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  1. "Just sign here and here" It was an overcast afternoon in Griffonstone, with said griffons in the skies as they made their way home from work. Standing on the edge of a cliff a teal peagsus stood idly in front of a home as she watched a griffon eye the large package she had delivered moments ago. "I'm telling you, I didnt order anything," the griffon huffed as he returned his attention to the courrier who had disturbed his afternoon nap. Rolling her eyes Dust fished out a paper, "This is 3304 Rok lane yes?" she asked, "Yes but-" "Then its yours. I'm not charging you anything, i just need you to sign." Dust interrupted, pushing forward the clipboard at the griffon again. The mention of not being charged anything seemed to change the griffons demeanor as he hastily took the clipboard and signed away. "Thank you for choo-" Dusts obligatory company schpeel was interrupted by the door slamming in her face causing the mare to wince. "Alright then," spreading her wings the mare took to the skies a moment later, her job in this miserable city over. It had only been the one package but Dust had lept at the opportunity to do some long distance flying. She had been gone for half a week now, and it would take about the same just to return home. These days Dust found herself enjoying these long stretches of flight alone, especially when it took her outside of the corrupt mess that was Equestria. Mixed with the fact she was given a generous amount of time to fulfill the delivery, Dust often found time to practice some advanced flying maneuvers, or engage in personal challenges involving the surrounding terrain. Climbing fast, the mare soon cleared the city limits as she began to head back in the direction of Equestria, the peaks of the Hyperborean mountains serving as a guide that lead her out of griffon lands and into the badlands proper. Giving a smile the mare began to fall into a spinning dive, before pulling herself up inches above a winding river, her speed causing the water to splash up in her wake. Chuckling silently she began continued along the river, not caring for the disturbances she left in her wake. It was times like this that Lightning Dust felt like she had before the Academy incident. She was the fastest, the most skilled, nopony could beat her, and all were in awe of what she could do. Of course this was all a delusion, but in the end Dust didnt care. She was happy. It was late at night when Dust finally arrived at the Orion Hostel. Located in the eastern foothills of the Hyborean mountain, the hostel was a place of refuge for those travelling to and from Griffonstone. All were welcome, so long as they payed and did not cause any trouble with other patrons. "Dust," a large griffon in the back stated, giving the pegasi a nod as she entered. The Hostel itself was nothing more than a large wooden cabin, with a large fire burning in the back and a series of cots and beds. "Orion" Dust replies giving him a nod. She was a regular visitor, stopping in during whenever she had to go into the badlands for a delivery. It was a gateway of sorts, and most who entered the badlands often stayed a night here to rest and prepare. Trotting to the back Dust placed a few bits on the table and took as seat as the griffon placed a plate of food in front of her "Done already then?" he asked, counting the bits before stashing them away in the back "Yeah," the pegasus replies, staring at her food for a moment before taking a fork and starting to eat. Stepping back out into the bar, the griffon nods silently "Well you pretty much have the entire building for tonight." he chuckles taking a bottle out of an icebox and pouring a glass for himself and Dust. Noticing the reluctance of the pegasus to take the drink he takes a sip himself "Its just fruit juice." he smiles before stepping away to prepare a cot for the mare. Shaking her head Dust really began consume her meal. A near empty hostel, good food, and a comfy bed for the night. Things were looking good for ol' Lightning Dust OOC:Simple enough, Orions hostel is just a pitstop I whipped up for the purposes of this rp. Just a simple log cabin with a max occupancy of 10 for the night. I figure places like this are common enough considering the vast distances between places, especially in areas where the trains cant go. Inspiration for what it looks like is similar to the cabin in 'The Hateful Eight'
  2. Welcome, so far I only have the one character but assuming I stick around you should see more ^^ Lightning Dust Female//Pegasus//Delivery Pony// ?Villain? No active Threads yet
  3. Ive slotted Lightning Dust to work for in the same job after the Wonderbolt academy fandango. Could easily have her work for the same company or as a rival if youd like
  4. Could maybe toss Lightning Dust at him for a delivery, what to do after could vary from him offering positions, bantering about those annoying 6 ponies and so on, whatever floats your boat.
  5. Added cutiemark story and expanded a bit as requested. Completely forgot about the cutiemark thing
  6. Roleplay Type: WoE Name: Lightning Dust Sex: Female Age: 23 Species: Pegasus Eye colour: Amber/Yellow Coat: Light Turqoise Mane/Tail: Light and Dark Yellow Physique: Athletic Residence: Varies Occupation: Courier Cutie Mark: A Lightning Bolt and three stars Unique Traits: Fast, arguably as fast as a certain element of harmony. (Although Dust is the only who would argue that... ), skilled in flight and weather manipulation. History: Born the 2nd foal, and daughter of a wealthy Las Pegasus couple, Lightning Dust grew up in the lap of luxury, and one of boredom. With every whim catered to she soon grew restless. Spoiled and bratty, the filly would often act as the bully of the playground. Once her father made her aware of their families lineage, supposedly descended from Pegasopolis itself, Lightning Dust would strive to be worthy of that lineage, much to her fathers annoyance. He had hoped his daughter would guide her further into a role within the nobility, with the end goal of her possibly marrying into a Canterlot home. Instead Lightning Dust took a more militaristic approach. Training herself, and gaining an appreciation for the Wonderbolts, the filly became a speed demon. Coupled with her win at all costs attitude, she was a terror in the Las pegasus racing scene. This attitude was only reinforced by talk with a Wonderbolt recruiter that stated the Bolts only accepted the best of the best, and her attitude was a good thing. It was in these races that Dust gained her cutiemark. One afternoon, during an official event that saw many young ponies in the city partake in many events emphasizing pegasi prowess, the planned finale for a race around the city was cancelled. Due to a scheduling error a thunderstorm had drifted in and the organizers did not wish to risk the safety of many of the colts and fillies that would fly in the event. Undaunted, Lightning Dust seeked out some of the competitors she knew would give her a challenge and convinced them to race her regardless. Sneaking out onto the course the dozen young ponies took off, eager to beat one another and capture some fame as daredevils. Needless to say the adults were not pleased, doing their best to try and stop the race or knock out the thunderclouds that might potential harm the children. The race itself was no easy thing, lightning bolts, high winds, low visibility and rain, within the first few minutes half the competitors were forced to take cover and give up. The fight for first place was a tough fight however, with Lightning Dust struggling to keep up with a pair of colts who already had their cutie marks. Finally during the final leg of the race Dust saw her chance in the form of a rogue storm cloud that was lashing out with lightning at random that had drifted directly into the middle of the track. Unwilling to take the chance of being zapped the two colts tried to fly around it, but not Dust. The filly braced herself and dove straight on through, ignoring the danger such an act posed in favor of having a shortcut. And indeed she succeeded. Dust herself claims she was struck by a lightning bolt that gave her a boost needed to finish the race well ahead of the other two ponies. Indeed onlookers saw the filly emerge faster than before, with her now trademark contrail behind her. Upon winning the slightly charred filly was surprised to find her cutie mark had appeared, making the following few hours a bittersweet thing as she celebrated finding her true calling, and being punished by her parents for trying something so reckless and stupid. Lightning Dust was schooled in a private academy, but never had great success, with her grades being a common source of friction with her parents and her eventually dropping out to further her career in the local racing scene, and working part time with the local weather team. Eventually her fame would garner success and she was invited to attend the Wonderbolt Academy. Thrilled that she had the chance to take her fame to a national level the mare left home without even telling her parents. The tale of what happened there is well known to many. Arriving at the academy Dust was wholly unimpressed. Almost all the pegasi there couldn't hold a candle to her speed and skill, all except one. Rainbow Dash. Now, Lightning Dust was not a smart mare, nor one who kept up to date in the news. She didn't know that Dash was a savior of Equestria, nor did she really care. The chromatic mare was fast, she was skilled, and her attitude mirrored Dusts in many ways (As far as she noticed). With the encouragement of Spitfire, Lightning Dust figured she was guaranteed to eventually join the Bolts, and Rainbow Dash would join her. Becoming fast friends the pair were a fearsome duo. Not once did Dust ever consider her actions that hurt the other trainees at the academy as wrong, they were after all beneath her, and not worthy of entering the ranks of the Wonderbolts like herself and Dash. This all came to a head during a cloud busting exercise where the pair unleashed a tornado in an effort to outdo the rest of the class. When the two lost control of it Dust was relieved to see that they had still succeeded in their mission of clearing the skies, dismissing Rainbows complaints about almost hurting her friends. Maybe Rainbow wasn't up for the task of being a wonderbolt. When Spitfire came out and stripped her of her position and kicked her out of the academy however Dusts world came crashing down. In the days that followed Dust became depressed and melancholy. The Wonderbolts had always espoused competition and pushing oneself to the limit. That one pegasus could turn that all around by simply whining to the commander of the Wonderbolts made no sense. Alongside that was the fact that she felt betrayed by Rainbow, a friend who seemed so much like her and yet was willing to throw her under the bus. Returning home to Las Pesasus, Dusts situation worsened as news of her actions reached the city and her family forced her into seclusion to hide their shame. As days passed Dust, looked into the news and politics revolving Rainbow and her friends and her depression turned into anger and disillusionment with Equestria itself. In a case of nepotism Dust believed Spitfire only sided with Rainbow Dash because she was an element of Harmony, and the fact that the accident had endangered the elements themselves. Never mind that the group had been encroaching on military airspace... Or that their reason for trespassing was because the 'pink annoying one' was being stupid. Dust had simply been the scapegoat for Spitfire to make a potential problem with the Princesses of Equestria go away.These were the thoughts running through Dusts mind, she had been cheated of greatness and corruption and stupidity had stolen them from her. She wasn't wrong! This anger would lead her to make a few mistakes, including a one time team up with a bunch of villains in the crystal empire... Or maybe that was a dream... Who knows? This anger was soon tempered with the realization of the futility of everything. She couldn't change anything, not really. When Lightning Dust tried to get employment a combination of her families desire to have her in the shadows, along with the eventual discovery of her actions at the Academy, made keeping a job very difficult. After escaping her home Dust would hope from job to job, city to city, making barely enough to subsist. She couldn't draw upon her families funds, not without alerting them to her location, and scooping her up in their plans or isolating her. Her bitterness against Equestria and the elements has not changed however, especially the betrayal of her one time friend. Character Personality: Arrogant. Independent. Prideful. When in a good mood Dust can be pretty horrible to be around. Shes boastful, eager to challenge others, and easily riled up. That said, its not often you see her like that. A certain amount of melancholy and depression has settled into her day to day life as the mare struggles to figure out a new lot in life. When meeting new ponies the mare tends to be rather aloof, not willing to give them much respect or time unless they prove themselves to her. This extends to leaders and others such as nobility who might expect bowing and scraping. That said for those who do manage to get past her aloofness and earn her respect they can expect a pretty good friend willing to back them up no matter the situation. In respect to her workplace demeanor the mare is curt and polite, if only because shed rather limit her exposure to customers as little as possible. Flying however continues to be her one true calling, especially if a challenge were to be presented. Character Summary: Once a prime Wonderbolt candidate, Lightning Dust has fallen on hard times and now roams from job to job, place to place, with no purpose and idea in life, disillusioned and bitter against the world around her. (The whole dream thing is a reference to the IDW comic where Dust was involved with the whole Sombra thing. )
  7. *Digs themself out of their grave* Random before bed surfing brings me here... Along with a hankering to try and do some forum rp again. God damn its been awhile, not sire if ill try to resurrect old characters or do something new but hopefully this wont just be a fleeting thing.
  8. Gaston grumbled as he got back onto his feet to glare at his foe, his nemesis, the creature that dared knock him down! THE GATE... [colour=#ffa07a]~A gate?~[/colour] well that certainly was em- No. A griffon such as himself never made mistakes like this. Somehow it was the fault of someone else that the griffon had not looked where he was going. [colour=#a9a9a9]"I do believe these metal bars won't ever again dare to commit any ultimate offends against you. [/colour][colour=#a9a9a9]You've shown them for good."[/colour] The griffon grinned at that completely missing the sarcasm and regarded the pony who had spoken. Of course he had show them. He was Gaston! If there was a deity that had created them the griffon was that beings ultimate gift to the world. A creature that was the embodiment of everything a griffon would aspire to be. [colour=#b22222]"Of course i did! No piece of steel is going to stop Gaston!" [/colour]sure enough the part of the gate he had impacted was heavily bent. Not that Gaston cared, he didnt have to fix this mess... Brushing himself the griffon paused for a moment wishing he had a mirror to ensure his perfect looks were still... Perfect? [colour=#ffa07a]~Wait a sec~[/colour] without pausing for a moment the griffon bent down to peer at the handsome reflection he saw in Ardent's armor. Running a claw over his head feathers the griffon flashed a winning smile (Thankfully no mares were around to see it... Last time that happened the griffon was forced to flee Canterlot for the week)* [colour=#b22222]"You may resume your duties pony. Nothing to see here, well besides that dragon over there"[/colour] he calmly stated flicking a claw over to Huscarl. Despite the dragons attempts to stay hidden he was not about to escape the notice of a seasoned hunter like Gaston. For a brief moment the griffon considered attacking the red dragon but decided that it was not worth his time. He only challenged himself with adult dragons. Monstrosities that only a heroic creature like himself could defeat.** The griffons thoughts*** on the teen dragon were interrupted however with the arrival of a peculiar garbed mare, at least she showed the griffon proper respect causing Gaston to smile [colour=#b22222]"Unfortunately my dear the Duke is away on business. However I can definitely be of help to you. After all my father plans on on me succeeding him and as such I am more than qualified to perform his duties in his absence"[/colour] Gaston boasted in response while striking a pose. THis was exactly the kind of thing he had been looking for. [colour=#ffa07a]~Sister will be nothing once father learns of what i have done here. Whatever it is.~[/colour] ---------- * It is highly unlikely that Gaston had to leave because of any crazed mares. Despite what he thinks the griffon does not truly attract that many females (Although a small fan club does exist, headed by a rather crazed grey unicorn seemingly obsessed with the griffon. Restraining orders have been placed but they do little to stop her advances) ** Gaston does indeed hunt dragons... However it is unknown weather he has ever suceeded in taking one down. It should be noted he has no trophies of the creatures unlike the dozens of antlers and bear pelts he has laying about at home. *** The term is used rather generously here
  9. I dont see why Crystal ponies couldnt be made OC's... That said they dont seem to have much aside from the crystal in the eyes and a body that seems to act like a mood ring ~.~ What im more worried about is the whole 'dark magic thing'...
  10. It was yet another fine day in the city of Canterlot. The birds were chirping, the sun was shining, and the streets were bustling with life as ponies went about their daily business. [colour=#ffa07a]~How dull~[/colour] High above them all a griffon flew lazily between the towering spires of the city, his wings flapping only from time to time as he used thermals and other rising air currents to keep himself aloft. Calmly Gaston peered at the masses below him seeming like some sort of bird of prey ready to pounce upon an unsuspecting citizen. IN reality however the griffons mind was elsewhere, its nerves working overtime as its owner tried to think about events that had recently transpired at his home. [colour=#ffa07a]~That foolish child! Who is she to intrude upon what is so obviously mine!~[/colour] Gaston thought in irritation not considering that the 'child' in question was the same age as him. Ever since his sister had moved in with Gaston and his father things had gone steadily downhill for the griffon. Where the position of ambassador to Equestria had once been a guaranteed thing now his father was beginning to doubt in his sons abilities to succeed him. [colour=#ffa07a]~And all because that bird brained sister of mine had the guts to help him out! The nerve!~[/colour] Gaston growled. He had reviewed his fathers proposals earlier and they had seemed perfectly fine. The demands upon equestria had been clear and blunt, in other words the norm for what the griffon kingdoms demanded in their trade agreements with Equestria. [colour=#ffa07a]~The griffon way! Only cowards hide behind fancy words and sentences... Pah! Equestria must fear us! How could they do that if we try to use trickery and... And.... stuff~ [/colour]pouting the griffon began to descend lower down where the air traffic was a little busier with pegasi coming and going as they delivered messages or other business. [colour=#ffa07a]~Ill show them... But how...~ [/colour]As his mind worked overtime trying to figure this out the griffon landed suddenly in front of the Aquellian embassy, scattering a small group of ponies who had been shocked by his appearance. Gaston payed them no heed though. For now all he cared about was finding something to do that would upstage his sister. His father was out of Canterlot for the time being meaning his office was empty... Surely there was something in there he could help make better! With this new goal set the griffon charged forward, only to run smack dab into something and fall to the ground. [colour=#b22222]"Who dares!?!"[/colour]
  11. Cantrip suppressed a groan as the teacher began to pair them all up. She didn't want to know anything about her classmates, the filly couldn't care less what they liked, their histories, even their names... Unless that information helped her escape at a later date Cantrip figured there was no point learning it. ~Oh well~ she thought in defeat and turned to regard Gold Standard. "You know my name, I like ice cream, magic and cats..." she explained quickly , of that list only the magic part was truthful. "Now tell me your information so that we can get this over with..."
  12. From the album: The Custodians stuff

    Random 'unique' changeling i drew up today. Not sure what exactly to name him but for some reason 'Shift' seems to work. Anywho... YEah. If you have any better suggestions let me know XD

    © The Custodian

  13. TheCustodian

    The Custodians stuff

    Started fiddling with gimp last week and heres what ive done so far
  14. A million books? And each holding information about this land, its people, and culture... While Snowdrift was not a fan of how the ponies stored their information he couldn't fault them for having so much of it. Idl the caribou wondered if it would be possible to ever read them all? Probably not but that didn't mean he couldn't try! Despite his high hopes though Snodrift knew he still needed to figure out how to read... As the pair approached the group of young ponies Snowdrift couldn't help but smile a bit as they began to bombard him and Gerrard with questions. The caribou had always liked calves, and it seemed that pony children were no different. Curious, loud, and full of energy. That said he was amused to see they were quite tiny compared to caribou calves, then again Snowdrift himself was larger than regular ponies. "Yes my horns are odd, they are called antlers actually" he calmly told one of the children with a hint of amusement in his voice. Turning his attention to their supervisor he nodded in greeting "Hello, sorry that me and my companion and disturbing you" he said slightly apologetic.. He didnt mention why he was here, it didnt seem important but Snowdrift did not feel that embarrassed to be learning to read. He was a stranger to these lands, he knew this wouldnt be his first awkward experience. "So where should we start Gerrard?"
  15. App switched to FInal since Gaston got his stamp As i said i nthe other app the feud between the siblings will not get into any serious territory and... Yeah
  16. Crystal. Its not really gonna get that bad. (Mostly gonna be funny really as Gaston stumbles about trying to be witty and show up his sister)
  17. Snowdrift shook his head at Gerrards explanation. How could they all live like that? Acting to one another like predators? Honestly the griffon seemed to be one of the friendliest creatures in this city... Which was saying quite a bit considering the caribou still couldn't bring himself to trust him completely. "It all seems... Stupid really..." he muttered with a sigh before returning his attention to the books "THere must be thousands of these books here... Where does one start?" well probably at reading. Snowdrift would need to figure that out before he could even attempt to digest the information contained here "And I can take these books away from here?" he added hopefully. While the building interior was nice he still like to stay outdoors under an open sky...
  18. *explodes from cuteness* She reminds me of my dog... (In a good way)
  19. Ok... What... Just... Happened? Snowdrift stood there in complete confusion as the mass of ponies rampaged away leaving much of the library empty. Events had moved so fast, one minute the students had been angry with him, the next they were chasing one of thier own over a small misunderstanding.. "I don... WHOA" the sentence never finished as the caribou was yanked by Gerrard into a bookshelf. Flailing his hooves in worry he eventually calmed down seeing that he was in no real danger and it was all just a prank... Frowning at the laughing griffon Snowdrift bent over picking up the book he had dropped and replaced it on the shelf "Oh ha ha..." he muttered with a bit of annoyance but remembered what he had been thinking about before the prank. "Can you explain to me what just happened?" it certainly did not help the caribou to see ponies as anything less than weird.. If anything they seemed even weirder now.
  20. Cantrip only payed a little attention to the colt as he made his way to the front, her focus for the most part still being the wall, then the window. Then... Well lets just say her gaze wandered allot. It didn't take a genius to see that the filly was rather bored with everything. The idea of hearing every colt and filly introduce themselves and show off a spell or two did little to excite her. Sighing the fillies eyes finally reached the front of the class where she watched the colt's trick with slight disinterest [colour=#ee82ee]~When are we gonna start learning something? Or at least see-~ [/colour]Cantrips thoughts were interrupted for a moment she watched Gold Standard waver and eventually fall, only to be caught by Misty Magic... As the rest of the class applauded the save Cantrip sighed but joined in half heartedly. While she didn't really want to see anypony hurt she couldn't help but feel that maybe the Colt shouldn't have done something so silly to get himself in that position that he would need saving.
  21. AS mentioned at the start of the app Im waiting for the other app I made to be accepted before this goes to final
  22. ~What?~ After listening to Gerrards explanation (And still not really getting it) the caribou finally noticed how the ponies around him and how they all seemed to be angry at something. Perring down at the pony in front of him the caribou couldnt help but smirk somewhat. If he was trying to be intimidating he certainly was not doing a good job of it. "Im here because i was curious as to what a library was and my companion here decided to show me around." he replied bluntly while gesturing to Gerrard. The comment about his antlers however... "I don't have horns... They are antlers. And while they may be strange by your standards ill have you know my rack is quite impressive to those within my tribe" he replied calmly trying not to sound condescending or rude. it was a matter of pride for the caribou. BAck home ones antlers tended to denote ones importance and position. For Snowdrift to have such large antlers at this age was surprising and many had expected great things of him... If he hadnt been so prone to wandering. "By my standards the tiny nubs you call horns are something one would find on a calf."
  23. Roleplay Type: World of Equestria Name: Gaston Sex: Male Age: Young adult Species: Griffon Eye colour: Blue Feathers: Red Mane/Tail/Markings colour & Style: Black and Brown Physique: Well built, a little larger than his sister (Roughly the size of a barge). You'd be hard pressed to find someone half as manly... For there's no one as burly or brawny, (If he could give them away hed have biceps to spare). Not a bit of him's scraggly or scrawny. Perfect, a pure paragon. Has quite a thick neck. Never has Gaston met another griffon with a thicker one. Lastly every last bit of the griffon is covered in hair (or feathers) Origin/Residence: Talonpolis, Now residing in Canterlot Occupation: Spoiled Brat? Protege? Hunter? Motivation: To eventually be ambassador and replace his father. Likes: Females, himself, anything that would boost his ego, hunting, parties, Eggs (eats about 4 dozen a day... Er, make that 5, hes grown up now) Dislikes: Being beaten. Others who don't think hes all that. Those beneath him, his sister, 'boring things', being upstaged, thinking (A dangerous passtime), Reading (There arnt enough pictures usually) Character Summary: Our tale begins with their parents Duke Guillaume and his wife Gislain, two griffons who’s relationship was one purely out of convenience rather than love. They didn’t hate one another or course however the nature of the Dukes profession kept the pair separated for months at a time and over time any love between the two faded away. Duke Guillaume was and still is ambassador for Aquellia to Equestria. His wife however did not wish to live a life travelling about and decided to stay at their home in Talonpolis. As time went on the two slowly drifted apart, but not before having their two and only children Gaston and Gabrielle. Right from the get go the two griffons were unique. Twins are a rare thing for griffons, true twins. The chances of two gryphlings emerging from the same egg, and surviving, are almost unheard of, then again Gaston is no ordinary griffon. It only makes sense that his birth be something as unique as he is. Taking particular interest in his son, Duke Guillaume would often take him away to Canterlot and beyond seeing the young Gaston as his potential successor. Gaston grew up taught to be the very image of his species. Prideful, arrogant, and unyielding Gaston is everything a pony thinks of when they think of griffons. Gaston spent most of his life in Canterlot, mingling with the elite of pony society with his father and touring the nation. The duke made sure that if his son was he would be able to play the political game and also know as much as possible regarding the creatures he would be spending time with. For awhile this continued, Gaston would only return home to Aquila every now and then to spend brief amounts of time with his mother and sister. During these periods Gabrielle would often try to make a connection with her twin but with no success. Gaston was simply too different, too perfect a griffon to have any sort of a sibling relationship. Where one was loud, flamboyant and brutish the other was calm, quiet and thoughtful. In the end Gaston really didn’t like his sister, a feeling that would increase as events would lead to the two living with each other. It was a couple months after his birthday when fate would scheme to bring the two together. Gislain had contracted a terminal illness and would pass away later that winter. While Gabrielle was technically old enough to live on her own the Duke decided to take in her daughter to live with them in Canterlot, feeling somewhat guilty for not having spent enough time with his family after the loss of his wife. For a while things were fine in the family. Gabrielle tended to keep to herself, something Gaston was perfectly fine with. He had functions to attend, ponies to bedazzle with his presence, and female griffons to woo (whenever he could find them). So long as his sister stayed out of his way Gaston was happy. Of course once again fate would intervene to make sure she did just that. After Gabrielle’s successful counseling to the Duke her position within the family changed dramatically (See her application for more details). Guillaume saw that his daughter was very capable of playing the political game and even had the potential to outmaneuver his pony counterparts where he himself had failed. As an ambassador Guillaume was rather blunt about what he wanted from Equestria and was little more than a thug at the negotiation table. Traits he had groomed in his son. The change was something Gaston despised. He was fathers favorite, he was supposed to be the next ambassador to Equestria. Not his sister. Determined to get his way Gaston was not going to give up his inheritance without a fight. Lately he has been thinking of ways to remove his sister from the equation but no concrete ideas have surfaced. Given time though something will certainly work. After all no one plots like Gaston! Personality and Abilities: Gaston is… A jerk. While he is brave, strong and a prime example of Aquila he has also inherited many traits from his father that most would find… Disturbing. Brutish and egotistic Gaston does not take no for answer and when he wants something you can be sure he will do whatever it takes to get it. Having been born in the lap of luxury he has a tendency to think everything should be handed to him on a silver platter. That said Gaston does know how to lie through his teeth and ‘pretend’ to like others like any politician. No ones slick as Gaston or capable of putting on a convincing façade to make others think him as sincere or genuine when he really could care less. Aside from his acting Gaston is an avid and skilled hunter, to him there it is more than just a way to get food. It’s a sport. He makes no attempts to hide his carnivorous ways from the ponies often displaying trophies of his kills for those who visit so that he could boast (He tries to use antlers in all his decorating). Often the griffon will venture out into the wild to find 'beasts' he can defeat and bring back home as trophies. Lastly Gaston enjoys fighting and wrestling for sport (Be it a bar fight or something more, structured) in the ring he has no equal, and even if there were such a thing he isnt above playing dirty to get an advantage (Many foes have left the ring with bite marks). Gaston is a great hunter, often venturing out in to the wild to find 'beasts' he can defeat and bring back to his home as a trophy. Pic: Face and body design may change in the next couple days. Needs a manly cleft in his chin for petes sake! (among other things)
  24. Roleplay Type: World of Equestria Name: Gabrielle Sex: Female Age: Young adult Species: Griffon Eye colour: Blue Feathers: Red, slightly darker than her brothers Mane/Tail/Markings colour & Style: A mix of Brown and Black Physique: Much slimmer than her brother but not quite smaller. Cutie Mark: N/A Origin/Residence: Talonpolis, Now Canterlot Occupation: Student of Political Sciences at Canterlot university Motivation: Unsure. For now to simply do well in class and graduate. She doesnt particularly want to inherit her father position Likes: A good book, quiet, being right, learning, winning, flying (not going fast or anything. Just flying around freely) Dislikes: Arrogance, her brother, being wrong, those who would harm hers or her family's pride Character Summary: Like her twin brother Gaston, Gabrielle is the child of Duke Guillaume and his wife Gislain. For the most part she had a rather average life growing up. Where her brother was taken away to Equestria to live with her father, Gislain raised the gryphling like any other griffon would. She attended school, made friends… Kinda. For the most part Gabrielle was a bit of a loner, usually found reading a book or studying. For the most part Gabrielle did quite well, her grades were high and was looking forward to continuing her education. Her mother had done a great job raising her to be a smart if somewhat reclusive griffon. Unfortunately things would take a turn for the when Gislain fell to illness. Like her twin it was only a couple months after her birthday and the death impacted both Gabrielle and her father deeply. Guillaume regretted not spending more time with her wife while Gabrielle lost the most important figure in her life. Even Gaston mourned despite never getting along with their mother. When all was said and done however a problem remained. Gabrielle had nowhere to go. While she was certainly old enough to live on her own Guillaume made the offer for her to stay with him and her brother in Canterlot. Using some of his influence the Duke was able to secure her a place at the university, it was a pointless gesture though, Gabrielle could have gained admittance on her own thanks to her high marks. Days turned to weeks, which then turned to months and years. Gabrielle, at the suggestion of her father, studied political sciences at the university. As for her brother the griffon made a couple attempts to form a friendly bond but they were rebuffed. The two personalities clashed too much and Grabrielle found herself disliking Gaston a fair bit, not that he noticed. Their relationship would sour even more a couple years after their mothers death. One night the griffon came home to find documents left behind by their father detailing a trade agreement between Equestria and Aquellia. Having studied these things, Gabrielle took the opportunity to look them over. Usually it was Gaston that was forced to study and even then he did so with mild enthusiasm. Her brother was more interested in the parties and social events that frequently dragged him about Canterlot. That or some new pony or griffon female Gaston had set his eye on. After much examination Gabrielle went to her father with suggestion on ways to improve the document so as to skew it in favour of the griffons over the long run. Amused by his daughters suggestions the Duke decided to try them out, they certainly seemed harmless to the average observer. The result however surprised them both. Duke Guillaume was a very blunt politician. Over the years he had built up a reputation among his peers of being straightforward and unsubtle in his dealings with Equestria. So it came as quite a surprise when the trade agreement manages to pass through the ranks of government, its changes unnoticed by the ponies who did not realize that the document was weighted in Aquellia favour as opposed to a fair and balanced trade benefiting both nations equally. The fact that it reached the highest levels of Equestria’s government before being rejected was shocking. The results cast Gabrielle in a new light for the Duke. For years he had tried to train his son to be his successor and despite some shortcomings the griffon was well on his way to being a clone of his father. Gabrielle however… She had the mind to scheme and be subtle. With a bit more training and time the Duke figured she would be able to assure Aquellian dominance instead of the equality and stifling balance that the ponies tried to maintain. Gabrielle doesn’t mind this. She had wanted to be close to her father for a long time and this seemed like a great way for them to bond. Her brother however feels threatened by this turn of events and its only made their relationship worse. Personality: Gabrielle is… Quiet. Where her brother is loud and boastful, she is silent and calculating. Where Gaston would display himself for the world to see , his sister would prefer to remain unnoticed so that she could work in peace. She is quite literally his opposite. Some would say it’s almost ungriffon like… And in a way they are right. Gabrielle tends to keep to herself and her studies, only disturbing others when she absolutely must. That isn’t to say shes a push over. Like all griffons she can be quite fearsome when angered or her pride is harmed, it just takes allot for her to get in such a mood. Pic:
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