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    The one on the left is a caribou, perhaps of the Viking sort?
  2. Planned Inactivity or Leaving?

    I will be visiting relatives from 3/3 to 3/11. Don't expect me to post on the forums during that time.
  3. Hope you're doing well, Zee. *clings*

  4. There's only one thing I want for my birthday this year... so naturally, it will be the one thing I can never have..... :o

  5. The First Moon: that was the name the Long Sun gave to the very first lunar cycle of the year... the dawn of a New Year. For 15 days between the first new and full moons of the year, beings all across the Dragon Kingdom celebrated the First Moon with family gatherings, dumplings, firecrackers, pageants, and all other possible methods of expressing revelry. The venerable serpent dragons also celebrated these holidays, and so it was a common sight for the youth among their kind to fly down dance in the streets of Long Guo's cities along with the qilin and longma. While it was customary for many shops and establishments throughout the country, things were business as usual over at the Imperial Palace. From the windows of Empress Yuè's bedchambers, the sounds of festivities were but faint echoes from across the Forbidden Lake. Although the royal qilin had always marked the First Moon with the importance it deserved, it had been a long time since she had actually gone out on the streets to join in the partying; not since entering adolescence. Two weeks ago had been the closest Yuè had gotten to the action in many years... this time as Empress, standing on top of a lofty gatehouse overlooking the Imperial Square as to the cheers of thousands, she officially declared the First Moon to have arrived. ...That was typically the one time each year the average commoner could catch sight of their sovereign. Although tonight the First Moon would cultivate in a lantern festival that even the Palace servants partook in, Empress Yuè had more important plans. She had a very busy day scheduled tomorrow, but inconveniently the greatest and loudest fireworks were always reserved for the final night... this night. The Empress needed to wake extra early the following morning and so she wanted to get in bed right after supper, theoretically giving the mare plenty of time to fall dead asleep before the fireworks had a chance to boom and disrupt this process. A part of Yuè wished she could stay up longer to catch the show, but as empress, she was better than lamenting about such things. And so Yù Yuè, already undressed, was giving the twilight sky and rising full moon one final glance from her balcony before intending to retreat to her luxurious empress-sized bed....
  6. Princess Cadence had a real dozy to reply to this time around. This latest predicament could have been lifted from the pages of a romance novel, or so the Love Princess thought once she had read most of the way through. ... .....Cadence meant no disrespect, but she erupted into a guffaw when she got to the "centuries-old fox yokai" part. With how most of the Distressed Guard's letter had until then been a straightforward recreation of a romantic story plot, that single yokai detail came out of left field so suddendly that the pink alicorn just couldn't behave herself. Of course, because Flurry Heart had been playing with baby toys next to her mother, she too joined in the laughter because babies liked to laugh. Right; let's get down to business. Part of Cadence's mind speculated that despite the Long Kong return address, the Distress Guard in reality served his kingdom's Empress in the Imperial Capital. It made sense really; Empress Yuè was perhaps the most eligible bachelorette in the entire world (besides of course Auntie Celestia, but that wasn't a line of thought Cady liked going down). She hadn't been on the Dragon Throne for that long, which fit some of the letter's details. A couple other details also wouldn't have made much sense if the Distressed Guard was just a lackey guarding some random Long Kong heiress. Now then, here were the major issues Cadence had to grapple with: 1. Assuming her speculation was correct, the Distressed Guard was a member of the infamous Imperial Watch, traditionally given the honor of protecting the Long Guo emperors. From what the Love Princess recollected from reading forbidden romance stories, the Imperial Watcher who falls for a palace maid or royal heiress was one of the oldest tropes out there. Cadence would have to be careful with her response, least somebody across the sea gets wise and causes the Guard to lose his job... or worse. 2. Cadence always wanted to be an optimist when it came to matters of the heart, but she couldn't deny the possibility that the mare who might be Empress Yuè... just plain ole' didn't have romantic feelings for her bodyguard. The alicorn reflected on the life experiences of herself and all her various friends; mares very rarely rejected romantic overtures from stallions (Buck Withers, anypony?) without first softening the blow. As far as such explanations went, "class and duty" objections wouldn't be far fetched at all for a Long Guo royal. Dear Guard in Distress: Before talking about crystal palaces, first make it through your first dance together. .....That is not actually a proverb, but it should be! Shining Armor, now my beloved husband, had to set me straight during our very first dance together at the Fall Formal Gala. We had not known each other for very long, but I was absolutely head over heels for the colt I already considered to be my very special somepony. As I blabbered about how he felt about crystal palaces, Shiny gently suggested that we finish our first dance before talking about palaces. If you ask my husband about the story of how we first met however, be prepared for an underdog tale of how an outcast colt beat all the odds to win the affections of the most popular filly in school. While that does make for an entertaining story that strokes his ego nowadays, Shining Armor never would have had a chance to begin with if I did not like him back to begin with. What the two of us shared with one another, even back then, was a mutual spark of attraction. No matter what the neighsayers in our social circles said, nothing would stop me from asking out the stallion of my dreams, and no jocks at school were going to stand between Shiny and his one true love. So now you wonder: what is the point of my story of teenage melodrama? You see, when two hearts wish to be together as one, the love created by that union will not be contained. Love breaks free, it expands to new territories and crashes through barriers painfully, maybe even dangerously. To put it succinctly: love will find a way. But for that love to find a way, first there must be that aforementioned spark between one and the other; a sort of chemistry if you will. Something that binds two hearts together. You can form powerful friendships just fine without kindling the fires of passion, and perhaps you can enjoy the pleasures of physical intimacy with nothing more than sparks of attraction, but true love can only exist if both conditions are met. I have known far too many ponies who think they deserve relationships with whoever they crush upon simply because they provide friendship, and likewise I've seen many ponies in relationships breaking up after realizing they barely have anything in common. Knowing the turmoil you are going through right now, my advice for you would be to first reflect on all those you hold dear in your life. Cherish the connections you have, but do not fall for the trap of putting anyone on a pedestal. At the end of the day, everyone — princesses, queens, and empresses included — are all equine, each of us with our own faults and follies. Be mindful of that, and figure out which relationships have you giving far more love than you are receiving back. If your current life situation makes it hard for you to maintain romantic relationships, maybe put love on the backburner for a little while as you focus instead on improving yourself. It may take time before you find that truly special somebody, but believe me, it will be worth the wait! One last thing: I would not worry about the mare you protect. Everyone in her position has jitters whenever they first start out. Celestia knows how nervous me and my sister-in-law initinally were after being crowned as princesses! What your charge needs is a chance to prove herself capable, and soon enough she will start feeling comfortable in her own skin. Of course, it will help her to have friends behind her back who unconditionally support her. Regardless of what may come, I hope that you remain one such friend of hers. Love, Cady
  7. A Princely Convention (ATTN: Dark Core, Pyro, Discord)

    So that other qilin turned out to be Ishi Masayoshi; Shogun Ryuichi's brother. Princess Cadence heard of this stallion before, so thankfully there was no need to inquire about his duties. Meanwhile, Prince Lián asked that one million bit question that Cadence assumed was on her cousin's mind. "Well you see," the alicorn focused her gaze on Prince Blueblood; "I sort of, you know, fell asleep in the middle of an important banquet, what with the baby and all. So everypony asked me to take some time off, so then I wrote Blueblood here asking if I would be able to stay here and relax a few days, and I hope there's still a room-" Cadence's concerned rambling was interrupted by an act of Discord, who used this occasion to... summon a plus one? The Crystal Princess was left startled when after a moment, she recognized this new unicorn for who he was: King Sombra. Of course, the former lord of monsters had since reformed, but time was still needed to heal the lingering sense of awkwardness between the two rulers. ...That, and a good long bath. Well, at least Cadence needn't worry about whether she still had a room. "Yeaaaah," she tugged at her Hawaiian shirt; "I think I need one of those too..... anyway, it is nice to see you all here. An unexpected pleasure, but pleasurable none the less! Heh heh... I should get going now." With a parting hoof wave, the alicorn mare followed Blueblood to join him at the baths. One dip in a pool and some deep calming breaths, and Cadence should be all good to go.....
  8. <3 I hope things are still going well for you RB!

    1. Bellosh


      Things are going as well as they can be. Not great, but thankfully nowhere near rock bottom yet. I hope your situation has been getting more stable as well.


      Since you're here..... *death squeezes Zee and never lets go* <3

  9. Looking to get my characters back into a roleplay, any suggestions? At the very least, I would like to start activity back up for Jiang Fēngbào and Aegis Ura. Since they were made with a purpose and role for where they live.

    1. Bellosh


      Sorry I haven't responded to your PM. Suffice it to say, I've been pretty much been away from things for quite a while now thanks to RL issues. You're better off consorting with more active RPers like SteelEagle or PrinceBlueblood.

  10. There was the slightest hesitation as Kaze required a split-second to recall the Equestrian word for her name, which allowed time for a pegasus filly to jut in with the answer. There was a moment of confusion where the ryuma girl wondered how she shared the same name with the pegasus, but it was all sunshine and smiles once Wind Walker fully introduced herself. Kaze had a good feeling about this apparent counterpart of hers... well honestly, Kaze rarely felt bad feelings toward any kid her age she happened to meet. But that's besides the point... Kaze whispered back to her probable new friend; "...Nice to meet you too, Wind Walker." Predictably, mentions of hidden passages caught the ryuma filly's curious ears. "She is tricking us," Kaze quietly warned Wind Walker and Apple Bloom with smug mischief; "Back home, everyone knows there are... dungeons and treasure vaults beneath here." Such forbidden knowledge Kaze learned from casual gossip and popular light novels, 100% factual! "It is true!!!"
  11. After letting go of Princess Celestia, Kaze eagerly nodded along as she was instructed on how to take care of her magical diorama. The little one hung on to Celestia's every word; once everything was said and done, the ryuma filly grabbed her gift and gave a final farewell bow. "Sayōnara, Princess Celestia! I hope I can one day visit you again!!!" Okie dokie, time to get this precious present back to the room before anything happened to it. Oh... and Kaze better check on Mr. Twig as well; she left her golem companion to relax outside in the gardens. Seeing that her big brother was still preoccupied, the filly proceeded to leave the Ballroom with careful haste..... *EXIT KAZE*
  12. Momentarily left to her own devices, Kaze took it upon herself to explore her surroundings. Hmmmm... not too many kids her age running around. Big brother Ishi was off with grown-ups, who rarely (if ever) were up for the sort of amusements that Kaze relished in. It now appeared that the adults were splitting up into dancing pairs. Perhaps there was a certain fun there to be had if one had a partner; something the young ryuma sorta lacked. Aww mannnnn, the Ballroom was turning out to be a bust after all. It was in this moment that Princess Celestia resurfaced... with a gift shrouded with a magic veil! Oh my!!! That definitely attracted Kaze's curiosity, yes siree. Eagerly reaching out to it, the little filly briefly felt heaviness as the veil faded away, and was more than surprised to see the present shrink to a more manageable size. As if the magic Kaze witnessed wasn't already awe-inspiring enough, the diorama itself... it was simply beautiful! All those well-crafted figurines, the way even the little Celestia inside had flowing hair..... words failed to describe the girl's astonishment. And that was all before the final magic act, when one of the kirin figurines transformed into a small ryuma filly with an uncanny resemblance to Kaze. Her eyes watering up, the Neighponese filly could only think of one proper way to express her gratitude. She slowed placed the diorama down in a solemn manner, hesitated for a moment... then used a wing-powered jump to latch onto Princess Celestia's neck with her hooves! [Oh... thank you very much, Princess Celestia!!!] The happy little one nuzzled the royal alicorn with the side of her cheek; [I'll cherish this gift forever and ever!!!]
  13. Despite her improving proficiency in foreign tongues, Kaze appreciated the switch back to speaking in Neighponese, although she had to hold back laughter when the Prince beside Celestia attempted to do likewise. Hey now, it was uplifting to know the little ryuma wasn't the only one struggling with this sort of thing! While brother Ishi left to deposit their gifts under the tree (the Shogun's siblings jointly picked them out), Kaze stayed to elaborate on Neighpon's Hearth's Warming to the Equestrian royals, this time sticking with her mother tongue. [Well if you ask me, they really go all-out decorating in Polohama, mostly around Shiruku Road and Tech Town. And yet... Hearth's Warming in Neighpon is nothing like how it is here; it seems everywhere AND everyone in Equestria has... well..... the same spirit we usually reserve for New Year's, I guess.] All the while, Kaze took stock of everyone in the Ballroom. The filly saw two pony mares she thought she may have recognized from somewhere, but no names came to mind. Kaze never did pay much attention to foreign affairs; there were always more exciting things to do. Speaking of excitement, what exactly did Equestrian ponies do special during their Hearth's Warming Eve? Maybe Kaze will get to find out soon enough!
  14. Standing behind and to the side of Ishi was his kid ryuma sister Kaze, wearing a simple red scarf for winter attire. Having reached the age where a filly of her position was to be exposed to the world beyond Neighpon, first Kaze was sent the Imperial Palace of Long Guo... which didn't quite exactly go uneventful. Nonetheless, here the little one was now at Canterlot Castle meeting the royalty of the west. And as a bonus, Kaze would get to experience Hearth's Warming Eve in the land it actually originated! It was said even as far away as Neighpon that Princess Celestia made an impression on all who beheld her. Kaze was no exception to this rule; the Equestrian ruler might have very well been the most pretty mare in all existence! Tha-that HAIR!!! No wonder the Imperial Family over in Long Guo were sooooo enamored with their silly shimmersilk, trying pointlessly to match a mane seemingly infused with the power of the cosmos. Filled with energy as always, the ryuma filly interjected and introduced herself rather than wait for her elder brother to do it. "And I am Kaze;" she nodded eagerly; "Ryu's youngest sibling!" Notably, her Equestrian was less stilted than it was during her Long Guo visit. "We celebrate Hearth's Warming a little bit in Neighpon," Kaze addressed the other mundane prince in the room; "...Well, at least they do in Polohama. I got to go see the winter decorations there last year! Traditionally though, we save most of the celebrating for the coming of the New Year....."
  15. If Dr. Merlot believed he had a chance to maintain the operational secrecy of WRAITH's mission from those he wasn't told to expect, any semblance of that belief vanished when Jinhua forcibly seized the gentlecolt's head and commenced a staredown. What Merlot saw in Jinhua's eyes was unlike nothing he'd ever seen before, not even from the likes of Shadowmane's followers. It could only be described... as pure malevolence. Within his mind, Merlot worried that whatever he wished to accomplish with the discovery of King Faba's Tomb, the good doctor was meddling with great undiscovered powers beyond his comprehension; normally the fodder of intellect-destroying Daring Do books. Perhaps the archaeologist should have asked more questions about why an extremist organization determined to rule Equestria would bother getting its hooves dirty with international archaeology. And now with the arrival of the fearsome Jinhua, Merlot suspected that the humble pursuit of knowledge (along with some wealth on the side) was only the tip of the iceberg. Then again... things could be worse. At least the loathsome Pathfinder wasn't here..... *shudder* Accepting that compliance was preferable to the alternatives, Dr. Merlot subconsciously straightened the tie on his suit as he hastily explained the excavation’s actual state of affairs. "Well heh heh, we have it on good authority that the Tomb of the Tyrant King Faba himself is located somewhere inside this mountain. Unfortunately madam, we have been unsuccessful in either finding the Tomb's entrance or otherwise penetrating inside. I'm afraid to say that unless we can acquire uhhh, other sources which answer these questions, we may be stuck digging here for a very long time....."