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  1. MorrisonCamaro

    Real Canterlot

    Oh my bad home fry, I forgot to put soccer/football lol, I kinda rushed the comments and forgot my oversea friends.
  2. Jim Morrison (The Doors frontman) + Bang Camaro (The band and car) = MorrisonCamaro
  3. MorrisonCamaro

    Neff Dash

    Thank you very much, Neff is one of my favorite shirt brands a quick google search will give you a better idea of what it is.
  4. Everybody wants a brawler and fighter which is cool, but what about an awesome side scrolling shmup?
  5. I was really bored one day watching soccer, so this little thought manisfested: Ponified soccer club logos. This is the entire list starting from the top left clockwise: Pony club (Club parodied) Fillydelphia Union (Philadelphia Union, duh) Cloudsdale Soarers FC (Seattle Sounders FC) A.F.C. Baltimare (Chelsea F.C.) Las Pegasus Glitz (San Jose Earthquakes...somewhat) Equestria National Team (Think of it as the team that would play in the World Cup, no parodies here!) Real Canterlot (Real Zaragoza) A.C. Hoofington (D.C. United) Trottingham United (Manchester United) Manehattan Red Hooves (New York Red Bulls) Quick terminology facts!: F.C. stands for Football club, A.F.C. stands for Athletic Football Club, A.C. stands for Athletic Club and "Real" was a term monarchs from Spain would give to clubs for being the best of the best (I figure since Equestria is a monarchy, it'd kinda make sense.) United is another term for football club. I have these separated if any soccer fans want to represent their favorite team in a ponified way. I'm also thinking of baseball teams such as the Canterlot White Hooves, or Baltimare Orange Tails.
  6. If this topic is still relevant I can draw BGs, but animated BGs I dunno, never tried. And if not...Bump.
  7. Oh a Sonic fan, I already know were gonna BEST friends.
  8. MorrisonCamaro

    Neff Dash

    Overpriced, yes. But the people who wear most of these are dumb, I personally am not a fan of the designs that just alter the main logo. I would love to make this into a shirt too (I have a Spreadshirt shop) but unfortunately that would require lots o' licensing work and either Hasbro or Neff taking a huge chunk out of the profit while leaving the shop with very little.
  9. Loiter Squad needs the axe, and Eric Andre Show has to step up the awkwardness to make it funny. And stop changing the name of Aqua Teen Hunger Force, it sounds WAY better than Aqua Patrol Unit Squad 1 or whatever it was.
  10. -Scary Parasprites and Nice Fillies (Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites) by Skrillex (even though its wubstep and has no lyrics) - All My Bronies are Metalmanes (All My Friends are Metalheads) by Less Than Jake - Trotter (Prowler) by Iron Maiden - L.A. Mare (L.A. Woman) by The Doors Yeah...me and my creative mind at work *sarcasm* lol
  11. I actually think CN has better momemtum than it did when it first "changed" (Y'know, the Juniper Lee, Lazlo, Amy and Yumi era), it got some of its edge back with Regular Show and Gumball (really what kids show says "suck" and "crap" nowadays). I only wish they would get rid of their live action stuff. It needs more shows with that "edge", Annoying Orange is not going to cut it CN, I'm sorry, it was stupid on YouTube, it'll be stupid on T.V.
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