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  1. Fear not Bellosh! Because for now and forever, the abomination will remained trapped in the Art Album! There! But seriously, this is really neat design. A cousin species for Breezies perhaps?
  2. "Yes, I am sure. Normal, run-of-a-mill wolves don't talk! And besides you one to talk! Around you I am sure even wardrobe would pour stories about it's midlife crisis and kitchen table would gossip how indecorous it's owner were on it." Swift snapped at draconequus. Noblepony started to suspect that Discord real power was not chaos, but an ability to not shut him up. He always had to add his two bits, didn't he? Well in that regard Swift and spirit weren't so different, but at least unicorn wasn't known for turning gravity off for giggles. "Not helping your case Gramps." Swift mumbled before yawning when Discord dismissed possibility of pot plant transformation. Gosh, he really should stop staying up late. "Don't bother." businesspony spoke upon hearing Toboe's question about the map. "If he doesn't want you to leave, you won't. You may very well try to fight against sky itself or passage of time. He's a force of nature given ego." Squall explained. "Look, it's not your jokes that are the problem Discord, at least as long as you make sure you are able to clean after yourself before making a mess." Swift assured while rising his hoof to rub the sleepiness away from his eyes. Unicorn couldn't help but sigh at spirit's attempt at justifying himself. "I know it sounds like 'No, you!' kind of argument - straight out of kindergarten in fact - but it's other way around Gramps. For all your growth you still far from an empath." Squall said. ".....Well I believe you will get that eventually. You hang out with Miss 'Shy a lot after all." Squall stared at Toboe for a second after hearing canine's rebuttal. "Hmph. Fair enough." he said in agreement, the points that she made were indeed sound. "Don't be so sure about lack of time. For him, it's just another plaything. Who knows? Maybe he returned you back the very moment you disappeared." Squall mused before making another, bigger, yawn. Note to self. Must. Have. Caffeine. Squall could only snort when Discord gave him a pointy claw. "Hmph! And what else I supposed to call you? It's not like I have any choice by now." unicorn begrudgingly admitted. Noblepony gave a deep sigh upon hearing Toboe question before answering "Yes...." he confirmed in a resigned tone "Mind you, he has moments when he can be charming and helpful is his own....specific way. The thing is, he's eons old, and as such bored often. And so it happens that his preferred way of alleviating this boredom is getting a rise out of someone. Like right now for example. He really could use some other hobby." Swift only shook his head when Discord spun his tale. "So you calling me hedonist? How shallow. You know nothing about days behind me. You judgment on me is superficial, based on glimpses and fragments you managed to witness. Not to mention hypocritical, coming from a spirit who constantly pursues to fulfill his caprices and desires. It's little disappointing really. I hoped for more insight from being of chaos." noblepony offered quick and brutal rebuttal for Draconequus fable before suppressing another yawn. His eyes felt very sticky. "Offer your wishes in Saddle Arabia Discord. There are more open to the concept there." Squall advised. "As for me, things I desire want would be deemed worthless if given." he added. "This is something you have to understand, you who experienced no mortal needs. Some things only have value because of the effort put in getting or achieving them." Swift explained. Before unicorn could add anymore, he caught a stare of the other stallion, one that seconds later turned golden.\ Before Ōkami disappeared. Well that was unexpected. Swift didn't move. He was in situations similar to this one way too many times to be intimidated. Through he couldn't see, his instinct sharpened through years of facing mortal danger, allowed him to feel the presence around him. As unicorn shot calm glances left and right to assess the situation he spoke in sardonic voice. "So...what happened with 'a nice, peaceful trip'?" Squall asked, while his muscles stiffened. It was just like in the Unyasi, years ago. One slip out from either party will decide the outcome. He really didn't had much to work with. Only the feeling of air currents raised by the speeding yoikai, and twinkle of reflected sunlight. It was enough. Squall didn't know or even pondered what Kamikakushi no Shinrin could be thinking by now. But he probably wasn't expecting to be grippedt as he moved between the pony and the waterway. First by magic then by a hoof. Most ponies wouldn't had reflexes good enough for that. But most ponies weren't nicknamed 'Flash' by Equestria most hardened sellswords. "Slow" Swift whispered as he stared down the golden pair eyes, his weapon already unsheathed and ready to run the Kamikakush through. But suddenly, as if by the touch noblepony could feel the wave of weakness spreading through him. As if weariness of few weeks were thrown on his shoulders in and instant. His limbs felt, and so against himself, Squall let go of the grip he had on the wolf's fur, allowing 'Ōkami' to slip away. Meanwhile his blade clinked against the pavement, with no magic to hold it in air anymore. "Sorcery..." Swift managed to think as his eyes started to close unwittingly. With a few shaky, uncontrollable steps he moved forward, and felt over the ledge separating him from the canal. Before he even hit the water, Squall consciousness already passed the gates of deep, cold slumber.
  3. Young Squall didn't even looked towards the younger mare at first. "Canterlot Guard? Why would Ma and Pa have anything to do with...." colt said, apparently still sharp when it comes to details despite the young age. And then his eyes fell upon Fire. Something stirred within the Lil' Squall. It seems no matter the spell, a link between noblepony and his Love was not the one that could be severed. Unfortunately the same couldn't be said about noblepony future memories. "Heeeeeey...." Swift drawled at Fire, as he gave her a half-lidded stare. Well aside awkward this had to be for Fire, at least Squall wasn't screaming anymore. "She can't be you Mom you dolt!" unicorn colt scolded Dunder "She's way to young for that!" he pointed out, while his gaze were still glued to Fire. Funnily enough even as the colt, Squall was probably the only one(aside from Discord) who could understand both Diamond and Blust speaking in their native languages. "Je suis Swift Squall de la maison noble de Squallcoast. Vous êtes exactement là où vous voyez.." he said to a grifflet in a haughty tone. It was clear that Squall's ego was a lot bigger in his youth, not yet broken by military training and painful mistakes that came later. However the question that Blueblood made in his lispy voice gave a young unicorn a pause. "I...I-I not sure." he additament after a moment. "Ma and Pa never did thing before telling me first. I mean, Mom would tell me if a pretty Miss was to escort me right? But...." he shifted his eyes back to crimson mare. "...But!...But...if this is Miss Fire I don't mind." Swifty quickly added, with a deeper shad of orange creeping on his cheeks. Any degree of shyness were quickly dismissed however when Blue expressed his wonderment towards Squall weapon. The orange colt put on airs and graces, leaned on his now drawn 'sword' and told Blueblood in pompous tone.... "Of course I don't! Pirates are stupid! They are just bandits on a boats that steal from others and make 'Arrr!' noises. And Dad said that half of them aren't even good at it. Doing 'Arrr' that is. And Dad surely knows what he's talking about! He hires ponies that goes around to find out about stuff like this and later come back to him so he would know!" he lectured the golden maned colt. He probably shouldn't do this. Blue was only other kid he knew, but Swift couldn't help but to show Prince the error of his thinking. "I play knights! Knights are cool! They go around the land, fight monsters and other baddies, discover treasures and secrets and make oaths. They have big swords or lances or axes, a shiny armor and, and that really sweet capes!" Swift gushed. "And there are lot of different knights too! You have those that ride awesome beats! Or you have the a black knight! Wait, two kinds of black knights! One that doesn't wish to be known for some reason or whatever so he puts a black armor so other wouldn't recognize him or her...." Swift talked, and talked and taaaalked...... Of course all of his boasting and information dump turned out to be fruitless, when the attention of others was turned towards the playground outside. Squall of course knew of playgrounds, he had one outside his home in Big Orange, even better then that one.... But, but.....he was always only one there. And now there was a lot's of those other kids here. Should with them? Squally bit his lip. On one hoof he really wanted to, but on the other, he never before did so. Waht if he do something silly and others would laugh at him? That would be the worst thing! But he may not have other occasion before. This was the first time that both Pa and Ma were gone doing 'important adult business' - as Miss Fire put it - at the same time. "I....I...." orange colt started, torn by his insecurity, wish to play 'cool' and desire to try a new things. "I...guess outside would be nice...?" he half stated, half asked.
  4. It's been over a month since and English version of the game was released. So I wonder, are there any other fans of the game/franchise on site? Any fun experiences, lucky rolls, favorite Servants?
  5. I just realized I missed my 5th Canteriversary.....


    1. tacobob


      Shame you missed it. We were handing out cake and ice cream and puppies.

  6. Incorporated info from the new and fresh Lore about Long Guo history. Much appreciated Bellosh!
  7. She's becoming happier and happier with each picture. Character development at it's finest!
  8. 1. Sure, let's change it to life imprisonment. Indeed results are much the same - world believing the bloodline of Xi Hua and Xiao Huo came to an end. 2. I afraid I was unclear with that one. Most of the First Dynasty died out as the result of infighting among various branches preceding the fall. The Lesser Line survived because they were smart enough to stay out of this mess, which ironically made them the Main Line. But before they could take the throne, other (unidentified) Dynasty claimed the the reins of power, thus forcing them to plot and scheme.
  9. Sooner or later, all those pathetic worms will learn where they belong! Usurper ruling from Huangjing will feel the hatred of two thousand years and fall! And at long last First Dynasty will take it's rightful place under the sun once more! - Jinhua, Daughter of Tian Name: Jinhua. A very, very few earned themselves the right to call her Hua for short. Sex: Female Age: Mare Species: Quilin Eye Colour: Crimson red Coat: Cream white. Changes to metallic bronze when affected by her 'Emperor Armor' breath. Her scales are red, just lik her eyes. And while they don't change the color under effect of the 'Armor' they gain metallic shine all the same. Mane/Tail: Middle length and slid back, with two long bangs framing her face. Color of qureolin normally, it changes to metallic silver when 'Emperor Armor' is active. Physique: Tall and build like amazon, very much representing a brute strength approach Hua has to most things. Jinhua reveals in how her stature is found intimidating by other, and as such maintains her body carefully. Her horns are impressive and posses many prongs, giving Jinhua somewhat regal appearance. Normaly black, they took color of gold when affected by her 'Armor'. Residence: Wingapore. She however has apartments in Long Kong, Manhattan, Talonopolis, Canterlot and Stalliongrad as well. As a high ranking member and Commander in the ranks of WRAITH she also travels around the world on various missions. Occupation: Jinhua is a CEO of Iron Dragon Metal Industries and Commander of World Revolutionary Agency for Imperialism, Tyranny, and Hostility with ambitions of eventually becoming Empress of Long Guo. Cutie Mark: A White Tiger, symbolizing her incredible skill with Metal Breathing as well as ties with that Aspect. Unique Traits: Jinhua most distinctive feature is a silver gem in the middle of her forehead, in reality a magical amplifing artifact of her own design and Inoculated by surgeons hired by her. The gem (called Pinyin Engine by Hua) greatly amplifies her powers over Metal Breathing, putting them far above over what is normally possible for her species. As such she is capable of manipulating lesser known parts of the Aspect that inhabitants of Far East call 'Jīn' , namely gravity and lightning. But most important of all, the power boost granted by it allowed Jinhua to master her trademark 'Emperor Armor' technique. By enveloping herself in her own Metal Flames Hua can turn her skin, scales and coat into metal like surface - granting her strength of twenty quilin and unrivaled toughness and endurance. A very fearsome ability indeed. But all things have a price....the procedure amplified not only her Metal Breathing, but also her tyrannical tendencies and other negative traits, with occasional lapses into insanity when provoked. History Pt. 1 - The Story and Legacy of Prince Cao: Long Guo had long and convoluted history. While it's inhabitants follow the road of harmony, many times the peaceful balance was disrupted. Like during feud that ultimately resulted in fall of Tian Dynasty. Xi Hua and Xiao Huo had many children, among them a stallion of the name Cao Rui. Prince Rui wasn't as popular as his siblings, nor he rivaled them in magic, charisma or strength. What Cao had however was extraordinary cunning, and using his great mind he goaded his brothers and sisters to fight among themselves - with intent of besting them and claiming throne for himself when they will be too weak from struggle. Cao plan however failed when one of his servants was eventually caught, and blabbered everything about his masters plan. Rui siblings made a temporary agreement to deal with their nefarious brother, leaving him in unwinnable position. Cao however outwitted them once more. Using a body double, he staged his own demise and fled overseas with group of loyal followers. Cao ended up in the far west, in the land of Maretonia, far enough from any possible grudges and once there, he begun amassing resources to return with vengeance and claim what was rightfully his. However news reached Maretonia slowly. A few years after his escape Prince Cao, now a proud father, finally heard what has transpired in his homeland during his absence. A deserter of the general have approached the Long of the Longri-La and pleaded them for intervention. And treacherous dragons agreed to his requests! The had blackmailed his siblings to abnegate what rightfully belonged to them....but not Cao, by the virtue of Long Guo believing him him dead leaving him - ironically - the only one with pretensions. It was at that moment that Prince Rui realized that he will never see his homeland again. By now the position of Long Dynasty was secure, and his protests would amount to nothing! Cao wept, wept and cursed treacherous general and traitorous Long, who proved themselves no better the the wickedest of Mó. And yet Cao didn't gave up, instead doing all he could so one day his blood children of his children would secure what was rightfully theirs. Even his final moments served towards this goal, with Cao using his final breath for a powerful dying curse at the serpents of Longri-La - so that when the time was ripe they will regret their fickleness and treachery. And so they did endure, waiting centuries, millennia all for the ambition of regaining their former glory. Over time Cao's descendants returned to Long Guo, while keeping their descent a secret. Pateintly, they infiltrated high Government positions Finally, during reign of Gang Dynasty, when any more waiting became unbearable they struck. However the blow came too soon, the current Empress was killed, but her children were unharmed. Most of the living descendants of the Cao were rounded up and thrown into dungeons of Empire to rot, with few survivors fleeing Long Guo once more awhile vengeance. Evidently the 'Time of Reckoning' spoken by their ancestor didn't came yet.... . History Pt.2 - Jinhua: Centuries later the Jinhua was born as the descendant of those survivors living in Wingapore as the business-quilin. From her very first days Hua was fed with tales of their former glory, with her parents cultivating ambition and hatred towards ruling Féng Dynasty. Young Hua took her parents words to the heart - perhaps too much - working hard from the young age, all for the cause of taking what was hers. Young filly proved herself a worthy descendant of her genius ancestor. She quickly showed her cleverness, and while she wasn't a genius like Great Cao was unlike him she was also blessed with incredible physical strength and magical might. There was no word that could describe her but prodigy. Cutie Mark Story: It was during her studies when Jinhua found out about the greatest of her numerous talents. One day when attempting to read one of her favorite works, Jinhua accidentally made an entire heavy bookshelf fall on her instead. The heavy piece of furniture didn't crushed her however. In the panic, the scared filly shrowded herself in her flames, and that was what saved her. With her made and scales shining like most precious of metals she was no able to shrug off the weigh with ease. It was only when she crawled out from under the bookshelf that she noticed the change, a White Tiger had appeared on her flank, the symbol of her potential with metal flames. Truly she was marked for greatness if the very symbol of the Aspect was what represented her talent! History Pt.2 Continued: Despite seeing how talented their daughter was, Hua parents didn't cut her slack. Opposite, seeing that she was gifted to advance her bloodline's goal like no one before her, instead they paid even more attention to her. As they were true Emperors of Long Guo, her father demanded for Huo to study their homeland history. As sullied as it was by Usurper hooves, in the end Dragon Throne was rightfully theirs. But as the filly as more she grew and studied, the more she came to hate the moniker itself. The creatures that painted themselves as paragons of detachment and serenity were nothing but bunch of hypocrites! 'Give a thing and take a thing, to wear the Mó's gold ring.' would describe them perfectly, but injustice towards her family wasn't beginning nor end of their misdeeds. Hua found proofs of them all over Long Guo's history - not limited by blind worship that whitewashed them in the eyes of tother quilin and longma, she was able to see the full extend of their sins They meddled when not asked, and chose to ignore the the Empire when they were all so they would remain on top of the chain on the continent, they were the puppeteers that pulled the strings all this time! She have even uncovered the secrets of long long forgotten past, ones that the longma themselves would prefer to remain forgotten. By the time Jinhua reached her teenage years, her grudge against Serpents of Longri-La grew to the such extend that she started to wish for Mount Suncrest and dragon dwelling atop it to turn into nothing more but a pile of rubble. She also came to hate Usurpers even more as well, as non of the so called 'Dynasties' were strong enough to deal with the arrogant snakes, instead allowing themselves to be nothing more then their pawns, oblivious to their manipulations. That said not all her time was spent tending the ancient grudge that she inherited from her ancestors. One of her favorite pastimes included the practice of judo. Hua always liked to think that in the days to come, ones when she will finally sit on the Dragon Throne her very majesty will redirect ill intent just as the material art allowed her to do with a physical threat. Jinhua was skilled enough that she helped bring her school to victory in the Junior High World Tournament. The very moment when she trampled her lat opponent remain one of Hua's fondest of memories. After finishing high-school, Jinhua attended prestigious University of Wingapore. Not being a mare to do thing half-way she attended not one but two degree courses. The first one being Engineering and Metallurgy, the second Magic Theory. She of corse proved to be successful, and few years later Jinhua was in possession of doctorates in both fields. Using her talent and knowledge, as well as businesses know-how she founded her own company Iron Dragon Metal Industries , with the goal of amassing fortune big enough to overthrow Feng Emperors. History Pt.3 - WRAITH: Jinhua proved herself more then successful businessmare. Not only she had all the tools one the craft would need, and she had no qualms about using...less then legal means. And while would she? After all, there was no nobler goal then avenging injustice that befallen her family. And if her rivals wasn't strong or determinate enough to survive the competition from her? Well, that simply meant that those maggots didn't had a place in this businesses to begin with. Iron Dragon grew, and Hua ended up establishing outposts overseas. When it was time for opening one in Long Guo, Jinhua decided to attend it in person. After all there was no better cover to know the enemy then the guise of truth. Hua however wasn't prepared for sigh that sprawled before her eyes. She expected a nation lagging behind the world, one that remained in the game solely because of it's size and population. What she saw instead was a true Empire, prospering and strong. This sigh, this very sigh shook Jinhua up more then any single individual could. Was she really attempting to bend this might, might of the massive nation to her will? Hua didn't stay in Long Guo in the end, didn't lasted long. After all the necessary things were taken care of quilin's massive ego couldn't take it anymore and she basically fled the nation. With doubt, want, envy, rage and many other emotions swirling inside she couldn't take it anymore. Hua took a lengthy vacation and traveled to Maretonia, in hopes that the stay in a distant land will help her arrive to some kind of epiphany, just as it happened to her venerated ancestor once. In the end, her stay in Maretonia extended to a whole two years. During them, Hua ended up trying various activities, in an effort to occupy her mind from near crushing knowledge that the task before her was almost literally impossible. Character Personality: Tyrant. If one word could be used to describe Jinhua it would be the best one. The quilin mare has all the qualities and traits that could be found in worlds despots and dictators, but the biggest of them is her belief in her own self-worth. Jinhua has absolutely gargantuan ego, which paradoxically is Hua's both greatest strength and the most crippling weaknesses. Thanks to her massive pride, Hua is a determinator of the biggest order - she committed herself to claiming the Dragon Throne completely, absolutely, and unflinchingly. For her it's no other way for doing this and in pursuit of this goal she has no limits, inhibitions, or fears. After all if she would give up, it would mean that both two thousand years her family endured and her very existence were pointless. Her will toward achieving that end bent only once, but afterwards it became even more steel-like. With her pride also comes a sense of superiority, only heightened after she embed Pinyin Engine into her body. Jinhua believes that she's the greatest being under the sun, and is one the way of developing full-blown God Complex. Even Number 1 is unable to downplay this conviction of self importance (but she has other ways of dealing with it, See below). Jinhua also greatly enjoys proving her superiority, either through words or action. This is a reason why she took so much liking in practicing material arts for example. It's not like she has any faith in this ridiculous 'inner peace' rubbish, and she doesn't even like the act of fighting that much. It's because it is a way of showing all those 'mongrels and maggots' their rightful place - namely below her hoof - and for Hua doing just that is absolutely blissful experience. Of course her overblown ego tends to hamper her as well. Those shrewd enough can manipulate her by appealing to it (which is the reason why Shadowmane is able to make her do anything), and she is a real sucker for compliments. Character Summary:
  10. Heh, look at that smug face. Looking forward to see him in action. Also - Wow! He's looking just like Rider from Fate/Zero! The resemblance is uncanny!
  11. "Oh?" Squall expressed his surprise at Twilight's, well, surprise when it came to Mycus name turning up. "Expectations are fickle things in this time and age. Old myths and legends awaken, very much alive and valid, to remind ponies of today about themselves. And we both ran into them, have we not Miss Sparkle? After all, we stand inside one of them right now." noblepony reminded the Princess. "I wouldn't call the findings from this journal revolutionary, more like....confirmatory to some historical speculations and theories present." unicorn mused. Squall couldn't help but notice the sparks in Princess eyes. Stallion wasn't surprised. He witnessed the same kind of passion many times in the past, a flash alike to lightning that came with venturing into unknown, when uncovering the secrets of nature or the past. Indeed he knew that feeling well. After all, he the glimmer of it in the mirror this morning. "First of all, this journal did not belonged to Mycus. But it is the second best thing. From studying it I found out that it was written by his discipline, the mare of the name Rye Wind." businesspony explained as he opened the journal and started to flip the pages. "And her memoirs clarified the many things and shed a light on few other. Mycus indeed was just one pony, despite some speculations telling otherwise. He learned alchemy from Unyasi zebras directly. He was also apparently much more skilled and knowledgeable in fields of his interests then he let on. Apparently he chose to keep many things to himself. But he also..." Swift paused as he looked Twilight straight to the eye. "Well we get to that one later. Oh, and all this confusion about at what time period Mycus has lived? You know what I am talking about Miss Sparkle. Some claimed that it was before the unification, some that after...." Swift mused. "But if what is written here is true....then there is no contradiction between the two camps. Because according to those memoirs Thrice-Blessed clocked-out at ripe age of 471 years old!" unicorn proclaimed and gave Princess a look that dared her to call foul.
  12. More like Daaaaawkaaaaamiii! Cause she's lil goddess of Daw.
  13. Squall's attention shifted to Blueblood. He was in quite foul mood, was he? Regardless of the reason for such sour response, noblepony refused to get provoked. "Life isn't only about necessities Blue, you know that." Swift said,much softer. Perhaps, unconsciously he realized that his previous comment stung a wrong note. "If it was, we still wold live in mud huts." Swift paused for a second, before continuing. "I guess it's about making an impact. A glimpse of quality of life the children could strive for in the future, even if subconsciously. That and...most of us work hard in hopes that our children wouldn't have to themselves, don't we?" he mused before turning his attention to Inkbrand. It seemed that Earth Pony stallion was....well pretty much the same as he was back in their first meeting. "Is that so? Good, good. I look forward to seeing your businesses expanding. Maybe taking a student for your craft or two." noblepony mused, giving Inky something to mull over. "Well that's good thing to hear." Swift said after hearing Prestzy reply. "But plenty doesn't mean inexcusable, you should...." unicorn stopped himself. Presteza was a grown up mare, she didn't need to be told how to pace herself. "Just...just promise me you will take of yourself okay? Besides, I have a feeling we will see each other back there. It's been years since I was in Neighpon, and so far I didn't had a chance to visit Long Guo. I planning on remedying both soon. So I guess I will drop to say 'Hi'." he assured the his artist friend. "Oh thank gosh! I was....Dear?" Swift expression of relief quickly turned into confusion as his Love spaced out. "Uhhhh...Moto?" ha asked. It was only when she expressed her amazement that he understood. "Oh you were thinking....?" he said ".....You know I....I guess you right. I wouldn't want our daughter to go the same education path as me, home tutored and all." The griffon that Squall spoke to earlier luckily didn't seemed to be annoyed with noblepony blundered 'greeting'. Good, at least one less thing to be worried about. "Well then Mister Dust, I look forward to your rétrocontrôle about this place. It would be a measuring stick when it comes to opening other such outpost's across Equestria you see." However when one issue was dealt with, the other popped up in it's place. Swift's keep ears caught Naj's soulful reply to Inkbrand's question. "Spring....." Swift said quietly. Due to how he was so busy lately, he only got vague news about well being of his Stalliongrad friend. His wishful thinking made him brush this just as temporary rift but wasn't. Squall took a deep breath. He really needed to devote more time to his friends. If not for them and Fire he would be now a bitter recluse inside his manor, wallowing in self-loathing and guilt. Of course any further pondering was grind to halt because the DISCORD just had to show up! "And now this a-!.....Hello Gramps...." unicorn cut himself short before 'greeting' the spirit in a very un-enthusiastic way. Squall may have limited himself to snide remarks towards draconequus but Discord just had to boast about his involvement in the daycare construction. "What. Did.You. Do?!" nobelpony demanded in a threatening growl. Of course Discord wasn't finished yet and just had to lecture them about..maturity? Immaturity? It was hard to say with this chaotic creature. "Oh you one to talk! You are eons old, think about yourself as a young hot-shot and act like you not even ten!" swordpony snapped. All his protests where futile however. Discord acted just as expected of him and proceeded to do his thin regardless of anypony protests. "Oh for the love of...." Swift managed to mutter in half-annoyed, half-resigned tone as the magical fog enveloped him..... * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * "....No Dad! I don't want to!....Huh?!" Squall said in confusion. He was vehemently protesting against his father vision about Squally future when out of sudden, Dad was gone! "Dad...Dad where are you?" colt asked. Lil Squall was...well Squall. The long, almost floor dragging mane was still there, although the bangs covered one of his eyes giving him a very shy look. Familiar duster was switched with jeans jacket and the previously a very sharp, very real sword was turned into wooden imitation. Curiously, his Cutie Mark was still present. Seems that Squall earned it in quite young age. Rich colt blinked a few times. What was this place? This surely didn't looked like his mansion at all, and it certainly wasn't dad's newspaper office. And what with those unfamiliar faces?! Cue the freak out. "Gah! Where am I? Who are you?! Where's my family ?!" Swift asked in frantically. His voice had very noticeable Manehattan accent. Seems like Adult Squall lost it, either during his numerous travels or in his stay in the army. "What do you mean 'go'? What do you mean busy? Mom's never busy!" Squally cried in protest in answer to gray colt words. Just then a one familiar face entered his vision. "Blue? What are you doing here? Shouldn't you.....?" colt asked before it dawned to him. Swift was always surrounded with newspaper due to his father profession. And right now his situation oddly fit with one of the articles that he read. "I knew it! Foalnappers! You got me and Blue for raisin! I mean random! I-I mean ransom! Well you won't get any of it! HELP!"
  14. "........I see." Squall answered. Fire's explanation made him brood a little over his own place in the world. Come to think of it, he himself wasn't that different. A leftover from the past times, practitioner of evanescing art. Was that what he supposed to be? A reliquary for the skills that nopony else remembers? One that keeps the tradition going just in case the ability is needed again? Out of sudden, noblestallion felt like an outdated book. Squall gritted his teeth in frustration. What possibly he.... Swift turned around and looked at Fire. Of course. She agreed to share a future with him, and he REFUSES to let her down. "Traditions are born out of need. They endure, and then after becoming liability they are forgotten. Like those walls you mentioned. If my talent...if my talent and all history behind it has to be left behind, so be it. Our family won't become that of the living fossils." unicorn said with emphasis. Swift eyebrows rose up when he heard crimson's mare disappointment "Wait you thought....?" he said, realizing how Fire interpenetrated his words. "No! nonononono! We ARE going to this double date with my parents - gosh this sounds so weird - but due to Dad's tight schedule it will have to be Manehattan." noblepony explained. What Fire said next made Squall a little tense. "A Dragon Lord? As in, there is new one?" he asked. Between WRAITH, faking his death, traveling around and founding his corporation, the raise of the new Dragon Lord flew completely under his radar. "It's...never the good thing when dragons leadership changes. It's been a long time since I faced the last one of the scaled beast's. But if it has to be done...." Swift paused before glancing the sword leaning in the room's corner. "Don't jinx it Swetheart, it's never a good idea to underestimate the threat." Swift said as Moto counted the various monsters that were known for plaguing the land "And besides, it's not the monsters we should be worried about. It's the malicious intent combined with genuine cunning that presents the real danger. Equestria saw relative peace for a millennium. But seeing the events of the recent years I dare to say the time of changes is coming. We already live in it." swordpony mused. A glint flashed in Squalls eye's as Fire mentioned the tube. "Oh yes, it would be so wasteful to not use the tub's full capabilities.....So Dear...shall we?" * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * "Oh that hits the spot." Swift murmured as he leaned against the wall. With all the steam raising up, even the tiles were warming up. Fire herself seemed equally content, cuddling with her stallion as he hugged her from behind. "You know, it reminds me of that one job in Saddle Arabia. I took the bath in the oasis, after tracking my bounty across the desert for five days straight. It felt like best thing ever. Still not as good as this one though. It lacked the presence of cuties girl in the world." he said while kissing the pegasus mare's nape. "And while we are at baths, I was thinking of building one in Neighponese style back in home. What do you think Beautiful?" Squall said, awaiting his fiancée opinion.
  15. "Then appears that I was deceived by what I heard, at least partially. So often these days when discussing the nature of the arcane I hear in response that friendship is magic." he said before pausing. Squall nodded in response to Twilight's following words. "Humbleness....such a rare trait. It seems I chosen correctly coming to you before anypony else, Miss Sparkle." Swift mused. Noblepony took off his sunglasses and looked the Princess straight into the eye. "Then as such well-read mare, you certainly are familiar with Mycus Thrice-Blessed and the works that are attributed to him." Mycus Thirce-Blessed.....a famous sage and wizard that supposedly lived in times before unification of the three tribes. Astromancer. Evocator. Alchemist. According to tales and legends it was him that laid foundation under these crafts, and all other mystic arts that sprouted from them. Most modern scholars nowadays claimed that he was nothing but a myth, and pointing out nopony could posses as much instinctual knowledge to pave the road for two of the great arcane domains, let alone three. But didn't they lived in an age when legends and myths proved time and time again that they weren't merely tales but a reality? "Two weeks ago..." Squall started spinning his tale. "My employees that were working over constructing the new mine in Itaily Mountains.made a small discovery. A small, undoubtedly ancient box sealed with sorcery." noblelpony said, immediately pulling the said box from underneath of his longcoat. "Now, normally it would be up to others under my pay to deal with this find, but due to a coincidence I happened to be on the site in the flesh. My duties and responsibilities tend to be.....tedious, and repetitious. In the heart I am a stallion of action...but I guess you may know about that already..." It was true. As a member of EPIC, Squall often found himself with tasks that demanded the service of his skills with a blade. The HQ additional also had fully aware of his mercenary past, something that they undoubtedly confirmed by now. It was necessary for them to do so. And Squall had little doubt in the fact that Twilight made herself familiar with his files as well. After all EPIC had no superiors other then the four Princesses. "As such I took solving the mystery of the sealed box as the welcomed distraction from my usual, corporate activities." Swift continued. "It took me a while. Oh gosh did it took me a while, but I opened this thing in the end. Having resources help. And inside I found...." with this words Squall lifted a lid. "...a book. Or so I thought at first. To be honest it was in terrible shape. Magical sealing or not, I was afraid it would turn to dust if I touched it. As such I opted to use preserving elixirs and formulas despite the problems that would it make with verifying it's age. After allowing it to soak for a while I opened the tome...and immediately realized it wasn't just a book...." Swift paused. "It was a journal."