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  1. I'll say, I saw this thread when I joined nearly 4 years ago. Guess Applejack still has a lot of kisses to give out eh?
  2. chocolate rain.........EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!

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      No seriously... do you have any idea how hard it is to get choclate stains out of clothing? :/

    3. Hawkeye12


      Yes, you all have to use all your stain remover...my plan is complete. *sitsand turns in the corner*

    4. Hawkeye12


      Ugh. *grins. My spellcheck.

  3. Note to self," Get back to work an finish character app"

    1. SongHeart


      note to self, "eat cake"

    2. tacobob


      note to self, "eat Songheart's cake" mmmm. Stolen!

    3. SongHeart


      note to self, "kill Tacobob and steal his cakes." no no no something worse........ "make Tacobob watch owls well that ends well and steal his cake........."

  4. Dum vivunt in rerum!


  6. "Hmm?" She glanced up from her violin to the speaker which was the unicorn. She took a moment to recall on what he had said before it dawned on her and she giggled softly. "Oh not at all dear I was about to discuss the very topic with you" She levitated the instrument back into the case and zipped it back up. "Oh! Where are my manners?!" She turned back to the unicorn extending a white hoof "My name is Sweet Melody, but mostly everypony calls me Mel for short.".
  7. The Hearth Warming season had finally came! Ponies from all over Equestria were celibrating this time love and cheer. Mel was on her way to an address she recently saw in the papers. Somepony by the name of Cashmere was hosting a party for all to enjoy. The unicorn was sure they would enjoy having some music while they partied. Melody decided to wear one of her finest dresses. A silky navy blue ruffled dress trimmed on the edges with a pink strip. Mel also decided to have some holly pinned to her collar for the holiday spirit. Floating by her side was a deep blue instument case containing her favored violin, the one she planned on playing for the party guests. When she arrived at her destination, which seemed to be a shop of sorts, she calmly admired the decor. The host must have spent a good deal of time and effort to pull off such a dazzling display. The sound of chatter drew her attention to the guests whom arrived earlier than she had. There were a good number of ponies in the store, even a griffon had settled to attend this party. She came up to a table of which two colored bowls sat. After watching carfully from a distance she took a random candy cane out of the green bowl. Using her magic, she snapped the candy in half keeping one half and placing the other in the red bowl. Afterwards she walked up to a finely dressed unicorn, whom she percieved as the host. "My this is indeed quite the party you ought to be very proud of yourself for such a warm hearted deed." She said wilst opening the case and pulling out a beautiful blue and pink violin, and set to tuning it. While she operated on her instrument she lifted her head once in a while to watch what events were occuring.
  8. You know what...marshmallows

  9. Day four! On the forth day of Christmas my true love gave to me Your turn!
  10. Day three guys! On the third day of Christmas my true love gave to me! You turn!
  11. Day 2 guys! On the second day of Christmas my true love gave to me. YOUR TURN!
  12. On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me Your turn!
  13. Well the day has come! Hey guys name's Fireheart, and I'm here to introduce the 12 day count down. Here's how it will go: for the next 12 days up until Christmas day I will be posting lines from the song "12 days of Christmas. Only I will post part of the verse, your job will be to complete the verse. These are the rules: You can only post once a day. The verses don't have to rhyme. Get creative. AND HAVE FUN! I look forward to your posts, good luck!
  14. Hey everyone names Fireheart, you may know or not at all, but that's not important right now. What IS important is that on Dec 13, I will be staring a game called the 12 day countdown. For furthar information don't be afraind to contact. Happy Hoildays!

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