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  1. Time to get back to work in the rp field. Respond to anything I missed. Also, who wants an rp where we help a penguin find its home? :P and get into mischief along the way?

    1. tacobob


      YAY! Both Shadow and Quillhart return! Now I am a happy horse!

    2. tacobob


      Now I'm just a sad horse! :(

  2. Alright I got a Twilight Sparkle from Santa. Just what I wanted*Hugs Twilight*
  3. I just got an Asus laptop. Top of the line and the latest laptop tech.

  4. RaraJack is best ship :)

    1. SunsetSombra


      That and SunLight I can and will ship like fedex!

  5. There are alot of books. 'nough said.

    1. Rosewind


      Read Redwall, Sandcat!

    2. tacobob


      Hey Shadow, your inbox is full! Delete some of your old messages!

  6. IT BEGINS!!!! http://www.canterlot.com/topic/21661-to-raise-yourselfsee-ooc-canterlot/
  7. It seemed like any average night in the capitol of Equestria. The moon and stars were out on a cloudless sky tonight, and ponies were resting comfortably in their beds at home or in the inns. But while the city sleep, something strange was in the works. A magical pulse that would be barely noticeable by those who would be awake to sense it. And while nothing burst into flames, or suddenly became produce, something had happened. Something that ponies would discover soon in the morning. ------------ Razor groaned as he readjusted himself on his bed. He purred in contentment once again as he found his comfy spot once more and he found himself lulling back into sleep. Despite the sun already starting to rise and pierce through his window at one of the better inns in Canterlot. He felt a slight weight against his stomach, of something nuzzling up against him. A second purr came about, joining in his. Razor, still half asleep, merely snuggled up to this weight, laying his head on it and covering it with his wing. 'Hmmm, Glimmer must have had another nightmare.' He thought, and he nuzzled the sleeping form. But....wait. 'Wait.....Glimmer's back home in Rockwington with mom and dad....so who?' Razor thought, suddenly coming awake as he felt whatever was next to him in bed take a deep breath. Razor snapped up a bit and looked down at a small sleeping form of a curled up griffon fledgling next to him. Where had this guy come from? Razor stared at the sleeping fledgling, and tried to figure out exactly where this kid came from. He leaned forward and nudged the kid with his beak. "Hey, uh kid....kid wake up." He said, nudging the sleeping griffon awake. The fledgling stirred, scratched at its head with a tiny paw and yawned so cutely that Razor couldn't help but smile at. The griffon, then looked around as it rubbed the sleep from his eyes. "Mommy?" The fledgling said, and looked up at Razor with two different colored eyes. 'Hmmm, kids got similar heterochromic eye color that I do....and....the same...feather color and.....cat fur....and....wait.....' Razor thought as he took a closer look at the fledgling. He looked like....him! "Ahhhh! Who are you! Mommy! Daddy, theres an intruder in the house!" The fledgling shouted and jumped from the bed. Razor leaned back and brought his claws up, "Whoa kid, hold up..." The fledgling didn't stop though, "Who are you intruder, you are invading on the private property of the Ironclaw Clan, home of General Ironclaw himself, one of the most renowned generals in all of Aquilla. You better leave now before I decide to get rough with you." 'What!?' Razor thought, and stared at the kid with wide eyes. "Hey kid....whats your name?" Razor asked. Getting a bad feeling. "Razor Ironclaw. And don't call me kid! Are you gonna leave or do I have to mess you up?" The fledgling said. Razor blinked, eyes widening. "WHAAAAT!?" He shouted, no doubt waking everyone in the Inn up.
  8. June - 2016: I have a reason now to be excited for my birthday :P

  9. Alright. Quicklime, any questions or concerns?
  10. Pretty much if your character receives a ten year older version of themselves that copy has their memories from when they were ten.
  11. The foals have your child memories. But none of your adult memories.
  12. Hmm, its got to be a place our kid selves can cause plenty of havoc. Standard is Ponyville, but I'd like something different. Any suggestions?
  13. Sure Glad to see so much interest. I think I can get us a good start. Any questions before we start. The basic premise is that somehow, no doubt either Discord or some mishap experiment by our loveable egg head, lands ponies with kid/baby versions of themselves.
  14. Somehow our OC's end up with a colt/filly/foal version of themselves. How much trouble can they get into? How good of a parent can you be to yourself for....one day? Magical mishap me thinks.
  15. *Hands you a filly/colt version of yourself* I might have an idea for an rp....

  16. I don't fully understand the rage of Day One DLC. Can someone explain without the rage?

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    2. SunsetSombra


      Why not just make it a thread in the game section? It's pertinant for all afterall!

    3. PrinceBlueblood


      Yeah, I might do that. Although, making it a public discussion might open up this conversation to the kind of raging and ranting that I was glad to find here.

    4. PrinceBlueblood


      To not find here, I should say :)

  17. Everypony has their superstitions. Umbrellas and ladders. Black cats and cracks. Even mounting singing bass over the fireplace to ward off evil spirits. But Razor, he doesn't believe in any of that; and he is willing to go to any lengths, and suffer any amount of injury, to prove once and for all that bad juju doesn't exist. Oh what sort of adventure shall this be?
  18. Not in the manor. That would make things too easy.
  19. Its a griffon library so there wouldn't be any magic tomes. At least in the manor. There is always treasure and stuff to be found in the ruins though
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