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  1. Don't be sad it's over. Be happy it happened.......




    1. tacobob




      still sad.

  2. <Rolls up sleeves> Back to work....



    I blame Witcher 3. Such a great title.



    Also, Vienna was seriously cool. Only in Prague and Rome I saw so many old landmarks.

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    2. PyroBlaze


      I’m from the US and I don’t even care about football, so hey. Don’t care much about sports in general, really. 

    3. PrinceBlueblood


      Ah, that would explain it.  Slightly jealous, got to admit.

    4. tacobob


      I root for a team that gets worse every year! Go Dolphins! (Drinks/Cries/Drinks-Some More)

  4. Going on trip to Vienna from 13 till 16. No posts from moi during that time!

  5. Oh FiM, I am not ready.....

    I am so...not.......ready.....:sniff:

  6. That newest thread......hmmm....


  7. My break lasted long enough. Jumping into The Pavilon later this day.

  8. Aaaaand of course only now I realized that I missed my Centerversary it's just so......Me.

    1. tacobob


      Boo. Well there's always next year.

    2. SteelEagle


      Well, happy late Canterversary anyway!

  9. Posts will resume tomorrow. Stay tuned!

  10. <Cracks neck> Alright, back in business.

  11. Curse you, Super Robot Wars T! Now I have to watch Magic Knight Rayearth again!

  12. <Glances at all those OPEN threads....>

    Hmmm, which one.....


    1. tacobob


      all of them!

  13. If your OC would have an voice actor...who would it be?


    In my head, Squall sounds like Paul St. Peter.

    1. tacobob


      For Fire Walker...Jennifer Hale...She's really good with heroic characters..

  14. Oh Stan......I am going to miss your "Excelsior!".

  15. A Hero desires a Sword, and the Sword desires the Truth....





    Yeah say what you will, but SC III had the godliest logo of them all.

  16. Finally feeling better. Flu of the decade that was...Expect posts. Lot's of posts.

    1. tacobob


      Ugh. Sorry to hear that.


      But good to see you're back.

  17. Soooo...now that show unveiled their own Kirin, will there be distinction between them and our on-site version?

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    2. Dubstep


      I can confirm that we'll be having both versions, and that we're discussing internally the distinctions and whatnot 😄

    3. Bellosh


      Ah geez, we have to get to work on new lore now because of you tattletales. :P

    4. Ciraxis


      Well seeing that the show one's have a more...Ehem...violent side, why not give them some 'western' dragons down the family line?

  18. Ciraxi's line of thought.


    ~Running of Leaves launches tomorrow! Yay!


    ALSO Ciraxi's line of thought.


    ~You working twelve hours straight that day dumbass!


  19. Sooooo....are we getting Nightmare Night event this year?

    1. Corsair


      Maybe not Nightmare Night, but there is something in the works.  Stay tuned!

  20. I have returned! FEAR! TREMBLE! BAKE!

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    2. Ciraxis


      Silly tacobob! The only gift the Canterlot needs is the gift of Ciraxis!


      But seriously, I might drop some photos later this week.

    3. tacobob


      BAH! Where do I return those gifts! :D


      Hope you enjoyed your holiday! I need to post.


      I am behind as usual.



    4. tacobob


      And then my cable service goes out. YAY SPECTRUM.



  21. Poor Sydney. Every other decade we see space colony dropped on it. Mind you, it's all the same event, but still!

  22. Soooo EA apparently got this 'EA Moral Compass' internal mandate going on now to, ensure EA is not EA.....(Don't think too hard about it mates.).


    I can see it being useful. You will never have to blindly search for your wallet again seeing that it will always point at it....

    1. tacobob
    2. Ciraxis
    3. tacobob


      When EA first came around, they wanted to make their programmers household names..So when you purchased one of their games, they came in album type boxes with big photos of the head programmers in the box. Now they just exist to purchase my favorite companies and ruin them. :wail:

  23. Ore wa Gundam da!

  24. Wait.....since Celestia is also Sorceress of Castle Greyskull....


    Does that make Twilight the Strongest Mare in the Universe?!:shock:

  25. I hope that Avenger's 4 will have the best superhero of them all in it....


    1. Monokuma


      I normally don't drink pepsi, but after seeing pepsi man I had the overwhelming urge to buy some. Help! I'm under his spell!

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