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  1. Ciraxis

    World of Equestria: The Age of Heroes!

    Daaaawwww. You spoil us Steel. Myself, I certainly like to hear more. I hope that Battlemage will be involved for....reasons . Also, seeing that EquestrianSchoolar is MIA I will be posting in Gate Kicker...if it is okay with both Dusty and Pretzy.
  2. Ciraxis

    Hiretsuna Toboe, Oyabun of the Hiretsuna Clan

    ......This is a first time I saw character both so sylphlike and smug at the same time. Also this eye-patch gives me strange urges....
  3. "Why, this is exactly what I am talking about." Ossia said, confirmed her with to take Blue under her tutelage. " And I have a lot to teach indeed. "Ufufufu...if you thought your 'Aunt' is experienced, wait until you spend a week with me. I will pour wisdom and knowledge into your at mornings, noons and evenings. Very looong evenings." alicorn mused with a purr. "Yes, they are an affront to the eyes. Although I am think they are a bit too old to be student." Nerezza agreed with Platinum while adding her own observation. "CORRECT. AND-WE-PITY-YA-FOOLS. IT'S-YOU-WHO-ABOUT-RECEIVE-A-SCHOOLING." android minotaur chimed in "..........I loathe basically everything in that sentence." pink alicorn said in completely deadpan tone before turning her head towards the Platinum. "It seems those jokers don't bother taking us seriously." she mused while setting the royal pony down onto museums steps. If Platinum had any doubts about alicorn's intention's towards the quintet, Ossia's psychotic smirk was enough to lay all of them to rest. "Let's how bothered they will be when they see what you do." she added before raising into the air. "Haaaaaaaahhhhh......" she took a deep breath, while shrouding herself in the raw power, the spire of aether she was floating in reaching high into the darkening sky. Slowly, but surely the expressions of the five 'heroes' turned from that of confidence into those of horror and confusion. And as suddenly as it started, Ossia's display ended. For Blue's eyes nothing changed, but it was obvious that onl;y now the five could witness Nerezza true form. "Ahahaha. What's wrong? Nevers saw an alicorn before? Where is it all that prior bravado?" she mocked the quintet. "Isn't she....? How?" unicorn mage gasped, demanding answers. "SHE-SUPPOSED-TO-BE-IN-SAN-FRANCISCOLT-RIGHT-NOW. IT-CAN"T-BE-HER." android clarified. "It isn't her. She feels...different. Wrong. What are you?" the quilin mare asked, apparently more distraught then her comrades. "Me?" Ossia said, quite pleased with bewilderment of the quintet. "I am a heart's true desire. The lover's touch of passion. A mother's first kiss for a child. Every gaze filled with longing. I am the Love given flesh, the guardian angel for this one..." the pink alicorn gave Platinum an knowing look "...but for you five....I will take a role of an executioner." she added, which made the 'heroes' take a step back. "Platinum Dear...." she addressed the unicorn mare beside her, while the misfits before them were still struck with terror. "Why don't you assist me in this one? That way I can measure how capable you already are, before our first lesson." Nerezza explained while stroking Bluebelle's neck.
  4. Ciraxis

    Tides Change (OPEN for E.P.I.C)

    "I did, but not as much as pony with my resources should....." Squall said. "And even that came at the expense of my friends and teammates. How can I claim that I helped the Equestria if I can't aid them?" unicon asked. ".....Perhaps I should enroll that school your boss moonlights as a Principal off." he whispered. "....I wouldn't count on either of those possibilities. And even if they did, there is still a matter of answering for their prior deeds." Squall pointed out. He remembered very well what was on the hooves of WRAITH members, an being nowhere as forgiving as Fire was, Swift was driven to bring just retribution to them. "And calling anything they did a mischief is vastly underplaying their crimes. While I agree that spawning more than a few avenger's is more then likely...if we couldn't root them out, what hope a lone vindicator has? Besides, by now I believe we would find at least two or three bodies if that was a case." he lampshaded, perhaps a wee bit too cynically Squall nodded when Fire mentioned a poor timing for this gathering. "Indeed. This way I could find out who still care enough. To coma at such unusual time and place would...." he explained, ending his statement with meaningful pause. The stallion was so self-absorbed in his brooding that he barely registered the new arrival. "We are older then you." he reminded the brown pegasus. "Also, what Fire said. Not for the lack of trying mind you. I am looking forward towards four or mo-....PATHFINDER?!" noblepony literally fell from the bench when the realization who he was talking to finally kicked in. "...Errr....I-I mean l-long time no see." he said, trying to salvage his image while he was gathering himself from the floor. "Say hi to Snowfall from me when you get back alright? Also, ask about that new shipyard she's building, if you can." When Fire mentioned a lack of potential hit ponies lately, Swift bumbling despite himself.... "Two...." he spke under his breath. When the two mare looked at him he added, almost apologetically. "It was a slow week, okay? And one wasn't even 'magical', just from Neighpon" Fire also mentioned the recent lack of magic. Squall nodded in agreement, even if he couldn't comment on this from experience.... "It was just like Tirek rampage from what I heard. Although what he did had to be local. I was in Saddle Aravia when he did that, and I didn't noticed anything odd. This one on the other hoof....I literally slept through it." swordpony admitted with a shrug. Feeling that most of the awkwardness was dispelled, Swift refocused his attention on Pathfinder. Her presence was...a start. Not the first pony he would pick, but a start nonetheless. And if there was one thing Swift was good at, it was being prepared. He slowly reached into his duster pockets to produce the package. "Here." he said said to hyperactive pegasus while levitating the gift. "Just don't ask me how I got it month earlier. I have connections, and I am ugly rich." Swift mumbled, while doing everything to avoid eye contact with the brown mare. He really owned Foxglove for this one. The shape, the smell of the ink and fresh paper......could it be? Well, of course it was. Count Squallcoast knew from experience that some addictions could not be cured - only fed.
  5. Ciraxis

    World of Equestria: The Age of Heroes!

    Not to be a boor or anything but I believe it's Pretzy turn in this topic.... This was rebooted once and I feel Dusty would rather not do this again.
  6. Ciraxis

    Tides Change (OPEN for E.P.I.C)

    "This is what I am talking about." Squall answered, tapping with his hoof the recognizable, stylized 'E' brooch attached to collar of his duster. "....I....Alright, let's." noblepony agreed. They sat on the bench for a minute in silence before Swift gathered his thoughts enough to open up. "......Moto, I know you been part of this only for the short time. But we both know what EPIC is all about...what it's supposed to be about. And how much effort and pain we endured to make it work. And....and I guess how important it is for me to be part of something that leaves an impact." he admitted. "When it started we had to be apart for so long that.....I just don' all of this to be for nothing. And if things will continue as they are, they apparently will." unicorn mused pessimistically. He just sat there, quite for a few seconds with downcast head. But suddenly the unicorn stood up, and Fire could see a spark in his eyes. "I refuse to lay down and let it happen. When we gathered for the first time in Saraneighvo, all of us did so with a sense of duty and honest wish to make a world a little better place to be. And we didn't finished. WRAITH may be laying low, but they are still out there. I don't know if others thought it was over, got dejected or forgot, but I care. And I will remind every other pony and nopony who swore that oath why they should care too. Personally if I have to." Swift said before pausing. "I am not blind or stupid thought. There are problems and issues that got in the way, both on personal and wider level. Problems and issues that need to be addressed." swordstallion pointed out. before he begun recalling the few problems he mentioned. "Spring's trying to get herself together after falling out with Cedar. Night Watcher has self confidence issues. Pathfinder is still immature and rash as ever. Ice holed herself in Las Pegasus and barely leaves. Rose has trouble with expressing herself, Deadalus keeps making himself as untrustworthy as possible and Dunder....Dunnie....she still refuses to her own mistakes. And I......I...." Fire could see Squall's shoulder slump upon terrible self-realization. ".....I could help them....any of them but didn't. Because 'duty' or 'obligations' done in the name of greater good...." unicorn whispered as he sat back on the bench. "......I said I called a meeting but I am not sure if anypony will come. And who came blame them? They are busy with enough with their problems" he added, completely dejected.
  7. "It's metaphor Platinum." Ossia explained patiently. "One coming from the old Maretonian fable. The short version is as this: ' There was a dog lying in a manger who did not eat the grain, but who nevertheless prevented the ox from being able to eat anything either.' " she said. "Mind you, I have nothing against the idea. It's just that exclusivity bit that turns me off. Love it's something that should be shared, not hoarded." Nerezza expressed, with conviction for her own words strong enough that Platinum could see a glow surrounding the pink alicorn for a brief moment. "......Although....perhaps we could get you a choker...." Ossia added mischievously with half-lidded gaze. Uh-oh......it seems that Platinum got too full of herself. Better to nip this one in the bud, before the royal pony will do something stupid in the future. "No, you wont. Eventually - yes. But not now." Ossia bluntly told Blue off. She had yet to meet this worlds Shining Armor - but many ponies were much mightier in this dimension. If she had so scale this 'White Knight' to any of his counterparts....well.... "Experience, skill, training.....those aren't the things you can simply engraft unto yourself using some relict. But we will work on that." she added somewhat reassuringly. Pink alicorn shook her head when repeated after her. Oh how dorky of him...her...Uhhh this was still troubling to wrap head around. "You don't have to pretend you know...." she said teasingly. "I won't think less, just because you ignorant of some matters, va bene tesoro?" Ossia added with genuinely warm smile. "You need to know about this if you are going to use it, but we better save history lessons for later." she mused this is before picking the emblem adorned box....along with few other ones....and Platinum Gem herself. Before the royal pony could even protest there was a bright flash of crimson light and..... And they were outside, standing on middle of the museum steps. Ossia surprised blink however revealed that this wasn't exactly where she intended them to be. ".....This isn't nowhere near as far as we supposed to be." she said. "Correct." said a male voice to the side, which caused the alicorn to snap her head to that direction. What was next to them was a misfit group of five. An unicorn sorcerer with a goatee and emerald cape, an minotaur looking android with waaay too much cannons attached to himself, some quilin mare levitating through the air and wearing very skimpy outfit, a knight wannabe in gaudy black and gold armor, and pegasus mare in domino mask that kept bouncing in material arts stance. "........Alright. You got my attention." Ossia mumbled while setting crates and Platinum on the stairs. "Gem enlighten me. Who....these bunch of rejects are exactly?" pink alicorn inquired. But for her this wasn't the important question...... "Also, what's with the mullet's? The gaudy clothing I can get but those hairdo's? Even robot has a mullet! Why?! That makes no sense!" she pointed out at the android.
  8. "Ahhhh marriage. A convenient excuse to be a dog in the manger...." Ossia commented when Blue mentioned Cadence marital status. "So this Cadence got herself into this bind as well...hmmmm...." black clad alicorn muttered to herself absentmindedly...or perhaps not carrying if Gem heard her or not. "Oh I wouldn't be so sure about that...." Nerezza spoke reassuringly when Blue confessed her...his...?...Supposed inferiority. "You far more more interesting then Shining Armor." pink alicorn said enigmatically. "Then we better strike while the iron is hot." pink alicorn mused when Platinum explained how short they were on time. She hovered through the air alongside golden maned mare. "Hmmm? So all of this was a gamble? At least it appears we won." she said with a giggle, amusing herself in how much she stretched the metaphor. "Oh? Did you forgot with who you are with?" Ossia asked while almost unconsciously levitating all other boxes out of the way. She wasn't even really looking into same direction as Platinum was, instead studying the storeroom and planning.... "Hmmm yes, yes we do. Seeing that they don't weight much might take those as well...." she pointed out, gesturing at the crates in her telekinetic grasp. "You know, why don't we do them even bigger favor? Since we can't take it all...." Nerezza said while conjuring amaranth flames around her front hooves. "Why don't we reprieve the museum from having to store all of this and worry about it being stolen?" pink alicorn asked, her intentions clear. Waiting fro an answer she turned in midair to look at Platinum. Her gaze however rested at the box that scion of Platinas led both of them to. Or rather the seal that was adorning the box. The reaction was imminent. The crimson flames died out, snuffed like a candle. Her eyes have widened in surprise, and mare's focus was shaken enough that she actually dropped some of the boxes. "This...? How...?" she mumbled clearly confused and at loss for words. However her utter disbelief soon made a way for a wide, overjoyed grin. Ossia looked like a filly who found a few dozens of presents under her Heartwarming Tree. "Andromalius...."
  9. You saw the way she talked to (clearly oblivious she was his pen pal) Tirek, right? She learned nothing. I will bet diamonds against coconuts she will return to cause future trouble.
  10. It's been a while since Swift Squall was in the Castle of Friendship. Various commitment and obligations always got in the way fro another visit, preventing Squall from dropping to say 'Hi' to his Sweetheart or asking the Princess Sparkle for opinion on some important matters. Unfortunately, his presence here this evening was once again dictated by duty. There was something made Swift spent his nights sleepless lately, and for the welfare of Equestria and beyond it had to be addressed.... "Sorry to drop by so unexpectedly Dear....." Swift apologized to his fiancee while they stood in the Castle's main hall - now illuminated by the pale light of the moon. Princess Sparkle was away right now. For how long? Who knows? It didn't wasn't really relevant right now - especially seeing that he had to exchange words with her as well, regarding the same issue. "I just felt.....that this place is more secure then most. And Saraneighvo....Well, Saraneighvo isn't really an option, is it?" he said, almost sounding apologetic to the crimson pegasus. "......I am not sure who else will come. I tried to reach out to however many I could yet....." he paused for a moment, before taking a deep breath. Noblepony turned around and gazed at the Fire. "....You agree with me, do you? At least on the part that the current course can't continue?" he asked, almost hesitant.
  11. "Ufufufu...." Ossia giggled at Bluebelle's relief. "Would it be so horrible if I would be her? We both know you not really related." she pointed out as they were descending the stairs. "For all we know Celestia may pick up yet another orphan next week and slap niece/nephew label on her or him. Truly another 'success' of hers as cavalla di famiglia." pink alicorn threw some shade towards Sunlight Sentinel to lighten the mood. "You can think me and Candace.....as two side of the same coin, for lack of better term. We both alicorns of love....but I am nowhere near as judgmental when it comes to it. See?" she explained with a shrug. The truth was much more complicated then that, but she was saving it until Blue was hopelessly wrapped around her tail. "Besides...." she stared again with a wide grin. "Don't you tell me you didn't had a dream or two about her..." Nerezza added teasingly. As Platinum lighted the vault, so did Ossia, revealing her own amaranth magical aura. This however didn't helped much, with only few crates becoming visible, along the wall and stairway they came from. They couldn't even see the ceiling! "Guess I have to do better." she mused, using her horn to make blindingly bright ball of light, and hurling it up and away. With this substitute sun now hanging above the duo could finally bask in the true size of the room, now basked in the rose light..... "......Please tell me you have plan of action Gem." di Nerezza groaned, realizing that they going to spent forever in here if it wasn't a case.
  12. Ciraxis

    Hanabi-no-Mikoto, Queen-Snatcher of the Feng Dynasty

    .....Good Lord, how much shampoo is she using?!! For the supposedly cunning fox, Yanhua can be such a dork at times...especially with interactions with Feng. I am also surprised she's not outside of Long Guo more - you would think that being pinned in some emote forest for so long would awake major wanderlust in her. But I suppose it's part of yokai limitations..... .....Now I kind of want to make one.
  13. Ossia stopped in her track when the Blueblood mentioned his cousin. "She's a wonderful mare isn't she? She's magnificent! Beautiful, strong, clever...." the pink alicorn said in strange voice while staring into space. It seems that the mention of her doppelganger turned Nerezza brain off for a moment. She didn't move from the spot until Blue turned her head around. "..... Ahimè ... she still have some gaps that prevents her from being...perfect." the Nerezza mused while flipping her mane. Ossia was taken aback by Blue's terrified tone. Why would....Oh...Oh no! That won't do! She should build up Blue's confidence, not shatter it! "Did I find...?! Oh no ,no ,no ,no....." she quickly said before hovering towards Platinum and taking her face in-between her front hooves. "This is a question that I should be asking. After are You are in charge. Non è ovvio? After all it's the least I could do for being so kind to me earlier...." she whispered before allowing half of her visage be overlaid with that of gray pegasus for a split second....pegasus the was becoming very familiar with Prince Blueblood since this morning. "My. Fair. Prince." she said with feeling. "Well then, shall we?"
  14. While His....or rather Her Royal Highness has slipped away from the Ossia's sight, the unicorn royal left a distinct fragrance behind herself. "Smell of the sea. How....nostalgic." alicorn mare thought while trailing Blueblood. While following this scent, the disguised alicorn couldn't help but notice.....Was that...house-staff? As in, maids? And in great numbers too. Ossia couldn't help but ponder...was Blue's boastful announcement earlier was a reverse-bluff? This day indeed was cornucopia of surprises. Regardless, the invisibility was in order - the more pair of eyes meant she could be easly discovered otherwise. She contain barely contain a giggle when she saw museum guards beaten senseless by the house-help. Oh so there was a plan after all! Ossia could only wonder what Blueblood had in store for the museum. Hmmmm...calling him that in this form just didn't sounded right, even if it was just in her mind. After all what was standing before her was a very definition of femininity....second only to Ossia's own of course. Blue, Blue...Hmmm...Bluebelle had a nice ring to it. And made things less confusing. Regardless it was time to reveal herself! "Oh you go for a shopping and you don't invite the Me along?" she said in hurt tone while allowing the magical camouflage to slip and trotting towards Bluebelle. "This is very, very rude of you. But I don't mind. After all you seem so stressed Miss Platinum♥" she added. While she didn't even hint at Platinum's Gem true identity, the bemused look she gave and the cocky grin were telling enough. "Why don't you make up for it with girls day-and-night-out hmmm?" she asked while planting a smooch on unicorns cheek. "Ufufu I trust you have no complains?" Ossia asked while walking towards the large steel door. Undoubtedly a museum vault of some sort... "Then let's start by seeing what's behind curtain number one ♥!" the winged mare announced before rearing up. Second later Blue could see her hooves piercing through the metal and tearing troublesome gate from it's foundations, throwing it aside like a piece of cardboard. "After you pretty thing." she said with inviting wave of the hoof.
  15. Squall didn't even managed to prepare after saying his piece before Applejack grabbed him by the collar of his duster and pulled into very, very aggressive smooch. No what he was expecting.... "....So...." he started after the dead, wiping his mouth the same as she did. "Should I feel for your wife or is it today's frustrations getting into you Miss Applejack?" he asked, lampshading mares lack of delicacy. Noblepony nodded when the farm-mare admitted her curiosity. "Indeed. You don't build a billions worth fortune without understanding what ponies want. Although I admit, you are much harder nut to crack when it comes to that then the most." he admitted honestly while giving earth pony a kind of roundabout compliment. "Sounds promising..." he mused when Applejack extended the offer of talk over the meal. "County cuisine is not the one I am accustomed to. Should be nice, new experience." Squall pondered before giving Applejack confident smile. "Surprise me Miss Applejack. Because I guarantee you, I do much to do the same as well." he added before turning around, picking the bushel with his magic and giving a salute with his hoof. "Till later then Miss Applejack. Be sure I will be prompt in my appearance." Swift announced before making his way to do things that Swift Squall did. He disappeared behind the corner, but earth mare could still hear the sound of bitten apple and the comment coming from the full mout. "Hoooh....They arth ghooofd!"