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  1. Wait.....since Celestia is also Sorceress of Castle Greyskull....


    Does that make Twilight the Strongest Mare in the Universe?!:shock:

  2. That One Question (Private)

    "Oh is that so? I wonder then how did you acquired the tastes for those 'hot-stuff' you speak off - seeing that you are Canterlotian born and raised." Squall inquired. "I agree however about the 'boring' part. It's always surprised me, you know? I always thought that Prench cuisine should be popular there but......" noblepony shook his head in disappointment. "I guess it's because all that nobility in there. They just can't take a hit - on both the jaw as well as the taste buds." Swift added with self assuring nod. "Hmph. Yeah I knew that much." Swift mused when Fire mentioned Miss Applejack glaring flaw. "Still, I am grateful it was you that was sent to deal with her obstinacy. Sometimes I wonder if those Six have enough cognisance to realize how much rest on their shoulders. how much depends on their well being." noblepony pondered. "At least one of them has enough awareness regarding that. Your new superior I mean. I don't always agree with her decisions but I never could say that she doesn't know what she's doing." unicorn praised some roundabout way. "My my, it's been a while since I heard that one. I see somepony was studying her thesaurus." Swift said, more amused with Fire's teasing then anything. "Silly Moto. It's me that's should be known for sesquipedalian loquaciousness, being pompous noble and all...." he added,jokingly. "Oh so I heard, so I heard. But....don't you find it...weird?" Squall asked "I stare at your newborn kid and out of sudden you come with a name. And then twenty years down the line it turns out it's very fitting for what he or she does for the living and/or as a hobby. What are the odds?!" stallion pointed out. "....I guess in the hindsight, it's no harm with that. Still, I am not fond of the idea of some mysterious force pulling the strings with my thoughts." Swift mused, clearly unhappy where his line of though has led him. "Hmmmm...." Swift muttered. What Fire said made much sense....However. "I be honest dear. I am not too fond with an idea of having a wedding banquet in Ponyville. The place tends to be bit...rowdy reputation. And is a magnet for trouble at that. And while I am certainly fond of the former..." he said with a wink to his fiancee "...and it's our job to deal with later, I think such day should be a break from both. At least until wedding night." unicorn explained. "I was rather thinking about some town completely unassociated with either of our families, a neutral ground so to speak. Known but also remote. Not to big either, nothing like Stalliongrad or Las Pegasus. Perhaps someplace in the Germaney or Itaily?" Squall pondered aloud before pausing. ".....And I guess we will have a number of guest anyway right? Your family is quite big, and my extended one is huge as well....although I will settle with Pretzy as well as imminent family. Oh and Blueblood too as well. Oh geez...there are also all you acquaintances from the Academy isn't it? And your new Boss. As well as my employees. And our comrades from EPIC. And our friends....I guess it would be rude not to invite Sigrun since she sent invitations to us as well..." Swift continued, his shoulders sinking lower and lower with each sentence, until he gave a resigned sigh and buried his face in his front hooves. "There is NO CHANCE for this to stay small, isn't it?" he asked rhetorically, obviously annoyed by the realization that came to him.
  3. I hope that Avenger's 4 will have the best superhero of them all in it....


    1. Monokuma


      I normally don't drink pepsi, but after seeing pepsi man I had the overwhelming urge to buy some. Help! I'm under his spell!

  4. The first step to being successful super-villain!

    Get yourself sufficiently badass and intimidating leitmotif!


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    2. Monokuma


      Oh, and world domination through emotional manipulation.

    3. Ciraxis


      I don't know man. Anyone who interacts with the world through animated teddy bear avatar immediately gets negative style points in my book...

    4. Monokuma


      Who's interacting through a teddy bear? I control myself, and hey, the person who created me did manage to make the world kill each other, and worship her, and I don't know about you but all that death and hopelessness turns me on.

  5. World of Equestria: The Age of Heroes!

    Cool! Thanks Pretzy! If anyone is in need of an actual villain in their thread, I would be happy to provide with the Ossia above!
  6. A Wedding of Northern Lights (Pretzel, Dusty, Open)

    Squall's mouth turned into thin line when Twilight mentioned Fire. Oh, as if she had a right to be surprised about her 'absence'! Of course crimson mare's sudden appearance shortly after spoke for itself. It didn't meant that noblepony would let Purple Princess slip off the hook so easily. "Somehow we managed. Not that it was easy. We had busy schedules before, but now Moto's new duties leave us with barely any room for voyage or each other." Swift explained while giving Sparkle cold and disapproving glare. "Well, it depends of what kind magic." Squall mused while grabbing the horn with some beverage from the plate of passing waitress. "Pass the mountains north from here and I am sure you will find plant of opportunities and test subjects for art this young lad practices. Test subjects that would welcome you with open, rotten arms." swordstallion said in deadpan tone. The frozen lands beyond Spine of the World Serpent were as least welcoming as you could get in the known world. Mainly due to hordes of frozen undead that roamed them. Thankfully the approach of Squall's chosen rival spared to unicorn from any further talk about necromancy - at least for a brief moment. "Hmph. Like I had a choice. There are so many people trying getting as close as they can to the ceremony that I have no other option. Who does your urban planning?" Swift answered in a grumpy tone, but the warm gleam in his eyes told a different story. It was clear that he was as glad seeing each other as she was. "The bou from all over Whitescar are coming to witness it so getting here isn't easy. And not only your kin is coming." Swift added adressing day's bride. What he said was true though - many nations sent their representatives for the event, and those representatives brought their entourages with them in turn. It wasn't surprising really. Seeing that Sigrun was the most likely t candiateo wear the crown of High Queen in the future - many of those representatives sough to worm their way into her and her husband-to-be good graces early.... However the Jarl's next question knocked any thought about of politics right out of Squall's head. Everyone present could see a competitive smirk that crept on noblepony's face. Jade aura bloomed around unicorn's body like a faint mist, and spark of excitement flared in his eyes. This was a clear confirmation of Sigruns previous observation - Squall clearly grew in powerr since their last clash. And not just in muscle. "Ohhh?" Swift murmured as one of his legs moved closer to his weapon for a split second. "You should be more careful with your inquiring Bladehymn. Otherwise I may take this as a demonstration request." businesspony in a voice that was eager for a scramble. A few tense second passed before aeather glow died out and Swift put his leg back to ground. ".....I will wait. Just as before - this is hardly a place. You and your Love have to enjoy each other first before that." he said. Seeing that he and Fire will themselves marry soon, Swift could sympathize with desire to a peaceful time with your special someone. Harmony knows that he already made some preparations to have exactly that when their ceremony comes "That said...." businessespony started again. "Punching each other was not the sole reason for me being here. There are lot of things I feel we have to discuss. A gifts I have for you. Giving a boost to yours country economy. A trade contracts that comes with that. Building an infrastructure that will help with this. And last but not least, dealing with a Red Ja..." Squall spoke before he was interrupted by the arrival of none other then Lími! Swift took a few steps back to give mother and sone space they needed. They clearly needed that, and noblepony wasn't a one who would interrupt family reunions. However, judging from unicorn's expression, the arrival of young bull - something he assumed would not happen - flustered the swordstallion quiet a lot! "....Well...this is awkward." Squall murmured to both Fire and Twilight - clearly referring to his earlier request to Chipper.
  7. That One Question (Private)

    "Well, I have to write to another restaurant as well." Squall mused. This reminded Squall that he also needed to restock his supply of Dragon Dust. His reserves were running low recently. "You know, back when I was mercenary I used to eat a lot of hot stuff. Not so much noways. Since you moved in I figured out that I have enough 'spice' in life." Squall said in playful tone before planting a kiss on the mare's cheek. "There always is one." Swift nodded in acknowledgment. Of course the was a tale behind the events that lead to this! It's not like Sparkle spun a wheel of fortune to see where the pointer lands - there had to be a reason for her choice. "Well, that makes two of us..." nobelpony mused when his love mentioned her past ventures. He decided not to mention his own, fresh venture into the infamous wood along with Night Watcher - it was a whole different can of worms and he decided to leave that story for another time. Swift also tried to keep his mouth shut when Fire explained the reason for her involvement. Seriously, HOW IRRESPONSIBLE ONE COULD GET?! Risking yourself is one thing, but doing the same to your own child because of your ego..... Squall bravely held out from spewing any venomous words, right until his fiancee revealed the reason of Element of Honesty trip. "Let me get this straight. This...mare put her unborn foal into risk of death or worse because of...couple of seeds?" he asked with corner of his eye twitching. The stallion paused and took a deep breath to calm himself. "I am sorry Dear, I know that your job requires you to not be judgmental, so I will be for both of us. This mare doesn't deserve to be a parent." Squall said in arctic cold tone, although it was clear that this frigid words and matching glare was not meant for Fire but for non-present farmer. "If your 'tradition' requires you to do this and that no matter your state....well, it's a sign that it's about time for this tradition to go %$#@& off and die." noblepony added before hiding his face in his hooves. It was clear that earth pony mare disregard for well being of her child shook him. ".....I was planning to go to Miss Applejack with a job offer later this month, but after seeing that I am not sure I want to talk with Element of Ego in the first place. I could understand if it was - I don't know - Soggalong. But you said it Love. There are things that eat ponies there!" he fumed. "That also explains why Miss Sparkle picked you as her escort. She knew that you of all ponies in the military will have enough patience to not chew her out on the spot. I guess that she really knows her friends....and to how to work around their flaws." Squall reflected, and his respect for purple princess grew as steadily as one for Miss Applejack evaporated. Her decisions were always logical and based on available information. It didn't made them any less frustrating at times, but they were sound nonetheless! Luckily, Fire Walker came with something to lighten now soured the mood - namely, reveal of her new pet.! Wait, didn't this trip with Miss Applejack happened months ago? How did she hid the little fellow all this time?! Questions for later, because for now Swift attention was focused on Everfree's bat appearance. Indeed, the resemblance was uncanny... "...I see what you did there." Swift admitted before taking a sip of his own tea. "Also, I am naming our kids. I am sorry Dear, but your talents in that field are as non existent as those of your parent's." businesses-stallion added with a dose of brutal honesty. Fire's last question, despite it's simplicity made Swift pause for a moment. Indeed there were many things to consider and ponder. Still there were some basic conclusions and thoughts that could be laid down right now. "What I think, is that Miss Sparkle did the most logical and sound of choices. There are indeed no better candidates for the position then you Love." he started. "That said, it doesn't change that her decision gave us quite a stickler. I swear, it's as if she was doing that on purpose. As a Count of Fillydelphia I can't really move out, not after just reclaiming my family house, lost after so long. Also my corporation have it's HQ here in the city so there's also that. On the other hoof you have to be readily available for the call of the Princess. Private airship is possible, but exploitation cost would only grow with time and it isn't instantaneous. Hmmmm..." orange stallion mumbled weighting the quickly available options. "Well if there is a will, there's a way. If anypony would have resources to find it, it would be myself." noblepony observed. "But let leave our job aside Moto. I was thinking we should do some plans for the wedding. I was thinking about some remote location perhaps in the open space wildness, somewhere far from all those paparazzi and such. Without many guest's either but at high standard. You know - quantity over quality." Swift said.
  8. Bug, Seeking New Nest [Semi-open, see OOC]

    "Don't mind if I will." said Squall as he double-checked the papers Naj filled. As expected his friend was smart enough to leave fields she wasn't sure of empty, instead of filling the blanks with balderdash. "Don't beat yourself about it Spring. I would actually said you adjusting just fine." noblepony reassured the changeling "Our property law can be complicated at time....Actually our law system in it's wholeness is. Of all places I've been to Aquelia is an only who has it even more confusing...although I heard Neighpon is getting close in recent years." he mused as he hoofed the filled documents back to Mayor's assistant. "Don't be so hasty Spring. Paperwork is just the beginning." Squall reminded his friend as Mayor Mare gave Naj yet another set of papers. He quickly scanned through the list before musing. "We are for quite a tour. But before we go, it would be wise some things you should decide in advance. It would help you not be distracted later." businesspony advised before starting his lecture. After all, he had more experience in the subjects then all of his teammates combined. "First thing - do you want to rent a house/apartment, or to purchase it instead? You must take your current and future possible income into consideration and more in that regard. Rose living with you would greatly help with the possible rent, but even if you count that actually owning the estate would be cheaper in the long run. Mind you your...OUR line of work doesn't help with creditworthiness. Banks may be unwilling to give you a loan....if you need one that is." Swift explained. "Second, no matter if renting or buying some renovations have to be in order. My Squallcoast Constructions could help with that." unicorn added, namedropping one of the companies he owned. "Free of charge that is." "Third and the final one for now, do you want estate that is already furnished or not? Again, it's all depending on your funds but if you want one with all essentials already in place, make sure you explore them as closely as the house itself. You would be surprised what kind of cons ponies are ready to do so squeeze some extra bits. That sink, ughhhh..." Squall winced at disgust at some clearly unpleasant memory that flashed thought his head. "Oh don't be a drama queen 'Engu. I saw teens that couldn't do half the stuff you can do. Most of because they were stuffing themselves with hayburgers all their lives, but the point still stands." Swift addressed the griffon "Besides, no sword is rustless forever." he quickly added reassuringly before turning towards Rose. "Also, I didn't expected you Rose to do home-hunting here. I kind-off understand why Spring does - sentimental value and all - but I would see you settling somewhere with booming music industry rather then here. Or one close to one. I mean Canterlot is close but ehhh...." nobelpony started before pausing meaningfully. While there were places focused on music in Canterlot, it wasn't exactly stuff Rubble listened to "That and I don't believe demolition expert would be in high demand here. I mean - this is Ponyville. You just have to wait for another catastrophe to swoop through town to do job for you." Squall pointed out to the unicorn mare.
  9. World of Equestria: The Age of Heroes!

    Gaze upon my supreme beauty! I am Love given Flesh! Supervillain Name: Ossia di Nerezza Appearance: For reason - barring some minor differences - Ossia looks basically identical to a certain pink alicorn superheroine. However there are minor differences between the two - with Ossia sporting gray eyes, more athletic build and different manestyle. They also dress completely different.- with villainous alicorn wearing a black catsuit with a green sash, as well as pair of emerald earrings,jeweled leg bracelets, black tiara made of unknown metal, and golden amulet depicting sickle around her neck. It is currently unknown if has the same Cutie Marks as her match. Power(s): Ossia display usual alicorn powers similar to Sunlight Sentinel, Moonlight Knight and her own heroic counterpart, with skyscrapper-toppling strength, insane durability, supreme speed and reflexes and raw magic power that would make most graduates of 'School for Gifted Unicorns' jealous. While somewhat weaker then another alicorns, this still makes her incredibly strong and an S-Level threat. According to Ossia herself, her power source is 'Love'....and seeing that she displays EXTREME narcissism it appears that she is more then capable of fueling herself. Uniquely to her, she is able to 'strengthen' and 'renew' the love in others by using her magic to grant herself even further boost....usually by cranking it to such degrees that unlucky recipient becomes downright psychotic or displaying similar unhinged behavior. The villainous alicorn also was shown to charm males for a time, making them obsessed with her, and ready to serve her every whim. There however appears to be limit to this ability, with Ossia not being able to enchant more then three stallions at a time. The malicious di Nerezza also appears to quite familiar with various types of magic, displaying great knowledge of mystical arts during her clashes with Avalon Five, and later Hopesguard. She was shown to be proficient in using counter-spells, forcefields, teleportation, extremely powerful telekinesis and usage of different kinds of magical beams. It safe to assume that she has much more up in her sleeve when it comes to sorcery. Most disturbingly and unfortunately, di Nerezza can also torture someone for insanely long times without killing them as Hopesguard First-Response team found out. Saturn Amulet: Ossia possesses a relict of unknown origin that allows her to travel through dimensions and alternate realities, and granting limited protection to time manipulation. Strangely enough it appears that Ossia needs to progressively 'acclimate' to each newly visited dimension through increasingly prolonged visits. Her first appearance when she fought Avalon Five 55 years ago lasted no longer then fifteen minutes and greatly drained her. In contrast her next visit lasted six hours back when Hopesguard was freshly formed, with her latest - just before the same team dismantling - ending only after two days of chase and struggle, with Ossia being shoved through trans-dimensional rift. Tegan of Hopesguard theorized that her next visit may very well result in a permanent stay. On top of that she doesn't appeared to age at all between her appearances. Currently it's unknown if it's something appurtenant to her or yet another benefit coming with possession of Amulet. Weakness: While not possessing and glaring weaknesses like Sunlight or Moonlight, calling Ossia invincible would be a glaring suspension of disbelief. Her first most glaring weakness is her narcissism. While she is way too arrogant to be bothered by petty insults or rude comments Ossia can be...a little too self-absorbed at times. While usually no-nonsense this usual leaves her open to any tricks or surprise attacks that she should notice otherwise. Going with that, she also appears to infatuation with Mi Amore Cadenza. Mentioning the alicorn heroine by name is one of the ways to pick Ossia's attention and di Nerezza seems to hold her counterpart in almost as high regard as she does herself. This usually leaves her talking about Cadenza. A lot. Second of Ossia's shortcomings are sadistic tendencies. While savvy enough to cripple strong opponents quickly, di Nerezza have tendency to play with them longer then she needs toy, extending their pain and suffering for longer then necessary apparently for nothing more then her own amusement. This was exploited by Hopesguard during their first encounter with her - After utterly demolishing first response team, Ossia was completely blindsided by three backup units while she was still tormenting her now defenseless foes. Strangely enough Ossia appears to have no interest in harming powerless beings, saving her interest for other supers instead, in her own words ' "To temper herself".' Third and perhaps the most surprising is her protective attitude to any real display of romantic love. Assaulting an enamored couple in di Nerezza is a quick and sure way to bring a savage assault upon yourself, usually with a lethal results. Coincidentally Ossia appears to be rather fond of any love imagery, and she will try to avoid any property damage to any places that have it. Last but not least Ossia appears to tend grudges like others tend flowers. While outwardly calm and collected it's pretty clear when she loathes someone. Particularly her cold resentment towards Moonlight Knight, Rainboom Centurian and [REDACTED] appearing almost unending and thus easily exploitable. Strangely enough she refers to Moonlight as Nightmare Moon.... Backstory: Being a individual hailing from another dimension Ossia di Nerezza so far is almost complete enigma - the few strings of information about her being only this that she shared herself. What is known however is the fact that her being an alicorn is not an illusion - something confirmed by Hopesguard when they brought their strongest dispelling magic to the table. Her fist appearance goes as far as 55 years from present day, when members of superhero team Avalon Five were researching means of dimensional travel in hopes of locating heroes missing during 'Tear Shock' even over century prior. They experiments instead paved the way for Ossia di Nerezza. However the evil alicorn appeared to be very weakened from her first excursion into a world of superheroes and she was quickly overpowered by the Avalon Five an pushed back to whatever alien space she came from. Avalon Five however kept the encounter a secret, perhaps out of respect of Sunligh Sentinel and fear what the new about, malicious alicorn could do to her reputation. Thus Hopesguard were completely obvious to Ossia's existence when she resurfaced years later, just after Hopesguard subdued a notorious super-villain Shatterway. His reckless usage of his superpower which opened portals through space allowed di Nerezza to break through weakened dimensional barriers - and this time she wasn't as nearly exhausted by the transition as before. Tired from their prior fight, First-Response team were no match for evil alicorn and were utterly trounced, However Ossia revealed in her victory for far too long - long enough for backup to arrive. Ossia managed to hold her against two more additional teams, with only third proving to be enough to stop her and forcing di Nerezza to retreat from dimensional rift. Once again, due to the remote location of the battlefield and concern about Sentinel reputation - existence of Ossia was suppressed. Hopesguard however was more mindful then Avalon Five and they kept the data about malicious alicorn just in case, eventually uploading information about her to their AI - Marionette. The android dragon proved to be crucial to Ossia's defeat, when she returned few years later. This time she emerged in Hopesguard secret laboratory in Allacor Mountains, where research over Sixth Energy were being made. A particular experiment was performed at exactly wrong place and at wrong time. And while it was successful, the side effect weakened the dimensional walls - something that di Nerezza exploited once again to break into reality of superheroes. Despite being far more experienced and having far more members Hopesguard had the unpleasantness of finding out that Ossia had even better grip on her powers now as well. Evil alicorn steadily moved through the members of the team, and only Marionette supreme coordinating skills back from HQ prevented any casualties this time around. The fight eventually spilled into outskirts of Beakbreak City, with Ossia being stopped when Marionette found a way to be rid of her. Using portable Sixth Energy generator build by Tegan, data gathered by Provenance and powers of Stable Loop they were able to open a dimensional rift into lifeless universe with rest of the team pushing di Nerezza into it, finished the battle after two days of almost constant struggle. The events of the incident were once again were kept under the wraps - despite a greater difficulty of doing so - partially for the same reasons as before, but mostly because Ossia now had an active, and undoubtedly heroic counterpart active within 'supers' community. It was quite certain that news about crazy and malicious counterpart would greatly damage to emerging superheroine creditability. Time will tell if Ossia manges to bounce from her last defeat. But one is certain - she will have quite a grudge to act on if she does.... Allies: None! As somepony who had been present in AoH dimension two days tops Ossia simply hadn't had time to make any. Enemies: As if in contrast with her current lack of allies, Ossia brought with her quite a number of grudges, and even managed to cultivate a new ones. Moonlight Knight - Hated by Ossia with intensity of thousand suns, slaying the blue alicorn seems to be one of the goals she has in AoH dimension. Strangely enough di Nerezza refers to her exclusively as Nightmare Moon.... Sunlight Sentinel - Not so much hated as feeling a great scorn towards her, Ossia has nothing but disdain for world most famous heroine. In her own words "Despite all of her power she's a joke of an alicorn. An utter failure no matter the timeline or dimension." di Nerezza appears to know Sentinel true name, and uses it when referring or speaking about her. Rainboom Centurian - The pink alicorn seems to hate the blue mare almost as much as she does the Moonlight. Mysteriously enough Ossia spoke about Rainboom and Nightmare Night as if she was associates in some great sin committed against de Nerezza - despite the fact that Centurian actually fought Nightmare at one point! [PLACEHOLDER: Candance Superhero Couterpart] - Unlike other superheoes, Ossia appears to have more complex relationship with Mi Amore then with other heroes. di Nerezza appears to be obsessed with her counterpart and even tries to emulate her in some ways. She openly adores and reveres Cadance abilities, looks and status as alicorn of love - to the point of being extremely creepy about it. At the same time however she criticizes her for repeating mistakes of Sentinel and Knight instead of "Becoming so much more then those failures." and not living up to her utmost potential. Cadance is also the only pony Ossia sees as a worthy opponent - a honor she doesn't extend to Moonlight and Sunlight despite their greater power and her scorn for them. Avalon Five - di Nerezza holds a grudge against the group for a simple reason of foiling her once before. However since their meeting happened so many years ago three of the team's members passed away due to old age, while the remaining two now live in secluded retirement. Still, if a group of heroes would decide to carry on the team legacy, it's quite possible that they would inherit Ossia resentment towards the name as well. Hopesguard - Ossia despises the team for the very same reason as she does the Avalon Five - foiling her plans. However their interruption is far more recent, and they managed to do so not onece but twice. The vindicative alicorn made sure to engrave into her memory name and the face of every single member she faced, so she can 'repay' them once their paths cross again. Notability: She is only known by the former Hopesguard members and those with the access to their former database. However because of her uncanny resemblance to certain alicorn superheroine, Ossa can be easily taken for her. Love conquers all.
  10. Curse you, my 'Elaborate Backstory' addiction! Writing Apps is so taxing for me.

    1. tacobob


      Not sure if anyone else does this, but I have text file after text file on my HD on little details on each of my characters....What their favorite foods are...who they dated in HS....Or that Fire Walker has a cousin named Dog Walker. Hmm. Wonder what he does for a living? :o

  11. A Wedding of Northern Lights (Pretzel, Dusty, Open)

    "She knows much, much more then that...." said a recognizable voice, coming from above. And moment later, an familiar figure of Swift Squall leaped from the roof above, churning upwards petals of still fresh snow. "Hello miss Sparkle. Fancy seeing you here." noblepony greeted the Princess, but the tone of his baritone indicated that it was no surprise for him at all. A quick look-over made it clear that Squall forwent from his usual choice of garb and decided to 'go native' for the occasion. As if in contrast to Sparkle's method of protection from elements, swordpony's duster was replaced by heavy winter cloak with fur of unknown beast adorning the edges and collar, the cloth bound to unicorn neck by stylish brooch. Noblepony also wore a breastplate that was beautifully adorned with elaborate engravings while still remaining completely practical. The rest of his garb was similar in appearance, with only blade hanging from his side, and it's scabbard showing Equestrian origin. "Flying here all the way from Seaddle, and alone to boot...Bold." noblepony mused, while making emphasis on a certain word. "That said, the trip surly provided plenty of sights. How do you like Whitescar so far Miss Sparkle? It's....different, isn't it?" he asked before turning to the younger stallion. "And You....I remember you. You are a friend of Sigrun's boy...." noblepony recalled as he closed his eyes for a moment. "...I heard he wouldn't be attending the occasion. Such shame. A child should be allowed to witness mother's happiness." Swift recalled. "And I afraid I wouldn't be able to stay long to see him either. Can you tell him then that I apologize for what i said during our last meeting? I should chose my wording better back then, nevertheless if they were dictated by concern or not. Concern that in retrospect appears unneeded. Can I ask you of this favor, Mr....?" businesses-stallion paused. The appearance of undead bird was a bit unexpected....but while Squall couldn't speak for Twilight, for him it was not a first meeting with necromantic arts. Still, it wasn't really a sentient creature he was animating, so it was borderline case between creepiness and oddness. ".......Oh dear, so you practitioner of that spell-school. Err.... In Saddle Arabia they call you kind 'Tomb Sleepers', and in Unyasi 'Mound Talkers' since they usually stick to communication only...." Swift said - unsure where to follow from his little bit of trivia - before turning to alicorn mare for assistance "Sparkle, a little help?"
  12. Ponyville Scavenger Hunt

    "Oh for the love of.....!" Squall started to rant, but of course there was no time for that. Plush, or no plush - thing so big could really do some damage. Which it did, the moment it smashed through the wall and ran in direction of Ponyville, with unicorn only barely able to leap out of the way. And falling straight on the dinosaur in question, becoming it's unwilling rider. "..... Oh %&#@!" Squall cussed moment's later when he noticed that the plush was charging straight in Ponyville. This can't be good. * * * * * * * * * * Of all unexpected things that could happen today, Swift would place unwilling ride on 1:1 scale, animated plush dinosaur high on the list. "This is giving me Conflagrius flashbacks..." Swift muttered to himself as he did his best to cling to the running giant. Indeed, it was not noblepony's first wild ride. Being showered by the contents and goods from the stalls that plush trampled was next experience. "Gramps, I swear to Harmony. if I win this I will use my wish to make YOU a janitor in Fillydelphia sewers for a few months!" stallion promised ash he steadily climbed towards the neck of rampaging plush. Swift didn't knew if he could hurt something that was basically stuffed toy, but that didn't discouraged him from trying. After making sure that his hold around it's neck was firm, noblepony used his teeth to pull a long dagger from his sleeve and stab the reptilian plush. It was hard to say if it hurt it. Actually it was hard to say if it actually feel it. What it certainly did was disturb it's rhythm. The giant plush stumbled, and due to it's high speed flew straight into the air in unintentional somersault. Right over the stage, the crowd gathered before it and straight into the doughnut shop smashing everything to bits. ........Well, that's one way to derail the play.
  13. The moment that you realize that App for your OC is longer then your CV :scream:.


    EDIT: Also, Devil May Cry 5- Wooo-hoooo!!! This 'Devil trigger' song is a real Ear Worm.

  14. [Unicorn]Swift Squall [FINAL]

    Aaaand this Re-Work is finished. Thank you for your patience! In the end I decided against adding 'Skills and Abilities' section, instead opting for 'Show, Don't Tell' approach.
  15. Goldenglow sketch

    Gosh, her expression is so cute! As if she was on her first date.