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  1. Speaking of voices ringing loud and clear, right about now was the time when the karaoke began in earnest. In a certain light, that Neighponese activity indeed seemed reminiscent of caribou forms of merriment (once the vast differences between the drinks and songs of the two cultures were taken into account). One other thing the two cultures shared: Lími couldn't picture himself going up on that stage and singing his heart out either. It didn't help when the songs were all in a language the young bull understood nothing about. Oh well, at least the mare was enjoying herself, just as it should be in a proper Viking Caribou banquet. Plus there was always the remote chance that Lími would soon be sipping on honey mead. Assuming that Clan Breen's merchants did business in Polohama, that possibility was a realistic one. Boy, could the caribou bull use a little taste of home right now in this strange alien place with alien music. Accusations of espionage did little to loosen up Lími. That fear instinct kicked in again as the gulping bull pulled back away from the Newcomer, but it was a futile gesture. "N-now now," Lími meekly assured; "We caribou are a honest and boisterous people. Hiding in the shadows... d-doesn't run in our blood, you see!" To a certain extent, Lími was right; Viking Caribou did not tell tales of greet deeds that weren't accomplished without than brute strength or skill in combat. But even in Whitescar, those who mastered the art of secrecy had their uncelebrated place. Yet as it turned out, the Newcomer was only testing Lími, breaking out into laughter upon his unwarranted reactions. Breathing a sigh of relief, the Son of Sigrun contented himself with another tiny drink of sake, still hoping this establishment had the brew of honey he never realized he so desperately craved.....
  2. Moving to Free For All section because OP has no characters that have been approved for World of Equestria.
  3. whitescar

    *SOME TIME LATER* With the both of them in happy spirits, Lími and Chipper set out northward out of the Barrow Fells. In light of the cheery mood, the caribou buck was more than happy to open up about his Jarl Sigrun and Aunt Ylva. He also got in detail about Clan Askr in general: where they lived, what code they lived by, the gods they worshiped. Quite a lot of ground to cover, but it was a good way to pass the time. Before they knew it, the two travelers had reached the northern limit of the mound fields. Before them lay flat open ground with not much cover around except for clusters of scattered rock pillars here and there. Over on a craggy hill to the distant northwest was another of those dilapidated fortresses that marked the borders of the downs, although this one seemed more grand and imposing than the modest abode of the undead Rat King. Lími didn't like looking that way; he remembered from his studies how that particular northwest fastness of darkness was a confirmed lair of those... who refused to die. Enjoying Chipper's friendship a little too much, Lími had let his guard down too much. Blind he was to the likely perils that could ambush the Fellowship of the Living at any moment. Instead of maintaining situational awareness, the caribou was busy blushing over an embarrassing matter he meant not to discuss, but let it slip from his tongue anyway.....
  4. Now: "Awww, look how sweet that couple looks..." Several months later: "THEIR WEDDING'S NEAR, AND MEIZILLA'S ON THE LOOSE! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!!"
  5. And topic is now pinned! Note to self: need to inflict more Flurry Heart upon WoE one of these days.
  6. RETIRED CHARACTERS ------------------------
  7. Nothing earth-shattering, but the two opening episodes were still enjoyable.
  8. An imperial sovereign never had a need to personally catch objects thrown in their direction. Thankfully, Empress Yuè had Feng to count on for that sort of thing as he masterfully caught Discord's small gift box a full second before it would have struck the qilin mare. Like the loyal guard he was, Feng presented the box for royal inspection, allowing Yuè to warily take it into her hooves. Discord's exposition came just in time to prevent the Empress from opening the box herself. A gift for Mei, was it? And only her. What sort of surprise would the Spirit of Chaos have in store for the Lotus Beauty? Yuè doubted it was anything her sworn sister would enjoy, if that one picture was anything to go by. Recalling the Equestrian legends of the relic known as Pandora's Box, the royal qilin suspected something similar was ahoof... hence Discord's warning to not peek at it. Well, Mei would be sheltered from whatever cosmic annoyances were waiting to be set loose. Discord didn't need to know that, of course. "I assure you Lord Discord," Yuè calmly stated with no apparent animosity as she slipped Discord's gift within her robes; "That no unwanted eyes will see what's inside this box." Whether it'd ever be sent to Garden Gait was another question entirely. Such a shame that the draconequus dodged Yuè's question about his connection with her friend. Otherwise, the Empress would find it easier to trust the chaotic spirit. It was only Empress Yuè's indistinct rubbing of her hoof that gave any sort of sign of the monarch's growing uncomfortableness. The qilin was not prepared currently to bicker with Discord over the authenticity of harmony within the Imperial Capital. Too many onlookers had gathered by now, and they of all beings shouldn't be forced to witness an empress profane herself by arguing out in the open. Debates were the province of loyal advisers, Yuè had been taught; NOT that of the Heavenly Daughter of Dragons. One thing was painfully clear; the Empress was long overdue to return to the sanctuary provided by the Imperial Palace. Yuè had to tread carefully, lest Discord humiliated her with his magics and forever tarnish the qilin's image as a respectable ruler. "I would like to stay in this lovely park," Yuè's voice rang sweetly as ever; "But I'm afraid pressing matters require my attention in the Imperial Palace. As you can see, Prince Lián has already arrived, and great insult has already been paid because preparations for his return banquet weren't completed in time." A blatant lie, but ancestors could only hope her dear twin brother won't give Discord any reason for doubt. Empress Yuè briefly placed a hoof over her heart. "I myself must now make amends by personally overseeing the final stages of the banquet's arrangement. In the meantime... it appears that Instructor Silverheart's pupils are anticipating their once in a lifetime meeting with an Equestrian draconequus..." With a knowing smile, Yuè glanced towards her unicorn companion. The rewards for Silver would be great if he managed to keep the chaotic interloper in check. More than anything else, Yuè wanted to give her beloved brother a nice big embrace. But she'd need to retreat inside the Imperial Palace first; couldn't let the onlookers see her displaying any sort of emotional vulnerability. ...All part of being a worthy empress, of course.....
  9. .....Why do I have a compulsion to play Majora's Mask, now?
  10. Ah; when the petal-eating tradition was explained like that, then yeah it sounded very sentimental. The more sakura petals that danced in the air, the more enlarged Mei's smile became along with Lími's. The caribou looked perplexed at first when his partner decided to snack on his petal at the last second, but after a second of reflection, a dorkish grin from Lími indicated that he recognized a golden opportunity... to take the hoof of Lián Mei into his own. Whereas Mei wasted no time in yanking her petal from Lími, the other employed delicate and deliberation actions. First the young bull's left hoof first gently found a griphold on the qilin mare's wrist, then the other caribou's hoof reached out for the actual pink petal. Lími didn't take his prize at the earliest opportunity, taking several moments to savor the touch of Mei's cloven hoof. All the while, the poetically inclined scion of Whitescar kept his eyes locked on Mei's, although it started driving him nuts how several loose strands of the qilin's disheveled hair obscured a side of her face. Such beauty should never stay hidden. Lími did get around to eating that sakura petal after a minute or so, and it was a blissful experience to be sure. No wonder why the Neighponese feasted on them to conclude the festival! Almost immediately after the caribou forever cemented his roots to Mei with a swallow, the qilin spoke up... or attempted to. Acting on protective instinct, Lími scooched closer to his lady as he thoughtfully brought his free hoof up to the mare's soft cheek; "W-what is it?" That other hoof of the caribou's was somehow still gripping the girl's wrist. Maybe it was Lími's display of affection or something the qilin reasoned in her mind; whatever it was, Mei found the courage to speak up further. Honestly, Lími was only paying half-attention on the actual words Mei was uttering. More important to perceive were the heartfelt emotions behind said words; the dragon mare's innermost feelings betrayed by her earnest tones and the whirlwind expressions conveyed by those pink orbs of hers. By Gods, Mei's heart sang with beauty! It was only after the qilin's concluding declaration of gratitude when Lími finally remembered the master plan in his head that he'd been brewing for weeks. The young bull was supposed to fret anxiously as he confessed to his lady love of the feelings in his heart. Using all the vocabulary of an Askr bard, Lími would vow to always protect Mei as they fought alongside one another, and that his heart would always be hers. And of course, Lími would summon all his courage near the end when the time came for one of his sacred oaths by the Ancient Ones! "Mei..." That single word was as far that Lími managed to reach before all words left him. But it was not trepidation and caution that foiled the master plan; it was that confounded batch of Mei's rogue hair strands the caribou noticed earlier! Without loving words to pay attention to, all Lími could think about doing was brushing those hairs aside so he could stare at Mei's captivating face in full. Compulsion getting the better of him, the fluffy caribou finally set aside the qilin's wrist with appropriate tenderness, then proceeded to use his newly freed hoof to relocate the hairs in question. There... much better. Now to rest his cloven hoof behind Mei's head. Just like in the caribou's dreams! Once in Lími's life did he feel himself consumed in the primal magic of a heartwarming moment. It was back during his Will Test, when he opened himself to the light of Chipper Demise's friendship and reciprocated those feelings in turn. That forging of eternal fellowship had unleashed enough power to bring an entire field of flowers back to life! No words were spoken... but the young bull felt in every fiber in his being a similar connection between he and Mei was forming... but different. More... magnetic, as if two souls begged to form into one entity. And something that prevented Lími from being able to experience fear or form coherent sentences out of his thoughts, let's not forget that! Confined in a world of flowery dreams where terrors and vocal expressions did not exist, there was only one other thing Lími could. The cloven hoof on Mei's hoof switched gears to caress the lady's chin, curiously at the same time Lími's green eyes darted over to Mei's muzzle. Oh Gods; how those qilin lips were begging to be kissed! Yep; the young bull was now 100% intoxicated by the object of his affections; even the dancing flower petals around the couple were apparently screeching telepathic commands to KISS HER KISS HER KISS HER- And in the blink of an eye... it happened. Yes friends, it did. Surrendering himself of all free will, Lími carefully pulled Mei's head in close, shut his eyes, and swooped down! Remembering to tilt his head to avoid an awkward collision, the caribou's muzzle aimed true, locking lips with the mare he'd been fantasizing about for a dozen moons. And he swore, it was incredible! Mei's lips... they were soft, and tasted of cherry blossom. Lími's entire body trembled with jolts of pleasure he never thought were possible. Oh Gods; this was so much better than any pale imitation found in the dream world!!! Meanwhile, the falling sakura petals gathered into a majestic whirlwind around the qilin and caribou. It seemed the spirit of Neighpon itself was giving its blessing to the potential new couple.....
  11. whitescar

    Wh- what was happening now? Lími felt weird, like he was being uplifted by a Power brighter and greater than anything that walked the earth. Were the caribou of a less enlightened mind, he'd claim to be under a pony spell... oh, but it was a pony spell. From his previous expedition in Equestria, Lími remembered how Equestrians regarded magics revolving around the forces of Friendship as the most potent form of sorcery. That had always seemed odd to the young buck, for his kin always relied on emotions like battelust and rage to fuel their strength. Yet right here, right now... the truth of Friendship's magic could be denied no longer. "Woaaaah..." Lími was at a loss to describe what Chipper's magic accomplished as a result of the caribou's declaration of friendship. All the flowers around the pair sparkled with more life and joy than ever before, which was all the more remarkable for nothing was ever supposed to return from the other side with such high levels of wholesomeness. And they said necromancy was a dark art infamous for its ugliness and imperfection. Granted, the humming Qalipu's Cry still sounded a tiny bit off, but perhaps no resurrection could ever leave a rerisen lifeform unchanged from before. The circle of life... just didn't work like that. Still though, it was enough to leave Lími in a state of mirthful laughter along with his guide- no, friend. "We've done it Chipper!" The caribou buck seized both of the unicorn's shoulders in unchecked happiness; "Oh, wait til my mother and my aunt and clan hear what has transpired!" Refueled with a new purpose, Lími carefully took Chipper's blossoms into his own hooves before repositioning himself to face northward. "There is no time to waste, my friend. We still have a long road ahead of us, and I don't think the uhh... denizens of the Fells will take kindly to rekindled life in this place. We must away... ere fall of night!" Funny enough, knowing a true friend was by his side calmed Lími of his usual fears... for the moment, at least.
  12. Alarmed, Yù Yuè stopped dead in her tracks, having heard the signs of an imminent sneeze from Presteza. Yuè didn't understand; there were no flowers around to trigger her painter's pollen allergies. Was it something in Matron Yuchou's aromas? With a dutiful bodyguard like Feng around however, a gasping Yuè didn't have much time to ponder the great mysteries of unicorn allergies before she was unceremoniously tackled onto the ground for her own safety. And just in time to save the Empress from suffering a magical case of bad hair day, preserving the qilin's regal looks (something of great importance to any Long Sun monarch). Yet as it so happened, Yuè's legs reflexively wrapped around the very object responsible for pinning her down: Feng. Upon realizing the scandalous position she was engaged in with her bodyguard... the way Feng's eyes of autumn seemed to stare at his empress like nothing else in the world mattered, it was to Yuè's credit that she only showed a slight blush on her cheeks and a minor widening of her aqua eyes while softly muttering; "...Oh my." Other than that, the royal qilin remained remarkably collected considering how she could feel Feng's underbelly scaling with her own. Good thing they far far away from the scrutinizing eyes of the Imperial Capital. Experiencing the same amount of embarrassment, Feng hurriedly leaped off his empress. In his rush however, the longma bodyguard left the royal qilin lying on the ground. Oddly, Yuè made no move to immediately get herself back up, so conditioned to having an army of attendants rush to help their sovereign off the ground in the extremely rare instance she suffered an ungraceful tumble. With the way Yuè's hair and wrinkled dress were left sprawled while her legs curled straight over her stomach, the flustered qilin on her back looked uncharacteristically vulnerable indeed.....
  13. This is off to a good start, but some adjustments are needed: Please incorporate a Cutie Mark story somewhere in this app, as it's a vital part of a pony's background. The Personality section can use a little more meat to it so that RPers have a clearer sense of what they should expect from your Lightning Dust. Fix you app sheet's formatting so that entire fields aren't randomly bolded. Good luck with the changes!
  14. Hmmmm, some feedback: I'm not quite sure that pegasi would be able to manipulate electricity as described in this app. Maybe it'd be possible to redirect lightning using certain stances (ala Avatar: The Last Airbender), but a pegasus body sending out electrical impulses at will is definitely out of the question. BTW, we usually just use "magical energy" as a hand waive for how certain electrical devices from reality work in a land that doesn't rely on electric power I also recommend changing Blitz's full name. "Blitzkrieg" (ie. "lightning war") sounds like a name for a Nazi pony; you don't want RPers thinking your OC is a Nazi, do you? Overall, this app is off to a good start. Just needs some adjustments!