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  1. Please do not post RP-related topics in the Introductions forum. Moving to Out of Character Discussion.
  3. OC application moved back by owner's request for revision purposes.
  4. OC application moved back by owner's request for revision purposes.
  5. Thank you for your interest in our roleplaying forums. I've taken the liberty of transferring this app over to the Free For All section, which is much better suited for casual RP and where you can play as your griffon straight away.
  6. THE NIGHT SHALL LAST... two minutes.
  7. The Matron must have known she was starting to be missed, because here she was with all the ingredients — big and small — needed for a tea ceremony. "You never cease to amaze, Aunt Yuchou," Empress Yuè complimented as she took her seat at Serpent King Àilóng's right-hand side. Feng then would have to sit to Yuè's right side as part of his guard duty. The royal qilin's eyes lit up when her draconic counterpart pointed out the White Hair Silver Needle tea. Yuè's favorite! Recognizing the need to maintain composure in front of others though, the mare cleared her throat. "Umm, oh yes," Yuè stifled an overly energetic smile and turned it into a more subdued one, turning her aqua-blue eyes away from Àilóng towards the rest of the table; "Princess Celestia herself swears by that very tea. It just goes to show that we can all appreciate the same things despite living half a world away from one another."
  8. I predict a sudden increase in the apping of classic-style unicorns.
  9. whitescar

    The Odýrrs from Lími came to a halt as the ominous shadow of his enormous half-brother loomed over him. The young buck wanted so badly to defend Chipper Demise's honor, but no words dared to venture from his mouth to oppose Brann. The furious Red Jarl pressed his verbal assault, and again Lími knew what he had to do in order to mount a defense, but still he was too scared to speak up. An eternity of anxiety came to a head with an ultimatum of shield and axe. Brann's demand — to take up arms and fight — flabbergasted Lími down to his very core. Brother... against brother? What chance did a lore-reading weakling like Lími have against a seasoned warrior like his elder brother? Even if by some miracle the adolescent lad could hold his own... how could he then bring himself to cast aside his inhibitions and bring hurt to his own family? Lími scrambled to find any excuse to make Brann come to his senses. "B-b-b-brother," he squirmed as he made eye contact with his bigger brother, pleading as a mouse pleaded to a hungry cat; "This... t-this is MADNESS! The undead... they may come for us at any time, and here y-y-you... you speak of... of trials by combat! S-s-since when has this... this accursed realm of Death b-become a... battleground for the Living to fight one another?" Deep in hysteria and feeling the bite of the cold winds that were steadily picking up, the adopted Son of Sigrun thought of what little else may convince the Red Jarl to call off the duel. "What about- what about our m-m-m-m-mother?" Yes, Lími had just invoked the memory of their shared mother, of whom the buck remembered precious little before her untimely passing. "Would she want us to... f-f-fight as enemies?"
  10. "Heh heh," Yù Yuè chuckled as Silverheart inched his way closer to her; "We have employed jesters in the Imperial Palace for thousands of years, although I imagine there are substantial differences between ours... and the ones you're accustomed to." Silver wasted no time in laying on the adorable sweet-talking. Empress Yuè would have thought herself immune to such romantic charms, it helped to know that he — and his younger sister for that matter — were unicorns of pure hearts, whereas the Empress would have distrusted any other who dared speak the exact same words. "Then I hope you find the courage to invite this special someone one day Silver," Yuè coyly teased; "Once you've found a way to suppress your allergies, of course. Flower petals don't enjoy being sniffled at, as we all know." Flirting time didn't last much longer, as Yuè quietly tsked tsked under her breath upon hearing the various rumors being woven. "Baseless gossip," the smug Empress dismissed out-of-hoof with a gesture of her uninjured foreleg, not appearing flustered in the slightest; "Only a weak empress pays heed to idle, attention-seeking speculation that will be forgotten about within a fortnight. Rest assured, my experience in the mountains was, well... harrowing, to say the least, but the Shogun and I worked together and pulled through."
  11. Hopefully, Dubstep doesn't mind if I step in for a little bit: Essentially, the History field should be treated as a SparkNotes summary of how your OC got from the crib to where they are today. That is to say, reading a proper SparkNotes-esque summary shouldn't steal the emotional impact of having the OC talk about her past herself, if that's the sort of thing you're worried about. And if your OC has truly led a seemingly uneventful life... well, there ain't any real reason to need multiple paragraphs to tell the tale. In the specific case of Silver Stream, we just need these particular questions answered: How did she come to live with her grandmother? What sort of relationship did she have with grandma? How did it shape her personality and values? How did a filly develop the skills needed to run an inn after her grandmother died? Again, you don't need to get into details if you fear it'll ruin the impact of Silver Stream telling her life story in RP. We just need to know enough so that we're confident whatever backstory you got planned isn't against WoE rules and all that. PS: Your entire History paragraph in its current state is better off in the Personality section instead, since it really seems to be more about her characterization and job description than anything else.
  12. I'm sure any empress or aspiring empress will want one of them rainbow birdies.
  13. Tsk tsk tsk... some people like Feng and the Empress's very own sworn sister had a very hard time grasping that a lack of romance in a marriage did not necessarily preclude the begetting of heirs. Hell, if a matchmaker did their job right, romance could eventually blossom out of a marriage born of reasons other than love. Of course, weddings don't have astronomically high stakes attached to them for commoners, Yuè supposed. She'd have to be mindful of that. Although Empress Yuè's more rational self would tell her to not be moved by sentimentality, the qilin's own eyes were starting to water from Feng's unreserved declaration of faith in her. After all the inner turmoil Yuè roused in Feng, and yet his conviction did not waiver. Such dedication to his Empress! The qilin mare quickly turned her gaze back on the Moon to steel herself, but she forgot to hide that sweet gentle smile of hers as chuckled at the longma's words; "Let's not be too hasty in wishing the past played out differently. If the late Emperor chose his Empress out of love the first time around, he would have lost that golden opportunity to keep Long Kong deep in the fold... with the marriage of one of its most famous celebrities into the Imperial Family." "Furthermore, tehehe," another soft chuckle from the Empress as he briefly turned towards her bodyguard; "There'd be no guarantee that I'd be born. At least, not in the manner you're accustomed to, Feng. So many things — big and small — would be different; all from the simple act of my Mother and Father consummating their love at an earlier date." Ergo, don't use time magic to go into the past and rewrite history. Out of the blue, Yuè gazed back up at the star-filled sky and sighed. Apparently, the time spent with Feng caused her heart to be in the right mood to start hemorrhaging private thoughts and doubts. "Sometimes I wonder what Father perceived in me that nobody else did. If he had known for years that I would be his successor, why then encourage me to attend the Monastery, instead of grooming me for rule in the traditional fashion? Aiyaaaa; I can only hope to find the answer in time... before it's too late." “The mountain that stands tallest is the one that shuns the poisonous whispers of the wind.” .....!!! Father's last words! Yuè should have known they'd come back to gnaw at her at a time like this. Yuè let one of her forelegs stretch out to rest freely on the railing — all alone — as she lost herself to deep contemplation. "All I've ever wanted to do with my life is to make a difference; to extend compassion to all and fight injustice wherever it's found. And... to be worthy in the eyes of my ancestors; the last remaining bloodline of the First Imperial Sovereigns. Yet here am I as Empress, insignificant in the face of the Grand Tapestry of all that was, is, and ever will be...."
  14. How's progress on this app coming along?
  15. How's progress on this app coming along?