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    Ahhh, yes, I finally decided to write something here!

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    Well, as a recently qualified animator (degree in it) I have a strong interest in that, and the digital art and drawing that goes alongside it. I have a gallery on here for people to look at, to see what my digital drawing looks like, I'm slowly building on the amount of stuff I have on there.

    I'm been RPing now for seven years, and with a good literacy skills, am also a hobby writer, so I adore good, detailed RPing with people who like to really get into character and let the muses run wild and free! Interested? Drop me a PM!

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  1. Sorry for the delay on these, I've had a couple of days with rough to no internet... seems to be fixed now though, will update tomorrow if I can with some of the promised stuff! Thanks for being patient y'all!
  2. Wild listened quietly to the pony as he talked in some considerable detail about the threats over Everfree. The pegasus was not so much concerned about what was said, as he was curious... what length and detail these pirates had gone to to perfect their methods! And how well learned this unicorn was about said methods, it was all so interesting, this pony must surely be extremely good at his job if he knew his enemies so well. He would most certainly be an interesting fellow to make conversation with... someone who knew so much would surely have some wonderful stories to tell! Wild would have to try and engage him in conversation on the matter if he was to accompany them on their mission. Gambit kept mostly quiet through the unicorn's speech, listening closely, his ears moving slightly as he did so, but not being so bold as to interrupt. The time would come for him to introduce himself, but all things considered, he was a little cautious to do so to this soldier type... he seemed decent and intelligent, but Wild had had trouble with these types before... they tended to distrust ponies of his... origin whether they were pegasi, unicorn or earth pony. He was not by any means AFRAID of introducing himself formally, but neither was he eager to do so. However, as the unicorn started to call Dunder to go and help him, Wild realised his window of opportunity was closing, and if he did not step up to introduce himself now, he would not exactly come across as the upstanding and reliable fellow that he was trying to become. Clearing his throat softly and politely, he stepped forward slightly and gave a small bow, “I am sorry I did not introduce myself before,” he said, “I simply did not wish to interrupt. My name is Wild Gambit, but please, do not take that as an indication of my character, I am actually quite reliable.” He gave a small smile and then stepped back into his place again, hoping that his long silence had not offended the unicorn, who seemed now to be so set on helping them so much! Wild was not thrilled at the prospect of waiting so long to get under way, but he would accept it, if the mare he had accepted as the leader of them did so... for as long as he was on her pay-roll, Gambit would do as Candy Catch-em said.
  3. Gambit flew after the others, until he saw the lead mare landing, and promptly followed, circling in for a graceful landing, and folding his wings away neatly, fluffing the feathers into a comfortable position on his back as he looked around, rather impressed with the sky yacht. He flicked an ear as the mare spoke to him and one of the other fellows, and looked at her, smiling a little as he was informed of her name and the name of the ship. He was about to enquire about when they were getting under-way with this 'mission' when another pony walked up and spoke in a tone that could only be described as sinister. Wild tilted his head slightly, and backed up a step or two, so as not to interfere with someone else's business. However, he was still subtly listening, just in case there was trouble... because he was fairly good at reading ponies from his gambling days... and this one read like he had something serious to say. As Wild waited for this new pony to continue, his gaze travelled slowly around the area, taking in the sight what appeared to be the captain and crew of the yacht, and the yacht itself... he was eager to ask questions about it, but he sensed that now was not the moment, and kept his quiet for now, waiting to see what the serious sounding newcomer wanted. He couldn't help but smile a bit though as the big male, Dunder, seemed thrilled to see this serious newcomer... perhaps it wasn't as sinister as Wild had initially read the situation as being, and he relaxed slightly, but kept listening.
  4. Wild Gambit grinned as the mare stated that he would get a day's wage for his effort, nodding in cheerful agreement. “Well then, consider me signed up.” he answered, not surprised as she spoke of getting to the meeting place. It occurred to the male that he didn't know where the meeting place was in Canterlot, but he was as good a flyer as any regular pegasi... he would have little trouble keeping up with the others and let them lead the way. As the large male introduced himself, Wild smiled and nodded respectfully to him, “Good to meet you Dunder.” he said cheerfully, and looked at the other, more normal sized stallion, “And good to meet you too.” He didn't get to find out the other fellow's name before the flying began, and he eagerly took a short run, hop, and took off, spreading his wings and sighing inwardly at the enjoyable feeling of the wind ruffling through his wing feathers. What luck he had had today... walk into Canterlot, and find a day's work without even having to ask around for it! And free food too! What could be better? Feeling very pleased with himself, he kept pace with the other pegasi, but gave them all plenty of flying space, seeing that the mare and large fellow were having some kind of playful competition, he knew better than to get into the way of something like that, and just kept back respectfully, enjoying the flying... as much as he had grown to enjoy walking (as hard as that had been for him at first!) He still adored flying so very much... even if it was just a short trip to the staging area.
  5. Glad y'all like them ^_^ and sure thing Tales, that'll be no problem at all, I'll tweak that for you. It looks okay on the darker ponies, so sometimes I forget to change it on the lighter ones ^^;;
  6. Well, whilst I agree that you are doing a job which could be hard and tricky at times, I really really feel that a bit of politeness would go a long way, despite you being exempt from needing to be so. You could have put things to me a little more gently than you did, since I showed no initial sign of being difficult with you in the application, I think terms such as 'poor and lazy' and 'unoriginal' were completely unwarranted when I was doing nothing to contest what you were saying. That said, I acknowledge that the character needed work, I knew he would, I am still new here, and am testing the boundaries... so a little gentleness in the way you put your criticisms to newbies might result in less hurt feelings. As you saw, I was willing to change the character to make it more agreeable to your rules... I am not knocking WHAT you said, I am merely saying that the way you said it was harsh. This not being the place to discuss this though, I shall digress, and hope that we can get along better in the future.
  7. Wild had just been pottering through a new area of Canterlot, eyes sharp for work oppertunities, or somepony who might be up for a game, when several magic words reached him on the breeze, causing him an abrupt, almost immediate change of direction towards the speaker down the street from himself. The words 'Wage' and 'free food' were extremely appealing to the young pegasus stallion, and his steps were eager as he approached the speaker, a mare of his own kind, if he was not very much mistaken. There seemed to be others around too, a notably large fellow of pegasus kind, and yet another pegasus stallion. Was this some kind of pegasus convention? Didn't matter to Wild, he had heard three magical words. He trotted up, his hooves making a cheerful sound on the stone as he moved, putting on his best 'nice guy' smile as he waited for the others to finish speaking before he began himself. “Good day ma'am and sirs,” he said, extending his wings and giving a small bow, as he always did when greeting strangers from whom he hoped to gain something. “Pardon my interruption... But, did my ears pick up the words 'wages' and 'free food'? If I am mistaken please forgive me, but it did most distinctively sound as though it was from here that these wonderful phrases came.” He was speaking in his most polite tones, but being careful not to sound too smarmy... he had been accused of that before, when he had just been trying to be nice. He blinked as his eyes caught on the poster about the work, reading quickly and starting to smile as he did so. “Interesting,” he said, smiling, “Everfree forest it says here... the place ponies fear to go...” he had heard plenty about it, but never gone there himself. “Capital,” he said cheerfully, “I would very much like to partake in this... paid adventure.” He would probably have considered it just for the free food alone, but he wouldn't turn down a day's pay should it be offered to him. He paused a moment though as he remembered something, and then added, "And how rude of me to forget... My name is Wild, Wild Gambit..."
  8. There, I've given him an overhaul to see if I could make it less 'poor and lazy'... So I hope you find it less offensive now.
  9. Alrighty, here comes another batch! ^_^ Willow: There's Hallowed Night for you. Tales, here's three of yours, I'm still working on the princess, she's possible, but will take slightly longer because she's more complex ^_^ In the meantime here's: Shadowmist: Dodger: and Scout: And Sonic, here are yours: Heart-Shaped Box: (Her waistcoat bothered me on this pixel model, so I did an alternate without it, just in case you prefer it this way) and Lightning Dancer: Remember, let me know if you want anything tweaked/changed, or images combined, I have no problem with doing so ^_^
  10. EDIT: Overhauling character. To see if I can make him less 'trying to be special' and 'unoriginal' But with such 'poor and lazy' character writing abilities as I must surely have... I doubt I can save him, since the advice you gave basically says to remove everything he is. Yes, I am a bit sour about your phraseology. I feel that the 'always be positive' and 'don't just shoot everything down' advice in the critiquing guidelines are a little lost here. I mean, I'm not in any way saying that I disagree, or you are wrong... but... I do feel the way you have voiced your opinions here was a little... rough.
  11. Well, here's the first couple. Progress has been slightly slow due to it being the first and probably only days we've seen of sun all year here in Cornwall XD Krypt, here's Pharm and Freefall: (I wasn't sure if I should give him his labcoat, if you want me to edit one onto him I can XD) (As requested, with clipped/damaged wings) And Tales, here's... Tales XD If anything needs tweaking or changing let me know! I'm happy to adapt them. I'm working on more of them tonight. Oh, and I'm always happy to smush images together into one image for a better, neater signature ^_^ especially if ordered at different times. All you need do is ask.
  12. Willow, I have considered colouring the lines, like I do on my larger art for Ponies, but when I gave it a try, it just didn't look right... perhaps because the lines are too fine to wear it well... either way, I chose to stick with black for the time being ^_^ and sure thing Tales, I'll get started on those, and put the gender symbol on Tales.
  13. Right, my other fellow has been moved on into the databases (Yay first character on here to be accepted for me!), so I have been able to mark this guy as final! So... critique/ask away guys! I'm ready for input!
  14. Something I forgot to ask you both, do you want the gender symbols over your ponies, or do you just want them plain and as they are ^_^ I've done the orders both, but I want to know so that I can stick the gender signs on before I put them up if you want them there.
  15. Tales: Well, I can do them all for you XD But at a progress of five per week, rather than trying to do them all. But I shall do Tales first of all ^_^ And I'll make a note of your request for a changeling, and see if there's any other requests for it! ^_^ Kryptchild: I can do both of those for you ^_^ Like I said, up to five per person per week, so doing two is no problem at all ^_^ and I don't mind you showing it off at all ^_^ Feel free! As for Freefall, I shall do my best to make the sprite's wings accurate to his own ^_^ I shall get to work on both of your orders tomorrow morning, when I next have some free time ^_^
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