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  1. Ah, the good ole' facial expression study. Always got a kick out of them.
  2. long guo

    Manechuria - Land of the Free Range In the north of Long Guo lies the region of Manechuria; the one place in the Dragon Kingdom where draconinc ungulates are somewhat scarce. Here, ponies are the dominant species; not the Qilin and Longma. Although the cultures of the Manechus and the Long Sun are heavily intertwined, Manechu ponies never quite fit the societal norms established by their draconic cousins. Unlike the rest of Long Guo's habitable areas, Manechuria is primarily a land of open plains, pristine forests (home to ferocious Manechurian tigers!), and lakes as still as glass. Not counting the inhospitable terrain on the Dragon Kingdom's eastern marches, this region is the country's least developed. Aside from the regional capital in Heijing — a modest port city on the southwest shore of the Hei Bay — Manechuria is not much else than villages, scattered homesteads, and the occasional market town; most notably Autumn Leaf Town, a trade and forestry hub on the southeastern Manechurian border. Manechu tales proudly tell of their ancestors; nomadic warrior tribes who used to roam the coastal plains from the northeastern tundras to the Fenghuang River Delta way to the south. The Manechu tribes competed against one another, and the then-equally divided Long Sun, for land and spoils. That all changed two thousand years ago with the birth of the Dragon Kingdom: with the union of the Qilin and Longma, the Manechus realized they could not afford disunity any longer. The Manechu ponies rallied around their most battle-hardened chieftain; from that leader came a line of princes and princesses that reigned for well over five hundred years. Under the rule of these royal chieftains, the Manechus gathered their strength in the northern territory now named Manechuria. From their lands, the Manechus raided the Long Sun to the south and successfully resisted assimilation into the Dragon Kingdom for half a millennium. Events to the west drove Long Guo to seek a peaceful resolution to the Manechurian dilemma. Having lost an entire armada in a disastrous invasion of troublesome Ryushima Island, Long Guo's emperor needed a swift way to recover from his losses. His quick and easy solution? Finally cementing an alliance with Manechuria. The Manechu rulers were to pay nominal homage to the Dragon Throne, and to continue governing in the Emperor's name as hereditary Stewards. In exchange, Manechuria was granted semi-autonomy and a powerful ally bound to come to their aid against foreign invaders (Viking Caribou marauders were starting to become a grave concern at the time). Peace has prevailed, allowing the destinies of the Manechu ponies to intertwine with those of the Qilin and Longma. True to their nomadic roots, Manechus with the ability and means are strongly encouraged to migrate beyond their home region in use of their talents. Merchants and craftsponies of Manechu origin are accordingly a common sight throughout Long Guo and beyond... along with their families. Ironically, most residents of the various "Little Huangjings" found in Equestria's great metropolises are actually Manechu or ponies of Manechu ancestry. Of all the aspects of Manechu culture that have rubbed off on the Long Sun, the most prominent (or infamous) meme would be the dream of life on the "free range". In a society like Long Guo's which emphasizes community cohesion above all else, there will always be those who don't quite fit in: drifters, adventurers, warriors (armed and unarmed), and more. Although this parallel sub-society of free rangers can be encountered in many corners of the Dragon Kingdom, it is the unspoiled countryside of Manechuria where such souls will find a true haven. Away from the stifling influence of a faceless imperial bureaucracy — and its insistence of infantilizing the population with armies of clerks and constables — a chivalrous hero in Manechuria is free to perfect their abilities and use them for good. Most Manechus no longer live a warrior's life, but they've never forgotten their ancestors. To the Manechu ponies, all who choose a "free range" life are accorded a place of honor higher than even the majestic serpent dragons. ~Beyond the Imperial Capital Dr. Tong Ze Map:
  3. If Shogun Ryuichi wanted the truth... then so be it. As if to give himself the courage to press onward, Lími first give himself a sip of sake. He didn't want to drink a whole lot at once; the caribou remembered the painful lessons learned from carelessly gulping down hot sauce in excess. Thankfully, the sake contained no nasty surprises. To Lími's tongue, the drink was pleasantly warm but with a sour taste. Powerful aroma to it, too. The young bull... wasn't sure what to think of sake yet, although given the choice, he would rather have been drinking sweet honey mead. Whatever his opinions on Neighponese drinks, Lími forced himself to smile after he gulped the sake down. It was the polite thing to do, of course. And now... it was time for the truth: "J-just call me Lími, Your Excellency." Or not quite yet, because it would have become tiresome for all having the Shogun address the young bull as 'Son of Sigrun'. Keeping the sake cup in his hooves, Lími subconsciously mirrored Ryuichi by also slightly leaning over the table. Perhaps now was the time for the truth? One deep breath of air first, and then; ".....You are right, honorable Shogun. The Sakura Spring Festival... it ends this very night, and our reasons for us meeting you," Yesssssss, go on; work that improvisational magic! ".....To speak the truth, we have none at all... for I-I have lied about being an emissary sent to treat with you." Cue a bashful smile from Lími, who wasn't so naive as to think that would go over well with the Shogun. Awkwardly interjecting, he instantly added; "B-b-but that is only because, as I s-s-swear Your Excellency," another deep breath; ".....That it was never our intention to call upon you to begin with! By your leave, I... I shall regale you with the tale o-of how Lady Mei and I have come to be at your Palace Castle." With another small sip of sake, Lími opened up to Ryuichi about almost everything: about the vow he made to Mei that he'd take her to see the blooming sakura. On how the two traveled to Neighpon for that very purpose. How they were nearly run over by a foreigner and were accosted by other tourists. That his false claim about having a meeting with the Shogun was only so that said tourists would go away without feeling like they were being given the brush off; "...Although it's now apparent that I was too clever by half, heh heh ehhhh. Never in my dreams did I imagine that the ears of the Shogunate could listen to all that transpires in Kyoma." Steadily, Lími composed himself more assertively the further he delved into his story; "...The flower my counterpart wears was plucked from my very antlers!" Next came of how the crowds ruined the brief solitude shared by the caribou and the qilin; "...And that was when Lady Mei's robes were uhhh, scorched by fire." He neglected to mention that it Mei's fiery outburst which was responsible for the deed, but a dragon mare's virtue always needed to remain unsullied. "...And that is all there is to say, Your Excellency." By then, Lími's cup was empty, but he was burdened by fear no longer. "I am Chieftan Sigrun's son by right of fosterage, and I do represent the interests of Clan Askr at the Equestrian royal court... but I was never sent here at my Lord Mother's behest. My and Lady Mei's reasons for sailing to your land are strictly our own. .....Since my foolishness has robbed you of time that could have spent on more pressing matters, all I ask... is for Lady Mei and I to be allowed to continue finding a spot to view the cherry blossoms; while there is still t-time to do so." Begging the Shogun to sit under one of his trees was pushing Lími's luck; being able to leave the Palace Castle without putting a rotten taste in Ryuichi's mouth was all the fluffy bull asked for.....
  4. How intriguing: preparing a pole dance routine had been the most interesting homework assignment that Princess Cadence had in years. Not to mention the first one she'd been assigned in years. "Sounds good to me!" Cadence shouted off with gusto; "Is there anything we can do for you before you leave today, Foxtrot? You've been SUCH an amazing dance instructor! Perhaps you'd like to stay for dinner?" It never hurt to ask.....
  5. My, the color scheme really is unsettling! *gives the thumbs-up!* ^_^
  6. Giving the aethervision a forlong glance, Lími resigned himself to being parted from it as Shogun Ryuichi took the caribou by (gentle) force over to the table with the other guests. The young bull recognized Sandā; she was the Shogun's stern-faced personal guard. The next two were unfamiliar, but the last pony felt like someone Lími encountered before... recently. The caribou provided a nod to each of them, then addressed the group when he himself was introduced; "I... I am glad to be in the company... o-of such admirable gentlefolk," Lími placed a hoof over his heart as he bent his beck to perform a formal bow; "W-well met to you all!" Ryuichi's brother, who sat next to Lími, inquired into the caribou's travels so far. "Neighpon is a beautiful land," the Son of Sigrun returned Ishi's hoofshake; "...And the Sakura Spring Festival..... I shall never forget it for as long as I live." A dumb smile crept up on Lími's muzzle as he lost himself to recollection; if he ever got to know Ishi better one day, then perhaps Lími would give the qilin the complete story of his journeys in Neighpon. Just as Lími took a small sip of sake, the golem trainer sitting to his other side reminded the caribou of how exactly they first encountered one another. "Oh, you were t-that one then..." Time for the fluffy caribou to awkwardly stare down his cup in embarrassment; "My uhhh, my regrets for... the clumsiness I paid you....." .....Odýrr.
  7. What would a social function be without the presence of the esteemed archaeologist Dr. Merlot? A ghastly social function, that's what... unless plebeians were invited. Then not even Merlot's charms could elevate a soirée to greatness. Yet when Equestrian royalty saw fit to attend free-for-all gatherings, the nobility and gentry followed in their hoofsteps, and poor Merlot could not bear to be behind on high society trends! The suave gentlecolt was no stranger to the likes of Grafinya Frostlace of Stalliongrad. Her will was indomitable, and highly unresponsive to Merlot's magnetism. It seemed she liked doing things her way; by being the mare on top. All in all, Frostlace was too much trouble to bother trying to woo. That was no issue for Merlot; there were still plenty of fashionable fish in the sea. Never mind how more high-end fish resisted being attracted to Merlot's lures with each passing year. Maybe it was time to call the casanova scene quits and settle for marrying into Crystal Snowflake's wealth, but the smug stallion had always been loathe to admit defeat. Somewhere out there was one last romantic conquest to be had... probably not tonight, though. Or maybe ever. As the Hoar Witch Harvest Festivities were open to everypony, Merlot didn't bother dressing in a special black tie outfit. His usual white suit and fedora sufficed; much more fashionable than whatever the lower-class rabble. No matter his recent failures in romantic pursuits, the good doctor was a handsome stallion at the prime of his life; a stallion of (moderate) wealth and impeccable taste. At the very least, Merlot was very capable of mingling with the ponies who mattered. "Good evening madam," Merlot cordially greeted the Stallian hostess, giving Frostlace the customary tip of his hat. "Congratulations on the exceptional harvest this year."
  8. whitescar

    NOOO, NO NO! NO!!! NOOOO... NOOOOOOOOOO.... NOOOOO NOOOOO NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO................ The quest... it had failed. By the time Chipper Demise would have caught up to Lími, the necromancer would have found his partner prostrating on the ground, slumped in despair. Oh boy, Lími's were there alright; it was just that none of them remained alive. Each Qalipu's Cry flow that had grown on the mound were wilted. The petals glowed no more, and not a trace of a hum could be heard in the air. As it went without saying, caribou didn't pass the Will Test by bringing back dead flowers. But HOW could have this happened? Lími was sure he had plotted the most favorable time to undertaking his coming-of-age rite, when the Qalipu's Cry were beginning to bloom. Had the adolescent lad messed up his calculations somewhere? Did an unforeseen blight prematurely kill off the flowers? Was it really important to know why no blooms remained? Whatever the cause, it still left Lími is the most grievous position a caribou lad could ever face. What was the Son of Sigrun supposed to do now? Without a living flower, his chances of being accepted as a worthy bull of Clan Askr were virtually nil. Not even the buck's adopted mother could risk her reputation to take in a caribou failure who couldn't bring back one simple blossom. The Qalipu's Cry would reemerge again for sure in the Barrow Fells... but not for close to another year. In that time, Lími would have no choice but live in exile; a reject from all of Viking Caribou society. Even if the buck managed to hold out an entire year, would he have the resolve to retake the rite of passage a second time? Would he be able to forever live with the shame of not being able to pass the Will Test on his first try? .....What was Lián Mei supposed to think about a caribou who struggled pathetically to reach adulthood? A mare with the blood of the dragon would want nothing to do with a weakling. "I... I have lost." Filled with anguish and with tears in his eyes, Lími's head thumped the earth; "I can't... I can never go home again. I am... no more....." In danger of openly sobbing, the young buck's hoof seized at the closest things it could find — a pile of cold seeds and wilted petals — and clutched hard at them. Anything to prevent himself from being totally engulfed by his tumultuous emotions.....
  9. What was Discord getting at? If a chaos spirit — known for his tendencies to annoy Equestrian royalty — appeared out of the blue next to an empress, what other conclusion could be reached other than assuming that the spirit had come to "delight" the imperial sovereign with his particular brand of amusement? And how could he DARE think that a foreign traveler in Long Guo would care nothing for learning its long and rich history? Any being that hated the study of history was worse than an... uncivilized barbarian! Grrrr; now Discord had the gall to presume that Empress Yuè knew nothing of anything beyond the capital's Inner Ward. Back in her youth, she had made plenty of excursions into the bustling streets of Huangjing. Plus there was all those times she and her brother stayed with their mother deep in the rural countryside. Not to mention spending her adolescence in a monastery studying the Harmonious Path. Admittedly, everything had changed when Yù Yuè was chosen as the heir to the Dragon Throne, but Discord would do well to avoid making wholesome generalizations about what an empress knew! Sucking in her pride, Yuè bit her tongue and let Discord continue speaking and... what did he say about why he was really here? For a... Mei? The royal qilin was taken aback; she didn't personally know any mare named Mei that lived in Huangjing, but the odds of such a mare living in the city were astronomical. Unless Discord provided more to go on, none of the chaos magic in the world was going to help anybody find the maiden he sought after. Fortunately for the Lord of Chaos, he had a mundane photograph to flash about. Wait a minute... that couldn't be Yuè's Mei, could it? The royal qilin couldn't deny it; the coat color and mane style were dead ringers for Lián Mei. But why did it appear she was about to burn the photographer? What was she doing dressed in a kimono? Just what business did Yuè's sworn sister have with the Lord of Chaos? Too many questions..... Meanwhile, events continued to unfold around the Empress. In an inspired move, Silverheart claimed Discord as a guest speaker for his students, at last giving the "false dragon" de facto leave to stay in the Inner Ward. Also, there was... Prince Lián!? He shouldn't be there for several more hours! Not all the preparations were finished yet! Complicating matters was the old Chamberlain, who had finally realized the horror inflicted upon his hair. In a screaming fit, he scrammed back to the Palace... that left Qing in charge of the rest of the retinue. First things first; to reintroduce harmony back to the locale. Yuè couldn't betray any shock at this critical juncture, lest she appear vulnerable in front of Discord. "As it seems that Discord is actually a guest lecturer in Instructor Silverheart's classroom," the Empress instructed the Captain of the City Guard; "That gives him the right to remain in the Inner Ward..... Your guards are no longer needed here, Captain." Although the flushed Captain looked like he still wanted to take on the legged serpent, he relented and ordered his stallions to leave the scene. With the City Guard marching or flying off, most of the Imperial Watchers who were there to protect their empress first gave her a cordial bow, then eerily scurried off to reestablish a defensive perimeter. Now that the tense standoff was over, Yuè gave her full attention back to the discordant creature before her. "I know the mare you are looking for," the Empress continued on in her characteristically silky voice; "Regrettably, Lady Mei moved away from the Dragon Kingdom many years ago. She lives now across the Wide Ocean, deep in the heartland of Equestria." The royal qilin refused to offer more information to Discord about her sworn sister's whereabouts, as the only photographic documentation on hand strongly indicated that Mei wanted nothing to do with a being of pure chaos. "I wonder Lord Discord... why have you journeyed so far to meet with Lián Mei?"
  10. Whitescar? That'd definitely make the white cow a caribou, then. Yù Yuè also managed to catch sight of antler stems, which was most strange indeed. Was this caribou trying to pass herself off as something else? The qilin mare left her queries unspoken, preferring to stick with polite conversation. Something caused the caribou to lose her train of thought, allowing Yuè an opportunity to acquire information that had not been yet yielded to her; "...You were just about to introduce yourself, Laaaady....?" Yuè didn't get much of a chance to further converse with the caribou before the bold peryton wormed her over to the Empress. The newcomer must have saw the qilin's excessive staring as an excuse to jut in freely. Without any bodyguards to interpose, there was nothing stopping Lucy from draping a wing over Yuè as if claiming the trophy mare for herself. The royal qilin though was a credit to her imperial dynasty, maintaining a perfectly pleasant expression on her face despite the gross violation of her personal space. The situation grew more surreal as Yuè was presented with the opportunity to receive gift earrings. Not just any earrings Lucy promised, but works of beauty worthy of a Heavenly Daughter of Dragons. The royal qilin knew the score when it came to these sorts of characters: rarely was anything ever given away for free. When somebody does a favor... they'll expect that favor to eventually be repaid. Who knew what sort of payment Yuè would be providing Lucy somewhere down the line? On the other hoof, there was something about Lucy's pitch that gave Yue's suspicions pause. This hadn't been the first time the Empress was solicited at an Equestrian party; back in the Gala, she had been harried by two smooth-talking stallions of ill repute. In contrast, the peryton's offer didn't seem very refined; it was very much what she'd expect to hear out a vendor in Huangjing's Outer Ward. And well, few things were as admirable as a merchant's hustle. It was also encouraging for Yuè that nobody else was rushing to keep Lucy away at all costs. If everpony else in the Courtyard trusted the peryton, why shouldn't the Empress? In that moment, Yuè made the decision to humor Lucy's hustle. "...You can call me Jade Moon," the qilin respectfully nodded her head before peeking closer at the peryton's piercings all over her body; "I take it all these piercings are your craftsmareship?" A moment of contemplative silence followed during the inspection, which ended with Yuè smiling in satisfaction. "Your proposed design sounds wonderful. I will be honored to wear earrings made by your hooves." Right then, an issue came up in the qilin's mind; "But tell me... are there proper facilities here to do your work?" Used to being dressed up in lavish changing rooms, Yuè found herself hard-pressed to figure out how Lucy was supposed to make the earrings AND pierce the qilin's ears out here in the Courtyard.....
  11. "Tehehe, speak for yourself Shiny!" That was Cadence's playful retort as she watched her cocky husband almost fall down the pole again. With help from Foxtrot, the pink alicorn found the stability she needed to get comfortable with the grip tightness she needed. Within a couple minutes, Cadence too accomplished the art of staying on the pole with only her hind legs. From there on out, the rest of the pole dancing 'levels' proceeded in a similar manner to the first two, with husband and wife both learning from their fumbles. It was thus only a matter of time before the royal couple were ready for the session's final challenge.....
  12. How's this app coming along?
  13. "Excuse... you wouldn't happen to be a sister of Miss Ice storm would you?" "I see.....the resemblance is uncanny...Miss...?" Two ponies were curious to know who the motherly guest was. One, a mare of regal bearing who appeared to have walked right out of the Ivory Tower from Magic Guild pony tales; the other, a flashy playcolt complete with sunglasses. "The name's Mist Weaver," she spoke as she shook the hoof of each noblepony, adding; "I'm Ice Storm's mother. Who might the two of you be?" It was right about this time when the little avian musicians started chirping the usual wedding tunes. Mrs. Weaver lost her chance to follow up on just how these completely different unicorns came to be acquainted with her daughter, but no matter. There was plenty of time for that at the reception. Right now, Misty focused her eager gaze on the mare who was to be Icy's bride.....
  14. What a magnificent piercing by Lucy! So elegant and sublime...
  15. The Ancient Ones decided to throw Lími a bone by sending in the servant with the drink. With that unicorn in the room, it gave everyone else a distraction from the subdued spectacle of having a qilin prod a caribou, which allowed Lími more time to absorb the ramifications of what he'd unwittingly started. Should the young bull err in his judgement, it would not just be he and his dear dragon mare who'd face the Shogun's wrath. Lími's actions would also speak poorly of Clan Askr... and his very own mother. And if the Son of Sigrun cause enough offense, who was to say that the Shogun would diplomatically take his anger out on Askr? That'd ruin all the hard work Sigun had done the past few months to enhance ties with the Neighponese. And it would all be Lími's fault. The young bull could picture it now: his hulking and furious mother leaving a trail of fire and destruction in her wake as she sought out her inept son. And when the warrior cow finally found her quarry... she'd force Lími to sit down and listen to a ponderous lecture about the importance of representing his clan with honor. And of course remind the son how disappointed she was in how the bull let Clan Askr down. Cue an internal voice shuddering "Odýrr". Now the question was how to avoid calamity. Namely, whether it'd be better to craft a lie about a pressing issue off the top of his head... or tell the sad truth about the circumstances which led Lími and Mei to the Palace Castle. Both options had their risks; Shogun Ryuichi might lash out at the couple for wasting his valued time over something so pathetically trivial as finding a place to view cherry blossoms, but he would also be highly displeased should Lími bungle up his falsehoods. Lími took once glance at Lián Mei as that thought crossed his mind. The last time the caribou tried getting away with telling what he thought was a necessary lie, it almost brought the bond shared between himself and the qilin lady to an untimely end. Relations between the two were warm for now, but would Mei be able to respect Lími for much longer if he continued to fabricate stories to escape his problems? When the caribou glanced back at Ryuichi, he found a newly softened face gazing back at him. That... gave Lími some much needed encouragement. Maybe the Shogun would be receptive to the couple's actual desires. With one deep breath, Lími calmed his nerves as his ryuma host addressed him once more. "Our n-names, o-of course!" Lími made a grab for the cup with the Neighponese drink, but it wasn't a dignified attempt. A small amount of the liquid ended up spilling onto the table as the caribou's trembling hooves brought his cup upward. "I... I am Lími, son of Sigrun," he explained, grimacing upon noticing through the corner of his eye that the Shogun's personal guard appeared as menacing as ever. Diverting his attention back to Ryuichi, he gestured a foreleg towards his traveling partner. "...And the lady is Lián Mei, my lov- errr..." Egads, that slip of the tongue almost cost the flustered caribou dearly! "...Uhh, I mean my counterpart that is..... in fellowship, ah ha....." Whew; embarrassment avoided! Gods only know what could have happened if Lími had finished saying "my love" in front of Mei? Good think the awkwardly smiling caribou caught that error in time, and without fail. Now then, to inspect the mysterious contents of the cup in his hooves.....