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  1. Still missing you, Dusk. You were such an amazing gal.

    1. Whitespy128


      hey you are not alone i have a friend move away

    2. SonicRainboomGirl


      I know how that feels too, I'm really sorry for you. But Dusk and I were as close as internet friends could be and she died in a car accident.

  2. I understand if it feels awkward with me here, to be honest I feel a little awkward coming on to this site and seeing that name up the top. If you don't want to continue thats fine, but im here if you do.
  3. Wow I just... wow... You guys are all amazing, I don't know where to begin. First I guess I have to say thanks MM, you really didn't go this far but you did, and I want to give you the biggest hug ever because of it. I myself am rather new here, only really seeing this site now I am on my old friends account but she always told stories. Stories of her Rp's and the fun that they were, but also the little chats she had been having with those of she knew from here. She loved all you guys and had a pasion for RPing, it's a big pair of boots I have to fill but I will do it for her, she was a close friend and again, I can't thank you guys enough. This has to be the best comunity I know Look forward to RPing with you in the future Dusk II
  4. Hey, it's not Dusk risen from the dead but it is her roommate who will be posting in her absence. I have decided to continue on her account to continue her legacy and breathe life into this account. I will have to learn to RP but I'l do it for her, my mate Dusky.... or ofcourse Sarah, whichever you prefer. I have lost a great mate, and my room at uni will never feel so empty. ~Dusk II
  5. Sleek watches out into the seas, nothing out of the ordinary, just a vast expance of ocean. From below she could hear Blackmane applauding her actions and to be honest she couldn't help but feel a little proud, yet still a little disapointed in herself. She was a pirate now, and already it had seemed to be changing her usual calm and caring nature. But he was asking for it! Orders where orders where they not?... Oh well, what was done is done and now she had to prove she deserved to be here. She watched the ocean and let out a sigh as she watched the ocean, it was so calming to watch and the waves slowly lul across her vision and into the distance. Suddenly she spotted a glowing red spot in the distance... was that a... flare? "C...Cap'n" She begins, still in slight disbelief "Theres a flare to the starboard! Shall we pursue? It's only a small vessel!" she yells, gazing over at the vessel in the distance, who was onboard? and how many ponies where onboard? Where they okay? "Cap'n! I recomend we go after it! They could be hurt or helpful!" she sais, awkwardly as she looks down at her captain "What are we going to do?"
  6. "aye cap'n..." she murmered as she climbed up the ropes to the crows nest, her home away from home on any ship that it was on. As she reached the top and climbed the side a naval stallion already seemed to be up there, Sleek tapped the older stallion on the back and smiled "Erm excuse me but er... you seem to be in my spot..." she said with a rather sheepish smile [colour=#800000]"Oh yea?" [/colour]he retorted, leaning on his telescope and looking at her cockily [colour=#800000]"Sais who toots? Last time I looked I was nester of this ship, and just caus' we ave a new cap'n doesn't meen you are the new nester, now get goin before i kick you off"[/colour] he grumbles, turning to keep his eyes on the sea "But... I was told to.." Sleek starts, before getting cut off by the naval stallion, pressing his large knife to her throat [colour=#800000]"I said look toots, get your pretty little hide out of here and I'l let you live, or do you want your big adventure on the sea to end here? I ave more experiance than ya and theres nothing you can do to get me off this here nest! Now get goin!" [/colour]he yells, his saliva spraying onto Sleeks face. That was it. As the stallion turned and looked back over the edge and to the sea she also turned, but rearing her hind legs and bucking the naval pony off the edge of the nest, landing square on his neck as he hit the deck with a spine tingling crunch "I am not called 'toots'... I am Sleek Wind! and you should have showed a little respect..." she said to herself, grabbing her telescope and looking out into the vast ocean.
  7. Name: Sheela Dundee Sex: Mare Age:early twenties Species: Eye colour: blue as the sky! Coat colour: a light brown Mane/Tail/Markings colour & Style: a dark brunette mane and tail, unkempt and dirty from the old west's weather conditions (General appearance): she is never seen without her classic crocodile tooth hat that she brought from her home of down under (http://ikennd.ac/pictures/for_posts/2009/05/1058wallaroocrocblackjpg.jpeg like this) (Cutiemark): a crocodile skin, origonating from her home (View of the Law): Sheela is a vigilante, not going with either side but her gut. The only way she knows (Weapons/Fighting style): revolvers mostley (http://www.votesprout.com/replica-images/replica-weapons-FP10202.jpg) But she will use her knife if needed (http://bestuff.com/images/images_of_stuff/210x600/crocodile-dundees-knife-101035.jpg) (if you couldn't tell im going for a crocodile dundee vibe :3)
  8. Im in! I can't miss a good old western! The cops and robbers style sounds pretty cool, or ofcourse the free for all. But yea! Excited!
  9. Sleek watches the whole thing... The marine pony made a valiant effort, one to be commended and that would not be forgoten by the riflemare in training. She even let out a small tear as she watch the bullet pierce his skin, what a brave soldier... Her gun hung low from her hooves as she watched Blackmane pass to the marine who seemed to be now in charge. She would have folowed if it weren't for her gaze being transfixed on the cruel ponies on the other ship, her legs started to slowly shift her to the side of the boat, watching the dead crew member be tossed overboard to the fate of the sharks who circled him. But the naval pony... he was dragged to the front of the boat and hung... that was no way to be treated... she raised her rifle to aim at the rope that hung Majesty and fired, looking away with another tear rolling down her cheek as she heard a splash on the water. Sleek then looked to the crew that was facing her on the enemy boat "You b*****ds sicken me...." she said, just high enough for them to hear before turning away and walking to Blackmane slowly, head lowered slightly in respects. (Sleek shoots the rope that suspended Majesty, giving the russian ship her thoughts on there vile actions as she heads back to the side of Blackmane)
  10. Sleek peeped out from below deck, making sure to keep close to Blackmane so that she wouldn't be mistaken as... well herself. It seemed that on the other ship there was a duel about to break out, between some russian pony and was it the captain of this ship? She didn't have a clue, but it kept her distracted long enough that she didn't spot the wreckage from the earlier canonball she had missed before coming up from deck. As a pony aproached the two and talked of her escape she prettended to act suprised "A prisoner!? Free? Can you pathetic stallywags keep anything on your ship!?" She asked, putting on the 'usual pirate speach' she never was one for it normally. She let out a laugh at the sailor and looked up at Blackmane "So cap'n who do you thinks going to come out alive on this one? The way that crew is shuffling about I would say he is in for a rather nasty suprise..." she commented, pulling out her rifle from her back and holding it in hoof "If any of em try to cheat then there gonna recieve my gift of lead!" she said with a smirk, making sure all the operations of the rifle were in order and watching the fight closely. (Sleek watches the fight, making sure any cheating will be punished while she chats to blackmane, trying not to look suspiciouse)
  11. Sleek slopped onto the floor as her restraints were taken away, pulling herself up off the floor and dusting herself off, managing to look up in time to see her rifle fly through the air and head her way, attempting to grab it and after a few seconds of jugling it she caught it, holding it tight and then slipping it into her holister on her back. She had it back, safe and sound at last. She took a look at the stumbling shame that was Brass... poor stallion... he had way more of the wine then Sleek ever did, and she was just a bit tipsy. She walked up to him and have him a small hug, followed by a peck on the cheek "You be safe now alright Brass?" she said calmly, a smile spreading on her face as she rushed to keep up with Blackmane "Sorry Bla... i meen er... captain... But he would do pretty much anything I wanted! How could I pass up that offer when I was meant to be a prisoner?" she asked, instantly regreting it. Blackmane was a dangerous pirate, way above the league of her own. "But er... really... sorry cap'n... I will be more careful..." she added after, as so not to annoy her new captain! Who would have thought it? Enemies one minuite and then comrades the next. But still... what if they were to meet Red again? What the hay was she meant to do then? Shoot her friend!? That was almost out of the question. But when the time comes... and Sleek had a fealing it will come... she will have to choose between the two. Blackmane? Or Harla and Red? ( Sleek tidies up and hugs Brass on the way out, kissing his cheek and telling him to be safe on the way out with Blackmane. She then apologises to her captain and thinks about if she were to meet Red and the gang again... how would she fight and who for?)
  12. Sleek let out a small giggle as Blackmane glared down at her, a look of rage in his eyes "I was only having a meal with my good friend here Blass... or Brase? Base? B... B.... B B Brass! He snuck into to captains quarters and got some grup fit for a mare!" She said with a grin, suddenly realising what the hay she was saying "w... wait..." she sais, holding her head as she tried to gain some sence "I... I'm sorry captain... that was foolish of me..." she said, sitting up from her bed and trying to hop off, realising her back hooves were still tied to the bed as she hit the floor face first "err... hehe... lil help?" she asks with a sheepish smile, similar to the one she gave when she landed in front of Blackmane when she jumped from Harla's boat. She looked almost pathetic. But then she looked over to see Brass steaming at her new captain! Oh Celestia... what had she gotten this pathetic stallion into? "Brass... back off..." she said calmly, realising he had either not heard her or chose to ignore her "Brass!... back of!..." she repeated, seeing no wavering in his attempts to stand up to Blackmane, if he really wanted to, the yellow pegasus would be dead in an instant "BRASS I SWEAR TO CELESTIA!!! BACK OFF OF BLACKMANE AND GET OUT OF HERE!!!" she yelled, probably too loud... hopefully no other pony heard her... but they probably did. She cleared her throat and looked up to the pair, hopefully she had gotten there attention this time.
  13. so wait... no more aps? If not I would be happy to join in!
  14. im in when it's up :3 Dunno what's happening with the main one O.o
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