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  1. Moondrop's panicked stream of words didn't last long : noticing her host's general unease, Swift Kite quickly stopped the little unicorn, and asked her if she had other guests to entertain. Moondrop blushed, feeling very embarrassed, before finally opening her mouth, and then, a few seconds later, starting an answer. [colour=#696969]"N-no, no, you're the only guests I have ... "[/colour] Moondrop timidly explained, staring at her tea cup. [colour=#696969]"It's just that, well, actually, I mean, I never had guests before. I don't even know where to start!"[/colour] She stayed silent for a moment, raising her eyes up and making an apologetic smile to Swift Kite. [colour=#696969]"And, uh, you're welcome, mister Patches."[/colour] She concluded awkwardly.[colour=#696969] "I've never had a dragon guest before, so, um ... Tell me if you want anything ?"[/colour] With nothing more to say, Moondrop raised her tea cup to her mouth and finished it, keeping her worries away for a second or two. It was strange, she thought. She should have been more professional more assured of herself. She should have been discussing goods and prices with her guests while sipping tea, in a calm and collected way. But she wasn't, she was overwhelmed and clueless, and accepting it brought an odd sense of relief. Moondrop felt better now. The meeting wasn't over yet, and perhaps she could still make things work.
  2. League of Legends ! I have a blue smurf with a big hammer, and I smash-and-run everyone near enough ! Woo ! I really like that game
  3. To be fair, the past century has been pretty awesome. We crossed the Atlantic with an airplane for the first time, then set humans on the moon just about forty years later, and then there's also the internet and all the technology advancements we have. With airplanes we can be anywhere on the globe in less than a day, and with cellphones and internet we can communicate instantly with anyone, anywhere. None of this really make people think. Yet at the same time this century have had a bunch of revolts and revolutions and people asking for justice and equality, too. It's not like nothing is happening ... it's that even fast-going changes are slow enough not to happen overnight, so you don't always see them. All the things that happened seems normal, in a way. The future is always tomorrow, it's never going on now.
  4. Oh no ! We will be missing christmas ! It's the end of the world ! Edit, seriously : I am not afraid at all. We had lots of end of the world predictions, we will have lots more. And nothing will really happen. There isn't even a prophecy or anything this time, just a calendar doing a big jump in its numbers.
  5. [colour=#696969]"I do live in Canterlot, but I don't go out very often."[/colour] Moondrop replied politely with her usual soft spoken voice, happy to engage in a conversation.[colour=#696969] "Do you live here as well ?" [/colour] [colour=#696969]"There's a lot of books around here,"[/colour] she continued, adressing Lore Weaver's earlier concern,[colour=#696969] "although I don't know what kind of book you're looking for. But you should find what you like, since they're as varied as the place is messy."[/colour] She smiled.[colour=#696969] "I don't know about any magical artifacts however."[/colour] The timid pony started exploring the shop once again, neatly reordering the goods she happened to pick up. She poked her muzzle inside the forlorn carriage, looked at book titles, dusted and tried fancy hats, all while making small chat with Lore Weaver. [colour=#696969]"I just came in here because I was curious. I love going outside for a stroll and visit the city, there is always so much to see !"[/colour]
  6. [colour=#696969]"Oh, I'm, I mean, my name is Moondrop."[/colour] the white pony fidgeted uncomfortably.[colour=#696969] "I guess we are both inquisitive ponies,"[/colour] she agreed,[colour=#696969] "I just came here because I was strolling around." [/colour] [colour=#696969]"I haven't seen any shop owner though, that's curious."[/colour] Moondrop concluded with a nod. [colour=#696969]"She, or he, shouldn't be far, I guess ... Let's look around together ?"[/colour] She proposed with a tentative smile. The sheltered unicorn was unaccustomed to social relationships, and she didn't quite knew what to do - but she was trying her best. Perhaps, she thought, perhaps she could even make a friend ? [Apologies for the wait ! I was sick. Have a little something while I get better : ) I'll write more next time. ]
  7. Hello ! Ancre tells me to say here that he is going to be away for one more week. He'll keep you posted.
  8. Can't ask wikipedia ? (darn, how do I answer that without being snarky ? )
  9. I'm sure there are, but is it really possible to list them all ?
  10. Isn't it because it doesn't really sound like an english word, even though it is ?
  11. Alone in the shop, led by her curiosity, Moondrop begun exploring. The chaotic room was like a dragon's den, a treasure trove, filled with wonders to look at. Little toys, old hats, dusty books, broken furniture ... Humming a little tune to herself, the unicorn absentmindedly started cleaning up a little bit. Dusting the goods, putting them back on the shelves, making neat little piles, slowly slipping inside her own little world. She had a thousand questions dancing in her head. Where did it all come from ? Why sell such a strange collection of wares ? Was it an inheritance from a distant uncle ? The results of many adventures spent abroad ? Unable to come up with a reasonable explanation, the little unicorn started daydreaming stories after stories, each of them a little bit more implausible and fantastic than the last. She didn't hear the other pony come inside the shop. She did hear his query, however, and jumped out of her reveries with a little squeal of surprise. [colour=#696969]"N-no, I'm not !"[/colour] she stammered, turning around to meet the newcomer.[colour=#808080] [/colour][colour=#696969]"I just came in a few moments ago, I haven't seen anypony."[/colour] The unicorn eyed the trail of orderly goods she had left in her wake. [colour=#696969]"Uh, I can see where you got that idea though ..."[/colour] She chuckled in embarrassment, and then kept quiet, timidly shuffling her hooves.
  12. There's a few "first contact" stories where human space explorers end up, by accident or by intent, in Equestria. "Article II" and "Arrow 18's mission logs" are good example of that. There's a few of them where humans reach Equestria because Earth is in a dire situation - like "Sunflower" or actually the whole The Conversion Bureau sub-universe. I love to share links to stories I liked, so if you want links I'd be happy to give them (And as always, there are some good fics that sounds like a very bad project, and similarly bad fics that looked perfect on paper. Some of these fics are very good. HiE fics usually suffer from a lot of flaws though, from self inserts to misanthropism. It's probably one of the themes where it's easy to do bad.)
  13. I'm INTP. These kind of tests usually say I'm either INTP or INFP. It's fun though
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