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  1. Oh Stan......I am going to miss your "Excelsior!".

  2. Ciraxis

    World of Equestria: The Age of Heroes!

    Soooo is Gate Kicker still a thing? Because so far it was really fun.
  3. Ciraxis

    Toboe the Bartender... and NOTHING else.

    Hmmm I actually torn with this one. Her first version was cool because she was unassuming. Unassuming because would you not expect normal colored pony to transform into beast that can then bite your face off. Also her expression was also....as if she was dealing with something beneath her. Which was fitting because Yakuza. And Yakuza are not nice. At all. On the other hand I also really really like the new colors. They make her appear more curv...errr more feminine. It also makes her somewhat...mystical. As with the most yokai characters you draw (Except Yama twins. They traded that in exchange for being impossibly adobs.) And honestly, I wasn't expected her smiling. I guess it's fair. You can't cut others finge....errr ears everyday, and neither you can frown all the time! PS: Also, what's with that eyepatch? What's underneath it? Optic Blast? Mystic Eye of Death Perception? Sharingan?!
  4. A Hero desires a Sword, and the Sword desires the Truth....





    Yeah say what you will, but SC III had the godliest logo of them all.

  5. I regret missing out most of it's due to fue/work hours combo, but the bit I participated in was still fun nonetheless. Thanks guys!
  6. Ciraxis

    Yama-Chan from the Mountains

    I swear to Apples Pretzy! If you don't App her...!
  7. Ciraxis

    [Age of Heroes] Gate Kicker [open!]

    And here she was. The wirebrain pest that she was hunting was now right below her. But the otherworld pegasus was not alone. It seems that the other mare - one who was calling the cyborg to meet her at the park - wasn't making an empty threat. How inconvenient... "Oh how rosy...." Ossia muttered to herself, her words dripping with sarcasm while she gazed at situation below. "I was expecting just a junkbox, but I just had to bump into half-corpse as well." But perhaps it could work for her advantage. Why throw herself into a fight, when she can instead wait for those two to duke it out, before squashing the exhausted winner? Unless something goes horribly wrong of course. Ossia knew better then to rule out such possibility. "<Sigh> Spectator mode then it is." she murmured while descending down, still clad in illusions and invisibility spells. "Fino all'ultima condizione strana...." But of course she couldn't have even a five minutes for herself before another detached voice could be heard. A male voice. Well at least he heard about volume control, unlike the gan ceann over there. What's worse, he seamed to have gained insight over her true nature if not appearance. Otherwise he would be much more confused in his tone. While she couldn't exactly pinpoint from where it was coming from, perhaps she could do something about it... "Oh how perceptive of you! What a twist, really, my mind is blown!" Ossia answered Masquerade voice in a tone that instantly dispelled any notion about her being a 'superhero'.....all the while she was discretely spilling her love magic over the area. "Do you want a medal for any of those observations? Or for getting a peek? Talk about low ambitions..." she continued with the mocking. "Or maybe your were hoping for something else, pervertito. A kiss maybe?" her voice turned both more seductive and venomous. "Didn't your mother taught you...TO NOT PEEP ON GIRLS?!" she shouted while suddenly turning the intensity of the spell up, bombarding the Mythos with cravings and desires for the illusion-clad alicorn. Hopefully the illusions that dampened the sound, as well as the magic being tuned for males will help with all of this getting unnoticed. That and the fact that the other two mares were right now aiming to bash the other one's skull in.
  8. ".......I suppose this can be irritating. Ohhhh, look at that titled oaf! Thinking he's so enigmatic and all!" he said in self-mocking voice before giving a heavy sigh and taking off his shades. "If we have a thing in common it is being hopelessly stubborn Miss Applejack. And I too know the burden of overstretched schedule. I wouldn't bother you if it was something I could deal with by doing it myself or by throwing money at it." he mused before adding.... "Not that I am disrespecting the work or assistance of others...But there is always certain satisfaction and source of pride when doing things yourself. A sentiment - I believe - you agree with." Swift pointed out with a wave of the hoof. "At the same time however..." noblepony started again. ".... I can't really spill all the details, right in the middle of the public street. The project I am involved with is supposed to maintain a certain level of secrecy until a right moment. You would be surprised at the length some ponies go to upstage others...or out of pure spite. I hope you understand." Squall said. "Still....giving you a bit's of information isn't exactly 'All' is it?" businesspony added, lampshading a loop in his words. "First of all it's a completely philanthropic endeavor on my part. No profits involved.....at least in coin. The pro's that will come with this project are much more important then that. Second I am doing this for Fillydelphia, so yes, some travel will be required, perhaps multiple times as well. And third...." Squall smiled out of sudden. "I see no reason why you shouldn't bring your child with you Miss Applejack. You can even bring all your whole intermediate family if you wish. I am more then capable at accommodating a great amount of Apples." unicorn assured the farm-mare before picking one of the fruits from the bushel and throwing it high into the air before catching it. "But if you want further details then I afraid it will have to wait until the evening, as I mentioned earlier. After that you can give me your decision. I don't expect you to make it without all information" Squall said in reasonable and understanding voice. "Oh really? A fireproof package deal? Then I guess I have to tell Discord to bring that Smooze associate of his, for him to buy bushel or two." Swift said with mischievous spark in his eyes. "Heh,I am joking Miss Applejack. Do as you will." he said while preparing for the unavoidable
  9. "Somehow, I am not surprised." Ossia mused after hearing from Blublood's own mouth about how much of a joke of family mare Celestia was. Which was not different at all from her other selves across different dimensions, but it was nice to receive direct confirmation. It appears that her being an utter failure of a sister and aunt was universal constant. Well perhaps half a failure in the later case. "But she does have enough time for you cousin, does she? An obvious and blatant case of favoritism. I am mean does she deserve to be called your aunt at this point?" she said, adding yet another brick towards Prince's resentment at the white alicorn. "Almost all things have a place in this world Your Highness. It's nice seeing that you add more elegance and class to it." Ossia complimented Blueblood after he mentioned his seafaring escapades. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ossia didn't even had a time to ridicule the brute of the dragon, she found herself being 'saved' by Prince's quick reaction. All her durability did nothing to the fact that this took her by surprise. Too bad that one of the balcony's that were hanging in the alley was damaged in the attack. CRASH! Obviously it failed to do any damage to her, but the rubble pinned her in such a way it might take her a minute or two to get herself out. All the strength in the world matters little if you can't contract most of your muscles. "Well....despite the result's, I guess I have to give him a points for romantic gesture." she mused. Wait, speaking of 'Him'....where's Blueblood? The answer to that question wasn't really clear due to all this dust blocking alicorn's vision. Luckily her 'magic muscle' was not compromised. A short incantation was enough to see through the aura vision. And she saw Blueblood alright...! Just as he put two relicts around his neck. ........What. -TThat's, the core of his being remained the same, but out of sudden Prince shifted from being male to...female! For all of her travels across countless worlds it was the first time she witnessed such change to happen...happen so...so quick! "This world...this world is even more amazing then I thought." alicorn whispered to herself. And this Blueblood...he had so much more spunk then any other version of him that he saw. Well not literally, seeing the form Blueblood now took, but it was spirit that counted. To so loudly announce a robbery attempt? Bold. Utterly stupid, but bold. "Have to follow...." Ossia growled as she pushed the rubble out of herself using her magic. Now, where his...or right now Her Highness has gone?
  10. Finally feeling better. Flu of the decade that was...Expect posts. Lot's of posts.

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      Ugh. Sorry to hear that.


      But good to see you're back.

  11. Ciraxis

    Yama-san from the Mountains!

    Ahhhhhhhhh!!! Pretzy is drawing agai!. All is good in the world! Also, he's simply adobes! I await his reaction towards other genres of music.
  12. Ciraxis

    [Age of Heroes] Gate Kicker [open!]

    Ossia was on her way to the Manehattan Park when an unexpected event drew her attention. Normally a parked ambulance in the city as big as this wouldn't be enough for her to stop. This time however she could sense a of aeather. A foreign aeather. "Not even a hour in and it's marking the place like a stray dog." alicorn mare said sarcastically before going down to take a closer look. There were a few paramedics on the scene, as well as police officers. But it was the one pony in the force's uniform, a stallion shuddering while laying on the stretcher that drew her attention. It seemed like he really wanted to curl into fetal position, but the belts that were strapping him were preventing him from that - something horrible obviously happened to him. It was this unlucky pony from which she felt other-world influence. "Miss, we are undergoing an investigation right here." one of the police ponies approached the disguised alicorn "I have to ask you to move immi....gghuuu!" the stallion grunted as he was swept of his hooves and pinned to the ground with ntense magical force...along with every other officer medic and civilian in vicinity! "Were those sounds coming from your mouth a words? Even if they are I am too busy to make time for a peon like you." Ossia dismissed the officer before approaching the LDEL6370's victim. The way he tried to get away as she got closer was telling enough. "Uhh straightforward without any consideration like some brute. No subtlety at all." he mused in disgust. Luckily for stallion, Ossia had more...genial means of extracting information. "There...there nice and easy." she said as her magic took a root in stallions mind. Most of this memories were distorted due to sheer horror he was subjected to, but few details were retained. Greenish-blue. Mare.. Cyborg. Descriptive enough...Oh? What's this a pure remnant of the alien magic! Which just a little taste Ossia will know... .... ....... ............. "For #@^&% sake!!!" alicorn yelled in frustration while punching the sidewalk hard enough to mess already broken concrete even more, make the nearby fire hydrant's pop of it's outlet and shattering all windows in eyesight. "Of all possible, freaking dimensions those parasites just had to....!" Ossia ranted before stopping herself. It wasn't like her to loose her cool like that! Since her arrival she chose to lay low, searching for suitable layline nexus. Thus her opportunities to unwind were somewhat limited which put her...on edge. "Alright, nothing to be worried about just yet. Just finding the scout before she establishes a gateway and smashing her like a cockroach will make things juuuuust fine." she reassured herself while giving an audacious grin. "Also, I need to put obliterating this dimension from which she comes from, higher on my to do list." she added to herself in her head, making a mental note. Ossia spread her wings, ready to take of but....something - maybe and instinct, maybe a simple whim - made her to stay just for a moment longer....and dig deeper into unfortunate cop's mind. He was a father and husband. A very loving father and husband. Ossia's frowning expression softened at that revelation. With a gentle nudge into his thoughts, she made his mind focus on his family instead of terrible experience he gone through today. He should recover much faster, to keep adding more love to the world. "That should do it. Sleep." disguised alicorn commanded, and officer fell into a slumber- but now with a much more serene expression on his face. "....Now to find and crush a PEST." Ossia growled while taking off at supersonic speed, and dropping all the ponies she held off back to the ground.
  13. Uhhh I sitting out Stage Three. A really bad cold decided to turn up and as a result head is blank right now. I focus on my half finished post's in my other RP's while waiting for Stage Four
  14. Soooo...now that show unveiled their own Kirin, will there be distinction between them and our on-site version?

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    2. Dubstep


      I can confirm that we'll be having both versions, and that we're discussing internally the distinctions and whatnot 😄

    3. Bellosh


      Ah geez, we have to get to work on new lore now because of you tattletales. :P

    4. Ciraxis


      Well seeing that the show one's have a more...Ehem...violent side, why not give them some 'western' dragons down the family line?

  15. While Squall's action right at the start of the race placed him in the lead, noblepony had the unpleasantness finding out that the weather itself had stymied his efforts. "This will be problematic..." stallion mused as he found himself at the crossroads. While the bridge would be an obvious passage, it was obvious for Squall that it saw it's last maintenance check long ago. So Swift....stopped. From swordpony perspective it brought the threefold benefit. First, it will allow him to maintain, and perhaps even regain some of his stamina. While otherponies might doubt the sense of such action so early in the race, it never really hurt to do so. Second it will allow him to forecast how the weather will change. The crossing was but a temporary obstacle, a runaway storm may very well trouble him from the rest of the day - it would be wise to see if it would be the case. And finally third, the little stop would be an opportunity to study his opponents. His Love, Miss Applejack and Ice Storm were already familiar to him, but gaining profile on other could provide him with advantages that were not obvious at first. So Squall stood and watched, while making a mental notes. There was a quilin from the faraway Neighpon. Perhaps Swift, being more familiar with foreign wondewr then most could recognize that something was off about this stallion....If he wasn't so dumbfounded by seeing quilin being ridden by a small...alligator?! And a raccoon?! "The %^$#?!" Squall expressed his astonishment in a rather inelegant way. However, right then a sudden realization crashed into his mind. Raccoon? This couldn't mean.. "Oh for the love of..." Swift muttered under his breath as he squinted his eyes and scanned through the runners. Ah there he was. A form that was a little younger then the one he took during their first meeting and he rid himself of that gave-away goatee but it was still recognizable enough. Trying to predict Discord was an exercise in futility. Then again, as long as he will be playing fair, beating him in the race was not an impossibility. Then again, it was hard to say what exactly Discord considered normal. "Hi Gramps." he greeted the spirit of chaos as he ran past him, letting him know that he knew, but still being enigmatic enough for other racers to be oblivious. Next was...pop-singer? Ex-pop singer? Squall wasn't sure. Either way, noblepony recalled that for world at large she was known as Countness Coloratura. This was a stage name of course. Being a noble himself he knew all noble houses across the land. This however was an advantage for her - at least in context of this race. Using a crafted identity for so long, meant that that noblepony couldn't get a good read on her aside from 'friend of Applejack'. Next was a lean griffoness. Half falcon, half cheetah. Hmm challenging trying to best her in speed would be a stupid idea. However neither raptor nor the feline halves that made her were known for stamina. The best tactics would be outlast and then overtake her, after strength reserves fail. And speaking of strength reserves..... There was coming the stallion that grind the rock that were blocking the road earlier into dust. He seemed to be a stark opposite to the agile griffin female. With a frame large and powerful like this he could be going for days and days. At the same time however it wouldn't allow him to reach speed beyond the certain threshold. Also this gait of his...Was he a seafaring pony? Great, like Swift had to be reminded of his pirate-hunting days right now of all times. Setting all the ARRR's aside, and continuing with endurance theme - the pink mare that was clearly nopony other then Miss Pinkie Pie. And also perpetuum mobile in equine form apparently. Another pony that Swift had to give up in outlasting. "Distract. Distract. DISTRACT. DISTRACT!" a panicked flashed through unicorns mind upon seeing her in action, in noblestallion mind this being the only way to best the inexhaustible mare. Oh and there also seemed to be a blind teenage mare in the race, judging from how cloudy her eyes appeared. Wait. A blind mare. In a race. One the quickly was turning into obstacle course. "The double %^$#?!" Swift dropped the another cuss-bomb, after both the stoicism and sarcasm failed him once again at the same time. Perhaps extinguishing those reserves was the reason for noblepony's minuscule reaction when witnessing the collapse of the bridge. After seeing it being whisked away along with Miss Applejack, Coloratura, Discord and Hawke his next remark was turned towards himself. "<Sigh> Let it go Squall. You have a race to participate." he said, while also making a mental not to drop a donation for the bridge rebuilding . Seeing that circumstances made the choice for him, Swift turned towards the higher path - now the only available way forward. Swift speed up, gaining enough momentum, and before leaping from the very edge f the cliff, in what could only be described as quintuple somersault. So far so good, but right now Swift focused on catching up to Fire Walker. Who knew what problems would await them next?