if he spoke that part aloud Bolt would throw another tantrum and orange stallion was definitely not wasting more of his time going through that. Nopony else could be as soothing on his mood as his Love. As soon as she found herself next to him, Swift could feel his frustrations evaporating rapidly. "Yes. Let's do just that. The evening is still young." he said, giving Bolt one last look with the squinted eyes before turning around and leading the way. First he made his way to Ice. While Fire may have already gave the blue unicorn her best holiday wishes, Squall was yet to do so, and besides he wanted to exchange the word with his friend, among few other things. "This is a rare for us to agree on something Ice. Does sea and sky switched places or something?" he asked jokingly. "But to seriously, thanks. I could get used to that warm feeling. I guess we start to understand each other better. By the way Ice, how is your wife? You must've pretty busy between making her very, very happy, your business and our shared 'workplace'. " he mused while dropping their standard euphemism for their EPIC work. "Oh and Happy Hearth's Warming Ice. I have something for you. Well two somethings." Swift said while reaching inside his longcoat. A seconds later Swift was holding a beautifully ornamented silver box along with a large envelope. "I heard you were trying to extent your business into Las Pegasus - don't ask me how, I have ways - but had trouble finding good venue. So I and Grandfather pulled a few strings." Swift example. "A deed of ownership for the land, along with freshly build estate on it - just for you - in the very center of the city. With 'Silver Pyramid' , 'Six Knights' and 'La Mettalica' few steps way." nobelpony names-dropped a three famous casinos. "That would be, what, your seventh's restaurant? Heh, before I notice you will be going international Ice. I am sure your treats would be hit in Saddle Arabia." he said with a wink. "And this...this is very special indeed. It was made just for you, and took forty wizards, ten enchanters, a very rare materials and some collaboration from your wife to make. Mind you, I wouldn't put so much effort if I didn't know you were such phenomenal spell-caster that could put these to good use. So...Ready?" Swift said while putting his hoof on the lid.
  8. "I know. That's why I slipped through the window after you closed the door." Squall revealed to Fire. "I wanted to give 'Tempest' latest product one last fly before presenting it to Celestia. When I realized what hour it was I jumped off. And...well, THIS what I found." unicorn stallion explained before waving his hoof around. "Don't worry Dear, you look great. Also, it was not permanent in Empire so it won't be now." Swift didn't missed a beat in both complimenting and reassuring his love in ne breath. However Fire's last line was apparently a bit too much to resist some snarky teasing. "Oh I see. To hear the lines before your own performance in that play." Swift teased the crimson mare. "It seems I already did." Squall said in response to Naj's smile highlighted words, while his gaze was fixed on the receding purple princess. "I don't enjoy this you know." he confessed to the female changeling. "Throwing such words straight into someone's face that is, even if I believe them correct." noblepony eyes shifted back to the Spring. "Thing is, somepony has to. Her friends and family won't tell her what she needs to hear - they care too much. But not speaking about the issue doesn't mean it stops existing." he mused before giving a deep sigh. "Staying contentment in your comfort zone....that's the great fault of us, ponies. Perhaps that's why we have to re-learn lessons that by all means should be interiorized ages ago." Squall listened carefully to what Naj has said, but before he could really said anything in response, he was interrupted by some obnoxious dragon. "Oh for the love of...." Swift muttered. The only other being that he knew that could compare in the field of being distracting was Discord. However at least draconequus and his antics had certain charm to it, and was smart enough to keep others entertained. Meanwhile this drake was so focused on himself that he had charisma of the wet noddle. Combined with fact that his display interrupted a little heart to heart Squall had with his friend made unicorn quite upset. Swift was sure that at least caribou didn't probably mind how loud the dragon was, but he was not nearly as forgiving. "Quiet down, wyrm. If you came hear to boast then you chose the wrong holiday to do so. Some of us want to spent quality time with those we care about. So pack yourself up and come back when Iron Pony is around, if you're need to have your ego stroked so much." swordpony wasted no time to rip into little speech Bolt has provided.
  9. Some read LotR every year. Others go to conventions. I myself just finished watching Char's Counterattack as I do every December.

  10. Squall sighted deeply, as much at himself as at Twilight. The insensitive bluntness that he displayed at times was a problem of him that he was aware of. Swift massaged his tmeple was he tried again to explain what he meant without being rude. "That's what I was talking about. I asked a rhetorical question and you give precise numbers Miss Sparkle...." he stopped when he realized that he was doing that again. "Apologies. Please understand, I am have no intention of being crass. I just...." he paused, clearly embarrassed by his own insensitivity. "Let's try this again. Miss Twilight, you are one of the most brilliant ponies I ever met, and I walked across five continents. You have incredible amounts of theoretical and practical knowledge, and your logical thinking is honed to such degree that if it was a blade it would cleave Eponnine Mountains in half." noblepony said. "Which is precisely a problem. Please forgive me if I come as judgmental, but during our talks, and from the Friendship Journal you and your friends published - fascinating lecture by the way - I got an impression that you have tendency to over-analyze things. Something that I myself are very guilty of to be honest, although the mutual acquaintance of ours helped me to remedy this somewhat." Swift paused as his thought drifted a certain draconequus. He couldn't help but roll his eyes remembering some of the antics Discord got him into "Well it's good to see you too Miss Sparkle. Since most of my Love's family lives here, I decided to drop by. Quite literally I must add." he said as he raised his gaze to the sky. High above a shadow of massive object could be seen, hidden behind a cloud cover. It had to be as big as an airship, but the shape was not quite right. "After that mess with a Storm King, I begun to think that our military equipment be blunt, obsolete. I don't know if Celestia shares the same sentiment, but I feel that it is about time that we make some upgrades. I just hope that this concept vessel will be enough for her to to agree with me. I prefer for our nation not to go through such curb-stomp again." he confessed. "But back to the other topic. From what I understand this enchanting...." Squall waved his hoof around. "..effect wasn't exactly intentional. Please tell me, what were you feeling before you cast the spell that caused this?"
  11. "You no fun Moto. We supposed to announce that together." said the familiar voice. Indeed, wearing winter variation of his standard getup Swift Squall approached the scene. What was notable, he wasn't 'crystallized' like the rest of the assembled characters. His arrival must've been the most recent development. "Sorry for the ait Love. But, oh my.So many familiar faces today. Is that Ice back there? And Spring, Luna Miss Fluttershy, Miss Sparkle....Sigrun." unicorns eyes flickered with excitement while he spoke the name of caribou Jarl, one of his legs unwittingly moving towards to his blade. ".....No...not today." he mused while returning his limb to the ground, before turning his head to meet the gaze of statuesque cow. "There is time and place for everything. As much as I loathe to admit it. I was looking forward to compare how much our skills have grown but....." he paused. "You still has the task ahead of yourself, it's it Jarl Askr? Is that why you came here today? Because of our holiday.....and the history behind it? " noblepony asked. ".....You see something familiar in the story from ages long past, don't you." he added before stopping again. "Sorry, I soured the mood. However I will second what my Love has said. When you two will decide the time and place to intertwine your lives, we will be there, to witness it." Unicorn's gaze then shifted to another familiar face. "Spring...." he said before quickly making his way to his changeling friend. "Spring...are you alright?" Swift asked. The tone in witch he asked the question made it clear wasn't meaning her physical condition. Noblepony knew her better then most, so it was no secret for him that she was going through the rough spot. "You should take more care of yourself." he mused as he lifted his hoof to dust her off. "If something would happen to you, who would I banter with?" Squall said, but the warm smile that he wore made it clear what he really meant. "So this flash I saw from above and...sparkling following it is yours doing Miss Sparkle? To be honest I am not surprised. That's the bad habit of yours Miss Twilight." Swift said to purple princess. "One of my teachers once told me: I fear not the sword who has practiced 10,000 strikes once, but I fear the blade that practiced one slash 10,000 times.'." swordpony said with the slight nod at the memory. "Aside from Luna here perhaps, you have larger repertoire of spells and sorcery then rest of assembled here combined. But how many of them you cast more then once Miss Sparkle?" he pointed out.
  12. Transcending history and the world, a tale of souls and swords, eternally retold.

  13. Bug, Seeking New Nest [Semi-open, see OOC]

    "Well thank Harmony that's it's only coincidence then." Swift said as he sighted with relief. Although frown quickly returned to his face when Naj mentioned a reason for her presence. Although she wasn't specific, Squall knew his friend well enough to fill gaps on his own. "I...well I grateful for the offer Mayor but it seems that the business will have to wait for the other day." while pulling the chair for himself and sitting next to the changeling. While he didn't heard Naj's earlier explanation to Rose and Tehengu it was clear for him that she could use his presence. "Spring, may I?" he asked after Mayor sanguine filled words. "I can help you with the paperwork. I find myself buying the land and real property so often that I can fill all of this with my eye's closed. Also, my grandfather made billions on real estate trade and intermediary. He shown me every trick in the book, so I can serve give your potential apartments very precise appraisal - free of charge of course - among other things. If you want it that is. Essentially I offer to be your broker for today." he explained. "Well mot really Mayor. although I appreciate the enthusiasm." noblepony said in answer to town official's offer.
  14. That One Question (Private)

    "Eating ponies? Mostly old mare's tale, if degenerates indeed happen from time to time. Siren's usually eat fish, the flash of land faring creatures is very, very heavy on their digestive systems, although they can eat land plants just fine. No, you see the problem lie's in the fact that their magic works in very...changeling-kind-of way. But they not drain anypony, rather they bath in surrounding emotional spectrum. Good emotions are suited for for healing and other helpful magic Negative feeling on the other hoof..." Squall said in a tone that didn't left much for imagination "Hmmmm..." unicorn mused. "I think I read something about this. And I believe my mother have music box made from the same wood. And even if it's not the same I kind of want to check that area back. It was nice place for a Badlands...." he said before awkwardly stopping. "Sorry, got sidetracked for a moment." ".........." Squall went silent for a moment when Fire explained the events of Tirek...attack? Takeover? It was hard to classify it really. Probably 'raid'. Seeing things that he did it couldn't qulify as conquest. Well, right now it was irrelevant. "I guess not everpony could deal with something like that, yes." Swift said, trying to sound polite but it still came out deadpan-sounding. "And how exactly they fund all this 'beauty and culture' Moto? Resources that's how. They have large deposits iron, oil, silver, gold, lead, adamantium and it's the only known place in the world where hadrathium is mined - and they trade all of those for cold, hard cash and anything else they could need. Their military is good not because they rapacious tendencies Love. Rather, other surrounding countries - Maretonian nations in particular - would do much to lay their hooves on those goodies. As such they have to be sharp. I would think thrice if I had to go against squad of their SF, they just that good. And they have enough money to have top notch equipment as well." he explained while his mind wandered to the memories of his encounter with Elite Khamsin Unit. Squall kept rambling on, and on, and oooooon.....until he noticed that Fire was not there anymore. "Moto?" he asked, only to hear a peaceful snore as an answer. Well, of course she was tired, who wouldn't be after day like this? Not to mention that sleeping in a bath was becoming a habit of hers. Must've be something with using showers in the barracks all those years. "Sleep well Love...." Swift said quietly as he slipped out of the tube. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * The first thing crimson mare could experience in the morning was a smell. An aroma of chocolate and something freshly baked. "Morning, Beautiful. Breakfast is served." orange stallion greeted fiancée when he saw her eyes open. On the nigh-table next to Fire was plate of still warm croissants, accompanied by the large cup of cocoa. This wasn't the only thing that was laying there. The other, little smaller plate was filled to the brim with Germaney style cheesecake and gingerbread. "I also did a thing or two with your costume. It looks much better now." Squall said while pointing at the garb, neatly folded on her travel bag. Harmony knows what noblepony did, but it seemed to work, since costume looked almost new. "So....this is big day Moto, isn't it? The day we bring your parents the news and then your Pa requests that Me and Him are to punch each other in the jaw.." Swift mused while suiting up. "You know, I am a little nervous. On one hoof I want to make good impression on your dad..." he continued, and Fire could notice that he put on vambraces."...but at the same time I don't want to get him hurt. I am not sure how much should I hold back, and I don't fight like a soldier anymore. " Squall said while putting dulling spells over his weapons. "....In the hindsight, after that many years in service neither would he huh?"
  15. In Silva, Venandi [PM for Invite]

    "Plans, as in let others know?" Squall reacted with surprise. "Oh Night. 'The secret of two no further will go; the secret of three a hundred will know.' " nobelpony quoted the Mexicolt proverb. "T-Thanks." unicorn replied while visibly blushing. "I will do my best to make Her the happiest mare in the world." Swift vowed. After a few minutes during which he left Night with the REIN's reports stallion returned. The cup of coffee he made for himself had extremely aroma. Either Squall really needed his caffeine, or he was doing his best to kill his taste buds. "Quite a messy thing, isn't it?" he asked as he sat down in the tables corner, next to Night. "So...the locations and timeline...." Squall started as he put down a map of Everfree and surrounding land on the table. "The first...incident occurred at the very north edge of Everfree. Closer to Saraneighvo then Sveltahorse in straight line when you think of it. Three missing pets. At first nothing special. The locals pinned it out on a really vicious fox. However during the course of the month more situations like these popped out in the small settlements along the forest line. Our culprit moved steadily towards direction of Sveltahorse. It was also then when first pony has gone missing...." Squall said as he reached out towards the file containing the profile of the missing unicorn and begun to read. "Delilah Drop, from Marelia. Single, no health issues She studied botany in Roam. Was gathering data for her PhD thesis which would explain what was she doing in Everfree. Disappeared three months ago, leaving all her portables in Cloverplain Hill, a small town where she was renting a room." Swift frowned before closing a file. "Of course, while this was a reason for concern, it wasn't really unexpected. This is Everfree after all, ponies are going missing in it all the time. However thanks to who she was we can check out any dangerous, meat eating plans as a reason for those incidents. A learned botanist would surely recognize a danger of such kind and stay away from it." nobelpony explained his reasoning. "Moving on...our culprit...or should we better say, a "Beast' - as we shall call it for simplification - moved close to Sveltahorse. Interestingly it stopped here for around ten days at least. Five pets went missing. This time some...remains were found. Most were devoured almost completely, but in two cases the 'Beast' was more picky. We will get to that later if we have to." Squall said while taking a sip of his coffee. "The monster moved further south, next to two other small settlements. Another unicorn went missing here. Hagane Cog. Clockmaker from Calnais. Was visiting his family in the region. Disappeared along with his dog." businessespony added. "This is where "Beast' vanishes for over a month. But as you may have noticed, there is a reason for that..." Squall said as he pointed at the map. "...Hasufel Mountains. This makes sens, really. There are no settlements on the Everfree side of the mountain range. And while not as intimidatingly high like Eponnine or Tarpans, even if 'Beast' would posses the wings to pass over it, it would rather not to. Monsters are like normal animals in this regard. Most of the time their logically efficient, aside from those specific instincts that drive them. And besides, if 'Beast' would pass through the mountains, we surely would have some reports coming from Rainbow Falls, which we didn't." Swift explained his train of logic to the winged mare. "You know Night, I think we make slight break here. To be honest my throat got a little sore, and coffee isn't helping with that, as much as I need it. Give me a second to fetch some juice. I also believe I have some packages of cookies left here. And before you ask, no they are not from the last year or more. I actually bough them on my way from airship port." orange pony said as he disappeared into the next room again. Thankfully Night Watcher didn't have to wait long. No less the five minutes later nobelpony walked in once more, this time with large plate of various cookies and two huge bottles of pineapple juice. "So..." Squall started as he laid all the goodies down "What do you think so far?" he asked his friend.