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  1. “...Yer very close, actually,” Sugar Apple flashed a smile; “Hurricanters are kinda like th’ cousins of them windigos, except these fellas feed off panic an’ concern, and turn thet fuel into galeforce storms of their own! Just imagine yer out on a small boat in th’ middle of th’ ocean in th’ middle of a tropical storm, Earth Writer. If ya’ don’t have a clear head out thar, th’ hurricanters come after ya’ and make ev’rythin thet much worse.” The pegasus took another sip of coffee; “Thet’s why et’s important for us here weather ponies t’ work as fast as we can to find tropical depressions and dissipate them before they git any bigger. So ev’ryday, ah have to fly dozens or sometimes hundreds of miles t’ go cloud smashin’ an’ then fly all th’ way back hyar.....”
  2. Aiya, this was quite the... peculiar situation Empress Yuè had found herself in. A fox spirit, a being that has lived through more than a dozen mortal lifetimes, hidden amongst the very Imperial Court! Of that there was no doubt, as Yanhua’s modest foxfire demonstration was still most convincing. As a royal qilin expected to treat with the likes of the Wise & Noble Long, the Empress knew that Yao-Guai needed to be treated with the uttermost discretion, and without betraying the slightest bit of weakness. Until it was prudent to believe otherwise, Empress Yuè had no choice but to assume that there more behind Yanhua’s unassuming words than she let on. After all, it seemed fairly uncharacteristic for a fox spirit to reach nearly 1,000 years of life and be content with the mundanity of cheffing. Not from all the tales and legends of trickery the Empress has ever heard. “If you have managed to keep your true identity concealed for so long, venerable Yao-Guai,” Empress Yuè got right to the point, her gaze focused and unwavering; “Then what do you hope to gain from revealing your true self now? A resplendent creature of nature like yourself deserves not to be constrained by the boundaries of civilization.” Which was pretty much a face-saving way of saying that Yao-Guai and Long Sun don’t tend to mix very well. And every creature knew that even by Long Sun standards, the denizens of the Imperial Palace were extremely hostile to the thought of Yao-Guai in disguise walking around, free to weave mischief and mayhem.....
  3. ...Oh Twilight Sparkle, you poor naive pony..... She still had much to learn about the art of seeing through Sunset Shimmer’s dismissive evasions. To think that it hadn’t crossed the princess’s mind that not every creature was going to have fond memories of her friend. Did Twilight forget how Sunset committed such grievous crimes in her past as backstabbing Princess Celestia, using stolen magic to transform into a winged demon, and having the personality of a one-dimensional mean girl stereotype? And yet even if Sunset’s logical side wanted to chide Twilight for her brain fart, the unicorn mare’s sentimental heart basked in the warmth and fuzziness the alicorn provided so freely. See, emotional affection like this was the reason Sunset could never begrudge Twi for long, no matter what silly secret she felt like keeping on a particular day. They always say that the eyes are the window to the soul... but the soul possesses language too, and its language is the Hug. If Twilight’s bone-crushing embrace was anything to go by, it was that Sunset Shimmer was a fool for ever doubting that the intimate trust she gave her companion was equally reciprocated. It didn’t matter that the alicorn’s reasons for comforting Sunset’s feelings were based on an erroneous insight; the simple fact that she cared profoundly was enough to make the amber unicorn crack a smile... .....And wince from the pain of constriction... and blush from the inherent awkwardness of being lifted into the air in a public setting. “Hey uhh Twi?” Sunset, blushing furiously, barely managed to choke out; “You DO realize other ponies can see us, right?” One rather famous earth pony from history did in fact manage to catch Twilight and Sunset red-hoofed. Upon being released from Twi’s relentless grip, Sunset needed a moment to catch her before answering the wise Mage Meadowbrook; “Oh, I’m Sunset Shimmer!” The unicorn reflexively dusted herself off, attempting to play it cool while recovering from Twilight Glomping Syndrome; “I just happen to be an old acquaintance of Princess Twilight’s.....”
  4. .....Well well well well well!!! Was this Heart Stopper? She certainly looked like quite the... ummm, whatchamacallit..... a heart stopper. It was a rare event for Moony to get blown away by the smashing looks of a beautiful mare, but it HAS happened once or twice before in her life. Maybe thrice, if one counted the Kastroti noblemare sent to receive the Magic Guild! “Pssst, hey Pocket,” Moony discreetly whispered to her trusty coltfriend with the uttermost candidness; “I think I’ve got a lady crush on this gal!” The thing about Beauty however was that in certain respects, it was much more intimidating than a shadowy ole’ dark lord of Evil could ever hope to be. At least with the latter, you knew deep down in your heart that you had to fight him with all your courage because everything you held dear depended on it. But a ludicrously gorgeous mare like Heart Stopper? How was anypony supposed to summon the will to resist her comeliness? Nonetheless, it was up to Moony to make the first move for the rest of her fellow guildies. “Um-ummmmm.....HI THERE,” the unicorn nervously greeted with the suaveness of a dog excitedly yapping after a bath in muddy dirt; “My name is uhhhhh, Moony, a-a-and we’re honored you could receive us today, eh heh heh.” With any luck, Moony would find a way to recover her wits. Back in her lil’ filly days, she had been constantly starstruck by Princess Celestia like every other pony in existence, but Moony managed over the course of several years to accomplish what few could do: be able to engage in a normal conversation with Tia like she was simply just another mare in Canterlot. And it wasn’t like dealing with Miss Stopper would be more of a challenge... would it?
  5. Princess Sunset looks awesome! In the event she actually becomes an alicorn in WoE RP, this'll become my image header of choice.
  6. Name: Sunset Shimmer Gender: Female Species: Alicorn (don't mind the lack of wings in the reference pic; we all suspect Sunset will become a Princess one day) Appearance: https://derpibooru.org/1658823?q=sunset+shimmer%2C+vector%2C+pony&sf=wilson Cutie Mark: https://derpibooru.org/1372813?q=sunset+shimmer%2C+cutie+mark%2C+vector&sd=desc&sf=wilson Personality: Warm and caring, but with a hint of cockiness Digital will be fine by me!
  7. "Wowee, yer certan you ain't wrestlin' nopony on tha weekends? You've got one iron-hard hug thar, Princess!" “Teehee, sorry Applejack,” Cadence apologized with a blush on her face; “Sometimes I forget that we alicorns are stronger than we look.” If anyone doubted that claim, they should go watch Princess Celestia arm wrestle. She won every time without ever breaking a sweat, even against Equestria’s mightiest stallions. The Princess of Love devoured every picture of Zap Apple in the photo album, along with every story the colt’s mother provided. Like AJ, Cadence kept a large photo album stuffed with snapshots of her own precious kid, although she lacked the foresight to bring that thing with her to the ball. No matter; the alicorn will remember to bring her Flurry heart album to the next social function she goes to! Taking a sip of her glass of illicit apple cider, the alicorn observed; “Huh, there doesn’t seem to be many photos of Zap with his other momma. I’d have thought YOU of all ponies would love showboating in front of an audience, Rainbow Dash.” She gave the Wonderbolt a knowing wink. "I remember that we got a letter from one of them, about a forbidden crush, mixed with a whole mess of unrequited affections. I wonder what became of all that..." Cadence understood what Shining Armor was talking about and nodded. “Oh yeaaah... I don’t think he sent a reply back..... but that reminds me, there was THIS newspaper article I meant to show you earlier today!” In the same manner that she magically materialized the travel pamphlets earlier, Cadence now produced for her husband a Canterlot Chronicle headline from the World News section: “LONG GUO’S IRON PONY GIVEN A HERO’S WELCOME”. The story came with a picture of an able-bodied longma stallion standing with pride by the side of Long Guo’s regal qilin empress. “Apparently,” the alicorn explained; “That longma guy who won this year’s Iron Pony was actually a rising star within the Imperial Watch. And as his reward, the Empress of Long Guo appointed that stallion her new Captain of the Palace Guard!” Cadence mischievously leaned in close to Shiny and teased in a low voice; “That means he’s becoming your new opposite number, my love, so I’d watch out if I were you, heh heh.” Cady playfully leaned in close to Shiny with the intent- "Fillies and gentlecolts. Once again thank you for your presence! For every one of you!" Ohhhhh, for pony’s sake! What was WITH IT with stallions and their need to be obnoxious showoffs??? Cadence glowered; Swift Squall’s stage-stealing antics made the mare recall one particular day back in her adolescent years, when a gentlecolt admirer of hers kept on asking the princess to listen to a song he wrote in her honor. Cadence had a foalsitting engagement she needed to get to so she didn’t have the time (or the interest, frankly) to listen. But the colt persisted in his insistence, right up until he snuck into the home Cady was foalsitting in, and continued to be a nuisance. Princess Cadence finally had to lay down the royal law and tell the trespassing colt to get out of her sight. The stalker did as he commanded... but not before leaving the filly (and the foal, let’s not forget) a long, profanity-ridden rant about how girls like Cady were shameless harlots who teased with the affections of guys who only wanted to show how NICE and ROMANTIC they were. Pffft, yeah right. All that jerks like him cared about were stroking their big egos and being the center of attention. .....In a certain respect, one could say the same held true for philanthropists. Not that Princess Cadence thought philanthropy in of itself was a bad thing, not at all, but she also remembered a certain maxim she had been taught in her princess lessons: “There’s no such thing as a free lunch.” Thus when somepony comes and offers you a stupendous pile of bits out of the proclaimed goodness of their hearts, you had to be mindful that the truth was anything but. And this truth: in nearly 9 cases out of 10, a rich pony donating vast sums of money is only doing so to buy influence and access for the future, or the juicy tax-writeoff... or even a better noble title than they had before! Or maybe there isn’t an ulterior motive for the generosity; perhaps the charitable rich pony merely has the need to have their munificence proclaimed by the press, to have auditoriums and streets bearing their name, to have crystal statues erected in their honor..... They only want to show how nice and generous they are. Witnessing Swift Squall hijack the romantic ball so he could play his cheesy, dated rock song only made Cadence feel less guilty about rejecting his money. Come to think of it, everything about her prior conversation with the Count started rubbing her the wrong way. Like, did Squall not think Cadence hired smart and able bureaucrats precisely so they could advise her on important policy matters? Or was it that Squall thought his opinion was SO OBVIOUSLY IMPORTANT AND PROFOUND compared to everypony else’s that he needed to solicit them at every opportunity, and bah humbug those who failed to recognize his genius and intellect? GRRRRRRR..... A glowering Cadence was getting herself worked-up over fuming about Swift Squall... and that wasn’t the reason she came to the Ball tonight. Attempting to calm herself down, the alicorn contented herself by merely showing her displeasure with a pout and a turning of her head in the opposite direction from the stage. Think happy thoughts Cady... think happy thoughts.....
  8. Trixie’s entrance was cringe-inducing for all its unnecessary bombasticity... but meh, having a big ego was less of a crime in Sunset Shimmer’s book than being a manipulative blowhard. First things first: the artifacts. The glowing sphere was the first relic Trixie offered up, and Sunset commentated to Sunburst as she got off his desk; “I detected quite a bit of magic in that object when I inspected it earlier, so be careful when you look over it.” Indeed, the orb was the one object amongst the stage magician’s junk pile that gave off a pretty strong magical signature. Sunburst indicated he would save that one for last. In the meantime, Sunset graciously accepted Sunburst’s offering of tea; “That’d be nice, thank you.” While she walked over to telekinetically pour herself a mug, the scholarly stallion looked at another of Trixie’s trinkets. When Sunset returned with her tea, she sat down at one of the chairs in front of Sunburst’s desk and took a sip of her drink. Mmmm... nice flavor to it. “Trixie showed me a few about half an hour,” the amber unicorn explained as she set her mug on Sunburst's desk; “Basically, they alternated between working poorly... and working too well, if you get what I’m saying.....”
  9. Sugar Apple had been to the Veiled Garden on several occasions back in the day; it had been Earthy’s favorite hangout, after all. He even convinced Sugar once or twice to let her travelogue photos be put on display during the pub’s amateur nights. That was all fine and dandy, but the blue-collar mare with the country accent and weather factory job had always felt uncomfortably out of place whenever she went to that establishment, although she lacked the heart then to tell Earthy that. Like the classic stereotypical depiction of Canterlot, Sugar found the so-called “Bohemian Club” to be filled mostly with snobs who looked down on everypony they deemed too pedestrian... although without vast sums of riches to back up their elitism, such clientele weren’t much more in the grand scheme of things other than impotent hipsters. “...Wif it makes ya’ feel any better hon,” the pegasus offered in sympathy, and the need to get the morbid vision of Earthy in a ditch out of her system; “Ah never did like thet snotty club, anyway.” And now it was Sugar Apple’s turn to play the role of sorrowful storyteller. “Ya’ can say thet again,” she wearily commented as she chugged down a large amount of hot coffee, somehow not scalding her throat in the process; “When ah first took this jerb down hyar, ah thought it’d be all be sunshine an’ loungin’ around on th’ beach at th’ end of ev’ry workday! Boy howdy was ah wrong; well, it was paradise for th’ first several months... before mah first Hurricanter Center rolled ‘round..... Funny thing about late summer near th’ Equator; thar’s no need t’ keep VaporDep online this time of year ‘cause Mother Nature will stir up a storm for ya. Dozens of them in fact, including hurricanes! When Hurricanter Season comes, it’s all hooves on deck ‘cause when hurricanes come, the hurricanters tend t’ follow.....”
  10. Not the best-quality scan in the world, but better than nothing:
  11. Sunburst’s door glowed with another unicorn’s magic as it opened wide open; stepping in first was Sunset Shimmer with a charismatic smirk. Unlike most of her former classmates back at the School of Magic, Vice-Headstallion Sunburst had been one of the few that Sunset actually remembered vaguely... for unflattering reasons, though. Celestia’s ex-student had been curious to know whether Sunburst managed to get through Magic School after all, but she didn’t feel it polite to ask. “Hello, Sunburst!” Professor Shimmer casually used Sunburst’s desk to prop up her chin with one forehoof, while the other flipped her tousled hair to smooth it back like a boss; “Sorry to bother you, but we ladies have some magical artifacts that we’d like you to look over if you don’t mind. Trixie has reason to believe they might have been artificed by Star Swirl the Bearded himself!” As she gestured Trixie to come on over with the chest, Sunset sniffed the air and caught the pleasant scent of allium flowers. “Hmmm, it smells nice in here, Sunburst. Are you using an air freshener, by any chance?”
  12. “Oh?” A simple rise of the eye brow was all the visible reaction that Yanhua would get out of Empress Yuè. Rest assured however, even if she had been correct to anticipate something out of the ordinary, the royal qilin was not quite expecting this. ...Well, it wasn’t exactly out of the realm of possibility that a member of the Imperial Household would masquerade as a Long Sun. The Empress had seen the Serpent King himself shapeshift on one occasion. With the option of choosing between a simplistic incense burner on her desk that appeared to have been well-worn and an ornate gold one shaped like a lotus flower shining just as bright as the day it was made, Empress Yuè reached for the latter... but did nothing with it for now other than put it in front of her. There was no need to make use of it yet. Although her courtiers would have advised otherwise, the Empress decided out of curiosity to indulge Yanhua for the time being. “If you are not an equine,” she asked nonchalantly; “Then what are you?”
  13. Never underestimate the power of ragging on her hometown’s giant rainbow billboard to make a glum Sunset Shimmer cheer up, if only by just a little. They weren’t deep guffaws, but the unicorn mare’s modest chuckles were quite real. However, what Twilight Sparkle would say next would rip the laughter right out of the amber unicorn’s soul. ..................... .....Sunset Shimmer had a lot of information to process. Hope Hollow — the hometown she happily abandoned all those years ago — ended up sinking even lower than the mare could have possibly imagined. No matter how much ill will Sunset previously wished upon that town and everypony who lived there, not even they deserved the ghastly fate that was Perpetual Gloom. Although the sorceress supposed she still counted herself lucky for getting the heck out of dodge, already the what-ifs were bombarding her… “-N-nah,” Sunset, who sounded as if gravel was caught in her throat, quickly cut off Twilight before she could finish her question; “...I-I-I’m sure nopony there would remember me, anyway. Still though...,” the amber unicorn mustered the courage to look Twilight in the eye, squeezing the other mare’s hoof as she did so; “Thank you for everything you and your friends did to help bring hope back to that place. It- it really means a lot.....” Quickly moving to cusp Twilight’s head, Sunset further expressed her sincere gratitude by giving the alicorn a quick, chaste peck to the forehead. It was all over in an instant; the amber unicorn swiftly disengaged from Twi and proceeded to head off towards where Mage Meadowbrook’s characteristic healer’s mask was displayed. Assured that her buddy momentarily couldn’t see her face, Sunset felt secure enough to let out a depressed sigh, mulling over the unspoken ramifications of all those in her hometown she once knew rediscovering true happiness for themselves.....
  14. Yeahhhh... Sunset Shimmer wasn’t really too keen on the idea of Trixie keeping the deck of enchanted playing cards to screw around with, but she supposed even big ponies liked playing with their beloved toys. Internally shrugging to herself, Sunset answered the other unicorn’s question about Sunburst as best she could; “Well, school is over for the day, so I can’t imagine Sunburst will be THAT busy. I’m sure he wouldn’t mind a little interruption, especially if magic artifacts are involved.....”
  15. Several hours had passed since today’s eventful morning court in the Imperial Palace concluded. After hosting the Peryton delegation in the palace gardens, Empress Yuè retired to her chambers to take care of various minor matters that needed to be attended to. Like going over tonight’s banquets with the Household Chef. As far as private studies went, the Private Imperial Study— although cozy and cramped by lofty palace standards — exuded the same sense of grandeur and opulence that was expected to be found anywhere in an imperial residence. A window off to the side let in light and provided the room’s occupants with a glimpse of the gardens beyond. And at the end of the room was a modest but exquisitely-crafted desk, behind which sat the Empress in her serene glory. Having sent for Yanhua several minutes ago, Empress Yuè was expecting her when the chef arrived. “Come Yanhua, have a seat.” The royal qilin gestured towards a cushioned stool... which of course was shorter than the chair the Empress herself sat it, ensuring the sovereign towered over those bidden to her study. Once Yanhua did as instructed, the attendant who brought the chef would close the door, leaving the two mares alone. “You had questions over what to prepare for our guests, tonight?” Despite the simple question, Empress Yuè still believed from earlier that Yanhua had ulterior reasons for seeking her out. Only time would tell if the royal mare’s suspicions are correct.....
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