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  1. That One Question (Private)

    "I don't think it will happen within our lifetime." noblepony said "They say one individual can make a difference, but dragons are old species. Far more ancient then us, ponies. If they didn't change that much from the days of old, then it will take far more effort then one brilliant individual to make them abandon the chains that are their instincts." Squall mused about draconic civility. "So she has carpenters in her ancestry...somehow I am not surprised." unicorn said in amusement, but one that was lacking malice. "Still, while I would normally appreciate practical approach over artistic one, this time I need something more....representative." Swift said. "While Tempest Tower may be super-tall , it's just another skyscraper. Meanwhile What I have in a building t6hat will connect bottom of the sea with the skies. And I have to yet run into someone with 'construct building from the bottom of the bay' in their resume." Squall wrapped his fiancée in yet another hug. "In the Filly, on the west side of Manebrush River the waters are not safe for sailing. Too many jagged rocks, and the currents there are treacherous .Those are the reasons why Filly doesn't have as robust port like Manehattan.....The unwanted western coast. So I bough it. And I will build the world first city district that extends from the sea. The one that would be of use for all five kinds of ponies....." he said, with his voice trailing off. "And the first one that will be built have to make a statement. One that would encourage seaponies to live closer to us. To live together...." Swift continued, his gaze getting a little glassy. "This.....I didn't really know how to explain this. But you have so many siblings Moto.....I think you will understand....." Swift said. "This is about rift between my Uncle and my Mother. An ugly one at that. They haven't been speaking to each other for over twenty years. And I am not sure if I can do something to change that...." "......He was. And I am grateful for that day I met him in the train.....but...." Swift paused "'s only my impression. If he you then I guess it's....fine." Despite his words, it was clear that for Squall it was far from fine. Fire knew her stallion well enough that she could easily hear that his voice was lanced with guilt...and resentment. "Weeeeeeell....I had world prettiest mare to practice on. And I had a very good look how she cleans herself before night. And I know every single feather on your wing." he said. "I know that you always take a few more minutes to clear your scapulars. I know that when you clean your primaries you always use that comb with the topaz on the handle. I know about the soft sigh you make when I touch your alula...." unicorn said while doing just that. " And that your hind legs twitch when I groom feathers over your ulna due to how good it feels...." he whispered to her ear before planting a kiss on her neck. "I know so much...because I want to know everything about you, my Moto...." Swift said in a husky voice.
  2. Emperor. Few knew the meaning of such title like Jinhua, even if the Dragon Throne that belonged to her was still out of reach. Still she was waiting. Still she was unrecognized. But her crimson eyes already saw what other could not. That sometimes hoof of fate. Must. Be. Forced. Even if tipping it was only for such minor things like being...overlooked. Hua gritted her teeth. She...omited? Not, that was inconceivable, she was the Empress and place she was heading towards to was part of her legacy. What kind of fool one would need to be to commit such an error? And one informed about her, neither about the findings, nor the excavation that was undertaken. How dare they....! FOOLS! CRUSH THEM! VERMIN! Quilin mare took a couple of deep breaths while clutching the now glowing gem on her forehead with her hoof. 'If you don't master your anger, your anger will master you.' A reminiscence of wise words of her father helped to soothe the painful pulsing in her temples. It was after all, unbecoming of Empress to lash out in fury, even if it was righteous one. Perhaps there was a valid explanation that would answer why this outrageous overlooking that took place. The answer or lack of it will determinate the henever or not she will bring down the punishment for this omission. That said, first she needed to find someone who had the answers. And aside from the Shadowmane itself, who would know better the organization inner workings but the Number Two? How fortunate that he was present in the place Jinhua was going to. Apparently some recent actions of his irritated 'Mane and he was delegate to some remote location in Long Guo for a time being. Well, all for the Jinhua's benefit. This way she could obtain answer she sough, as well as be able to see the glory of the accomplishment that her ancestors made for the good of the world.... * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * No later then ten minutes after Revenant left to intercept the intruders, a carriage rolled into the digging side. And as soon as the vehicle wheels stopped, a tall quilin mare departed from it. She was tall, wearing a businesses suit and built like an amazon. But what was the most striking about her, was the fact that she appeared as if she was a living metal statue. Her mane glittered like a sliver, her horns could be compared to steel swords, and her coat appeared as if it was cast in bronze. Even her red scales and eye had a metallic shine in them. The female arriver seemed to study her surroundings for a moment before musing. "Not as much of a progress as I expected. Still, demanding that much from the servants would be unreasonable." Hua said in a husky contralto. "You there! Approach!" she called one of the workers that has been staring at her with slack jaw in a demanding tone. "Y-yes?" the digger said meekly as he stepped forward, clearly intimidated by the mare's stature and confidence. "That is appropriate reaction...but..." Jinhua though. "Fear not. Those who knows their place like yourself needs not to tremble. Tell me now, where is the one overseeing this operation?" "H-He's there!" the stallion quickly pointed towards Mt. Faba western slope. "Very good. You obedience is noted. Now, return to you prior duties." she ordered before proceeding towards the given direction. As she climbed up Jinhua passed numerous of workers but she paid then no heed to them, it seemed like she didn't even registered their presence. Soon she reached a place that looked like the good vantage point . However instead of Revenant she a stallion in a white jacket and matching fedora. What kind of nincompoop wears white garbs for the excavation? No matter, maybe this clown at least had information about the one she sough. "You there, mongrel. Where is the leader of this endeavor?" quilin businessesmare demanded, her words directed at Merlot.
  3. For Squall Naj's is one of the closest friends he got. Thus I assume it's logical that he would offer Naj to crash in his place without the second though. Well there is more than that. Squallcoast Manor is huge and swordstallion feels that's a little...empty. Swift's also has prior understanding of Naj's situation, so he would be in good position to comfort her.
  4. The Princess of Friendship (Open)

    "Well I was hoping you will help me with that Miss Sparkle." Swift said "I know languages, true. Read more then most, yes. But I am no scholar. You would be surprised how much of what I know comes from practice." he added with a dismissive wave of his hoof. "And indeed, that's quite a find....IF it's real...." Squall mused while dramatically closing the journal. "Apologies for being a killjoy, but while book may be old, it doesn't rule out that it may be only a centuries old sham. Which is why I came to you Miss Sparkle, to confirm if this journal genuine article or not." noblepony said. "I mentioned it earlier, didn't I? The books was in horrible shape. I had little choice but to use the preserving formula developed by my South Equestria Chemicals just to read it. But that in turn came with price of interfering with normal age detection spells. Which mean that determining how old this volume must be more taxing, old fashioned way." Squall said with a deep sigh. "And this is a reason why I am here before you Miss Sparkle. I could try to find some other specialist but...." Swift paused. "...Well let me be straightforwards. Ponies tell that you ARE a bookworm Miss Sparkle. A kind of one that could help me with this find." he added. "To properly evaluate the authenticity of this volume one has to be familiar with sorcery, alchemy and has to posses an in-depth knowledge of Equestria history. Also be honest and well meaning. I wouldn't wish for some 'specialist' to run off with this book in hope of making a quick buck. And keeping all of it in mind, you are an only pony who meets those criteria in one hundred percent that I could think of." unicorn admitted "This is journal Miss Sparkle. It's suffused with tiny mentions of other events.While I was unable to make of them I believe You can, comparing what you find with other works you studied before...." noblepony mused while looking Twilight straight into the eye. "So let's make a deal Miss Sparkle. I will lend you this journal for this purpose. Heck, I am agreeing to let it be copied to the Royal Records. In return any findings you will make will remain just between us, al least until we both decide otherwise. We both know there are kinds of knowledge...that are better as not public."
  5. That One Question (Private)

    "Hmm I see." Squall mused when Fire corrected him about current Dragon Lord gender. "I had unpleasantness of running into two of those back when I was still in the business." Swift said. It appears that there were few things that didn't reminded the orange unicorn about his sellsword says. "Young you say? Hmmm...this is worrying." Swift said in cogitative tone. "The passions of youth don't usually come with wisdom and patience. And the fact that she is a daughter of the previous Dragon Lord is very unusual....Let's hope that her efforts in emulating her father won't turn problematic." "...It would be nice if we would interact more. I though for asome time now that ponies of earth and waters were....too much apart. Actually....well I have some plans in regards of Fillydelphia Bay when it comes to that. I already have technology and resources, but I am still looking for good enough architect. Or architects. What I have in mind may be too much for just one pony...Even if they did splendid job when it comes to Tempest Tower." noblepony said said, while mentioning name of the building he owned and build for his corporation. Tempest Tower was the highest building in Strand. Probably the highest one in Equestria actually. While still unfinished, some of it's floors were already in use, including Squall's office at the top floor. The official opening date was less then month away, just after the massive shopping center at it's base will get the finishing touches. Another important event in Squall's already packed schedule. "Well Dear....I was 'dead' back then and everypony was supposed to think so." orange stallion reminded his Love. At the same time his magic moved from styling and brushing Fire's mane, towards preening feathers of her wings while he keep speaking "Changing my colors and voice via enchanted bracelets was easy enough, faking Cuitie Mark requires more powerful stuff. Stuff that isn't very practical when hanging out with your marefriend in the middle of international event. So I...uhhh...left my clothes on." swordpony explained. "Maybe bit sill, but it was simpler." "Well....'my side' isn't very big. There is Mom, Dad and Grandfather. Well I have an Uncle and Cousin as well but.....our family isn't really in speaking terms with them right now...." unicorn said quietly. "That and.....I don't think Dunder will accept the invitation....."
  6. Squall was almost literally frozen. How could Blueblood be so stubborn in refusal of accepting knights superiority over pirates (seriously, stupid sea thieves!)? Of course Swifty wasn't stunned for long, the other colt smacked him into face with his tail! "Wha....Why You!" unicorn exclaimed, instantly peeved. However Swift wasn't roused for long. After seeing how many other kids chose the pirate side Squall became deflated as quickly as he became roused mere moments ago. Was it because something he said? Lil' Swift honestly had no idea. He didn't really interacted with those of his age since...well, ever. Perhaps the haughtiness and bravado were the attempts to cover his own insecurity. It was hard to tell. After all, children had yet to learn to be honest with themselves. One brought young unicorn from his torpor was - Who else? -Discord. The new, miniature and adorable version of spirit of chaos wasted no time in using gibes to coax young noble into action. "Wha...? But I....." Swift replied, hesitant. The others swift rejection in response to his earlier behavior wasn't doing any favors when it came to his confidence. or a next few moments Squall looked like he wanted to say something. It was only after the other...filly - Judging from her voice the changeling was a girl - spoke to him that Swift managed to form a response. Perhaps because she looked as insecure and nervous as he was right now. "N...No that's not it. I-I-I mean I know how to play. I think...." he said. "It just...just that I....haven't played with anypony....before..." Swifty murmured his response. That said, Naj words made him feel somewhat better. "So...umm...we should use these....?" unicorn colt said sheepishly when he approached the 'gear' that Discord had conjured. He still wasn't sure if he will be allowed to play but if so, he had to even the odds against already equipped 'pirates', even if he had his 'sword' already.
  7. My post is about half-finished and will be up today.
  8. Huh, I wonder if Samus Returns is any good? <Reaches the TRUE Final Boss> Yes! YES! YEEEES!

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      I'm only 15% in so far. I'm rather enjoying it so far though. 

  9. @Bellosh Well of course I am. It would be weird for Hua to sit out something that closely tied to her heritage. And no, I don't use Discord.
  10. Jinhua [Ready]

    Aaaand it's ready Well this sounds fair Bellosh. But Shadowmane better not call her that. In Jinhua mind she is working with WRAITH, not for it. In a sense, working with Hua is like being sole person in the world in possession of nitroglycerine. It will blow you up if you mishandle it, but it's simply too useful and has to many applications to give up. It probably also helps that Hua has no desire to wrestle the organization reins from Shadowmane. It's 'beneath her' to aspire for something like that.
  11. The Princess of Friendship (Open)

    "What if I say neither?" Swift answered Princess question with one of his own. "Although some crafting was apparently involved, yes." noblepony admitted. For a moment Squall was silent and rubbing his chin. "Perhaps saying 'clocked-out' was not the best choice of words on my part Miss Sparkle. What if told you that according to this...." Squall lifted journal a little higher for emphasis "....Mycus didn't had a single wrinkle on his body up to the very end? And we both know he didn't had a privileges your mentor and her sister have." Swift pointed out before making a pause. "Oh, that reminds me, it may be a little off-topic but what kind of candles she uses on her birthday cakes? Did she switched to ones shaped like numbers or does she still sticks with quantity? Figured out you might know Miss Sparkle." After another awkward pause stallion cleared his throat. "R-right. So, back on topic. You see, Mycus passing wasn't exactly what you would call....voluntary. He had a little help with this. Which we know since said helper wrote about this." Swift pointed at the book he brought with himself once more. "From what it is written here, it's clear that Rye Wind wasn't entirely happy with her teacher. She wrote about how frustrated and increasingly angry she was with her mentor. Apparently instead of passing his knowledge to one of his students, Mycus opted to write it in his Magnum Opus. Rye isn't entirely clear about it, she never names it directly but there are mentions about 'useless stone' and 'green piece of rubbish'." Swift paused again give Twilight time to digest what he just told her. "Long story short, Rye envy and resentment over Mycus knowledge and skill eventually grew big enough that she decided to poison her teacher....And she succeeded. I suppose being learned alchemist herself it wasn't hard for her to find substance without smell or taste but lethal with effect." swordpony mused. "Ironically Rye regretted her deed almost immediately after going through with it. I suppose she decided to document Mycus work from that point onward to make for it, because afterwards the journals is less about Rye ponysonal life, and turns more into reports about her findings about Mycus, his theories and so on. She however laments her ability of being unable to find his 'Life's Work'. " Squall then lifted his eyes from the pages and looked Twilight directly into the eye. "So we know few things now. Mycus was centuries old and apparently unaging. That didn't saved him from the poison however..Second he left all of his knowledge in a single written source. Third while not naming things clearly, Rye hints and musings are descriptive enough that one could guess about what she was writing...." as he continued speaking, Swift's gaze became more and more unconfused. His posture also seemed to shift into more relaxed one, and is voice shifted from the one that gave a 'matter of fact' lecture. It seems that Squall begun speaking from his heart. "And we both think a same thing, aren't we, Miss Sparkle? Mycocetic Tradition, the movement that spawned from his teachings speak only about one work of Thrice-Blessed that contained all of his knowledge. One that apparently held secrets of Elixir of Youth...." noblepony words held more and more emotion with each syllable that rolled of his tongue, and sparks of excitement ignited in his eyes. It seems that he wouldn't stop talking even if Princess Twilight would ask him to. "Mycus greatest work. His Magnum Opus. An artifact, not of power but knowledge! One that Mycocent's search for to this day in hopes of reading about secrets of prima materia. A thing that every self respecting alchemist would trade his or her limbs for! The Emerald Tablet. Tabula Smaragdina! And according to this journal it's real!"
  12. Stumbled upon Duck Tales remake. And I ended up listening the theme song for hours. Send help.

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      Yah it's awesome, I fully intend to keep watching it when more eps come out this month!


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      I hear that life is like a hurricane.... with race cars lasers and aeroplanes

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      Yes, life is really like a hurricane.



  13. Jinhua [Ready]

    Slowly adding more and more into the app. I feel I will be in need of discussion about other members of WRAITH soon, in order to clarify relations with she has with them. After all she is not some fresh meat but a long time member.
  14. That One Question (Private)

    "Maybe so......" Squall mused about possibilities of cooperation with great wyrms. "But there always will be a renegade ones. Dragon are stubborn creatures, ones that fall easily to their instincts. Even authority of the Dragon Lord may not be enough to control those...especially in first few years, before the new ruler will prove himself." noblepony pointed out. "Well that's true...." Swift admitted when Fire mentioned that ponies and water didn't really mix. "After all. we don't have this special coats like our water-dwelling cousins. Although I know one crimson exception who looks great no matter what." he purred while kissing his fiancée's ear. Meanwhile his magic combed her red strands. "You know, you have such beautiful mane. It would be a shame to not let it loose more often." unicorn said while applying the shampoo. Washing was so much easier and fun when magic was involved! "So....regarding the wedding. Aside from family who would you want to invite? The place? The date? Gosh, there are so many things we have to consider..."
  15. Queen Rosedust

    Fear not Bellosh! Because for now and forever, the abomination will remained trapped in the Art Album! There! But seriously, this is really neat design. A cousin species for Breezies perhaps?