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  1. There was the slightest hesitation as Kaze required a split-second to recall the Equestrian word for her name, which allowed time for a pegasus filly to jut in with the answer. There was a moment of confusion where the ryuma girl wondered how she shared the same name with the pegasus, but it was all sunshine and smiles once Wind Walker fully introduced herself. Kaze had a good feeling about this apparent counterpart of hers... well honestly, Kaze rarely felt bad feelings toward any kid her age she happened to meet. But that's besides the point... Kaze whispered back to her probable new friend; "...Nice to meet you too, Wind Walker." Predictably, mentions of hidden passages caught the ryuma filly's curious ears. "She is tricking us," Kaze quietly warned Wind Walker and Apple Bloom with smug mischief; "Back home, everyone knows there are... dungeons and treasure vaults beneath here." Such forbidden knowledge Kaze learned from casual gossip and popular light novels, 100% factual! "It is true!!!"
  2. After letting go of Princess Celestia, Kaze eagerly nodded along as she was instructed on how to take care of her magical diorama. The little one hung on to Celestia's every word; once everything was said and done, the ryuma filly grabbed her gift and gave a final farewell bow. "Sayōnara, Princess Celestia! I hope I can one day visit you again!!!" Okie dokie, time to get this precious present back to the room before anything happened to it. Oh... and Kaze better check on Mr. Twig as well; she left her golem companion to relax outside in the gardens. Seeing that her big brother was still preoccupied, the filly proceeded to leave the Ballroom with careful haste..... *EXIT KAZE*
  3. Momentarily left to her own devices, Kaze took it upon herself to explore her surroundings. Hmmmm... not too many kids her age running around. Big brother Ishi was off with grown-ups, who rarely (if ever) were up for the sort of amusements that Kaze relished in. It now appeared that the adults were splitting up into dancing pairs. Perhaps there was a certain fun there to be had if one had a partner; something the young ryuma sorta lacked. Aww mannnnn, the Ballroom was turning out to be a bust after all. It was in this moment that Princess Celestia resurfaced... with a gift shrouded with a magic veil! Oh my!!! That definitely attracted Kaze's curiosity, yes siree. Eagerly reaching out to it, the little filly briefly felt heaviness as the veil faded away, and was more than surprised to see the present shrink to a more manageable size. As if the magic Kaze witnessed wasn't already awe-inspiring enough, the diorama itself... it was simply beautiful! All those well-crafted figurines, the way even the little Celestia inside had flowing hair..... words failed to describe the girl's astonishment. And that was all before the final magic act, when one of the kirin figurines transformed into a small ryuma filly with an uncanny resemblance to Kaze. Her eyes watering up, the Neighponese filly could only think of one proper way to express her gratitude. She slowed placed the diorama down in a solemn manner, hesitated for a moment... then used a wing-powered jump to latch onto Princess Celestia's neck with her hooves! [Oh... thank you very much, Princess Celestia!!!] The happy little one nuzzled the royal alicorn with the side of her cheek; [I'll cherish this gift forever and ever!!!]
  4. Despite her improving proficiency in foreign tongues, Kaze appreciated the switch back to speaking in Neighponese, although she had to hold back laughter when the Prince beside Celestia attempted to do likewise. Hey now, it was uplifting to know the little ryuma wasn't the only one struggling with this sort of thing! While brother Ishi left to deposit their gifts under the tree (the Shogun's siblings jointly picked them out), Kaze stayed to elaborate on Neighpon's Hearth's Warming to the Equestrian royals, this time sticking with her mother tongue. [Well if you ask me, they really go all-out decorating in Polohama, mostly around Shiruku Road and Tech Town. And yet... Hearth's Warming in Neighpon is nothing like how it is here; it seems everywhere AND everyone in Equestria has... well..... the same spirit we usually reserve for New Year's, I guess.] All the while, Kaze took stock of everyone in the Ballroom. The filly saw two pony mares she thought she may have recognized from somewhere, but no names came to mind. Kaze never did pay much attention to foreign affairs; there were always more exciting things to do. Speaking of excitement, what exactly did Equestrian ponies do special during their Hearth's Warming Eve? Maybe Kaze will get to find out soon enough!
  5. Standing behind and to the side of Ishi was his kid ryuma sister Kaze, wearing a simple red scarf for winter attire. Having reached the age where a filly of her position was to be exposed to the world beyond Neighpon, first Kaze was sent the Imperial Palace of Long Guo... which didn't quite exactly go uneventful. Nonetheless, here the little one was now at Canterlot Castle meeting the royalty of the west. And as a bonus, Kaze would get to experience Hearth's Warming Eve in the land it actually originated! It was said even as far away as Neighpon that Princess Celestia made an impression on all who beheld her. Kaze was no exception to this rule; the Equestrian ruler might have very well been the most pretty mare in all existence! Tha-that HAIR!!! No wonder the Imperial Family over in Long Guo were sooooo enamored with their silly shimmersilk, trying pointlessly to match a mane seemingly infused with the power of the cosmos. Filled with energy as always, the ryuma filly interjected and introduced herself rather than wait for her elder brother to do it. "And I am Kaze;" she nodded eagerly; "Ryu's youngest sibling!" Notably, her Equestrian was less stilted than it was during her Long Guo visit. "We celebrate Hearth's Warming a little bit in Neighpon," Kaze addressed the other mundane prince in the room; "...Well, at least they do in Polohama. I got to go see the winter decorations there last year! Traditionally though, we save most of the celebrating for the coming of the New Year....."
  6. If Dr. Merlot believed he had a chance to maintain the operational secrecy of WRAITH's mission from those he wasn't told to expect, any semblance of that belief vanished when Jinhua forcibly seized the gentlecolt's head and commenced a staredown. What Merlot saw in Jinhua's eyes was unlike nothing he'd ever seen before, not even from the likes of Shadowmane's followers. It could only be described... as pure malevolence. Within his mind, Merlot worried that whatever he wished to accomplish with the discovery of King Faba's Tomb, the good doctor was meddling with great undiscovered powers beyond his comprehension; normally the fodder of intellect-destroying Daring Do books. Perhaps the archaeologist should have asked more questions about why an extremist organization determined to rule Equestria would bother getting its hooves dirty with international archaeology. And now with the arrival of the fearsome Jinhua, Merlot suspected that the humble pursuit of knowledge (along with some wealth on the side) was only the tip of the iceberg. Then again... things could be worse. At least the loathsome Pathfinder wasn't here..... *shudder* Accepting that compliance was preferable to the alternatives, Dr. Merlot subconsciously straightened the tie on his suit as he hastily explained the excavation’s actual state of affairs. "Well heh heh, we have it on good authority that the Tomb of the Tyrant King Faba himself is located somewhere inside this mountain. Unfortunately madam, we have been unsuccessful in either finding the Tomb's entrance or otherwise penetrating inside. I'm afraid to say that unless we can acquire uhhh, other sources which answer these questions, we may be stuck digging here for a very long time....."
  7. Kaze couldn't help but smile; she could never have enough potential playmates back home. Having learned to recognize the version of Equestrian taught by tutors, the Shogun's kid sister figured from the various "irregularities" in the earth pony's speech that she spoke in some sort of accent, which was loosely reminiscent of Neighponese countryside accents what with their colloquialisms and all. Plus judging by the filly's apple cutie mark, Kaze guessed the other girl came from such a background back in her homeland. To then have been able to visit all of Equestria's royal castles would indeed be something for a farmer filly to be proud of! Of course, Kaze had been to her fair share of castles as well, but she had always been dragged their in order to meet the various noble houses of Neighpon and all. Not exactly boast-worthy material, sadly... unless there was unauthorized exploration involved..... Anywho, the little ryuma turned to the earth pony filly and gave her an energetic nod of a head, something akin to a sloppy version of a Neighponese welcome gesture. "My name is Kaze," she began introductions; "Wh- what is your name?" Kaze was getting the hang of speaking Equestrian, she swore! Huh..... speaking the name of the Empress was apparently no longer taboo in Long Guo. Kaze thought she remembered from a story how a tyrannical emperor sentenced citizens to lifetime imprisonment for uttering his personal name; guess there had been some historical truth to that. Alas, times change... probably for the better. Just think how silly it would be if Kaze was forbidden to call her brother "Ryu"! Right before the group got underway, Kaze barely managed to catch sight of a straggler who was most definitely not a pony. What was that half-bird, half-cat species again... hippogriff? No no no; hippogriffs were half-pony, dummy... GRIFFON!!! Of course! However with the Prince leading the kids towards the Palace now, there wasn't time to chit-chat with the newcomer quite yet.....
  8. Your kiddo griff is definitely welcome! Sorry for taking so long to reply; I had RL ailments to contend with.
  9. Not quite sure; I've been a bit MIA myself these days thanks to various RL stuff. I PM Zeig every now and then though, so we'll see.....
  10. A Princely Convention (ATTN: Dark Core, Pyro, Discord)

    Hmmm; somepony should have answered the door by- wait! There were voices coming down the path Princess Cadence just used to get here! ..... ......... Welp, there was Prince Blueblood... with unexpected company that Cadence's cousin failed to let her know about beforehoof. Not that the Crystal Princess shunned friendship of course, but she had kinda planned for well... anything but this beach party Blueblood was apparently cooking up. Alongside the Prince was Discord; up to his usual gravity defying tricks as usual. There was also a qilin whom Cadence recognized as Prince Hēi Lián of Long Guo. The other qilin Cady didn't recognize; probably a Neighponese dignitary of some sort if that small canine golem beside him was any indication. This all begged the question of why they were all here. Why didn't Blueblood ever bother to warn Cadence that he was conducting diplomatic business? *sigh* Typical, really..... Once Cadence vented her annoyance at her cousin's forgetfulness with a sigh (the others were too far away to see her do it), she purged any lingering trace of negativity from her system and summoned a pleasant A-grade smile. "Blueblood!!!" the alicorn over-eagerly waved hello; "So nice to see you again! And it looks like you brought some surprise guests as well..."
  11. @tacobob & @Windwright - Szalhi is gonna be gone from the forums for an unknown extended period. To keep things moving, Szalhi will be skipped over this posting cycle and I need one of you to post next.
  12. ...Mongrel.....! Despite his urge to fume, Dr. Merlot bit his tongue when he turned around and recognized the newest bigshot on the scene. Anypony who was anypony climbing the social ladder would know of the self-made qilin mare who forged Iron Dragon Metal Industries with a will of steel. Lesser-minded ponies would think Ms. Jinhua eccentric or well... megalomaniacal, but to Merlot it was a privilege of wealth to proudly display one's elitism. Faust only knows what she was doing way out here under the shadow of Mt. Faba though; the good doctor wasn't told to expect visitors. But evidently, WRAITH's sentries saw fit to lit her through unopposed. ...Or maybe they were outright terrified of her. Heh, Merlot couldn't blame them. Keeping a brave smile on his face, the gentlecolt proceeded to greet the imposing CEO who towered over him. "Ah," Dr. Merlot forced a chuckle; "You must be the Madam Jinhua I've heard so much about! I do say your uhhh, reputation precedes you. Ahem... allow me to introduce myself." The stallion tipped his fedora towards the statuesque qilin mare. "The name's Doctor Merlot; Equestria's preeminent archaeologist." Unsure of Jinhua's motivations, Merlot nervously stuck to his assigned cover story; "I was uhhh, invited by my Long Sun colleagues to help validate claims that an ancient civilization once settled underneath Mount Faba here." The stallion gestured towards the mountain behind him.....
  13. A Princely Convention (ATTN: Dark Core, Pyro, Discord)

    When your tired appearance starts giving your husband flashbacks of King Sombra's return, you know it's time for a break. Trying to wean baby Flurry Heart off nighttime feedings proved a harder task for Princess Cadence than she anticipated. She insisted on being able to do this alone without robbing Shining Armor of much needed sleep, but once sleep deprivation started affecting the Crystal Princess during the day, the stallion insisted his wife take a short vacation. Naturally, Cadence dismissed such concerns before embarrassing herself during an important state banquet. After being assured by the Crystal Ponies that they'd be fine while she took time off, Cadence finally agreed to a solo trip to someplace relaxing while Shining held the fort. And what better place to relax in solitude than the secluded Gallopagos villa of Cousin Blueblood? Why, she hadn't gone on vacation there since her adolescent days, so that'd be a blast from the past! When prompted by mail, Blueblood indicated that there was a room available for Cadence, so what was she waiting? The pink princess traveled light, bringing only a single suitcase. She dressed appropriately for the occasion: a colorful Hawaiian shirt and sunglasses. The walk down the beach to the ole' beach house was indeed a trip down memory lane; those bygone days where the alicorn filly built Canterlot Castle in the sand with Auntie Celestia's able assistance (it had been such a magnificent structure too before Cousin Blueblood carelessly blundered about and plowed into it). Cadence was so busy reminiscing that she almost didn't recognize she had made it to the front door! So it was that the ringing of the front door bell signaled the arrival of a new royal guest.....
  14. A reminder to @szalhi that it's your turn to post.
  15. One thing about being the Shogun's little sister was that it was much harder to be outright awed by structures. Let's not forget that Kaze lived in a giant 21-story pagoda castle for Pete's sake. However, she would admit that the way everything in Long Guo's capital was spread out had an aweness factor all its own. Yet that didn't stop the prideful ryuma from responding to an older earth pony girl's excited exclamations with heavily stilted, accented Equestrian; "...I have!" Kaze was not yet of age where speaking in either Equestrian or Long came easily to her. If only she took classes in general more seriously..... Kaze had to hoof it to the Long Sun; they knew how to make an attention-grabbing entrance. Why couldn't her big brothers hire aides who puffed out breath spells that left behind the Shogunate's emblem? That would be SO COOL! The young ryuma also couldn't help but notice how familiar the dress on the Prince's attendant's appeared; a hallmark of Neighponese fashion, a yukata seemed rather out of place compared to the clothing that was in style in Long Guo's capital. But then came the boring part: *sigh* .....rules. Blah-blah-blah, don't be a nuisance, blah-blah-blah; Kaze's heard it all before. More often than not, she treated rules more like friendly guidelines, although the filly suspected her flexibility with interpreting said guidelines would be limited being away from her. Big Brother certainly wouldn't like it if his kid sister caused trouble today... and Kaze knew for sure that somehow, he'd find out about it. Shogun Ryuichi always seemed to know what went on beyond their doorstep. As for Hēi Lián himself, he looked like a prince lifted straight from the pages of a romance manga, shimmersilk and all. Kaze found herself unable to cast her gaze off Prince Lián; she couldn't articulate why. Ryu once told his sister that he and Lián were good friends back when they were her age, so maybe the Prince had some stories to tell about Kaze's brother. Wouldn't that be fun! But there was another royal qilin still that Kaze wanted to meet most of all. "<Oh, will we get to meet your sister too?>" She blurted out in her native Neighponese, having been assured that Long Sun royals were comfortable speaking in that tongue; "<And is it true that we can get in deep trouble if we say the Empress's name out loud?>"