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  1. My current mic is a Blue Snowball! You can get one for maybe 80 bucks on e-bay used. It's not THE BEST mic, but you can get some pretty good quality audio quality if you record in a small room with some cover to prevent bounce, or if you've got a portable sound box. But either way, for the price range, it's well worth it. It also comes with it's own stand, so that's quite nice too. Another good one worth looking into is the Samsung C01U condenser mic. http://soundcloud.com/adoxtalks/popping-bubble-wrap Either way, here's something non-pony related but I thought it was pretty fun! I found some bubble wrap and was extremely excited. (I didn't use my pop filter for this one, so there's some minor puffing. It's not too distracting though, I hope.)
  2. I use Photoshop CS3! It's a rather old version of Photoshop, I guess, but it works just fine, so I've never really bothered to buy a newer copy. Either way, in terms of art works... Here's a picture I drew for Noctriix. It's his OC, Spotlight!
  3. Thanks, Noctriix! http://soundcloud.com/adoxtalks/adoxographist_lil-red-audition Here's another thing I did. It was an audition for Big Mac in a Rule 63'd version of MLP. I've got two different takes, one is a rather big deeper and slower, since Big Mac's voice has got those qualities, but I figured that they might be looking for a more feminine voice, so I put in a mid-pitched take as well.
  4. Still trying to figure out my Pony's design. Personally, I'm liking this one! So far what I've got planned is that her name is Briar Rose, she works in a fabrics store, and is pretty much always tired. I have a lot of things I need to work out, but I think I've got a start, at least. Also, this is Sound Wave. She's the mascot over at Radio is Magic.
  5. Moyashimon is pretty cute, I think it's worth a try at least! Also, have you ever seen Anohana, Scrapped Princess, Kino's Journey or Haibane Renmei?
  6. Hey, my name is Adox and I like to voice act. I'm not too sure where abouts I can make a voice acting thread, but I'm making one, and HERE. IT. IS. Either way, here's some of the stuff I've done. http://soundcloud.com/adoxtalks/ponies-are-magic This one is a something I recorded for an audition. They didn't really have audition lines, so I kind just had to wing it. Maybe I'm not so great at winging it, buuut, at least I did get a part! http://soundcloud.com/adoxtalks/dear-princess-celestia Reading from this picture. http://soundcloud.com/adoxtalks/octavia-and-vinyl-university And this is me reading a rather small excerpt of the first chapter from the fanfiction "Octavia and Vinyl: University Days" for my friend. I only did that segment of the first chapter, because I wanted to do silly voices, but didn't want to get bombarded with too many characters, but I think it's a really cute fanfic, so maybe I'll read more later. Either way, that's all I got a the moment! But stick around, maybe I'll pull out MORE.
  7. Aw yeah, drew some more stuff! I'm actually a lot more used to drawing people than I am to drawing ponies. Sometimes when I draw ponies I just... Whaaaat is going on? Either way, here's a humanized Fluttershy. She's got an undercut! I feel like my humanized headcanons probably aren't that popular, but it's not like I've really tried putting them out there! So, what do you guys say about undercuts? (My humanized Rainbowdash would have an outrageously 80s mullet.) /Edit Happy Canada day, Angie Cakes!
  8. Haha, I can't really give any really rad advice like CrescentBlaze can, but... Wow, you've got a really beautiful voice!
  9. Hehehe, thanks mate! I'm hoping to stick around myself, and now I've got all the more reason too.
  10. Wow, that is absolutely stunning. Are you planning on making a comic? Or is it just going to be a set of pictures? Either way, this is really cool!
  11. Hey, my name is Adoxographist, and I like to draw! CHECK IT. Also, here's a rough draft of what might or might not be the pony I end up roleplaying with. I'm still not 100% sold on the design though, so who knows if it'll change and by how much it will!
  12. Welcome to Canterlot! I'm new myself, haha. Have you figured out your roleplay character yet? I'm still drawing a blank.
  13. Thanks for all the welcomes guys!
  14. If anyone is interested, here are the very few pieces of MLP fanart that I've done so far. Rarity is best pony. I drew Pinkie Pie, cause she's my friend's favourite. And Scootaloo, just cause. Either way, this looks like a cool site, and I'm looking forward to getting involved!
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