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  1. Welcome! Hope the third time is a charm
  2. I look forward to your presence
  3. Dont judge, dont hate, just love and tolerate! (idk) I as well agree to the people that agree with the others.
  4. Welcome to canterlot id like to see you around!
  5. Im back once again!

  6. Considering how much my friends come over and get on my computer....this happens a lot.
  7. Pinkie could have... but what about Zecora?
  8. Welcome and hope to see you around!
  9. Welcome to Canterlot! Hope to see you around also!
  10. Ive noticed you have asked this a lot, I got here by searching, mlp forum.And welcome to Canterlot Amaroq, I hope you have a good time role playing!
  11. Ive actually seen quite a few people with brony shirts and things like that, like I was at a renaissance festival and I saw someone in a Rainbow Dash outfit and another with a Wonder Bolt one.(No idea how thats a renaissance costume )
  12. New profile pic (Has terrible resolution after an hour of editing to make its 199 kb)

    1. MyLittlePonyTales


      Can you make gif avatars from a video?

    2. ustinodj


      Yes just rename the extension. example: .mov to .gif

  13. Would you rather drink cyanide or jump off a cliff? Or both at the same time?
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