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  1. I survived Everfree 2012! Had a blast and alot of brag-worthy moments!

  2. I dunno about getting a MLP tattoo, I even stopped myself from just getting a cupcake on my ankle because of worry when I was 40 I'd go really? a cupcake? what was I thinking? My friend got a Harry Potter tattoo of the three stars at the top of each page, so if I did get something MLP related I'd want it to be something obscure or cute that had meaning that wasnt in your face. I do have a small dragonfly on my left wrist, very cute and self designed. I also want other small ones. but I always think them through, make sure they are in places that dont stretch if I have kids, and are in places that are easily covered for jobs.
  3. Everfree is going awesome! Got autographs on my ponies and lots of pics! :3

  4. Id be happy if they shed some light on Scootaloo, I mean even my friend watching the show first time through was like Well, Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy went to flight school in Cloudsdale, how come Scootaloo isn't in Cloudsdale in flight school? Or do we just not see her in flight school? It would be cool to show that Scootaloo is good at her scooter and stuff because she cant fly and still has a need for speed. Besides, the original scootaloo was an Earth pony anyway.
  5. Oh thanks for the heads up! I didnt really look hard in the calender area, I looked around in the coloring books and didnt see ANY but I just bought three in a set at Target for when my niece comes to visit, so I'll be ok. Seems like in my area Target and TRU (just down the road from each other) have been the best bets for merch.
  6. Everfree Northwest this weekend, baby! now if only I can kick this weird throat thing I've got going on!

  7. Went the dollar tree around these parts and nothing! Also went to my TRU and there were no blind bags left! There was a little baby Spike! Target close to my friends house had white celestial, shining armor/cadence, bridesmaid ponies, plushies, and the rainbow set of glittery figures which I picked up to make more jewelry with.
  8. Went to my local K mart in hopes to see Wave 2 bags, but alas... I did find a Cupcake (which I have only seen online) and got her! Shes too cute!
  9. Satohai

    ERMERGERD Ponies!

    Ponies I've drawn for myself and friends!!!
  10. Awesome! I can do that! I'll probably put it up in the next two days! Thanks for requesting!
  11. I'm taking requests! I have an art thread here and my deviantart is the same username as here! Let me know! :3
  12. Ohhh shot glasses from Spencers? My hubby will have to pick those up. He collects shot glasses!
  13. Will do! I'll be dressed up like Pinkie Pie with a Flutter shy and a tall goatee'd man. I'll write my username on my badge too *I was too excited filling out the info form to put it as my "fan name" for the badge*
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