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  1. In other news, @Dio has maid a new imperial dragonhorse for us:
  2. whitescar

    Lími may have had more time to slow down, but that didn't stop his legs from skidding to a stop as well. However, the extra time the adolescent caribou had for deaccelerating meant the young buck did not experience the thrill of dropping into a pit. Able to do things other than fear for his demise, Lími rushed to the aid of Chipper Demise and grabbed his hoof. Lími wasn't the strongest of caribou sadly; his attempts at pulling the unicorn out were less than decisive, to say the least. Concerning the pit itself, Lími now saw that it wasn't actually all that deep. It rather reminded the lad of a sinkhole hastily filled in with debris, except for the very top. Falling in wouldn't itself lead to a grievous end, but the hole stank of corruption. For those well-knowledged on such subjects, it was obvious that a great rising of the Undead had taken place here not too long ago. Although Lími hoped otherwise, only an idiot would blindly assume that the pit was entirely empty of... buried things. "Uggggh," Lími strained with all his might, lifting Chipper a mere inch or two; "I can't- I- you're too heavvvvvy, arrrrghhhhhhhh!!!!!!!"
  3. *INNER WARD OF HUANGJING NEARBY IMPERIAL ACADEMY FOR MAGICAL STUDY* All around Yù Yuè was nothing but the serenity of trees, a crystal-clear pond, and a quacking pair of mandarin ducks swimming about in it. Even an Elder Long could be lulled to sleep by the soothing qualities of nature pervading the area. The Empress — garbed in a sparkling shimmersilk robe of floral patterns on red — looked just as scenic as her surroundings. A modest crown (by Long Sun standards) decorated the royal mare's head, her hair meticulously styled to accentuate the neckline. All in all, a creature of imperial elegance. The stallion currently privileged to stand beside Empress Yuè was one of the newer instructors at the Imperial Academy, a dutiful unicorn named Silverheart whom was personally recommended to the Academy posting by the Empress. A token band of hoofmaidens and bodyguards stood in silent vigil behind, ensuring the Empress and her companion enjoyed all the privacy they needed. Obstinately, Yuè had come to relay how pleased the Academy's headmaster was with Silver's performance so far... and to extend to the Equestrian an invitation to a palace banquet tonight. Yuè's brother — Prince Hēi Lián — would finally be home in Huangjing with his retinue a few hours from now after an extended stay in the Western realms. Doubtless Lián will be surprised to find a celebration in his honor ready for his return. Yuè missed him dearly. For one reason or another, the conversation between Empress Yuè and Instructor Silverheart meandered onto other topics. At the moment, the focus of Yuè's tangent were the mandarin ducks she was pointing out to the unicorn next to her; ".....They say in Long Kong that the drake and the hen make an odd couple, because their plumage is nothing alike. And yet the pair mates for life, all the same." Nobody could ask for a more serene moment. Only a being of pure chaos would wish otherwise.....
  4. neighpon

    NPC GOREMU CREATION SHEET: Golem’s Name: Size: Shape: Body Composition: Other Descriptive Features: Strengths: Weaknesses: Personality:
  5. Neighponese Gladiatorial Golems - Winning is Their Dream Inanimate forms made living; warriors of stone, fire, and water created to delight audiences with epic contests of strength. They are the Goremu, the famed gladiatorial golems of Neighpon. Although the product of centuries of experimentation and refinement by Neighpon's battlemages, gladiatorial golems are too impractical for use as weapons of war. Yet as weapons of entertainment, the Goremu are second to none. The sport of Goremu battling is regulated by the Neighpon Goremu Commission, which sets guidelines for the creation of gladiatorial golems, assesses the battle-worthiness of said golems, and issues licenses to their handlers. According to NGC guidelines, permissible Goremu are created entirely out of substances found in nature (ie. no steel). Such beings can come in many shapes and sizes, from swift automatons crafted in the form of yokai to titanic masses of amorphous liquids or vapors. No golem combatant is allowed to equip weapons or armor that are not already part of its body. Because gladiatorial golems often exhibit the same amount of intelligence as non-sentient animals, kind handlers give Goremu the same care and regard that a pony would to animal companions. What makes a Goremu (and smaller Neighponese automatons made solely for companionship) unique from all other conjured golems is its power core: an embedded, life-injecting thaumite crystal. The larger the crystal, the more power it generates... and the larger the golem must be to yield all that energy. Depending on which geological area a crystal grew and which magic enchantment a power core is imbued with, a golem will receive an enhancement to a certain attribute. While thaumite gems are capable of slowly regenerating energy, a Goremu must be given time to recharge after expending large amounts of energy, or else it will shut down when drained of power. An old proverb states that it takes a village to raise a child; the same can be said of the Goremu. Most prominent of a golem's handlers is its coach: the pony who trains it for battle, issues commands as necessary, and perhaps most importantly, shower it with affection. Although a Goremu's coach shares much of the glory of victory, there are other unsung crew members that must be acknowledged. Ponies like the one who repairs any damage a golem endures during a match, and the pony who focuses entirely on power core maintenance, along with their assistance. And of course, if a coach is not personally skilled in the magical arts, then somepony else would have designed the Goremu in the first place and granted it life. Thanks to Neighpon's strong tradition of specialized schools, anypony with the heart to become a Goremu Master has the opportunity to enroll in an academy and gain experience through scholastic-level competitions (which are quite popular local affairs in their own right). Coaches and golemancers who earn success at the academies may then become licensed by the NGC and go pro, training their golems further to fight in tournaments all throughout Neighpon, Polyneighsia, and even Long Kong. Battlefield terrain varies wildly between tournaments, but all tourneys share the same basic rules: 10 rounds per bout — 3 minutes each — with a minute for the golem to recover between each round. The winner is chosen either by knock-out or judges' decision. Most prestigious of all the Goremu competitions is the annual Tournament of Champions in Polohama. Each summer — on a clay battlefield within the Polohama Dome — fortunes are made and broken. Should a Goremu defeat all foes, it and its coach are awarded the title of Grand Champions, and instant stardom is all but guaranteed. As for the losers, there is always next year... as long as their sponsors don't out on them..... ~Gotta' Fight 'Em All: A Tourist's Guide to Goremu Battles
  6. In her own ladylike fashion, Princess Cadence gracefully pulled herself back up with the assistance of her heroic knight in shining armor. Surrounded by supportive ponies, the alicorn's determination to succeed only grew stronger. Observing Shiny's technique down to the letter, Cadence absorbed all the details on what to do. Maybe for now, don't extend the body quite out as far, hmmm? More mindful of her weight distribution and her grip strength, the Crystal Princess gave spinning another go. Remembering how her husband did it, Cadence emulated the stallion's moves to perfection. After she finished a rotation, the pink alicorn repaid her stallion by facing him with half-lidded eyes, then blowing a playful kiss while leaning into the pole with the other hoof. "How did that look, Shining?" Cadence's provocative gaze did not relent, uncaring of whatever effect it may have on her partner in royalty.....
  7. whitescar

    Lími rarely thought straight in a panic, as proven when he nearly rammed head-first into a wall while following the fleeing rats. That was one of many reasons why the young buck always preferred to deliberate before making a decision, no matter how impatient other caribou got. Dependable ole' Chipper Demise managed to find a back door... an escape route, and so the long gallop down the hill begun! The slope proved slippery and treacherous, causing each traveler to slip and roll downward at least once. But no amount of pain inflicted persuaded any of the two to slow down... something that was just about to potentially become Chipper's undoing. With mortal terror ultimately guiding them off the hill, neither Lími or Chipper bothered to check whether that... Thing was in pursuit. Weaving between mounds, the unicorn necromancer failed to notice he was running right towards a pit... but Lími's eyes did. He couldn't see yet how wide or deep the hole before them was, but the caribou knew that his guide falling in spelled nothing less but certain doom. "CHIPPER!" Lími frightfully cried out; "LOOK OUT AHEAD!!!" This deep in the Barrow Fells, there was only one reason for ground to ever be unearthed, but the unicorn and caribou had more urgent matters to worry about first.....
  8. By all rights, Lími should have been wincing by now from the loss of blood circulation Mei was inflicting on his forearm. Yes, the caribou "felt" his appendage slowly grow numb... yet at the same time, he felt nothing. Not even the fact that Lími's darling qilin chose to latch onto him with such happiness stirred his heart. Neither did the sight of all the blooms in the courtyard move him; a young bull who had once been astonished by the sight of plants beckoning with all colors of the rainbow. In truth, Lími needed more time to decompress from the horrors of earlier. Thus it was that as he and Lián Mei were brought to a reception room to wait, the bull of Askr paid little notice to the interior of the Palace Castle. Once the two guests were alone, Lími ambled over to the balcony just to have a moment to himself. There on that terrace, with the wind free to dramatically ruffle his hair and the back of his kimono, the caribou longed desperately for the companionship of his energetic canine companion. Alas, what Lími would give right now to rub Hammer's chin and play fetch with her and forget all that Neighpon business... Mei's exhilarated questions forced Lími away from his fantasies, but the caribou showed no outward sign of it as he continued to look despondently down at Kyoma below. From up here, Neighpon's capital looked less a city than a scattering of towns surrounded by pink-colored sakura groves. Lími was paying attention however, and he had the sense to respond... abit in an obviously detached manner, never glancing back at his partner. "Just... follow your blood sister's example, I suppose," the caribou mumbled. Believe it or not, the fact that the mare of Lími's desires was sworn sister of the Empress of Long Guo rarely crossed his mind. Then again, Lími also made a point of not constantly referencing his status as adopted son of the Jarl of Askr, so there was that. If the Son of Sigrun had any audacity left in him, he would have instead insisted that Mei keep her cool in the Shogun's presence at all costs. Of course, only fools presumed to command a dragon... and Lími wasn't foolish enough to seek out a dragon mare's fury. There was that charred robe of Mei's, but what could be done about it other than induce another panic attack in Mei. Assuming this Shogun had eyes and ears everywhere, he ought to be expecting it anyway and not take offence. As long as Lími and Mei refrained from causing international incidents, the shattered pieces that was their Neighpon vacation could finally begin to be reassembled.....
  9. "...And don't you two forget to give me some grandkids one day, sweetie." Those lovingly jesting words, and a hug, were the last things Mist Weaver had given Ice Storm earlier in the day before leaving her daughter's dressing room. Like any prideful mother, Mrs. Weaver was overjoyed that this special day had finally come. True, the Hoofington mare once thought that Ice's pick for a special somepony was a little strange. In time however, Mist had grown to accept Fire Heart upon perceiving the strong bond of love between her and Ice. That was much more than what could be said for Mrs. Weaver's husband. He had come down with a mysterious ailment mere days before the wedding, so of course he couldn't attend. Truth be spoken, that stallion never forgave Ice Storm for running away from their home, no longer regarding her as family. Mist knew better than to push the issue, so she was completely fine with leaving him behind anyway. It was undoubtedly for the best, anyway. As for Mrs. Weaver's gull companion Scuttle, he also remained in Hoofington. The mare would rather not think about it, but Scuttle was reaching the point where long journeys away from home tired him out. In other words, the seagull was getting old now. Taking her seat at the front, Mist Weaver noticed all the other guests in attendance. Was that Discord among them? To think there was still so little Mrs. Weaver knew about her little sweetie's life. Maybe one day, the two mares could finally find time for a nice long chat.....
  10. With a tasty bowl of Rasam lying empty on her table, Princess Cadence went to work on her next Dear Cady response, of which there had been understandably fewer ever since Flurry Heart entered the world. Saffron Massala's name and occupation were familiar to the alicorn, having been told about the pony the last time Twilight had a chance to tell her sister-in-law about her magical friendship adventures. With some introspection, the alicorn had eventually figured out what advice to give Saffron..... Dear A Subject in Respect: I am glad for your success in the restaurant industry, and I hope you do well in Ponyville. As you undoubtedly know, it can be hard adjusting to life in a new place. I love my home in the Crystal Empire with all my heart, but even I needed time to acclimate myself after moving away from Canterlot. That said, there are a couple things you can do to get more comfortable with the slower pace of a small town. First, there are various activities you can try to ease your discontent. Reading, drawing, listening to music, gardening, exercising, meditation...that is just the tip of the iceberg. By doing one of those or more, you will gradually become more used to living without nearby hustle and bustle. If the above is not for you, then take heart that even away in the cities, there will always be ponies who are full of energy, always going from one thing to another. Seek these ponies out, because being around them will help fill in the void left by a city's commotion... they might very well become your best friends in Ponyville! Don't worry about where to look; everypony knows everypony in a small town. Love, Cady PS: your Rasam is absolutely delicious!
  11. If it's Long Pearls that Rune/Scribe are after, their efforts will be better spent making the Climb of Pilgrimage to Longri-La (ie. the actual source of pearls) and meeting with someone like Àilóng.
  12. Hmmmmm, how would Rune Writer come to become personally acquainted with Yù Yuè? Judging by what I read in his app, it seems highly unlikely that our characters would cross paths. It doesn't help that they're separated by a wide ocean and a significant age gap.
  13. @Dubstep, @RainbowFoxxy, and @Lyipheoryia: DerpRavener has completed his turn over in Court of the Dragon Throne, meaning one of your characters is now free to address the Empress on an important matter. ^_^ BTW peeps, I'm always looking for new OCs to bring into Empress Yuè's confidence. Rumor has it that a new hoofmaid will soon be joining us..... PS: Added Sī jīn (servant) and Rakuen Ryuichi (ally) to the OP Roster.