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  1. A blush appeared Sunset Shimmer’s cheeks as Tempest Shadow of all ponies scolded her for an impolite greeting. Heh, at least the self-described warrior was in the same mess as her, so... hooray? And Empress, huh? Back at Celestia’s School, Sunset learned that some old dude was the guy in charge over in Long Guo. Maybe the Equestrian girl ought to keep a better track of developments beyond her birth country’s borders, although as it was, she already had her hands full living in two worlds. “Well, what can I say?” Sunset bashfully rubbed the back of her head with a hoof; “At magic school, we were taught how some creatures are able to naturally read minds or predict the future without casting spells at all. ESP’s an extremely rare ability mind you, with only a tiny handful of proven documented cases, but it isn’t unheard of.” Miss Shimmer could testify from personal experience, but technically speaking, that only counted in the Mirror World. Sunset turned towards Tempest, offering a foreleg to shake in a genuine gesture of friendliness. “The name’s Sunset Shimmer, by the way. You might not have heard of me Tempest Shadow, but Princess Twilight has told me a great deal about you, and how you helped her vanquish the Storm King. I wish I could have been there alongside the Princess and the others when they could have used my aid, but geez, how do I put this... I live far, far away from here these days.” The unicorn didn’t forget about the longma she accused of mysticism; “So you’re a warrior who serves the Empress of Long Guo, huh? How is she compared to her predecessor; Emperor Xin, was it?” Better late than never to keep ahead on foreign affairs!
  2. If there was one lesson relentlessly drilled into Empress Yuè in preparation for her unexpected coronation, it was to never let her royal mask slip under any circumstance whatsoever. Do not break decorum by expressing uncouth joy, refrain from showing anger towards those who’ve wronged or offended you, and absolutely never show signs of emotional frailty. If a ruler unwisely took his or her mask off, their subjects — along with the rulers of other lands — would no longer be able to believe that an imperial sovereign possessed the draconic serenity required to sit on the Dragon Throne. This was why the Empress found it disturbing to spot an increasing amount of instances where her peryton counterpart allowed his royal mask to slip. A wagging tail, twitching wings, an uncontrolled burst of excitement... and not to mention doubling down on the chivalric rhetoric. Maybe Yuè’s first impression had been spectacularly wrong; Oisin seemed less of a slick talker and more of a mischievous, happy-go-lucky imp who stumbled onto the Peryton throne by chance. Although it could also just be the buck’s little fangs coloring the newest assessment. On the plus side however, Yuè believed she found a new potential friend to send Serpent King Àilóng’s way. That dragon never did seem to care whatsoever about wearing the ruler’s metaphorical mask. As it just so happened, the Empress’s guess about Oisin stumbling onto his throne wasn’t that far off the mark. Truth be told... was that not how Yuè herself, a qilin mare who had intended to spend a humble life walking the Harmonious Path, ascended above her elder step-siblings to claim the highest title in the entire Dragon Kingdom? Just like Yuè, Oisin was now obligated to follow in his father’s hoofsteps; a task that wasn’t easy by any stretch of the imagination. Now sensing that the two of them shared the same boat in more ways than one, Empress Yuè began the ceremonial ritual of getting up from her Dragon Throne and gracefully walking down the steps to stand on equal level with King Oisin. It was an honor accorded to all heads of state granted audience with the imperial sovereign, although this was the first time in recorded history it was granted to the Peryton monarch. Yuè finally betrayed a gleam in her eyes as she trotted over to Oisin’s side, close enough to closely inspect the winged deer’s physical form. To her surprise, the qilin surmised that her counterpart couldn’t have been any older than her; most likely he was even a little bit younger! But no startlement was evidence in Empress Yuè’s voice as she commenced the usual diplomatic boilerplate expected of all empresses. “Ever since Long Guo was founded, we have always believed that to maintain balance and harmony in the world, all nations must stand together as one. Although our civilizations are separated by vast distances, there is no denying there is much that Long Sun and Peryton can learn from one another. Therefore, we hereby declare our intention to seek a lasting friendship with His Majesty, and the great nation of the Velvet Strand.” All throughout her speech, the Empress assertively but warmly bore into the King’s dream-like purple orbs.....
  3. !!! Being lost in a cloud of negative thinking didn’t prevent Sunset Shimmer from hearing a stallion’s words aimed precisely at her direction. The young mare turned towards the stranger; a stranger who either knew Celestia’s former apprentice by reputation or somehow saw straight through Sunset’s heart. Both options seemed highly unlikely to the unicorn, which mentally put her on guard. Oddly enough, Sunset Shimmer identified the stranger’s companion as none other than Tempest Shadow, a defector from the Storm Empire whom Princess Twilight had spoken about before in great length. In truth, Sunset had always been curious to meet this villain-turned-heroine, but the fiery-maned unicorn couldn’t let go of what the longma stallion had just said to her. “Uh,” Miss Shimmer trotted over to Tempest and the longma, filled with suspicion; “I don’t believe I’ve ever met you before. Are you supposed to be some sort of... eastern mystic?”
  4. Who was King Oisin? It was a question that the entire Imperial Court had been failing to find answers for ever since receiving a message stating the Peryton King’s desire for a formal audience with the Empress of Long Guo. Not much was known about perytons in eastern lands, for their kind were seldom spotted outside their small realm. Of the Velvet Strand, Empress Yuè knew a little more than most, as those isles were identified as one of the great western sanctuaries of nature according to the accumulated knowledge of her monastic mentors. Up-to-date records of the Velvet Strand also indicated that King Tiarnán ruled the Perytons. No news had come from across the sea indicating any sort of peryton succession, so word of this Oisin caused a massive scramble for information and overseas gossip. Unfortunately, perytons didn’t have much of a habit for traveling abroad and relaying news about their homeland, so the Imperial Court lacked any idea at all of the mystery buck’s temperament and desires. Regardless, the protocols of courtly courtesy demanded that King Oisin’s request be granted. Empress Yuè paid very close attention as the Peryton King strode towards the Dragon Throne. Outwardly, Oisin looked every bit the stately cervine as his fine clothes and grooming would indicate, but the royal qilin was well-practiced in seeing through the hearts of others. And just through rigorous observation of Oisin’s movements, something about him seemed a little out of the ordinary compared to the usual visiting dignitary. The Empress couldn’t quite put her hoof on it, however. Yuè’s assessment of the King turned sour once he opened his mouth. She’d heard this all before; from eager suitors vying for the honor to be wed to an Empress to conniving petitioners spewing sweet words to conceal their selfish aims. As a seasoned sovereign, the qilin mare withstood the temptation to roll her eyes, instead relying on the one tried-and-true method of acknowledging overly fairspoken guests with the respect they were owed. “I am not worthy of the praise you lavish upon me,” the Empress expressed modesty in an unfailing regal tone; “But I cannot deny your gift with words, King Oisin. Undoubtedly, there must be many a doe in your realm who believe without question that you will give your future queen the attention a faithful wife deserves.” With Yuè having subtly thrown her shade, it would be up to Oisin to grasp the full implications behind the Empress’s counter-compliment. That being said, Yuè pressed on with other matters. “In the Dragon Kingdom, little is known about your kind, as the paths of Peryton and Long Sun rarely cross. As such, we are immensely honored that you have crossed over land and ocean to bestow Long Guo with the fabled grace of the Perytons. It pains us admitting to ignorance concerning news of the natural sanctuary once tended to by King Tiarnán, so we would be most grateful to be enlightened to recent developments.” That was a polite long-winded way of asking Oisin what the heck was going on?
  5. Humoring Àilóng, Yù Yuè allowed herself to be led by her companion over to the tables. The qilin blushed at the glamored stallion’s question; normally such a cooperative activity by two unrelated individuals wasn’t done unless there hearts were... especially entwined. Maybe the dragon DID possess deeper feelings for the young mare afterall. Yuè would dwell on the ramifications (and question Àilóng on the matter) later; right now she had a sky lantern to focus on! While the royal qilin hadn’t reveled in Huangjing’s streets for years, lantern making had been a festive activity that Yuè has continuously partaken in along with her fellow students back at Fenghuang Monastery. Yuè still remembered the ancient art, but what of the King of Longri-La? Taking careful notice of Àilóng’s comfortableness with the lantern construction materials, Yuè asked; “How do the Wise and Noble Dragons of the Abode mark the occasion of the First Moon, if I may ask?” Although the royal qilin had often been brought to Longri-La in her early youth, she had never been there for the dawn of the new year. Traditionally, Long Sun always spent the holidays with their own families.....
  6. Oh look, another OOC thread by me. In case you don't know already, I've recently apped Sunset Shimmer. The thing with her is that while she'll pop by Ponyville occasionally to speak at the local School of Friendship, she spends the vast majority of her time in a place not found on any map in the Known World, heh heh. Therefore, for the most part, I'm primarily interested in establishing past acquaintanceships and family connections for my fiery unicorn in this OOC thread. Note that with due to the nature of Sunset's past, she wouldn't have closely bonded with the vast majority of ponies from her past. As a matter of fact, there would be a good probability of them not being fondly remembered at all. That being said, let's get this ball rolling: ----------- Family Members - Mom and Dad must be Hope Hollow residents, although distant relations might live elsewhere. Sunset has bitter memories of her parents, so don't expect a warm relationship to start with. Residents of Hope Hollow - With only a couple possible exceptions, Sunset Shimmer won't have fond memories of her fellow townsponies either, especially those from her own age group. Any character who was introduced in the Rainbow Roadtrip special is fair game, so I strongly suggest watching it first. The more Hope Hollow ponies that get apped, the more likely that Sunset will end up making a return trip to her forgotten hometown one day. Faculty & Graduates of the School for Gifted Unicorns - Sunset Shimmer will have more agnostic feelings towards those she met during her time as Princess Celestia's prized pupil. Any magic school student intended to be slightly older than Twilight Sparkle is eligible for this category. Note that while Sunset never made any friends at Celestia's School, she never became a bully until after she dropped out and abandoned Equestria, so keep that in mind. Those With Crushes on Sunset - While theoretically anypony from Sunset's past who's of the same age can fit this role, all characters who reside in Ponyville, the School of Friendship, or Canterlot (but mainly the first two places) are welcome to develop feelings for this mystery mare. Be warned: your character WILL get shot down in flames if they attempt to ask her out, so this option is only recommended for those who like putting their characters through romantic misery. Ex-Antagonists - Lastly, I think it would be nice to have Sunset Shimmer bond with other peeps who were once villains before being redeemed. No matter which world they hail from, troubled souls who manage to cast off the Darkness deserve some affection.
  7. If you're interested in having Oisin meet the Empress in a formal setting, I suggest posting here (even if it means committing a grave act of thread necromancy). It'll save me the trouble of having to write up an entirely new OP, haha. PS: if you do post in that thread, just assume your King presents himself to the Imperial Court on a far later date then everything else in that RP so far.
  8. Since I feel I am to blame for King Oisin's existence, I'll offer some RP partnering possibilities: Lími - Resides in Canterlot as a de facto ambassador for the Viking Caribou, making him somebody the Peryton King should consider getting to be acquainted with. Princess Cadence - If the Peryton King is feeling particularly cocky, he can attempt flirting with the Crystal Princess (double bravery points if Shining Armor's around). Should a wiser head prevail, Oisin should definitely think about writing a letter for advice. Empress Yuè - The most eligible bachelorette in all the Known World. Assuming competing against a Serpent King and a devoted Imperial Watcher aren't issues, the Peryton King is more than welcome to throw his hat into this romantic clusterstorm.
  9. “Uggghhhhh... THAT could have gone way better.....” If only Sunset Shimmer had made that final shot, she would’ve won that ribbon for sure and have been able to brag to Twilight all about it. True, she had a projected 1-in-25 chance of hitting that Golden Cupcake, so the odds were never in the Equestrian girl’s favor to begin with. Still though, although she choked on the last shot despite doing everything right, Sunset could have gotten lucky had she bothered composing herself correctly on ALL her attempts. But nope; Miss Shimmer blew it by repeatedly letting frustration get the better of her while target shooting. *groan* .....It was that ring toss debacle at Equestria Land all over again. Etched with a permascrowl face, Sunset Shimmer wandered the grounds aimlessly, spectating the occasional challenge here and there. The fiery-maned unicorn needed a little bit more time to cool down first before she could return to Twi’s Castle and convincingly claim everything’s fine. Who knows; maybe Sunset would find something before then that’d keep her mind off her loss. Without realizing it, Miss Shimmer had neared the Iron Pony pavilion, not taking much heed of what was going on around her.....
  10. Yù Yuè scanned her surroundings, checking to see which else she and Àilóng could do in the side plaza they were at. Over on the far side, she noticed numerous small groupings of outsider creatures — tourists from other lands who’ve come to experience the First Moon celebration for themselves — congregating around what appeared to be festively-decorated workshop tables. A few more seconds of spectating suggested that the creatures were assembling lanterns, under the guidance of friendly locals. “Oh my,” it dawned on Yuè; “I almost forgot the sky lanterns are launched at midnight!” The qilin mare glanced towards her companion; “Nearly everyone else would have had a head start already.” To a traditionally-minded Long Sun, it was almost sacrilege to bask in the full light of the First Moon without crafting their own sky lantern.....
  11. Bellosh

    Peryton Prince

    Those lil' fangs! I suppose they're a reference to the musk deer?
  12. Bellosh

    Kelpie Queen

    If you're doing WoE throwback art, do a peryton next, please.
  13. So... this was the Iron Pony deal that Twilight was yammering about. Sunset Shimmer initially intended to play no role in the affair, having only planned on a brief voyage to Equestria for a face-to-face touching base session. But Twi, bless her heart, she was SO excited over an opportunity to expose her visiting friend to the Ponyville-grown magic of friendly competition. Sunset tried to politely reject Twi’s offer... but who could say no to such an adorkably sweet mare? Definitely not Sunset. Sunset Shimmer didn’t like admitting it, but back in the old days, these sorts of local carnivalesque contests always intimidated her. Yes, you heard that right. You see, it was commonplace for event challenges to ban participants from using unicorn magic, the one attribute that had allowed the little filly to stand out above the rest. Without magic, Sunset had nothing to defend herself from the mockery of others. .....That, and the festivals she remembered back in her hometown of Hope Hollow suffered from appalling mismanagement issues, with contestants accusing rival competitors of cheating over the slightest excuse. But that’s a traumatic foalhood story for another time! Resolved to humoring Twilight, Sunset Shimmer began the hard task of training for Iron Pony. Because no matter what game she chose to play, Sunset never settled for anything less other than the win! First she studied every challenge in detail, assessing what each contest entailed and what potential unicorn-friendly loopholes to exploit were available. Determining that the Super Sure Shot Sniping Session gave her the best chances of total victory, Sunset Shimmer next used the prep day she had available before Iron Pony to set up a practice target range. And by target range, she actually meant placing a single extremely small target on the extreme edge of an empty field. From what Sunset had gathered, SSSSS operated on Harry Trotter logic: whoever hit the Golden Cupcake would more or less win the match instantly, invalidating all successful attempts by others striking easier targets. Then there was the issue of Magic itself. Sunset Shimmer figured that according to the Rules, once the projectile was launched via hoof... anything goes. She could get away with taking total levitational control of the projectile to remove gravity and wind from the equation, and nopony would be able to do a thing about it! In other words, the perfect crime!!! So then leave it to the Princess of Being a Killjoy to remind Sunset that blatantly excessive use of magic would ruin the spirit of the game for everyone. Sunset tried to counter that there was no fun in playing without crushing the opposition... but ugggggh, Twilight was probably right, as usual. Alrighty then, so Sunset Shimmer conceded that it wouldn’t be fair to give her projectiles any further momentum other than what she physically provided upon launch. Nor could she use spells to 100% cancel out gravity and wind direction. However, several options remained that would help Sunset stack the deck a little bit in her favor. Firstly: ammunition choices. Metal shot sounded the best on paper for its theoretically good accuracy, but its heaviness severely limited its range. However, that was no problem at all for the magic school drop-out. One molecular reconfiguration spell later and PRESTO: Sunset’s round shot was now made out of a metal far lighter than any naturally occuring one found in Equestria. And thanks to magic, her ammo wouldn’t lose its accuracy properties in the process. After that: guiding the enchanted metal shot on its path. Outright controlling them was out of the question, but each projectile could be given little magical course corrections here and there along their flight trajectory. That in itself would also tip the scales in Sunset’s favor. Next up was the boring part: practice, practice, practice. The entire afternoon before Iron Pony, Sunset got a feel for her slingshot, what her are pulling strength measured up to, how to perceive where her airborne projectile was it in relation to its ground target, and so on and so on. Yet despite all her magical advantages, the Mock Cupcake remained a very hard target to strike (hence its huge worth in points). By Miss Shimmer’s calculations, she’d have about a 1-in-25 chance of hitting her mark each time she fired her slingshot. To a sane pony, those were poor-as-heck odds. But Sunset Shimmer liked looking on the bright side of things: most ponies didn’t get 10 consecutive chances to score it big on the Las Pegasus roulette table. With skill... and a whole lotta’ luck, the fiery mare just might prevail tomorrow. Only time would tell..... ------------- *THE NEXT DAY* The decisive hour has come at last: 10 shots, 10 chances. Sunset Shimmer was determined to show the ponies of Ponyville what this gal was capable of! Attempt #1: The enchanted metal shot fell far short of the Golden Cupcake. But that was to be expected: Sunset accepted it would take some trial and error to make the proper aiming adjustments. Attempt #2: This time, Sunset’s shot fell just a little bit long. Again, not bad at all: this signaled that barring any wind changes, she’s found her range. Attempts #3-4: Sunset’s next two shots straddle the target on each side, but fail to aim true. Alas, even with a glowing magical aura surrounding the projectile, it was rather difficult to make it out as it flew off into the distance, making course correction difficult in the process. Attempts #5-6: Impatience taking hold, Sunset failed to take adequate time to adjust for wind when making her next few shots. The next two enchanted projectiles dispersed more wildly than previous shots. Attempt #7: In a rather bothersome turn of events, Sunset’s next shot managed to ricochet off a closer target, sending the metal projectile back to its sender! OWWW!!! Those things really hurt! Attempt #8: Losing her cool, Sunset inadvertently cast a fire enchant on her next shot. That of course added severe drag onto the projectile, and so it failed to even land in the same zip code as the Golden Cupcake. How humiliating! Attempt #9: Fuming with rage, Sunset took her frustration out by aiming at a nearby cutout siren. Something about its smug stare ticked the fiery unicorn off, so it needed to be taught a lesson! Maybe that blow-hard siren would think twice about mocking Sunset if she hit that confounded jewel of her’s!!! Attempt #10: Last shot, last chance. Sunset pulled herself together, sobered by the realization that she blew her last several shots thanks to poor anger management. Recalling advice that Twilight had once given her friend, Sunset placed a hoof over her heart, closed her eyes... and calmly exhaled as she gracefully extended her arm outward. Calmness was key here; she needed to keep a level head in order to have any chance of clutching this final shot. The fiery unicorn took her sweet time in aiming her final shot. She took careful heed of the blowing flags around the field, patiently waiting for the opportune moment. Sunset waited and waited and waited; at last, the breeze started blowing consistently from behind her. That meant no need for horizontal compensation, and no fear of the wind blowing against the projectile to slow it down. Sensing her moment had come, Sunset took the shot. Her heart pounded as she tracked the metal projectile along its flight path, praying she didn’t overcompensate for her course corrections. Please please please please please make it!!!!! *INSERT TENSE CLIFFHANGER HERE* [OOC Lottery Numbers: 10, 33, 47, 59, 66, 73, 78, 81, 92, 97]
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    Pearl Sunrise

    Ah yeah, I remember the good ole' days when hippocampi swam about freely. Nowadays, you got those obnoxious hippogriffs who masquerade as so-called "sea ponies". These guys will always be the true sea ponies in our hearts.
  15. Sunset Shimmer is Hottest Pone. Accept no substitutes: 


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