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  1. Bellosh


    Truly this is the most legit piece of fan art that's ever been uploaded onto Canterlot. Kudos my friend... kudos.
  2. Although I haven't really dived into pony all that much these last several months, I'd say that anything that showed up in the Movie is fair game.
  3. So a love for spicy food runs in the Imperial Family, eh?
  4. ...There was no lie in Barbera's eyes. This mare before Cadence couldn't have been anypony else other than her very own mother. So many emotions were running through the alicorn. On one hoof, this was the same birth mother who had made herself scarce for most of her daughter's life. Despite what she liked to think, Cadence had never did truly forgave her mama for that. In fact, there was a part of the alicorn's heart which desired to remain walled off. But it was too late for that sort of vindictive stubbornness, for the mere acknowledgement of Barbera as her mother was all it took to open Cadence's heart. And in that moment, the empathetic Princess of Love could feel all the forces of love stirring within Barbera- no, Amore Della Familia. Yes, so many memories of daughter and mother were coming back now; repressed memories that Cadence didn't knew she still had. Faced with the truth standing in front of her, the pink alicorn couldn't bear to let a grudge get the better of her. This was only one thing to do..... For the first time in seemingly countless moons, Cadence hugged her mother with all her strength, choking up in the process. ".....I-I missed you, M-Mama." It looked like Shiny was going to meet in mother-in-law after all. Eventually. First, Cadence and her Mama had a lot of catching up to do..... *FADE TO BLACK* OOC Note: Considering all my recent struggles with RP posting, this thread will be one of many that I'm wrapping up my involvement in. Thank heavens we managed to reach the tearful reunion moment at least. Anywho, I had fun with this RP, and I hope you guys did too.
  5. After considerable thought, I've decided not to participate in Twi Guard. Sorry for those who were looking forward to Flash Sentry, but it's been a huge struggle lately summoning up enough willpower to write RP posts. Unfortunate, but that's just how it is.
  6. Princess Cadence's concerns were, ultimately, never addressed. Nopony ever wanted to imagine a world without Princess Celestia standing tall as the light in the darkness. Hence, it was frowned upon to discuss matters of royal succession in polite company. Of course, Equestria's princesses WOULD have to decide something one day, but- Wait, hold the presses! Twily... is asking about A RELATIONSHIP??? Cady spent almost a quarter of her life pining for the magical day when her Little Sister-in-Law Best Friend Forever's heart was finally pierced by Love's Arrow. In a blink of an eye, it seemed to the naked eye that the pink alicorn had suddenly rematerialized right in front of Twilight, her beaming unblinking eyes mere inches from those of the lavender mare's. "PLEASE TWILIGHT," Cadence implored with the sing-song eldritchness of somepony without a soul to their crazed smile, and who was certainly going to gossip to any loved one she encountered about what was just about to transpire. "TELL ME EVERYYYTHIIIIIING." And no, this certainly wasn’t creepy in any way, nope.....
  7. "Heh heh heh," Lími chuckled as he returned Balder's embrace; "And yet the ponies say that all of us beings live in a small world, ah ha ha... haaa....." Despite his attempts at being sociable, the Son of Sigrun clearly was not comfortable with the art of quick-witted jests. The awkwardness ended after a moment; "Surely you must have many exciting tales to tell, friend!" Those stories would have to wait another time; a short caribou presenting himself as Halvard's apprentice introduced himself. Lími couldn't say he ever heard of him, but it wasn't like he knew many caribou from Clan Breen to begin with. "Greetings, Calder." Lími placed a hoof over his chest and politely bowed his head; "We are well met." There was something about the young bull's runtish appearance which struck a chord with Lími, who couldn't help but be reminded of himself. For he too had once been regarded as little more that a stump among warrior giants. And then... the call of the horns! It was time for Lími to take his place. Naturally, the fostered son of the bride took a seat at the front and middle; right next to good ole' Chipper even. But now was no time for chit-chatting with his best friend. For the longest time, Lími couldn't fully envision the cow he called Mother finding love again after her disastrous courtship with his elder half-brother. Yet seeing Sigrun there now, wedding crown and sword gift and everything... the young bull's eyes started to water in happiness.....
  8. Well, nopony ever claimed that being a Princess of Love was easy. Cadence hoped she had managed to convince Barbera Red to spill her secrets. Perhaps she succeeded a little too perfectly, because the emotional old mare was now hugging the alicorn who was apparently her little songbird. Gaaah; things weren't already awkward enough, but that one phrase... "Little Songbird." That was DEFINITELY familiar to Cadence; that had been a term of endearment her own mama used back in the day. Did that mean that Ms. Red- .....! In a sudden rush, Cadence pushed herself away from the matronly pegasus, but not so far as to break off all physical contact. Barbera needed to be more closely inspected; her physical appearance had rang of unconscious familiarity, after all. But... her voice had been WAY off from what she recalled her real mother sounding like. There was one foolproof way for Cadence to ascertain the truth; to know if it was okay to let her heart be softened, and never mind how high the cost may grow. If... if only she could see Barbera's eyes. A pony like Cadence skilled in reading emotions always knew that eyes never lie.....
  9. Aside from having to hold off giggles during Twilight's gaming tangent and Bluebelle's smart alec remarks, there appeared little else that Princess Cadence could contribute to the current subject. That was, until Princess Celestia brought out a couple dust-covered blasts from Equestria's past. Honestly, seeing her Auntie wielding that tall pike made the Love Alicorn feel quite tense. Not that she was terrified of Celestia mind you, but Cadence couldn't help but wonder if her elder princess was maybe overcompensating a little? But it was comments from Luna which finally drove Cadence to reenter the conversation with vigor. "Now just wait a minute, Luna!" She took an unfaltering tone; "So maaaaybe you don't care much for flower shows or ribbon cutting ceremonies or... well, nearly every other daytime activity, *COUGH*. However, it's important that ordinary ponies see us not just in our lofty throne rooms or on the battlefield," Cadence briefly glanced Celestia's way; "But out there at these little everyday events. Although I may not have been a princess as long as you or Celestia, it's my experience that going to these so-called 'wastes of time' — and being able to share in the same kindness and love with everypony else — is what endears us to our subjects more than anything else... which ultimately helps everyone to continue having faith in everything Equestria stands for!" Finally it was time to address Aunt Tia. "If you REALLY believe that only proactive force will keep our land safe," Cadence's vocal skepticism was more than obvious; "Well then, nopony's gonna stop you. Just keep in mind that no one — not even you — can govern Equestria while leading armies from the front. We're only equine, after all. And let's not kid ourselves; you're the only pony with the experience to run an entire kingdom, Celestia. Who's supposed to fill in your horse shoes?"
  10. Much like her husband, Princess Cadence suspected that their host must have had gone through a divorce. Such an event could conceivably have been relatively recent given that the older pegasus mare was struggling to maintain her composure. But unlike Shiny, Cadence wasn't prepared to let things slide and pretend this wine tasting would proceed as planned. A nasty parasite was clearly eating away at Barbera Red's heart, thus it was the Princess of Love's royal duty to eradicate it! Of course, the alicorn didn't expect Barbera to swallow her pride that easily... but Cadence had a trick up her sleeve. A polite sip of the new wine followed, then with a big smile... "Say, I don't mean to toot my horn, tehehe," Because horn jokes never got old; "But did you hear that my Dear Cady column is now syndicated in Long Kong? One of my first letters I received from there was from this stallion who I think is an Imperial Watcher in love with his Empress... you know, like REALLY in love. Shiny here can relate to that. But yeah, I get all sorts of letters from everypony, and overall I have a blast responding to them all!" Forcing herself to down the rest of her wine glass, Cadence conspiratory learned in towards Barbera as if she had drunk too much and was being more loose conversationally than she ought to be. "You know, *hic*, if you ever wanted to ask me something about relationships and get an in-person response... well, here's your chance!"
  11. ...Of course, Àilóng would be the sort of dragon who'd weave a half-serious plea into reality. Yuè wouldn't have batted an eye over the promise of weekly offerings of exotic foods, but daily visits? That truly gave the qilin mare a reason to ponder. Was her friend looking for excuses to get away from Longri-La? Or... did Àilóng really badly wanted to see the mare as often as he could? But wasn't that sort of behavior limited to lovesick adolescents who were only just discovering the power of romantic attraction? Àilóng didn't think of Yuè in that sort of way... did he? Had he become yet another being who had fallen for the charms of an empress? Not being quite sure what to think yet had left Yuè's face blushing with the passion of a thousand suns. Maybe if she pretended that Àilóng merely wanted reprieves from his kingly duties... "Oh, but surely the Wise and Noble Long would start questioning why their king is making extended daily journeys beyond the Abode of the Ancients." The qilin recomposed herself to smirk with impish purpose; "What would Auntie Yuchou have to say about that, hmmm?" Ah yes, bringing up the specter of the Matron was enough to remind Yuè that the handsome stallion at her side was no other than dragon she'd held dear for many years.....
  12. With any luck, I'll be able to resume RPing sometime later today! ^_^

  13. Before I forget, I probably should mention this guy of mine..... Name: General Pummel Position: Commanding Officer of the 6th Special Operations Group, ‘Force Suntrot’ Connection to Twi Guard: He won't be officially assigned to the Twilight Guard per say, but Gen. Pummel has a strong professional relationship with Princess Twilight. He'll be available to provide counsel to the Princess and Capt. Walker as needed, plus he can oversee the administrative, operational and logistical needs of this new unit.
  14. Princess Cadence wondered if there was anything going down between Luna and Celestia, but there was little time to ponder that as the subject turned towards... radical military reform. Siiiigh; this had been a talking point back at the last Princess Summit, and the one before that. Before long, Twily would likely propose a new way to reorganize various REA assets into a new task force or what not. Because like her beloved libraries, Twi believed a government or military was only as good as the number of times it gets periodically reorganized in the name of enhanced efficiency. ...But that's neither here nor there. Although married to a soldier herself, Cadence had never been one to believe that Equestria's specific defense issues were solvable by throwing more money at them or otherwise assuming that better training regimens will work as silver arrows to whatever crisis-of-the-month was on everypony's mind. Equestria — Crystal Empire included — was a special realm where the usual rules of realpolitik and military doctrine didn't apply. The love alicorn wondered sometimes if her fellow princesses remembered that. It was after Celestia offered her words that Cadence spoke what was currently on her mind. "...Does anypony here know about miniature wargaming?" Twily was probably the one pony in the room who understood, her brother being a gamer and all. "It's basically like how generals move around figures on a map to plot war strategies, but as a hobby." A pause followed. "So anyway, my husband Shining Armor is into these miniature wargames, and he buys and paints his own minis to play on tabletops. One weekend he was home after inspecting our Empire's frontier posts, I found him messing around with his minis, and I noticed how some figures were big enough to take up an entire base, while others were small enough that multiple ones could fit on a base together. I asked him about that, and he explained to me that the small minis were for this strategic army game called Battleline: Neighpoleon, and the bigger minis were depicting heroes for this other tabletop game called Eternity, which apparently is very popular in the gaming scene. Honestly I was kinda lost the whole time... and heh heh, I think I'm losing all of you too." Cadence took a moment to smile bashfully. "The point being, Shiny kept on yammering for ages, but there was one thing he mentioned that day which stuck with me. Those smaller minis; they represented organized fighters... soldiers, basically. An individual soldier isn't capable of much by themselves; they rely on numbers, discipline, and teamwork to complete their objectives. Then you got the bigger minis; our warriors if you will. Warriors depend on their individual attributes: strength, shock, morale, heroism, and what-not to carry the day." The pink alicorn grew more somber. "From what I'm hearing so far, you all seem to be asking for more warriors in our army, and that's fine and all... but being a warrior isn't something you can train most ponies to be. And the fact is, most of the ponies we call our heroes don't want to live a soldier's life. Otherwise, they would have enlisted in the military already. Aside from the few heroes we've managed to recruit into EPIC, they're generally just normal ponies wanting to live normal lives." "I suppose it couldn't hurt to make military training more comprehensive, but we have to ask ourselves this. If we enact all the band-aid reforms we propose today, are we STILL going to find ourselves bemoaning the significant weakness of our defense forces the next time we gather together at one of these princess summits?"
  15. If Princess Cadence's cheeks weren't on fire before, they were now when Shining Armor had to bring his love back to reality. "Ooops," the alicorn chuckled while pulling away; "I got carried away there, didn't I?" Goodness, to think of a life without her White Knight to give love to and be loved in return... Barbera Red, though? She wasn't looking too hot, which Shiny picked up on. A switch turned on in Cadence's mind, and like that, Mommy Mode was engaged. "Do you feel fatigued, Barbera?" She set down her refilled glass, giving Ms. Red her full concern. "Any aches? Nausea? Runny nose?" Worst case scenario: the local Trottingham Flu outbreak that Cadence read about in the papers had just found its latest victim.....
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