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  1. Idk; is trying to be more active around here here by starting to rp with the 'antisocial' Antimony, but... hard to figure out what rp to push her into or something what with so many topics and all... x_x Sorry in advance if i'm I'm asking this in the wrong forums section...
  2. If you take away 4 letters from my first and last name, the result is cheese canan, which is sort of like a canon that shoots out cheese.... :3 that, and the name "cheese" is one of my many, many food-related nicknames soo....
  3. i swear i'll be more active soon! I SWEAARRRR!!!!

  4. i'm not too sure/can't remember clearly anymore, but I think mine was either pokemon, digimon, sailor moon, or cardcaptors...
  5. Hmmm lessse... I'm watching 3rd season onwards of Doctor Who, and the only morpg I play is Wakfu~
  6. cheese canan

    Other Ponies

    Pics of other people's OCs and what-not
  7. was I the only one bothered by the fact of his umbrella making a meowing noise, and opening the wrong way? and can I just say, that I simply love Fluttershy? lol Anyways, loved this episode1 Though waiting for next week's episode is going to be BRUTAL D: Kinda wish Discord becomes a reoccuring character... kinda.
  8. I realized that I forgot to post here but.... yeah. University has started, so I won't be on very much... =/
  9. whoa. whoa. WHOOOOAAA

  10. Dear princess Celestia, doesn't the earth revolve around the sun?
  11. Her eyes widened at the substantially large amount of coins he placed on the table. “T-this is your tip?†So... generous. She didn’t expect so much money and so didn’t know what to say, but was very much grateful. She stared back. “Don’t you worry good sir, I shall.†She tried to keep a normal game face on, but couldn’t hide her excitement at the prospect of buying new equipment for her studio. “O-one hour you say? Will do. See you around, mister Max.†Shutterbug happily waved him out the door. “Come back soon!†She began to levitate the coins into a cash register while she knocked on a door behind the counter. Nervous shuffling could be heard on the other side, and within moments the door opened, revealing a pale blue unicorn standing in its dark doorway. She nervously looked around the store to see if anyone was there. No-one. She sighed in relief "... yes...?" “Guess what? I just had some rich pony stallion come by. You wouldn't believe the shots I got, and---†“How much?†"...What?" "...How much... did you charge..." "... Oh." Shutterbug was a little taken back of the fact that she didn't want to hear of her photoshoot experience. "Uhh... Fifty." The bespectacled unicorn gave her a disapproving look. “Fifty? But... your pictures... are worth at least 3 times that much...†“Aw geez; thanks Anti.†She smiled sheepishly and scratched the back of her head, flattered by her praise. “But that’s ok; I don’t like charging much for something I’d do for free. And cheaper prices usually mean frequent customers!†The blue unicorn sighed at that answer. “One day... That thinking is going to cost you this store...†“Besides, look at THIS--†She pointed her hoof at the remaining stacks of coins that wouldn’t fit in her register. “He gave me all this as a tip! Can you believe it?!†She said enthusiastically. Antimony looked at the stack of bits, then back at her, obviously not showing the same amount of excitement as she did. “... I... can see... So? Where are they?†“Oh right; here.†Shutter handed her cousin the film canisters. “I’ll need them to be developed in one hour girl.†“... aren’t... you coming in with me...?†“I would, but someone’s gotta keep an eye out for any other customers!†Anti gave her a skeptical look, not buying her excuse – she knew Shutterbug just didn’t want to develop them herself, that she wanted to sit back and do nothing like usual. But instead of calling her out on this, Antimony kept quiet, fearful that by saying something, Shutterbug would be the one developing the pictures, and she’d have to be the one dealing with her customers if one ever came back. So without another word she walked back into the darkroom, leaving shutterbug alone at the register, still visibly content. “I wonder what I could buy... I guess another umbrella or 4 wouldn’t be so bad...†Shutterbug took out the magazine from earlier and resumed looking at her pictures. >>Ahahaha... Just felt like sort of introducing antimony (sort of), and trying to get a feel on her character... ^^;;<<
  12. >> ... how DOES pony currency even work actually? O_o << “Let’s see...†Shutterbug looked up thoughtfully, trying to calculate mentally the length in time it’d take for the film to be processed. Not succeeding in figuring it out, she quickly gave up trying to calculate all that in her head, so decided to estimate. “Assuming nothing goes horribly wrong in the darkroom, I’d say... an hour or so?†She gave a hesitant grin. “Sorry, but I’ve never timed myself with that part, so I can’t exactly tell you with certainty, mister Max. And as for price... hmm...†She pondered that thought for a bit while removing the film canister from the back of the camera. What did I charge for portraits again? “...I'm guessing... 50 bits'll do?â€Â
  13. Shutterbug was just about to start taking pictures until Max started to move around. So instead of beginning the shooting, she stared, honestly not expecting such fascination or excitement about a piece of furniture. Though she couldn’t help but crack a smile and chuckled along, not only greatly amused with his antics, but finding his laughter quite contagious. “Ahaha well then, let us begin!†She enthusiastically announced, and proceeded to snap those pictures away. “Yes, that’s good. Keep lookin’ here... Lift your chin up a bit? Waitaminute.†She levitated a mono head to his left and turned a dial on its side, making it shine a little bit brighter, but not enough to completely over power the picture or blind him. “ Okay; perfect.â€Â
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