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  1. Sunset Shimmer attentively nodded as Twilight Sparkle prattled on about Netitus. Ah, so Regalite Maxinimium was the secret ingredient, eh? That sounded about right. Although she had never seen it for herself, Sunset learned a fair amount about it back in her magical studies, as it had been a desired stone to forge magical relics out of. “Yeah...” the unicorn grimly commented; “Too bad all the Regalite Maxinimium mines in Equestria ran dry centuries ago, though.....” Unexpectedly being turned into the focus of Twilight’s gaze made Sunset feel self-conscious about herself. “Barding?” The blushing unicorn asked incredulously; “That’s... sweet of you Twi, but really, what would I need armor for? It’s not like I’ll become a princess who leads troops into battle anytime s-.” Before Sunset’s inquiry could be answered, Twilight got distracted by an old artwork, Flash Magnus and the Dragon, which Sunset Shimmer’s eyes dissected in discerning detail. “For surely being one of the oldest surviving pieces of oil painting,” the unicorn’s inner amateur artist awakened inside of her; “It IS quite detailed. And quite experimental too; assuming art history ‘over there’ progressed similarly to here in Equestria, then oil on painting wouldn’t have caught on for another several centuries.” Sunset rested a hoof on her chin as she scanned the artwork further; “Not quite sure about the painting coming alive bit, but I suppose it’s theoretically possible if Grand Canvas was using enchanted pigments? Then again, how could you tell the difference between sorcery at work and your imagination playing tricks? Maybe with.....” Obliviously rambling to herself, the unicorn clearly fell victim to, uhhhh... something?
  2. “Hmmm..." Sunset Shimmer casually remarked in a low voice; “You sure don’t learn history like this in school.....” Either here or in the Mirror World. Celestia’s ex-pupil had been exposed to an inkling of Equestria’s dark past in her advanced magical studies, but only sanitized tidbits. After all, knowing about the conflicts of old usually wasn’t necessary for a budding sorceress to learn the intricacies of spellcasting, which Sunset once saw as her only goal in life. Amongst the implements of war on display was the legendary shield of Flash Magnus, Netitus, looking very much worse for wear. Regardless, Sunset Shimmer was in awe of the piece of armor and all the abuse heaped on it. She gave a slow, contemplative whistle; “That’s definitely some old-school armor right there. The last time I used a modern suit of barding for target practice, the whole thing fell apart within several magic blasts. What does it say Netitus is forged out of, Twilight?”
  3. Kirin - A Lesson in Duality The Kirin are a peculiar species. Although Kirin are considered equine, their physical forms are radically different from those of ponies. Major points of distinction include cloven hooves, bushy lion-like manes and tails, dragon-esque scaling on their muzzles and backs, and a curved horn capable of projecting magic. Although some aspects of the Kirin initially make them seem like close biological relatives of the part-dragon Longma and Qilin, they have no ability to breathe out elemental flames. However, it is true that the Kirin originated from the Far East; from the islands of Neighpon, in fact. Contradictory myths and legends float around as to how exactly the Kirin came to be, but the historical consensus suggests that as Neighpon become more heavily populated, the Kirin collectively believed in the need to isolate themselves from other creatures. To that end, they undertook a great migration westward across vast oceans and strife-torn lands, traveling as far as their hooves could take them. After much toil, the Kirin reached their final destination, a sheltered grove on top of the Peaks of Peril within the northern Tarpans, which they saw as a perfectly isolated oasis to build their new community around. The reason the Kirin undertook this great migration was due to the Nirik, a supposed race of fire creatures raging with fury. In actuality, a Nirik is the form a Kirin takes when overcome by anger; their hair and tufts blaze into an ethereal fire, charring the color right off their coat! In this furious state, a Nirik can effortlessly engage in pyromancy but at a cost of losing self-control. It is not uncommon for everything around a raging Nirik to go up in smoke. Bereft of safe spaces to blow off steam thanks to their isolation, the Kirin were left no other choice than taking out their frustrations on each other. After one particularly nasty incident that resulted in most of the Grove burning down, the Kirin’s leader decreed that all her subjects were to take a Vow of Silence, enchanting a stream with the power to strip a creature of its voice and emotions. While this appeared to be a decisive solution to the Nirik issue, the Kirin grievously lost the ability to nourish their spirits with the joys of song, dance, and laughter. However, one Kirin stumbled upon both the floral cure for the silent oath and the realization that anger wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. With help from pony interventionists, the inhabitants of the Kirin Grove chose to introduce sound and emotion back into their lives. Finally accepting they have the power to channel their negativity into non-harmful ways, the Kirin no longer fear intermingling with the world beyond. ~Canterlor Research Journal (Revised Edition)
  4. A new princess will be sitting on the Equestrian Throne very soon. Rest assured..... changes will be made.
  5. Grubber might have gotten to answering the hippogriff’s question had he not spotted his former commander turned designated sponsor. For a moment, the hedgehog felt the tiniest inkling of a storm brewed over his head as Tempest Shadow mumbled something inaudible. Thankfully, that pit in stomach turned out to be a case of the imagination happily running wild, so Grubber obliviously answered the unicorn. “Oh, school’th TOTALLY been doin’ great!!!” He excitedly bragged; “I’m making lotth of new friendth and learning everything I can about Friendthhip! I’m thure the report cardth thay glowing thingth about me, or otherwithe, you’d be giving me the evil eye and dithciplining me with your crazy horn right about now... you know, just like old timeth, eh heh heh heh.....” .....It was perhaps a merciful thing then that Tempest Shadow didn’t know that according to the Friendship School’s mailings, Grubber displayed troubling signs of underachieving and being proud of it. The hippogriff used the slight pause in the conversation to interject with another question. “Yeah, that thoundth like Commander Tempetht alright,” Grubber nodded, glad he didn’t require any boring history book reading to get that right; “Thhe did the Throm King’th evil, evil bidding. Whenever he needed a city thacked or a kingdom enthlaved, Tempetht Thadow’th Air Armada came in and made everything all blow up and thuff! After we nabbed all four pony princesseth, Throm King promithed he’d fix Tempetht’s horn and-” Grubber did a double take; “Wait a thec, why doeth it thill look like you thill got a crackly chipped tooth on the top of your head?” He gasped; “Doeth thith mean you’ll alwayth be thtuck with tharky tharky boom thells FOREVER???”
  6. A new day of worldwide cooperation in the arcane arts draws near! Duchess Silver Belle — Guild Master of the Magic Guild — has been asked to represent Equestria in discussions to establish an interlibrary loan arrangement between Canerlot's School of Magic and Kastrot's legendary College of the Arcane. In the spirit of international goodwill, the ruling unicorns of Kastrot invite the members of the Magic Guild delegation to experience all that the Arcane City has to offer! To sign-up to be part of the Magic Guild delegation, one has to either already be a member of the Magic Guild or is otherwise is highly knowledgeable in the magical arts. It would also be much appreciated if we had Maretonian unicorns for the delegates to interact with! PS: Expect my ever-cheerful unicorn OC Moony to be there! ^_^
  7. ........................... ................................................................. Sunset Shimmer was at a complete loss of words as Tempest Shadow laid bare her innermost emotions. This went FAR beyond a simple phobia of losing one’s magic. Rather, it sounded like Tempest despised everything about the path her life had taken. Evidently, turning her back on the Storm King had basically did jack all at changing the broken-horned unicorn’s view of the world. And honestly, what could a girl like Sunset SAY to things like what Tempest described? How could anybody who once benefited from Friendship — and then lost it all — ever be persuaded to give it another chance when they’re hyper aware of every possible rotten thing life could throw at you? Miss Shimmer wasn’t even sure if offering her personal friendship would help; Tempest Shadow was a proud unicorn afraid of showing weakness, and the ex-apprentice guessed that any attempt at befriending her counterpart that could be perceived as being done out of pity would be categorically rejected. Unable to immediately form a counter-response to Tempest’s assertions, Sunset merely stood there with a blank stare as the other unicorn started walking off. True, Hanabi attempted to flee from the group several minutes ago... but here she was now attempting to provide gratitude, while Tempest Shadow herself was in the process of retreating from the area after going on a heartfelt tirade. It was doubtful though whether talking to the mare would have any result at this point, but Sunset Shimmer couldn’t bring herself to let her counterpart go without a fight. At the very least, Tempest deserved to know she was worth being chased after. “.....We’ll see you guys in a little bit,” Sunset informed Feng and Hanabi after several moments elapsed. At this juncture, it was probably best if Tempest Shadow didn’t feel surrounded by strangers. Resolving to get through to her on a one-on-one level, Sunset broke into a relaxed but brisk canter in hopes of quietly catching up to Tempest.....
  8. Seaquestria - The Watery Depths of Refuge Beneath the surface of Mount Aris lies the underwater refuge of the Hippogriffs; the Sea Caves of Sequestering, more commonly known as Seaquestria. For a time, the citizens of Hippogriffia took shelter in these caves following the rise of the Storm King, using the power of the Pearl of Transformation to morph into Seapony forms adapted to functioning in the ocean. With the Storm King’s threat now passed, many former denizens of Mount Aris have decided that life under the sea is more preferable to slaving away out in the sun. According to the historical record, the Pearl of Transformation was a gift bequeathed to the Hippogriffs by the Hippocamp City-Kingdom of Coralline, who use such relics whenever they have business to attend to on land. In the case of the Hippogriffs, their Pearl swaps their avian features with a fishtail, flippers, and a more equine frontal body. A few who transform develop luminous bulbs on their foreheads, which helps with swimming in deep water. Creatures who assume Seapony forms enjoy many of the abilities enjoyed by Hippocamps, such as communing with aquatic creatures. Following the downfall of the Storm King, Queen Novo divided the Pearl of Transformation into multiple small fragments to give her subjects the freedom to choose between Seapony and Hippogriff forms. The aquatic sanctuary that became Seaquestria has its origins long ago, after Queen Marina was gifted the Pearl of Transformation. A hippogriff with a deep love for the sea, she ordered that the sea surrounding Mount Aris be fully explored by volunteers willing to be morphed into seaponies. It was during these first explorations that sea caves were discovered extending beneath the island mountain. Initially, the Hippogriffs largely left the Sea Caves of Sequestering alone, although they had the insight to dig water tunnels up to the surface above for use as emergency escape tunnels in the event the Winged Citadel was likely to fall. Once the Storm King forced the Hippogriffs to flee the surface world, they started again by erecting a new organically elegant city out of glass and coral, hanging above the ceiling of Seaquestria’s largest cavern like an upside-down copy of the Winged Citadel. Much like a Citadel that hangs like a chandelier, the bottom of the hanging, illuminated spiral houses the chambers of Queen Novo, which are used whenever she is attending to the needs of her Seapony subjects. Magical enchantments ensure that Seaquestria’s waters remain calm and clear, unaffected by the ever-changing whims of the surrounding seas beyond. Seaquestria is not as populated as it once was, many refugees choosing to return to the surface world as Hippogriffs. However, a large percentage of Queen Novo’s subjects actually prefer underwater life, many of whom never fit all that well with the traditionally competitive and grandiose culture of the Hippogriffs. For many of the younger ones, life as Seaponies is all they have ever known, and they aren’t too keen on losing the chance to frolic with beautiful fish and clever octopuses. How Queen Novo navigates this new cultural split amongst her people will be a more peculiar challenge, indeed. ~Canterlor Research Journal (Revised Edition)
  9. “Pfft, don’t get me started on regret,” Sunset Shimmer commented on Somnambula’s lament; it was not uncommon during times of gloomy reflection for the unicorn to wonder what could have been had she completed her training to Princess Celestia’s satisfaction. “Take it from somebody who was dumb enough once to throw her destiny away,” Sunset shared an encouraging smile and a comforting one-legged hug with the Pillar of Hope; “You and Flash Magnus still have plenty of time to make new plans.....” Speak of that warrior-pony, there he was! Although Sunset Shimmer’s earlier jest about Twilight and stallions named Flash was not meant to be serious, Magnus DID strike the unicorn mare as reminiscent of an older, less flashy, and more rugged version of pony Flash Sentry. Maybe the two stallions were related by ancestry, somehow? “I’m Sunset Shimmer,” the unicorn shook his wing; “Nice to meet you!” That was all Sunset got to say before Somnambula whisked her stallion away, leaving the unicorn alone with Twilight. “Welp..... you heard him Twi,” Miss Shimmer gently tugged her partner in the direction of the Flash Magnus exhibit; “Let’s get busy ourselves and check out this next stop.....”
  10. I'll sign-up two characters (or I suppose 4 characters, technically speaking)...... Name: Flash Sentry Role: Guard Branch & Rank: Corporal, Twilight Guard Plus One: Presteza Name: Princess Cadence Role: Plus One Attending with: Shining Armor
  11. Food? Food where? Sweet Apple Acres? The place that grows apples? Well, apples may not have been the desserts that Grubber craved for the most, but the ponies of Ponyville seemed to like them a whole lot, so there had to be something about these apples which made them awesome. And heck, the vertically challenged hedgehog was accustomed to seeing apples as dessert ingredients, so it’d be worth it to grab some of those fruits to snack on anyway. Something something about how one apple a day keeps a doctor delayed, or however that pony saying goes. And would you look at that? Some fellow students from the School of Friendship were waiting in line! “Wathup guyth?” Grubber called out as he got behind the dragon and hippogriff; “So thith ith like the place to be, right? Do they-?” Grubber spotted a familiar sight in front of the hippogriff! “YO! TEMPEEEEETHT!!!” The hedgehog jumped up and down, flailing his arms to grab his old partner’s attention; “IT’TH YOUR BETHTETHT PAL, GRUBBER!!! LONG TIME, NO THEE!”
  12. Sunset Shimmer supposed it was nice to know that dodging punitive essays was yet one more skill of Twilight’s. And for now, she would also get to dodge insinuations concerning any attraction to Flash Mangus as Somnambula chose to elaborate a little more on her relationship with the warrior. Quite curious to think there was something going on between the two legendary pegasi..... Who would have known that only several minutes into a museum events, Sunset Shimmer was going to an inspirational speech to convicts? Yet somehow, the unicorn pulled off that spur-of-the-moment accomplishment without much difficulty. Then again, it wasn’t all that different from some other situations Miss Shimmer had been in before... sans the out-of-control troubled souls unwittingly threatening to unleash magic upon hapless bystanders. Everybody could make do with less incidents like those. The time now came for the next exhibit. “Huh,” Sunset gave the Pillar of Hope a teasingly suspicious glance; “So YOUR section is right next to Flash Magnus’s. Seems terribly convenient, doesn’t it Somnambula.....?”
  13. Not surprisingly, Yù Yuè favored red as the base color for her lantern. As a qilin who aligned herself with Fire, it was the obvious choice. Perhaps she should have expected that the First Moon for Serpent Dragons did not vary too considerably from how it’s observed by Long Sun, the Elder Serpents being the source of many traditions to begin with. As for how things were done in the Imperial Palace? “You’ll be pleased to know that the First Moon is also an occasion for celebration at the Palace. The kitchens have been working non-stop for the last two weeks, cooking up ample dumplings for the servants each night. Right now, they should be finishing up with their own paper lanterns.....”
  14. The collision of bodies that Sunset Shimmer braced for... never happened. Feng used his warrior reflexes to intercept Tempest Shadow beforehand, managing to put the broken-horned mare in a submission hold. Slowly but surely, Tempest abandoned her drive to have at Sunset, and she was able to calm down and follow Feng’s order to stand down. Breathing a sigh of relief that Feng’s plan worked, Sunset poked the longma to let him know that he was free to let Tempest go. As Feng got up, Sunset sat down next to Tempest and proceeded to continue their conversation as if it was never interrupted. “Back when I was a filly,” Miss Shimmer explained to the other unicorn; “I used to believe that being the best at Magic was all that mattered. If I couldn’t be better than the rest, then nobody was going to care about me.” Sunset averted her gaze towards the ground; “But one day, I got mad at my mentor. I chose to run away from it all, and in the process, I trapped myself in a place where Magic didn’t exist. It’s... sort of a long story that you’ll probably think I’m making up, but’s true that for quite a long time, I believed I’d never be able to use unicorn magic ever again. It... wasn’t pleasant to cope with.....”
  15. In light of everything that just transpired, perhaps the dead silence that permeated the Throne Room was the best outcome that Empress Yuè could have hoped for. One of the most important lessons on rule she ever learned was to never issue declarations based on pure emotional sentimentality, as that would give legroom for critics to question her judgement. However, being able to apply specific wisdom of the past gave rational legitimacy to underlying passions, which it seemed the Empress was able to pull off today. How the connection between Feng and his Empress develops will be most curious indeed. Perhaps in due time, Empress Yuè would finally pinpoint just what made the longma stallion so magnetic for her as of late. Until then, the Empress was content with how things were, although Feng would have to be even more mindful now of those who viewed him with envy and suspicion. Yanhua meanwhile seemed to be eager to move on, but Fate was not quite done with her yet. “Just wait a moment there,” the court photographer cried out, and with split-second efficiency, a throng of attendants robbed Yanhua and Feng of all control as they positioned the two Iron Pony victors next to the Empress. One flash of light later, and all of Long Guo now had a photograph to be printed with tomorrow's headline! NOW Yanhua and Feng were free to return to their normal routines.....
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