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  1. I'm afraid I've been inactive because I forgot about this place 

    you see I was in a car crash , put me in a coma , woke up with reacurring amnisha for two and a half years. Miraculously recovered, but I now have short term  memory loss. Yesterday is always blank in other words. Please excuse the inconvenience this might cause you 



    1. RexDraco


      Well in time in time. Get well, we'll be kind~🎶

  2. Hello im Ink heart!

    I apologize for my inactivity. I have memory loss due to a car crash and am currently going through a devorice. Please excuse my inactity
  3. Dance

    From the album InkHeart sketches

    Ponies need to get down too.
  4. InkHeart sketches

    Drawings i have done of Ink heart. Please enjoy them.
  5. suprise

    From the album InkHeart sketches

    Just another intresting sketch. Look out for that hand!
  6. Choas in my ear

    From the album InkHeart sketches

    I cant hear you, there seems to be some choas in my ear. A funny little image.
  7. Uh ho

    From the album InkHeart sketches

    Sometimes magic can have a mind of its own.
  8. Hello im Ink heart!

    Oh thank you so much, That helps me out a lot! It all makes perfect sense now. I tip my hat to you sir!
  9. Hello im Ink heart!

    Im a little confused in my application. Im not sure of the diffrence between the two rp types. Ive looked it up but i dont quite understand yet. Can somepony clear this up for me?
  10. Hello im Ink heart!

    Thank you very much!
  11. Hello im Ink heart!

    I get that quesiton a lot but i never read the books And also im very excited to get started so thank you very much :3
  12. Hello im Ink heart!

    Thank you so muc! and im very excited to hear that :3
  13. Hello im Ink heart!

    Thats a very good attuied to have my friend!
  14. Hello im Ink heart!

    Thank you very much, I hear that the community is good, im glad to see that its true! such a warm welcome! and you bet, i cant wait to get started :3 I will surely ask you if i need anything. and thank you for the vedio! that put a smile on my face