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    Also, Vienna was seriously cool. Only in Prague and Rome I saw so many old landmarks.

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      I am FROM Europe. That's why I so often post at hours so odd from rest of you guys! Also why I find that love for this - so called football - that Steel and Taco exhibit so puzzling.

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      I’m from the US and I don’t even care about football, so hey. Don’t care much about sports in general, really. 

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      Ah, that would explain it.  Slightly jealous, got to admit.

  2. Swift will absolutely attend. Mostly to humor Fire and ask questions. Questions like 'You guys still didn't do any reforms?!'. Also, Squall at one time was a trainee at the military, gone AWOL just before graduation. Any guard character is free to recognize him as an old colleague, 'Sharp Carrot'. And before anyone asks, he was cleared from all charges for deserting the military.
  3. Going on trip to Vienna from 13 till 16. No posts from moi during that time!

  4. "At least you self aware. Good. You have no idea how refreshing it is to see that." Swift said with a smile before his expression turned more serious. "And since you was honest with me and myself, I in turn will be truthful to you. Now before I begin I should tell you. I not going to say to you how you should run your estate. Frankly, I wouldn't know where to even begin. But my grandfather made billions, so did my father and I only added to the pile - I know something about business so to speak. What I have is some ideas - as a gift - to improve your lot. You can take them, or leave then, your choice." unicorn said before pausing to take his reading glasses off. "First? Let's back to that machine. Yes, yes, I know, I know but allow me to be a Devil's Advocate here. Let's start with the unicorn thing. It doesn't work like that. Or at least, it shouldn't." Swift revealed "My TEMPEST works a lot with magic powered devices so I can say this from experience. Only some really heavy machinery requires for horned ponies to be near or inside it all the time. Tunneling machines, strip miners - we are working with machines so large you would think they come from some Neighponyse anime. But Squeezy? Nothing of such size should require unicorn presence for a whole day, just an initial pouring of magical energy and that's it. Maaaybe another one in the middle of the day if the work was really intense. And let' be frank, being responsible for keeping Squeezy running gives no power to that hypothetical he or she. You still own the machine, materials and product. Anypony would start something funny, and any lawyer would eat them alive. And with such large family, you certainly have one or two relatives that deal with law to fall back on, for a minimal fee, right?" noblepony said with a smirk "And besides, it's not like you would leave that unicorn without supervision anyway. Your family is too smart for that." Swift pointed out before pausing again to make Applejack digest this information. "Second, that odd growing thing? More common than you think. I myself had issue like that to deal with when I started my TEMPEST. Renovation job of Baltimare historical park ruined lawns, henges and so on, seemingly out of blue. Reason? Machines itself were fine, the problem was who build them. Turns out you it's not the power source to blame either. Heck, you could even enchant them no issue. But all the other parts? When it comes to dealing with, well, plans?" Swift waved his hoof "Has to be made by Earth Pony. Every. Single. Bolt. We had to scrap a lot of equipment when we found out. At least we got some money back for raw materials...." swordstallion reminisced "So yes, again, that Squeezy machine as a concept was fine, it's just, well, made by Them." Swift gave a deep sight. "Would also explain maintenance problems you mentioned, they probably made everything as cheap as they could. I just can't wrap how much of an idiots those two were. Think about it, they made three - correction - FOUR machines in one." Squall said. "A picker, a sorter, squeezer AND a hauler. One wouldn't need to even have make cinder with this one...... It could turn for you Applebucking Season into Applebucking DAY. Those Flim-Flam brothers were absolute fools Miss Applejack. They could have made fortunes, fair and square, by turning the thing into four separate machines and marketing it all across Equestria. But instead....they drove around the realm, conning ponies into cinder-making races. Idiots, complete idiots!" noblepony lamented the lost potential while facehooffing. "Sorry....I am just...allergic for such things" he apologized before straightening out. "Errr...where was I? Oh yes, the quality thing. Well, clearly your family makes the best cinder in all Equestria.....But they gone head hooftip-to-hooftip for most of the race didn't they? Don't try to deny it Miss Applejack. As I said earlier, I got details from Sparkle beforehoof. Heck, they were so confident they have this in the nag, that the bent rules a little and allowed you to get *ehem* 'honorary family' to help. It's only when they panicked and they overclocked the Squeezy that the quality tanked." Swift pointed out before his voice darkened. "Also, I don't know if you realize how close of the shave that race was. If they served the FIRST cinder barrels they made of that batch instead of the LAST....." he pointed out, allowing for terrifying realization to sink in. "And if the machine was made with quality materials, they could best you even with all the help you got. Did you ever wonder why pegasi manufacture so much weather in factories, instead of making it by the hoof like their ancestors did? Same reason." Since his first 'advice' turned out to be quite a mouthful, Swift decided to leave rest for them for later and refocus on what he wanted to hire Applejack for. "Yes, all internally,. We used quite and amount of tricks to work around the issue, but it's better to explain them when we get to the site.I failed to mention it, but we about 70% done with the first floor I think, we may expand if it will be deemed necessary, so the garden may turn out even larger in the end." Swift said, before continuing upon seeing Applejack's reaction "The garden itself is on the first floor. On the second it will have botanical branch of Fillydelphia University, as well as paleontologist museum that will focus on extinct plants. Maybe another one dedicated to honor scientist and explorers responsible for breakthroughs in that science field. On the floors minus one to minus four we planning to have laboratories dedicated to research uses of various plants. Floor minus five will be dedicated seed bank, with another one build in the frozen north, beyond Crystal Empire." Swift shook his head when Applejack proposed to take make things work through correspondence. "Miss Applejack while I appropriate the offer, this is something we could hire any of your relatives that live closer to do the same. No, what I need is......dedicated inspector for the garden itself as a whole." Swift said before explaining. "It has to be an Earth Pony, for obvious reasons. It also has to be one that works with plants - again, that goes with out saying. It also has to by somepony known for diligence and being honest opinion." Swift gazed intensely at the orange mare "And you Miss Applejack are a Honesty as far as the World is concerned."
  5. Swift could only roll his eyes when Fire got all coquettish on him. "Like I would lie about that. Besides...." he waved his hoof. "...you of all ponies should know how conservative I am when choosing my clothing." he lampshaded. Thankfully the conversation shifted from what he was wearing that day, to what ponies were wearing on the catwalk when getting paid..... "You do wonder why exactly it costs ten grand. Certainly not for materials or coverage, when roll of toilet paper can provide more of both." noblepony shook his head "I don't see my company ever investing into fashion. Most of the time it walks too close to the edge of madness for my liking." Unicorn shook his head in disagreement when Moto mentioned the possibility of returning to Pre-Princesses system of leadership. "First of, if crown was abolished, you can bet that the Equestria nobility would size power immediately after. And I don't have to explain how shady oligarchy is when you look at Aquelia and Kastort." Swift mentioned two nations who were examples of just that. "Second...well I am sorry to say it, but most ponies can't face throwing a punch, much less dealing with hard decisions that would affect lives of millions..." noblepony paused to take a deep breath. "And third - for being your boss, you give Sparkle very little credit Moto. She's far more insightful then others assume. Just smart enough not to spill how much she knows when it would be harmful, because she is aware that knowing is half the battle. She's 'cornered rattlesnake' type of leader Dear. At first she will panic and freak out, but after the threshold is passed she shows how truly capable she really is. Also noticed how strong ties she and her friends managed to form with Seaquestria, New Changeling Kingdom, Yakistan and Griffonstone. The last one may be at price of Aquelia getting much colder with us. But then again, you say they aren't much of an ally in a first place, seeing that they didn't lift a talon when Storm King invaded. At least Whitescar has justification of dealing with a civil-war in all but name....." Swift mused, finishing his political rant. "We had similar discussion in the past Dear. The only difference is, it was third time he was 'outright blown to pieces'. I want to believe it sticks this time, but won't be surprised if it doesn't." Swift could only smirk when crimson mare described their kin. Pretty accurately actually. " The term denizens of Long Guo would use would be 'Silk Hiding Steel'.......does that mean I am not allowed to teass and snark at your brothers anymore?" he joked. "..........." Swift pondered what Fire said about this another 'Sombra' with troubled expression. but no matter what, he couldn't get an fitting answer besides a rather flimsy theory. "....Perhaps...he only believes he is Sombra. Dark Magic can do some...disturbing things to you, even if not used with malevolent intent. He could be unicorn that used it so much that he started to look and believe himself to be a tyrant." Swift proposed. "If he really was him, I am sure he would recognize and acknowledge you, even if just to torment you further. After all you ran into him twice before, which is more then most can say....." While Swift didn't commented on Fire's mention of Crystal Heart, he followed her gaze. Kirin? Quite a distance for their homeland. He would much sooner expect to bump into one in Manhattan or Canterlot than on the way to Empire - especially since it was still relatively new, for an 'attraction'. Not many foreign tourist-guides mentioned it yet. That aside....as he stared at the two, Swift couldn't help but feel some familiarity with one of the two, the quirin mare. Noblepony tiled his head in contusion.....have they met before? His thoughts were quickly disturbed however, when he saw Fire's serens smile being replaced by wide eyed look of horror. "What? WHAT? Is that something I sa....." he stopped when he realized what it was. "Oh come on Dear....Narrative Causality? This isn't a play we watched last week. Unless Gramps put spell on us thinking it would be funny. Wouldn't put it above him." he said, and as if on command , airship tildes on the side by 30 degrees..... ".....Perhaps he did, seeing that we going to go down, but it's no reason to believe it has relation to what I said earlier....." a 'groan' of metal could be heard from the outside, followed by a loud scrunch and flashing of large shape near the window. "......or to dismiss it.....See? This was clearly one of the rotors. Clearly a shoddy job, wouldn't have happened if my TEMPEST build this vessel. I mean, how old it is? Ponies these days are trying to cut costs at everything." Swift mumbled before he got up and turned around to addressed the room. "Attention please. The bad news is that we going to crash. The good news is, Me and My fiancee been through this before - few times in fact - so we will walk you through. The even better news is, nopony is going to die. Unless you are a lawyer. Or tax collector. Or your term of retirement is coming shortly. Also, all of you you probably should put something warm on." stallion said. And then airship was TORN IN HALF, by the rough winds, and Swift fell into unconsciousness.....
  6. Applejack may have assumed that noblepony was indifferent towards all that management talk. But while Swift was a noble and a warrior, he was also a businesspony. As such, when the orange mare brought up notebooks, Swift ears perked up in genuine interest. So much so, that he pulled out his reading glasses from one of his pockets. After all, keeping orchard running was a business. A vastly different one that his own, but still a business. And Swift was keen to compare work of one professional with his own. "My, my...." he mused as he sized few of them with his magic to study few at once "....I seen actual accountant books less detailed than this. This is assiduousness to be respected." Swift said admiringly. Swordstallion could only groan when his host called him for the meal. "Yes, like I never heard that one before, O Miss Lad-ette...." he snarked as he got up from the piano stool. As he moved to the table, Swift noticed two pinches of cinder placed on it. His brows raised in confusion before the realization that dawned on him added frown to his face. "I am sorry, It's my fault. I have strict no-drinking policy. I should've mentioned this when we stepped inside." he said, genuinely apologetic as he took the seat. "....Although that and and all those number reminded me of something I wanted to ask for a long time. I read the story from my copy of the Friendship Journal, and got recount of the event from Sparkle. But I also wanted to hear your thoughts Miss Applejack. About that Cinder Squeezy 6000 machine...The more I pondered, the more i wondered why didn't you bought it. Ye, you would've have to hire an unicorn to keep it powered but..." he paused,, weaving hos hoof to encourage the answer from the orange mare. In the meantime he occupied himself with the soup. it was really, really good! Easily worthy of 5-Star restaurant. It was clear that Applejack practiced making this dish a lot! "Imitator......not the description I would have used. I would say it's more of the...homage." he mused while way more fruits flew from the basked. Judging from her expression, Applejack recognized them all. Mammee apple, cashew apple, iceapple, wax apple, thorn apple, sugar apple and much more. All of those soon found their place on the table alongside Caimito he pulled out earlier. "Durian is often called king of fruits, but if this is true, then it's clear there is a grey-eminence behind it's throne that really calls the shots...." Swift sent a meaningful gaze towards all apple-shaped decorations around the room. "...Just like there is more agriculture oriented families out there. Some may be bigger, others richer and others are louder. But if you want something to be done efficiently, you know to which Clan you want to turn.The no-nonsense professional among them..." unicorn stallion continued with buttering up, while sending Applejack meaningful gaze. "Oh you can say I will be growing them. Along all of those too...." he waved at the batter of fruits he brought. "And you are also right about BIG part as well. Twenty thousand hectares big to be precise." he explained before he leaned over the table. His gaze becoming even more intense more intense. "Miss Applejack, I am funding the largest botanical garden in the world. And whole of it. Under.Roof. And not of the glasshouse variety" he said before returning to his seat. "And I need You, to ensure it will also be the best." he pointed at the earth pony mare.
  7. "Then I will rely on your expertise in the matter Sparkle. Although I have a feeling you would've been very excited if Mycus's work proved you wrong." Squall said, showing teasing and showing respect to purple princess in one phrase. "....We both would've be...." he admitted second later. Noblepony mouth formed thin line under the helmet when Twiligh mentioned how prevalent aeather energies might had potential to mutate local wildlife. "....I get a picture Sparkle. I can still recall WRAITH's 'work in Askr......" Swift said. This wasn't a pleasant memory. "Yes, we can agree it's better if we don't stumble onto some pony-eating mole abominations." "Well 'later schoolarship' didn't had access to Rye Wind journal like we did. You re-evaluated his rank after getting through it I bet." Swift pointed out while using one of his spellsabers as a flashlight to illuminate some of room's darker corners "....I assume he was at top ten of most cunning and clever too." he added while scanning the room for more clues or secrets. Swift felt all warm inside when Twilight expressed delight seeing TEMPEST new, potential product. Knowing that his employees hard work were appreciated by non-other but one of Equestria's five - soon to be three - Princesses made him feel great. Especially when one in question was pro-progress Twilight Sparkle, who certainly had mental acumen for the untapped potential new technology brought. "Wait till you see our experimental ATT. We believe that manually controlled golems can have all sort's of potential uses. Although they don't really golems anymore when you think of it. We just didn't coined good, tongue-rolling term yet." he commented. Twilight however expressed hesitation when it came to controlling the 'golem', excusing herself with insufficient skill. After as second of thought Swift had to concur with purple mare, but not without some encouragement. "......Yet. I believe you will become good with all kinds of things in the future." Swift mused. "But yes, this is probably poor place for first lesson in 'golem piloting'." noblepony agreed before turning around and opening the door with a blast of telekinetic force. Seconds later, beneath the armor, his jaw dropped. Unlike the room they were standing in, the next one was certainly NOT decayed. Although it was bigger then Canterlot's Castle throne room by a magnitude of six, the two ponies could already see all sorts of wonders from where they stood. Glass like floor, beneath which was miles upon miles of tubes through which flown academical liquids and gasses. Rows and rows of bookshelves filled with volumes, most of which certainly no longer existed anywhere else, stretched across one of the wall - while the one of the opposite side was filled with doors. Above each doorway was a description, written in Old Unicornian describing it's purpose. Over three dozens of loooong tables, each one filled with notes, flasks, condensers, beakers.....all sorts of the academical glassware! Through the air glided incredible amount of crystals that could only come from Crystal Empire. Some as large as the adult minotaur bull, hoovered between the furniture, with smaller ones circling above them. Here and there the pair could see magical circles inscribed with arcane writing. Some on the, were on the walls, floor and even the ceiling. But most of all - golems! So many golems of various shapes and sizes among around the room! Some flew, some walked, and some stood still. Those that were in motion however moved with precisely, dedicated to keep the place running as their master wished. They seemed totally apathetic to ponies presence, their task occupying them completely. Swift was kept so captivated by the sight of it all. So muc so that that he didn't even move when pair of large bipedal ones walked through the door, past them and started tidying the classroom they were in. "..........How does this aeatheric trigger look like?!!!!?" Swift asked, barely able to contain his excitement, while he grabbed the controller and sent their little scout forward with utmost haste.
  8. "Well, it isn't that I didn't deserved it...." Swift mused. He had to admit to himself that his obsession with besting Sig...himself get a better at him at times. And when it does, almost all the logic and reason is thrown to the wind. But even then, Fire at least deserved a latter of two didn't she? A simple "I am okay." sent from Long Kong or something. Not that he was IN the Long Kong during those three months, passing through it on the way notwithstanding..... "Dear we been over this. My 'suit' was already a bunch of rags! Lěngfēng Highlands are really not kind for Equestrian clothing...." this was true. When he appeared in Ponyville Squall looked like a hobo. At least he had a little sense to wash himself before getting itto the competitions, but still. He still recalled mare's shriek when she saw his unkempt beard...Of course she ordered him to shave it post haste....although Swift wondered if the groomed one would look good on him? "Well I guess we overdid that a little....." noblepony admitted when crimson mare mentioned the ruined furniture. He was banished to the couch for the few days, but since they really missed each other..... "I have to ask her how she is going to do this. She can't exactly tell everypony in Day and Night Guard 'Whelp, you fired.' does she? Is she going to merge them with Twilight Guard? Does that mean there will be three Captains? Are you going to take shifts?" Swift was quick to ask obvious questions. "But honestly....I don't really believe they 'retiring for good. How can you exactly retire when your life expectancy is measured in geological terms? And Luna wasn't at the job even for a decade since her return! Sure, we might not get to see it, but give it generation or five and they will be back. Their sense of responsibility won't let them lay on their sunbeds forever, no matter how well Sparkle will fare." unicorn mused. Swift however got a wee bit less relaxed when Moto mentioned Sombra. "What do you mean like him but not him? " stallion asked his voice low. Well, lower. "Is he multiplying? Are they now multitudes of him? How many time you have to slay this bastard?!" he asked in frustration. But if anyone knew how to soothe Squall's nerves quickly Fire Walker. Noblepony quickly abandoned his own coach to join his sweetheart's. "Awww that's nice...." he expressed as the cuddled. He didn't gave two bits that they were in public sitting area. "....But if we will be like that forever , we won't get anything done, wold we?" Swift pointed out. "This will be Best. Vacation.Ever!" he annouced, second later however in his eye appeared a glint Fire knew all too well...."And after we get back, I will finally go to Whitescar, so I can finally beat Sig.....!" <DING-DONG!> <"Attention all Passengers. We just now left Equestria air space, and are currently over territory under jurisdiction of Crystal Empire. Due to difficult weather conditions, we will be following alternate flight-path. We apologize for a delays and inconveniences resulting because of it....."> "Splendid....." Squall groaned, ignoring rest of the announcement. "I should've known better and use one of my own airships for the flight. We could easily flew OVER that bad weather." noblepony whinged.
  9. It was so nice to get a time for yourself once in the while. Squall wasn't usually a pony who sought vacation often, but it was about time he and Fire got to spent some time together - especially since their wedding was approaching soon, which would be followed by honeymoon in more...exotic locations. Of course he had to convince her first. After appearing in the middle of the Iron pony competition, noblepony was chewed out by his other half for disappearing with barely a word for three months, coming back like it as nothing, and looking like a beggar when he did so. After much repenting on his part on his part, Squall managed to pacify the winged mare with promise of the long delayed vacation. At this point both of them really earned it. And what better place to combine far-away and familiar then Crystal Empire? The two of them didn't had a chance to visit it since the disastrous Crystal Fair during which the northern kingdom got attacked by nefarious alliance of viking caribou (later revealed to be part of separatist faction) and Ex-King Sombra (who seemed to be unkillable like a cockroach), While Squall - being the billionaire he was - regularly sent aid in both finances and resources, it was about time to see in person how much Empire recovered since then. "You know Dear, relaxing isn't so bad once you put your heart into it." Swift mused while while stretched on the most glorious couch and sipping pineapple juice. While the pair decided to use public transport this time, Swift nearly bottomless wallet meant they could easly afford the First Class tickets. "Come to think of it...we never really toured the place, didn't we? It was either Festivals or disasters, or something else getting in the way. For once we can go as simple tourists......" unicorn said before pulling out what was Guidebook for their destination. "We will make so many photos, buy so many souvenirs...oh and I heard their cuisine is really unique. It's going to be greeeeeat!" Swift announced, clearly in high spirits. And why would he be? Squall was always looking for new experiences, and Crystal Empire was one of the places that this globetrotting pony didn't scoured top to bottom - due to obvious circumstances.
  10. Sixty-five hundred acres.....That equaled one third of the Squallcoast Manor and the estate surrounding it. The difference was, most of the grounds around Swift's own residence was greenfield and woods. Sweet Apple Acres in comparison was an orchard. ALL OF IT, their own house and bard excluded. "That....that would be equivalent of 2600 rugby fields.....And you work on it....with just four of you. With one pony being senior, while other is not out of the school yet!" Swift said, being close to completely flipping out. Even if you disregard that various apple cultivars were harvested at different times...... How in Tartarus....how in Tartarus this mare didn't dropped dead from overwork yet?! And how could he put himself in position of demanding anything from her? At this point he should shake her hoof, rain money on her and then go to Canterlot to DEMAND out of Celestia to award this orange earth pony with Equestrian Medal of Diligence! And this wasn't her only responsibility wasn't it? She was also Guard AND a parent! Alright, calm down. After all he knew precious ZERO how much work they needed to put into the orchard. After all this wasn't like a wheat field right? Where almost all of the harvest processed before being usable. And after all this was a family that did it for generations. Very extended family. One would assume that various branches of it would devise clever tricks to lessen their workload, and pass them around to each other. "S-Sorry...I was distracted by math of it without considering...well, anything else." Swift apologized for his reaction. "I bet you wouldn't....." noblepony managed to answer to Applejack's explanation about her family ties....before pondering his lot as the sole remaining heir to ancient Squallcoast line. Applejack own family was numerous and diverse, while his own closest family - aside from his parents and grandfather - consisted of Blueblood, Presteza and their own amilies...and even then, their last common ancestor lived two and a half centuries ago. Calling Pretzy 'Cousin would be a bit of a stretch. Squall nodded when brought up her own history knowledge. All of those was true. "....Not to mention Applewoood, Los Aerioness and other settlements." he added "But you see Miss Applejack, Manhattan and Fillydelphia are the first, the oldest cities at the southern coast. And as such their rivalry is more ponysonall, more intimate and at times more....petty" unicorn explained. "Many assume that it was development of air travel that made events go as their did...but no. After all Fildelphia has so much more space then Big Orange to build enormous airfields, does it? The true answer answer is Aquelia. Or rather how much closer Filldelphia is to it. And that was...not a good thing during when we joined the Second Sparkling Sea's War. Yes, Celestia managed to squash that conflict quickly with her superb diplomatic skills, but back then big business in Filly had no way to way to know that. And so - in fear - they relocated...farther from the potential front-lines. To Manhattan. Events turned less scary then they predicted, but rapid relocation weren't really....affordable. And this Miss Applejack, is one of the reasons why Manehattan is as big as it is, along with it excellent localization and few other factors. You can imagine Fillydelphia is a bit....bitter about this turn of events. Sure, in time it managed to find some pride in being Equestria's granary, but some resentment remains. Recall every hoofball game event where teams from each city played against each other for example. They are are more...volatile then other match-ups aren't they?" Swift pointed out. "Sports, literature, art, universities, film. The horn measuring contest continues in everything Miss Applejack. With one notable exception. Grand, monumental city hallmarks, and I can tell you that. I may be Count of Fillydelphia, but I was born and raised in Big Orange, ya know?" Squall said, effortlessly slipping into Big Orange accent mid-sentence. "Becuse it's home to so many miloneeres, Manhattan has wallet deep enough to afford such projects. While Filly simply does....not. In fact, I am the biggest investor that decided to set up shop there in centuries. And even I had other, ulterior reasons to do so. But because of those reasons I care. Not about that petty rivalry, no. But making something, big and grandiose would create hundreds of workplaces, bring prestige to Filldelphia and most important of all - show that the City of Sisterly Love is a place worth of investment again. Not to mention educational benefits that will come with that particular project." Swift explained. With his magic, noblepony reached towards the gift basket that he brought, and pulled exotic looking fruit out of it, before passing it to her. "Have you ever been in botanical garden Miss Applejack?" Swift asked with a gleam in his eye.
  11. Squall didn't liked Twilight's assumption at all. Not because he was looking for a fight, but because Sparkle assumed that she was 100% correct. Yes she was the alicorn. Yes she was a Princess of Magic/Friendship. But weren't they here precisely to seek secret of alchemy and sorcery lost to passage of aeons? I can's see, feel or heard it so it doesn't exist! Swift found this attitude annoying. Although luckily she seemed to realize that too. Claiming that she hoped to avoid trouble was acknowledgment that she may have made an error....and that was comforting. "Hold on to that thought . Rye Wind admitted in her diary that Mycus didn't taught her everything, so we have to stay alert nevertheless." he reminded her. True she was well experienced adventurer herself, but some anvils just had to be dropped. "Besides , there may be no enemies now, but Thrice-Blessed was master evocator. No doubt there is some countermeasures that will summon guardians from other plane of existence as answer to our trespassing." noblepony added. The room they were in was in rather sorry state. Squall noticed Twilight's expression and he had to agree with her thoughts, this decay was very suspicious, especially seeing all of Mycus's measures to prevent just that. That said, this room indeed didn't seemed that important, with tools and ingredients no more awe inducing then what what he already saw in the past or what was commonly available. Then sudden realization came, why all of this was simple. "Sparkle.....I think...I think this is a classroom." he expressed "...Perhaps first of many, the most elementary one.....relatively speaking that is." Swift mused. Purple Princess however was already focused on potential threat....namely the room beyond that was intended very dangerous for unprepared pony. ".......Time magic requires enormous amounts of magical power to cast. Even if bound as activated on-circumstance enchantment." Swift recalled before turning to Twilight "Thrice-Blessed had to be at least as powerful as your unicorn self or your friend Starlight Glimmer." stallion measured. Squall listened to Twilight, her plan was a sound one and could very much work. However as they stared at the door Swift realized something. "Sparkle....take a look at the door." noblepony pointed his hoof "Those scratches around the knob, the dents from being hit by various items.This chronotrap while impressive has one logical weakness - it only affect living beings - it has to. Otherwise the very room and everything inside would age itself backwards into non-existence, including the surface that trigger has to be put on. No matter how powerful is the enchantment, if it's physical anchor is destroyed it goes along with it....." Swift said. "And no mind, no matter how great, has enough foresight to account for all advancements of the future." he announced while reaching with his magic to detach device at side of his armor. He put it on the ground before them....and it unfolded into six-legged golem resembling somewhat a cross before crab and spider. "I wanted to wait with this until later, but necessity is necessity. This is something similar to what I brought to Neighpon - I assume you read reports about that Mission. It's faster, more durable, with better operation time and more manipulator tools - far more then simple scrying jammer. But most important of all, it's gone away with golem's main weakness - being able to perform only so many tasks it was created with in mind. And that's because it doesn't have a 'mind of it's own...." Swift than pulled out what was an arcade controller. Above it appeared the visuals what the golem had to 'see'. "...It's manually controlled." Swift said before smirking under his armor upon seeing Twilight's reaction. "So You Highness...." the controller floated before the purple mare. "...Want to take it for a spin?"
  12. When Applejack threw the fruit at Squall he couldn't help but smirk while catching it. "Well, well, well.....You listed so many cultivars that I thought you ran out of space on your demesne. And yet, once a again it's Me who ends up surprised." he admitted. "How big is your estate anyway?"he prodded while taking big bite from the fruit. "It does." Swift agreed then the apple mare described the planned course. "Apple fritter I assume?" he asked, even if answer was obvious. He was IN Sweet Apple Acres after all, so of course their meals will be dominated by their own products. And when in Roam, do as Roamans do. Besides he really shouldn't be the pony to complain. This will be the first comprehensive meal he had in month - jumping all around Equestria and beyond didn't left time to kick back and enjoy breakfast, lunch or whatever. "Must be nice to have siblings....." Squall mused, his voice calm but with a grimace of envy on his face. This always came up when Fire mentioned her sister or one of her numerous brothers, and now when Applejack did the same it was no different. Good thing she didn't saw his reaction. Fortunately, the music he spun was enough to dismiss those vexatious. It perhaps relaxed his a bit too much, seeing that Applejack unintentionally sneaked up on normally very alert stallion. "WhattheintheTart.....W-What?" he snapped, almost falling from the piano stool before he was able to process farm-mare words. "Oh....That? I wasn't really focusing to be honest. It was more muscle memory than anything. I was actually taught in very young age, got some very talented tutors. Soon music became one of those things I came to enjoy, seeing I had a talent for it. Just....not the special one." Swift said, and his expression made it clear that Applejack should push for further details, at least for the time being. His face quickly softened when he begun reminiscing about more pleasant past experiences. "...When I was hired to be bodyguard for 'Ashened Coppers' I picked up electric guitar, bass and drums as well. Couldn't ask for better teachers, those guys are so laid back when not on stage. I still keep in touch with them, you know? They insist that I should've become their sixth member....." he mused while scoffing at the idea. His life would surely make a very different turn if he would've picked their offer back then..... ".....But enough about tales of mine....." Swift said with a wave of his hoof and half-spin on the stool to better address the orange mare. "Miss Applejack, how familiar You are with rivalry Fillydelphia and Manehattan have with each other?" Squall asked.
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  15. Squall conjecture was validated as soon as water droplets started to rain down on the Ponyville. Lo and behold, Applejack was returning from whatever activities required her presence. And judging from her disheveled look look, that were some taxing tasks indeed. "It's alright, think nothing of it Miss Applejack." he said while shaking his head. "I can tell your afternoon was as strenuous as it is without worrying about that." Swift continued while conjuring force-field above their heads to serve by makeshift umbrella. Once they were inside noblepony continued with giving his surroundings a curious glances. "Please, you don't have to apologize. As you yourself said earlier, it was an emergency." Swift answered, although he raised his eyebrow when she mentioned a meal. Oh right, she DID mention it, didn't she? And he expressed interest in her culinary skills. How shortsighted of him, it only added more work for already tired mare. That's said, Squall knew better then to tell her to not to bother. Seeing that he himself was a stubborn pony, Swift understood full-well Miss Applejack wouldn't acknowledge refusal - after all, that's how he would react if their situations were reversed - both of them wanted to be a perfect host for their guests. "I would take Mutsu, thank you." unicorn answered while moving to the living room. Stallion set the very large gift basket that he brought on the floor, before making himself comfortable on the couch.... Well, not THAT comfortable. After all, Squall's thoughts were already circling around wok proposition he had for the apple mare. He also couldn't help to feel a little guilty. The young mother's was already overburdened, and he planned to only add to that. At least Swift could take solace in fact that he wouldn't make her do that work for peanuts. Unless those peanuts were cast from solid gold. Then he probably could pay her with that...... "So......" Squall started, in an effort to keep conversation going. "....I must admit, I expected your residence to be more...lively. Especially at that late hour." swordpony mused. Only then he noticed piano standing in the room. Strange, Twilight mentioned that her friend could play guitar, but not that instrument. Was that a new feature? Something they inherited from the relative? Or was this something they were temporarily holding on as a favor for somepony? Regardless of the reason of why it was here, Squall couldn't pass the opportunity to pass time in more creative manner. Stallion pressed first few keys - as it turned out, the instrument was well tuned. This made the count smile before he proceeded to render Applejack's cooking task more pleasant.
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