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  1. Sunburst was going to mess around with an unidentified rune? ...Sunset Shimmer had a bad feeling about this. On a couple of occasions, Princess Celestia had harped about the dangers of casting mystery incantations without proper safeguards in place, which Sunset failed to truly appreciate at the time. Nowadays ironically, the amber unicorn believed this was one department where her friend and former teacher's pet, Twilight Sparkle, was kinda reckless at times. “Ummm,” the mare asked nervously; “You uhhh, HAVE worked with runes before..... right, Sunburst?”
  2. Sunset Shimmer offered a knowing nod to Luster about the grades not coming easy. Back then, the amber unicorn had quite happily made a ton of sacrifices in her single-minded quest to become the best of the best. Few others tended to be willing to go without things like social connections and recreational time. After a few moments of silence — which Sunset used up to finish her sandwich — Luster Dawn’s next round of questions caught the older mare a bit off-guard. “.....You know,” Miss Shimmer scratched her chin; “I’ve haven’t really thought about becoming a mentor at all. Maybe if I didn’t have to jump between worl-... make long-distance commutes every other day, I’d have the time to give somebody a proper arcane mentorship.” With a sigh, Sunset glanced back towards the window; “...If I choose to relocate to Ponyville once this current school year ends, then it’ll something I’ll consider for the future...” Great; now the Equestrian Girl was once again reminded of the anxiety-inducing time bomb that was Graduation, and what it would mean to six of the most meaningful friendships in her life. As if she didn't need more to worry about already.....
  3. “Ehhhhhh.....” Sunset Shimmer’s unsure mind drew up a blank; “This is my first time visiting Las Pegasus; I have no idea at all where to eat here. Gee, I don’t know... I GUESS I don’t really care where we go, just as long as it isn’t a total dive.....” In other words, the sort of establishments that Temy was drawn towards. Aside from that, Sunny wasn’t all that motivated right now to take charge and assert what type of restaurant she’d like the group to eat out at.
  4. Speaking of the pony devil..... “I’m back! Sorry to keep all you darlings waiting, but the town hall meeting ran a bit long...” Filthy Rich was back home at his family Manor, clutching a notebook and an opened letter marked with the eyeball logo of the Canterton Maneland Detective Agency. After giving Spoiled an affectionate smooch on the lips, Filthy gave lil’ Diamond Tiara a loving pucker to her forehead, and it was then that the stallion’s eye noticed his daughter holding what appeared to be a poster design. “Hmmm, what’s that?” Setting his own stuff down on the closest table in leg’s reach, Filthy scooped up Diamond’s parchment. Almost immediately, the stallion grinned as he beheld Mrs. Rich’s alluring visage. “You made this just now, Diamond Tiara? My my, it certainly captures your mother quite well...” Filthy offered his wife a knowing glance.....
  5. *BACK DURING THE MARCH 8 TOWN HALL MEETING* Off to the back of the meeting hall, a certain husband of Strong Copper’s electoral opponent was busy quietly scribbling down notes. Ever since the Ponyville mayoral candidates all threw their hats into the ring, Filthy Rich had made a point of paying close attention whenever they made public appearances or announcements. “Opposition research” wasn’t exactly his forte, but his darling daughter had been MOST insistent on the need to dig up dirt on Mom’s rivals and keep tabs on their popularity. .....It made Filthy ponder just where Diamond Tiara was getting these instincts from in the first place. Spoiled was well... spoiled, but a Machiavellian political operative she was not. From what Mr. Rich has observed of Strong Copper so far, he seemed to be a decent sort of fellow. Dealing with magical creatures was his prior occupation, which while admirable, Filthy still believed that it wouldn’t be enough to outweigh the civic experience that his wife brought to the table. All Mrs. Rich had to do was add a commitment to improved beast control in her campaign platform... heck, even promise Mr. Copper a job if she is elected mayor, and that would do much to take the wind out of his sails- “If I may ask,” the voice of a fiery unicorn mare from up front broke Filthy’s line of thought. It was somepony the stallion didn’t know all that well, having only spotted her around the Castle and School of Friendship district once or twice. “What is the toughest monster you’ve ever been up against in your career?”
  6. There was no such thing as an easy day around these parts. Not one day after recovering from her illness, Princess Cadence was already replying to a doozy of a letter. Although the letter itself didn’t specify WHAT sort of significant life change happened, the alicorn inferred that it had to be on a Blueblood/Bluebelle level of magnitude to explain how the colt described didn’t know he was friends with the letter’s author in the past..... Dear School Filly: Congratulations on your life change! I know other ponies who have gone through alterations as dramatic as yours, and you certainly seem to be taking things like a champ!!! About your friend, I must stress though that it is important that he learn the truth about how the two of you were connected before. I know it seems scary contemplating what could happen if things go wrong, but believe me, the blowback will be a thousand times worse if your friend finds out you have been concealing your former identity from him. He will be deeply hurt by the fact that you didn’t respect his feelings enough to come out with the truth. There is always the possibility that the connection between the two of you grows awkward if you reveal who your past self was. However, by showing that you place such intimate trust in your friend, there is also the chance that it enables a relationship between you and the colt to grow even deeper. Special someponies do not keep secrets from one another if they want to maintain a blossoming partnership with one another. That is why it’s important to let your friend know about your past as soon as possible. If this colt you admire doesn’t alter his (probable) feelings for you upon finding out, then he is a guaranteed keeper! Love, Cady
  7. Diamond Tiara has good taste in campaign posters.
  8. I'd vote for Spoiled Rich any day.
  9. As the ursa retreated from Tempest Shadow’s newfound rage, the creature’s growls subsided into pathetic whimpering as it became enveloped by the darkness from whence it came. When the phantasm faded completely, so did the very darkness itself! Both ponies could now see that they were actually in the middle of a small chamber, with barred doors at each end. Conveniently enough, the bars over each door lifted upward in a synchronized fashion while a faint magical chime played from an unknown source... probably a parting illusion. Either way, escape at last! Coming back to Sunset Shimmer, her body ached immensely from Tempest Shadow’s protective shoving. She hadn’t fully appreciated just how physically strong her partner’s body was until now. Despite the pain however, Sunset beamed with joy, for she had seen her friend taking mastery over her fear and transform it into courage. Tempest was not as weak as she supposed! Sunset walked up to her companion’s side; “Let’s get a move on, shall we?” She’d give Tempest the mercy of getting able to dodge a feelings chit-chat for now..... ---------- “Yeaaaah, puzzle room. It was basically like a hall of mirrors designed as an escape room. Each clue you unlocked allowed your friend to move on to the next room, and so on and so on. It was kinda getting a bit tedious at the end, but we overcame that challenge, and at last it seemed like we had finally found the Nameless Wizard’s treasure room. Tons of gold and jewels and other treasures piled everywhere! Temy was just about to snag some loot for herself when, ummm... all of a sudden...” Sunset Shimmer didn’t seem too particularly keen on telling this next part of the story..... ---------- “WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THIS?” An authoritative voice shouted from behind the two unicorns; each mare turned around and saw no other than Her Majesty — Crown Princess Twilight Sparkle of Equestria — staring at the two of them. She was Twilight... but not the one each girl knew. This Princess of Friendship stood as tall as Tempest Shadow did, and her mane... it flowed with the power of aether, just as it did with her predecessor. Twilight looked every bit the part of Celestia’s heiress... and she looked most displeased. ---------- Sweating bullets, Sunset Shimmer did what no good friend was theoretically supposed to do; she LIED. “Well, there was this purple flash in the middle of the room, and you wouldn’t believe this, but remember when I told you about the Midnight Sparkle incident Over There? Well, there she seemed to be right in front of us... in pony form of course, heh eh-heh heh....!”
  10. Following Sunburst’s lead, Sunset took a sip of the Unyasian tea. “Hmmm..... pretty good!” She set the cup down on the desk; “You know Sunburst, you should consider tracking down Mage Meadowbrook one of these days. She’s quite the expert on tea too, and I betcha’ she’s got knowledge of some special ingredients that have never been written down anywhere!” While Miss Shimmer didn’t know this for sure, it did seem highl to hery likely considering the special gift she received from the legendary healer some time ago. The unicorn mare let out an “Ooooooh” as the other stallion revealed his latest find. “A rune, huh?” Sunset gazed intently at the parchment; “I remember from my World Arcana class that the Viking Caribou rely heavily on runes for their magic rituals.” She briefly looked back at Sunburst; “You don’t think this rune is of caribou origin?”
  11. ‘Yeah,” Sunset explained about the school; “But then again, you can’t really use normal teaching methods to explain Friendship, can you?” While Liviel was busy describing life story, Sunset noticed that a few other ponies had arrived. None of them were ponies she knew; all of them seemed like the sort of folks you’d find lurking in the background, not saying much. At least the diamond dog monk would have an attentive — if quiet — audience. Once Liviel finished, Sunset nodded with a knowing “Ahh.” The unicorn was ready for whatever the monk had in store this afternoon!
  12. Hmmmm..... Sunset Shimmer wasn’t quite sure what to make of Starswirl’s latest invention yet. On the one hand, Sunset and Twilight already possessed a reliable means of interdimensional communication that’s worked out well enough for them so far. Then again, said interdimensional friendship journals also didn’t have infinite pages, and they could only display written messages. Maybe this artificed contraption had a feature which made up for its limited power supply? Only one way to find out... After affirmatively nodding in response to the wizard, Sunset asked; “So how do we use this device?”
  13. "I've thought about transferring to the Friendship School more than once. It would be so cool to be educated by...well by famous ponies! And saviors of Equestria...and now you!" The filly’s exuberance earned a blush out of Sunset Shimmer. “Well, I remember the professors over at Cel-Twilight’s School were pretty top-notch too. Oh and don’t forget; if you show a really REALLY high aptitude for magic... Princess Twilight could very well take you on as her personal apprentice!” Sunset nodded and smirked; “You gotta admit she’d make an awesome teacher...” "I guess I never even thought about self defense as a form of magic to focus on. But the way you talk about it, it sounds like I've been missing out on!" “Sounds like you don’t get into many magic duels at school,” the older mare quipped; “Do you, Luster?” She quickly added a disclaimer; “That’s not to say that you SHOULD be dueling, being against the school rules and all. Not to mention the risk of serious injury when participating in unsanctioned duels!” It was here that Sunset betrayed her inner rebel with a cheeky grin and a flip of her mane; “...But I wiiiilll say I was a pretty good duelist at your age, kiddo.....” "Looks like I'm part Twilight and part Sunset as far as what I'm liking about magic!" Sunset chuckled, admitting in her mind that this kid was starting to grow on her a ton; “Heh heh, I betcha you’d be able to conjure stun rays yourself in no time!” If only the unicorn mare could go back in time and relive the sheer joy of beginning the voyage of learning the secrets of arcane magic… "I bet you got up to all kinds of fun stuff at school! What were your friends like? Do you keep in touch with them?" With this pair of questions, Sunset grew ill at ease, which was a real shame because of the good vibes she was feeling between herself and Luster up until now. “Ehhhhhhh,” Miss Shimmer grimaced as she rubbed the back of her neck; “I keep in touch with a FEW alumni who were there at the same time I was, but well... let’s just say I used to be the sort of girl who focused more on making good grades than making friends.” Sunset wasn’t quite up to the task of conveying her complete Magic School story right then and there. “If I had to guess though,” Sunset forced herself to smile; “You’re probably doing a better job at the whole Friendship thing than I did back then.....”
  14. While Sunset Shimmer kept up appearances by manufacturing a friendly smile and waving back at Wind Dancer when introduced by Tempest, her heart was already experiencing a sinking feeling. Like it or not, Sunset was tagging along as a third wheel. That wasn’t entirely a new situation for the Equestrian girl; there was once a brief time when she had acted as a 6th (or 7th) wheel in her then-new friend group, just hanging back at the periphery. As a mare who wanted to feel useful... it wasn’t exactly the most pleasant of times. And now, Miss Shimmer by accident would now be joining an outing that was originally intended to involve only Tempest and this... Wind Dancer gal. Considering that Sunny wasn’t the invested fangirl in this VIP duo nor the designated object of fangirlism, she was already preparing herself to be regarded as little more than an afterthought for the next couple hours.....
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