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  1. Empress Yuè had much to ponder over. With the conversation around the table becoming more subdued, there wasn't much more for the qilin mare to do other than sip tea and think about the advice she was just given. It almost seemed like there was a riddle buried within Matron Yuchou's wisdom; one whose answer Yuè was meant to unravel. A minute of silence followed... ..... "The shadows of your father's rule lie deep and long, and it is difficult to shine from within them." "I suppose the secret then," the Empress nodded with understanding towards her serpentine mentor; "Is getting out from under those shadows....."
  2. Red, Red Wine (Closed: Invite)

    Although there might have been something vaguely recognizable about Babera Red's appearance, her voice didn't register with any of Princess Cadence's foalhood memories. Whew... now the alicorn didn't have to worry about being a goofball for failing to recognize somepony she ought to have known. It was also nice to see Ms. Red had an air of irreverence too. Already, this wine grape juice tasting event was looking up! *SNIFF* *SNIFF* Smelling the grapes brought back more recollections of Cadence's youth; how she spent summer days galloping around vineyards with the other kids who lived nearby. Ahhhhh... so nostalgic! "I was just wondering," the alicorn had a question of her own; "How many varieties of wi- *COUGH* ...grape juice will we be sampling today?" She and Shining would have to pace themselves wisely given the press vultures buzzing around them.....
  3. A Wedding of Northern Lights (Pretzel, Dusty, Open)

    Yeaaah, Lími felt a little awkward being smothered with Sigrun's motherly love. But hey, he kinda missed it too after being away for so long. "Yes Mother," the young bull provided affection of his own via nuzzling of Sigrun's chest; "I may have traveled far and wide, but I found few things which compare to the warmth of a mother's love. I've... missed you too." Before the reunion between mother and son occurred, Princess Twilight Sparkle of Equestria was able to exchange friendly words with Lími. Their paths had crossed before on a few occasions, with the caribou always willing to answer the alicorn's inquiries about Viking Caribou society. "Odýrr, eh heh heh," Lími blushed at the thought of Twilight's suggestion; "I'm... quite sure Mei has already seen my garments with her own eyes." Hopefully, Twilight wasn't thinking about taking a magi-pic of Lími AND her in it; that would be... difficult to explain to Mei without arousing her suspicions. Like any good dragon, a dragon mare like Mei always guarded her most deerest treasure with extreme prejudice. Fast-forwarding a ways, Lími managed to wiggle his way out of Sigrun's mighty grasp and made his way to the closest caribou that he recognized. "Balder!" The Sigrunson cried out towards the young bull from Clan Kare; "Now there's a sight I haven't seen in almost an age!" Lími had always recognized Balder as something of a kindred spirit ever since the old days. Of course back then, the buck from Askr had not been one to socialize easily, but maybe today Lími can begin to remedy those past slights of half-reciprocated friendship.....
  4. Huh, the House Dupone emblem. Princess Cadence hadn’t seen it in several years, not since the disappearance of the husband-and-wife team of retired REA officers that briefly made the rounds of Canterlot gossip. Hopefully their orphaned daughter was doing well for herself..... Dear Last Heir, There is nothing to be ashamed of about feelings of unfulfillment, even for ponies in your line of work. As much as we don't want to admit otherwise, no one single activity is capable of fulfilling all of our emotional needs. This is why I find it important to find hobbies outside of work. In my case, I happen to love singing! As for you, your hobby ought to be something that allows you to get your adrenaline pumping without conflicting with your core values. Just as a suggestion, have you ever considered moonlighting as an amateur wrestler? While those sorts of fighting sports are personally not my cup of tea, I have it on... "good authority", that the point of wrestling is not to beat opponents into utter submission, but to put on a good show for the fans. Maybe that is something to consider. I do not feel qualified to give advice on magic matters, but I recommend arranging a consultation with a licensed journeypony or master of the Equestrian Magic Guild. They will be glad to answer any questions you may have about magical artifacts! Love, Cady
  5. Red, Red Wine (Closed: Invite)

    Ah, there was nothing quite like going on vacation in Itaily with your darling husband. Well, after you ignore the swarms of attendants and paparazzi to deal with. Such was the life of Princess Cadence, whose attempt at a clandestine visit to her birth land were foiled when a blabbermouth crystal pony leaked the details to the press. It turned out that despite not having been back to Roam in years, Mi Amore Cadenza was something of a hometown hero over there. By now however, the pink princess knew what to expect whenever the burden of fame came crashing down. "You bet I'm excited, Shiny!" That had been what Cadence giddily told her husband back on the train. "Oh, I can't wait to experience it all again. The gondolas of Roam, the smell of the vineyards... it'll just be like being a little kid again!" Beginning this vacation, there would be a wine tasting event at the Neighples Familia Winery. Being that this was a Itailian-sponsored publicity circus and all, the royal couple would be offered wines from other local vineyards as well. Cadence would have preferred a more private affair, but eh, she'd manage. It wasn't like she was risking an ambush by hostile reporters or vengeful ex-queens on their journey. The smile that Princess Cadence used to greet Barbera Red almost matched Shining Armor's to the T. The alicorn too felt a sense of deja vu; unfortunately, Cadence's memory of the potential ponies in her pre-princess life were nowhere near up to par with those of assorted experiences. Heh, funny how the mind works. "Oh um, hello Ms. Red." Getting her royal act together, Cadence offered her hoof for shaking. "I'm Princess... Mi Amore Cadenza," Cadence thought using her full name just this once was a suitable shout-out to her Itailian roots; "And this is my husband, Shining Armor." Cadence noticed the quizzical expression on her stallion's face. "Psst... Shiny," she whispered; "Offer a hoofshake....."
  6. A letter (and gifts) from Applejack? How splendid! Oh, and the letter included one of the things Princess Cadence loved most of all: a romantic mystery!!! If she were lazy, the alicorn would have written back to AJ with generic gift-choosing advice. But this was a friend from Ponyville that our princess was dealing with here. She needed to pour through this letter, figure out the identity of the mare AJ is attracted to, then use that knowledge to give the best suggestion possible..... *ONE WEEK LATER* After sleepless days of stringing together portraits with Ponyville town maps on pegboards, obsessive theorizing, and otherwise neglecting her royal and maternal duties, it took a magic tantrum from Flurry Heart to snap Cadence back to reality. The interiors of her palace chambers may have been in utter shambles, but the Princess of Love wouldn't let that stop her from finally doing the right thing and give Applajack the advice she needed a week ago... Dear A Friend In Love: There is no feeling quite like being in love with somepony. Believe me, I know. Sometimes, the emotions we have can overwhelm us to the point where we get caught in an indecision loop. Whether we are overanayalzing a special somepony's gestures or freaking out about what will happen if they discover our feelings, the end result is the same; nothing happens and true love never gets a chance to bloom. Any beautiful relationship lost due to hesitation is a great tragedy. Answering your actual question, it is never true that the ponies we're fond of the most have everything. For one thing, my gut feeling tells me the mare you love does not have a special somepony yet, or else the letter you would have written me would've been filled with angst about losing chances or whatnot. As it stands, this pony of yours might also be looking for a special somepony of her own. Or... maybe she already has found one, but is otherwise incapable of making the first move. Well, you will never know for sure unless you let her know of your feelings. So maybe the best present to buy for your mare's birthday is... nothing at all! Think of the things you like doing together. Plan something that's simple but sweet to show how much she means to you. I am going to be rooting for you that everything works out! Love, Cady
  7. .....What was Àilóng THINKING??? What would Empress Yuè's courtiers say about her if she couldn't get to sleep as planned, and then either chose to either wake up without being refreshed enough to tackle her royal duties or simply sleep in. Oh, they'd quietly mumble to one another that Yuè was never prepared to sit on the Dragon Throne to begin with, silently agreeing that something needed to be done to undo the final error of the mare's father. Even if the Serpent King provided some valid reasoning, he just wasn't considering how things would develop in the long term. In Yuè's life, slip-ups were something she could ill afford. "I... don't know," the qilin mare hesitated, scrambling her hardest to gently let her dear Àilóng down; "It's not like I can-" "WONDERFUL NEWS, YOUR MAJESTY!" The overly giddy voice of the Palace Chamberlain could be heard from the other side of the door leading out of the bedchamber. "The Serpent King himself has been spotted overflying this very palace! EEEHEHEHEHEHEHEEEE!!!!!!" Yuè sighed a soft "Aiyaaa..." before solemnly whispering to her draconic counterpart; "This... is why it's reckless to soar around the Palace as you please." In no way did the Empress want her night to be ruined by what would come next. The Chamberlain prattled on; "I advise we act quickly least the King of the Wise and Noble Long believe we're disrespecting him! Give the word Empress, and we’ll rouse all those layabout servants and put them to work preparing a great banquet in the King’s honor!!!" Another groan and a facehoof from Empress Yuè. Not only was there no hope anymore of getting early sleep in, but she knew Àilóng well enough to know the torture he'd suffer from courtly etiquette in the most stuffiest and pompous form known in all known existence. Yuè also couldn't let her life-long friend bear the guilt of inadvertently ruining the final night of the First Moon for everyone in the Household staff. .....There was only one way out of this disaster, but Yuè needed to act now! "Quickly!" She quietly instructed Àilóng with unquestionable haste; "We must leave now!" Wasting no time, the qilin mare dashed to the balcony and climbed onto the serpent dragon's back when presented with the chance, making sure to keep her grip extra tight. Letting a tiny amount of her fillyhood self slip through her adult shell, Yuè commanded her airworthy mount; “Yip yip, Àilóng!” The oblivious chamberlain meanwhile waited for a response… "Your Majesty.....? ...Are you there.....?"
  8. @szalhi I believe you're free to post now. Not sure if knight's coming back; hasn't logged on in about half a year.....
  9. Although Kaze hadn't the reflexes to describe in time what her name meant, Wind Walker wouldn't be able to answer this next one! "Hmmm," she answered Apple Bloom; "You could say my father's name is... Bright Night Sky." Kaze gave off a sheepish grin; her dad's name in its Equestrian form didn't flow off the tongue as well as she'd like. Kaze's lovely full name, Jiyūna Soyokaze, in turn became the clunky "Free Gentle Breeze" when translated. Urged on by the pony chaperone and the prince's aide, Kaze begrudgingly moved on, although she was far from convinced by Sī Jīn's assurances. "Of course she will deny the existence of the imperial dungeons," the little ryuma whispered to her companions, making sure the adults couldn't overhear. "We will have to sneak away to find them ourselves." But first, Kaze used her wings to get a closer look at the engravings on the "Supreme Gate" whatchamacallit. The coronation crown with forward-leaning board and beads hanging off the front and back was a Long Sun symbol the Neighponese filly was familiar with, but her attention to World History lectures needed work or else she might have understood what the engravings were depicting. "That Coronation Crown there," Kaze inquisitively pointed at the gate's decoration for Sī Jīn to notice; "Will WE see it today too?"
  10. Barbera Red (Finished)

  11. A Wedding of Northern Lights (Pretzel, Dusty, Open)

    It was a long journey across land and water, but one young bull was finally approaching the site of the festivities. This was the first time Lími had stepped hoof on his native land since permanently settling in Equestria. Much has happened in that time, but being in Whitescar again felt... oddly nostalgic to Lími. His early years may not be entirely remembered with fondness, but home was home... and it was where his family lived. The caribou's fur also sure did appreciate not having to worry about hot days at any rate. Those could be murder on the poor lad! Lími wore a familiar get-up; a white princely tunic worn under his green cloak. As his fancy garments of choice, they would be well-suited for the wedding of Halvard and... his mother. It still felt a little off to think of his adopted mom as a married cow, but Lími's heart knew that Halvard at least was a caribou of honor. Lími would be proud to call Halvard his father-in-law. While Lími arrived somewhat later than he liked, he was gladdened to recognize a few faces. And of course, there was the Jarl of Askr in her wedding gown. "Mother!" Lími called out joyfully with only a faint hint of his worry over keeping everyone waiting for him; "I errr, hope the hour has not grown too late in my tardiness....."
  12. Once more, Princess Cadence found herself confronted with a letter of a family torn apart..... Dear Heart of Gold: I am sorry to hear about what happened between you and your family. While it is true that family differences are sometimes irreconcilable, it is always good to have faith that rifts can eventually be healed. That being said, the road to reconciliation will not be easy. Make no mistake; your family will be grappling with feelings of hurt and betrayal over your decision to leave home, and doubly so if they had no idea about your objections to the arranged marriage. When the time comes, be willing to ask for forgiveness for running away, but do not hesitate to also communicate why you left in the first place. Reconnecting with your estranged family should be handled delicately. It is best to first send a letter to them that states how you miss them and want to get back in touch. Take things slow and easy, and with time and luck, your family will understand the decisions you have made and will reaffirm their unconditional support you for. Love, Cady
  13. Jeconiah Sprinklestar

    ............ Needs more cringe.
  14. Before Empress Yuè had a chance to take off her earrings and place them in a safe place when the familiar voice of a certain dragon startled her. "Oh my!!" the qilin mare gasped, one hoof concealing her wide open mouth as she turned to face the Serpent King. "À-Ailóng, what are you doing here!?" Didn't he know the proper protocols for visits to the Imperial Palace. It was always basic courtesy for the Palace servants to be informed in advance to make proper preparations. As that stern old Chamberlain reminded his empress on several occasions, the Wise and Noble Dragons won't ever regard Long Guo's sovereign rulers as true equals if the emperors failed to adequately prepare their own home to receive such distinguished visitors. Of course, Àilóng never did strike Yù Yuè as picky on details... but nobody else knew that. What sort of rumors and whispers would fly about with the Serpent King's unannounced appearance? How would this reflect on how others perceive the Dragon Throne? On a more immediately pressing level, the Empress was also concerned that she wouldn't be able to get to sleep as early as she needed. Yuè asked with caution; "Are you quite sure it's... wise to be here right now?"
  15. OOC: Been months since my last RP post, so I may be a little rusty. Also, I will only reply to one letter today. The other one will be answered soon enough. ^_^ The Princess of Love wasn't proud to admit she required the services of a linguist in order to fully translate her latest latter, which came from a caribou bou who by the sounds of it was adopted into Clan Breen. Reading through the message, Mrs. Mi Amore Cadenza couldn't help but recall her mother in Itaily... or to be more precise, how she couldn't recall her at all. It wasn't like Cadence's mom had abandoned her newborn foal in the middle of the woods or anything like that, although the end result was virtually the same. Where was Cadence's mom for her daughter's coronation? Her graduation? Her wedding? The birth of her daughter? By Celestia, even Cadence's mother-in-law had been far more of a mommy to the mare than her birth mother ever was! ..... Mommy issues aside, Princess Cadence went to work on her reply to Calder... Dear Son of Breen: Although we all have the family we are born with, sometimes it is the family which we choose for ourselves that means the most to our hearts. By the sound of it, you have a loving relationship with the bull you have adopted as a father; a bull who gives constant reminders through his actions of the love he feels for you. The question though is whether you have been giving reminders of your own love. Grand gestures are not needed. Every once in a while, do something nice for your adopted father or offer to do an activity together. Show him with your deeds what he means to you. Always remember that these seemingly insignificant acts have the incredible power to nurture bonds of love — even if the acknowledgement of said love goes unspoken. As for your second issue, nobody should ever live in fear because of who they are. Every creature in this world is entitled to love and tolerance. Find those you can confide in and tell them of your issues. Harassment of any kind is never acceptable. Most importantly, stay true to yourself and never lose faith that one day you will find a special somebody who will cherish you for who you are. Love, Cady