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  1. ...Mongrel.....! Despite his urge to fume, Dr. Merlot bit his tongue when he turned around and recognized the newest bigshot on the scene. Anypony who was anypony climbing the social ladder would know of the self-made qilin mare who forged Iron Dragon Metal Industries with a will of steel. Lesser-minded ponies would think Ms. Jinhua eccentric or well... megalomaniacal, but to Merlot it was a privilege of wealth to proudly display one's elitism. Faust only knows what she was doing way out here under the shadow of Mt. Faba though; the good doctor wasn't told to expect visitors. But evidently, WRAITH's sentries saw fit to lit her through unopposed. ...Or maybe they were outright terrified of her. Heh, Merlot couldn't blame them. Keeping a brave smile on his face, the gentlecolt proceeded to greet the imposing CEO who towered over him. "Ah," Dr. Merlot forced a chuckle; "You must be the Madam Jinhua I've heard so much about! I do say your uhhh, reputation precedes you. Ahem... allow me to introduce myself." The stallion tipped his fedora towards the statuesque qilin mare. "The name's Doctor Merlot; Equestria's preeminent archaeologist." Unsure of Jinhua's motivations, Merlot nervously stuck to his assigned cover story; "I was uhhh, invited by my Long Sun colleagues to help validate claims that an ancient civilization once settled underneath Mount Faba here." The stallion gestured towards the mountain behind him.....
  2. A Princely Convention (ATTN: Dark Core, Pyro, Discord)

    When your tired appearance starts giving your husband flashbacks of King Sombra's return, you know it's time for a break. Trying to wean baby Flurry Heart off nighttime feedings proved a harder task for Princess Cadence than she anticipated. She insisted on being able to do this alone without robbing Shining Armor of much needed sleep, but once sleep deprivation started affecting the Crystal Princess during the day, the stallion insisted his wife take a short vacation. Naturally, Cadence dismissed such concerns before embarrassing herself during an important state banquet. After being assured by the Crystal Ponies that they'd be fine while she took time off, Cadence finally agreed to a solo trip to someplace relaxing while Shining held the fort. And what better place to relax in solitude than the secluded Gallopagos villa of Cousin Blueblood? Why, she hadn't gone on vacation there since her adolescent days, so that'd be a blast from the past! When prompted by mail, Blueblood indicated that there was a room available for Cadence, so what was she waiting? The pink princess traveled light, bringing only a single suitcase. She dressed appropriately for the occasion: a colorful Hawaiian shirt and sunglasses. The walk down the beach to the ole' beach house was indeed a trip down memory lane; those bygone days where the alicorn filly built Canterlot Castle in the sand with Auntie Celestia's able assistance (it had been such a magnificent structure too before Cousin Blueblood carelessly blundered about and plowed into it). Cadence was so busy reminiscing that she almost didn't recognize she had made it to the front door! So it was that the ringing of the front door bell signaled the arrival of a new royal guest.....
  3. A reminder to @szalhi that it's your turn to post.
  4. One thing about being the Shogun's little sister was that it was much harder to be outright awed by structures. Let's not forget that Kaze lived in a giant 21-story pagoda castle for Pete's sake. However, she would admit that the way everything in Long Guo's capital was spread out had an aweness factor all its own. Yet that didn't stop the prideful ryuma from responding to an older earth pony girl's excited exclamations with heavily stilted, accented Equestrian; "...I have!" Kaze was not yet of age where speaking in either Equestrian or Long came easily to her. If only she took classes in general more seriously..... Kaze had to hoof it to the Long Sun; they knew how to make an attention-grabbing entrance. Why couldn't her big brothers hire aides who puffed out breath spells that left behind the Shogunate's emblem? That would be SO COOL! The young ryuma also couldn't help but notice how familiar the dress on the Prince's attendant's appeared; a hallmark of Neighponese fashion, a yukata seemed rather out of place compared to the clothing that was in style in Long Guo's capital. But then came the boring part: *sigh* .....rules. Blah-blah-blah, don't be a nuisance, blah-blah-blah; Kaze's heard it all before. More often than not, she treated rules more like friendly guidelines, although the filly suspected her flexibility with interpreting said guidelines would be limited being away from her. Big Brother certainly wouldn't like it if his kid sister caused trouble today... and Kaze knew for sure that somehow, he'd find out about it. Shogun Ryuichi always seemed to know what went on beyond their doorstep. As for Hēi Lián himself, he looked like a prince lifted straight from the pages of a romance manga, shimmersilk and all. Kaze found herself unable to cast her gaze off Prince Lián; she couldn't articulate why. Ryu once told his sister that he and Lián were good friends back when they were her age, so maybe the Prince had some stories to tell about Kaze's brother. Wouldn't that be fun! But there was another royal qilin still that Kaze wanted to meet most of all. "<Oh, will we get to meet your sister too?>" She blurted out in her native Neighponese, having been assured that Long Sun royals were comfortable speaking in that tongue; "<And is it true that we can get in deep trouble if we say the Empress's name out loud?>"
  5. Savage (Ready)

    Apped move back at user's request for revisions.
  6. Spent the good part of the day watching actual equines race for the amusement of humans, if anybody's curious.

    1. Windwright


      Is it time for the Running of the Leaves already?

    2. tacobob


      For someone who has been on a horse RP site for like two decades, I've had very little interactions with real horses. Only time I really spent time with one when I was at a stable waiting for my sisters to ride around a little ranch on some ponies. An very elderly mare came up to me and stayed at my side while I gave her a few friendly rubs on her cheek (FACE CHEEK).

  7. .....Oh my; now that WAS quite the development. Yù Yuè probably should had known this day would come. It was always customary for an emperor or empress to be granted a Gift of Breath soon after being crowned. But with the Grand Galloping Gala scheduled so soon after Yuè's coronation, this matter had fallen by the wayside. No wonder Auntie Yuchou saw the need to whisk the royal qilin off her ship! So, not even the Elder Serpents were made aware of the late Emperor's chosen successor before his departure. One might have briefly glimpsed Empress Yuè with a subtle downcast expression on her face, but her mood turned a little more upbeat when the Matron made it quite clear how proud she was that Yuè was Empress. But now an important question laid before Yuè; which of the Gifts would she most benefit from? The young mare surrendered herself to introspection as she sipped her tea. "Hmmmm..." Yuè spoke in a soft tone that wasn't exactly easy for those further away to hear; "I confess that although I am rightfully Empress by decree, and despite the vigorous efforts of my tutors over the last couple months... I do not yet feel it in my blood. It is as if I am but a girl who wears the royal regalia, but not THE mare to whom it belongs to." Yuè mentally flashbacked to the night of the Gala when her crown was charred by a phoenix battle, and then to the events on the boat the day prior when her Chamberlain had so desperately crafted excuses to keep the Empress from flying away with the Matron. "I cannot convince others that I am fit to rule the Dragon Kingdom... if I can't project the aura of a true empress....."
  8. Pets?

    You know, I'll just get to the real heart of the matter: giving an OC a super-exotic animal that wouldn't be setting appropriate for the average pony to keep smacks of Mary Sueism. I mean, it's hard to know exactly how sensible it would be for your character to own a legendary animal unless I'm reading through their character sheet and all that. But honestly, I believe gaining the companionship of such rare creatures should have to be earned through actual roleplay, sorta like how we prefer OCs not owning highly powerful relics unless they were acquired during a roleplay first.
  9. Pets?

    Oh yeah, there was an orthros in that one swap meet episode. Anywho for something like that, if your OC handles and/or trains exotic animals for a living, then maybe? Otherwise, that pony really has no business keeping an orthros around their residence (or an enfield for that matter). Point being, Equestria isn't a place where random ponies get to befriend creatures of mythical/legendary origin without tons of effort and skill.
  10. Pets?

    Since it's a creature that never existed in real-life, I'd have to say no.
  11. Pets?

    Well, there's nothing stopping you from mentioning on an app sheet that an OC of yours owns a puppy. .....And what's an Enfield puppy, exactly? According to Google, no such dog breed (either real or fictional) exists.
  12. Cosmic Breeze [WIP]

    How's progress on this app?
  13. Pretty Bit -WIP-

    Things been busy for you. I take it?
  14. Kakusareta No Ito (WIP)

    *brushes off the cobwebs on this app*
  15. Lan Fa (WiP)

    *prods for life-signs*