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  1. "This lot that I faced, shouldn't be called alicorns really, I did only due to lack of better term. They were bootleg versions, made by somepony...or something that  only heard about genuine articles, an attempt of emulating, one that slapped horns and wings and bit more power then common pony has and called it a day. Even your aunts are more qualified than those...parodies were." Ossia further explained, with disgust in her voice clearly discernible.


    "At the same time, you are not wrong Prince. You and Me - as perfect combination as it is - won't get far if opposition is as strong as I suspect. We need allies, that is clear. But we have to be picky. For example madponies and other maniacs are simply unreliable, no matter what amount of power they hold. So are mercenaries, who are ready to turn on their employees at the sound of heavier sack of bits dropping. No, we need those who act for the cause, but a cause that wouldn't contradict our goals." pink alicorn mused, as much to herself as to the stallion.


    "Hmmm...." the winged mare murmured when Blueblood once again mentioned the other, dimensional traveller. This gave her an idea....

    "And where this...Bravo is now Prince?" she asked.



    Ossia only smirked when Blueblood expressed her surprise at her age. But instead of answering his in straight way, Ossia did what often ponies did, while mysterious cloaked figures appeared, almost indistinguishable from the dark background....Figures that started to assist Ossia with their melodious chanting.....


    Oh Prince, Born and Raised

    Know that I am experienced mare

    Of skills of mine I am justly proud

    (Gloriae cupiditate!)


    Oh Prince Born and Raised

    Know that I much wiser then

    This clueless blind ignorant crowd!

    (Amor vincit omnia!)


    So tell me Platinas

    Why is love in world so rare?

    Cry of empty hearts scorching my soul!



    I see it, I feel it

    The world that is much more fair

    So why the love is not in it's control?

    (Factum est utandi!)


    This fire

    Love's fire

    This radiance from within!

    This burning


    It's time for it to win!


    At those words the 'chorus' robes turned passionate red, with them towering on both left an right, like a a honor guard of sorts. Di Nerezza started to fly back and forth, like a tiger trapped in the cage.


    It is their fault!


    It's them to blame!

    The foolish sisters

    Dousing desires flame!

    (Semper in aeternum!)

    But I have plan!


    They will feel woe!


    Those who will try

    For love to lose once more!

    (Ultimum aeternum!)


    So join me, Platinas!

    Halting turns of this unjust wheel

    Let flames of love ignite your soul!

    Rebel against Sisters!

    And let them taste very well

    How's it's to be one helpless and alone!

    (Amor vincit omnia!)


    This fire

    Love's fire

    Now Blueblood, it's your turn!

    Choose me and

    build pyre

    Let's make old order burn!


    (Ossia Eleison)

    Love have mercy on world

    (Ossia Eleison!)

    Love have mercy on them


    They will bow to us

    Or they, will, BUUUUUUUUUUURN!


  2. "We would have to access medical records of every hospital in Roam, and even those go so far back. Perhaps Archives of Biblioteca Gloria Augusta could shed some light..." Squall said before stopping, realizing he got carried away by Princess enthusiasm. "Well maybe after we search the site, and if our appraisal proves inconclusive." he added.



    Swift couldn't help by Twilight dismissal of his prior occupation. As such his following words were said in much colder tone, the prior one, even if they were still respectful.

    "We are, the difference is I used to do what she still does. And so I understand her while you....don't." he glanced at the Princess and she could see fire in his eyes.

    "Pathfinder and I are cut from the same cloth, even if tailor is different. We may stay at home, but sooner or later a howl in our hearts calls us. And so we go, seeking new experiences, new adventures, new horizons. There are many ponies and beings like us, some do it for glory, some for a challenge, and others for sheer thrill of it. We don't die in our beds." he explained with fiery passion.

    "Dismiss what she does as silly, or as vandalism or whatever Miss Sparkle, but if not for restless spirits like ours that dare to leap in unknown, we still would live in caves and smash each other heads with clubs." Swift said with conviction. Moment's later he slumped on his seat with depressed expression however, as he often did.

    "I love my Fire, more than anything. And I know she's tired and just wishes for some stability. But sometimes I miss that burning look in her eyes, when she would jump into adventure without second thought, just so she could have another amazing story to tell at the bar." noblpony confessed. "Is it wrong for me to think such way?" he asked.





                                                                  * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


    By the afternoon of the day 'Découverte' and it's passengers were already over the rolling hills of Itaily. Vineyards and ancient ruins passed below them, while the sparkling of the sea already lit the horizon.

    "We are almost there....." Squall said as he emerged from his cabin. A little rest - short as it was- rejuvenated him, and no swordpony looked much better, hsi step firmer and his gaze sharper.

    "By now my employees must have finished construction of the survey camp." he mused to the purple alicorn. "Again, don't worry if you forgot something in hurry Miss Sparkle. The equipment they brought with them should prove more then satisfactory if you need it." Squall reassured his royal companion.

    Soon enough he was proven correct. Situated around a large 'sinkhole' was something that could only be be compared to a military base. How TEMPEST managed to this just overnight was...well, a trade secret. The signals from the sky-control tower soon directed them to land along with dozne other airships. No doubt it was them that brought all of those materials and equipment.

    "And here we are. Hmmm?" he murmured while they departed. Almost immediately some corpulent stallion, surrounded by what looked bunch of clerks begun approaching their landing site. "Oh, this is going to be good."

    "Count Squallcoast this is outragous!" Mayor Beronccolo wasted no time in laying his complaints with thick Itailian accent. "This land is under Roam's jurisdiction! I ask, no DEMAND that you and your employees end this unsanctioned occupation.....!"

    "I have my sanctionist right here Mayor." Swift said while stepping aside to reveal his companion

    "....Right noftfhwyspp--Princess...Y-Y-You Highness..." other stallion eyes opened wide upon seeing WHO Squallcoast brought with him.

  3. "More or less..." Ossia said. The things were more complicated than that, but since it made no difference, the time spent on explanation would be wasted.


    "I know of the world you speak of...." pink alicorn said and waved her hoof to the right. A green marble flew into a view before growing into a huge circular window, giving Blueblood a 'pleasure' of seeing Castle Bravo's home timeline with his own eyes. ".....ravaged by balefire bombs, and poisoned by experiments gone wrong, this dimension is haunted by innumerable horrors. It remains to seen if it recovers or truly becomes tomb-world." she described before turning her head at Blueblood.

    "In short, a poor choice for vacation spot. Half star out of five. Wouldn't visit again." di Nerezza callously 'summed up', inadvertently revealing that her hooves touched the soil of this dimension. "The most ridiculous thing I seen there were local 'alicorns'....or rather bootleg versions. And mass produced one's at that. They were very confused why the couldn't 'feel me in Us', and even more so when I steamrollered them." she added with some clear pleasure in her voice.


    "Ahhh see, but there is a big difference between that Blueblood and You. Or rather many, many other Bluebloods and You. Most of them, if they ever took to fighting was due to circumstances, peer pressure, expectations of others....." Ossia explained "...You on other hoof, took to action on your own. Your sucess rate doesn't matter, the very fact that you took initiative, decided to not be idle by your own free will is what makes You superior to most of your counterparts." Ossia said, doing her best to build up Prince's confidence....

    "But remember, if not careful, You can repeat their failings still. You have unique opportunity to learn from mistakes of your counterparts them because of my presence. Don't waste it."...without making him too arrogant that is.


    When Blueblood asked his mentor about her home dimension, he could see her frreeze. For a moment, a hint of pain and fury flashed in her grey eyes before she recomposed herself. Whatever she experienced in her reality that made her what she was, it wasn't a pleasant to remember.

    "My world? By now probably dead. And....." her gaze turned towards Prince. "I am NOT Cadance...." she said interestedly, yet without anger.

    "I may look like her, sound liker her, be alicorn of love like her....but.....I am not her. My existence is because of a desperate gamble take by a desperate mare, end that I taken to wandering realities is due to pure dumb luck as well." she said, while the look she gave the unicorn stallion made it clear that he shouldn't press for more details, at least for now. Di Nerezza paused for a moment before proceeding to answer the later of royal pony questions.

    "You deduced correctly Your Highness. This is actually a fourth time I entered your world." she explained.

    "You must know that for some reason, your reality is much more difficult to enter than others. If I have to guess it has some kind of Guardians or Watchers present that maintain the shield around it, although I wasn't able to confirm it due to my previous visits being very brief." Ossia said. "It usually takes some weakening of that barrier from your side, for beings like me to breach it. The first time I managed was by pure accident, I wasn't really seeking any specific world...."


    Ossia paused for a moment, unsure if she should continue. But so far her stay with Blueblood was one pleasnt surprise after another. It wouldn't hurt to reward him with another tidbit of trust, right?.

    "....Even for me entering new reality is...taxing. Unless I preparations before-hoof, it's a risky endeavour. It leaves me weakened, like fish needing to acclimate when moved from old aquarium to the new one." Nerzza revealed.

    "Your timeline is very difficult in that regard as well. When I first arrived to your world it was like diving into waters of an arctic sea....and yet at the same time a felt mightier then I was ever before." pink alicorn said before focusing on Blueblood again.


    "Alicorn's...the true alicorns that is, are mighty regardless of universe, but in yours...something in yours make them mightier still." she explained before flashing an audacious smile.

    "...Not that is helped me first time before. Still confused and trying to sot things out, I was jumped by a group of five...or rather Avalon Five as the called themselves. I believe it was their experiment of sorts that allowed me to go in. I guess they were searching to enter some nasty place, because they mistaken me for some fiend, and they wasted no time in 'showing me the door'." Ossia explained her encounter with legendary - and now half retired, half dead - superhero group.


    "Of course once I recovered I tried to return immediately. I had to understand this phenomenon, study it..see if it can be...replicated in other words. But I found the entry barred. Someone or something had founded distortion in the barrier. I had no choice but to wait, while I tended to other issues. So I placed an arcane ward and waited......" she paused for dramatic effect....


    "....For 126 years. At least from my perspective. And when next opportunity occurred I took it right away. But it wasn't Avalon Five that gave me the trouble during my second visit. It was Hopesguard."she repeated the name of her enemy, with clear disdain in her voice. "Our very first encounter....."

  4. "Nopony who wants power for power's sake is fit to wield it." Squall mused, along with the acknowledging nod when Twilight revealed that she herself was far from fond of politics.

    "That's.....good.....Good that we don't have to worry about it. I just hope that Roam will get a competent mayor for a change once his term is over." he added. "History tends to repeat itself, but when it comes to this city, it's wheel need to be replaced."



    "Fruitless or not, we can cheat entropy for more precious time to explore Mycus's lab if we ever need it. And I recall, a pony with 'passing' knowledge' is standing next to me. If anything you are overqualified." noblepony pointed out before pausing. "Although......if Mycus himself could stave off his own aging for so long, how we can say if he didn't found a way to do the same for his sorcery?" he asked.


    Squall could only roll his eyes when Sparkle nitpicked his choice of words.

    "But you DID study those disciplines, did you?" he asked on reflex before dismissing the subject with wave of the hoof. "Nevermind, have it your way Princess Thesaurus." stallion conceded while borrowing one of MANY nicknames that Pathfinder gave to the purple mare. "I am quite familiar with tomb raiding myself. Used to have a few scars to proved it before Fire pressed me to get rid off them." he added. While physically gone without trace, he still had phantom pains form a wounds long gone, especially on his back.


    When they boarded the ship, and Annurca left to the vessel's bridge, Squall leaned towards Sparkle and whispered to her ear.

    "Just don't mention Applejack when near her. She doesn't like to be compared to her cousin. Also mentioning REA higher command is another Big No." he warned Twilight. Apparently his subordinate was very touchy when it came to those subjects.


    Squall gave yet another affirmative nod.

    "I kept sending her various materials, end eventually she found much better atherical conductor. I think she remedied the leakage too, although if you want details you have to press Bevel herself. On our part, we worked on how we could make more efficient battery. Neighponese golemmu and their power cores were very...educational in that regard. After some search we found manufacturer who was more willing than others to part with their trade secrets, so we could improve on them." unicorn explained.

  5. "Well then, perpetrators of this 'inside job' should start worrying  about keeping in their own insides." Ossia said threateningly.


    Pink aliocorn gazed for a moment at Blueblood after he made his question. This was going to get complicated....

    "Think of me as a possibility Your Highness. A 'Mare that Could Be' throught the circumstance that couldn't happen in the world." Nerezza explained.

    She made a long pause, to give the unicorn stallion time to digest what she said. But upon seeing that he didn't really followed her subtle words, pink alicorn opted for a more  'blunt' presentation.

    "Blueblood, what you think of as reality ...." she started while she stood up, and surrounded herself with magical aura. "....is One of innumerable amount of Worlds." Ossia said while her spell 'ripped' the said 'reality' apart, to replace it with endless black void, leaving only two of them and bed they were on, in it.

    Of course it was only a very convincing illusion that Ossia conjured to help with her presentation. One learned better when she or he could absorb with eyes, along with the ears.


    "And I don't mean a worlds like those floating near the faraway starts, hosting alien life, like your aunts for example. I bet you wondered more then few times. 'What if I have gone left?' , 'How lucky I didn't ate that!' or 'Maybe I really should have gone to that interview.' " she said while raising into the air with a flap of her wings "But here's the thing Prince, you did. All of those decisions you could make...you made. Or rather, of of your other You did. There is You that did gone left, one that perished from the fatal food poisoning, and one that changed his life through the evening talk-show." Ossia revealed with an enigmatic smile. Only now Blueblood could see that the vast dark is not as empty as it seemed. It was filled with countless marbles. most of the blue, but here or there he could witness greens, purples and oranges. And yes even black ones. Those last somehow seemed much more dreadful then others.


    "Life...or rather sentience does funny things with time. If one could think about time as a river, then every decision an individual makes could be likened to digging irrigation ditch. Except the act spawns and whole new river from the old one that is." Nerezza continued her lecture as they sailed through the 'void'.


    "Of course not all decision is equal. Time doesn't like to be split, and will fight tooth and hooftip to solidify itself again. Just as badly dug furrow can be muddied up with time, the alternate timeline that spawn from each decision will collapse or merge back into the parent one when the water stops flowing. The currency in this case are lives, or rather how much of them your decision affects. A stallion deciding his breakfast would not force change, but a, say, kingslayer will." Ossia said.


    "And, if the action brings ripple big enough, the new timeline gets strong enough, that it starts to stand on it's own. And with time, it's starts to bear it's own, children realities. A never, ending delta." alicorn grinned. "And branching enough times will bring you to a possibilities and worlds that you would deem impossible. And I..." Ossia touched the amulet that was hanging from her neck. "...I am a mare that walks from one of those 'Could Be' to another. And now I came to this one. And I found You." she finished while gazing intensively at the royal pony.

  6. "Not just Twilight, Pathfinder. If this plan is to pass, we need to secure the support of at least one other Princess. Perhaps we can have Twilight convince Candace?" he mused.

    "I am also not naive. Not all nation will be hot on supporting such initiative. Aquelia is watching us with with a suspicious eyes since we got closer with Griffonstone. And Maretonia city states will probably try to use us as a means to one up each other. Neighpon is also facing a political struggle since it's Shogun has gone missing. We have to go to one's that we have good relations first, and through partnership with them show that such initiative can work" Squall pointed out to gathered mare.


    Of course for all of noblepony logic, he was once again left flabbergasted by Pathfinder's antics.

    "Why do you even have an intel like that?! If somepony caught you aboard with this, you could be accused of being a spy!" unicorn said in astonishment, before quickly regaining composure.

    Before he could comment on the possibly EPIC candidature that winged mare brought up, Rose came up one of her own. And while both brought some challenges when it came to recruiting them, the potential benefits that those two could bring greatly outweighed them. There was just one small thing....


    "Hold on, I just a pony that came with an idea how to reform our group. I am not a leader, Dexter Silverbeak is." Swift pointed out to gathered mares.

    "Which brings me to next issue. I....I don't think he should be one. For one, I always had a feeling he's treating it more as a job, not a calling. Second he has very condensing attitude towards everyone - although perhaps it's not I that should call him out on this. Third, he was way to passive when it comes to our operations, way too reactive. And fourth....." Squall paused, it was hard to of accusing anyone of something, especially without the proof and without them being present. ".....Fourth, I don't believe he would place good of the world over good of Aquelia." he said before turning around and walking towards window once more.

    ".....At this point I don't think we should have a one leader, period. Each of us has some different ideas of what's right and wrong, and while they more overlie on each other then they don't, there is certain that sooner or later will come the issue that will start frictions. Perhaps a rotating council of EPIC members is in order...." swordpony mused.


    It was than when Fire decided to remind of herself. Despite her patience, it was clear that she was worn out from her duties, and -as she reminded them - she will have to be up by daybreak to tend to them tomorrow as well.

    "Thank you Dear. And thank you for being some patient with my antics. I will join you as soon as I can." he said. Squallcoast's were lot of things, but never quitters, and stallion was not giving up on extending his noble house so easily. "Let's see...how about spare key to your bedroom here?" he said when his fiancee asked if they needed 'anything'.


    "Sleep well Love..." he returned crimson pegasus kiss with a smooch of his own before returning his attention to two other mare.

    "Both of the po....errr beings you brought up are excellent picks. As your colleague I don't see why would we shouldn't attempt to sway them both to our side." he complimented Rubble and Pathfinder.

    "That said, one of them will have to wait for now. Rose, you said this yokai works at Miss Applejack farm at the moment?" Squall 'asked' for confirmation before heading towards the staircase leading below. Seeing that neither of them was following him he turned around.

    "What? This is not far away at all. We should make hay while the sun shines." he pointed out.

    The time of being reactive was over.

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  7. "Thank you." Squall said gratefully when Twilight offered to take the political burden on herself. "I myself know how to play this 'game' but I take no joy from it. I guess it makes me an odd kind of noble, isn't it?" he asked.


    "..........Not for a while you say. Does that means that somepony could brute-force thought the spell-fields after a while? And this aeather decay....if the sunlight is the cause, can we stop it by blocking further exposure to sunlight? Casing Reldar's Looming Shadow, Sphaera Tenebrae, Shield of Winter's Night or.....setting a giant tent over the shaft?" Squall inquired.


    Twilight joked about how obscure some of the information she gathered was. Swift however, didn't found anything funny about it.

    "There is no such thing as 'useless knowledge'. Only poorly utilized." he commented.


    Unicorn nodded in agreement on Princesses comment about Gear's inventive skill.

    "Creative she is, although I wish half of the things she make wouldn't roar like thunder. Thunder....." he repeated before giggling against himself as the boarding ramp extended down from still airborne vessel.


    The insides of the aircraft were surprisingly quiet despite of the noise that the engines were making outside. There also shown that while it's owner was not above the luxuries that his fortunes brought, the practical uses were far more important than that. The pair were welcomed by spectacle wearing earth pony mare in uniform resembling a military one. There was something familiar about her....

    "Welcome back Sir. And Welcome Princes Twilight aboard 'Découverte'. Please enjoy yourself during voyage." she said before raising an eyebrow at the poor state Squall was in.

    "Long day, Sir?" the mare asked.

    "Make that two. I will take a leave after this. Take a trip to Saddle Arabia with Moto...." he answered before realizing that he wasn't alone.

    "Miss Sparkle, this is Alexandrite Annurca. One of most trusted and competent ponies under my employ."


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  8. "Well then, maybe next time I will show you that I am able to bring the very best from the mares too. You wouldn't mind, do you? I guarantee, it's an unforgettable experience" Ossia whispered avidly into Blueblood's ear.


    Ossia tilted her as she listened about Blueblood's associate with interest.

    "It's mentor's failure to not see student's potential. Even more so to squander her time on many, instead of polishing one into perfection. Make no mistake Prince, I won't go easy on you, but neither you will suffer negligence from me." pink alicorn reassured royal pony once more.


    "I know who they are! First. Hoof." Ossia snapped at Blueblood. It was only his further words that made her regain her focus.

    "What do you mean infiltrated?! They disbanded?! How am I supposed to track them down now? How long I was gone?!? Who stole my revenge?!" she asked. It's was only moments later that Nerezza eyes opened wide, upon realization that she said more than she should. Alicorn froze for a moment, givin an impression that she will explode with rage moment later. Instead Ossia took a big breath, and forced her magic back into control.

    "Hmph, not the first time I suffered setback like this. It was unbecoming of me to lose my temper like so." she said to herself before shifting her attention back to the unicorn.

    "And you, my Lovely Student, deserve at least some of the answers I believe. Well, go on, I am waiting. You surely have many questions." she encouraged the Prince to satisfy his curiosity.

  9. " Hmph." Squall snorted when Pathfinder chivvied him. He was getting to that part.

    " It's a simple one, in concept. I believe it was palpitating inside my head for a long time now, just unformed. It's only when Miss Sparkle founded this..." he waved his hoof at the School of Friendship, visible through the window. "....Institution, I realized what was missing in our endeavors."


    Squall walked away from the window and now gazed at the all three mares.

    "We were gathered to protect Equestria, but the truth is, our sights were inward all the time. Equestria may always been amicable to other nations, but the truth is, despite this friendly disposition we didn't bothered to reach out and offer a helping hoof when it was needed. Did we do anything when Griffonstone lost their Idol of Boreas? Did we act immediately? No, Miss Sparkle had to do the job decades after the fact. How about when Storm King came knocking at Abyssinian's door? Ditto. Or did we attempted to do anything, about the abhorrent situation on Stottinsberg Islands? Nope, still continuing. It was always Equestria first, Equestria above all else..." Squall paused while giving a heavy sigh.

    "We do all know that nopony is an Island. We can stand on our own, but not necessary alone. And the same - with a bit of good faith - can be applied to nations, as Sparkle's school showed. We can get along, regardless of race or shape, that school proved that. What am I saying is, that EPIC was founded to protect Equestria....But now....well....'Non Sufficit Equestria'."


    Swift paused again, this time to take a sip of offered juice. After giving his fiancee a thankful kiss on a cheek, unicorn continued.

    "If we are to aid our nation, we have to do this by offering kindness to other countries as well. Operation in Whitescar was a good start, but we have to get bigger, more involved. And this is an offer I am about to present to Princesses. The question is...?" he gave the gathered mare another, meaningful look.

    "Are you with me on this?"

  10. "Morning?" Ossia asked with amused smirk. With that, the curtains that covered the windows were pulled aside by alicorns magic.....revealing starry sky, and a night lights of half-asleep city.

    "Blueblood, you were out for nineteen hours. The head of your house-staff was worried for you even ,but I dismissed her. After all, it's to best expected after such passionate work." she summed out, seeming somewhat...proud of him perhaps?


    "School? One would expect you had private tutors Prince. Or did your Aunt dearest had an idea that you needed to 'integrate' with others, by being really stingy with what was rightfully yours?" Di Nerezza asked, not missing an opportunity to undermine already shaky relationship royal pony had with sun alicorn.


    "But I digress. What those volumes are to teach you is not hard facts, but a shrewd ways of thinking." Ossia summed up. "Remember, cunning isn't the same as knowledge, just like intelligence doesn't equal wisdom. You surely met somepony who had so much information in his or her head, but simply lacked common sense, didn't you?"she asked.


    Nerezza tilted her head in interest as she heard Prince's recount of his experience with the earth pony mare. Home many times the two had met? Or more importantly, how in the world Applejack hasn't captured Platinum Gem yet, if Blueblood's words about his lack of successes was to believed?

    "Hmmmm somepony has a type." Ossia said teasingly, while extending one of her wings to stroke underneath of unicorn's chin with it's tip.

    "Not that I fault you. Why, I may want take her for a spin myself soon...." pink alicorn whispered. It would be wise to arrange a set of circumstances so she could gauge this 'Equestrian' capabilities for herself. Especially if she is proportionally, as capable as her counterpart.... "Wouldn't you like to see this? Two strong, athletic mares wrestling in front of you...." she added, painting a very suggestive picture in royal piny's head.


    "Now, what else do you have here...." she mused before clicking. But visage that appeared next was not someoneshe expected.

    Blueblood could see, as Ossia's relaxed demeanor instantly shattered, her expression frozen in surprise before slowly turning into that of a cold loathing, one of her grey eyes twitching slightly.

    "Bahamunt....Hopesguard......." the mare muttered in venomous tone, as amaranth aura crept around her and the bed....

  11. "See. That's what I was talking about Miss Sparkle. You see lines and numbers and you already could make hypothesis of what magic was used. I know the spells by name, but math behind them? My own studies focused on mathematical economics. What I know of arcane comes more from first-hoof experience than scholarly text." unicorn pointed out.


    "Well then, let us hope that you analysis is incorrect - no offense to your knowledge. Miss Sparkle. We have little time as it is, without having to race against degradation of some ancient spell." Squall said while raising from the seat, only for his legs to start wobbling dangerously. Noblepony only saved himself from the fall by using his sheathed blade as a makeshift cane to lean on.

    "I am....fine. Just tired. Didn't had much to sleep." swordpony said to concerned Princess while he straightened up. "I will catch some sleep when we will be  aboard the skyship." he added as they left Twilight's office.


    As they were walking the School of Friendship's empty halls, Squall did his best to keep conversation going.

    "My haste wasn't just because of the excitement of the discovery Miss Sparkle. While you analysis only adds to our need for urgency, I had much more prosaic reason for my quickness...." unicorn mused. "....Politics." he said, with a clear loathing in his voice.

    "It was no coincidence that St. Freesia Cathedral that is getting renovated just now. That is idea that came from the Mayor of Roam you see...." Swift started his explanation.

    "As you may know......he isn't very popular with his electorate. Some really poor decisions on his part, his management of public money being lacking...that sort of thing." stallion said.

    "And of course, so it happens that his current term is coming to an end rather soon. So of course he is desperate for a opportunity to score some popularity points. What's better way to do so, then restoring  Roam's landmark, and Equestria's Site of Heritage to it's former glory? So he launched a call for tenders, and Tempest Corporation, My corporation, happened to win this one."  Squall added.


    "Keeping this in mind, know that the survey site is at the very edge of Mayor's administrative power. If he knew a real reason why I left the meeting, he without the doubt would try to take control of both the survey and the excavation. All to earn a few more votes, competence be damned." businesspony snarled. "He would probably end up breaking something in his chase after higher PR score. And since this isn't the land I own, I couldn't sic my lawyers to keep him at bay. I needed somepony with authority big enough to put him in place. You being a specialist for the arcane, and already being familiar with Mycus's work made you natural choice." Swift revealed while they walked through the school's front door.


    The last tether's of sunlight died out on the edge of horizon, and orange glow of dusk was replaced by the glow of the stars. The lights in the surrounding buildings indicated however, that it wasn't time for rest just yet.

    "It should be here any minute now." Squall said into night sky before turning to lavender mare.

    "You may wish to cast something sound dampening Sparkle. Bevel's latest creation can't really be called  'subtle'." he warned, just as the roar of engines started to be heard, still far away, but fast approaching.

  12. "Thanks. I wouldn't mind." unicorn said with gratitude while near-slumping onto offered chair. Squall then proceeded to take his shades, revealing puffed eye-bags, before taking a big gulp of cocoa, all in complete silence. After emptying his mug stallion gave a sight of relief, before turning his gaze - now much more focused - gaze at the mare before him.


    "We found one of Mycus Thrice-Blessed workshop-labs." Swift said, getting straight to the point, unlike the last time when they discussed the subject.

    "I assume you know about weather order mix-up in Itaily. Funny how one wrong comma could cause so much trouble." swordpony mused.

    "But I digress. As a result, Roam and it's close vicinity got much more snowfall than it got in prior two dozen centuries. Normally the weather ponies would take care of these, but since they got their hooves full with clearing the rest of the region - even with reinforcements from rest of the realm - they just cleared the skies and let the sun do the job. Predictibly that much water caused few landslides in the hillsides surrounding the city." Squall explained.


    "Now, I happened to be in Roam for business reasons. My company was negotiating a contract of renovating St. Freesia Cathedral. In the middle of the negotiations one of my employees brought to me the information that one of those landslides uncovered something unusual. So I excused myself, and left wrapping up the meeting to my assistants." noblepony kept going.

    "The place happened to be five miles out of the city. At first I thought that it was a simple sinkhole caused by the earth movements. But when I got closer I realized why I was called. It was to smooth, and the walls were laid down with stone. Also the remains of the stairs at the edge helped." he added, his words getting quicker, and quicker.

    "But it wasn't until I inspected the obelisk-shaped newels that I realized what we found. On each one was engraved a sigil. Mycus's sigil, way too specific for anypony else. Because I studied Rye Wind journal so thoroughly before giving it to you, I recognized it right away. Realizing what it meant, I left Itaily at once." Squall said. Before reaching to his pocket. "While I hurried here, on the transfer I got report of scanning that survey team did in my absence." He said while hoofing the document to Twilight, so she could read the results.

    "Bizarre isn't it? If I have to guess the whole place is magically sealed. Probably have a aeather screening against scrying as well, but , again, is just my assumption, I am no specialist." Swift said before pausing to catch a breath.


    "But You are Miss Sparkle. So that's pretty much it. Now, we have to leave as quickly as possible. I already contacted my other employees. One of my airships will pick us up, while as we speak, others are transporting necessary equipment from depot in Germaney." he announced while standing up.

    "Common Miss Sparkle, I help you pack up. We have no time to lose."

  13. An echoes of the hurried hoof-steps could be heard across the empty halls of the School of FriendshipTM . The late evening hours left the building near empty, especially since Heartswarming Eve break was coming near - most students already left to reunite with their families for the holiday.


    These facts wasn't in the mind of the unicorn visitor. He was there to meet with the Principal herself, bearing the most exciting news - the discovery that would certainly interest Princess Twilight Sparkle greatly. Enough that he came here all the way from the Itaily without a moment of rest. And how could he rest? He was exited himself, at the prospect of discovery and adventure.


    Swift Squall was sure that by now Sparkle had studied the journal of Rye Wind that he presented her with very thoroughly. Or at least he hoped she did. For where they were going, the knowledge present in that book may turn very needed indeed.


    His search led his to Principals Office quickly, even though he never was in the building before. Noblepony paused to take a deep breath and composure himself. Seconds later he knocked at the door, and without waiting for permission he entered.

    "Good evening Miss Sparkle. It's been a while." he greeted the lavender mare.

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  14. I am sad to see you go...and, I guess , a little guilty as well (glances at all the unfinished RP's). I myself have my share of problems, being insanely reclusive

     and withdrawn - being afraid to hang on social media, public chat's etc. due to my paranoia.


    I can only assume that some people become so invested with their characters that they take any actions that put them in embarrassing or humiliating situations as a slight against themselves. I know I did when I was younger, Roleplaying on other sites, thinking my creations were a gift to other's so how dare they put misery on them.


    I will certainly miss your involvement Rex. It added so much needed spice in that overwhelming amount of slice-of-life threads towards which I have often a mixed feelings. And I admit, seeing your Discord's actions drive other characters into hair-pulling frustration was incredibly amusing. Squall will miss your Discord's too, and all those unpredictable challenges he threw at him ,that allowed the noblepony to keep himself sharp.


    So Godspeed Rex. I hope we meet out there, on other forum. And perhaps we actually finish a thread for once. Or maybe not. It's a journey that counts ;-).

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  15. "Well Pretty Prince...there will be a lot of things I would like you will help me with in the future." she answered with a wink. For so long she desired to return to this world that granted her power unlike any other that only now she realized how little she had planned what to do next......


    How fortunate that she ran into Blueblood then. For all her confidence, teaching will be a new experience for the pink alicorn. Ossia was sure that -regardless of the outcome - she will come to enjoy herself. And who knows? Maybe along the ride, Blueblood really will transform into a pony who's haughtiness was actually justified. With some guiding nudges from her of course.


    For now however, they had to get upstairs. She really needed that bath.....


    Ossia couldn't help but rise the eyebrow upon seeing the insides of the secret lift.

    "So....it just came this way, or was it designed to make potential trespasser think it was a way to the other kind of dungeon?"she asked.


                                                                                                                            * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


    They said that time flies when you enjoy yourself. But right now di Nerezza was taking enjoyment from the passage of time, as she observed Blueblood rousing from the slumber after a very eventful afternoon and evening.

    "Slept well Pretty Prince?" she asked, while sprawled on the linens next to him. "Oh what am I saying. Of course you did. But don't worry, that's because you attended to your duties as a host and student verrrry serrriously ♥." Ossia said with a purr. "You surprised me, you know. You have such handsome face, but surly are brutish where it counts. I just have to show you how to throw a few mean right hooks. That and the equanimous composure. That bit of nervousness is really endaring but can be bad for business hmmmm?" pink alicorn added while rolling onto her back. She certainly had a room for it, seeing that the bed could only be described as 'emperor-sized'.


    "And speaking of businesses.....I did some things when you are sleeping. First thing some reading list." Ossia said before levitating the paper page up to stallion's face.  Among position on it were such titles like 'The Art of War' , 'The Lord' by the Neighchavelli, Enûma Eliš and Nibelungenlied.  "And before you ask, yes those are mandatory." she quickly added before presenting the Prince with his very own notebook.

    "Also you should think about a better password. But I digress. Knowing is half the battle and if you going to commit you have to study the opposition. Your aunts may be a bit too much to bite for now so.....How about this one?" Ossia asked while half rolling and showing the unicorn the image of earth pony heroine one the screen.....


  16. "Ahahaha well yes. But in such cases you only need to be greater then relict itself, either in will or pure power. And as I stated earlier we will be working on enhancing both." Ossia reminded her newly 'appointed' student. "This also another thing to keep in mind - don't rely on items that hold power greater then you own, otherwise you will find yourself lost without it." alicorn paused before giving a heavy sight. "Of course it's easy to say for me. You don't exactly have a luxury of turning that maxim into a practice yet." Nerezza lampshaded  "But once again, I will do everything in my power and beyond to help you grow."



    "Hmmmm we have to craft a backstory first. How about 'Clear-headed mare in a need of work brought Hoofsome Prince away from danger after some irresponsible costumed freaks engaged rabid dragon in a public space? Grateful he hired her as personal assistant.' Ho-Huuum." she mumbled while giving a self-satisfied nod.

    "Of course it needs ironing out. Ponies may - or rather, will - ask for details. For example, from where this...." Ossia paused, pondering. "Misty Note came from. Germaney perhaps? As of the appearance....."


    With those words pink alicorn lighted her horn and the royal stallion could witness how the colors changed after a flash of amaranth light - her pink coat turned lime green, and her multicolored mane became solid black, and so did her tail.

    "Hmm not a bad start. Now....." a few smaller magical burst ensued. Her female musculature was toned down a bit, manestyle changed form a high ponytail to a pixie-cut, and she added a pair of glasses to give more 'professional' look for this 'unicorn mare'. Something that was also suggested by her 'new' Cutie Mark, a document holder and a signing seal of some sort.

    "Well that sha...." Ossia started but cut herself short upon seeing a shadow of disappointment on Bluebloods face. It took her a few seconds to connect the dots before she realized the reason for stallion's chagrin.

    "Ufufu...very well." she mused and in another display of magic, Misty Note horn was 'replaced' by a pair of wings. It seemed that flying mares were one of Blueblood's triggers, an useful thing to remember.....

    "I guess writing using wings is still fun. And I guess I could use some dexterity exercise for them anyway, so I could put the to a very good use later. Like a massage." di Nerezza noted, her voice practically purring. "I have to make a proper 'anchor' and do some more work to make it into a proper solid form. It's too fragile otherwise seeing it's just an illusion. See?" she added before grabbing Blue's hoof with her magic and guiding it to her stomach. While it looked relatively average right now, he could without a doubt feel a sculptured muscles hidden by the arcane mirage. "It's still me underneath all of that."


    "Oh I fine either way." the winged mare answers Prince's question. "I have a feeling it will turn into hot bath regardless." she added with half-lidded gaze. "Now, would you lead the way Hoofsome?"

  17. "Pathfinder, TMI!" Squall chastised the pegasus mare when she begun describing her 'experience' as captive of WRAITH. Still her words reminded him of something - a threat always present at back of his head, but till now always pushed to the background.

    "Razorclaws....Morianna..." he muttered, as his thoughts brought him to devilishly intelligent Aquelian professor. This was danger that was left unchecked far too long. It would be wise to bring it up after all the other topics were discussed, especially since it directly tied to one he was going to bring up anyway.


    "You are not wrong Dear. That's why it's not from Tirek's account that I know about this." noblepony explained, while still withholding his 'source'. "And I disagree about children being innocent. I myself know I wasn't when I was young, and I can assume others here had dark thoughts in their child years as well . Darkness dwells in any heart Moto. It feeds on pride, envy, hate and other malicious feelings until it's festering get's to one's mind and soul. That's why acting against them is so meaningful. Everything is a choice, good or bad. How could they have any weight otherwise?" unicorn dropped a bit on his views on those present.


    Luckily and further brooding on his was interrupted by a welcome arrival indeed.


    "Rose. You are here." Swift said, part disbelieving but even more thankful. "Please sit down. There is much to discuss, and I wish for your input as well." he welcomed the unicorn mare.


    Squall could only stand there as Pathfinder gave him a lecture, astonished by how....logical the eccentric mare was.

    Was she always like this? And to his shame Swift had to admit to myself that he didn't knew. It was so easy to draw conclusions, judging her on account of her (admittedly) larger then life fanfilly'ism towards Daring Doo franchise. So easy that he didn't even bothered to peek underneath and to know this mare he had a gall to call 'comrade'.

    Squall clenched his teeth, angry at himself. He supposedly learned this lesson thanks to Spring Breeze - or Naj as others tended to call her - and yet, here he was again. What a stubborn fool he is. Why he keeps making the same mistakes?


    "Not the comparisons I would use. Yet..." Swift started when he regained his ability to speak.

    "You...are right. You are absolutely right Pathfinder. I was so focused on the pieces of the puzzle...that I forgot what kind of picture they make when put together." he admitted while walking towards the window, and taking at both the Moon and School of Friendship visible in the distance.

    "But....you aren't the only one who was 'right' Pathfinder....." he said after a moment, while turning towards his comrades once again.


    "I was pondering a lot in recent weeks. And I came to epiphany. You see, the reason why I asked to gather here is not just from security, or to get away from the prying eyes in Saraneighvo. No, it is because I found out that the reasoning, that the mare that calls this Castle home came up with, to be one I agree with." Swift explained before taking a pause, gazing at other ponies, as if he was expecting some questions.


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  18. "Poor Trashcan thinks that law of her world applies here. Cute." Ossia answered in deadpan tone to Lightning robot-speak. However her eyes widened upon seeing cyborg mare breakdown.

    "Oh.My.Gosh." she spoke in a hushed voice with a widened eyes....before her expression turned into that of beguilement.

    "This is just precious. I barely started and she's already coming apart at the seams. Well guess that happens when you're held together by couple of wires and mind altering drugs." Nerezza mused with a shrug, just in time for Hexxer to get out of the wrecked ambulance.

    "Ohhh belive me...there is no medico of any specialization qualified to deal with this hot mess. Now, becchino on the other hoof....." pink alicorn mused with a malicious smile.


    Alicorn rolled her eyes when dullahan gloated about being messenger of death or whatever, but kept herself silent, deciding to just roll with it. You would think a pony who took a peek beyond veil of life and death to be more low-key.


    "Actually I am." Ossia unexpectedly agreed to headless mare proposition "One should save a savoury until main course is finished after all. Even if it's freshness leaves much to be desired." the winged mare justified her decision before descending down to be more in-level with Hexxer. "This flying toaster right there is just a harbinger of much larger swarm of locus from another world. One ruled by greed, where they exploited everything and everyone until their planet itself turned crumbling, hollow husk - all for a few soldi more. But for them it wasn't enough, it never is enough." alicorn explained, her words full of enmity and disgust. "And so they are trying to reach out here."


    Alicorn turned her face to Hexxer as she continued speaking "If she's allowed to roam unchecked, she will inevitably establish a gateway between her homeworld and this one.  That would be...problematic." Ossia revealed, her pretty face twisting into a frown.


    With that said, her magical aura flared up as she ascended air again.

    "So be a good Gan Ceann and try to not get in my way as I dispose of her okay? I will tend to you soon..." she said before turning her attention to LDEL6370 once again.


    "Well then Mrs. Forger, Assembler and Recycler, you still think you have enough bite to backup that giudizio of yours?" Nerezza dared the cyborg when she reached the same high the  turquoise mare.

    "Trust me, you shouldn't. Allow me to give you a slice of what an alicorn is....." Ossia added before raising her front hooves. Above each one, a disc of amaranth aether condescended...and judging of a noise heard, they were really, really sharp, even audibly so.

    "Here's my Appeal!" she said as she spun, sending both of the projectiles flying - and homing - on the Lightning!

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  19. Ossia of course couldn't help but notice Blueblood's strange behavior when he put away that gender-bending Garnet  of his. Was something bothering him? It would be better to do some preemptive maintenance just in case....

    "Don't ponder to much over tools." she said while nonchalantly leaning against one of the shelves. "I saw relics capable of turning whole realms to ashes turn useless in hooves of incompetents. The item - no matter how magical or not - is only as capable as the will of it's user. Take this blade for example...." Nerezza proceeded to summon the sword she took as a trophy a mere minutes ago from some pocket dimension.

    "Remember that dragon those nincompoops were struggling against? It may be not obvious at first glance, but this weapon should - by all means - fell the wyrm in one blow. And yet...." she shrugged before dismissing the blade.


    "Well in that case that 'sorting' shouldn't take long at all. This escapade was a show of quality over quantity." she mused when Blueblood commented on her proposition of making improvements. Carpentry wasn't exactly something she found exiting, but she picked a thing or two during her dimension-hopping life.


    Ossia mercifully omitted to comment on Blueblood prior success rate. Was it really his first genuine victory? If that was the case, then Di Nerezza had more work before herself then she expected.


    "Well....it's a bit chilly out here." Ossia said after Prince's proposition, while rising her hoof to neck part of her bodysuit. With an audible hiss coming off the suit, and gasp of relief coming from the mare, Prince could witness her garment inflating, before splitting into half on her back and finally falling to the ground.


    "Uhhh finally. You have no idea how long I was in that thing. My coat is all matted from sweat." pink alicorn complained as she stepped out of her suit, allowing Blueblood to fully contemplate her physique. Sure, her cloth was form fitting, but the black color was hiding more then few details.


    This was how Cadence could look like if she spent her life as a fitness instructor. Athletic, but not unfeminine, the sculpted features only highlighting the softness of the other parts.

    Speaking of which, Blueblood finally could take a good look on her Cutie Mark.....


    A crystal heart, just like Candace's. But slightly smaller, jade instead of cyan and incumbent on what looked like a black throne.

    "You are a Prince correct? You do have pool upstairs, correct? I haven't been able to enjoy one in ages!" Ossia said, for a moment completely oblivious of any effect her unclothed form had on the royal pony. Only after taking a few steps and gazing down at her own leg she came to realization.

    "Oh right. That won't do."

  20. While Ossia imagined that the spell would take them straight to Blueblood's mansion, what she saw was special surprise.

    "Oh, a secret cave . You can't go wrong with the classics." pink alicorn commented in a sing-song voice.

    Nerezza looked around noticng how...unfinished the place seemed.

    "Good location, but could use some more 'touch' - have to get to that soon. You did all of this yourself, didn't you Pretty Prince?" Ossia inquired. Having to maintain his secret identity, there wasn't much of a choice on his part. Yet, seeing that Blue wasn't exacly....the physical kind of pony, it had to be daunting for him to do even that much. Ossia smiled while picturing an image of Prince trying to put together pieces of furniture.

    "Oh, how much your muscles had to ache how labored you had to be....My advice is learning to enjoy that kind of thing. While some would regard this as a grunt work....There always is a certain amount of satisfaction when doing things yourself." she said, with expression that made it clear she wasn't talking about carpentry.

    "That and the fact you can't always rely on servants to do the job for you." Ossia added, her gaze getting harsher for a moment "If the Soldiers are to follow, the King has to make the first step. Learn to lead through the example, not just paycheck."


    With that said, Nerezza face quickly brightened up.

    "Still, seeing that yu got what you wanted, I guess the congratulations are in order. So: Congratulations on taking the initiative so resolutely!" pink alicorn genuinely praised the Prince. She even clapped to show her appreciation! "Taking hold on the ample opportunity is not something many could do, they don't know when to be...spontaneous. Plans are good, but one has to not hesitate to abandon them when a better occasion present itself. So, Good job Your Highness." Nerezza said with a smile.

    "Buuuut don't allow this one success to make you rest on the laurels. Examine the order of event's, learn from your experiences, ponder what you could do different or better. Don't revel in your victories - better yourself through them. And if you do well enough...Well...." she said before making a twirl. "...You get the idea. You didn't thought I started this way, did you?" Ossia asked giving Blueblood's brain something to munch on.


    "Well, enough of the lectures for one day. Downtime, time!" she suddenly announced before taking off the green sash around her waist. The metal bracelets on her legs soon followed, and so did the black tiara on her head. Oh dear. Was this going where it was going?

  21. "Unfortunately, as proven time and time again, I am talking too much." Swift replied, remembering all the times his big mouth only inflamed the situation.

    "I...didn't had friends until I moved to Fillydelphia. Even now I don't know what to say."


    "I probably am." Swift agreed when Fire mentioned  that he was way beyond high school hi-jinks age-wise. "Perhaps Sparkle should think about working out university level curriculum."


    "Wrong." noblepony objected, hearing his fiancee getting the details wrong. "The kid used Him, putting into practice what she learned from correspondence with the centaur." he explained =although Swift chose to omit from where he got all that information. Seeing the clear surprise on both mare's faces he felt compelled to add "Monster's come in all shapes and sizes." Squall pointed out, solemnly.



    Pathfinder reaction was kind of expected. She was very predictable in her fangirlismm so it was no surprise tha...

    "GACK!" Squall squeaked when hyperactive pegasus snatched him in bear-like embrace. "A-Air...." he managed to gasp while she flew around with him in tow. Thankfuly after a few moments Pathfinder released the noblepony, being too excited to maintain her grip.

    ".....Gahhhh.....you seriously making me reconsider any future potential presents." Squall muttered massaging his neck, while Pathfinder kept bouncing around the room.


    Swift got quite irritated when Fire didn't agreed on the number of their potential scions. The stallion could only roll his eyes before he reminded his fiancee.

    "Dear, I am the last Squallcoast. And let me tell you, holding that burden can be....lonely. Not to mention my social class is pretty.....spoiled. If we were to improve it, we have to add to it. And besides...." he added with a smirk "It's not You who will have to 'Go through that again' , is it? Besides, I am rich. It's hardly the same." noblepony pointed out.


    "Turtles....ummm    turtles are...errr..." Swift slurred as he tried to wrap his head around the fact how sound Pathfinder suddenly got.

    When exactly did she started to do logic?! Was that a result of receiving her 'fix'? Questions for later.


    "A....Anyway....What are you saying is very plausible Pathfinder...." he started, his expression getting more steely with each moment as he walked towards the adventurous pegasus.

    "But it change anything. Split or not, intentional or not, we came together and swore to stop them. To punish them for their crimes. How many did they hurt? Crystal Empire, Askr...denizens of those are just the top of the list and they all cry out for justice! This isn't just about me, you or anypony else Pathfinder. I saw what atrocities they were capable off, and so did you!

    Are you saying you ready to stop just because you....bored? To turn you gaze away and wash your hooves? Do? You?" Swift asked. his voice was quite , bud demanding the answer.

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  22. ".....!!!" Ossia was so transfixed on the Blue, and quinted before her, that even she didn't noticed the approaching wyrm. It's only due to the royal pony cry of warning that she had enough time to put the magical barrier to shield herself and Blue from the granite shards.


    "What audacity from this beast, to steal both the prey and the spotlight from us." pink alicorn commented, her voice somewhat between disappointment and annoyance - as if it was beneath her to be bothered with being angry at the reptile. "....But perhaps that is what should be expected from a dragon - an avarice given flesh." Nereza pondered for a moment before shaking her head.

    "....Normally such malfeasance would be a death warrant for creature such as this one...." she explained while observing the dragon and five 'heroes' go at it. "....but right now it would change nothing. The mood of the scene was simply, irrevocably tarnished, a shadow of what it was. And I, Ossia, refuse to be satisfied with a mere scraps." Nerezza stated, haughtily before turning towards Bluebelle.

    "It looks like  we have to seek new means and occasion to assert you, Pretty Gem." she mused with yet another endearing term. "Rejoice! This means you have a chance to better yourself in the meantime!" pink alicorn proclaimed.


    Right then - following the yelp of shock and pain - the sword in black and gold flew the direction of the skirmish, and got embedded in the stone stairs.

    "Hmmm? What's this?" Ossia mused while pulling the blade out. "How surprising. While this faker-knight and his colleagues appearances are affront to the eyes, this weapon is of excellent craft. Not really my color but this is something that can be remedied..." she mused while studying the blade. "Ufufu....I will keep it, as a reminder of my promise to those jesters, and of the insult towards us."


    "You....witch! That's not yours!" the golden 'knight' protested while struggling with the dragon's jaws.

    "Hmph." Ossia scoffed. "A lizard's chew toy has no right to claim ownership over anything." alicorn dismissed the stallion' objection before turning towards Platinum Gem.

    "The wizards interference is gone, and we lingered here long enough. There is nothing else for us in this unsightly scene." Ossia declared.

    "I trust you servants are shrewd enough to find way on their own? Grab my shoulder Pretty Thing, and think about place you desire to find yourself in and I do the rest." alicorn instructed, her aura flaring up around herself and their loot in preparation for teleportation.

  23. Ossia stood tall after her outburst. The alicorn tilted her slightly, trying to determinate if her spell had an effect.

    The voice she heard before didn't bothered to speak again. Was it incapacitated? Stroke with terror upon realizing the difference in power? Or maybe it did the smart thing and simply fled the scene. No matter. At least now Nerezza knew it wouldn't muddle the situation even further...


    "Speaking of which." alicorn reminded herself in her thoughts, as she turned around to observe the battle two other mares were having....Well halves of the mares at least.


    "Intriguing..." Ossia mused, getting a sneak peak of what the two could do......


    It seemed only fair that she return the courtesy. The unknown stallion's interference and her following outburst got di Nerezza roused enough that she couldn't stand aside anymore.


    "Ufufufu....." she giggled before before conjuring a grey ball of 'smoke' and hurling it into the sky. Soon the heavens above darkened, as dark clouds grew larger and larger, shrouding whole Manhattan under their cover, while flashes of lightning raced across the sky.


    But all of these was just a prelude, for suddenly violent winds roared into life, bending foliage and breaking the windows of the nearby buildings. The city denizens could observe to their horror as the funnel cloud descended from the sky, a clear sign of what to come.


    Before they knew it, LDEL6370 and Hexxer had a bona fide tornado on their hooves, one that was tearing the Centrail Park , and the skyscrapers neighboring it asunder.


    It was too late for escape, and soon the two combatants were snatched by the raging vortex. After being battered for a minute or two by the gales and items of various shape and size, similarly seized by the twister, the two was dumped by the edge of park's decommissioned water reservoir when the tornado started dissipating. And certain alicorn was already waiting for them, undisguised and in her full, lovely glory.


    "Hello girls." she said while dullahan and cyborg were getting back on their hooves. Oh, this will be exhilarating.

    "Room for one more?" Nerezza asked before flashing a mocking smirk.





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